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Senior Project Time Log Form Student's Name: Delaney Ruble Project Title: Play It Forward Community Mentor Communications and Field Work Completed Date Time Spent Brief Description of Communication wig Dec-Jan_[3 hours Brainstorming project Feb 13__[1 hour Emailing, meeting with principals vj Y & Feb 20_| ‘hour Meeting with Tom Pickett Mar 9 30 minutes _| Emailing ie Mar 12 [30 minutes _| Designing coupons/form Mar 20_[4 hour Meet with Bob Morrison AE Mar all together, | Facebook event, answering questions Lr 26-Mar | 2 hours u E 30 Mar 26__[45 minutes | Meeting with band directors IE Mar 26__[30 minutes | Meeting with Mr. Burton Ee Mar27__| 1 hour emailing band directors dia Mar 29 [1 %hours _| Final touches on project AY Mar30__|30 minutes | Final meeting with Tom Pickett YE Mar 30__| 1 hour ‘Advertising my project \E Apri | thour Emailing, meeting with principals/band directors | J Apr4 | 1 hour On-Air Time 1 Apri0__|1%hours | Final Emails! iva Apr13_|4 hours Event Apr15__|2 hours Thank you notes Apr 30 |2 hours Delivering Instruments. 4 Ee Total hours spent: 25:45 Please sign below to verify the above records are accurate. Senior Project Community Mentor Final Observation Form Community Mentor’s Name: John Foster Student's Name: Delaney Ruble ‘As the Community Mentor, you have worked closely with and have guided this student through all phases of his/her senior project. Your input and comments are valuable to the panel of judges that will be presiding over the student's Senior Boards. Your input will influence but not determine the outcome of the Senior Boards. We would appreciate your honest feedback on the student's experience. This observation will become part of the student's final portfolio which will be presented to the panel members at the Senior Boards. Thank you for the time and effort you have spent helping our students transfer high school experiences to community applications. 1. Describe the project: a. Delaney’s project was a collection of instruments to donate to elementary schools in the BCSC school district for their band programs. 2 What impressed you most about this student? a 3 How do you think the student could have improved his/her development and implementation of the project?