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i. Ginheitens: hetindl O eletive- rm so Geo L Hangs Gent Sif 7 Ze Ionic Dtakerten: Chicago: \nems, F HbA Pinkeiten, leeks onmianoy Ones wagons Otc lew Yoo) = osu D.ROBERTSON, Asst Geril Supt. Middle Division, Chicago. a cae ‘JAS.MGPARLAND, Asst. Geni Supt Western Divisi sod 20) nem avon srroum GUTHRIE & STEELE, >. NewYork ‘CONNECTED By TELEPWONE. Portland, Oregon, Cet 14th "99 Hon. He As Hacloany Deputy Attorney General, Victoria Bs Co Dear Sirt== We have your favor of the 10th inst., giving an outline of the matters upon which it 1s desired our Operative, Mr. Sayers, make an investigation. Yours respectfully, Finkerton's Nat'l Netective Agency. fo VA owe. Go Portland, Oreron, Oct 16th '99 Hon H. A. Macloan, Deputy Attorney General, ~ Vietoria BR. Ce Dear Sirt-= Following please find report of our Agent No 5. Denver Oct 7th 199 To-day I received instructions from Supt. J. %. Fraser to leave for Portland and report to Supt. Nevine of the Portland Agency, accordingly at 6 p. we I left on the Union Pacific fast train for the Coast, and was enroute the balance of the days Sunday Oct 8th '99 To-day enroute. I continue? enroute to Portland during the days Monday Oct 9th '99 Tomday enroutes I arrived in Fortland after midnight, having contimed enroute during the day, arriving at Portland 5t hours lat Tuesday Oct 16th 199 To-day in Portlands This rorning I reported to Supt. Nevins at the office of the Agency and he gave mo a letter of introdustion to Hon H. A» Maclean Deputy Attorney General at Victoria B. % instructing mo to report to Mr. Maclean as soon as possible. At 11,15 a. m. I left Portland for Tacoma, where I arrived at 6.10 Pp. m and at 8 pe me wont on board the "Victorian" for Victoria and having secured a borth, I retired for the nights Werinesday Cot 11th 99 To-day in Victoria, I left the boat at 8 a. me and took a hack to the %riard Hotel, and at 10 a, m. called on Ir. Maclean, who inforzed xo that he wished to investigate two cases of murder which had occured here recently: one that of @ woren Hrs Agnes Bings, who was murdered on the night of Sept 29th, other that of Micheal Fowers, who was assaulted by two unknown parties on the night of Oct lat, and received injuries at their hands from which he died on Oct Sth '99 The account of the sare as well as the evidence reduced at the Inquest aro fully set forth in the newspapers, Mr. Maclean nt for Mr. Fe 8) Hussey of the Provincial Folice, who has been rendering all the assistance in his power to the City Folice and detectives who have this zatter in hand and Mr. Maclean turned me ovar to Gupt. Hussey for further infornations Supt. Hussey stated he would prepare his notes and such data as he possessed and give thom to mo at 5 pe m 30 after some further conwul= tation I left him and went to Innch, returning at the appointed time and waited for lr. Hussey who was engaged in the Supreme Court, and after he Joined mo, we hat a lon; sonsultation over the matter in hand, lire Tussey wished me to direct my attention to th» case of licheal Fowsss more particularly, a: the sam time to work on the Bings matter, and he gave me all the newspapers also the Coroners reports ant original papers in the Inquest and such notes as he had made, and then gave me an acsount of the local conditions which affected the cane. Both murders have occured within the jurisdiction of the City Police and he as Supt. of the Provincial Poll feels that he has no richt to interfere in the methods which they pursue ae dictation from him wight offend Chief Shepherd of the ity forces Supt. Hussey noticed that there was no system to the work in hand and he did offer suggestion which vere acted upon, also furnished two men from the Provincial foree, but ho told re that when he mentioned that an outside man be ealled in, it’caused an 111 feeling at once and he was afraid that there would be friction in the matters I asked Supt. Hussey if it was hts-tdea for me to work with the sity forde or te take the matter up secretly and work under cover, to which he replied that 1t would be out of the question to do any secret work on it, as there ware at the present time the two city detectives, Mewsrs Falmer and Perdue, assisted by 7 men detailed for that -2e spedial work and up to date they had nothing which was of any use, but were a ctranger to mare an attenpt to do secret work, he would be noticed at once and then it would cause 4 lot of trouble beside there was nothing to start on me he believed it necessary to work openly» He mggested that T remain quiet for a few days and he thought by that tine the Otty man would have Wituated their efforts and be very glad to have same one 9) 50 step in 80 that in the event of ultimate failure there would be some ond else to share that Mis withe He said he hat to work with the city detectives in order to fhe nthe ohief who was an old man and one whondepended largely on nis roach thts for everything and would not at sny tine take an active part or shange from his usual methods. Toe en left Supt. Tussey and took to my hotel all the papers and notes on the case, havin arranged to meet him in the morning when T should rere rariiiarized myself with the history of both cases and possibly have fore auggestions to make, I spent the rest of the dey in going carefully have tho papers and making such notes as T right need. I find that ‘the Qkvestigation so far has been superficial and at the Inquest, vory Little was sventd’in either case, In tho matter of liichoal Powers the dootor who performed the autapey states that death ensued from rupture caused from & performevior, the other injuries being triviale I find a staterent by © eienn he lived with (Zdna) that Fowers said he was attacked by © man and Woman, and this 4s corroborated by her sister Rusha Feels Hachwan Thos Birie womans on gaw two men run away and described one as tall and the other a very short man, There 15 also a statement mato by Fowers on several Sitferent occasions at his home imrediately after the assault, that the tall aifrorenstwuck him first would have cams back anf finished him, but the man vor of the two called him away and said "He has enough let him sion "» ira ltine the papers there is a letter whish was received by Mike Fowert on Tuesday norning Oct Sr4 as follows:~ "You get what was coming to you this morning and you will get a ded side worse if I hear any more rumors about You concerning a certain young lady friend of mine so bo careful in future ani Jook after your own women. I tel] you this in time so look out (Signed) i0°C ver on your track, An Bnony", Fowors refused to believe he wasabout to fie “nd made no deposition and when questioned did not seom inclinced to give Gy information, but intinated that he had a strong suspicion of who his em ailante wore and it is generally supposed that he meant his wife and aonatiever of heres Sinco his death Edna Peck states that she belteves that thet this was his (Yower's) belief and it seems to be hers On Monday torning Got 2nd two men answering the description of t by the hack morning oft Vietorie on the boat for Seattle, Chief Shepherd wired to the police department at Seattle to have these men arrested, but for oote reason Ppa wessage was not acted on and he received an anewer saying that the men had tne rea bat wore not arrested as the officer who hat cons to meet the boat ariwiGsed dt and aid not arrive at tho wharf unti] a half hour after nad werival of the boat, end all efforts to locate the men since that tine the fern futile. T looked around to find a suitable roor where I could nate to to-morrow and engaged one at tho Ralworal which wil] be vacated to-morrow afternoon, At 10 p. w. I discontinued and retired for the nights ‘Thursday Oot 12th 199 To-day in Victoriae This morning I ealled on Supt. Hussey but did not find him in and finally found him tusily engaged in the Supreme Courts J went to the office or ire Maclean and reported to hir my conversation with Supt. liussey also Chat t nad gone carefully over all the data which Supt. Huey ha placed in my hands and was now familiar with the ease no far as his information Pi notes wont, There 1% little in the information to base anything ons but ft would soor that it was not a case of intended murder, but rather that of

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