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Kids grow fast! Most budgets don’t.
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Summer is Here!
With all that rain, I wasn't sure it was ever gonna get
Time for relaxing, swimming, outdoor fun, fireworks and just
good old family time!
I started my summer off hiking with my daughters to separate
locations in June, we visited Hawk Falls and Seven Tubs
Nature Area both in the Wilkes Barre area and only about
an hour and 1/2 drive. Check them both out on my blog at
I love hiking, and spending time in nature with my girls
exploring beautiful waterfalls was a great way to start my
Be sure to check out all the wonderful places from our blog,
and we have also packed this issue with local fun. Whether
you want fun for your families, a girls night out or a long put
off date night.. we have it all in this
issue, plus be sure to check out our
facebook page for FREE Summer
Fun all summer long.
We have Tix to Lehigh Valley Zoo,
Crayola Factory, Wine Tastings at
Bishops Estates Winery, and Passes
for Altitude Trampoline Park.
You can also win tickets by emailing
or posting on facebook a picture of
you or your child getting your guide
at one of our local
retailers/advertisers. Just use the #gottahavemymlg.
We love summer and we know you could use all the help you can get, so we made sure to fill this issue
with events, ideas, and tons of summer fun!
Have a Wonderful Summer Mama's and don't forget to take
some time to relax, watch fireflies and enjoy some lazy Owner / Publisher / Sales:
summer days!
Sharon Cowell
~Love Mama!
Design by Tara M. Smith
The Uncorked Artist

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Mama’s Healthy Corner Q and A
Health tips, answers to questions & more! What are the meal plans like? We will be avoiding
foods that are acidic, inflammatory, addictive and
Get Your allergenic to the body. And, replacing them with
Real Whole Foods! You will be given meal prep

Sexy Mama On! advice so you can integrate these changes into your
busy lifestyle. You will not be hungry, just making
new habits. The meal plans can be adjusted for the
Feeling tired, sluggish, have extra entire family!
weight you can't seem to get rid of?
Will I have to exercise? You will be given tips on
Do you have trouble sleeping through
how to integrate more movement into your busy
the night? Do you have mood swings, brain
lifestyle which will include things you can simply do
fog, joint pain, headaches, get sick often
at home or, if you are someone who is ready to hit
and easily? Do you have breakouts or skin
the gym, we will have suggestions as well.
issues? I could go on with symptoms!
Will it be hard? Anytime you make changes, it takes
Unfortunately, our SAD (Standard Ameri-
time to adjust. Love yourself enough to work on new
can Diet) diet and lifestyle are wreaking havoc on our gut
habits for you and your family and the changes will
health and immune systems which in turn are affecting
be easier! Also, I will be available as your Health
our health from headaches to chronic disease and
Coach to answer questions you may have along the
everything in between! As busy Mamas it is easy to put
ourselves last. But, we actually need to put ourselves first
so we can take care of our families!! My motto is, "take I am IN!! How do I sign up? The cost to Get Your
the time to be healthy, so you don't need to take the time Sexy Mama On is only $99! Venmo jeanette-
to be sick." guerrelli by September 10th. Then, send me a
message with your e-mail address through my FB
As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my passion is
business page Jeanette Guerrelli, Arbonne Indepen-
to guide people to feel their best, and be happy and
dent Consultant-Healthier Lifestyle so I can send you
healthy now and in the future. This includes working on
an invite to our page.
diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep and managing stress. I
have designed a 21 day Get Your Sexy Mama On to I am looking forward to guiding all the Mamas who
guide all the Mamas who are ready to take back their are ready to get their Sexy Mama On!!
health!! AND, Mama Sharon will be on this journey
with us!!
The 21 days will consist of a private Facebook page.
The private FB page will open on Monday, May 27th
where I will post tips on how to get started on this
journey. Together, we will begin our road to clean eating
and wellness starting on Saturday, September 10th!
Private FB page includes:
• meal plans • exercise tips
• recipes • stress management tips
• health tips • motivation
• support • and more! 215-534-8246

