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Guru talk: D.

Ravi Kumar, Acropetal VC Talk: Hemant Taneja, General Catalyst


Satish Kumar, CEO


Vol 6 Issue 11  November 2010

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The Smart Techie November 2010
Contents - November 2010


the Global IMS
Satish Kumar, CEO
Footprint By Vimali Swamy

[Guru Talk] 8 [Technology] 36 [Technology] 52

Choosing the CRM Solution for Smartphone Popularity A Double Edge
Your Business Sword for Security
By Team Talisma By Vishak Raman, Fortinet

38 [Event] 54
10 Best Practices for Effective Siliconindia Creates IT Security Aware-
D. Ravi Kumar Application Management in a ness @ Security Conference 2010
Virtual Environment By Eureka Bharali
Building UpAMedium Scale Organisation By Edgardo Salinas Contreras,
By D. Ravi Kumar, Acropetal Quest Software
[Tech Products] 56
[In Focus] 10 40
Successful Integration of Technol- [People Manager] 58
ogy in Schools- Opportunities and Focusing on Possibilities & Oppor-
[Tech Buzz] 14 tunities
By Sanjiv Pande, NIIT By C Mahalingam,
[VC Talk] 16 Symphony Services
The Need of the Hour: Entrepreneurship 42
in Clean Energy The Power of Real-Time Information [Technology] 60
By Hemant Taneja, General Catalyst By Roger Li, Oracle How to Choose a SaaS-Based IT Serv-
ice Management Solution
[Venture Beat] 17 44 By Bob Johnson, BMC Software
Technologies Driving Cloud
[Feature] 24 Computing

India to Grab the Infrastructure Man- By Saji Thoppil, Wipro
agement Services Market
By Binu Paul 46
Diversity in Technology Leadership
[Company Spotlight] 30 By Ajay Pal Singh Arora, Société
IndianTelecom Industry Sees A Satura- Générale
tion Point Ahead?
By Vimali Swamy 48
Bridging the GapGetting the Students
[Technology]34 Industry Ready
IndianTelecom Industry Sees A Satura- By Srinivasan Viswanathan, Datsi
tion Point Ahead?
Appnomic 26
By Binu Paul 50
Mobile Business Applications Next Ad-
Infinite 27
35 vancement in Mobile Convergence inTarvo 28
CyberAttacks EnterprisesfarfromEquipped! By Rajamani Srinivasan, SAP Indian
By Renjith VP Sub-continent
Maintec Technologies 29

The Smart Techie

October 2010
GURU TALK By D. Ravi Kumar
The author is Chairman & MD, Acropetal Technologies
ment, my experience shows that success It is imperative to promote these values verticals. This will allow you to build on
and development of organizations de- and integrate them into our daily domain expertise and bring competen-
pend on certain basics. These basics processes. Another way of looking at it cies to better delivery and service ap-
over a period of time become integral to is to absorb the basic approved princi- proaches. Investments into newer and
the identity of the organization and also ples that your employees work on and more advanced technologies and devel-
help set it apart from others. instill them as organizational values. opments also enable organizations to be
Although these may vary by a few This guarantees that in the long run em- better prepared for changing global re-
degrees; Talent, Values, Commitment to ployees will always make decisions or quirements. Sectors like Healthcare and
Clients, Quality, Investment in Technol- at least know to make decisions based Energy and Environment, which are
ogy and Corporate Governance are what on these core beliefs. gaining momentum in India, but have
most successful organizations are built
on. These basics are what take a small
Building Up organization to the next step, that of
growing into a medium to large organi-
Values help administer the operations of an
organization. If values are mere words that
A Medium Scale

Our world is increasingly dependent employees do not associate with, then they are

Organisation on the soft skills of its employees and

talent is of foremost importance for a
successful organization. Identifying and
hiring correct talent is a part battle. The
key factor here is the organizational
of little use.
It is my belief that it does not mat-
ter how large or small your organiza-
considerable reach elsewhere, ascertain
sustained growth. These investments
value proposition that helps attract fresh tion is, all that truly matters is how have a global appeal in terms of rev-
talent. The other, and extremely critical committed are you to your clients. By enues, geographic spread and technical
uilding up a medium scale organization needs a focused ap- in Information Technology, is retaining commitment I not only mean the time- expertise. This investment in technolo-
proach to meet the end goals, which in turn need to be clearly that talent. While most organizations lines and your dedication to the project, gies of the future is necessary and yet has
defined right at the onset. While approach and execution de- wage a headhunting battle, it is critical but also communication between the to help your organization reach that sin-
pend on various external factors, they can be refined with time that the parent organization takes steps two parties. Project managers should gle end goal.
to better meet and suit the needs of the organization and its to prevent the loss of talent. It should be communicate openly with clients re- Corporate Governance is the final
clients. ensured that employees feel valued and garding all aspects of the project. They but most vital building block in the rise
Having said that, building a medium scale organization can be challeng- appreciated and that this feeling is preva- need to understand in-depth what the of an organization. We have all wit-
ing with constant concerns regarding funding, talent and clients. There must be lent among all tiers of your organization. client wants and needs. This commit- nessed the meteoric rise and fall of sev-
several organizations that have fallen prey to inadequate plans and derisory im- Employee inclusion in the development ment leads to a better understanding eral organizations just because they
plementation. The funding is the biggest concern and reason for most ventures of organization, its values, and vision and in turn allows you to offer the best lacked in proper governance. There have
not reaching the next levels in growth. In this phase where the organization has can majorly influence retention. It is es- solution. Flexible solutions, offering to be audits that check for accountability,
just been set up, talent acquisition is another big concern. Talent acquisition and sential to give importance to the em- newer technologies, and open commu- transparency and the roles of various
retention in the face of larger competitors is difficult and tricky. Challenges like ployee feedback and take that into nication go a long way in ensuring that management personnel and strategic al-
these are real and faced everyday in the initial term of the business. consideration for various organization- a client is assured of effective and effi- liances and partners. The corporate gov-
In this globalized economy organizations are at a greater risk for repercussions wide initiatives. Employees need to be cient services on a long term basis. ernance will ultimately help you reach
that can make or break development. The challenge then arises in aligning your goals with treated as enablers. They are the ones Quality is the critical aspect of sus- your organizational long term goals by
those of your global clients. The fact that our revenues are interlinked with that of an- who can work towards the shared com- tained organizational growth. Certifica- controlling processes and operations to
other economy makes it tougher to survive global economic meltdowns, such mon goal of achieving success and trans- tions like the ISO impart confidence to work for benefitting your stakeholders
as the one experienced in the past few years. While larger organizations form an organization by attracting more clients that basic systems are in place for both internal and external.
have the funds and the diversifications to help tide over a downturn, talent, giving optimal performances, and delivery processes and that there is as- An organization can be on the fast
the medium and smaller enterprises can be severely affected. infusing new ideas into the system. Var- sured product quality. Quality then needs track to success if and only if the plan-
Concerns on a local and global scale make sustained growth in ious mentoring programmes keep tal- to be applied towards continual im- ning, implementation and the re-
any organization a constant battle. Steps need to be taken that can ented employees engaged and also help provement and in setting systems ap- sources all are focused in providing
bridge the need of the present with the growth and development them learn from experienced profes- proach. Your end product, process and the necessary push to take the organi-
plans for the future. An organization needs to align its growth to its sionals in other departments. technology when integrated on this base, zation to the next level. The basics dis-
long term goals and is consciously taking steps in that direction. Values help administer the opera- will help achieve constant augmentation. cussed in this article, are like the dots
The resources, diversification and the strategic decisions are all in tions of an organization. If values are To ensure continued success and on the map that help you accomplish
D. Ravi Kumar tune with the end goal; that of growth and success. mere words that employees do not as- growth of the organization, one needs to your organizational growth faster and
While there are no sure shot formulas of success and develop- sociate with, then they are of little use. focus on growth in competency based reach your destination sooner.

The Smart Techie

November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
in in

Indian Animation Industry to Reach $1.7 Billion by 2012 Tata Gifts $50 Million to Harvard Business School
ith over 150,000 skilled governments and they urged the gov- which are
animators, Indian anima- ernment to help the industry by giv- missing at arvard Business School (HBS) million donation from Achievement Award, in
tion industry is currently a ing them adequate funding, guidance present, As- has received a $50 million gift Tata makes it the 1995.
$1 billion industry but is expected on manpower de- socham from Tata Group for the fund- largest gift the school Nitin Nohria, Dean of
to grow at a compounded an- velopment and added. ing of a new academic and residential has received from an HBS hailed the donation
nual rate of 30 percent and recognition of Their building on the school’s Boston cam- international donor in as a “historic gift” and
reach a market size of $1.7 the animation s t u d y pus for participants in the school’s its 102-year history. said his focus will be on
billion by 2012 with over showed broad portfolio of executive education An alumnus of business ethics, a cause
450,000 skilled animators. I n d i a programs. HBS hopes to break ground HBS, Ratan Tata at- he has long championed,
A study conducted by would need for the building next spring will name tended the School’s particularly during the fi-
the Associated Chambers more skilled pro- it Tata Hall. Advanced Manage- nancial crisis.
of Commerce and Industry fessionals like creative an- Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata ment Program — one Ratan Tata Earlier last month,
(Assocham) shows that the imators, conceptualizer, Group, made the gift on behalf of the of three comprehen- Anand Mahindra, Head of
domestic animation industry visualizer, 3D modellers, char- Tata Companies, the Sir Dorabji Tata sive leadership pro- the Mahindra Group too
will undertake all its production ac- acter designer and digital effect Trust, and the Tata Education and De- grams offered by HBS Executive gave the school $10 million. He had
tivities within India instead of artists to handle multimedia soft- velopment Trust, the philanthropic en- Education — in 1975. He received the taken graduate and postgraduate de-
spending its funds in U.S., Canada, courses. ware like 3D studio Max, Maya tities of the Tata Group. This $50 School’s highest honor, the Alumni grees there.
Malaysia and the Philippines for By recog- and Tictactoon. The chamber also
making advanced animated movies. nizing ani- expressed concerns that the growth
According to the Associated Cham- m a t i o n might be restricted due to the short-
ber of Commerce and Industry the courses, students age of manpower and specialized
industry in foreign countries are and youths will training institutes, lack of govern-
growing at a high rate because of the conveniently get ment funding, hi-tech studios and tax
special policies and initiatives of the the bank loans incentives.
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India to Have Its Own OS 
wo software engineering cen- need to have an operating system” he with Indian Institute of Science, Indian The Smart Techie is a monthly magazine. Take advantage of this special offer and
tres set up by the Defence Re- said. Referring to reports of cyber at- Institute of Technology Madras and get 12 issues for only ` 250 and
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search and Development tacks in recent the Centre for Develop-
Organization (DRDO), in Bangalore times and “sus- ment of Telematics, be- I would like to subscribe* to The SmartTechie for 1 year at ` 250 2 years at ` 450 3 years at ` 650
( 12 issues) (24 issues) (36 issues)
and New Delhi, with 50 scientists are ceptibility” of sides universities and
working towards creating a futuristic i n t e r n e t , industries for the fulfill- I am enclosing the cheque/DD no._______________________dated ___________for `._______________________________________on
computing system including India’s Saraswat noted ment of the project. Though bank___________________________branch__________________________drawn in favour of SILICONMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
own operating system. “There are instances of the time frame and cost of
My personal mailing details (IN BLOCK LETTERS): NAME ________________________________________________________________
many gaps in our software areas; par- “data taken away development is yet to be
ticularly we don’t have our own oper- by adversaries”. disclosed, the new operat-
ating system,” said V.K. Saraswat, “With a home- ing system would be made __________________________CITY______________________________ STATE_______________________PIN___________________

Scientific Adviser to the Defence Min- grown sys- available for commercial TELEPHONE_____________________________ EMAIL (Mandatory) _______________________________________________________
ister and DRDO Director-General. tem, the use. DRDO has a “com-
“India currently uses operating sys- source plete framework” on the I would like to receive the newsletter and updates Yes No
tems developed by western countries. code will proposed commercial arm,
Age in Years__________Occupation __________________________________________ Education ________________________________
In today’s world where you have be with us and it helps in which is expected to be operational
tremendous requirements of security securing our systems,” he said. next year. This arm would customize How did you come to know about The SmartTechie? __________________________________
on whatever you do, economy, bank- The Defence Research and Devel- and provide to the civil population the I would like to Receive Online Newsletter Yes No
ing or defence, it’s essential that you opment Organization has collaborated spin-offs of defense technologies. Date Signature

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The Smart Techie

|10| November 2010
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in in

M&A on High-Tide in Indian Healthcare IT Spending to Reach $ 609.5 Million by 2013

India With Deals he ‘IT in the Healthcare In- line availability of patient records ity of respondents citing implement-
Worth $44.2 Billion dustry - Emerging Trends and across hospitals”, she added. ing HIS.
Market Opportunities in According to the report, 23 per- Another 28 percent of respon-
ergers and acquisitions second with 26.3 percent India’ report from Springboard Re- cent of the healthcare respondents dents stated Process Automation and
(M&A) deal value in India in deal value for the first search shows that the Indian health- who currently use or plan to use Business Alignment, and Integration
has reached a record high of three quarters of 2010, care IT spending is to grow from $ Cloud Computing cited “reduced (within and outside of the organiza-
$44.2 billion so far this year According the report 274.2 million in 2009 to $ 609.5 mil- hardware infrastructure costs” as tion) to be their primary pain point,
to a report by mergermarket, an M&A said. lion in 2013. “The spending on basic well as “simplified resource and overruling concerns over Novdata man-
27,2010 Pune
intelligence service provider, M&A ac- India According to the report, computing products is expected to server provisioning” as the primary agement and storage. Dec “Vendors in
increase over the next five years, as reasons for adoption. At the same the healthcare vertical should look
04,2010 Delhi
tivities in India generally saw signifi- may trade into Rothschild decorated the top
cant improvement in the past three newer territories spot on the financial advisors hospitals build and upgrade their IT time, factors that are delaying the to offer industry specific solution in-
quarters with 183 deals worth $44.2 bil- in the coming league table in the first three infrastructure”, noted Tulika Sheel, adoption of Cloud Computing in the cluding back-end and front-end ap-
lion announced, the increase was 24.5 months. quarters of 2010, as it advised on M&A Analyst, Vertical Industries at industry are high initial investment, plications and involve clinical
percent in volume terms and 312.9 per- The Government’s auction of 3G transactions with a total value of $27.4 Springboard Research. “Moreover, integration with existing systems members to actively participate and
cent in terms of deal value. “We expect and broadband wireless access (BWA) billion, while, Ernst & Young topped with new and upcoming applications and lack of knowledge. The report understand the solution and its im-
to see a lot more strategic activity in spectrums worth $11.009 billion and the deal count financial advisers table such as telemedicine and e-prescrip- states that Healthcare Information pact on the hospitals for better clin-
India as private equity players shy away $5.473 billion, respectively contributed by advising on 18 deals. Some of the tions penetrating the healthcare ver- System (HIS) is the largest IT solu- ical services,” said Nilotpal
from the sky-high valuations being de- significantly to the deal tally. A sector announced deals so far this year include tical in India, IT investments on tion implemented in healthcare and Chakravarti, Research Manager,
manded by shareholders,” said Anjali wise analysis shows that the technol- the $10.7-million Bharti-Zain deal, software would further increase with drives majority of the tier 1 private Vertical Industries at Springboard
Naik, Deputy Editor - APAC, merger- ogy, media and telecom sectors lead the Vedanta’s 60 percent stake buy in Cairn a focus on integrated billing and on- enterprise investments, with major- Research.
market. She also added that the con- market with 47.3 percent of the total India worth $9.1 million, the $3.7-mil-
sumer, travel and hospitality sector may M&A deal value till date, while, the en- lion Abbott Laboratories-Piramal
see a large number of M&A deals and ergy, mining and utilities sector, came Healthcare deal.

