KFC History Way back in 1930¶s Colonel Harland Sanders got some distinguished Kentucky folks lickin¶ their

fingers. It¶s been in fashion since then! Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken, was born on September 9, 1890.When he was six, his father died and his mother was forced to go to work while young Sanders took care of his three year old sibling. This meant he had to do much of the family cooking. By the time he was seven, Harland Sanders was a master of a range of regional dishes. After a series of jobs, in the mid 1930s at the age of forty, Colonel Sanders bought a service station, motel and cafe at Corbin, a town in Kentucky about 25 miles from the Tennessee border. It is here that Sanders began experimenting with different seasonings to flavor his chicken which travelers loved and for which he soon became famous. During the next nine years he developed his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices and the basic cooking technique which is still used today. Sander's fame grew. He sold his chicken on the highway! But when the highway was removed, he sold up and traveled the United States by car, cooking chicken for restaurant owners and their employees. If the reaction was favorable Sanders entered into a handshake agreement on a deal which stipulated a payment to him of a nickel for each chicken the restaurant sold. By 1964, from that humble beginning, Colonel Harland Sanders had 600 franchise outlets for his chicken across the United States and Canada. Later that year, Colonel Sanders sold his interest in the United States operations for $2 million. The 65-year-old gentleman had started a worldwide empire using his $105 social security cheque. Sadly, Colonel Harland Sanders passed away on December 16th, 1980 aged 90. His legacy lives on with KFC restaurants all over the world. KFC now stretches worldwide with more than 13,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world serving up the Colonel¶s Original Recipe. It is a $13 billion brand based out of Kentucky and is the leading QSR around the world which is based in Louisville, Kentucky. Yum! Brands own 5 brands, out of which KFC is the largest brand within the Yum! Portfolio, founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in the year 1938.

KFC Corporation (KFC), founded and also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. KFC has been a brand and operating segment, termed a concept[2] of Yum! Brands since 1997 when that company was spun off from PepsiCo as Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. KFC primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches. While its primary focus is fried chicken, KFC also offers a line of grilled and roasted chicken products, side dishes

resulting in a greatly reduced cooking time comparable to that of deep frying. packaging and advertisements in the U. he prepared the chicken in an iron skillet. so when the route planned in the 1950s for what would become Interstate 75 bypassed Corbin. The company adopted the abbreviated form of its name in 1991. Kentucky Fried Chicken. the company began using its original name. Kentucky.S. In 1939. KFC offers beef based products such as hamburgers or kebabs. Utah.S. though the idea of KFC's fried chicken actually goes back to 1930. as part of a new corporate re-branding program. they opened the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken" outlet in 1952. for its signage. was the Kenny Kings chain. The first to take him up on the offer was Pete Harman in South Salt Lake. to sell his chicken to restaurant owners. often those headed to Florida. The company owned many Northern Ohio diner-style restaurants. and added a motel he bought across the street.[citation needed] The company was founded as Kentucky Fried Chicken by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952.[7] When Sanders prepared his chicken in his original restaurant in North Corbin.[10] By the early 1960s. The following year Sanders expanded his restaurant to 142 seats.[8] In 1940 Sanders devised what came to be known as his Original Recipe.and desserts. Sanders' chicken concept. which took about 30 minutes to do. . Outside North America. too long for a restaurant operation.[6] Sanders first served his fried chicken in 1930 in the midst of the Great Depression at a gas station he owned in North Corbin. Additionally. Kentucky Fried Chicken was sold in over 600 franchised outlets in both the United States and Canada. the last of which closed in 2004. Indiana. situated in South Salt Lake. Utah and since replaced by a new KFC on the same site Born and raised in Henryville. he sold his properties and traveled the U. Kentucky where Colonel Sanders developed Kentucky Fried Chicken The first KFC restaurant. as opposed to the KFC chain. Yum! continues to use the abbreviated name freely in its advertising History The restaurant in North Corbin.[3] Starting in April 2007. Sanders passed through several professions in his lifetime. Sanders altered the cooking process for his fried chicken to use a pressure fryer. together.[9] The Sanders Court & Café generally served travelers. The dining area was named "Sanders Court & Café" and was so successful that in 1936 Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon granted Sanders the title of honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contribution to the state's cuisine. One of the longest-lived franchisees of the older Col. pork based products such as ribs and other regional fare.[4][5] newer and remodeled restaurants will have the new logo and name while older stores will continue to use the 1980s signage.

