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Adaptability across borders

Expanding to foreign lands is a natural progression for most companies. However, organisations
must bear in mind the possible challenges and pitfalls before they can succeed.
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Moving across boundaries


WHILE globalisation has been a

key buzzword for the last two
decades, international trade goes
as far back in time to when people
set sail across oceans to trade
spice and silk. Global business
boundaries have since faded,
making way for all kinds of
businesses to rapidly expand
overseas and become
multinational companies.
Driven by technological
innovation and political shifts
worldwide, there has been a
sudden increase in trade and the
exchange of knowledge across all
industries. However, even with
progressive international trade
policies, expanding a business
overseas is much easier said than
done. After all, running a business
in one’s home country is vastly
different than conducting
business in other countries with
cultural, religious, language, legal
and political differences.
The numerous instances of
businesses failing or incurring
losses in foreign markets just goes
to show that many companies fail
to anticipate the severity of these
barriers. What are businesses that
successfully navigate the
international landscape doing Navigating the international business landscape can be daunting, but as a tried-and-true strategy, it can be managed with appropriate expertise and
right? knowledge.

Success with proper regulations regarding daily

operations and human resources.
Thus, because they cannot
compete in the price department,
such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut
have menu items that cater
understanding Gupta shares a few possible foreign car manufacturers market specifically to Malaysians, but
scenarios that may be overlooked. and position their cars in Malaysia without sacrificing their Driven by technological
According to Aninda Gupta, “Being an outside player trying as being safer and sturdier, while uniqueness. McDonald’s follows
marketing manager at a to penetrate the existing also providing extra features and innovation and political
the same theme of offering a toy
renowned global giant in the established industry in a foreign more comprehensive aftersales shifts worldwide, there
with its Happy Meals worldwide,
building materials arena, any new country, one needs to understand service. but the food items vary from
market acquisition, especially in a the local political scenario. On the other hand, country to country.
has been a sudden
foreign market, requires careful “The other challenges can understanding your clientele is increase in trade
These techniques of positioning
planning. It is crucial to
understand that foreign market
include government funding of
existing local players, which can
more about culture and language.
The steps to follow when
and marketing in a foreign
and the exchange of
country that transcend local
acquisition consists of two parts: have an impact on the pricing of strategising new market knowledge across all
business barriers, as well as
the business landscape and
your product. There is also the
challenge of adhering to the local
penetrations based on this factor
industries. However,
understanding foreign consumers
and delivering accordingly while
Gupta heads marketing efforts minimum job guarantee, human l Understanding market needs even with progressive
holding on to its own business
in the Indian subcontinent and
diligently follows the rule for any
resource policies and laws and
regulations,” he elaborates.
l Evaluating business offerings
l Customising the offerings
international trade
roots, is what is nurtured in
international business courses.
foreign market expansion – do Take, for example, foreign car based on the country’s market policies, expanding a
your market research to
understand the business
manufacturers expanding their
businesses in Malaysia. They have
l Communicating/campaigning
in accordance with local language,
Education births expertise business overseas is
landscape, consumer behaviour to combat the competitive prices culture and religious beliefs As Dr Ravichandran much easier said than
and clientele. of locally manufactured cars, l Understanding acceptance and Subramaniam, Master of done.
Exploring the business scene which are heavily subsidised by making necessary changes International Business course
consists of developing an the Government. There is also a accordingly director at Monash University
understanding of the political substantial import duty imposed Malaysia, points out, “In China, the
situations as well as laws and on foreign-manufactured cars. For instance, foreign food chains use of physical currency is almost While it is true that nothing can
non-existent. It might seem to be prepare a business to successfully
information that holds no direct avert every potential pitfall in a
Opportunity to work globally value for a business looking to foreign business landscape, an
expand its operations there, but education background that
A master’s degree in being the manager of a team of looking for similar overseas ignoring it may bring negative especially focuses on navigating
international business proved to five, who were of a different openings, Mukerji advises, “If repercussions.” international business scenarios
be a boon for Saurabh Mukerji nationality, was a matter of great you arm yourself with the right One such repercussion can be can prove helpful in mitigating and
from India, who not only secured pride for me.” degree and keep exploring your that cashless transactions mainly limiting the consequences.
a position as a marketing Describing his experience, options, you will surely get the use QR codes, which must be Another factor pointed out by Dr
manager in Iran since Mukerji mentions that it was not right opportunities.” scanned with smartphones for Ravichandran is that with more
graduating, but has continued to a bed of roses as both he and his payment. The risk here is that QR and more companies opening
receive various offers along the family faced challenges in terms codes are prone to bugs and branches in several different
way. of language barriers and the hacking and are easy to countries, the need for
“The job in Iran was my first steep learning curve of manipulate for fraudulent professionals who can liaise
foreign assignment and it was navigating the political transactions. Businesses stand to between these branches also
pretty clear that my degree landscape. However, he believes lose large amounts of money increases.
choice helped me bag this his degree in international through fraudulent QR code “International business is a
position,” he says. business prepared him to take on transactions if they are not extra course that aims to create such
Mukerji’s knowledge in these challenges. Mukerji has vigilant. professionals who can transcend
international marketing, through since returned to India but is Thus, there is no information global boundaries and successfully
his educational background and thankful for the experience. that should be considered too supervise business operations in
work experience as a marketing “My stint overseas as a trivial, minute or unnecessary. more than one country because
executive, paved the way for him marketing manager, coupled Keeping an eye out for such details they have the knowledge and
to get this lucrative offer with my master’s degree in is what students of international expertise to do so,” says Dr
overseas. international business, has business are trained to do. Ravichandran.
The opportunity was a opened the floodgates of “This keen eye is ideal for It prepares students to look at
motivation factor for him. He job offers from various professionals who want to develop things from a global perspective.
says, “Not only was the global organisations in a global business perspective and Seeing how the world is becoming
remuneration package offered the field of international understand the different methods more integrated with each passing
significantly higher than what I marketing. I couldn’t be in management practices, strategic day, being armed with such
was drawing at my previous happier.”
Saurabh plans and international knowledge is a good move.
company, but the achievement of For professionals Mukerji. operations,” opines Dr
Ravichandran. > SEE ALSO PAGE 4
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What does it take to

