Expansion to Full Day Pre-K Districtwide
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Ivonne Durant Chief Academic Officer Teaching and Learning Division
Program Directors g Vicente R. Reyes, Executive Director Core Curriculum and Instruction Beth Steerman, Director Early Childhood Department

Why Full Day Pre-K?
Half of the achievement gap between children that we see in 12th grade is present before kindergarten starts. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate of Economics (2007) More th 85 percent of th b i i d M than t f the brain is developed b f l d before th age of fi the f five. Research shows that infants and toddlers in low income communities are exposed to approximately one-third the number of words as children from more affluent communities.
Source: League of Women Voters of Texas (Advocacy Paper)

Investing in all day preschool lays the foundation for academic success. If we want long-term change, it will require long-term commitment.
Source: Can $100 Million Change Newark’s Schools? October 2010 Newark s

Current Research
Head Start Full Day vs. Montgomery County Public Schools Half Day Pre-K vs

Male students and ESL students in Head Start full day Pre-K were significantly more likely to be fully ready for school than their p g y y y y peers in the half day Pre-K program Full day African American students were 94% more likely to meet kindergarten reading benchmarks than half day students Full day students receiving free and reduced-price meals were 60% more reduced price likely to meet the kindergarten reading benchmarks than half day students
Source: Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Evaluating Lasting Effects of Full day Prekindergarten Program on School Readiness Academic Performance, Full-day Readiness, Performance and Special Education Services , Office of Shared Accountability April 2010

2010-11 Prekindergarten Statistics
Enrollment - 8,434
Half Day - 3,349 Full Day - 5 085 5,085

41 – Half Day Campuses 101 – Full Day Campuses 87 – Half Day Teachers 245 – Full Day Teachers 316 - Number of Teacher Assistants

Prekindergarten Program Options
Current Pre-K Program C tP KP Current enrollment approximately 8,434 245 full day classrooms (22 students in each classroom) 87 half day classrooms (average 19 students AM/19 students PM) 1 Teacher and 1 Teacher Assistant per classroom 332 Teachers and 316 Teacher Assistants Pre-K Staffing Options for 2011-12 School Year - No Teacher Assistants Option O ti 1 419 t teachers 16 students:1 teacher 6 704 students h t d t 1t h 6,704 t d t Option 2 419 teachers 18 students:1 teacher 7,542 students Option 3 419 teachers 20 students:1 teacher 8,380 students Option 4 419 teachers 22 students:1 teacher 9,218 students

PICS (If Necessary)

Expansion to Full Day Pre-K Districtwide