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Execute and implement the policies, programs and measures approved

by the Provincial Governor in relation to the Governor’s Office.

2. Direct, manage and supervise the operations and internal

administration of the Governor’s Office and be responsible for the efficient
and effective conduct thereof.

3. Direct and supervise the formulation of operational plans and programs

and the attendant detailed action plans relative to the Governor’s Office.

4. Sign vouchers, communications and undertakings, in the carrying

out of the internal and regular operations of the Governor’s Office and such
other documents as may be authorized by the Provincial Governor in the
pursuit of its objectives and purposes.

5. Represent the Provincial Governor in all dealings in other offices,

agencies and instrumentalities of the provincial government and with all the
other persons or entities, whether public or private without prejudice to
examination and review at any stage by the Provincial Governor.

6. Represent the Provincial Governor, in official and social functions.

7. Sign appointment papers of employees under the Governor’s Office

subject to existing Civil Service Laws, Rules and Regulations and other
relevant legislations.

8. Exercise delegated authority on matters related to the functions and

activities of the Governor’s Office.

9. Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Provincial