ACCORDING to Linda Darling-Hammond of
Stanford Graduate School of Education,
important skills that learners should
possess include “the abilities to find and

be a good learner?
organise information to solve problems,
frame and conduct investigations, analyse
and synthesise data, apply learning to new
situations, self-monitor and improve one’s
own learning and performance,
communicate well in multiple forms, work
in teams and learn independently”.
This definition easily describes what it
takes to succeed in an open and distance time studies despite having to manage
learning (ODL) environment. Aspiring to get hectic lifestyles and juggle various personal
ahead in their careers or simply learn and professional commitments. By PROF
something new, open and distance learners To be the best, these individuals must not No one should fear that DATUK DR
often opt to return to the world of only manage their studies well, but also
studying later in their lives. adapt to using technology to learn and
becoming an open and MANSOR
Many are working adults hone additional traits that are particularly distance learner will be FADZIL
who pursue part- relevant in an ODL environment, such as
independence, multitasking skills, discipline
difficult or challenging. If
and tenacity. you want to learn, you can
At Open University Malaysia (OUM), we
place great emphasis on ensuring learners
rest assured that OUM is environmental awareness.
Incorporating these life skills in a basic
begin their studies on the right note. committed to ensuring you course is our conscious effort as an
Hence, all new learners must complete
a basic course in learning skills for
will get the best start in your institution of higher learning to inculcate
good values in our learners. By emphasising
the 21st century to help them educational journey. these values from the outset of their learning
develop the necessary abilities. experience, we are demonstrating our
This course comprises 10 commitment to producing not only
topics designed to help prepared to meet the tasks and challenges graduates who are excellent problem-solvers
learners orientate ahead. and decision-makers, but also those who can
themselves to the ODL This course has been specially tailored to think up new ideas and products, conduct
environment so enable independent and effective learning themselves professionally at the workplace,
they are well in a technology-led environment. Learners be technologically savvy, communicate
get a thorough grounding on what it means effectively and have a global mindset.
to study at OUM, from using myINSPIRE In short, OUM has developed this unique
(the university’s learning management basic course as part of our initiative to help
system) to registering for courses, managing open and distance learners develop essential
schedules, gathering information, using traits needed to thrive in a competitive
learning materials, accessing e-content, world. No one should fear that becoming an
completing assignments and preparing for open and distance learner will be difficult or
examinations. challenging. If you want to learn, you can
They are also taught how rest assured that OUM is committed to
to apply these skills in other areas of life ensuring you will get the best start in your
and given guidance on developing 21st educational journey.
century skills such as critical and creative
thinking, collaborative skills and even n Prof Datuk Dr Mansor Fadzil is president
global citizenship education and and vice-chancellor of OUM.
4 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019

