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FD/CC/PT-2018 Serial No. Candidate's Roll Number Question Booklet Series ‘Question Booldet ‘B| GENERAL STUDIES IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS 1. This Question Booker containe 180 questions in all 1 AL questions carry equal marks. }. Attempt al questions. - Immediately after commencement of the examination, you should check up your ‘Question Booklet and ensure thut the Question Booklet Sories is printed on ‘the top. Sightetand comer of the Booklet. Piease check that the Booklet contain 48 printed pages Including two pages (Page Nos. 46 and 47) for Rough Work and no page or faeetion is misoing of Gnpriated or torn or reptated, 1 you fad any defect is this jooklet, get it replaced immediately by a complete Booklet of the same scrict Iffhere ie ery sort of mistake either of printing or of factual nature, then out of English lana Hindi versions of the questions, the English vernion wil be treated as standard. |. You znust write your Roll Nuinber in the space provided on the top af Do nat write saything dar-on tie Question Bocidet ‘An Answer Sheet will he sunplied ts you separately by) the favigiiatar to mark tlie answers, You mutt write your Name, Rol X0., Question Booklet Series and otlior particulars Im the apace provided on Page-2 of the Answer Shect provided, failing which your Anawer Sheet will not be evaluated. You should eneode your Roll Number and the Question Booklet Series A, B, C or Das iris, Pented on the lop ght-hund comer of the Question Booklet with Black/Blue. tok ballpoint PeinteS Oe crae nrevioed on Page-2 ol vaur Angier Sheet tf you do nat enecile or fad ta encode the correct sories of your Question Booklet, your Answer Sheet will not he Salustall comecsyy. , Duditlons and their, responses are printed in English vind Hind) versions in this Booka] Spcis question eommariscr of five responseo—{A),(B), (), (D) sud (6), You are to select ONLY Ofie Shuset keopouse and mark it in your Anhwer Sheet, In any case chooae ONLY ONE eee eairucrinn, (our tal saris will epee oh lie marnber ar eoreeetreseoeee marked by ue the Answer Shect. In the Answer Sheet, there are five circies—{A), (3), (C), (D) and (E) against cach question. To. Uiiiter the questions You are (o dark with Blask/ilue fal ballpoint pen ONLY ONE circle Gf your eboite for each question. Stlect only ohe respante for each «arestion fad are (tf your Aaswe® Sheet H you mark morc than one circle for one question, the answer will be {ited se wrong, Use Black/Blue ink ballpoint pen only to mark the answer in the Arete ae re Ray geasise or change Ix not allowed eee nat ernie peti afl any stock from the Question Booklet Noulare abt aby IStake tie Cues Reet aod the Aootes Sac: out ofthe Exanisaten: Halls ume 10 take ign After the examination has concluded, you must hand over your Answer Seesinatiee mviguimtor. Therealicr, you wre permiseid to take away the Ouewtion Bosker wits You. al unply Hii any ofthe above inst-ackions Will reader you table fiesson cr Baus to rome S mmisnn may cide at hey dretign, nel 1? HCH Betton or vara 2 GE Tes Serr ve geen Se oy ge wT RL 284118