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6th DAR – DTI-CARP and DOST Regional Synchronized Planning Session

March 25-27, 2018, Punta Villa Resort, Inc. Arevalo,Iloilo City

Day 01, March 25
10:00 AM Registration / Billeting Secretariat
12:00 NN Lunch
01:00 PM Opening Niceties
National Anthem
Intro of Participants By Province
Opening Messages DAR Regional Director
DTI Regional Director
DOST Regional Director
Expectation setting, House Rules and Host Team DTI Regional Representative
Rationale/ Objective / Expected Output DAR
02:30PM Presentation 1: BARBD Representative
 Presentation of Agency’s Current Thrusts and
Directions CY 2019 Onwards
Presentation of Regional Updates on ARBOs/Products
4:30 PM Regional representative
covered in CY 2014 to 2018
06:00PM Dinner
Day 02, March 26
08:00AM Morning Preliminaries Host Team
Presentation 2:
Provincial Accomplishment Report on:
- Annex C (Synchronized Prov’l Accomplishment for CY
Prov’l Representative /Team
- Annex D.1 (Food product tracking/assessment form)
- Annex D. 2 (Non-food product tracking/assessment
11:00AM Presentation 3: Prov’l Representative /Team
- Status (Accomplishments) of ARBO Products Enrolled
in 2+2 Graduation System (Annex E)
12:00 NN Lunch
01:00PM - Continuation of Presentation 3
02:30 PM Presentation on Updates of FDA Regulatory Board FDA Representatives
4:00 PM Workshop 1: Facilitating and Hindering Factors and Provincial Team
Recommended Action Agenda
6:00 PM Dinner
Day 03, March 27
8:00 AM Morning preliminaries
8:30 AM Presentation of Workshop 1 Output Provincial Team
9:30 AM Workshop 2: Firming-up of CY 2019 Work and Financial Provincial Team
Plan (Annex F.1) and Indicative Plan for CY 2020 (Annex F.2)
10:00AM Presentation of Workshop 2 Provincial Team
12:00 NN Lunch
1:00 PM  Submission of final outputs Provincial Team
2:00PM  Closing program Regional Team and Host Team
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