Need a Workout?
Our Friends at Fit 4 Mom Warrington will offer all moms that mention this challenge their First class FREE,
and sign up fee Waived. 1505 N. Main St., Warrington (915) 274-0637
Did you know that the majority of parrots, like Mr. Beaks pictured
here, will see more than one home in their life? At the Barn
Nature Center, two of our primary goals are taking excellent care
of our animal ambassadors and educating people about them.
We have over 100 rescued and rehomed exotic pets that have
come to us from various places for many different reasons. Most
of our animals were very well taken care of at their previous
homes, but for whatever reason their family had to give them up.
A few of them were not so well taken care of. By taking in these
animals and using them for education, we try to encourage
responsible and thoughtful pet ownership. Lots of people will
impulse buy a fish, bird, small mammal, or reptile thinking that it
will be a low maintenance pet without doing any research. This
oftentimes results in the animal being neglected, surrendered, or
sometimes even abandoned. The ASPCA estimates that over six
and a half million animals are surrendered to shelters each year!
All pets require work, as well as knowledge of their proper diet,
habitat, lighting requirements, social needs, and more in order to
be healthy and happy. We hope that every Barn Nature Center
visitor leaves with a better understanding of animal husbandry
and the importance of researching an animal before you get one,
so that fewer animals will be surrendered or abandoned!

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Great S mmer Adventures
Pack the kids up and surprise them with a road trip to a new place!

Climb aboard a pontoon boat for a scenic boat tour along Lake
Wallenpaupack, in Hawley, the third largest lake in Pennsylvania. Go 'N Bananas of Lancaster, a spectacu-
Pontoon boat tours leave the shore at the top of the hour every hour lar jungle-themed indoor playground that
throughout the day. Tickets cost $16 for adults; $15 for seniors 60 spans 22,000 square feet. The giant
years and older; and $12 for kids between two and 12 years. jungle gym has three levels of activities
2487 US-6, Hawley, PA, 18428 featuring shooting, dumping, and
throwing foam balls. Enjoy a meal in
the Cafe, play in the toddler zone, or
Ride the rails--- The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway offers several different enjoy the laser maze.
rides, but no matter which one you choose, you will love the scenery
1170 Garfield Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601.
and beauty of the this railway. You can ride in both Open Air Cars or
Standard Coaches. Caboose Rides and a special Gondola Car that
is built to hold kayaks and bikes has been added if you want to extend
your adventure. Tickets aren’t available online, only at the window at the
Jim Thorpe station This mini amusement park
in Pennsylvania promises a fun way
Stroll along a winding path, and meet dinosaurs along the way, at this for the whole family to spend the day. Go
prehistoric park in Pennsylvania. Climb aboard a gondola cruise that carts, mini golf, and water slides makes
will take you around the prehistoric island, where you just might catch for a fun filled day. The family fun park
dinosaurs watching you. The kiddos will love offers both individual prices for
Dino Dig, where they can find footprints and individual attractions, or you can
dinosaur bones. Exploration Island purchase a day package with or without
the water slides.
2249 Lincoln Highway E, Lancaster, PA, 17602
2111 US-6, Hawley, PA 18428