He reviewed Sanders' patent application. writer William Poundstone examined the recipe in his book Big Secrets. Lee Cummings.[12] The secret recipe The Colonel's secret flavor recipe of 11 herbs and spices that creates the famous "finger lickin' good" chicken remains a trade secret. 2009. Reynolds in 1982 and most recently to PepsiCo in 1986. The cabinet also included vials of each of the 11 herbs and spices used. Only two executives had access to the recipe at any one time. Chuck and Shake. and added that the actual recipe would include some surprises. Additionally. known locally as the Big Chicken. Today. took his own Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises (and a chicken recipe of his own) and converted them to his own "spin-off" restaurant chain. Several of Poundstone's contacts also provided samples of the seasoning mix.027. 2008.[17] In 1983.Sanders sold the entire KFC franchising operation in 1964 for $2 million USD. the chain has been sold three more times: to Heublein in 1971. the paper has yellowed and the handwriting is now faint. and advertised in college newspapers for present or former employees willing to share their knowledge.[18] One of the two executives said that no one had come close to guessing the contents of the secret recipe. which includes exact amounts of each component. This store is notable for a 56-foot (17 m) tall sign that looks like a chicken. Colonel Sanders' nephew. The sign. some of the older KFC restaurants have become famous in their own right. flour. Reportedly. and has now been renamed to Yum! Brands. KFC disclosed the following details about the recipe and its security arrangements:[16] y y y y The recipe. KFC refuses to disclose the names and titles of either executive. is written in pencil on a single sheet of notebook paper and signed by Sanders. and starting the cooking at a higher temperature (about 400 °F (200 °C)) for the first minute or so and then lowering it to 250 °F (120 °C) for the remainder of the cooking time. was built for an earlier fast-food restaurant on the site called Johnny Reb's Chick. which in turn was spun off in 1997. It is often used as a travel reference point in the Atlanta area by locals and pilots. salt. black pepper and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Before the move. and a food lab found that it consisted solely of sugar. the secret recipe returned to KFC's Louisville headquarters in a more secure. to R.[13][14] Portions of the secret spice mix are made at different locations in the United States. computerized vault[19] guarded by motion detectors and security cameras. and the only complete.[17] The recipe was locked in a filing cabinet with two separate combination locks.[15] On September 9. He concluded that it . Georgia. handwritten copy of the recipe is kept in a vault in corporate headquarters. On February 9.987 today[11] Since that time. which made it part of its Tricon Global Restaurants division. equal to $14.J. the one complete copy was temporarily moved to an undisclosed location under extremely tight security while KFC revamped the security at its headquarters. Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken.[20] From the former he deduced that Sanders had diverged from other common fried-chicken recipes by varying the amount of oil used with the amount of chicken being cooked. One such restaurant is located in Marietta.

they dragged it out and extended it and watered it down that I'm so goddamn mad![22][23] ´ Ron Douglas. later owners had begun skimping on the recipe to save costs. and sodium than the Original Recipe fried chicken. In the UK. The regular sandwiches are served on either a sesame seed or corn dusted roll and are made from either whole breast fillets (fried or roasted).was entirely possible that. and wings that are coated with seasonings before being grilled. Chicken y y y KFC's specialty is fried chicken served in various forms. KFC's primary product is pressure-fried pieces of chicken made with the original recipe... author of the book America's Most Wanted Recipes. drumsticks. is made using a garlic marinade and double dipping the chicken in flour before deep frying in a standard industrial kitchen type machine. KFC has two lines of sandwiches: its "regular" chicken sandwiches and its Snackers line. Kentucky Grilled Chicken This marinated grilled chicken is targeted towards health-conscious customers. thighs. Thomas was originally a franchisee of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken and operated several outlets in the Columbus. also claims to have figured out KFC's secret recipe. in the years since Sanders sold the chain. It features marinated breasts. The other chicken offering. sandwiches are referred to as "burgers". Colonel Sanders himself expressed anger at such changes. Thomas was also responsible for the creation of the famous rotating bucket sign that came to be used at most KFC locations in the US. They prostituted every goddamn thing I had. there is the chicken fillet burger (a chicken breast fillet coated in an original-recipe coating with salad garnish and mayonnaise) and a Zinger Burger (as with the former but with a spicier coating .. Ohio area. outfit .. calories. I had the greatest gravy in the world and those sons of bitches-. His reasoning behind using the paper packaging was that it helped keep the chicken crispy by wicking away excess moisture. Australia and New Zealand. extra crispy.[21][22][23] Following his buyout in 1964. The Snackers line are value priced items that consist of chicken strips and various toppings.[24] Products Packaging The famous paper bucket that KFC uses for its larger sized orders of chicken and has come to signify the company was originally created by Wendy's restaurants founder Dave Thomas..[26] Introduced in April 2009. chopped chicken in a sauce or fried chicken strips.[25] Menu items This is a list of menu items sold at KFC. It has less fat. saying: ³ That friggin' .