Local knowledge key Scientific

to international business eye on age-
old practice
l How politics can (initially RM66bil). highly offensive.
influence businesses – You do l How language can l How culture can influence
not need to go far to influence businesses – There businesses – eBay is a global giant
understand how the political are many examples of businesses and when it started operating in
climate of a country can impact failing for ignoring language China, the business was expected to
businesses. Malaysia’s very differences. One classic rake in huge profits and capitalise on
own East Coast Rail Link example is of an Iranian razor the growing number of online
(ECRL) serves as an example. manufacturer, Tiz, that decided consumers. A MAJOR shift in how people work and body of knowledge is
Following last year’s election, to expand into Qatar. The word However, the reality was think about their health and based on research studies.
the country welcomed a new tiz means sharp in Farsi and thus something totally unexpected, and well-being from the “However, my interest was
government and with this a perfect fit in Iran, where Farsi eBay shut down its online portal in conventional approach to piqued when I read about some
change, the original contract is the spoken language. just two years. traditional and complementary cases where surgery was
agreement with China It was a whole different story The reason was guanxi, or social medicine, including performed with acupuncture
Communications Construction when the company began connection. eBay underestimated the acupuncture, is gradually alone, without any drugs
Company for constructing the exporting the razors to Qatar, Chinese culture of forming social occuring. Acupuncture is a whatsoever. I soon came to
ECRL was terminated. where the local spoken language connections and thus lost to local practice that is grounded in learn that there are structured
Although the contract has is Arabic. Tiz is an Arabic slang giant Taobao for the simple reason holistic treatment, which is TCM courses available that is
since been revived with a word for buttocks and, quite that the latter offered an internal treating the whole body, rather recognised by the Malaysian
revised arrangement, this new understandably, the Arabic- instant messaging service, which than targeting the problem Qualifications Agency. Upon
contract comes with the speaking residents of Qatar allowed buyers to communicate alone. enrolling in the course, we
negotiated price of RM44bil found the name of the razor directly with sellers. Acupuncture involves the were taught the principles and
insertion of thin needles into fundamentals of TCM but in
the skin to stimulate nerves, modernised Western medical
muscles and connective tissues terms. The practical sessions
with the goal of alleviating pain, were conducted using
tension and stress. standards similar to medical
Some medical professionals schools.”
are looking into the age-old If you have a bachelor’s
practice with a scientific eye. Dr degree in TCM, medicine or its
Goh C.L., head of the traditional equivalent, consider enrolling
and complementary medicine in the two-and-a-half-year
unit in Duchess of Kent Hospital IMU’s Master of Science in
in Sandakan, encourages Acupuncture programme,
primary healthcare staff to which encapsulates both
integrate acupuncture into traditional knowledge as well
healthcare. as the scientific research done
“I wondered how in acupuncture. The
acupuncture worked to programme’s intake is in
promote pain relief. I enrolled September.
in IMU’s Master of Science in IMU also offers other
Acupuncture programme to postgraduate programmes,
delve into Chinese medicine. including taught Master in
Alongside my medical training Science programmes in public
in allopathy, my knowledge of health, analytical and
traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical chemistry,
(TCM) provides me with options molecular medicine, Master in
to deal with pain complaints Pharmacy Practice,
more confidently.” postgraduate programmes in
Dr C.Y. Liu, a veteran medical health professions education,
professional in anaesthesiology, Postgraduate Diploma in
shared that growing up, he Diabetes Management and
would hear elders talk about Education, Postgraduate
“heaty” or “cooling” food. He Diploma in Implant Dentistry,
had always questioned these Master of Business
beliefs, calling them mere Administration in Healthcare
superstition. Management and MSc and PhD
“I was lucky to get into by research.
medical school and trained to
be an anaesthetic doctor. I have n For more information about
been privileged to be accepted this or other postgraduate
as a lecturer in a public programmes, call 03–2731 7272,
university that trains email
anaesthesia doctors. This line of my or visit

Some medical practitioners advocate for better integration of

acupuncture into healthcare as a way to help patients manage pain.
THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019 Postgraduate 5

Winning at life
KOKILAM Kathirvailu, 35, made waves
recently when she was crowned second
runner-up in the Mrs World 2019 pageant
held in Las Vegas, the United States.
Currently pursuing the Bachelor of
No matter what life throws
Psychology (BPSY) at Open University at me, I never give up. I’m
Malaysia (OUM), the mother of three inspired by many influential
discovered a new passion in pageantry,
even though she had to learn everything and successful people around
from scratch. the world. The more I look up
“I have 17 years of work experience in
banking, marketing, call centre operations to them, the humbler I feel.
and human resource management. Never I realise that I need to move
did I picture myself being crowned in a
beauty pageant! This amazing experience forward and become my own
would not have been possible without the inspiration.
support of my two sisters.”
The winner of Mrs Malaysia World 2018-
2019, Kokilam represented Malaysia in the
international edition of the competition in “My previous career revolved around
May. It was daunting, but her strength reaching out to and serving customers for
guided her towards success. business growth. This programme allows
“No matter what life throws at me, I me to understand human behaviour and
never give up. I’m inspired by many my surroundings better,” Kokilam says.
influential and successful people around the “Studying on a part-time basis using
world. The more I look up to them, the online learning materials has also been very
humbler I feel. I realise that I need to move helpful as I am busy juggling the demands
forward and become my own inspiration,” of my family and career.”
explains Kokilam. Tied to pageantry activities for a year,
This Kuala Lumpur-born beauty had Kokilam manages her hectic schedule by
previously pursued a law degree, but never planning ahead.
got the chance to complete it. Nonetheless, “Planning is essential. With the help and
her quest for a tertiary qualification led her support from my family, everything seems
to OUM’s Petaling Jaya Learning Centre in easy and manageable.”
2016. Her newfound passion in pageantry has Having pursued careers in various sectors, Kokilam is now exploring her passion in pageantry
“There is no age limit in pursuing tertiary also shaped her personality and point of while also studying psychology at OUM.
education. Everyone deserves the right to view. “I am lucky to have struck gold in
learn because education is essential for pageantry as it is highly competitive. This women and even bring the society closer be humble as this world is just a temporary
building a strong nation,” shares Kokilam. competition has taught me how to deal with together,” says Kokilam, whose hobby is place for all of us,” concludes Kokilam.
Available under the Cluster of Education stage fright. I have conquered that fear and playing a musical instrument called the
and Social Sciences, the BPSY programme am now comfortable dealing with people veena. n For more information on OUM’s
covers various aspects in psychology, and the media. Although she has gained fame and mass programmes, call the speed line at 03-2773
including the social, cognitive and cross- “I believe that pageantry can be a appeal for her achievement, she remains 2121, email or visit
cultural perspectives of the discipline. platform to address stereotypes against down-to-earth. “I always remind myself to
6 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019

