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Supervisor Glover recommends the following FY 2010/11 Keller Canyon Landfill

Mitigation allocation plan in the amount of $1,373,813 for specified projects.

1. All Out Sports League $1,000

Funding will provide camps, leagues, field trips, leadership courses and will teach life
skills to kids from Pittsburg, Antioch and Brentwood. Numerous scholarships are
awarded to youth who are unable to afford camps and leagues.

2. All Star Cheer and Dance $5,000

Funding will provide underprivileged children of the Bay Point community, as well as
some neighboring communities, a safe and fun learning environment with mentors
teaching self-esteem, self-awareness, community involvement and stability within the

3. Amador Institute, Life Skill Training $5,000

Funding will support proposed implementation of a youth development component in a
transitional housing program in order to improve life skills competencies for transitioned
youth ages 14-19 to maximize a successful transition into adult life .

4. A-maze-ing Solutions, Maze Program $5,000

Funding will support amulti-community services through a program that navigates and
assists community-based provider referral with a complete package of services. Services
include: community recourses, funding, emergency food pantry, and solution for a stable
living environment.

5. Ambrose Recreation and Park District, CARES Garden $1,000

Funding will support all Bay Point after schools sites that have an instructional school
garden. Gardening and nutrition are embedded throughout the programs. Each site is able
to use produce from their school garden for their cooking classes and taste testing.

6. Ambrose Recreation and Park District, Teen Center $5,000

Funding will provide a variety of activities in a safe place for teens to socialize with their
peers and opportunities for teen coordinators to mentor them on weekdays from 3:00p.m-
7:00 p.m.

7. Ambrose Recreation and Park District, Fun Starts at 60 $5,000

Funding will support enhancement of the partnership between Ambrose Recreation and
Park District and CC Café with increased attendance at the lunch program which
provides social opportunities to underserved seniors in Bay Point through the addition of
theme day lunch programs, entertainment, and prizes

8. Antioch Historical Society, Museum Tours $3,000

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

Funding will provide bus transportation to all 3rd grade history students from 13
elementary schools to the museum to study local and state history. State and local budget
cuts have eliminated field trips and closed some state parks diminishing a quality history

9. Antioch Little League $4,500

Funding will offset operational costs of serving low income, underprivileged, working-
poor families; and mentally and/or physically disabled youth by increasing scholarships
and/or reduced-fee registrations offered.

10. Antioch Music Foundation, Concert For Kids $5,000

Funding will provide music students (elementary, middle and high school) from Antioch
the opportunity to experience a live orchestra concert by the San Francisco symphony in
a building designed specifically for orchestral music- Davies Symphony Hall as well as
other musical events within the Bay Area.

11. Antioch Rivertown Jamboree, Harlem Ambassadors Basketball $4,000

Funding will host a "Harlem-Style" basketball show, including ball handling tricks, slam
dunks and hilarious comedy routines. The team consists of professional men with major
college and pro experience. Jamboree will use a tool to motivate and encourage our
families and youth.

12. Arts and Cultural Foundation, Art 4 Schools $3,500

Funding will support a partnership with the Antioch Unified School District to provide
artists and art education for curriculum based art classes for elementary students.
Instruction will take place during the year and conclude with an exhibit at the Lynn
House Gallery.

13. Bay Area Legal Aid, East County Domestic Violence $5,000
Funding will support a project which provides low-income domestic violence victims
with legal assistance critical to escaping abuse and achieving safety. Services include
advice, counsel, referrals, restraining order assistance, and representation. Bay Area
Legal Aid is the only provider of domestic violence legal assistance in District V.

14. Brighter Beginnings, Antioch First Five, Paternal Accountabilty $3,000

Funding will support a program for fathers that teaches parenting skills to low-income
fathers through support groups, parenting classes, limited case management, and
donations to meet basic family needs. Funding will be used to purchase diapers, baby
formula and car-seat/strollers for FAFAS families.

15. California Network, Building Community, Youth Intern $10,000

Funding will support a paid internship program and job skill training of multi-media
careers. Students will be given job-skill training in video and editing, photo and editing,
public relations, writing, interviewing techniques, and multi-media internship/careers in
addition to community and governmental involvement that builds self-worth, confidence
and establishes life skills that foster success.

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Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

16. Center for Human Development, Community Forums

Funding will support the 8th annual Bay Point Unity in Community celebration, which
cultivates resident leadership (including youth leadership), promotes civic pride,
celebrates diversity of people and cultures; and fosters relationship between community
members and service providers.