[27][28][29] and 2) the Grilled Mexican twister/Spicy Toasted Twister (UK) (chicken breast supplemented by tortilla chips and salsa.balls of mashed potato cooked in original recipe batter [36] Three types of salads (which can be topped with roasted or fried chicken) are available at KFC: Caesar. KFC introduced its variation on Shepherd's pie called the Famous Bowl. nuggets and popcorn chicken. house. tomato. Served in a plastic bowl. gravy and vegetables. wings. . Germany had reverted to KFC-only locations and the third location in Garbsen (by Hannover) was closed in 2005. and BLT salads (in the US). pork ribs or fish. A variety of smaller finger food products are available at KFC including chicken strips. In Europe. The KFC Twister is a wrap that consists of either chicken strips or roasted chicken. gravy. available in four varieties over the summer period in Australia. Cheese. the Twister is sold in two varieties: 1) the Grilled Twister (chicken strips). lettuce and mayonnaise in a burger bun. The bowl had been available at KFC's special test market store in Louisville since the third quarter of 2005.[35] Some international locations also may sell KFC 'Mashies' . The Fish Snacker consists of a rectangular patty of Alaskan Pollock on a small bun.[30][31][32] KFC Fillers are a 9 in (23 cm) sub. tomato. These products can be ordered plain or with various sauces. They also offer potato wedges. In the second quarter of 2006. bacon and pineapple can be added upon request. KFC may sell hamburgers. it is layered with mashed potatoes or rice. Barbecue sauce can also replace/join the mayonnaise. Chili Cheese Fries[37] By 2007. and is the fifth KFC menu item in the Snacker category. Kentucky Barbecued Chicken barbecued chicken dipped in the original recipe Wrapstar is a variant of the KFC Twister. consisting of chicken strips with salsa. and cheese.. 2 former KFC/A&W Restaurants locations in Berlin and Cologne. The only remnant from the former A&W menu are the Chili Cheese Fries which were added to the systemwide KFC Germany menu. corn. pepper mayonnaise and other ingredients. The Pot Pie is a savory pie made with chicken. Shish kebab in several markets KFC sells kebabs. cheese.y y y y y y y and salsa).[33][34] Other products Coleslaw y y y y y y In some international locations. Both of these are available as "tower" variants. including several types of barbecue sauces and buffalo sauce. and is served with a biscuit. KFC began offering the Fish Snacker sandwich during Lent in 2006. UK: adds only salsa to pepper mayonnaise).S. contained in a compressed tortilla. o KFC considers its Double Down product a sandwich in spite of containing no bread. Several pies have been made available from KFC. In the U. which include a slice of cheese and a hash brown. salad. lettuce and (pepper) mayonnaise wrapped in a tortilla. The Boneless Banquet Zinger Burger A regular sized burger which regularly consists of a boneless fillet of hot and spicy chicken. popcorn chicken.

available in Australia. and was also featured prominently in the 1968 Peter Sellers vehicle. as well as an appearance in 1968 on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In." Throughout the mid 1980s. Chocolate Crème (once called the Colonel's Little Fudge Bucket). These most often featured a cartoon-like chicken illustrating the poor food quality of competing food chains. Selected outlets are now equipped with "Krushbars" to serve these drinks. The bucket as product placement can be seen in the hands of both Annette Funicello and Dwayne Hickman in 1965's How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. Krushers. Lemon Crème and Strawberry Shortcake are available at most locations in the US. South Africa and New Zealand. Despite his death in 1980. These are drinks containing "real bits". They include "classic krushers". KFC called on Will Vinton Studios to produce a series of humorous. Sanders remains a key symbol of the company in its advertising and branding. Barry Manilow sang the commercial jingle "Get a Bucket of Chicken" [1]. Before he became a platinum-selling pop star in the 1970s. claymation ads. The Colonel made appearances as himself in Jerry Lewis's The Big Mouth (1967). and by the 1960s both the Colonel and the chain's striped bucket had become well-known. Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blast-Off Girls (1967) and Al Adamson's Hell's Bloody Devils (1970). which was later included on Barry Manilow Live as part of "A Very Strange Medley. Sides Advertising KFC's logo used from 1997 until November 2006 Early television advertisements for KFC regularly featured Colonel Sanders licking his fingers and talking to the viewer about his secret recipe. mentioning prolonged freezing and other .[38] Sara Lee Desserts Available in either Cookies and Cream Cheesecake or Choc Caramel Mousse.y y y Parfait desserts "Little Bucket Parfaits" in varieties such as Fudge Brownie. The Party. "smoothie krushers" and "fruit krushers".