Options in
public health
RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) is similar non-governmental bodies involved in
Onwards and upwards
CURTIN University continues to climb the industry and community, we provide quality
committed to its vision to be a health and health improvement initiatives, entry ranks of the QS World University Rankings education and educational pathways for
well-being focused, globally recognised qualification for the United States’ Centers (QSWUR) after being ranked 230th in the students from across the world and research
education and research centre of the highest for Disease Control Epidemic Investigation 2020 edition of the rankings. Released this geared towards the needs of our region.”
quality. The university’s mission is to Service and similar field epidemiology week, the rankings, which highlight the top Prof Mienczakowski adds that, as Curtin
contribute to patients and society through programmes or research and academic 1,000 universities in the world, showed has renewed its commitment to providing
excellence in education, learning and public health careers (DrPH or PhD). Curtin’s continued improvement, having world-renowned education in Malaysia for
research and to benefit healthcare in In addition to the MSc in Public Health jumped 20 places from last year’s results. another 20 years, Curtin Malaysia is
Malaysia and the region. The university is programme, RUMC also offers an MSc in Curtin University vice-chancellor Prof embarking on a new phase of strategic
aware of the indispensability of Health Research. Both programmes are Deborah Terry welcomed the latest results, development that focuses on expanding its
postgraduate and medical research and offered in collaboration with University saying Curtin is committed to producing high- role as Curtin’s hub in Asia through the
currently offers a postgraduate programme College Dublin and Royal College of Surgeons quality research and industry-ready strengthening of connections and
in public health. in Ireland respectively and are accredited graduates. collaborations and helping Curtin secure its
“Challenges in major public health issues and awarded by the National University of “Curtin is a truly global university, with position as a genuinely global university.
are similar in many jurisdictions with Ireland. The programmes are also campuses in Western Australia, Malaysia, “Under the mantle of the ‘One Curtin’
lifestyle-related diseases, infectious diseases recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius, and I am approach, Curtin Malaysia will play an even
and appropriate preventive strategies. This Agency and Education Ministry. delighted that its standing among the world’s greater role in expanding Curtin’s footprint
programme benefits from the experiences in best universities is continuing to rise,” says in the region through strategic international
developing and developed countries. As an n For enquiries about RUMC’s programmes, Prof Terry. alliances, stakeholder partnerships and a
international programme, it attracts students call 04-217 1888 or email Prof Terry shares that she is also pleased campus that is well integrated with all the
from all over the world”, says Datuk Prof Dr my Curtin’s ranking for employer reputation has other Curtin campuses.
Abdul Rashid Khan, MSc in Public Health risen to 185th place, showing an improvement “This will also include infrastructural
Programme director and RUMC Public in employer assessments of Curtin’s graduate development to enhance the learning
Health Department head. employability. The university’s citations per experience of students, investments in
The programme offers multidisciplinary faculty, which represent the global impact of biotechnology and engineering
training and development and emphasises Curtin’s research, have also increased by infrastructure to create fresh opportunities
the knowledge and tools to analyse the more than 20%. for collaborative research and industry
factors that influence public health in Echoing these sentiments, Curtin engagement, and developmental
an international environment. It also University Malaysia’s pro-vice-chancellor, opportunities for staff and students,” he
offers study and experience field president and chief executive Prof Jim elaborates.
work within the same country and Mienczakowski says, “As Curtin University’s The QSWUR is released annually by global
supervisors are chosen based on the largest international campus and global hub higher education analysts Quacquarelli
student’s research area of choice. in Asia, Curtin Malaysia is extremely pleased Symonds. For more information about the
Upon completing the programme, the with the latest ranking. QSWUR, visit
career progression pathways available to “Curtin’s international campuses play a qs-world-university-rankings.
graduates include positions in the local huge role in helping the university enhance
public health service or global agencies its global footprint and reputation. Working n For more information on Curtin Malaysia,
such as the World Health Organization and with our stakeholders in the government, visit
THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019 Postgraduate 7