17. Center for Human Developement, Empowerment Project

Funding will support the Four CornersProgram to provide violence and gang prevention
in addition to individual support for at-risk middle school students attending Hillview
Junior High School in Pittsburg.

18. Child Abuse Prevention Council , Newborn Connections

Funding will support Newborn Connections post partum, in-home services for
monolingual, Spanish-speaking mothers in East County, who are not able to be seen by
other in-home social services agencies. The program provides in-home support for new
mothers, access to valuable community and social services, hands on parent education
and mentoring mothers.

19. City of Oakley Police Department, School Resource Officer, Freedom HS

Funding will provide a School Resource Officer at Freedom High School. Typical duties
include investigation and follow up of all criminal cases occurring on campus or
involving students from the school. Additionally, the officer acts a mentor, counselor,
teacher and lecturer to students at the school. The position is funded by collaboration of
agencies; Contra Costa County, City of Oakley and The Liberty Union High School

20. City of Pittsburg, Park and Recreation, Fun, Fellowship and Food

Funding will support the Pittsburg Recreation Department's attempt to provide seniors the
opportunity for socialization, physical activity and good nutrition by partnering with the
C.C. Café to host six dances in combination with the lunch program to improve their
quality of life and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

21. Community Violence Solution, Trauma/Sexual Abuse Recovery

Funding will support both direct victim services to acute sexual assault victims and brief
follow up counseling in order to stabilize the victim and coordination of the Sexual
Assault Response Team and lead the Commercially Sexually Exploited Children

22. Contra Costa Child Care Council, Growing Healthy Future for Kids

Funding will support introduction of locally grown fruits and vegetables to low income
children and their families in Pittsburg and Antioch in order to teach them about making
healthy food choices, reducing the incidence of childhood obesity.

23. Contra Costa County, Bay Point Municipal Advisory Council

Funding will support the advisory council which provides advice and recommendations
to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors relative to planning issues and services
provided in Bay Point. These services include, but are not limited to to: public health,
safety, public works and land use planning.

24. Contra Costa County, Bethel Island Municipal Advisory Council

Funding will support the advisory council which provides advice and recommendations
to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors relative to planning issues and services
provided in Bethel Island. These services include, but are not limited to: public health,
safety, public works and land use planning.

25. Contra Costa County, Byron Municipal Advisory Council

Funding will support the advisory council which provides advice and recommendations
to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors relative to planning issues and services
provided in Byron. These services include, but are not limited to: public health, safety,
public works and land use planning.

26. Contra Costa County, District V Code Enforcement

Funding will support one code enforcement inspector for the unincorporated area of
District V. The Code Enforcement Program addresses complaints of junkyard,
abandoned, boarded-up, vacant properties, land-use and building issues, mobile homes
and in residential neighborhoods being used for improper and illegal activities.

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Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

27. Contra Costa County, Conservation and Development, Grant Administration Fee
Funding supports staff and administration costs to govern fiscal year 2010-2011 Keller
Canyon contracts and related tasks.

28. Contra Costa County, Discovery Bay Community Service District

Funding will support the advisory council which provides advice and recommendations
to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors relative to planning issues and services
provided in Discovery Bay. These services include, but are not limited to: public health,
safety, public works and land use planning.

29. Contra Costa County, General Services, East County Beautification Program

Funding will support the General Services Department, in conjunction with workfare
crews to provide assistance with community and roadside clean-up as well as tree
planting program throughout the unincorporated areas of District V. This program
provides for the removal of abandoned garbage, appliances, and in some cases vehicles
from the roadsides.

30. Contra Costa County, Knightsen Town Advisory Council

Funding will support the advisory council which provides advice and recommendations
to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors relative to planning issues and services
provided in Knightsen. These services include, but are not limited to; public health,
safety, public works and land use planning.

31. Contra Costa County, County Counsel, Code Compliance Attorney

Funding will support the cost of a Code Compliance Attorney from the County Counsel's
Office to provide legal support to enforcement officials who are responsible for the
effective and timely enforcement of existing zoning, building, housing, safety, and health
ordinances as well as policy makers in the adoption, implementation and enforcement of
new ordinances and regulations.

