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The Second

Mrtaram Empire
"The last great Javanese kingdom, known as the Second Mataram Empire, was
founded in 1587 by Prince Senopati. At its peak, the influence of the l<ingdom of
Mataram stretched beyond the shores of Java, as far afield as present-day Malaysia.
The court of Mataram, originally located in l<ota Gede, on the outsklrts of present-
day Yogyakarta, moved several times between 1587 and 1-680 when the ruler of the
day, Amangkurat ll, built a palace (l'<eraton) at Kartasura, near present-day Surakarta
(So/o). "
Minister of Tourism, Posts and Telecommunication,
- Republic of Indonesia, Kratons of Java, L99L

The first century of the Muslim era saw the building of many tombs to the nine
Muslim preachers, the Wali Songo, who had introduced lslam to Java. Some of these
tomb complexes such as that of Sunan Gunung Jati and that of the founder of the
second Mataram Empire, Panembahan Senopati seemed to be built on the site
of old palaces. Others were built on old terraced sanctuaries (such as the Makam
Sunan Sendang Duwur) or perhaps on former Hindu temple sites (Sunan Kudus),

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