India 88th on 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index
ndia has been ranked as the 88th The London-based Legatum Insti- steadily. This helped India to achieve
country among the 110 countries
ranked in the 2010 Legatum Pros-
tute that compiled the index had
ranked India at the 78th position in
its top spot in the sub-index by being
the 44th in Economy. India got ranked
perity Index. The prosperity index is their 2009 rankings; the country fifth from the bottom at 105th position
Nov 27, 2010 Pune

based on 89 variables over 110 coun- slipped 10 positions to its present in the Social Capital sub-index mak-
Jan 22, 2010 New Delhi

tries, grouped into eight sub-indexes, rank. Poor rankings in Social Capital ing this the country’s lowest sub- At the SiliconIndia BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE, you will learn about the
and claims to comprehensively rank together with Health care, Entrepre- index rank. challenges, solutions and future of BI from top industry experts and leading-edge

the level of prosperity in 110 nations neurship and opportunity, and Educa- In the list lead by Norway and fol-
peers. There will be exciting technical sessions, delivered by the people who know BI TOPICS
• Emerging Trends and Technologies in the
of the world. “The Legatum Prosperity tional system constituted to this lowed by Denmark (2), Finland (3),
best – the experts who design, build and support the products, the partners and
Business Intelligence Market
Index is the world’s only global as- collapse in rank. According to the Australia (4) and New Zealand (5), the
consultants who specialize in deploying Business Intelligence solutions, and the
customers who use BI products each and every day. You'll experience a complete • BI Design and Implementation Challenges

sessment of wealth and well being. It index India’s inflation rate of 8.4 per- U.S. came at the 10th position while technical immersion, shared with a developer community that is passionate about all • Integrating Search and Business Intelligence

uses a holistic definition of prosperity, cent, which is around the global aver- UK came at 13. India’s close neighbor
exciting developments in the business intelligence world. • Design approaches for real-time BI
• Best Practices for Data Warehousing
which includes factors ranging from age, and a high gross domestic China is ranked at 58th while Nepal Also, there will be a special 'Customer Business Value' track, which will highlight • Building Interactive Dashboards
economic growth to health and educa- savings rate of 34.3 percent indicates and Pakistan are 91st and 109th respec-
case studies from enterprises using BI products, sharing lessons learned in • Building a BI Solution Leveraging Analytical Reporting

tion, to personal freedom and gover- a relatively stable national economy, tively. The last country on the list and
deploying business intelligence applications in their organizations. Learn how • Creating and Defining Customized Analytical Functions

nance,” said Ashley Lenihan, Legatum and the country, despite current low the only country that came after Pak-
leading companies use BI software to improve operations, reduce inefficiencies, • Analyzing Data with Advanced Visualizations
• Business Intelligence for the Mobile Workforce
Institute’s Senior Fellow. standards of living, is growing istan was Zimbabwe (110).
and enhance business performance. Case Studies: Healthcare, Banking, Telecom,
Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Financial Services, Utilities (Power), Technology • Open-source BI tools
Sector, Media sector

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The Smart Techie November 2010
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SG GSC India Talent New mixed-signal devices

Scholarship from Lattice Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor launched its third-generation
mixed-signal devices, the Platform Manager family. Con-
sisting of two devices, the LPTM10-1247 and LPTM10-
12107, LPTM10-1247 device monitors 12 voltage rails
and supports 47 digital I/O, while the LPTM10-12107
monitors up to 12 voltage rails and supports 107 digital
I/O. It is expected to simplify board management design
significantly by integrating programmable analog and logic
to support many common functions, like power manage- Nokia Siemens Networks
ment, digital housekeeping and glue logic. By integrating
these support functions, Platform Manager devices can re- brings TD-LTE to India
National Instruments duce the cost of these functions compared to traditional ap-
proaches, improve system reliability and provide a high Nokia Siemens Networks, a global enabler of telecommu-
launches LabVIEW 2010 degree of design flexibility that minimizes the risk of cir- nications services, demonstrated the Time Division Duplex
cuit board re-spins. The product is available at commer- version of LTE (TD-LTE) using broadband wireless access
National Instruments, a developer of automated test cial and industrial temperature ranges. High volume of (BWA) spectrum in India. They demonstrated high-defini-
Sociètè Gènèrale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC), a
equipments and virtual instrumentation software, has LPTM10-1247 device in a 128-pin TQFP package is tion video streaming and three-way video conferencing. In-
subsidiary of the France based Sociètè Gènèrale Group,
launched LabVIEW 2010, a graphical programming en- priced at $3.75. teroperable TD-LTE dongles from Samsung were used to
as part of their CSR initiative has expressed interests in
vironment used to develop measurement, test, and con- achieve a peak throughput speed of 110 megabits per second
addressing the issue of employability skill gap. In an
trol systems. According to the company, LabVIEW (Mbps) and low latency in the range of 10-20 milliseconds.
attempt to nullify the employability skill gap in India Alcatel-Lucent sets up a
2010 with its new features, like off-the-shelf compiler The company’s Flexi Multiradio Base Station and Evolved
they have launched a unique scholarship program - ‘SG
technologies that execute code an average of 20 percent new RDC Bangalore Packet Core were the base of the end to end demonstration.
GSC India Talent Scholarship’, which promote pro-
faster, will reduce time. LabVIEW 2010 provides a new The first video call by Gurdeep Singh, chief operating
fessional education for students with financial con-
hardware configuration tool with which users can ac- Alcatel-Lucent has opened a new regional delivery officer of Aircel, was conducted with the 4G mobile tech-
straints. The scholarship includes the fee for the
cess and configure their LabVIEW Real-Time remotely center (RDC) in Bangalore providing services to nology running on commercial hardware at the Nokia
complete duration of the course; including tuition,
via a Web browser. With the new LabVIEW, engineers manage, operate and maintain multi-vendor fixed Siemens Networks’ Bangalore R&D facility. TD-LTE tech-
boarding and lodging.
and scientists can trace the implementation of test sys- and mobile telecommunications networks based in nology ensures high-speed mobile broadband connectivity
This academic year, SG GSC offered scholarships to
tem requirements to virtual instrument (VI) programs India or around the world. “Our new center houses and a superior performance from mobile applications across
11 students from Indian Institute of Management; Ban-
and monitor low-level details about the execution of sophisticated systems, equipment and personnel to a wide range of devices. “Our TD-LTE trials across the
galore, Indian Institute of Management; Kozhikode, and
critical VIs for quick application monitoring and de- manage our customers’ network operations so they globe prove our capability in driving rapid commercial TD-
International Institute of Information Technology; Ban-
bugging. can concentrate on their core business, while re- LTE network deployments aimed at facilitating a new wave
galore. SG GSC will also assign a mentor from their
According to Jayaram Pillai, Managing Director - ducing operating expenses and increasing network of advanced mobile broadband services.” says Juha Lap-
senior leadership team, who will maintain regular con-
India, Russia and Arabia, National Instruments “We quality.” says Vivek Mohan, President Services palainen, head of mobile broadband sales at Nokia Siemens
tact with the student, acting as a ‘friend, philosopher
aim to empower Indian engineers through user-defined, Business for Alcatel-Lucent. Networks.
and guide’, as well as monitor their progress.
software-based approach for developing test, control, The Bangalore center is staffed with more than 100 The company is working towards TD-LTE development
“India has tremendous intellectual capital which
and embedded applications and the India LabVIEW network operations specialists and is already providing and commercialization, is fully prepared and committed to
doesn’t surface in view of lack of the ability of the in-
Conference facilitate the exchange of information
Ashish Rajpal and round-the-clock services for more than 10 customers. support the LTE activities. To achieve this, the company is
dividual to afford exposure through good renowned In-
ideas about innovative advances in technology and our The company as a whole currently manages more than in talks with many operators globally. They are actively par-
dian Institutes. It is SG GSC’s attempt to make this
products,”. Presently National Instrument supports over 90 networks supporting more than 220 million sub- ticipating in tests and trials for both Frequency Division Du-
possible for few highly deserving students through fi-
130 SMEs in the country. “With the flexible pricing for scribers worldwide. Alcatel-Lucent’s major clients in- plex LTE (FD-LTE) and TD-LTE technologies, while
nancial assistance”, says Nippi Kochhar, CEO of So-
the Indian customers, the company aims to cater the clude service providers like Reliance Communication, working with telecom operators and device manufacturers to
ciètè Gènèrale Global Solution Centre.
growing SMEs in India.” says Pillai. AT&T, Vivacom, Bharti Airtel and BT Global Services. strengthen the network.

The Smart Techie

|14| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
VC TALK By Hemant Taneja
The author is a Managing Director at General Catalyst

The Need of the Hour

Compiled by ST Team

Netmagic raises $16 Million in Series C Funding

who brought in the best local opera-
tional expertise. This combination al-
lows us to leverage on the best

Entrepreneurship in

technologies from the west and com- etmagic Solutions, a Managed pertise and global experience will help
mercialize those in India. What we IT Hosting Service provider, as we continue our growth in managed
have learnt is that indigenization of has raised close to $16 million hosting and cloud computing. Their
technologies is important and India is a
Clean Energy great place for this. A lower cost sup-
ply chain gives anywhere between a
in Series C financial round lead by
Nokia Growth Partners and Cisco
Systems. Fidelity International and
investment reinforces our industry and
technological leadership and the po-
tential for this market in India. We will
quarter and a third lower costs just off Nexus Venture Partners who invested utilize this round of funding to in-
the bat. The final ingredient to success in the company’s second round of crease our datacenter footprint and in-
nlike traditional energy technology sector in the late 1990s. is a strong involvement in policy at the funding in 2008 also took part in this crease investment in R&D efforts for
and much like technol- The keys to unlocking this entrepre- state and federal levels. Just like the IT round. The company will utilize this our Cloud Computing platform,” said
ogy, clean energy of- neurship opportunity are to under- revolution gave rise to Indian MNC investment to enhance its presence in Sharad Sanghi, Managing Director
fers an opportunity for stand the unique demand drivers of firms like Infosys, Wipro and TCS, we the data center market in India by and CEO, Netmagic Solutions.
entrepreneurs to play a this sector, and to de-risk the chal- hope the new initiatives in solar energy opening new centers and expanding Upal Basu from Nokia Growth
significant role in contributing to the lenges by building a diverse team that will create global leaders in India. the existing ones. The funds will also Partners said the venture firm is on a
Indian economy. From a macroeco- has local operational expertise and The unique thing about clean en- be used to increase investments in de- lookout for leading technology com-
nomic standpoint, clean energy offers global technological leadership. ergy is that businesses of different veloping cloud computing technolo- panies with significant potential for Sharad Sanghi
an opportunity for India to create The demand drivers for clean en- scales can be created. Localized mi- gies. future growth and industry leader-
manufacturing and infrastructure ergy in India are very different from crogrids can be built with a few crores “We are delighted to have raised ship. Netmagic has this potential and which includes about $4 million from
jobs, potentially many times more those in the U.S. The thrust comes of rupees whereas a 100 MW solar fresh capital from Nokia Growth Part- hence the investment. Netmagic till their first round in 2000 and $13.5
than the few lakh jobs created by the not from a need to stop climate plant can cost a few thousand crores. ners and Cisco, and their industry ex- date has raised about $17.6 million, million in 2008.
change, but primarily from a need to We see many startups in India that aim
build an energy secure future. The in- to work on varied problems like LED
vestment commission of India claims lighting solutions, solar lanterns, solar
an average supply demand gap of 9
percent and peak gap of 14 percent.
During a late monsoon season, much
like the most recent one, acute elec-
PV manufacturers, waste-to-energy
power producers, smart grid deploy-
ment, distributed generation and recy- SOFTTEC
cled organics, etc. We also see huge

2010 siliconindia
Nov 13, 2010 New Delhi
tricity shortages are present in those opportunities to build capital light
parts of the country dependent on
Nov 20, 2010 Pune
startups in energy efficiency services
hydro power. Ultra mega coal plants and microgrids management. Energy
Dec 11, 2010 Mumbai
and imported oil & gas cannot solve losses in India are among the highest
all the problems. Recognizing this, in the world and large parts of India are
the central government has set a still not grid connected. Water is an-
The testing community today, and test managers in particular, are facing a number of new problems such as Platinum Sponsor

20GW solar target by 2020 under the other interesting space that could pro-
increasing complexity, ever-increasing demands to reduce time-to-market & the need for testers to take on more

national solar mission.

varied roles in the organization. Keeping this in mind, SiliconIndia is organizing Software Testing Conference on
vide a windfall to entrepreneurs if
This is a must-attend event for testing professionals and leaders.