Flexible learning options

YOUR quest for knowledge does not have to MSU comprises the Faculty of Health and universities evaluated in the rankings. The balanced with activities that provide
end upon donning the graduation gown. Life Sciences, Faculty of Business university also secured another world-class opportunities for students to enhance their
Lifelong learners have a burning desire for Management and Professional Studies, achievement – being listed among the top soft-skills and personal enrichment
self-improvement throughout their lives. Faculty of Information Sciences and 100 institutions in the QS Top 50 Under 50 competencies.
Though the term may seem especially Engineering, International Medical School, 2020 rankings. Various national and international
applicable to the degreed graduate in the School of Pharmacy, School of Education and Over nearly four decades, other accolades accolades were gained for the university’s
workforce with career progression in mind, Social Sciences, School of Hospitality and it has garnered include being ranked 301+ in involvement in the regional higher
lifelong learning is necessary across all ages Creative Arts, School of Graduate Studies, Times Higher Education University Impact education landscape. Aptly cradled by its
and educational as well as professional Graduate School of Management and Centre Rankings 2019, 101-200 in Times Higher tagline: “Transforming Lives, Enriching
backgrounds. for Fundamental Studies. Education Impact Rankings: Gender Equality Future”, MSU is poised as a university that is
A Human Resources Development Fund MSU is an applied university with a 2019 (as well as reduced inequalities), 271- becoming progressively more relevant in the
programme titled Strengthening of Lifelong holistic approach to education and 280 in QS Asian University Rankings 2019; 21st century.
Learning for Skills Enhancement aims to employability. Championing innovation, putting it among the top 2% of Asian
ensure a continuous supply of quality local entrepreneurship, excellence and universities, and five stars each for its n To find out more about the full range of
human capital through effective initiatives scholarship, the MSU vision of an enriching teaching, graduate employability, facilities, programmes offered at MSU, call 03-5521
that can build and grow a world-class future for all is supported by its mission of social responsibility and inclusiveness in the 6868, email or visit
Malaysian workforce. transforming lives through education. QS Stars Rating System.
Such initiatives include capitalising on MSU is ranked 541-550 in the QS World MSU offers industry-relevant programmes
studying while working. With strong University Rankings 2020. This of study with a strong focus on quality and
governmental support, lifelong learning is positions the university among graduate employability. The
taking a step forward. An important the top 51% of the 1,000 areas of studies offered are
consideration now is to ensure a successful
endeavour, because lifelong learning
requires studying parallel with other
Management and Science University (MSU)
offers breakthrough ways for working adults
wishing to further their studies. A wide range
of programmes are offered with students’
convenience as well as their educational and
professional backgrounds in mind.
Lifelong learners from all walks of life may
access MSU’s range of undergraduate and
postgraduate programmes and choose from a
variety of study modes that best fit their
individual needs, be they attending classes on
weekdays or weekends, in the evenings, or
virtually (via video conference supported by
online discussion).
Lifelong learning is vital for everybody, not
just the insatiably curious. Make lifelong
learning a part of yourself, advance in your
professional life and gain immense personal
8 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019

Banking on continuous
professional development
THE Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers standard for professionals in the banking out in AICB’s Code of Professional Conduct. was held on July 13 at the Kuala Lumpur
(AICB), with over 30,000 members, is the sole sector – is the institute’s flagship Industry needs are growing at a fast pace Convention Centre.
professional body for the banking industry qualification, favoured by accomplished and as we face seismic cultural and The AICB is the sole professional body for
in Malaysia. The institute recently refreshed banking professionals and industry leaders technological changes in an ever-evolving the banking industry in Malaysia governed
their logo and corporate identity to globally. Jointly awarded by AICB and the banking landscape, we can ensure that the by a council comprising representatives
encapsulate the spirit of banking Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) in the cultivation and instillation of exemplary from Bank Negara Malaysia, the Association
professionalism, an identity that United Kingdom – the only body in the world competence and professionalism through of Banks in Malaysia and Malaysian
communicates their core values of able to confer this award – the Chartered our membership and qualifications remain a Investment Banking Association. It aims to
accountability, integrity, competence and Banker qualification aims to provide constant, to assist bankers in adapting to the elevate the professional and ethical
professionalism. For bankers, AICB is the extensive, detailed and critical knowledge of finance of the future,” he says. standards of banking practitioners and
symbol of a lifelong, personal commitment the banking sector, covering modules on “Bankers are in the business of trust, create a banking workforce that
to professional excellence and ethical banking operations, ethics, risk therefore it is important to take pride in our subscribes to high standards of
professionalism that must be maintained management, credit and lending, profession, as with other well-respected professional conduct, knowledge
through one’s career. international banking and many others. careers such as doctors and lawyers. and competence.
As the banking industry undergoes rapid All Chartered Bankers are required to Although we do not save lives, people’s
changes, AICB plays a significant role in demonstrate technical competence, ethical livelihoods and potentially, a nation’s n For more information,
raising the bar on competence and professionalism and responsibility and financial well-being, rest in the palms of our visit
professionalism and supports its members’ accountability for their actions, alongside an hands. Prosperous nations thrive because
growth through professional qualifications, unfailing commitment to act in the best high standards of practice and respectable
continuous professional development, interests of customers and clients. AICB is ethical principles are emplaced to secure
thought leadership and networking proud to be the only institute in South-East financial stability and serve the greater
initiatives. The institute’s progressive Asia approved by the CBI to award the good of all. It is imperative that we
professional qualifications have also been Chartered Banker status to qualified continue to advocate an exemplary level
developed with industry input to meet members. of ethics and professionalism
industry needs and allow bankers to grow AICB chief executive Prasad Padmanaban within Malaysia’s banking
professionally across various banking affirms the institute’s advocacy for banking workforce and encourage those
specialisations, with the aim of creating a practices and roles infused with ethics and who share this vision to be our
sustainable and competent pipeline of integrity: members.”
banking talent with the right skills, mindsets “Our institute upholds the integrity of the AICB congratulates its
and values. banking profession as we are committed to members who have successfully
The Chartered Banker – a prestigious elevating professional banking standards completed their professional
professional designation and the gold and championing the professional values set banking qualifications and the
esteemed recipients of the
prestigious Chartered Banker
status at the Institute’s 3rd
Chartered Banker
Conferment and 22nd
graduation ceremony, which

