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Metal Bulletin Zine #182


Washington state, US

Metal Bulletin Zine #182 Gohrgone Washington state, US July 16, 2019 (#4 in July) Rogga Johansson

July 16, 2019 (#4 in July)

Rogga Johansson

state, US July 16, 2019 (#4 in July) Rogga Johansson Dogbane Gates to the Morning The


state, US July 16, 2019 (#4 in July) Rogga Johansson Dogbane Gates to the Morning The

Gates to the Morning

(#4 in July) Rogga Johansson Dogbane Gates to the Morning The Black Moriah Frozen Crown issues

The Black Moriah

Johansson Dogbane Gates to the Morning The Black Moriah Frozen Crown issues of this zine online:

Frozen Crown

Johansson Dogbane Gates to the Morning The Black Moriah Frozen Crown issues of this zine online:

issues of this zine online:

Gohrgone: In Oculis May 19th, 2019 They are new to this publication, but this is their third album. They have two previous ones, in 2014 and 2016. Back in 2014 the music works a chugging groove with a strong deathcore component, having developed a good ability to launch into those headbobbing, catchy segments. Fast forward to 2019 to the third album and some changes have taken place, continuing from where the 2016 album ended. One change that is immediately noticeable is how the music has become much faster, and it seems so much more compact. For instance, there are now lots of speed or blasting moments as integral parts of the songs, something that back in 2014 is not happening.

Another difference is the transformation of the grooving deathcore elements. A careful listen shows that the deathcore seems to have gone in different directions. The band has ramped up the intensity to something much more recognizable as modern/current death metal. The 2019 album finds the grooving done at a faster tempo, but they have not abandoned the heaviness of their early music. Although it has changed in some important ways, only the big die-hard deathcore fanatics are going to complain. Other death and groove fans should be pretty pleased with how the band is coming along in developing its identity. In

2019, we have said that the straight deathcore has transformed, but the groove is not gone, and actually the song “Deprivation of Self”

is a huge tip of the hat to the band’s love of deathcore because that song is great example of the band doing some proud deathcore all out. It’s definitely a cool moment.

proud deathcore all out. It’s definitely a cool moment. A final interesting matter to consider is

A final interesting matter to consider is the rhythm/riff approach to death metal. Much

death metal works with various forms of thrash-based guitar riffs. This French band uses

huge chugging rhythms and grooves that originate from deathcore and have been sped up. If you hear the first album and then you hear the 2019 work it all makes a lot more sense as something that they have been perfecting for themselves for years. The

overall sound is still rather listener-friendly. It’s not too busy nor overly technical or anything like that; it’s mainly attractive to fans looking for something to jam to, whether

in car, at home, at the gym or a show.

Rogga Johansson: Entrance to the Otherwhere Transcending Obscurity Records 19 July 2019 “Rogga Johansson is a Swedish man that doesn’t know who you are or what you want. If you want ransom, he can tell you that he has no money. What he can tell you is that he has a very particular set of skills, skills he’s acquired over a very long career in death metal, skills that make him an icon for people like you. If you let your money go now, that’ll be the end of it. He will not look for you, he will not pursue you, but if you don’t, he will look for you, he will find you and he will rock you.” –Liam Neeson

The type of death metal career is illustrated by the Metal Archives list of musical endeavors. It looks like this: Dead Sun, Down Among the Dead Men, Echelon, Eye of Purgatory, Grisly, Humanity Delete, Johansson & Speckmann, Lobotomy Dept, Megascavenger, Necrogod, Paganizer, Putrevore, Rogga Johansson, Revolting, Ribspreader, Severed Limbs, Stass, The Cleaner and Mr. Filth's Van Murders, The Grotesquery, Those Who Bring the Torture, To Descend, ex-Bloodgut, ex-Carve, ex-Demiurg, ex-Foreboding, ex-Minotaur Head, ex-Skeletal Spectre, ex-Swarming, ex-Terminal Grip, ex-The Skeletal, Eaten (Swe), Troikadon, ex-Banished from Inferno, ex-Fondlecorpse, ex-Graveyard After Graveyard, ex-Sinners Burn, ex-Soulburn, ex-The 11th Hour, ex-Deranged (live), ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-To the Gallows.