We, at General Catalyst Partners, played well at the right time.

anticipated this need in 2007 and Great teams create great compa-

started Sunborne Energy to build nies. Being trained in entrepreneurship

• An optimum approach to n-tier architectured application testing
• Building an Automation Framework around Open Source Technologies
world-class solar power plants in in the U.S. gives one an inherent ad-
• Commercial Test Automation Tools and its real benefit
India. To make this venture work ef- vantage. But it is imperative to com-
• Software Security Testing

fectively, we teamed up with princi- plement this with knowledge transfer,

• Mobile/Infotainment Apps testing
Gold Sponsors

pal scientists from University of localization of manufacturing and most

• Cloud Testing: The future of software testing
• The Case for a Standard Uniform Test Modeling Language
Southern Florida who had state-of- importantly, an extremely strong local
• Globalization testing- Getting your software World-ready
the-art technological leadership and operational expertise to build a win-
• Avionics Testing

senior business executives in India

Hemant Taneja
ning team.
Learn from the Senior Testing Leaders. Don't miss this unique opportunity. Limited Seats

The Smart Techie

|16| November 2010
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the Global IMS
Footprint By Vimali Swamy

Sitting (left to right): Vivek N. Joseph, Sunil P Rao, PS Ravindranath, Satish Kumar, Ashwini SKumar and Ananth Krishna
Standing (left to right): Pradeep Parameswaran, Sumithra Sen and Sunil Dutt

QUENT, a leading mar- through out the year and could be company’s growing IT Infrastructure
keting and creative scaled with ease as the per growing
GLOPORE IMS At A Glance needs to the generic publishing indus-
The global IMS market is currently estimated
staffing agency, pro- business needs and a decision to build try. Despite a large number of IMS
vides design and con- another studio in Bangalore was made.
to be $126 billion and NASSCOM report show
Founded: vendors in the market today, it chose
tent management, But due to limited in-house ex- 2006 GLOPORE IMS as its ITSM partner. that revenue from IMS will triple from its
publishing and other creative services pertise in infrastructure development CEO:
Conducting a quick but detailed
to its global client base from its off- and management, the company de- Satish Kumar
requirement analysis through exten-
current levels due to adoption of RIM, Cloud
shore studios located in India. Part of cided to selectively source the entire Headquarters:
sive discussion with the company’s Computing and Shared Services.
its client acquisition process revolves planning, design and deployment of Bangalore
management team, GLOPORE IMS
Other Offices:
around demonstration of its IT Infra- the IT Infrastructure. Since ‘time to advised them on how they could Incubated from IIMB-NSRCEL in medium and large companies world-
Boston (U.S.), UK
structure capabilities in terms of high market’ was a critical factor along with maximize their ROI through the dif- 2006, GLOPORE IMS is a Bangalore wide with the help of a wide network
availability, network performance, se- key features like disaster management Over 350 ferent options available. Once the based fast growing globally focused IT of strategic partners. GLOPORE IMS
curity and business continuity. A and recovery program, network secu- Customers: management zeroed in on the appro- Service and Infrastructure Manage- aims to be among the leading Indian
growing client base and increasing de- rity and data backup, the challenge Over 80 priate option, GLOPORE IMS ment Services Company (ITSM/IMS) IMS company to set the benchmarking
mands meant that the company build was to find an IMS partner that would Website: quickly and effectively deployed it Company. With offices in Boston standards for IT Service Management
a further resilient IT Infrastructure that bridge the gap quickly by leveraging
and set up the infrastructure in the (U.S.) and UK, the company offers industry. GLOPORE IMS is already
could be managed round the clock its ITSM capabilities and map the new studio in no time. managed infrastructure services to recognized by many venture capital-

The Smart Techie

|18| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
ists as the best startup (in services sec- global clients, GLOPORE IMS began
tor), at Startup City SiliconIndia event its business by offering services in the
What Do Clients Have To Say About GLOPORE IMS?
in 2009 & 2010! domestic market. “From the begin-
ning we knew that IMS was a market
(* + &, ,!'&+ (-, '*/ * 1 !& $(!& -+ ''+ , *! , '(
Betting on the billion dollar market ,!'&+ / + . *1 !%(* ++!. %-$,!($ +'$-,!'&+ (*'('+ 1, %* $ ,
that would grow not only globally but
Infrastructure management is a crit- , !* +,*'& -& *+, & !& ' '-* -+!& ++ + / $$ + , !* !$!,1 ,' +, $!+ also in India. We saw very early that
ical function where even minutes of $ 0! $ & * +,*- ,-* , , '-$ + $ + ( * '-* *'/!& & + as companies across industries begin
downtime can cripple a client’s busi- !* ,'* ' ( * ,!'&+ '$-,!'&+ moving towards complete computer-
ness. Still, due to the high level of ization; India itself would become a
expertise, time and cost involved, + '& &, +,! "' '* -+ & , % + '&+-$, major consumer of these IT Infra-
companies are ready to outsource structure Management Services. Thus
this to independent vendors to man- instead of exploring export opportu-
&, ,' ! &,! 1 * + ' !%(*'. % &, !& '-* '+,!& -+!& ++ 1 ! &,! ! ,

age it for them. The global IMS mar- nities, we decided to first focus on
-+!& ++ (*' $ %+ . *1 )-! #$1 & *'- , !& * , . $- !& '$$ '* ,!& /!, -+
ket is currently estimated to be $126 India market and then go global,”
,' +, $!+ *' % ( '* !%(*'.!& , (*' ++ + , % % % *+

billion, presenting a huge opportu- says Dr. Rangan. Perhaps one of the The other part of the strategy is the and partnered with them as a pure play
* . *1 / $$ )- $! ! &', "-+, !& , *%+ ' '% !& #&'/$ -, $+' , -+!

nity. It is no surprise that every one, few companies who early on saw the conscious decision to remain a pure focus partner, where there is no trade
& ++ -% & 1 / &, & 0,* %!$ ,' &+-* , , / + -+!& ++ ( *,& *

from traditional IT services players, big domestic opportunity, GLOPORE play company. Today, in most IT serv- off to be made and they can comple-
* 0,* % $1 + ,!+ ! /!, , + *.! &'/ & , % /!, % &1 ', *

both big and small, to startups in IMS’s strategy worked in their favor. ices companies, IMS, though large, is ment their partners’ services to go to
!&!,! ,!. +

India are trying to grab a piece of It provided GLOPORE IMS with the one of the many services they offer for the market and scale up and grow.
-*'( $!+% '*('* ,!'&

this multi-billion dollar pie which is platform to quickly ramp up and ma-
currently dominated by the likes of ture its mix of ITSM service offerings
3 '- , ++' ! ,!'& /!, + & . *1 + '*, & $!%!, ,'

IBM, EDS and CSC. A recent and achieve the growth it has accom-
,,!& ,* !& !& '-& ,!'& , 0( *! & -*!& , !+ *! +,!&, / + . *1 With companies across industries moving
NASSCOM report shows that rev- '' $''# '*/ * ,' , #!& , !+ * $ ,!'&+ !( '*/ * ,' ', * * + + / $$ 4
plished today. towards complete computerization, India itself
enue from IMS will triple from its ! & *2 *.! + & ((-* % *'-( ' '%( &! + One of its success stories in India
current levels as a result of the steep is with Educomp Solutions, a glob- is becoming a major consumer of IT
growth seen in RIM, Cloud Comput- service provider, GLOPORE IMS be- operational expenditures, predict and ally diversified education solutions infrastructure services.
ing and Shared Services. lieves in being more than just another reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) provider and country’s largest edu-
But Satish Kumar, Founder, Chair- IMS provider. “We prefer to be the for IT Service Management on an on- cation company. Winning a tough
man and CEO of GLOPORE IMS had mini McKinsey & Company of IMS going basis. We help them achieve competition against several well es- their clients. This makes the ability to The final step to the strategy was to
envisioned the growth opportunity in Industry,” says Kumar, referring to the faster growth by increasing their pro- tablished Tier 1, 2 and 3 companies work with partners very limited as at expand its geographic presence
IMS way back in 2005 when he was consultant – client relationship it ductivity,” adds Kumar. This approach offering IMS, GLOPORE IMS some point the partners in IMS tend to through strategic partners. Every com-
working for a multinational company, shares with its customers. By engag- has been a key reason behind the com- started its journey with Educomp become competitors in another service pany has a need for a wide range of
HQ in U.S. After deep discussions ing with the CXOs right from the re- pany’s ability to clinch large deals. Solutions as its partner in South area, creating hard-to-manage compe- services and, most of the times, a single
with several industry experts, he re- quirement tracking stage and Today 350 plus people strong with 80 India covering all the four states tition-co-operation tension. IMS is an firm may not be able to provide all of
turned to India for good to found understanding the client’s end to end plus customers and many more in the (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala offering that is replicated across differ- it. This is how system integrators work;
GLOPORE IMS in 2006 along with current business status, end goals and pipeline, GLOPORE IMS, amidst sev- and Tamil Nadu). And within just ent businesses by various vendors. By they bring together the vendors and
Ashwini SKumar and Dr. Srinivasa best approach to achieve them. GLO- eral large players, is stealthily firming three months, it replaced Educomp’s being a pure play IMS company, GLO- providers of the services from multiple
Rangan, Co-Founders and Directors. PORE IMS helps customers to focus its foothold in the global IMS scenario other IMS partner that had been in PORE IMS focused on creating a de- areas to meet the customer’s require-
As a pure play IMS provider, on their core business and achieve with a three prong strategy. the market for 20 years, to become livery engine and extending it to the ment. GLOPORE IMS realized the po-
GLOPORE IMS helps companies in- their business objectives through IT its partner in Central India as well. ecosystem. “By ecosystem we mean tential in a similar setup for IMS too.
tegrate their business & IT strategy Service Management Excellence. The Three Step Business Model “We accomplished this purely be- that if one of our customers is con- “Since, most of our customers would
with IT Operations through unique Using a selective sourcing model, it Instead of following the rat race and cause of the team strength, our ITSM sumer of other services like ADM or require other services apart from IMS,
mix of IT Service Management serv- enables companies to retain control blindly entering the buzzing IMS capabilities and the know how in the BPO from another well established we decided to look for partners who
ices offerings including ITSM Trans- over strategic IT functions while they market and trying to succeed with a IMS space,” beams Kumar. Today firm, then we could extend our IMS ca- could support us in providing end to
formation – Assessment, Gap selectively source multi-year Managed trial and error method, Kumar and Educomp Solutions is one of GLO- pability to them as well, leveraging on end service. This would be mutually
Analysis, Roadmap, Implementation IT Services from GLOPORE IMS team had a well thought strategy be- PORE IMS’s large customers and the existing relationship we have with beneficial for all three — the customer,
Consulting & Training Services, Man- through well defined Service Level fore starting company — be a pure the deal size itself is almost as big as our customer and boost the ecosys- the partner and us,” explains Kumar.
aged IT Services, IT Infrastructure Agreements (SLA) in alignment with play IMS company focusing on In- any international mid-size IMS deal tem,” explains Kumar. The company In the initial years, after having
Management Services and Remote IT their business objectives. “While we dian market through customer centric one can have, highlighting the well today has forged strong relationships built its capability that is today both
Infrastructure Management Services. help our customers to improve the alliances. thought strategy of using India as with some of the top vendors of soft- mature and capable, the company since
But unlike a traditional IT services quality of IT Services, we help them Unlike most services companies lab, a maturity ladder and to build its ware, hardware, SIs and other business last year has been focusing on finding
provider that works as an arms-length transform their capital expenditures to that started with and continue to serve cost leadership. applications in different geographies partners across different geographies,

The Smart Techie

November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
developing customer centric alliances. in its management and associates. The The road ahead
With a strong partner ecosystem in underlying culture at GLOPORE IMS Since its founding, GLOPORE IMS
Africa, GLOPORE IMS successfully is ‘entrepreneurial’ and Kumar ensures has been enjoying a healthy streak
took on the opportunity with one of the that it does not get diluted as the com- of growth but now with the expand-
largest telecom operators in the world pany continues to grow. From a team ing global foot-print, the company
and be their delivery partners in 19 of 18 people, in 2006, GLOPORE IMS hopes to grow by 3-4 times year-on-
countries across the continent. “We are today is 350 plus member strong and year and, in few years’ time, hopes
helping our partner with their onsite hopes to grow tenfold to 3500 by end to either go public or forge bigger
IMS strategy, pre-sales, transition man- of next financial year. With a strong alliances with a strategic investment
agement, building resources, skills, mentorship from project & COE heads, partner. “By 2011-12 we hope to be
tools & automation maturity and we the company sees to it that every pro- the chosen IT Service Management
become their remote delivery engine fessional at the company is given partner for 250 global customers
for entire Africa,” says Kumar. Simi- ample challenging opportunities and and be among the top 10 global IMS
larly, just last month it forged a part- global exposure to develop their capa- companies by 2015,” envisions
nership in Sri Lanka and Maldives with bility and expertise to the full. All as- Kumar.
a company that has been there for the
past three decades. The partner com-
pany has most of the leading compa-
By being a pure play IMS company, GLOPORE
nies across verticals like airlines and IMS is focused on creating a delivery engine
banks in that region as its clients.
“With our partner in Sri Lanka, we will and extending it to the ecosystem.
extend our RIM and IMS offerings to
its clients. In Middle East too we are
forging a partnership with an estab- sociates are encouraged to be At the same time, GLOPORE
lished company to take our IMS and entrepreneurial in thought and action. IMS strongly believes in building a
RIM services through them across “GLOPORE IMS is a team of healthy ecosystem. At the rate at
Middle East. In India we have a strong members who are part of a professional which the IMS space has grown in
partner in Chennai-based Sundaram family, eager to learn and grow to- the last three years, it is critical that
Infotech, through which we are trying gether. We refer our associates as there is a pool of skilled resources
to make in roads into the BFSI and the ‘GLOPORIANS’ and not as employ- available in the years ahead, not only
automotive sector. The times are in- ees and by working together actively, for the company itself but for other
deed exciting!” says Kumar. Presence we seek to identify and bring out the players in the space as well. To
across geographies through strong al- hidden capabilities in GLOPORIANS achieve this, GLOPORE IMS has
liances with local partners is the reason to match our promised service deliv- been working with several tier 2 & 3
why GLOPORE IMS is able to have an ery,” says Ashwini SKumar, Co- degree colleges to empower young
edge over other IMS vendors. Founder, Director and AVP - HR, and dynamic graduates through its
Finance & Accounting , GLOPORE “IMS Gurukul” programs to trans-
Creating a Value Chain IMS, “Associates are allowed to make form them into professional IMS ex-
GLOPORE IMS today has positioned decisions and get a chance to learn perts and create employment
itself in services market with a mix of from their mistakes and contribute to a opportunities for them.
ITSM service offerings that help com- better working environment, inner sat- At $126 billion the opportunities
panies benefit from better integration isfaction and excellence through their in IMS space is ample and enough for
of Business and IT strategies with their learning and growth within GLOPORE every player. With GLOPORE IMS
organization’s operations along with a IMS family.” growing by leaps and bounds both in
strong value chain in terms of business Since, the management plays a terms of customer and partners, its vi-
model, services and execution. A com- critical role in shaping the company; sion of being one of the Top 10 IMS
bination of this has been instrumental Kumar handpicks the people to join Company does not seem too ambi-
in company’s rocketing growth over leadership roles. “At the end of the tious. “Despite all the competition
the last few years. day, every associate at GLOPORE and hunger for growth, the ultimate
Despite all the above factors, IMS should be an ambassador of the idea for GLOPORE IMS is to be able
Kumar understands that the foundation value that the company stands for,” to co-exist amongst other large global
and the real strength of the company lie says Kumar. IMS vendors!” says Kumar.