Build from square one

EVEN with such a high demand for young transportation. Similarly, a specialty in
engineers, more and more of them are geotechnical engineering could help ensure
dropping out of the profession and moving the stability of the foundation on which a
on to non-engineering jobs after being project is constructed, as well as expected
discouraged from being unable to get past foundation-related pitfalls the project could
employment interviews. face.
In Disheartened engineers leaving the field Postgraduate courses are not cheap and if
published last year, Electrical & Electronics your budget is strained, one way of easing
Productivity Nexus chairman Datuk Seri your burden would be through student loans
Wong Siew Hai commented, “The quality of or scholarships such as Yayasan UTP
these graduates is not the problem. They just Prestigious Scholarship and Heriot-Watt
lack some trainable things companies were Petroleum Engineering Scholarship.
looking for.” Most of these scholarships require you to
As great as it sounds to pursue a maintain good grades, and some require that
postgraduate degree, it is important to you undergo an interview or two to assess
consider factors that would support your your eligibility. Certain scholarships may also
decision. When choosing a programme, take require you to undergo bonded employment
into consideration what you want to study with the awarding organisation for several
and ensure the courses offered are in line years.
with your goals. Given that postgraduate The demand for qualified engineers in
courses are not cheap, choosing the right Malaysia is increasing. In order to get ahead
course is important. in the field, engineers ought to look into
You will spend a considerable amount of obtaining postgraduate qualifications.
time in this degree, so choose a field and sub- Besides gaining knowledge, an important
specialty you’re genuinely interested in. You benefit of postgraduate study is the
should also look into your job prospects and development of your personal growth.
fields that need your brand of postgraduate Whatever you choose to study, you will
expertise. gain a wide range of transferable skills that
For example, in the field of civil every employer will value, so if you think it
engineering, a specialisation in will help your career progression and worth
transportation engineering could lead to as an engineer, postgraduate study could be
solutions to overcrowding in public the path for you.
THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019 Postgraduate 9

Tracking life’s big moments

LIFE scripts are beliefs about life’s most Positive events were expected to occur organisations, of which 192 hours would
important events and when they will occur. mainly between the ages of 16 and 30, while involve direct, face-to-face client contact,
These beliefs are commonly shared within a negative events were distributed equally the course is a broad-based one,
culture. across the child’s lifespan. with students being taught to
While life scripts have been studied by The researchers also compared the counsel across various areas.
psychologists, it is still unclear how Australian life script with another Australian The course is accredited by the
teenagers and young adults learn the life sample from a previous study. Both samples Australian Counselling Association
scripts they know. After all, they may not were the life scripts of first-year psychology and Psychotherapy and
have personally experienced these events. students and showed much overlap, Counselling Federation of
In what may be the first study of its kind, suggesting that the life script is a stable Australia. It has also been
Assoc Prof Dr Shamsul Haque (Monash construct. submitted for approval to the
University Malaysia) and Assoc Prof Dr Steve However, against expectations, cultural Malaysian Board of Counsellors
Janssen (University of Nottingham Malaysia) traditions and religious traditions were (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia).
asked: How do young people form life rarely reported as the information source of With these accreditations, it will
scripts? Are life scripts similar, or differ these life scripts. Instead, more commonly mean that there are ample
across cultures? reported sources were personal experience, opportunities for graduates to practise
Janssen and Haque’s study involved 124 observation of relatives’ and friends’ in Malaysia as well as Australia.
Malaysian students from Monash University experiences, comments from family and
Malaysia and 152 Australian students from friends and the media. These findings seem n For more information, visit
Flinders University, Adelaide. The to go against a previous theory that life
participants were asked to imagine an scripts are transmitted from one generation
ordinary infant from their own countries – to the next by traditions, that is, cultural
not a specific child they know – and describe customs or rituals.
the seven most important events that are Janssen and Haque’s findings were
most likely to occur in this child’s future. published this year in Memory, a journal of
Participants were also asked what ages the memory research (June 2017). Assoc Prof
child would probably be when those seven Haque teaches research methods and is head
events occur. Finally, they described which of the Department of Psychology at Monash
information sources they used to think of University’s Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine
those life events. Information sources and Health Sciences. His current research
included personal experience, comments interests include autobiographical memory
from relatives, religious traditions and and other areas of cognitive psychology.
watching television. Monash University Malaysia offers the
Janssen and Haque compared the Master of Professional Counselling
Malaysian and Australian life scripts, programme. Areas of study include human
expecting to find differences. They found growth and lifespan development, mental
that the life scripts thought of by the health issues surrounding grief, trauma and
Australians contained more positive events, substance abuse, child, adolescent, individual
and more events were expected to occur and couple counselling, cognitive
before the age of 16. behavioural therapy, group psychotherapy,
As for similarities, both Malaysian and career development counselling and
Australian samples showed the typical counselling research design, to name a few.
characteristics of life scripts. There were With 504 hours of clinical placements in
more positive events than negative ones. government agencies and private