32. Contra Costa County, Sheriff Office, Bay Point Resident Deputy $175,000
Funding will support a resident Deputy for the Bay Point area to provide community
policing for residents and community leaders with emphasis on prevention and
enforcement of criminal matters. The Resident Deputy acts as a liaison with local

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Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

businesses and school officials and initiates and participates in youth crime prevention

33. Contra Costa County, Sheriff Office, Bay Point School Resource Officer $175,000
Funding will be used for salary and benefits of one uniformed School Resource Officer
placed within the school to establish a safe school environment and promote the positive
development of Bay Point youth.

34. Contra Costa County, Sheriff Office, Holiday Dinner and Toys $5,000
Funding will support the annual Holiday Dinner and Toy Giveaway, co-sponsored by the
Contra Costa Office of the Sheriff, and held at the Bay Point Community Center,
providing free dinner and toy giveaway to needy families in the Bay Point area.

35. Contra Costa County, Probation Office, Juvenile Drug Court $10,000
Funding will support treatment services for East County youth involved in the East
County Juvenile Drug Court Program. This court supervises comprehensive treatment
based programs targeting minors who have substance abuse problems by identifying
minors in need of treatment, making referrals and providing an avenue to mitigate
juvenile criminal cases.

36. Contra Costa County, Public Works, Bay Point Crossing Guard $71,265
Funding will support provisions for state approved training, equipment, and
compensation for crossing guards at 10 Bay Point intersections.

37. Contra Costa County, Supervisor Glover, District V Interns $5,000

Funding will provide stipend for summer and winter internships.

38. Contra Costa County, Supervisor Glover, District V Staffing $172,048

Funding will support the growing needs of constituents in East County through the
provision of 1.5 FTE staff positions focused largely on the primary mitigation area of
Bay Point and expand to include surrounding communities.

39. Contra Costa County, Supervisor Glover, Grant Writing Seminar $5,000
Funding will support a Grant Writing Seminar to enhance the ability to secure funding
through an in-depth education of the grant process, including the revenue building tools
necessary to write, budget and implement grants in the most beneficial manner possible.

40. CCC, Sup Glover, Gang Summit/Youth Summit/Small Business Wkshop $45,000
Funding will support three events: Gang Summit, Small Business Workshop and the
Annual Contra Costa County Youth Summit. These one day conferences offer
opportunites to enhance and educate participants through the examination of possible
solutions for the individual issues they are facing within their realm.

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Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

41. Contra Costa County Library, Bay Point Youth Program $5,000
Funding will support 12 - 16 library programs for families in the Bay Point community to
encourage in youth a life-long habit of library visits and foster literacy in the community.

42. Contra Costa County Library, SAT $5,000

Funding will support contract with Princeton Review to conduct nine SAT preparation
workshops at the Pittsburg library for ten Pittsburg high school juniors based on GPA,
college goals and financial need criteria.

43. Contra Costa Health Service, Cali House Youth Shelter $5,000
Funding will support operations at the Cali House, a shelter program providing critical
services to runaway and homeless youth ages 14-21 in Contra Costa County. The
requested funds will support 15 runaway and homeless youth from District V.

44. Contra Costa Health Service, Project Homeless Connect 6 $2,500

Funding will support a one-day, one stop shop for people experiencing homelessness by
connecting them with benefits, medical care, substance abuse and mental health services,
social and legal services, and housing and shelter.

45. Contra Costa Youth Council, Read to Live Program $10,000

Funding will support the one on one tutoring program for youth at the Orin Allen Youth
Rehabilitation facility by teaching reading and spelling skills for learning-disabled boys,
ages 13-18 at the Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility in Byron.

46. Craft Community Care Center, STS Academy, Afterschool Program $10,000
Funding will support STS Academy in their after school program that provides students
in Pittsburg the opportunity to receive homework assistance and instructions in
Mathematics and English/Language Arts in a safe, healthy environment from young
credentialed teachers.

47. Craft Community Care Center, STS Academy, Arts Education $5,000
Funding supports the cultivation of an understanding, acceptance and appreciation of
various cultures that make up the diverse Pittsburg population through song, dance,
history and the art. The program would bring music and art from around the work to the
afterschool program at the eight elementary schools in Pittsburg and their families.

48. Delta Childrens Ballet Theater, The Little Match Girl Ballet $7,000
Funding will support the Delta Children's Ballet Theatre's The Little Match Girl Ballet-
20th Anniversary Gala and will include performance with guest artists from the Black
Diamond Ballet, and outreach at local District V schools by current residents and alumni
of the ballet company.

49. East Bay National Society of Black Engineers, STEM Program $5,000
Funding provides K-12 Saturday STEM and Robotics program inclusive of 20 weeks of
hands on activities involving critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, math

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Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

concepts, gear ratios, and a robot plan and build using Lego Mindstorn NXT 2.0
programming software solving real world problems.

