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November 2010

A n ews letter of th e K en tuc k y B aptis t Fel lows h ip

THANK YOU for supporting

the Voices United Choir
By Josh Speight, KBF Associate Coordinator for Missions

By our estimates, well over a thousand people were able to hear the Voices United
Choir while they traveled Kentucky in September. Twelve students from Eglise
Evangelique au Maroc, our partner in Morocco, traveled to Kentucky in September
to sing alongside seventeen KBF members from partner churches. Many people
helped the choir to be successful through planning, feeding, transporting, and
housing the group. Help me to say “Thank You” for supporting the Voices United
Choir; each gift was significant to the success of the choir.

THANK YOU cont’d inside on page four

The Voices United Choir met with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear on September 9.
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Celebrates
Move to Georgetown College Campus
The Baptist Seminary of
Kentucky commemorated its
recent move to the Georgetown
College campus Tuesday, Sep-
tember 21 with BSK President
Greg Earwood’s delivery of
the sermon during the school
year’s “First Chapel.”

H.K. Kingkade, right, Direc-

tor of the College’s Office of
Religious Life, posed with Dr.
Greg Earwood and fam-
ily around the willow oak
tree that commemorates the
BSK’s move to campus. From
left, Scott Earwood ‘00, Greg
and Nell Earwood, son-in-
law Jon Redding, daughter
Angela Earwood Redding ’09
and Todd Earwood.

Morocco Gift Cards: Alternative

Christmas Gifts with Meaning
Kentucky Baptist Fellowship will make Morocco Gift Cards available again for
Christmas in 2010. Choose a meaningful gift for a loved one and help refugee
children and families in Morocco receive the basic necessities in life.

Morocco gift cards work by allowing people to purchase greeting cards for vari-
ous amounts. The card carries a simple phrase like: “A gift has been made in your
honor which will purchase one month of food for a refugee family in Morocco by
[insert name] to celebrate the Christmas season.” The contents of each card vary
according to the purchase amount: $5 for a blanket, $10 for a winter coat, or $25
for a month of food, to name a few.

If you or your church would like to join in this meaningful Christmas project, con-
tact Joshua Speight at the KBF office (502-426-1931 or The gift
cards are available to any church or individual choosing to participate.

Words from our Moderator
Don Rogers, Pastor, Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville
Something odd happened the other day when I went to the mailbox – there,
tucked in between the shouting political ads and the glossy big box store
advertisements, was a hand written letter waiting quietly for my attention. If I
hadn’t been paying attention, I might have missed it. The other “junk mail” hit
the recycling bin with a thud while the letter received my undivided attention.
Okay, it was from my mother. Yes, my mother still writes letters by hand. My
eyes followed her beautiful cursive style of swirls and loops with gladness and
anticipation for the latest updates from home, articles scissor-ed from the local
newspaper, recollections of important moments past and hope for good things
to come.

Now, I realize electronic mailing and messaging is more efficient. And I know
you may be reading these words while sitting in front of a flat screen while sip-
ping a cup of java. Yet, I’m glad you’re taking the time to read this letter from
friends, partners really. Herein, you’ll find visual and written recollections
from the fruit of our life together as a Fellowship and an invitation to mean-
ingful involvement in our journey ahead. So, thanks for reading and thanks for
your support, both prayerfully and financially.

THANK YOU cont’d from cover page

Voices United Choir Director - Kathy Collier (Highland Baptist)

Transportation - Keith Stillwell (Lexington Avenue Baptist), Charlotte Benningfield (Third Baptist), Jan Causey
(Buechel Park Baptist), Lisa Vestal Wood (Immanuel Baptist)

Lodging - Jane Brake (Immanuel Baptist), Lauren Blackwell (Highland Baptist)

Entertainment - Robert Davis (Highland Baptist)

Church Liasions - Charlotte Benningfield (Third Baptist), Emily Brandon & John Campbell (Georgetown College),
Kathy Collier (Highland Baptist), Nancy Fields (Latonia Baptist), Roger Jasper (Living Faith Baptist), Brittany Krebs
(Buechel Park Baptist), Glenna Metcalf (Faith Baptist), Drew Prince (FBC Shepherdsville), Jane Brake (Immanuel
Baptist), Susan Reed (Broadway Baptist), Keith Stillwell (Lexington Avenue Baptist)

Host Homes (By Church) - Highland Baptist Church (Louisville): Tim & Stephanie Hall, Vi Chatmon & Pam McCub-
bins, John & Vaugh Bell, John & Marilyn Sanders, Michael Bloyd & Michael Mullen, Christopher Schmidt; Faith Bap-
tist (Georgetown): Jane Cutter, Judy Brown, Sands-Wise family, Flash & Carol Williams, Greg & Nell Earwood, John
Campbell, Molly Sigmon; Lexington Avenue Baptist (Danville): Martha & Gene Robertson, Keith & Dianne Stillwell,
Brenda & Ervin Farmer, Jerry & Nicole Farmer, Clay & Doris Cessna, Bernard & Carolyn Montgomery, Jo & Lee Gar-
nett, Ernie & Kitty Baird; FBC Shepherdsville: Doug & Nancy Key, Dale & Vicky Forest, Wes & Kay Wilkinson, Frank
& Margaret Hatfield; Living Faith Baptist (Elizabethtown): Barry & Karen Birdwhistle, Carole & Wendell Cook, Joyce &
Jerry Money, Ruthie McConnell; Third Baptist (Owensboro): Dwighy & Beverly Lovan, Brad & Nancy Baker, Lindy &
Abbie Mercer, Ted & Cherrie Lolley, Roy & Charlotte Benningfield, Lee & Bettie Kincaid, Frank & Martha Beller, Craig
& Connie Hamilton; Immanuel Baptist (Frankfort): Jane Brake & Anna Mayne, Karen & Bruce Dungan, Steve & Cheryl
Dooley, Samuel & Grace Nfor, Mac & Susie Stivers, Jennifer & Guthrie True, Naomi Walker, Bennie & Sara League;
Latonia Baptist and Burlington Baptist(Covington): Wilder Family, Bunten Family, Philabaum Family, Ford Family, Field
Family, Holten Family
Robert and Cheryl Davis to Represent
KBF in Morocco
Robert and Cheryl Davis, members of Highland
Baptist Church, will travel to Morocco in November
as representatives of KBF at the annual Eglise Evan-
gelique au Maroc Synode. This annual meeting, simil-
iar to the KBF Spring Gathering or CBF General As-
sembly, calls together leaders of the EEAM from across
Morocco as well as Protestant leaders from France and
Germany. Robert and Cheryl will be able to share with
the EEAM about our recent success in Kentucky with
the Voices United Choir tour as well as discuss with
leadership in Morocco about how we can continue to
grow our friendship as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Please pray for Robert and Cheryl as they travel and
pray for the Synode as they meet in Casablanca this
November. Robert and Cheryl will share about their
experience in a future KBF newsletter.