Hour, ex-Deranged (live), ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-To the Gallows. According to the discography available on Metal Archives,

According to the discography available on Metal Archives, the total number of releases is over one hundred and fifteen releases. Again, that’s more than 115 releases, according to Metal Archives. Don’t let anyone, including this publication, fool you. Check it out for yourself and find out the truth about Rogga and his work. Is this man a scam artist? Are the projects real or fake? What is the deal with this dude? Paganizer, Ribspreader, Megascavenger, and Johansson & Speckmann are some of the most known entities and those get pretty good reviews as death metal music. Anyone that has thought to themselves, “I really enjoy old-school death metal and want lots more of it,” that person finds a way to this album for the satisfaction of the desire to hear songs that are heavy but easy to understand and enjoy. The experience and skills of the man speaks for itself. It is meat-and-potatoes, heavy, catchy old-school death metal that big fans of the classic sounds of the genre would quickly welcome, while younger fans will find the directness of the music refreshing.

On this particular album is Rogga apparently recruited a longtime collaborator, Brynjar Helgetun, for the drums, and Rogga supposedly takes care of everything else. This is traditional, heavy and fun death metal with the mentality of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Ramones or Motörhead applied to the songwriting in death metal. The music does not need a bunch of qualifiers besides classic-style or traditional death metal that’s focused on straightforward songs to jam in your car, on the bus, at the gym or while you do your summer school homework. You don’t have to a university degree in music theory to understand this. The only requirement is an obsessive fanaticism for death metal. Some of the songs are more brutal, some have a faster pace, while others are comfortable headbobbing midtempos, and others have a bit of a slower feel in some places. The songs feature hooks or melodies working over the chugging, heavy riffing. Rogga nowadays throws in little surprises for fun; nothing weird; nothing huge, but they are there. For instance, the second song “Till Bergets Puls” is an infectious number and one that people will want to play repeatedly. The song features some melodic keyboards that will have some fans maybe raising an eyebrow. It’s a simple keyboard melody. This song is the type that some young fan out there, somewhere, may find herself or himself inspired to make into a new subgenre by writing a whole bunch of

songs in this accessible style. Track number six is called “Berget Vaknar” is two minutes and forty seconds of somber, simple keyboards for atmospheric meditative music perfect for yoga, prayer or contemplation. Of course, fans need not worry. All is alright in Roggaland and there is plenty of catchy death metal to be had. roggadeathmet-

Dogbane: Idylls of Woe Heaven and Hell Records 19 July 2019 The North Carolina, USA bunch brings together veterans of the scene in their area, by looking at Metal Archives, although the site seems to have incomplete information, but it’s obvious these musicians have been making music for years and years. The album is three threads: the traditional heavy metal sound,


grittier, blue-collar style. Another element


classic rock; the music has 1970s classic

rock embedded all over the place. Lastly, classic-style doom has an important place, although they make sure to stay away from the super slow stuff; they keep things well balanced between rocking and the doom moments when they do get doomy.

between rocking and the doom moments when they do get doomy. All of the above is

All of the above is true, but it doesn’t really get at what this music is about. The swagger of big rock and roll, the fun-loving, big-riff songs with a rhythm section that knows how to do this thing. The drums and bass are not the loudest part of the music, but they have

a way of getting those grooves that make people move, tap their feet or bang their

heads. When a rhythm section like this one gets the space in the mix to do its job, it holds down the beat well. In turn, this opens the way for the guitars and vocals to come to the forefront much more harmoniously. When the band goes in a doom direction in full, the swagger does suffer a bit, given the slower tempo at work.

