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Executive Summary

Happy Tea is determined to become a daily necessity for local Milk Tea addicts, a place
to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your
friends or love ones. Happy Tea will offer its customers the best prepared Milk Tea in the area that
will be complimented with some pastries, as well as free dine-in tables with a unique appearance.

We will combine several products and offer bundle price at reduced price, we will offer
special delicious flavors at reduce price. Other strategy is to focus on two things: dine-in outlook and
amenity, and the home delivery that corporate customers with the effective use of information
system to reduce the timing for logistics.

1.1 Objectives
 Become one of the best selected foodcourt in the area especially here in the Cebu.
 To maintain the profitability of our said business.
 Provide better customer service.
 Increase efficiency of the business
1.2 Vision
 To constantly innovate & provide the best that we can to our customers.
 To be recognized as pioneers in the multi-brand food court management.
 Utilizing the highest levels of corporate
 Build the best product, and cause no unnecessary harm.
 Become the community most loved, most flown, and most profitable foodcourt.
1.3 Mission
 To provide integrated food management support, so that every customer gets highest level of
food quality & outstanding service in a hygienic and fun dining environment.
 To ensure equal access to all resources.
 To create the most flavorful Milk Tea in the area as well as the other product that we are
going to sell in allied with Milk Tea.