The Smart Techie

November 2010
FEATURE By Binu Paul

India to Grab the Infrastructure
Management Services Market
ndian IT companies have realized Fast adoption of virtualization, cloud HSBC and Standard Chartered have
that infrastructure management computing and automation by Indian started their operations in India to man-
services (IMS) as the next big op- firms gets them an edge over their com- age their IM services. Telecom services
portunity for business. India saw a petitors to pocket major IMS projects. are the second largest contributor to the
tremendous growth in the infra- The enormous amount of investments in infrastructure management services in
Name Founded CEO Descrip on
structure management space both in pri- IT infrastructure and the present IT envi- India.
vate and public sectors. The government, ronment makes India a top contender for The Indian IT industry have already
Offers highly automated technology, intelligent analysis and process
both the centre and state, is launching large IMS projects across the globe. The identified business services management Appnomic Systems
methods to large and mid-size companies. With a unique delivery
many projects that needs IT infrastruc- avail- solutions, threat management solutions, Bangalore 2006 D . Pa d m a n a b h a n
model, it enables companies to be more efficient and enhance pro-
ture management at various levels. applications management solutions,
duc-vity by over thirty percent.
Cloud computing and virtualization systems management solutions and
created large areas of opportunities network management solutions as Ctrl S A Cer-fied Tier IV datacenter which specializing in custom-built IT In-
for infrastructure management in the emerging infrastructure man- Bangalore 2007 P. S r i d h a r R e d d y frastructure and Services, Co-loca-on Services, Managed Services,
India. As the demand for infrastruc- agement solutions which they and Disaster Recovery & Business Con-nuity Planning Services.
ture outsourcing is also coming from should be focusing on. The smart
Futuresoft Solutions Specializes in all areas of IT, ranging from Managed Services, Strategic
the medium-sized firms globally apart players have started to focus their in-
New Delhi 1988 Vi p u l D u t t a Outsourcing, Business Solu-ons, Cloud Compu-ng, Infrastructure
from the large ones, the size of business frastructure management with a busi- Set up & Op-miza-on and Product Retail.
opportunities widens further for the In- ness services aspect rather than a purely
dian players to grab a good bite of the technology-centric view. Glodyne Technoserve Provides technology led business solu-ons across two SBU’s; Tech-
largely untapped market. Remote infrastructure manage- Mumbai 1997 A nnan d S ar naai k nology Infrastructure Management Services (Technology IMS) and
On the path to recovery, many ment (RIM), which is the way of re- Applica-on Soware Services
medium and large companies are in- mote monitoring and managing the
Offers niche ITSM \ ITIL \ COBIT best prac-ces based Consul-ng,
creasing their outsourcing projects to infrastructure components of an Glopore IMS Training and Managed IT Services. A pure play IMS company it caters
reduce the cost and to focus on their organization, has got much mo- Bangalore 2006 Sat i s h K um ar to maedium and large players in ver-cals including Telecom, Bank-
core areas. This makes the infra- mentum of late. India has been a ing, Insurance, ITES-BPO, Hospitality, Retail, Financial Services,
structure management services in- ability of significant beneficiary of this shift. Healthcare, Educa-on, and Manufacturing.
dustry to grow in an unprecedented large number of skilled The challenge is to manage diverse Infinite Computer
way, which opens a large spectrum of professionals gives an upper hand for technology infrastructure and manage Solutions
A provider of IMS, Intellectual Property (IP) Leveraged Solu-ons and
business opportunities to the leading off- India to be preferred as the best offshore multiple vendors. Concerns over security 1999 Up i n d e r Z u t sh i Applica-on Management Services with focus on Telecom, Media,
Manufacturing, Energy & U-li-es & Healthcare industries.
shore locations like India. The Indian destination for infrastructure manage- and data privacy also need to be ad-
vendors account for a market size of $1.4 ment. dressed. inTarvo Technologies A provider of Integrated Lifecycle Management (ILM) support serv-
billion growing at a CAGR of 44 percent, Globally EDS, T-Systems, IBM and According to a Nasscom report, up Noida 1995 P ra v in J a i n ices for Technology Products for Original Equipment Manufacturers,
reveals a Zinnov study on infrastructure Hewlett-Packard are considered to be the to 75 percent of all infrastructure man- EMS Companies, Distributors, Large Corpora-on and Retail Chains.
management services. The current global top vendors of infrastructure manage- agement roles could be outsourced glob-
market size of IMS is estimated to be ment services while many Indian com- ally, which would create a $26 billion to An IT Solu-ons provider whose core focus is to provide Remote In-
Maintec Technologies
frastructure Management (RIM), Remote Data Center Management
$370 billion and is expected to grow at a panies like Wipro, HCL, Microland, TCS $28 billion revenue potential by 2013. It Bangalore 1998 C. S. G u p t a
and Applica-on Development / Maintenance services on IBM Main-
CAGR of 4 percent over the next four and Infosys are also the prominent play- also states that the Indian companies
frame Pla,orms.
years. It also states that the current IMS ers in the IMS market. could capture approximately 50 percent
spend is expected to be around 12 per- Banking Financial Services Insur- of this revenue. With remote infrastruc- Netmagic Solutions
A IT Hos-ng Service Provider, specializing in Internet Data Center &
cent to 20 percent of the total IT budget ance (BFSI) is the major contributor to ture management gaining ground and in- Managed Hos-ng, Infrastructure Management, Managed Security,
Mumbai 1998 Sha r ad S ang hi
Cloud Compu-ng, Applica-on Hos-ng, Messaging & Collabora-on,
of the companies, which will certainly the IMS industry in India. Nearly 43 per- creasing cost-saving efforts by
Disaster Recovery & Availability and Professional Services.
rise in the coming years. Almost 40 per- cent of the $1.4 billion IMS market outsourcing, infrastructure management
cent of the global IMS market is out- comes from BFSI in India. Many multi- service seems to be the next big business Silver Touch
sourced, which is around $150 billion. national banking giants such as RBS, boom for the Indian IT industry. Technologies
1992 Vi p u l T h a k k a r
A provider of provide IT Infrastructure Solu-ons, System Integra-on,
Ahmedabad Network/Server Management services across India

The Smart Techie November 2010
Appnomic Infinite

Concentrating More on IMS

Automated Infrastructure By Hari Anil

D Padmanabhan Management
By ST Team
nfrastructure management is a
critical function where even min-
uses helps its customers to leverage on the company has faced three major chal-
its infrastructure, technology, people lenges; foremost being the limited ex-
utes of downtime can cripple a and process to save huge investments. pertise in the Indian market, the
n an online business, profit lies (Paddy), the MD and CEO of App- tomation based Infrastructure Man- client’s business and this makes This model works very efficiently, es- financial slowdown across the U.S. and
in great user experience and nomic. agement is poised to gain substantial most global companies unwilling pecially for its customers, as they can the Europe, and its focus towards build-
performance of the online app. The growing separation of physi- revenue increase. The company has to hand over control of their networks focus on their business functions and ing a capability to offer managed IMS
When millions of people cal and logical layers in IT infra- an innovations group, as opposed to a to offshore companies. Infinite Com- leave the technology to Infinite. Further, services and the early decision it took to
flocked to one of India’s lead- structure is bringing to the forefront typical software development team, puter Solutions, founded by Sanjay the company’s approach has been to invest in capabilities that would enable
ing travel portal for their online travel automation of IT operations, inte- and practices new methods across all Govil in 1999, with its onshore and off- partner with customers to ensure their it to manage client infrastructure end-to-
booking, the company realized the grated performance monitoring and functions of the company whether its shore business model, is fully prepared success with accountability for their IT. end. The company has managed to suc-
difficulties in monitoring and manag- remote based delivery services. This delivering patentable technology or to seize this opportunity. The company This approach helped in developing In- cessfully address all these challenges
ing the performance levels of the ap- approach of remote service delivery service delivery using new processes which started with AMS as its offering finite’s capabilities in the IMS space. over time. This has been done by suc-
plications, which comprise of their coupled with automation not only to serve the dynamic customer needs. is now focusing more on IMS business, The major competition in the IMS cessfully retaining and up-skilling ex-
five business critical online booking provides increased cost reduction but While the concept of “Simplify- trying to make the most of the massive space comes from large MNE’s which isting talent to overcome the limited
applications having about 26 types of also reduced cycle times or errors and ing and Automating IT Manage- $126 billion global IMS market, cur- have mostly adopted the approach of expertise available in Indian market. By
transactions. The biggest challenge less dependence on people resources ments” sounds exciting and rently dominated by the likes of IBM, taking over the customer’s IT assets. providing clients with IT services that
was to get real-time information on for routine IT operations tasks. lucrative, delivery and management EDS and CSC. A recent Nasscom report Small and medium Indian firms cannot helped them to have substantial savings
the performance of the critical rev- The Appnomic Service Automa- of such a promise needs depth shows that revenue from IMS will triple adopt this approach as on their IT, the company assured its
enue producing transactions. Added tion Platform (ASAP) with its process across the three dimensions of from its current levels as a result of the they lack the size and ca- clients who were nervous about an un-
on to it was the dearth of internal re- flow management which includes run process, people and technology. steep growth seen in RIM, Cloud Com- pabilities required for it, certain future. Infinite’s early decision
sources who could monitor it n real- book automation, SOP document Appnomic has invested and contin- puting and Shared Services. so Indian companies to invest in capabilities that enabled it to
time. The company talked NVP management and action execution on ues to build on these facets and that “By 2014, we hope to achieve one focus on providing re- manage client infrastructure has paid
funded Appnomic who specialize in third party systems can automate all has helped them in gaining promi- third of the company’s revenue through mote support. Infinite, off, providing it with experience in
automating application and infra- routine IT operations functions for an nent client s like, Cypress, Ramco, IMS services.” says Upinder Zutshi, with its expertise and this space to effectively com-
structure performance management. enterprise. Its reporting module pro- Everest Bank, Yatra and Rediff. “We Managing Director, Infinite, who sees infrastructure that pete with its global counter-
Witnessing the intricacy of travel vides both high level SLA reports and have helped our clients identify the company’s IMS services gaining a enables provision parts.
portal’s applications, the Appnomic detailed task level reports to measure areas of concern, optimize and steady momentum. The IMS offerings of managed serv- Infinite believes in a
team configured its AIPM tool to efficiency. transform their end to end IT infra- in the company revolve around its ex- ices, has built collaborative approach
monitor and analyze the performance The past three years economic en- structure. We have reduced their pertise in remote infrastructure and net- competency to with customers, partners,
in a non-invasive model, whereby the vironment in the western market has cost of IT operations while adding work management, enhancing data compete in this shareholders and em-
online portal’s management & opera- discouraged investment and adoption significant value to the quality of center and IT security services, produc- space. The com- ployees. Its current
tions teams were empowered with ac- of new technologies by enterprises. service delivery to their internal & tion support and End User Computing pany differenti- focus is on further de-
cess to real-time transaction However, now with the emergence external customers,” maintains the Services. Its focus is towards building ates well with velopment of its IMS
performance dashboard views. “We and adoption of cloud infrastructure CEO. Today, after four years of capabilities that enable it to offer end- not just the capa- services offering as a
integrate our tools in our service de- and willingness of companies to being in the industry the company to-end IMS as a Managed Service Of- bility, but under- One Stop Solution,
livery to automate 60 percent of IT adopt innovative IT management ap- envisions expanding its technologi- fering and this has led it to make standing of strengthening relation-
operations, and also reduce the time proach has gradually increased their cal capabilities and service delivery investments to build capabilities; both customer strat- ships with customers
spent on fault isolation by 25 percent spending in the sector. With the to cover more geographies and also in Infrastructure and in people. egy or vision and partners and making
for performance issues on critical IT change in the attitude, Appnomic, attain a better position for managing The Build Operate Transfer In the them the first choice for
applications,” says D Padmanabhan with its unique proposition of au- cloud based IT infrastructure. (BOT)/BOM model that the company IMS space Upinder Zutshi customers in IMS space.