50. East County Business-Education Alliance, CC Workforce Initiative, Skills $10,000

Funding will support 3 summer camps and year-round teacher, students and parent
training, the Work-Ready Skills project promotes the 10 essential, 21st Century Work-
Ready Skills cited by employers and educators that students must have to succeed in
college, the workplace and life.

51. East County Kids in Motion $7,000

Funding will assist youth in community battle against serious childhood issues such as
obesity, diabetes, cultural differences, low self-esteem, teen-pregnancy and possible
gang involvement. The organization is diversifying the classes to include special needs
exercise/dance class, diet and fitness, and etiquette training.

52. East County Midnight Basketball- Winter 2011 $10,000

Funding will provide an alternative to destructive street life and keep disadvantaged
youths and young adults age 17-28 out of trouble during the late night hours when
criminal activities are high. The young people must attend a mandatory educational
workshop. Services include life skills, obtaining high school diploma, college education,
HIV Awareness and sexually transmitted disease awareness as well as crisis

53. Eddie Hart, Total Health for Life $5,000

Funding will support program to concentrate on obesity epidemic that is plaguing youth
by; helping kids lose weight, teach the better health and nutritional habits, and teach the
importance and development of a positive mental attitude.

54. First Baptist Head Start, Alumni Program $6,000

Funding will provides 140 disadvantage youth between the ages of 12 to 16 employment
skill training during the summer months enhancing future employment growth.

55. Food Bank Direct Distribution $5,000

Funding assists the purchase, collection, storage, transportation and distribution of food
to low income seniors, families, children and individuals in District V via the Food
Bank's Food For Children, Brown Bag, Food Assistance Program Extra Helpings and
Farm 2 Kids programs.

56. Foundation for Change $3,000

Funding will support financial literacy program to teach valuable life skills in a camp like
format with workshops for kids that are both fun and educational, with the center theme
surrounding the basic concepts and principles of money.

57. From My Heart to Your Heart $5,000

Funding will support a new center providing supervised visitation services to families
involved in the Contra Costa County Child Welfare and Family Court systems by

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Page 8

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

offering children 0-18 years of age who have been removed from the home and placed in
Foster Care an opportunity for a supervised visitation with the parents, siblings and other

58. Full Stride Track Club-East Bay $1,500

Funding supports Full Stride Track Club which was formed by a cohesive group that
recognized the need for a positive outlet for children, through the sport of track and field,
by setting and achieving goals, each child recognizes their own ability to excel.

59. Give Always to Others, Multicultural Program $4,000

Funding will support multicultural programs to provide diverse activities that will inform
and educate the community and encourage appreciation for the richness and uniqueness
of different cultures.

60. Give Always To Others, Remembering Our Military $500

Funding will support a grassroots organization to serve military families from East
County. The monies will be used to buy stationary, postage and other products for

61. Global Village, Food Pantry $1,800

Funding provides families with supplementation of nutritional foods such as fruits,
vegetables, whole grain and enriched grain products, dairy foods, meats, poultry and
legumes. Nutrition has long been recognized as important factors affecting children's
physical and behaviorial development.

62. Grace Bible Church After School Tutoring and Mentoring Program, $7,000
Funding would support a community-based program open to the public, that provides
tutoring and mentoring opportunities in Antioch. GASTP serves approximately 150
students per year from the Antioch Unified School District which includes elementary,
middle and high school students. The program operates after school Monday through
Friday from 3-6pm.

63. Hapgood Theatre, Student Matinee $5,000

Funding will assist production of free matinee live, professional theatre performances for
District V high school and community college students. Teachers are supplied with
scripts, discussion guides and informational materials to use in class prior to each
production. Classes also take part in post-show artist talkbacks.

64. HARP-Animal Angel Program $3,000

Funding will assist with the production of a 15 minute DVD regarding responsible pet
care, placing emphasis on how the community can help Contra Costa County and
Antioch animal services and animal welfare organizations find homes for pets in shelters
and decrease the number of pets being impounded in the shelters.

65. Jewish Family and Children's Sevices Multicultural Senior Project $5,000

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Page 9

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

Funding will support the collaborative Multicultural Senior Community Program

(MSCP) including the Senior Appreciation Day Health and Resource Fair, senior support
groups, caregiver training and ongoing bilingual services for underserved low-income
Latino seniors residing in Bay Point and Pittsburg.

