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Re: Case No. 1981CV00050, HARIHAR v. US BANK, et al - 7/24/19

Hearing Conflicts
Mohan Harihar <> Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 11:52 AM
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Clerk Deguglielmo and Counsel,

The Court has rescheduled a Summary Judgement hearing associated with the above referenced
complaint for Wednesday, July 24, 2019. However, I have a scheduling conflict with my place of
employment and cannot get coverage for that day. In addition, the Clerk's office is aware of several
unresolved issues which - for reasons unknown, are still pending. They include the following:

1. Two (2) Plaintiff Notices bearing impact to this litigation - delivered by email to your
direct attention and by US Priority mail to the Court (and Counsel) on June 29, 2019 and
July 2, 2019, has yet to be placed on the Docket. The Clerk's Office has refused to provide a
reason for this unnecessary delay. Counsel also serves as witness to these delays. The
Court is aware that the referenced Plaintiff Notices address evidenced government failures
related to this litigation within all three (3) branches of government, including failures in this
Middlesex Superior Court. The Notices include formal letters to both Governor Charlie
Baker (R-MA) and President Donald J. Trump to address these evidenced failures within
state and federal government, including efforts to resolve the issues. Counsel is also aware
that the Plaintiff - Mohan A. Harihar, while under NO legal obligation to do so, has again
(in his continued Good Faith) extended an opportunity to reach a mutual agreement with ALL
2. There are NINE (9) Plaintiff Motions still pending before this Court - It remains unclear as
to WHY these motions, filed under Rule 9A on June 26, 2019, are still pending more than
three (3) weeks later. All referenced motions bear impact to the scheduling of any summary
judgement hearing.
3. A Third Judge has just been assigned to this Docket - The Court is aware that the Hon.
Kenneth J. Fishman and the Hon. Maureen Hogan have both recused themselves from
this Docket. The Court is also aware that as a matter of record - EIGHT (8) judicial officers
associated with this Superior Court are disqualified from ruling further in this (or any
related) litigation. Respectfully, based on the Plaintiff's interpretation of the law, it would
behoove this Court and the newly assigned Judge - the Hon. Janice W. Howe, to first
thoroughly review the entire 8-year history of this litigation and to address these unresolved
issues prior to scheduling any summary judgement hearing.

Therefore, for these reasons (stated above), I respectfully request that the July 24, 2019 Summary
Judgement Hearing be re-scheduled to a date TBD (if it even becomes necessary), once ALL
existing issues have been properly resolved. Finally, the Plaintiff re-states that considering the
severity of evidenced claims involving Officers of the Court (including Counsel of record), I no longer
feel comfortable having phone communications regarding these serious issues and respectfully
request that for documentation purposes (and clarity) moving forward, any necessary
communications between litigants, counsel and/or the Clerk's office should be delivered by email
and/or US mail only.

Please be advised, since this civil complaint is related to: (1) ongoing Federal litigation; (2) evidenced
claims against the Commonwealth; and (3) matters perceived to impact National Security, it becomes
necessary to copy Governor Baker, the White House (via and multiple
government offices/agencies on this communication (See above). Copies will also be made available
to the Public and to media sources nationwide, for documentation purposes and out of continued
concerns for my personal safety and security. Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.


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