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Holistic Medical Care Center Opens Membership Practice

Dynamis Preventive Medicine has recently opened its doors to new patients. Owned and operated
by Mark Brody, M.D., Dynamis is attempting to fill a gap in basic medical care with a holistic and
alternative orientation for those who may be dissatisfied with their current experience of primary
care and the insurance based medical system. Dr. Brody has been practicing Integrative Medicine
for over 19 years & uses a combination of safe non-pharmaceutical treatments in addition to
conventional care.

Providence, RI, July 16, 2019 --( Dynamis Preventive Medicine is a revolutionary health care
company which has just recently opened. It is revolutionary in the sense that it uses common sense,
scientifically validated treatments rather than the standard "disease management" and pharmaceutically
oriented treatments that abound today. It instead places emphasis on using safe, proven,
non-pharmaceutical interventions including nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, functional medicine,
lifestyle medicine, and bodywork. Pharmaceuticals, lab testing, and imaging studies are used, but far
more sparingly than the norm.

Membership costs are as low as Dr. Brody can afford to make them: in fact Dr. Brody expects to make
less money using this model than using the traditional insurance system. Why then has he started this
company? Because Dr. Brody is committed to health care reform, and this means getting away from the
health insurance system and the pharmaceutical based practices that guide medical treatments.
Government is unlikely to solve these problems, so Dr. Brody is beginning here and now, and hoping you
will take part in upending the system.

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