On the Road Again

Traveling Around Kentucky
with our Coordinators
John Lepper, Coordinator

Oct. 6: Center for Nonprofit Excellence Annual

Conference, Louisville Joshua Speight, Assoc. Coordinator for Missions
Oct. 9: Emily Thomas Funeral, Owensboro
Oct. 10: Speak, First Baptist Church, Carlisle Oct.1-2: Idea Festival, Louisville
Oct. 14-15: Kentucky Council of Churches Annual Oct. 9: Emily Thomas Funeral, Owensboro
Meeting, Bowling Green Oct. 14-15: Kentucky Council of Church Annual Meeting,
Oct. 23: Kaleidoscope/Christian Education Bowling Green
Conference, Georgetown Oct. 18: Nada
Oct. 24: First Baptist Church, Corbin Oct. 21: Americana, Louisville
Oct. 28: Interfaith Dinner/Dialogue, Louisville Oct. 22-23: Kaleidoscope/Christian Education
Oct. 31: Journey Fellowship, Owensboro, Conference, Georgetown
(church restart) Oct. 25: McCreary County
Oct. 27: Missions Speaker, First Baptist Frankfort
Nov. 3: Kentucky Council of Churches Visioning Oct. 28: Louisville Peer Learning Group, Broadway
Nov. 7: FBC, Corbin, Missions Fund-raiser
Nov. 30: Kentucky Council of Churches Board Meeting Nov. 14: Lexington Avenue Baptist, Danville
John Lepper and Joshua Speight are available to speak/teach/lead at your church. Please contact the KBF
office at 502-426-1931 for information and availability. Schedule seen here was up-to-date at time of printing.

Save the Dates: April 29-30, 2011
KBF Spring Gathering and Auxiliary Events calendar
Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville
January 6-8, 2011:
Special Guest: Marian McClure Taylor,
Executive Director, Kentucky Council of Churches Festival of Preachers

KBF Leadership Conference March 5, 2011:

“Narrative Leadership” KBF Winter Coordinating
April 29, 2011, 2:00 to 5:00 PM Council Meeting
Speaker: Steve Graham, Director,
Ministerial Excellence, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
April 29-30, 2011:
KBF 2011 Spring Gathering
KBF Pastor’s Luncheon
April 29, 2011, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Speaker: Chuck Bugg, Retired Pastor/Professor, June 10-18, 2011:
Leadership Consultant with CBF/KBF Extreme Build 2011

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Banquet June 22-25, 2011:

April 29, 2011, 5:15 to 6:45 PM 2011 CBF General Assembly

Celebrate 20 years EXTREME

of the Fellowship BUILD 2011
CBF General Assembly
June 22-25, 2011
Tampa, Florida
Pre-register now to be part of the
20th anniversary celebration of the
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
Pre-registration is free and takes less
than five minutes to complete.

After pre-registering, you will be

able to reserve a hotel room at one of McCreary Co.
the Tampa hotels offering a CBF discount. Extreme Build
For more information, visit or June 10-18
call 1-800-352-8741.

225 S Hurstbourne Pkwy. Suite 205
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: 502-426-1931
Fax: 502-426-1612
KBF Coordinator
John Lepper -

KBF Associate Coordinator for Missions

Josh Speight -

KBF Administrative Assistant

Shannan Posey -

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Making donations via the Internet is not a In an effort to reduce environmental waste and save
new concept. Many Americans pay bills money in the process, KBF has developed an online
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Online giving is easy, it's
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A Message from our Coordinator: Year End Giving

By John Lepper

As we approach the end of this calendar year, we anticipate an influx of added

contributions. Summer months are often slow months for us but that is often
“made up” by additional giving in December. Please take the opportunity to
make a year-end contribution to Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. We appreciate
your partnership with us as we seek to provide resources for churches, provide
opportunities for networking and fellowship, and help congregations engage in

Our last print newsletter included a letter which asked people to make contribu-
tions to Kentucky Baptist Fellowship in order to sustain ministries. A similar
letter was mailed to individuals who have made contributions in the past.

In times past, such letters have gone out right after Thanksgiving. I have observed that I get a “ton” of such
letters from worthy organizations about that time each year. For that reason, and in light of our needs at the
end of the summer, I decided to send a letter in August.

Several people mentioned to me they would be making a contribution but that they would wait until the end
of the year. Thank you in advance for your partnership, or, in the words of Paul: “ I thank my God every time
I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the
gospel from the first day until now.” (Philippians 1: 3-5)