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New Play Structures at Kids Castle for All Abilities by Joe Salvati, Chairman Friends of Kids Castle
The Kids Castle playground
temporarily closed in April
2019 to install new play
structures usable by children
of all abilities including kids
with special needs.
The anticipated completion
of this project is Summer
This temporary closure marks
another step in the ongoing
"Build the Kingdom"
campaign, aimed at achiev-
ing inclusive play at the
playground which invites
children of all abilities the
opportunity to play together
while having fun.
The Friends of Kids Castle
volunteers raised over
$400,000 for these improvements through the generosity of individual donors, sponsors of play equipment, local
businesses, grants from State and private organizations, and in-kind donations of goods and services.
During this temporary closure, new play structures will be installed that meet the needs of children with a variety of
abilities at all ends of the spectrum to encourage and enable them to play with one another.
Children will be able to participate equally and independently at their own skill levels with their siblings, neighbors,
caregivers, and friends. Play features are also included for children with visual impairment, hearing impairment,
autism/SPD, mobility impairment, and cognitive disabilities.
In addition to these inclusive play upgrades, the temporary closure will also allow for improvements of the existing
playground, including the installation of a new more durable safety surfacing called Poured-in-Place (PIP).
The PIP surfacing will replace the existing engineered wood fiber in the new play area. It will also provide equal
access to all and ease in maneuverability for children and adults who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices.
The ongoing "Build the Kingdom"
campaign would not be possible without
the generous ongoing support of volun-
teers, donors, the Township, and the
entire community.
Volunteers are still actively fundraising for
additional upgrades to Kids Castle that
are needed for everyone to enjoy.
For more information about the project
and to help, please visit
Thank you!

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100 Things To Do This Summer
Be sure to share photos on our Facebook page as you work through the Summer Fun Idea List!
1 Meet someone new 26 Camp indoors 51 Go to the zoo 76 Visit a local farm
2 Overcome a fear 27 Play in puddles 52 Family bike ride 77 Star gaze
3 Tye-dye shirts 28 Use sidewalk chalk 53 Play catch 78 Jump on trampoline
4 Water balloon fight 29 Draw or sketch 54 Make rootbeer floats 79 Make a fruit salad
5 Go to the beach 30 Run through sprinkler 55 Go bowling 80 Plant a garden
6 Go to the park 31 Play Frisbee 56 Do summer crafts 81 Play in kiddie pool
7 Ride a carousel 32 Water gun fight 57 Have a sleepover 82 Watch a thunderstorm
8 Fly a kite 33 Eat waterice 58 Build a sandcastle 83 Go to amusement park
9 Collect seashells 34 Eat ice cream 59 Eat watermelon 84 Watch a movie outdoors
10 Watch fireworks 35 Watch a sunrise 60 Go to library 85 Make breakfast in bed
11 Make s’mores 36 Watch a sunset 61 Explore the city 86 Read at least 10 books
12 Feed ducks 37 Plant flowers 62 Wash the car 87 Go on date with mom or dad
13 Go to a fair 38 Paint rocks 63 Bake cupcakes 88 Watch a baseball game
14 Stay up really late 39 Roast marshmallows 64 Play mini golf 89 Have breakfast for dinner
15 Play mini golf 40 Skip rocks on lake 65 Catch lightning bugs 90 Have ice cream for dinner
16 Write in a journal 41 Go fishing 66 Go for a long walk 91 Write and mail a letter
17 Go swimming 42 Scavenger hunt 67 Have a pajama day 92 Enjoy an outdoor concert
18 Learn to dive 43 Go on a hike 68 Make a new friend 93 Make an outdoor fort
19 Go to a BBQ 44 Family game night 69 Hula hoop 94 Take picture of butterflies
20 Go to the movies 45 Climb a tree 70 Ride a bike 95 Spend time with grandparents
21 Eat a snow cone 46 Visit a relative 71 Make handprint art 96 Donate to animal shelter
22 Play flashlight tag 47 Take pictures 72 Have a relay race 97 Have a makeover day
23 Blow bubbles 48 Help cook dinner 73 Take a day trip 98 Make a scrapbook of
your summer
24 Pick wildflowers 49 Picnic in the park 74 Treasure hunt
99 Unplug for at least
25 Make lemonade 50 Make homemade jam 75 Play hide and seek one full day

of Fun!
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Jewelry Canvas

Creative Studio
Resin Sea Glass Art Finger
Knitting Boards
Paint & Craft
Save 15%
Use code “Mama”
Hurry and register, this offer expires soon!
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Did you know kids get about 3x more annual sun exposure
than adults? Unfortunately their young eyes are especially
susceptible to damage since their lenses cannot effectively
block the UV rays from reaching the retina.
Convincing your child to wear sunglasses can be difficult.
Here are some tips for improving the chances they’ll wear
their shades:
• Make sure the sunglasses fit properly. Frames that pinch are
less likely to be worn.
• Let your child help choose a pair they like so they will be
more inclined to wear them.

spectrum • Purchase sunglasses from a reputable retailer. Inexpensive or

novelty sunglasses are not always UV-protective and can have
defects in the lens or frame that make them uncomfortable.

