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T-REX Trend Report: Fintech’s Ripple Effect on the Renewable Energy Market

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Written for members of the investment community focused on energy efficient asset classes, this
issue of the T-REX Trend Report uses Connecticut Green Bank’s landmark SHREC ABS deal to
showcase how smart technology drives market transformation.

New York, NY, July 16, 2019 --( T-REX, a leading data services and software provider for
complex financial markets, shares insights on investing, data transparency, and technology trends in its
latest Trend Report.

Report Abstract:
Financing for solar installations is challenging. However, with greater access to financing, more solar
energy systems can be installed. This increased deployment of clean energy not only leads to an overall
better quality of life for the public, it creates a ripple effect that impacts local communities from a number
of different angles. This, coupled with their high yield potential, makes renewables extremely attractive
for investors seeking high impact, socially responsible additions to their portfolios. Despite the draw,
green energy remains exposed to friction across the financing and investment lifecycle due to data,
analytics, and workflow limitations.

Knowing the friction that exists in the financing of solar and other renewables, Connecticut Green Bank
(CGB) decided to leverage T-REX to bring transparency and efficiency to their first securitization. The
highly successful, landmark transaction not only led to a number of benefits for Connecticut's 3.5 million
residents, it also set an important example of how smart technology transforms markets by simplifying
and streamlining process. In this edition of the Trend Report, we use CGB's transaction to walk through
the typical financing challenges and best practices that pre-emptively address them.

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About T-REX

T-REX combines sophisticated SaaS technology with big data and asset class expertise to drive down
cost of capital and reduce risk exposure for complex investments. Solutions address friction at each stage
of the asset lifecycle, from origination through investment. By empowering efficient finance, T-REX
creates significant investment opportunities across $500 billion in new assets every year. Performance
Data Service and analytics platform for Loan and Asset Warehousing, Structured Credit, and Energy
Project Finance.

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