Boost your
career potential
WORKING professionals and students operating officer Nicholas Goh adds,
planning to pursue a Master of Business “Because of their strenuous lifestyles and
Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business competing priorities, people find it difficult
Administration (DBA), Doctor of Philosophy to upgrade their skills conveniently and
(PhD) in Business Administration, Master of efficiently. Our programmes are aimed at
Science (MSc) or PhD in Science can enrol in equipping our students with the required
Quest International University Perak (QIU) in managerial and technical tools that will
Ipoh – an institution that aims to give its prepare them to take up new challenges
graduates an edge in the working world. and excel at work.”
The structure of the MBA programme Prof Dr Vilasini Pillai, QIU Centre for
enables students to take the course at their Research and Innovation director and
own pace. If so desired, full-time students Faculty of Science and Technology dean, is
can complete the MBA in as little as 18 confident that the MSc and PhD
months. Working professionals studying programmes can be undertaken in any
part-time would generally take about 2.5 principal area of scientific research.
years. Sessions are conducted during Recently, researchers and students from
weekday evenings and weekends, catering QIU’s Faculty of Science and Technology
for the working population. swept 19 awards at the 2019 Malaysia
The university’s Faculty of Business and Technology Expo held in Kuala Lumpur.
Management is a member of the Association Some of the winning projects involved
to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, combating the spread of dengue, eco-
and QIU is a member of the International friendly bricks made from plastic waste,
Association of Universities and Association of augmented reality and intelligent parking
Commonwealth Universities. systems.
The MSc and PhD in Science are both Should you have great hopes for a quality
offered in full-time and part-time modes, student life, QIUP is your choice. Join the
providing quality degrees at affordable quest to gain practical, entrepreneurial and
prices. The minimum duration to complete a intellectual skills to reach the highest
full-time MSc is two years while the full-time pinnacle in your career.
PhD in Science takes three years. The part-
time mode takes three years and four years n QIU programmes are now open for
for the MSc and PhD in Science programmes, registration. For details, call 05-249 0500,
respectively. email or visit www.
Speaking about the programmes, QIU chief
10 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019

Building bridges
BUILD bridges, break boundaries. This is the
challenge of the newly launched MBA
programme by Xiamen University Malaysia
(XMUM), the first Malaysian campus of

that last a lifetime

China’s top-ranking Xiamen University.
Whether you seek to accelerate your career
or reposition your business globally, Xiamen’s
MBA programme provides a unique track to
chart your career and pace your aspirations.
Located in the sprawling green Sunsuria
township and spanning 60ha of land, XMUM
welcomed its first batch of students from all
over the world to its rigorous and globalised
postgraduate programme last April.
Drawing its direction from the old Chinese
adage, “Learning is a treasure that will follow
its owner everywhere”, XMUM MBA Centre
director Dr Tee Keng Kok says, “Our MBA
programme will equip students with the
5Cs+L traits required by a competent leader –
competitiveness, confidence, cooperativeness,
creativity and credibility – while also
emphasising students’ financial literacy,
social skills, well-being, technical skills and
professional conduct.”
The delivery of the programme, according
to Dr Tee, is no longer one-way, but adopts a
multidirectional learning approach to
encourage students to explore and challenge
the status quo. The holistic programme not
only places importance on formal learning,
but also recognises the complementary role
of informal learning.
The experiential MBA programme, which is
conducted in English, is a creative fusion of
the finest of Chinese cultural elements with
contemporary business concepts. This
distinctive synergy of east and west,
combined with local and global insights from
top industry leaders and renowned XMUM welcomed its first batch of students from all over the world to its rigorous and globalised postgraduate programme in April.
academics, gives students an edge.
“We build people who will build bridges Tuition fees for local and international learning process and promotes learning the programme.
across communities. Adding and creating students are RM37,800 and RM39,900, outside of the classroom environment with The XMUM MBA Centre will also be
value is the key,” says Dr Tee. respectively. The university also offers topics such as Big Data, Doing Business in present at the Mega Careers & Study Fair
Awarded by Xiamen University and generous scholarships and study grants. China and How BaZi (Chinese astrology 2019 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention and
approved by the Higher Education Ministry, In conjunction with the university’s Open based on individual’s birth time) Improves Exhibition Centre on Aug 24 and 25.
the XMUM MBA programme offers a full-time Day, the MBA Centre will be hosting a special Career Satisfaction.
course and is open to both local and MBA Networking Day cum Preview Day this There will also be a programme preview n For more information, call 03-8705 5186,
international students. The part-time course Saturday between 8.30am and 4pm. to share course details as well as a question email or visit
is open only to local students. Networking Day is part of the MBA’s informal and answer session for any enquiries about
12 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019