521 W. Butler Ave. • Consider polarized lenses to eliminate even more glare.
Chalfont, PA 18914 This may have a more immediate beneficial effect, making
your child more likely to want to keep them on.
267-875-EYES (3937)
• Consider Transitions lenses for children who wear prescrip- tion glasses.
We carry a large selection of polarized sunglasses for children.
Mention this ad to receive 10% off any kids’ sunglasses!
Stop in and check them out!

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2730 Hilltown Pike, Perkasie, PA 1 bottle of red wine of your choice
(visit Bishops Estates and try one of their local red wines)
16 wines • 6 tastings for $6 2 Large Oranges sliced
Sweets, Drys, and in-betweens.
1 Large Lemon sliced
Buy a glass, a flight of three wines,
a bottle or buy a case of wine 1 Apple cut up in chunks
1/4 cup Triple Sec
Music Friday and Saturdays evenings.
1/2 cup sprite or
Other events check out our website ginger ale

Start with cut up fruit in

bottom of glass pitcher, use
wooden spoon to mull the fruit
to get some juices released
from fruit.
Then add all the other ingredi-
ents and stir. Place in fridge for 2 to 3 hours and serve.
Check out Mama's July & August Facebook for: a bottle of Add extra orange slices for garnish. Enjoy!
wine Giveaway & 4 free tasting experience packages.

Fun Ideas Just for MAMA Plan a Fun Girls Night out at the Uncorked

Host a girls night out at home, invite your

friends for a fun game night or trivia night

Plan a trip to a local winery like Bishops

Estate (see ad) and do a wine tasting
and listen to some local music

Attend an Un-wined event at The Market

of Del Val or Shadybrook Farm on a
Friday night

Plan a Saturday Shopping Day at

Rice's Market in Lahaska then have It’s always the right time
lunch in Peddlers Village for a Girl’s Night Out!

Save 15%
Attend an Event and learn something new at
The Room at Meadowbrook (see ad) Use code “Mama”