The Smart Techie

November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
Maintec Technologies

ompanies which used to
keep IMS services in-
house due to data sensi-
tivity issues are now
India’s Emerging IMS Company
increasingly outsourcing By ST Team
their IMS activities to reduce cost and
focus on their core areas. About 40 n 1998, outsourcing was re- weekend and third shifts, which can be
percent of companies are now out- stricted to Y2K remediation and significantly reduced. Maintec’s off-

Sonny Gupta
sourcing their IMS services and a Off-shoring was still in its nas- shore IT resources function on a
growing interest of the same is now cent stage with body-shopping 24x7x365 basis ensuring clients com- and Accenture, Maintec has been able
seen in Indian companies too. Be- being more prevalent. Compa- plete coverage for their Software De- to maintain its edge through the Global
cause of the availability of highly nies had not yet gained the confidence velopment & Maintenance and IT Delivery Center that consists of com-
skilled labour, India has gained to outsource critical Infrastructure Man- Infrastructure needs. Maintec’s Hire, plete z/OS, AS/400 (iSeries) and AIX
ground across the world in IT soft- agement Services (IMS) and mostly Train and Deploy (HTD) program, a Infrastructure. They have in-house Data
ware side; the next logical movement Bringing Complete Lifecycle kept it in-house or outsourced it to near-
shore sites. Amidst this insignificant
turnkey, no-obligation solution for
clients, has to its credit of creating ex-
Center in Bangalore with an ES/9000
Mainframe staffed with a full fledged
Support to IMS Space
could be in IT hardware and IMS
space. With digital convergence and scene C. S. (Sonny) Gupta witnessed a tremely niche skills which are not read- and System Team. This platform has
multi-brand scenario more and more By Hari Anil Sudheer Puthhiran K bright IMS future and thus founded ily available in the Indian market. been upgraded to the latest z Series
of IMS activities will be outsourced to Maintec Technologies. The company “Bridging the gap of Project require- Mainframes. Maintec can provide
third Party Service Partner’s where telecommunication into complex so- IT, CE, Electronic security and Tele- began servicing clients with a focus on ments by enhancing skills has been the clients with fully managed z/OS, z/VM
the vendors who have skill set for all lutions like BMS (Building Manage- com industries. It has started training providing IBM Training and Y2K re- key ingredient for success in the HTD” and zLinux Environments with flexible
the above fields will be clear a win- ment Systems) which integrate these institutes under the brand name of mediation services on Mainframe plat- says Naveen.V, Managing Director of delivery models – Onsite at client’s
ner. on single platform. And with presence iStep. “People continue to be the key forms. Over a period of time, Maintec Maintec Technologies, India who premises or Remotely at Maintec Data
inTarvo Technologies, founded in across multiple cities means the com- element of inTarvo’s success; em- has emerged as an offshore outsourcing though its 100 percent subsidiary Center.
1995, with offices in all the major In- pany is also uniquely positioned to ployee retention is thus our focus. destination. Twelve years after founding ProED Training has had the distinction A huge opportunity lies ahead for
dian cities and service centers in more support large multi-city facilities. Host of programs are organized to Maintec, today Sonny modestly smiles of imparting training to over 600 Maintec in the RIM market which is
than 200 cities, is one of India’s When it comes to competition the boost the employee morale like an at his own accurate vision, when he sees Batches, 12,000 skilled Data Develop- touted to be the next big offshore
largest service provider of Integrated company again considers this country annual festival Aagaman and Little more number of critical processes being ers with 100 percent employment to its prospect for India after application de-
Lifecycle Management (ILM) for wide network as its advantage. Ac- champ. With unique recruitment offshored from across the globe. alumni. velopment and maintenance (ADM)
technology products. It leverages on cording to inTarvo most of the IMS process of ‘Ek ka Dus’, an internal In his bestseller “The World is Flat” RIM as an industry can realize $26- and BPO. Maintec has been aggres-
its relationships with the fortune 500 companies across the country are at a references program, we have also in- Thomas L Friedman has explained how 28 billion in revenue by 2013, with sively creating awareness among CIO’s
companies in IT, CE, Electronic Se- regional level or at best with support creased the employee retention.” says staff functions outsourced to India will India capturing as much as 50-55 per- of fortune companies about the effective
curity and Telecommunications fields offices in only the main cities and as it Sudheer Puthhiran K, President, transform all forms of American cent share of this. Maintec’s core business values they get post the slow-
to ensure seamless IMS services to its has a country wide office network Field Services, inTarvo. businesses. Maintec took the focus is to provide Remote Infra- down era, by developing strategic asso-
customers. According to the company which comprises of more than 400 of- After recent slowdown in the IT clue and readily began to tight- structure Management (RIM), Re- ciations with a well-rooted offshore IT
its ILM expertise can act as a differ- fices it enjoys a unique position. By spending, especially in the corporate ship its Remote IT Staffing divi- mote Data Center solutions provider specialized in the
entiating factor for them in the IMS focusing on quality processes, people segment, the company has plans to sion. “We thoroughly gauge the Management and Application RIM domain.
space. The company promises to take and continuous skills enhancement enter into value added services. In technical expertise that the as- Development & Mainte- Internally at Maintec, each em-
care of the customer requirements the company has managed to retain the coming financial year inTarvo signment needs and then take nance services on IBM ployee is given an opportunity to be in-
end-to-end so that their IMS customer most of its vendors for the past 15 plans to pursue the automation busi- into account the client’s or- Mainframe and dependent with focus for on-going
gets seamless service beyond IMS years. ness, e-waste management, global ganization’s culture and Midrange Platforms. learning both at a personal and profes-
into a complete lifecycle support. This Like most of the companies in the repair centre, installation and repair working patterns before Though the competi- sional level. The entrepreneurial spirit
goes from supporting diverse elec- IT space one of the main challenges of high-end switches, medical elec- we propose suitable can- tion is with biggies runs deep at all levels of the organiza-
tronic devices for onsite as well as that inTarvo faced was the challenge tronics, networking and storage sys- didates for projects.” says like HCL, TCS, In- tion. The company’s goal for 2011 is ex-
backend support, integrating solutions of retaining skilled manpower. The tems. The company also plans to the CEO. Maintec under- fosys, Wipro, Cog- pansion of the RIM service offering to
in IT, CE, electronic security and company considers itself to be a cra- reach more than 1000 cities in the stands that companies are nizant, Patni, Tech UK and European markets apart from
dle for skilled technical manpower in next 18 months. paying premium for Naveen.V Mahindra, IBM, HP the existing US geography.

The Smart Techie

November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010

pany slowly broadened its customer pertise it brings to the customers. Its terprises, the company too has begun to

base and today it has a grip on several three service areas are technology, engi- explore opportunities in this arena. One
key markets including US, Europe, and neering, and media. A technology neu- of the recent applications it has built on
India in the areas of Technology, Engi- tral company, it broadly classifies the IT iPhone is ‘WeCab’, a cab sharing appli-
neering, and Media. business into three segments - traditional cation for US markets that is currently
The company in 2003 set up their software development, mobile, and busi- productized for New York. Quiet satis-
India operation, which serves as the de- ness intelligence. Since the spectrum of fied with the product, the customer now
velopment center. “From a customer traditional software is very wide, the plans to extend it to other geographies as
point of view, we specialize in critical company takes up projects only where a well.

IT Services Provider
applications. Most of the applications we packaged solution does not fit a cus- For Vernalis Systems, it is all about
develop are not cookie cutter kind. There tomer’s requirement. For example, the staying in tune with the trends in the in-
is a grave challenge when it comes to company is currently developing a bio- dustry. Within just a few months of the
just maintaining the resource and tech- metric system for a client in Dominican launch of iPad, the company is already
nical competency as the development Republic. Since there is no pre-devel- geared up with an interactive learning
work happens across different platforms oped or packaged software or prototype application for it. Chandra and team
like iPad, Android, and traditional Web available for their specific requirements, have developed an interactive activity
application simultaneously,” explains Vernalis Systems has a team deployed book, a story book with pictures, where
Bala Chandra, CEO, Vernalis Systems. that is working with the client and un- the story line changes depending on the
This is where the company’s specialty derstanding the project specs and re- activity chosen.
lies in. “We do not aspire to become a quirements. Today, the International Business intelligence is the third part
large scale IT company but rather a spe- Player Acquisition System (IPAS), a of the company’s business and consti-

cialty gourmet provider,” he adds. biometric system, is under development tutes about 20 percent of the revenue. It
and soon would be ready for realtime soon plans to launch its flagship BI
Small is Beautiful application. product ‘BACPAC’, which will co-exist
Bala Chandra, CEO
“Software development is a human
In an age where every one is aiming at
Vernalis Systems grabbing a large market share and rak-

job and errors are inevitable. Being

ing in big ‘moola’ by stepping into every
possible area of IT services, Vernalis
ajor League Baseball proached Vernalis Systems, a small IT banking, compliance, and manufactur-
Systems believes in standing apart by of-
fering specialized critical custom appli-
open in communication from the
(MLB), the highest
level of professional
services company based in New York.
Understanding the criticality of the proj-
ing as their customers. cation development. beginning helps forge a credible
relationship with the customers and
In custom applications development,
baseball in the US ect the company, in a very short time, The Birth of the Company the challenge starts right from the re-
bridge the gaps”
and Canada, has 30 built the solution. Today, post the suc- Vernalis Systems was founded by indi- quirement tracking stage. Since the re-
clubs in the league. Every month the cessful application development work, viduals with immense experience in var- quirements continue to evolve,
central commission brings out a finan- MLB has become one of its major cus- ious aspects of IT by having worked in developing an application around it is
cial audit wherein the clubs need to re- tomers. The history of the company is some of the major organizations around like ‘trying to shoot a moving target’. Mobile is another area where the with building access control systems and
port the revenue gained from all sources filled with a lot of such success stories. the world. The team of professionals Since this kind of work requires in-depth company has a strong foothold, as it provide tremendous value additions to
right from ticket sales to the sales of food Founded in 1999, Vernalis Systems leading the company is composed of ex- technological expertise, one of the constitutes about 30 percent of the busi- the organizations by leveraging the un-
and beverages during the matches to that is a pure play IT services company, spe- perts in their respective fields, having the biggest challenges for the company has ness. “We started mobile development tapped data potential and providing busi-
from advertisements and media broad- cializing in critical custom applications breadth and depth of experience that been getting the right people. “It is pre- back in the days of PALM and over the ness intelligence in helping the
casting. development across the Web and mo- spans across a wide technical spectrum cisely the reason we chose value and not years we have done numerous projects organization in streamlining processes
Though there were several ERP and bile. Today, a decade since its humble and subject matter expertise. volume in terms of resources. We want on Symbian and Blackberry and today like employee on-boarding and exiting,
financial applications available in the beginnings, the company has created a From day one, the core philosophy to be the SWAT team, where failure is on iPhone and Android,” says Chandra. workspace utilization, emergency re-
market from large software vendors, strong footprint as a gourmet IT services of the company was to build sustainable not an option,” says Chandra. Today, 11 Now it has even moved over to devel- sponses, and more.
there was none that suited and under- provider along with additional service systems and not body shop like other years since inception, Vernalis Systems oping apps on iPad. Most of the projects Engineering design is a separate
stood the tasks required by MLB. The fi- lines of engineering and media. They large IT players. While in the initial is 120 people strong and only aims to in this segment essentially involve de- thread of service line of Vernalis Sys-
nancial application had to be built from count several large players across areas years the company started as a consult- scale up to 300 in the coming years. veloping key features of certain enter- tems. Leveraging first class design facil-
the scratch. Despite a myriad of large IT like healthcare, energy, sports and enter- ing firm, it soon re-positioned it self as a prise applications as an extension on any ities, equipments, and software
services companies in the industry, today tainment, private equity, workspace critical IT services provider. From serv- The Three Pillars of Business mobile platform. knowledge this division has already
there are only few who provide custom technologies, marketing services, emer- icing a few large niche clients in New But where it lacks in resource strength, it Now with the iPhone and Android made a significant mark by providing
application development. MLB ap- gency preparedness response, travel, York and surrounding areas the com- makes up with the varied technology ex- slowly displacing Blackberry within en- maximum design Balaefficiency
the areas

The Smart Techie

|30| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
of industrial machinery and automation. ginning. Instead of waiting for the cus- ect is documented with in COL- experience in the company’s work cul- Systems well in breaking ground within a predominant role in building solutions
Vernalis Systems boasts of a team of de- tomer to provide specifications, the LABRIA. Since everyone from cus- ture and ethics. new cultures. It has developed a signifi- that pave way to green and environ-
sign engineers who are highly proficient company helps think them through the tomers, project managers, developers, While customers are the utmost pri- cant presence in Germany. The German mentally conscious corporate and end
in the latest engineering design and requirement. Since the company has a and technical architects have access to ority for the company, it is not unobser- market, a net exporter of services, is tra- user world. To provide additional band-
analysis tools. This team provides design lateral experience in different industries, it, one can monitor the progress at any vant to the employees who are the real ditionally known for providing engi- width for the increased clientele and to
solutions for their clients in Germany in it sits with the customer right from the given time, thus cutting down the com- assets. Even though the team is sepa- neering services as opposed to utilizing further provide more services to the
the automobile and manufacturing sec- early requirement definition stage and munication and response time between rated geographically, the working cul- them. Germans are also known for their clients, the company is currently work-
tors in the areas of design adaptation, de- helps them think through the process. the company and the customer. “Soft- ture melts the time zones and distances, appreciation for dedication, commitment ing on setting up offices in the Middle
sign optimization, finite element Because of the strong technology back- ware development is a human job and giving the global clients an experience and excellent execution. Through a East and in the Asia Pacific regions.
analysis, and industrial animation for ground the company brings to the table, errors are inevitable. Thus we believe to of working with one team. tremendous amount of ambitious mar- Additionally, having garnered var-
clients like Blohm-Jung, Stuertz, Georg, it is also able to suggest the right tools be open in our communication from the ied business expertise, the company has
and more. the customer can look at deploying in beginning thereby forging a credible re- launched a venture capital fund to en-
Media division of Vernalis Systems order to lessen the cost and make the lationship with the customers. Collabria courage budding entrepreneurs. Vernalis
JV Partners Customer

completes the triangle of their services. process simpler. “The involvement in helps bridging the gap,” says Chandra. Systems already has a stake in multiple

Ranging from designing and developing client’s business is so deep that by the The relationship that the company companies in the areas of logistics, in-
marketing initiatives online, using rich time the project is completed, they treat has forged with its customers is so deep frastructure development, and talent
media technologies for compelling and us like consultants rather than just de- that today most of the new projects come management. These entities together
Enablement Value VS Business
Technology Customer

interactive brand experiences through velopers. This is the big differentiator,” only via customer reference. A testimo- employ over 1,000 people. “The idea is
Team Team Proposition Segments

storyboarding, scripting, and character believes Chandra. nial to this is reflected in their significant to diversify and try applying the busi-
creation, the company exploits digital ness lessons learnt over the years, and
media for maximum gain. “Due to the lateral experience in different industries Costs
influence these businesses in a positive
the company helps customers right from the early
Success Revenue

Providing creative services to author way,” says Chandra.