Congratulations, now
make us even prouder
THIS month, about 1,000 students will
graduate from University of Nottingham
Malaysia. Our academic and professional
services staff will feel immensely proud as
each student crosses the stage to the
applause of friends, family and peers.
We recognise the hard work and
dedication that has gone into giving them the
right to make that short walk. It will take less
than 30 seconds, but it signifies years of hard
work and, in many cases, stress, worry and are better places for that.
fear that this day will never arrive. That Graduations also provide the opportunity
short walk marks the transition from for words of advice to be given to the new
graduand to graduate. It is symbolic of a graduates. These are often given by those
significant change in their lives. presiding over the ceremony but, at
Our graduation (convocation) will take Nottingham, we also ask a member of our
place over three days (July 27 to 29) and I am alumni or one of the graduands to address
extremely proud to lead the dedicated team the congregation. We ask them to speak
that plans and delivers the ceremonies that openly and honestly and offer words of
are such an important part of any university thanks and gratitude where warranted.
calendar. The day is not ours, though. It These speeches are often the highlight of the
belongs to the graduates and their friends ceremony, bringing a tear to the eye and The journey from graduand to graduate may be short, but its significance stays with students
and family. Our job is to make this important making us immensely proud of our students throughout their lifetimes.
day run as smoothly as possible and ensure who are able to address a congregation in
everybody has a memorable experience. such a confident and articulate way. when I was the same age as the majority of Nottingham Malaysia this month, please
At graduation, we present ourselves in a A degree from one of the world’s leading graduates that will walk across the stage. enjoy your day. It may seem formal at times,
more formal way. We dress in robes, each institutions provides an excellent platform We ask our most recent alumni to stay in but the ceremony and everything that
one representing the institution that for the graduate’s future career and touch, come back and visit us and let us surrounds it is designed as a celebration of
awarded our highest degree, apart from the ambitions, whether that is entering the world know how their careers develop. We want your success. Most of all, make the most of
presiding officers, who wear black and gold. of work or going onto further academic to remain part of their success and for the the degree you have worked so hard to
When we process into and out of the study. We often say that education can university to be a continuing part of their obtain.
graduation hall or stand on the stage, it is transform lives. Having left school at 16, I did life’s journey. We also ask them to consider
noticeable how many pictures are being not go to university until I was 34. Not a day giving back, be it in the form of guest n Prof Graham Kendall is chief executive
taken to capture this moment. Some people goes by that I do not reflect on how education lectures, mentoring students or acting as officer, provost and pro-vice-chancellor of
may think we look a little silly, but many transformed my life and career and enabled ambassadors for the university. University of Nottingham Malaysia.
people enjoy this tradition and universities me to do things I could not even dream about If you are graduating from University of Twitter: @Graham_Kendall

Pioneer in graduate studies

FOR more than 25 years, Binary Graduate
School (BGS), which is a part of Binary
University, has been offering a highly
rewarding experience to those pursuing its
three flagship programmes – the Master of
Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of
Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of
Philosophy (PhD). These programmes, under
purview of the institution, have grown by
leaps and bounds, with alumni spread across
Europe, Africa and Asia.
“The Binary MBA is the only Industry
Specialist MBA in the country and offers the
opportunity for graduates to differentiate
themselves in a high-density market. The
programme creates Industry Specialist Tan Sri Datuk Prof Joseph Adaikalam.
Professional (ISP) graduates and offers
employers a unique breed of talents, not just comprises taught modules and the
on-paper graduates,” says Tan Sri Datuk Prof remaining half comprises an applied thesis.
Joseph Adaikalam, founder and chairman of “Similarly, the Binary PhD has a global
Binary University. He has been a leader in following as well. BGS requires its PhD
the education sector for more than 35 years. students to be attached to one of its five
Binary University vice-chancellor Prof Dr research centres (Centre of Social
Sulochana Nair says, “Creating ISP graduates Entrepreneurship, Centre for Advancement
has enabled BGS to transform ordinary of Management, Asia Centre for
students into valuable talents as employers Entrepreneurship, ICT Research Centre and
place high value on the industry-specific Centre for Women Leadership).
skills and knowledge that our graduates “The programme is milestone-based,
bring to the fore. This is one reason our which means PhD candidates have greater
graduates enjoy excellent graduate control and more opportunities to meet
employability rates.” subject experts and publish and carry out
Speaking about the DBA, Prof Joseph says, scholarly work. Each student is assisted by
“This programme equips students with experienced supervisors and external
contemporary knowledge in global issues in experts.”
entrepreneurship, human resource The intakes for Binary University’s MBA
management, marketing, total quality programme are on July 27 (part-time) and
management and finance, among others. To July 29 (full-time), while the DBA and PhD
maintain the quality of our DBA, those intakes are on Oct 14 and Nov 11,
lecturing in this programme not only possess respectively. In conjunction with its 35th
a doctorate degree, but also extensive anniversary, the university is offering
working experience.” MyBinary Scholarships ranging from
Prof Sulochana adds, “The DBA is open to RM10,000 to RM20,000 to each Malaysian
those with an MBA or any business-related student who wishes to pursue the MBA or
master’s degree with a minimum of five PhD programmes.
years’ managerial work experience. The
Binary DBA is patronised globally by senior n To register for Binary University’s MBA,
managers, high-ranking government officials DBA or PhD programmes, call S.K. (013-364
and chief executive officers. Half the DBA 4921) or Bipin (013-625 0049).