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Little Garden Growers The Amazing Taddo (Magician) Concert Sundaes - Green River
7/17 - 7/24 | 1pm 8/1 | 10:15 am 8/4 | 7pm
Warminster Library Central Bucks West High School Auditorium, 375 W Court St., Souderton Community Park, Wile Avenue & Reliance Road
Join us for this fun nature- Doylestown Bring lawn chairs, blankets,& the family.
themed program. Learn about The Amazing Taddo performs magic tricks FREE
gardening, bugs, insects, in a fast paced and humorous way often /concertsundaes
& more! For grades K-3. accompanied with music. FREE
Week 2 - July 17: Parts 2153454140 ART Excel for kids (All Round Training
of a Plant - Register at: in Excellence) Children’s Summer Reading Program 8/5-8/7 | 1-5pm
Week 3 - July 24: Pollination - Register at: 8/1 | Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve, 1635 River Rd., Through games, creative projects, New Hope | Ages 3 - 8 | 215-862-2924 leadership training, service projects,
Will be held outside weather permitting. problem solving strategies, yoga and
Sights & Sounds Of Summer Free breathing techniques teaches children
Stories at the Castle wth Darcy Fair Concert- The Fabulous Greaseband socio emotional skills, greater
7/18 - 8/8 | 10-11 am 8/1 | 7pm self-confidence, tools to deal with stress,
Fonthill Castle, 525 E Court St, Doylestown Northampton Twp. Parks & Recreation, 55 Township Road, peer pressure, negative emotions, improves
Visit the Fonthill Castle grounds for a lively focus, concentration, health and well
children’s story hour featuring reading, being.
Bring a lawn chair or blanket as seating is
music and more. Free on the ground.
Watershed Butterfly Festival
Firemans Fair Dublin Fire Co. 8/3
First Friday Ambler
7/23 - 7/27 The Watershed Institute,
8/2 | 6-9pm | Downtown, Ambler
194 North Main St., Dublin, PA Lively musical entertainment, delicious food 31 Titus Mill Road, Pennington, NJ
Entertainment nightly to grab and go, things for the kids to do, Tour the Kate Gorrie Butterfly
7/23 - DJ Lobie Entertainment. $25 great things to buy, and lots of community house, explore the insect zoo, meet
wristbands for rides interest selections. butterfly stilt walkers, take farm tours and
7/24 - THROG. $25 wristbands for rides other fun activities. 6097373735
7/25 - Springbrooke Foodie First Fridays
7/26 - JR’s Grades 8/2 | 4-9pm Ladybugs and Lots More
7/27 - 3 ton limit Grand Finale with 8/5
Shops At Valley Square, 1501 North Main Street, Warrington
fireworks (chicken BBQ 5pm till sold out) Norristown Farm Park, 2500 Upper Farm Road
Amazing food trucks for your taste buds to
enjoy! Take a closer look at ladybug beetles and
Movies In The Park - other insects, especially those associated
Spider-man Into The Spider-verse with milkweed. 610-270-0215
Annie: The Musical
7/24 | 8pm
Linton Park, S. Lincoln & Penn Streets, Newtown Hanover Township National Night Out
DCP Theater, 795 Ridge Road, Telford
8/6 | 6-8pm Hanover Township Community Center
Children’s Summer Reading Program FREE 610-867-8349
7/25 | Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve, 1635 River Family Fun Day
Rd., New Hope | Ages 3 - 8 | 215-862-2924 8/3 | 11am-3pm Quakertown Fire Department Carnival
8/6 - 8/10 | 6-10 PM Nightly,
Quakertown Farmers Market,
Family Magic Show 3-10 PM on Saturday
201 Station Rd., Quakertown
7/25 | 7-8pm Quakertown Memorial Park
Join us
Indian Valley Public Library, Telford Food, games and rides
for a day
Ran D Shine's illusions will amaze and for everyone!
filled with
astound you. All ages welcome. games, prizes,
Nelson Magic Show
clowns, face painting,
Lehigh Valley Zoo at Bensalem Library 8/7 | 11am
balloons, Touch
7/30 | 1pm a Truck, DJ, Sellersville Theater 1894, 24 West Temple Ave.
See the amazing animals up close while ticket giveaways, sales, raffles and more. Marvelous, mind bending magic to
learning about them from skilled educators. mesmerize and mystify the whole family! 215-257-5808