Marc Levy in France during his book requirement definition stage and counsels about Vernalis Systems Business Model The company actively promotes
launch and building rich interactive pro- right tools one can deploy to lessen the cost and community welfare and takes a unique
motional Web presence, brand building Every professional in Vernalis Sys- keting and salesmanship, coupled with approach by providing a platform to
and promotion for real estate giants in
make the process simpler” tems is groomed to be proficient in mul- the company’s extensive portfolio of its staff members to contribute to the
India, and a restaurant major in the US tiple technologies, handling various success, they established a foothold in different channels of social welfare or-
are a few to mention about their creative It is this, in combination with hon- client retention rate and the fact that they development methodologies, conversant both computer aided engineering design ganizations. Among several welfare
solutions. esty and transparency, that has worked have started or are in process of starting in working with global clients from di- and IT services. initiatives, it is notable that Vernalis
wonders for Vernalis Systems. Every joint ventures with several of their cus- versified domains. With an appropriate Systems has joined hands with Rang
Customer is King and Employees are customer is made aware of the fact that tomers. Not only have their customers mentoring program in place, the man- The Road Ahead De a non-profit micro financing or-
Assets all the development work is being done provided several credible leads that re- agement strives hard to groom the next Today, a decade since its humble begin- ganization. Many of its employees are
For Chandra, it was a conscious decision in its development center in Chennai. sult in tangible projects, but Vernalis generation of leaders within the organi- ning, the company has been seeing con- social investors through Rang De in
to keep the company a relatively small Apart from the 110 engineers at Chen- Systems has also started technology cen- zation and inculcate in them the values it stant growth. With about a handful of extending help to the needy. The com-
enterprise offering niche services. But in nai, the company has six project man- tric joint ventures with their customers. stands for. Because of the nature of the customer acquisition per year, it ensures pany not only does social investment
an age of cut throat competition, where agers in its US office and two in London These joint ventures span various verti- projects and the challenges the teams that the quality is not compromised to but also contributes its time and effort
its larger peers are striving hard to win and Germany. These managers act as cals including healthcare services, phar- face, the company believes that its pro- quantity. to Rang De.
customers on the basis of human re- both the cultural and business interfaces maceutical, and social networking. Most fessionals are much more experienced As the world gears up towards Having closely worked with energy
source and other infrastructure capabili- of the company, thereby providing a recently, they deployed a mobile appli- and industry savvy in comparison with taking the enterprise solutions, social conservation associations, Vernalis Sys-
ties, Vernalis Systems treads a different level of comfort to the customers. While cation: Connect5 with one of their long- current industry standards. media applications, and end user so- tems also has become a well informed
path. “For us, it is not the number of cus- design and architecture are done from standing customers. Connect5 is a social “Our open and transparent way of lutions to the mobile world heavily energy consumer itself and promotes en-
tomers that matter but rather the length Chennai, the managers onsite focus on networking application that rivals working means all our employees di- supported by major players and plat- ergy conservation and environment
and depth of customer engagement. At business analysis and project manage- foursquare. Connect5 is a location-based rectly see and experience that their suc- forms, the company is making sure it friendly approach in all possible ways in
any given time we have 25 active proj- ment. iPhone application that shows you what cess, their team’s success, the client’s is in the right place to leverage on its daily life. The company actively pro-
ects that vary anywhere between three In order to keep the communication a venue is like and how your friends are success and the organization’s success this opportunity. motes greening solutions and provides
months to 2 years,” says Chandra. clear between the company and its cus- doing in realtime. are directly linked with each other; Vernalis Systems is today well po- subsidized technology support to global
“Empathy” to customers is the un- tomers, the company has developed an In order to further enhance cus- which greatly fosters an exceptional sitioned to play a very significant role energy conservationists.
derlying culture within the company. internal Web based project management tomers’ trust in the company, it con- level of personal motivation and inspi- in providing mobile applications, busi- With the ideology of not falling
Unlike most vendors who act on the or- tool - COLLABRIA. Since every project stantly conducts audits to ensure the ration, which is one of the key ingredi- ness intelligence, application support, into the rat race and growing at one’s
ders of the customers, at Vernalis Sys- is a custom application development, the standards are met. Clients are also in- ents of our success,” says Chandra. and engineering design combined with own pace instead of the industry de-
tems, the idea is to involve with every requirements keep pouring in time to vited to the company’s premises annu- This transparency, along with their media backed solutions for our global mands, Vernalis Systems continues to
aspect of the project right from the be- time, and hence everything about a proj- ally in order to get a first hand core competencies, has served Vernalis customers. The company is also playing stand for a cause.

The Smart Techie

|32| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010

Cyber Attacks

IndianTelecom Industry Sees A
Saturation Point Ahead? Enterprises far from Equipped!
n operation Aurora loot- based in U.S. and Europe. Infiltration for 42 percent of total attacks. Over the
ing intellectual property happened through accounts of human past four months, an average of 130
from Google, Adobe activists in China but was identified to instances of malware were found
ndia’s inspiration machine and 72.5 percent by 2012 and 82 percent 30,240 crore. Vodafone becomes the and Microsoft; have aimed not just Google but twenty every day simply by searching for
former President Dr. APJ Abdul by 2014. third largest player with revenue of Rs. $1,109,790 stolen from other large companies from a wide content on popular, “trending” topics
Kalam had shared his vision of Rural market is the center of focus 23,200 crore. Reliance Communica- many firms at UK; Zeus Trojan packs range of businesses—including the In- via Twitter, Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Indian tele-density reaching for the operators now. By introducing tions recorded revenue of Rs 22,130 for personalized malware available at ternet, finance, technology, media According to the Secu-
over 75 percent well before the more low-priced handsets, every crore coming at the fourth place. The $700 online; 92 percent of MNCs ex- and chemical sectors. rity Tracking Study
year 2020. Keeping alive his expecta- provider is trying to made inroads to fifth place is held by Aditya Birla periencing a malicious security breach It was followed by a carried out by the
tions, the urban tele-density has the villages and expand their reach to Group’s Idea Cellular with revenue of at some time according to Pricewater- recent hacking of Ponemon Institute in
reached the 100 percent landmark and the remote areas. Rs. 11,390 crore. house Coopers and the question — Ford Motor August this year, 83 per-
the rural tele-density is slowly shoot- The government has received a ‘Are enterprises prepared for new gen Credit Co.’s cent of multinational
ing up. The overall tele-density has in- whooping revenue of Rs. 67,719 cyber attacks?’ computer companies believe they
creased to 58.17 percent in July 2010. from the 3G allocation earlier this Gone are those days when cyber database that have been the target of a
Indian telecom industry is in a rapid year. The private operators who have attacks were an issue of unease only to illustrates the cyber attack over the past
expansion phase with more operators spent large amounts on 3G bidding the government and military. In- potential loss 12 months. A Cyber security
and subscribers adding up in a fast and are worried over its success in the creased use of internet-enabled de- and devastation survey by Narus says more
steady rhythm. Given the fact that near future as generally only an 80- vices in the workplace has paved way present in than 71 percent of respon-
most of the providers offer free con- 90 percent penetration determines for big time cyber attacks in enter- cyber-risk. En- dents are concerned that their
nections, the subscriber base is shoot- success of a particular technology. prises by a better resourced and so- tering through a data- company is not equipped to
ing up each day. The competition Many analysts believe that 2G will phisticated breed of cyber criminals. protect itself from cyber at-
between the operators has intensified still rule the roost for at least the next One of the main reasons why busi- tacks; approximately 88 per-
to a state that they are actually com- two to three years and feel that only nesses have become more vulnera- cent think the
peting to slash prices. 10 percent of the population will mi- ble is the proliferation of new government is not
The penetration of mobile connections grate to 3G any time sooner. Al- technologies and the growing depend- base equipped to protect itself.
in India has been skyrocketing in the though delayed for a few months, ence on IT. A research carried out by oper- The survey by Narus pro-
last couple of years. A Gartner study most of them are planning to roll out Accenture showed that 73 percent of ated by poses a ‘cyber security ecosystem’
predicts that mobile connections in their 3G services by the year end. organizations believe they have ade- credit-reporting to tackle this issue. Realizing that one
India will cross 660 million, growing Looking at the rapid growth of quate policies in place to protect sen- agency Experian, hack- company cannot possibly offer tech-
at 27.3 percent in the current year. The Indian telecom sector, some foresee sitive information, yet more than half ers downloaded the Social Security nology and services to cover the vast
revenue from mobile services is ex- a point of saturation at some time in have lost sensitive data within the past numbers and addresses of 13,000 cus- needs among organizations, cyber se-
pected to reach $19.8 billion by the the distant future. Is there going to be two years. tomers. curity vendors must cooperate with
end of the year, up by 19.7 percent an opposite turn at which point the Alarms started off in mid-Decem- To add to the story, Cyber attacks each and form a “cyber security
from last year. The customer base has industry will stabilize itself in terms ber, when Google detected a highly so- are on a rampage with applications ecosystem” and to offer more value to
increased tenfold from 46 million in Bharti Airtel tops the list of tele- of pricing and offers? Should we fear phisticated and targeted attack on their like Adobe Flash, PDF or Internet Ex- their customers. Improvement of
2001 to 470 million in 2010. The In- com service providers in terms of rev- of a market collapse in telecom in- corporate infrastructure originating plorer frequently targeted by attackers. areas like security training, awareness
dian mobile industry is expected to enues with Rs. 38,800 crore. Although dustry as a result of intensified com- from China that resulted in the theft of Adobe, which had to face the music and comprehension of threats by ex-
score a double-digit growth rate till the saw a dip in its revenue for the second petition? If it happens ever, it will intellectual property. Much to their this time, saw a top web-based attack ecutive management and security au-
end of 2012 and the penetration of mo- consecutive year, BSNL still holds the only be the strongest players who woes, it was not constrained to China from April to June, related to mali- dits can also tackle cyber terrorism to
bile connections is projected to reach second spot with revenue of Rs. would survive. but went on to access Gmail accounts cious PDF activity, which accounted an extent.

The Smart Techie

|34| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Team Talisma

commodate future growth and evolve customization required and ensuring adoption. Ensuring the application
with growing business requirements? the CRM vendor can cater to these user interface is familiar to the user
As businesses grow, the need for CRM requirements is essential. A back- and highly user friendly is imperative
solutions to expand in a cost-efficient ground check on the CRM vendors’ to the efficient use of the CRM solu-
manner will be critical in ensuring the experience, client list and product tion. Does the solution offer easy
effectiveness of the CRM solution in maturity can be a rewarding exercise navigation and offer a unified, 360˚
the long run. Users that anticipate in deciding if they will be able to view of customer information by in-
growth should ensure CRM solutions cater to specific requirements. Does tegrating data from various chan-
are capable of being rapidly scalable the CRM solution feature localiza- nels? An easy-to-use solution that is

Choosing the without disrupting existing systems tion support with local language op- self explanatory will ensure less staff
and IT infrastructure. tions and local support capabilities? training, lesser implementation
How soon can the CRM solution This is particularly useful when deal- costs, efficient user adoption and

CRM Solution be deployed? In today’s fast paced ing with international customers. faster ROI.
world, time is money and rapid de-

ployment time plays an important role Choosing an ideal CRM solution catered to specific business
in realizing faster ROI of a CRM so- requirements can make a world of difference to both
forYour Business lution. While rapid deployment is 20es-
sential, it should not come at theHAL
November, 2010
costConvention Centre, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.
customer relationships and organizational profitability
of quality. An ideal CRM solution
should adhere to rapid deployment 10 am - Ease
4 pm of integration with existing Choosing an ideal CRM solution
schedules while ensuring quality and legacy systems is one of the key con- catered to specific business require-
ith customer satis- a d - of customer informa- catering to complexity and customiza- cerns when implementing a CRM so- ments can make a world of difference
faction and cus- dressed. How tion and interaction? These tion requirements. lution. The ability to make upgrades not only to customer relationships
tomer delight being can customer are some of the key function- CRM solutions revolve around and enhancements to the existing IT but organizational profitability as
the cornerstone of relationships be ality considerations to be ob- customer focus and customer cen- infrastructure without altering the ex- well. Clearly established expecta-
success in today’s strengthened? Is served. tricity. Customizing to cater to the isting IT infrastructure should be an- tions and objectives by both user and
corporate world, Customer Relation- there a need for marketing, sales and Cost efficiency is another major demanding customer requirements is other parameter to be kept in mind vendor coupled with committed man-
ship Management (CRM) plays a vital service activity automation? How can deciding factor while considering a of paramount importance in any in- while choosing a CRM solution. agement involvement and dedicated
role in ensuring organizational effi- customer service be improved? How CRM solution. As in the case of any dustry and more so in the CRM in- One of the key reasons that cause user adoption will seal the deal in re-
ciency and success. From enhancing can operating costs be reduced? Is investment, the ROI should justify the dustry. While seeking a CRM the unsuccessful utilization of a alizing a satisfying and rewarding
relationships with existing customers, there a unified source of customer in- investment. In today’s era of customer solution, determining the level of CRM solution is inadequate user CRM experience.
identification of potential customers, formation available to employees experience, fostering customer rela-
assessing customer needs, serving as a across the organization? Identifying tionships yields bigger returns. CRM
sales and marketing enabler to ensur- these CRM objectives, linking them solutions enable considerable reduc-
ing efficient dissemination of cus- with the overall corporate objectives tions in operating costs and contribute
tomer information throughout an
organization, Customer Relationship
Management is an efficient business
and ensuring active leadership in-
volvement from day one will deter-
mine how effective a CRM solution
to higher revenues. Conducting a cost-
benefit analysis plays a vital role in re-
alizing the need of a CRM solution.
Senior Techie
strategy that uses technology to not
only organize and automate customer-
centric business processes but also
strengthen customer relationships and
can be to your business.
Perhaps the most important factor
to consider when choosing a CRM so-
lution is the level of functionality re-
Ascertaining if the CRM solution is to
be On-Premise or Hosted should also
be factored in while considering a
CRM solution. Data security consid-
JOB FAIR 20 November, 2010
offer increased customer value. quired. Does the solution offer erations should be given paramount Welcome to the only exclusive job fair for experienced engineers in India. We
In today’s highly competent CRM real-time updates of customer infor- importance while deciding on an on- understand that looking for a career change is a serious endeavor and our aim is to
vendors market, choosing an ideal mation and feature detailed analysis, premise or hosted solution. While
provide you and hiring companies a conducing atmosphere for serious discussion.