66. La Clinica De La Raza, 6th Annual Health Fair $5,000

Funding supports the 6th annual Pittsburg Health Fair, which is a part of Bi-National
Health Week, an annual weeklong series of health promotion and education throughout
the US/Mexico. The fair focuses on increasing access to culturally and linguistically
appropriate care for underserved/uninsured residents.

67. Los Medanos College Foundation, Facility Usage $10,000

Funding supports efforts to offset costs incurred by Los Medanos College hosting
numerous community organizations activities free of charge as they are the largest and
most versatile facility in East County.

68. MT. Diablo Unified School District, After School Enrichment -CARES $8,000
Funding will support Mt. Diablo CARES After School Program in providing expanded
enrichment opportunities for students in District V. Implementation of enhanced and
specialized interest classes, assemblies and field trips to the Bay Point Garden will
support student growth.

69. NAACP East County, Parent Workshops $3,000

Funding will support the Parent Engagement Worship series which focuses on the tools
and knowledge base necessary to empower parents with assisting students in successful
academic achievement. Parents and students will gain better understanding about the
educational system and how to gain successful academic achievement.

70. Noesark Animal Network $4,000

Funding will support spay or neuter services each month at two separate clinics for up to
100 cats and dogs as residents are struggling with the ability to afford the procedure.

71. Opportunity Junction, Job Placement Program $10,000

Funding will support economic empowering of the County's low-income, hard-to-serve
residents by offering training, on-the-job experience, support services, job placement, and
long-term follow-up.

72. Pacific Community Services Inc, Housing Counseling $7,500

Funding will support comprehensive housing counseling services for households seeking
to obtain, improve or preserve their housing; and resolve housing problems through
consumer education to resolve disputes in avoiding loss of housing to eviction,
foreclosure or poor budgeting.

73. ParentsConnected,ACT/SAT Prep Courses $5,000

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Page 10

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

Funding will support College Preparation Project in its determined effort to better prepare
young people for successful entry into their college of choice. The program will help
support SAT/ACT prep and college tours for students in East County.

74. People Who Care, Hip Hop Car Wash $5,000

Funding will support the Hip Hop Car Wash community services resource to provide a
positive alternative for youth (highly) at-risk of either dropping out of school or entering
the juvenile criminal justice system.

75. Pittsburg Adult Education Center, Allied Health Academy $4,000

Funding will support establishment of a complementary Tech Center for the academy. In
addition, it would provide current technology for East County Boys and Girls Club after-
school program and on Saturday, for community members in need of a computer for
research, a job search of other valid personal needs.

76. Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation, Mural Garden $9,000

Funding will support agencies dedicated to improving the quality of life in Pittsburg,
promoting arts and education, fostering civic pride, instilling an appreciation of fine art,
creating an environment where local artists thrive, and unlocking the artistic and
educational potential of residents in a productive and inspiring way.

77. Pittsburg Community Emergency Services, (PICES) Food Pantry $5,000

Funding will support an emergency food pantry to aid people in a time of need.
Supplemental services are provided at the end of the month when funds are low or during
times when people are out of work.

78. Pittsburg Creative Arts Building Foundation, Seat Refurbishing $10,000

Funding will assist in refurbishing seats in the “Big Theatre” of the Creative Arts
Building. All 242 seats in the Little Theatre have been restored and 1510 or the 2000 of
the “Big Theatre” have been completed. Funding to complete the project is being sought.

79. Pittsburg High School Academic Achievers $2,500

Funding will support an Awards Ceremony and Luncheon held each semester for grades
previously earned. Students do not have to pay or apply to be a part of this program, they
just have to receive a 3.0 or better GPA.

80. Pittsburg High School Band Boosters $5,000

Funding will purchase new instruments for the Pittsburg High School Marching Band.

81. Pittsburg Historical Society, Museum, History $2,000

Funding will provide school age children an opportunity to learn about the history of the
community they live in, however this project is open to all interested groups who want to
educate themselves about their community.

82. Pittsburg Unified School District, Rancho Medanos, Read Program $3,500

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Page 11

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

Funding will support reading program for 6th - 8th grade at-risk students at Rancho
Medanos Junior High School with an effective, research-based reading intervention
aimed at closing the achievement gap for students with remedial reading skills. The
program uses the benefits and functionality of computers to improve reading fluency,
expand vocabulary and promote reading comprehension.