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Wednesday Free Summer Fun Music with Lolly Concerts In The Garden Presented By
7/24, 7/31, 8/7 | 9-11am 8/15 | 10:30-11:30am Heritage Conservancy
Buckingham Friends School, 5684 York Rd., Lahaska Union Library, Hatboro 8/27 | 6-8pm
Free Ages 4-9. Parents welcome to stay, but Join Lolly for an interactive, musical Aldie Mansion, 85 Old Dublin Pike, Doylestown
not required. Different theme each week. experience. FREE Bring chairs, blankets, and refresh- 215-794-7491 ments. Event will be moved indoors in case
Free Outdoor Movies - Incredibles 2 of rain.
Movie Night Incredibles 2 8/15 | 7:45-8pm
8/9 | 7-10pm Monument Bank Amphitheater Central Park, 425 Wells Road, The Saturday Unwined With Fireworks
Richland Township Parks and Rec, Doylestown 8/31 | 5-10:30 pm
145 E Pumping Station Rd., Quakertown Shady Brook Farm, 931 Stony Hill Road, Yardley
Bring your own chair and/or Fairy Tale Day Live music by Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi
blanket. Free water, popcorn, 8/17 | 11am tribute band, wines by Rose Bank Winery,
and hot dogs *until Lehigh Valley Zoo, 5150 Game Preserve Road, Schnecksville locally brewed craft beer, signature
supplies last. Animal meet and greet, Cinderella, cocktails featuring PA distilled spirits, great
Sunset: 8:31 PM Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White! food, lawn games, giant jumping pillows,
(movie can show ~ 610-799-4171 super fun playground, SBF 500 pedal go
20 mins after sunset) carts, lawn games. An amazing fireworks
FREE Making Astronauts: Bucks show will end the night.
County to the Moon
Disney’s Frozen Jr., Now thru 8/19 | 10am-5pm LMT Community Day
8/9 Mercer Museum, 84 South Pine Street, 9/1 | 1-9pm
Life Science Building Auditorium at Delaware Valley Doylestown 1050 Edgewood, Yardley
University, 700 E. Butler Avenue, Doylestown This original exhibit, Fun Filled Event with Food Trucks and
(215) 297-8540 created in collaboration stations, Activities for all ages, Sport
https://buckscountycenterfortheperfor with the Johnsville tournaments, rides and vendors. The night Centrifuge and Science will end with Fire Works!
Museum, highlights the
Brilliant Fireflies extraordinary role of the Falls Township Family Festival
8/9 | 7-9pm Warminster-based Naval Air 9/7 | 3-7pm
Schiff Nature Center, 339 Pleasant Valley Rd., Mendham, NJ Development Center (NADC) Johnsville in Fall Township Community Park
Learn about and observe fireflies in their America's early space program. FREE. Bounce houses,
natural habitat. Children under 16 must facepainting, balloon
have a parent present. Not appropriate for Bristol Township Free Outdoor Movie artistry, a petting zoo,
strollers. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a Night a photo booth, food
flashlight. Member fee. 973-543-6004 8/24 | 6:30-10pm and table vendors,
Municipal Complex Park (2501 Bath Road) and a DJ. Fireworks at
Zoo Beach Blast Bouncies and concession. Movie will dusk.
8/10 | 12-2pm begin at dusk! Bring your own blankets
Lehigh Valley Zoo, 5150 Game Preserve Road, Schnecksville and chairs. St. John Bosco Carnival
Moana and the Little Mermaid plus musical 9/17-9/21 | 6-10pm
entertainment by DY Ray! 610-799-4171 28th Annual Ukrainian Folk Festival & County Line Rd., Hatboro Summer Concert Rides/Fun/Food
8/25 | 12-8pm
Puppets Pizzazz Ukrainian American Sport Center - Tryzub, Lower State and Richland Township Community Day
8/13 | 6:30-7:30pm County Line Roads, Horsham 9/21 | 9am-3pm
Union Library, Hatboro Celebrate the enduring, vibrant culture of a California Rd., Quakertown
Enjoy a funny, musical puppet show. people that fights for freedom! Exciting, Lots of FREE activities
spectacular, dazzling, breathtaking,
Souderton 9th Annual Community Night exhilarating, spirited, soulful, enchanting, Warrington Day
Out Car Show Around The Park captivating, and intriguing. 267-664-3857 9/28 | 12-6pm
Souderton Borough Park 301 Folly Rd., Warrington
8/13 | 5pm-9pm Join Warrington Township to celebrate the
To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 13
Helping make Magical Memories, Open Every Tuesday & Saturday 7-1
One vacation at a time! 6326 Greenhill Road
Why book with us? New Hope, PA 18938 • 215-297-5993
www. rices . com
Our services are 100% FREE! You will never pay a
dime more than the prices Disney would offer you contact us! Rice’s
SALE & Country Market
directly. Sometimes we can even SAVE you money! SINCE 1860

Follow us for updates & special promotions!