CRM solution can be challenging. The tracking and forecasting capabilities? hosted solutions yield a faster return
We do not intend to do a "Mela" where anyone can walk in looking for a job. ob. We will

key to identifying the right CRM so- Does it address the automation of each on investment, on-promise solutions
ds that
like you to register with us, submit your resume, if our evaluation teams finds

lution lies in understanding how it will module in the marketing, sales and ensures data security. Organizations
you have the qualifications that some of attending companies may be looking king for,

address your overall corporate goals service lifecycles? What are the vari- should, therefore, weigh out the bal-
we will invite you to attend the job fair. We do not sell resumes so you can be rest
assured that only companies listed here will see the resume.
and objectives. The first step in select- ous customer touch points or commu- ance between faster ROI versus secu-
ing an ideal CRM solution is to iden- nication channels supported? Does the rity considerations.
Recruiting Companies

tify the specific CRM objectives to be solution offer a complete, unified view Is the CRM solution scalable to ac-

The Smart Techie

|36| November 2010 Time: 10 am - 4 pm Venue: HAL Convention Centre, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

To learn more visit us @

TECHNOLOGY By Edgardo Salinas Contreras
The Author is Head - ADM, Quest Software
tions judiciously and introducing and communicated, documented and jectives. Combine that understanding
embracing new processes. This in- understood throughout all of IT with tools that help you determine a
cludes restructuring the service This is critical to improving the deliv- problem exists, communicate why it’s
model to more of a service manage- ery of performance to end users, as a problem and show how to resolve it
ment model that focuses on the end well as making sure IT is aligned with .
user’s perspective of the quality of IT the business goals. 8. Measure business-critical appli-
service. cation performance and communi-
4. Understand all components of cate findings to business leaders
What is a best practice? your environment and how they in- Show them the business-critical appli-
Application performance management teract cation performance history in a way
is about people, process and technol- Many of the challenges of managing that is relevant to them (number of
ogy bound together to keep the busi- applications in a virtual environment successful transactions, availability,
ness competitive and attractive, and to stem from the way virtualization tech- etc.).

retain customers by improving the out- nology leverages the four core re-
put to the end users. sources: CPU, memory, disk, and 9. Act on your findings

A practice becomes “best” when network. By understanding the impact With business leaders, examine the ap-
fOR EffECTIVE APPLICATION continual measuring of the process ad- of resource sharing, and gaining in- plication performance history to deter-
justment indicates you have moved sight into the key components of the mine what the problems are, and
MANAGEMENT from where you started to where you virtual environment – data centers, create a plan to improve it. Make sure
wanted to go. Following are 10 best data stores, clusters, resource pools, you take into account both current and
IN A VIRTuAL ENVIRONMENT practices for effective application ESX servers, and VMs – your organi- planned future work, and any changes
management as you begin building zation can better support the applica- in business priorities. Reprioritize
your virtualized environment: tions running in the virtual your processes from both IT and busi-
irtualization has dation of hardware, including mainte- tion initiative effectively supports end- environment. ness perspectives, and make the
changed the world of nance, hardware upgrades and addi- user objectives and business-critical 1. Develop an application perform- changes that will provide the most re-
IT, as it provides signif- tional application-driven hardware applications. ance management plan 5. Know your applications and what turn and flexibility, but also reduce
icant cost savings and purchases that no longer are necessary, To meet the operational challenges The plan is the most important part of virtualization will do to them cost and risk.
business flexibility. It as well as elimination of multiple soft- of virtualization you need to have a application performance management Know the application’s technical pa-
also brings new and difficult chal- ware purchases for all the hardware. thorough understanding of your virtual and should be undertaken from the end rameters, measure and monitor them 10. Continuously measure and mon-
lenges to application management, Reduced man power and less power infrastructure, and manage the rela- users’ point of view. Understand end continuously before you start building itor everything in your virtual envi-
making the traditional, physical per- consumption also means reduced util- tionships and interactions between all users’ expectations, develop SLAs that your virtual environment and after. ronment
formance monitoring tools and ap- ity costs. of the components in the environment. are meaningful to them, and recognize Start by measuring what you under-
proaches insufficient for the virtual Many organizations don’t fully To start with, thoroughly understand that you will continually tweak your 6. Carefully choose the software so- stand, with the end user in mind. Track
world. reap the benefits of virtualization be- the technological maturity of your or- plan as more of your environment is lutions you need to facilitate optimal measurements over time to see trends,
Virtualization slows down re- cause their virtual infrastructures are ganization. Does it have a low level of virtualized. performance of your virtual infra- and develop a baseline. You need to
sources and may create conflicts at the hindered not just by the challenges, maturity, with little monitoring, a structure know where you are to show improve-
physical level that will impact appli- but also by poorly performing appli- chaotic environment and frequent cus- 2. Create a project team that has Weigh the complexity and the cost of ment when your processes take you to
cation performance. Other challenges cations that don’t meet SLAs or end- tomer complaints? Or, is it a highly the same goals solutions, and choose those that a different level.
facing IT include monitoring the user needs. End users need to stay matured organization in which SLAs The team must understand that for a allow you to see the entire virtualiza- Virtualization must be implemented
health of the virtual machines, analyz- productive and satisfied with the per- are always met and customers are to- virtualization initiative to be tion infrastructure in a single view to with care and planning if it is to suc-
ing data, alerting staff to problems, formance of the system, so an effec- tally happy. successful, the organization must walk gain understanding of how it impacts cessfully support applications and min-
and performing additional administra- tive application management plan An application performance man- before it can run. This means starting the entire application environment. imize negative effects on end users.
tive tasks. All of these issues require should, first and foremost, consider agement plan must be a continuous small, measuring and monitoring the With a sound plan, processes that pro-
both a new approach and new genera- their perspective and eliminate per- improvement process that evolves as parts of your environment that have 7. Have the capability to determine mote optimal performance of the vir-
tion of solutions to ensure continuous formance issues that hinder their pro- the needs of the organization change. been virtualized, and slowly adding the root cause of an incident or tual infrastructure, knowledge of how
service delivery and support. ductivity. It is important to continuously under- more. It means adjusting to new tools problem before end users are af- and where to contain the costs of im-
Virtualization facilitates increased Good planning and a set of best stand and monitor your organization’s and approaches to effectively protect fected plementing a virtual environment, and a
business continuity, disaster recovery, practices are the keys to a well-devel- maturity at all levels once initiated. and maintain the environment. A good understanding of the way the good understanding of both the envi-
flexibility, and agility; reduced down- oped virtual environment that achieves Other steps to mitigate performance is- components of your virtual environ- ronment and its applications, you can
time and cost, operational efficiencies optimal performance, contains costs sues that affect business-critical oper- 3. Make sure the end user perspec- ment work and interact will help to de- virtualize with confidence and your or-
in backup, high availability and stor- and provides significant ROI to the or- ations include measuring everything tive and your applications’ capabil- termine the root cause of incidents, ganization can fully realize the benefits
age. Savings come from the consoli- ganization, and ensures the virtualiza- continuously, choosing software solu- ities in the virtual environment are and meet performance and SLA ob- of virtualization.

The Smart Techie

|38| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Sanjiv Pande
The Author is President - School Learning Solutions, NIIT
any institution to be very careful in se- management with the trauma of inte- IT skilling and Change management
lecting the right technology and con- grating the piecemeal solutions into These are perhaps most critical factors
sider its consequences in detail. They their system and sub-optimal utiliza- for successfully integrating technol-
may not only end up wasting huge tion of resources. ogy in the learning ecosystem of a
Generally schools like
to believe that more sums of money but also playing with school. It is easier to get children used
the lives of hundreds of young minds
whose future is trusted to a school by
the hardware, the
Technologyenabled learning solutionsspace has
better is the solution.
seen lots of excitement inthe past few years
Nothing can be farther Challenges in successfully integrat-
ing technology solutions in schools: especially as schools are experimenting with it to
‘Wonders of technology’ is a theme
that every teacher and every student
provide toolsthat positively impact learning
system have shown limited results.
would have spent reams of paper writ-
India’s 75000 odd private schools ac-
ing on. However we need to under-
count for 7 percent of total institutions
stand that technology in itself in
but enroll 40 percent of country’s 219
neither a genie nor a master. It is what- Lack of right pedagogy in learning to technology however the bigger
million students. About 142 mn chil-
ever we make out of it. NIIT has been solutions challenge is to impact the mindset of
dren are not in the schooling system.
involved in bringing up people and For technology to make sense to its teachers and support staff. A simple
Other major business opportunity
computers together successfully for users in educational institutions, it is hardware support does not work.
exists in the form of tutoring and many
over 27 years now. Our work in tech- imperative to have a strong pedagogi- Teachers need a specific type of sup-
mom and pop stores are making merry.
nology in K-12 education space in cal framework. After all it is not about port which may be more academic
How much does this appeal to the con-
India over the past decade has given us technology but about education. It has than technical. While office staff may

science of an interested corporate
some rare insights into kind of chal- been observed that off-the shelf tech- need detailed training and re-training
player has to be seen since tutoring is
lenges that schools faces in integrating nology solutions end up impacting the on features of a solution. One size
looked down upon by many. Lots of
technology successfully: learning ecosystem negatively by cre- does not fit all is the mantra here.
Successful Integration of Technology in players are also operating in areas like
ating a passive learning environment.
pre-schooling, school ERP’s, text-
Schools- Opportunities and Challenges Lack of integrated solutions Technology over-shadows the real Total Cost of Ownership
books/stationery items and provision
Schools as a rule always fail to see the purpose of learning. Many times a school, while going
t is very rightly said that ‘Nothing is permanent but change’. However if of other technology enabled learning
bigger picture while trying to integrate ahead to adopt a solution, overlooks
we look at how the world has changed around us in the last few solutions etc. Apart from text-books,
ICT into their system. Their approach Hardware focus without emphasiz- the total cost of owning a solution.
decades, it would be right to say that more than change, the pace at stationery and related items, other
which change happens, is fascinating to watch . One of the most impor- at best is piecemeal. Normally a ing on content There may be lots of hidden costs in-
business opportunities have just
tant contributors to this mind-boggling change and its pace has been school spends on setting up a com- Generally schools like to believe that volved in use of a solution. Some-
opened up and many players are en-
technology. As in other spheres of human life, the impact of technology in puter lab and creates a small computer more the hardware, the better is the times even if it is considered, the cost
tering these segments every day. Tech-
how we educate our kids or how they educate themselves is also of great sig- department that takes care of computer solution. Nothing can be farther from is highly underestimated. These costs
nology enabled learning solutions
nificance. In this write up we shall dwell a bit on the challenges we face as education program of the school. truth. Be it in classrooms or in labo- can include hidden costs like higher
well as opportunities that lie ahead of us in integrating technology successfully space has seen lots of excitement in
When it comes to automating the ratories, the content is the key to the electricity bills, consumables, secu-
into our learning ecosystem in schools. The focus will be on private schools of the past few years. More and more
back-office operations, it is seen as a effectiveness of a solution. Even in rity etc.
India since the govt. K-12 education institutions are still in the infancy stage schools are experimenting with tech-
separate activity and without fail some the case of content schools are lead to
as far as integrating technology is concerned. nology solutions to provide for tools
local player holds the key to their ad- believe that more the content the bet- Obsolescence of technology
that positively impact learning in
ministration engine. If it comes to in- ter it is. This happens to push aggre- Technology gets outdated very fast. It
School education market in India: deeper we shall know that this sector schools. However as happens with any
tegrating technology in classroom gated content to un-suspecting is very important for a school to con-
Opportunity paradox may show lots of promise but chal- great business opportunity, lots of
there will be another vendor vying schools under the garb of covering sider before purchase, which is an ap-
There have been so many studies and lenges over-shadow the hope and op- small and big entrants try to make a
their attention. There is a severe prob- entire syllabus and all topics. Cus- propriate technology to invest in.
estimates which have painted a very portunities that exist. Education quick buck by churning out unmindful
lem of lack of an integrated solution tomers also tend to get carried away Newer technologies are being rolled
rosy picture of India’s School Educa- continues to be a Not-for-Profit indus- and half-baked solutions, at the click
which can address the needs of all the by look and feel. One needs to under- out which reduce the impact of obso-
tion market. It is currently pegged at try in India which makes many gen- of a button. Well meaning and well in-
stake holders like students, teachers, stand that quantity of hardware and lescence. It is better if a school goes
more than $40 billion promising a uinely interested private players stay tentioned schools who really want to
management etc with a single solu- content in a learning solution is the through an extensive exercise of defin-
double digit annual growth rate. So far away from the core business opportu- make a difference to the learning
tion. A school as a result has to either last thing that a school should look ing the vision and scope of IT integra-
so good, however anyone who gets nity of setting-up and running brick ecosystem for their students unfortu-
deal with multiple vendors for differ- for. Aggregated content has obvious tion program and involve other parties
smitten by this side of story, needs to and mortar schools. At the same time, nately end up burning their fingers. It
ent solutions or at times develop in- issues of irrelevance to the curricu- who can help them in coming up with
be highly careful. If we look a bit efforts by Govt. through its schooling is therefore extremely important for
house solutions. This leaves the school lum being followed by the school. a well defined plan.

The Smart Techie

|40| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
The author is Senior Vice President, Oracle Fusion
Middleware, Oracle Corporation, Asia Pacific Division The number one challenge facing fitted from faster data refreshes. The and integrate data across mixed en-
organizations that want to provide company uses a data integration tool vironments, avoiding the need for
real-time access to real-time data is to load information about customer expensive data migration. Transac-
integrating an ever growing amount buying patterns and store sales per- tional data is captured from its core
of information from heterogeneous formance from multiple enterprise re- system, delivered to multiple target
enterprise IT environments. This source planning systems into its data databases at several locations, and
must be done while ensuring no serv- warehouse. This reduced the time it made available online for analysis.
ice interruptions or performance took to refresh data in the data ware- This allowed the stock exchange
degradation to critical business appli- house from half a day to one hour, to meet regulations set out by the
cations. Data integrity must also be which ensured managers received Securities and Exchange Board of
assured as information is moved be- timely sales, inventory, and loyalty India that required daily stock trans-
tween systems program data. As a result, they can actions to be monitored online in
. better analyze which products are real time. In addition, transactional

High performance data integration selling through stores and maintain data was replicated at a disaster re-
Many organizations are wary of data optimum inventory levels. covery site to eliminate downtime

integration projects, believing they
involve data migrations that are com- With more organizations operating around the
plicated, expensive, and likely to im-
pact day-to-day operations. However, clock in multiple locations and time zones, the
data integration and replication solu-
tions exist that facilitate the capture, need for real-time information is imperative.
routing, transformation, and delivery

of transactional data between hetero- Accurate customer views caused by planned and unplanned
geneous databases in real time with The ability to access integrated data outages and adhere to regulatory

minimal overhead. Best of all, the to build an accurate customer profile guidelines around data security.
benefits of data integration can be felt will help organizations tailor their

almost immediately. offerings and increase sales oppor- Lower total cost of ownership
Take Hyundai Securities as an ex- tunities. For instance, a better un- Because data integration solutions
ample. To ensure its systems could derstanding of customer groups has support the legacy databases of het-
utilize information from a range of made it easier for Hyundai Securi- erogeneous systems and integrate
sources, the investment bank imple- ties to undertake targeted marketing. information from these systems in
mented a data integration solution This can help improve campaign re- real time, organizations can avoid
that captures and updates critical in- sponse rates and potentially deliver the need for costly data migration
formation as changes occur without greater revenue to the securities activities, as Hyundai Securities
veryone knows the importance of real-time ac-
Many organizations are wary impacting on the source system or firm. found. Its solution also reduced the
cess to real-time information. Organizations
network performance. This provides Similarly, Shoppers Stop can an- administrative burden on the firm’s
that are integrating data from disparate sources
continuous data synchronization alyze customer buying behavior, staff by eliminating manual transac-
of data integration projects,
and distributing it in real time have found that
across heterogeneous environments which helps managers develop mar- tions. As a result, it has reduced
believing they involve data they can cut costs, reduce risk and improve
and enables real-time updates. keting campaigns that meet the re- total cost of ownership while in-
business insight at the same time.
For Hyundai Securities, this quirements of specific customer creasing the availability and timeli-
With more organizations operating around the clock in
migrations that are
means transactions are based on con- segments based on their purchasing ness of information.
multiple locations and time zones, the need for real-time in-
sistent information even if they take history. Real-time data is a necessity not a
complicated, expensive, and
formation is imperative. Data must be continuously avail-
place between different systems. luxury for today’s growing busi-
likely to impact day-to-day able for transactional processing by mission-critical systems
Transactions are completed faster, Ensuring compliance and data se- nesses. A data integration solution
and to support business intelligence activities. It must also
more efficiently, and with minimal curity that use unique log-based change data
be accessible across the enterprise, anywhere in the world.
wait time for customers. The bank Data integration solutions can help capture and replication technology
As most business activities today are transaction-
can now process over 5,000 transac- organizations that operate in multi- that enable the capture, routing,
based—whether making purchases, paying bills, updating
tions per second, more than five ple locations to capture and distrib- transformation and delivery of trans-
account information or managing patient records within
times the number it could complete ute information from a central actional data between multiple data-
hospital networks—end users are demanding the right to ac-
previously. database. The Bombay Stock Ex- bases in real time can be deployed
cess, analyze, act on, integrate, store, and verify transac-
India’s largest department store change deployed a data integration quickly, cost-effectively and with
tional data, often in real time and without system
chain, Shoppers Stop, has also bene- and replication tool to synchronize minimal impact on the business.
interruption or downtime.