[43] TV ads also featured Foghorn Leghorn advising Henry Hawk to visit the restaurant for better chicken. A co-branded Long John Silver's and KFC By the late 1990s. KFC ads began featuring an animated version of "the Colonel" voiced by Randy Quaid with a lively and enthusiastic attitude. The animated Colonel is uncommon today. The logo was placed in the Mojave Desert near Rachel. Pizza Hut. Long John Silver's. Nevada at 37. In the 1980s. KFC claimed to have made the first logo visible from outer space.000-plus KFC restaurants in over 80 countries over the next few years. or A&W Restaurants. though Readymix has had one since 1965.[47] . Many KFC locations are co-located with one or more of Yum! Brands restaurants. In 2006.6460°N 115. Still using a humorous slant.000 one-foot-square tiles. and Terry Labonte.[46] It is located in the northern section of Rachel. the stylized likeness of Colonel Sanders as the KFC logo had been modified. Neil Bonnett.negative aspects.[44][45] KFC says "It marked the official debut of a massive global re-image campaign that will contemporize 14. The Colonel was often shown dancing. and knocking on the TV screen as he spoke to the viewer about the product. KFC was an associate sponsor for Junior Johnson's NASCAR Winston Cup Series cars." The logo was built from 65. In 1997. KFC briefly re-entered the NASCAR Winston Cup Series as sponsor of the #26 Darrell Waltrip Motorsports Chevrolet with driver Rich Bickle at the Brickyard 400. Nevada. singing. Taco Bell. though the restaurant actually hails from Kentucky. He would often start out saying "The Colonel here!" and moved across the screen with a cane in hand. Many of these locations behave like a single restaurant.7507°W . with such drivers as Darrell Waltrip. and it took six days on site to construct in early November. the current KFC campaign revolves mostly around customers enjoying the food. It also features a modified version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" as the theme song for practically all its commercials. offering a single menu with food items from both restaurants.

to avoid contributing to the destruction of the Amazon. as well as some restaurant signage.The resurrected Kentucky Fried Chicken logo One of KFC's latest advertisements is a commercial advertising its "wicked crunch box meal".[51] The Greenpeace organization researched the issue and brought it to the attention of the parent company YUM! Brands. because this is not a racial stereotype in Australia and the cricket fans in the ad are not African American.[51][52] . the lead singer then swallows fire. Cargill has reportedly been exporting soy illegally for several years.[48] the ad was later pulled from TV.[49][50] Also in 2010. which opened on October 10 of that year as the KFC Yum! Center. However. because the supply of soy used for chicken food that KFC receives from Cargill has been traced back to the European KFC. suggesting that all black people eat fried chicken. The parent company denied the illegal operation. In 2007. Yum! signed a naming rights deal with the Louisville Arena Authority for Louisville's new downtown arena. several Australian commentators have expressed the opinion that the ad is not racist. The commercial then shows the lead singer at a KFC eating the "wicked crunch box meal" and saying "Oh man that is hot". and said that their supply of soy is grown in parts of Brazil. an advertisement was shown in Australia showing an Australian cricket fan giving West Indies fans KFC chicken to keep them quiet. the original. but West Indies cricket supporters (the West Indies cricket team was playing a Test cricket series against the Australian cricket team at the time of the ad). It may be better to integrate the material in those sections into the article as a whole. (April 2010) Environmental concerns KFC in the US has been accused by Greenpeace of a large destruction of the Amazon Rainforest.[51] Greenpeace has called on KFC to stop purchasing soy from Cargill. non-acronymic Kentucky Fried Chicken name was resurrected and began to reappear on company marketing literature and food packaging. Criticism This article's Criticism or Controversy section(s) may mean the article does not present a neutral point of view of the subject. Fried chicken was eaten by black slaves[citation needed] because it was cheap and easy to make. In 2010. The ad sparked a debate over racism in the ad. The commercial features a fictional black metal band called "Hellvetica" performing live. Inc. Though KFC stated that it was "misinterpreted by a segment of people in the US".

Heublein Inc.[53] In May 2007.[54] although this problem was quickly resolved with the pub being allowed to continue use of the term. over the alleged misuse of his image in promoting products he had not helped develop. in the Yorkshire Dales.Trademark disputes In 1971. KFC's parent company at the time.[55] . Sanders sued Heublein Inc.. UK refrain from using the term 'Family Feast' to describe its Christmas menu. unsuccessfully sued Sanders for libel after he publicly referred to their gravy as "sludge" with a "wallpaper taste". KFC (Great Britain) requested that Tan Hill Inn. In 1975. North Yorkshire.