We are available to you before you book, after you Find everything under the sun!

book and even after you come home to help you with
any questions or problems!
FREE Gift! As a thank you, we give all children in
your party a small surprise to show our appreciation.

Cait Ruiz • Warminster 267-265-2248

Carollee Marjarum • Chalfont 215-771-0983
Corinne Cowden • Bensalem 267-474-6526
Jenna Sobocinski • Lansdale 610-420-0971
Don't forget to join us on the holidays!
Karen Coar • Feasterville 267-825-1621 We’re open Thursday July 4 & Monday Sept. 2
We will have live music, FREE face painting for the kids
Local moms helping local moms with Disney & other travel plus all of our regular vendors in attendance!

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Feasterville Plaza Shopping Center ● 1045 Bustleton Pike

Feasterville PA ● 215-357-JUMP (5867)
Mon-Thurs 9:30am-9pm, Fri. & Sat. 9:30am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm

buy one hour at general admission
and get one hour free ($10 value)
With this coupon. Non-transferable. One per customer.
Not valid with other offers. Subject to availability.
hour A valid signed waiver is prerequisite for jumping.
Expires 10-1-19
Mama’s Lil’ Guide

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Expires 9-30-19


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Pets Are In No

Pets Are Inn


Pets Are Inn


We board your pets in

pre-screened, loving homes.
Transportation provided.

Serving Bucks County, PA

Fun and Safety for your Fur Kids This Summer:

1. Be careful of blacktop 2. Don't ever leave your furry

or hot surfaces when friends in a car in hot
walking your dogs in summer days . . . Dogs
the summer . . . if it’s can die in a car in
too hot for your hand to just a few minutes.
touch then it’s too hot for
their paws.

5. Just like us, our

3. Your furry friends love a furry friends need
kiddy pool in the summer time plenty of water and
. . . fill one up and add some shade in the summer,
toys for added fun and can't spend
too much time in
the heat.
4. Take your furry friend for a Puppy cup
.. most coffee shops offer a whipped
cream treat for them and some ice cream
shops will give you some vanilla ice cream in a cup
for your furry friends

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Aerial Adventure Park
open daily starting June 8th
Now you don’t need to drive for hours to the
Poconos or the shore for High Ropes Adventure!
Come challenge yourself to our Aerial Adventure
Park close by in Doylestown, Pennsylvania! Our
Aerial Adventure Park provides safe family fun for
ages 7+ and has 30 different challenging elements,
bridges and zip lines plus the heart pounding
Quickjump free fall from the top of the main tower!

Goat Yoga available weekends

Adventure Farm opening Mid May

You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought | Wed.
July 17, 7 pm, $5 Donation | Register:
Intentional Seeds of Sanctuary Potluck for Woman | Fri. July
26, 7 pm, FREE | Register:
Sound Bath Healing with Sharon Kachel | Tues. July 30, 7 pm,
$20 | Register:
Learning About Holistic Pet Care | Wed. July 31, 6:30 pm, $10 |
Working with New Moon Energy with Cindy Bertsch | Thurs.
Aug. 1, 7-8:30 pm, $20| Register:
The Room at Meadowbrook is a nurturing environment on a MSIA Home Seminar | Fri. Aug. 2, 7 pm, FREE | Register:
small farm promoting the healing and expressive arts for both
people and animals. Offering comfortable intimate class sizes Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Class | Wed. Aug. 14, 7 pm, $15 |
and inviting discovery of deeper connections with self and others, Register:
here we strive to educate others about ways to live more holistically. Three Keys to Counteract Adrenal Stress | Thurs. Aug. 15, 7
pm, $20 | Register:
Our Mission: Sunday Celebration of Spirit | Sun. Aug. 18, 9:30 am, FREE |
To provide joyful experiences that heal through creative exploration Register:
of self awareness, playful artistic movement and being. Gene Keys Study Group | Wed. Aug.21, 7 pm, $5 | Register:
To support personal power, collaborative sharing and caring that
aligns spirit, body, mind and emotions, individually and collectively. Intuitive Healing with Dustin Parent | Sat. Aug. 24, 12 pm, $25
| Register:
To collaborate with healers, teachers and students of all Sound Bath Healing with Sharon Kachel | Tues. Aug. 27, 7 pm,
healing philosophies. $20 | Register:
Join the Playshops at Mark Your Calendars! Vibrant Living Festival | Saturday, Sept.
28, Noon til 6, FREE | Vendors, Healing Experiences, Mini-workshops Culminating in A Sound Bath Healing for all! To share your gifts there,
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Get your FREE! Roofing Report Card A $375.00 value (Limited time only!)