83. Pittsburg Women's League, Books for Babes $1,500

Funding will support program's distribution of packets composed of important
information and a monthly calendar regarding the first year of life for expectant mothers.
These packets go to Sutter Delta Hospital, Pittsburg Clinic and the Child Abuse
Prevention Program, provided free of charge. Packets are available in English and

84. R.A.A.M.P. Mentoring Program $5,000

Funding will support the provision of mentors for students. These confidants share ideas
and help develop values and successful practices as a disproportionate number of diverse
students have no mentor in their lives. The school plans to compensate for this through
mentoring opportunities.

85. Rotary Club of Pittsburg, Education Committee $8,000

Funding will provide American Heritage Children's Dictionaries to all third grade
students and a Merriam-Webster Thesaurus to all ninth grade students in Pittsburg to
encourage a love of learning and literacy.

86. Service Intergration Program, Community Career Center $8,000

Funding will support a neighborhood-based program that strives to advance the economic
well-being of unemployed, underemployed and "working poor" Bay Point residents,
while providing them with meaningful opportunities to actively engage in the
revitalization of their community.

87. Service Intergration Program, YAP gap $1,500

Funding will support program that targets the children of low-income working parents
who live in the unincorporated community of Bay Point. YAP has assisted these families
by offering a structured program of age-appropriate educational and enrichment activities
to young children during the four major "gaps" in the school calendar.

88. Soroptimist, Kidz on Target $4,000

Funding will support the partnership between the Soroptimist International of Pittsburg,
Target and the Contra Costa County Social Services Department to serve 100 low-income
children with breakfast and $100 shopping excursions at Target for back-to-school
clothing and a backpack full of school supplies.

89. Soroptimist, Reading Project $4,000

Funding will support a multifaceted program which fosters the promotion of literacy
throughout the community of Pittsburg assisting children and teens improve their reading

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Page 12

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

90. St. Vincent de Paul $10,000

Funding will support response to increased hunger and need for medical services by
building a free dining room and free medical clinic to serve the underprivileged.

91. STAND (Formerly Family Stress Center) - Proud Father Program $3,200
Funding will support Proud Father program in offering family assistance and parent
education classes utilizing the acclaimed S.T.E.P. curriculum and job readiness training
to fathers and fathers-to-be. The program helps fathers obtain job training that leads to
employment opportunities, parenting skills, anger management, and community college

92. Stoneman Village, Dinner Meal Program $10,000

Funding will support the mandatory dinner meal program at Stoneman Village, a low
income senior housing facility that provides housing to seniors ages 62 years old and to
persons with disabilities over 18 years of age who need the special design features of a
unit to accommodate them.

93. The Bedford Center - Adult Day Health Care $5,000

Funding will offset MediCal budget cuts to staff funding and restore the half an hour cut
in personnel wages and benefits starting on July 8, 2008.

94. The Delta Science Center, 2010 Calendar $5,000

Funding will be used to supplement other grants to publish a 2011, full color, delta
education calendar. The goal of the DSC is to distribute the calendar to every 5th grade
student in Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley and Brentwood.

95. The Positive Edge $10,000

Funding will support career development for low income women and men, including
professional clothing and accessories that assist in building self-esteem and improving
opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.

96. The Vagabond Players $2,000

Funding will allow the Vagabond Players to bring production to senior centers,
retirement homes and assisted living centers for seniors who can no longer enjoy plays
and musicals due to health or mobility.

97. TODOS UNIDOS, Juntando Generaciones $5,000

Funding will assist project in bridging divides between youth, young adults and adults in
East County. Residents have participated in multicultural programs, events, educational
and health projects in addition to attending environmental cleanup days, HIV/AIDS
events and other educational and health functions.

98. United Parents Booster Club, Operation Uplift $5,000

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Page 13

Supervisor Federal D Glover – Keller Canyon Mitigation Allocation Attachment

Funding will assist with the provision of equipment and uniforms for Pittsburg High
School Girls and Boys Basketball teams. Additional assistance is offered to other youth
athletic teams, music and art programs. Positive and educational fieldtrips, academic
tutoring and college workshops are also provided.

99. UrAtWork,YIN $10,000

Funding will support a comprehensive community collaboration, volunteerism and
training program designed to prevent incidents of violent crime by and against youth ages
13 through 18 in the East County region.

100. West Pittsburg Youth Football $7,500

Funding will support the organizational operation of the West Pittsburg Youth Football
Program which provides a safe, healthy environment for children of the local
communities. Through athletic instruction and participation, children are taught positive

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