The singing is in some ways more classic rock than the glass-breaking high singing of heavy metal. It is not the polished and operatic voice but a bluesy, blue-collar rock and roll style. The singing is closer to the grit of classic rock of the 1970s and the late 1970s street heavy rock singing of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. face-

The Black Moriah: Road Agents of the Blast Furnace March 29th, 2019 Metal Archives, correctly or not, shows that ten years ago was the beginning of TBM (Texas, U.S.). In 2012 the first album Casket Prospects was issued, and now in 2019 here is the second one. The TMB is skilled, tight, fast black thrash, focused on a one-mission sound. They are not multitaskers trying to show that they can play every genre know to humanity. The guitars are fast thrash and it is within that framework that they let loose a barrage of headbanging riffs that make people drive fast, mosh or run away in horror at the speed.

Fans of black thrash are the primary audience, and it is they who will find it the most interesting. Another possible audience is thrashers who seek headbanging metal without distractions, without prog, and without melodies. Anyone who wants meat-and- potatoes fast extreme metal might be a potential customer. Fans of old-school thrash- based black metal are another probable demographic that is going to enjoy this album. Expect fast music, with no experimentation and no attempts at anything other than what has been advertised. Expect no attempts to give you catchy hooks. It’s fast thrash and black metal riffs and the vocals are black metal. Die-hard fans of fast thrashing will not have feelings hurt when they hear this one. No sad, no crying, no polka, just thrash, friends, thrashing all the way.

Gates to the Morning: Return to Earth 19 July 2019 This New Jersey, USA entity is focused on an ambitious mission. It is multitasking prog that shows various genres. You do not listen to this album for traditional songs. You listen to it for the music to take you to different spaces and let the music go wherever it will go and you can come along and see what happens. The moods change a lot: melodic prog; depressive; extreme metal; mellow; virtuoso guitar; and post-rock are some things that come to mind. However, the music generally is melodic progressive metal with extreme metal moments, more or less.

If you don’t mind some abrupt transitions, you’ll be ok with the album, but if you pay attention to the transitions and you value smooth transitions, then this album will very likely not work for your preferences. For instance, the song “My Star” is a gentle progressive midtempo track with melodic singing, and without a real pause of transition or forewarning, the next track “Crossing the Abyss” starts by launching headfirst into black metal, including the extreme vocals. It seems more a like a compilation, than one single entity. This latter track then changes to melodic prog a bit later; the track itself is a multi-genre track, with black metal and melodic prog all in one. This track does not have smooth transitions, either. Each segment by itself is cool. The fast tremolo and fast drumming sound good, actually. That’s not the problem. It’s the switching between moods that is a bit too abrupt. On the other hand, the song “Rekindled” is a much better example of good transitions. The song changes moods from mellow to fast, melodic black metal speed, and it’s done in a smoother way. The melodies seem to go from one mood to another without being so abrupt. The guitar work on this song is very good. The song itself is awesome.

The album shows lots of skill. It is an adventurous listen, and should be interesting to the die-hard prog fans seeking newer bands. It lasts an hour and you won’t absorb it with one listen, but with repeated listens you will notice the album’s lots of good moments.

Frozen Crown: Crowned in Frost March 22nd, 2019 Scarlet Records The album is Euro-style cheerful power metal perfection incarnate. What do you want? It has it all. The every-song-is-a-hit-single sensation. The speed fest that is power metal. The high singing. The sweet keyboard melodies. The uplifting bounce of poppy melodies. You name it. It’s here. The songs have one message in different forms, and it goes a little bit like this (imagine Austin Powers, the international man of mystery saying it

in a British accent): “You can do it, do it big time forever!; You are a winner, yeah, baby, yeah, win forever!; You are a champion, yeah!”

Their future as a power metal band should be exciting if they keep the band together. Bands with a revolving door of members end up wasting a lot time and losing ground due to instability. Keep pumping out the albums. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers; just keep pumping out the fast, melodic albums. The power metal fans want more of the same. If the band can start performing in Germany on a regular basis, those fans will raise this band to prominence. This Italian band is recommended for the power metal devoted maniacs.

the power metal devoted maniacs.

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