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15/7/2019 George Soros: Al Gore's sugar daddy - Washington Times

Al Gore's sugar daddy

George Soros pays to promote weather hysteria, and Al keeps the change

The climate blame began in earnest last week with former Vice President Al Gore, who described the deluge as an
example of “one of the manifestations of climate change.” Those remarks were followed by a rash of supportive
articles. (Associated ... more >

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES - - Monday, August 22, 2016


The optimist sees the glass half full, the pessimist sees the glass half
empty. George Soros sees the glass as the property of someone else so
he knocks it over. By knocking it over he spills some of the dark secrets
of his so-called Open Society Foundation, revealing how his vast fortune
promotes misfortune in America. In addition to giving $33 million to
Black Lives Matter, to be spent inflaming racial tension, Mr. Soros has
funded Al Gore’s campaign to frighten everyone and promote the
global-warming hoax. When the headlines cry curtains, the smart
money figures there must be a Soros-sponsored doomsayer behind the
curtain. 1/4
15/7/2019 George Soros: Al Gore's sugar daddy - Washington Times

DC Leaks, a website that posts emails from global leaders who would
rather no one see, has released documents showing that Mr.
Gore pulled in $30 million over three years from the Open Society
Foundation: “This budget item captures George Soros’s commitment of
$10 million per year for three years to Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate
Protection, which conducts public education on the climate issue in
pursuit of creating political space for aggressive U.S. action in line with
what scientists say is necessary to put our nation on a path to reducing
its outsize carbon dioxide emissions.”

Mr. Gore lost his race for the White House by a whisker in 2000, and like
losers before him has never got over it. But he has made a profitable
second career as a weatherman with only one forecast: Climate
catastrophe ahead. His 2006 docudrama, “An Inconvenient Truth,”
warned of dire threats to civilization from human-caused global
warming, pointing to Hurricane Katrina as an example of what happens
when humans anger nature. Inconveniently, despite steadily rising
atmospheric carbon dioxide, no major hurricane has made landfall in
the United States for 130 months.

Mr. Gore warned that rising temperatures are melting glaciers and the
collapse of a major ice sheet in Antarctica could raise ocean levels by 20
feet, inundating coastal cities and causing tens of millions of climate
refugees. In the 10 years since he made those wild predictions, coast
dwellers everywhere still have dry feet. Warming in Antarctica ended
around 1998 and temperatures have been falling since.

Further, analysis of ice core samples reveal the global climate was
warmer 115,000 years ago and sea levels were 20 to 30 feet higher then
than now. Oil was just the gooey stuff that the cave man’s missus told 2/4
15/7/2019 George Soros: Al Gore's sugar daddy - Washington Times

their children to wipe off their feet before tracking it into the grotto,
and that was before their children’s children figured out how to use it to
drive their SUVs.


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Consequently, fears over the effects of climate change that Mr. Gore’s

film heightened have since fallen, and fallen far. A recent YouGov poll
found that only 9.2 percent of Americans considered global warming
their greatest concern. In his pursuit of “political space for aggressive
U.S. action,” Mr. Soros‘ investment in Mr. Gore’s activities has not
persuaded most Americans.

There’s more to changes in the climate than simplistic explanations that

it’s all caused by greedy humans ravaging the planet to make a buck. In
fact, fear-mongers like Messrs. Gore and Soros may be responsible for
some energy deprivation. While they hector governments to reduce
their carbon dioxide emissions by swearing off fossil fuels, more than a
billion people worldwide suffer for no access to electricity. 3/4
15/7/2019 George Soros: Al Gore's sugar daddy - Washington Times

Hackers are the brigands of the 21st century, and like their
counterparts in earlier ages, they humiliate the moneyed class by
ambushing them and exposing vulnerabilities. That Al Gore feeds at the
same Soros trough as Black Lives Matter betrays a common zest for
alarmism that deprives Americans of faith in the future.

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