Your complete roofing report card will consist of the following:

Photographs of roof provided by walking roof line or aerial drone
when conditions safely permit. Included are attic photographs
(when easily accessible). The 10 point Roofing Report Card
implies no warranty or statements that leaks can not
occur at any time.
• Check seals on shingles.
• Check ridge capping.
• Check for Ice shield at eaves
• Check for proper ventilation
• Check chimney & crown pour
• Check all counter flashing
• Check sub flashings
A=Excellent condition with little or no visible flaws. Many years of serviceable life remaining.
• Check for edge metal
B=Good condition with a few minor repairable defects. Many years of serviceable life remaining.
• Check attic / plywood inspection
C= Fair condition with minor repairs needed immediately. Roof is at or past 50% of its life expectancy
• Check all pipe vents
D= Poor condition with multiple repairs needed immediately. Roof is approaching failure,
The sole intention of this service is to inform the property budget for complete replacement.
owner of any potential issues and the overall general F= Roof is in state of complete failure. Immediate replacement required.
condition of their roofing system to the best of our ability. | |

Open May 31 - September 8, 2019

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The Truth About UV Rays
Are we being over conscious about the Sun and the UV rays and the SPF and the
products? To an extent, the simple answer is - Yes!
Let's simplify this today. Human bodies benefit a lot from UV rays, the catalyst
that produces Vitamin D. We absolutely need UV rays in moderation.
Now, why do UV rays get such a bad press? Why do we have have to use
Sunscreen all the time? UV rays come in many forms, primarily UVA and UVB.
UVBs run deep into the layers of the skin and UVB are the ones causing redness to
the skin and one of the primary sources of melanoma and carcinoma, studies suggest.
An extended period in the bright hot sun can cause damages to the skin and prema-
ture aging. It's important that sunscreen is used. Mother nature blocks most UV rays from
entering the atmosphere, but we need to layer up to cover for the ones that made it to the skin's surface.
How much is too much? When it comes to SPF, more the merrier holds good. Although between SPF30 and SPF50
the percentage of protection increases only from 97% to 98%, every bit of protection helps reduce the risk. Lookout
for mineral active ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide that create the physical barrier between your skin
and the mighty sun and don't forget that applying and reapplying is a must until you reach home.
While there are multiple products and choices available in the market, we at AFC Warrington recommend the
mineral-based sunscreen products.
Stay safe and enjoy this summer and always remember while the sun is shining you're layered up with a Sun
Protection Factor of 30 or more! Be safe and stay healthy!

• Short Wait Times
• Non Life Threatening Injuries
& Illness
• Colds & Flu
• Strains & Sprains
• Various Other Acute Care Needs

• All School, Sports & Camp

• Staffed by Kind, Compassionate
& Caring Health Professionals
• Open 7 days a week with no
appointment needed.

• Electronic Medical Records
• Digital X-Ray On-Site
• State-of-the-Art Diagnostics
• On-site Lab Testing

• Employee Drug Screening
• Physicals
• Work Related Injury Treatment
& Workers’ Comp
• DOT Certified Physicians


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St. Ephram’s Church
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23-25 Sportsplex (Basketball Courts)
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