The Smart Techie

|42| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Saji Thoppil
The author is GM - Compute & Storage Practice,
Wipro India, Middle East and Africa ing the hardware usage. An essential Unified management: Convergence pliances as a distribution format are
component for any public cloud (a fac- of Hardware and the network inter- making rapid enablement of services
tory scale capacity meant for broad connects is not only cutting down the on private clouds. The same is also
consumption mostly on internet) or a datacenter floor space but also en- valid for the IaaS (Infrastructure as a
private cloud (an exclusively deployed abling single unified management of service) and SaaS (Software as a
capacity typically in secured network datacenter hardware. Something that service) and also PaaS (Platform as a
of the owner). It is no more the elite has been the struggle with all the En- Service)
technology reserved to mainframe sys- terprise Management Software. This Analyzing Cloud Computing
tems, the choice of very matured & sta- means the overall capacity for a pri- from this perspective makes one be-
ble virtualization software from vate or a public cloud can be man- lieve there is no real technical reason
licensed to open source software are aged as a single entity. why Cloud should not be the next big
today plenty. The virtualization tech- thing coming our way in the Informa-

The bandwidth price of

nology embedded by leading processor
vendors is a further boost.

network has come down to a

Bandwidth cost: The bandwidth price
of network has come down to a point

point that it is compelling to

that it is suddenly making it com-
pelling to access an entire suite of serv-
ices from internet. This means the

access an entire suite of

business case for a public or a commu-
nity cloud (very similar to public cloud

services from internet.

by meant for consumption by a closed
Cloud community) becomes much easier. The
bandwidth cost is expected to ease fur-

Driving ther and making it ever more com-
· X86: The significant performance Next Generation Datacenters: Most tion Technology evolution. There
& reliability improvement recently often the business case for a cloud is may still be non- technical issues like
Computing seen with systems based on x86
processor is pulling more customer and
broken at the datacenter level, the
legacy cooling and build nature of
legal, compliance and some legisla-
tive in nature, which is going to hold
as well equally the ISVs to embrace it datacenter meant limited scope for back many from taking the public

Blade based systems have

for critical business systems. Suddenly handling scale unit type capacities re- cloud way immediately. But most of
loud computing should we see commodity hardware capable quired in a private or a public cloud these concerns doesn’t hold good for
be the most talked about
brought unprecedented level of
of delivering large scale business criti- to optimize the operation cost. The a secure Private Cloud and therefore
buzzword today. Hardly cal services in a private or a public new generation of datacenters is per- in all probability will be the first step-
a day passes when one is
optimization in datacenters today.
cloud at compelling price points. Spe- mitting modular handling of capaci- ping stone for an enterprise to adopt
not confronted with one cific RISC, GPU based processors will ties and making it possible to pack cloud in steps.
or other newly brewed material on the also have a role to play in the cloud, huge capacities in small unit foot- A real success of Cloud means we
subject. No surprise that it is discussed but is expected to attract only niche ap- prints. are going to take many mundane non
around many drawing boards today as security, browser capability etc. re- of this writing. plications. strategic expenses going towards deliv-
the next big thing hitting us after the quired its own time to attain the level Therefore we try to analyze these Licensing & distribution: ISVs and ering and consuming information tech-
WEB. of maturity to deliver services at the technologies from the technology Blades: Blade based systems have licensing has always been an issue on nology for today’s consumers either for
There are many cautious souls who level acceptable to make web as pop- viewpoint and understand the crucial brought in unprecedented level of opti- virtualized platforms, virtualization enterprise or individuals.
have seen the hysterical drive around ular a platform as foreseen during the role played by some of the technology mization in datacenters today. While meant reduced license sale and hence Software developers are able to
the internet & WEB technologies dur- days of the dot com bubble. advancement making Cloud Comput- the shared chassis meant better com- vigorously opposed by many soft- maximize spend on developing their
ing the dot com days and the bubble Similarly the success and the broad ing a reality. pute per watt of electricity, it also meant ware suppliers. With virtualization core IP and not spending on multi-plat-
that followed leaving many scattered. acceptance of Cloud Computing is extreme flexibility in engineering and now accepted as an essential compo- forming, testing, packaging, distribution
While a decade down the line there is going to be based on a few enabling Virtualization: Basically a technology maintaining datacenters. The IMAC nent in a datacenter, the software ven- etc., means we can expect a radical new
a clear unison that the WEB is here to technologies. What is interesting to that abstracts the various hardware (Install, Add, Move and Change) on dors not accepting a licensing model level of innovation coming our way. In-
stay and is becoming ever more em- note is the level of maturity attained by subcomponents and permits multi-ten- hardware is suddenly simplified to a for virtualized system is only a hand- novations we believe will also solve
bedded into our lives. The bandwidth, many of these technologies at the time anting a system and thereby optimiz- few minutes of physical work. ful. This and the advent of virtual ap- some of our fundamentals problems.

The Smart Techie

November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Ajay Pal Singh Arora
The author is VP, Société Générale
3. Democratic: At the project incep- 8. Intelligent: A consulting team in an deeply rooted within us and the organi-
tion stage and at specific intervals of IT organization would need intelli- zation culture must allow a respect for

project review, it is good to have a gence leadership that can embrace the difference.
democratic style of leadership, as the future by navigating ambiguity All leaders in the organization must
this would allow the end product to and reframe problems as opportuni- be visibly involved in programs affect-
be more innovative and have its own ties. ing cultural change and articulate poli-

in differentiating factors. This would cies that govern diversity. While playing
Technology allow the staff to have a high sense 9. Bridging: While multiple modules an advisory role for set-up of a garment

Leadership of personal growth and participation.

Most of the IT companies have a
young workforce that in itself brings
in the democratic culture.
may be developed by different mod-
ule or project leaders, a bridging
leadership style is needed to integrate
all the components together and
retailing shop at Bangalore, I realized
how important it is to have sales execu-
tives who speak English, Hindi, Kan-
nada, Tamil, and Telugu to address the
make sure that the integrated whole different customers visiting the place.
oday, the technology industry has reached a state where the leadership po- 4. Transformational: While leading a brings more value than its individual Furthermore, the diverse staff under-
tential is inherent and developed in the discipline itself. With the pressures large project or a program with hun- parts. stood the different festivals, and specific
to ramp up fast, corporates feel less of a need to look at the other industries dreds of staff, transformational lead- products and schemes could be
for a policy to hire and choose the next leader from the existing team. ership would be more effective. The 10. Purposeful: An IT organization launched with their inputs. Also, it was
leader has integrity, sets clear goals, also needs a purposeful leadership important to have both male and female
On the other hand, innovation, new practices, and differentiating factors tend to de- communicates the vision, inspires, that brings the leader and the rest of staff – female staff tend to be better at
velop when you mix staff from two different disciplines or depute a person from one in- and expects the best from the team the employees together on a com- customer service, while male staff are
dustry to another. that acts in a Liassez-Faire manner. mon social cause for the commu- important to handle some other tasks.
The organizational culture becomes dependent on the This would be applicable when the nity or the society that the More so, it was essential to have a
leadership style and the leader’s background and staff is trustworthy and experienced. organization is working in, thus en- younger and more experienced sales
hence alignment of the corporate objectives with A person with lots of tenacity and pa- suring greater harmony with its force, as they could correlate easily with
leadership background becomes more vital than the tience to make change fits here. larger stakeholders and the envi- a similar customer group and facilitate
basic skills. ronment around. cost management.
Different facets of an IT project or an opera- 5. Transactional: For BPO delivery These are the same diversity ele-
tions process may need different type of leader- management, a transactional leader- As the IT market picks up again and or- ments that become important in an IT
ship. ship style ensures a better compli- ganizations find it difficult to hire re- industry. Multicultural and multina-
1. Autocratic: An autocratic leadership style becomes ance to the service level agreements sources, we should ask ourselves tional teams increase the ability to in-
important to ensure that the project schedules are met. or the key performance indicators whether we are looking at too shallow a crease sales, account management, and
It leads to an effective supervision with faster de- that have been set in for the process. pool. customer satisfaction across continents.
cision making, detailed instructions, and or- Hiring is one of the most difficult At the same time, gender diversity is
ders. It is easier to get work done in an 6. Creative: While developing a new decisions a manager faces and a wrong important to look at managing teams
industry where attrition rates are high IT product that is expected to be the decision can cause a serious setback. working in 24x7 shifts in a BPO. Varied
and lot of fresh engineers have to be ab- Intellectual Property (IP) of the com- This means that we end up selecting a experience in the team allows making
sorbed as trainees. The style leads to a pany or re-engineering a business candidate with a disposition just like a more competitive quote in compari-
more productive output while the process, it is necessary to provide a ours – including personality, sensibility, son with the other providers.
leader is watching. This should be bal- creative leadership. This would need and work style. In a nutshell, today’s leader needs
anced while employees are engaged in a highly diverse team across cultural In an organization with people of to encompass different styles of leader-
cultural and bonding activities beyond work and national boundaries to be more similar backgrounds working together ship and adapt the leadership style to
to ensure staff morale is not affected. A person effective. Encourage people from the for long periods, it closes the organiza- the organizational context. Build a di-
from the armed forces background may be in- advertising or music industry to be tion culture and the management’s atti- verse team, identify the strengths of
cluded to inculcate this practice among the rest of the part of such creative groups. tude towards outside ideas and the each individual in the management
management team. organization may lose out in the long team and let it be known to others in the
7. Corrective: Agile being a buzzword run. group, so as to best deploy the talents
2. Bureaucratic: To keep the project costs under control, it would need a bu- in the IT industry, corrective leader- All facets of leadership are impor- for the corporate objectives to be
reaucratic leadership. All the costs are approved as per the procedure or pol- ship is an asset when a product or a tant in today’s IT organization. We must achieved.
icy although it may allow room for exceptions in specific circumstances. The project is being developed in an iter- embrace diversity to empower people A highly flexible style of leadership
costs need to be approved in pre-set templates and forms and as per the pre- ative manner, allowing the team to and capitalize on their strengths. It is would allow faster achievement of
cise rules set in. A public sector background person would infuse the prac- work with freedom and correcting difficult for the existing staff to embrace goals and a more satisfied employee
tice of going by the rule book among the rest of the organization. the output at regular intervals. diversity as bias and prejudice are and customer base.

The Smart Techie

|46| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Srinivasan Viswanathan
The Author is Founder, Datsi
zone and again they rely on training or We have had experiences of students panies in the form of people who will go
information to solve those situations. buying “ready-made projects” from out- and teach students. Colleges should have
Students tend to complement the gaps side and such practices should be a mandatory one course in each semes-

Bridging with private training on specific tech- strongly discouraged by the college and ter taught by Industry people especially

nologies but quickly realize the need to NASSCOM should take special effort to on programming languages and funda-
learn some other technology and so on. backlist IT companies who provide such mentals. Similarly projects should be
the Gap Getting the Students
Industry Ready
This cannot scale in industry where
quick on-demand learning and parallel
learning is a key to success. A conscious
focus on the ability of the students to
learn by themselves i.e., Self-Learning
ready-made projects to the students. This
just reduces the quality significantly.
guided by one industry guide with re-
sponsibility to evaluate the student’s per-
formance on project technicals and soft
skills. While avenues (such as intern-
ship) exist today to make this happen,
orrester in one of its 2007 re- the industry should be able to independ- –Integrity, commitment, hard work with guidance and Pro-active thinking lack of a framework of accountability
port mentioned the need for ently think about the problem areas to and dedication, Good Communica- instead of reactive thinking is required. and metrics has resulted in dilution. Ef-
Indian IT industry to be come up with solutions and have the tion skills, email etiquette. The nature of the delivery of the course forts should be taken to have the indus-
more like value add advisors right attitude towards technology (both 7. Awareness – In general being aware syllabus needs some adjustment, and try reach for Tier-2 and Tier-3 colleges.
and innovators and go up the software/hardware) development, inno- of the IT industry trends, and the hap- below we give a framework of princi-
value chain to compete with the upcom- vation and team work. He should have penings in the industry. ples under which if we operate, the stu- Key Principles – The Pillars
ing IT work force from different parts of the following key attributes: dents perform better from our We believe in the following three key
the world. While India engineering cen- 1. Drive and creativity in IT problem Bridging the Gaps experience. Subjecting the students to principles along with the above ideas to
ters contribute a lot towards “product solving – Strong in fundamentals, How do we bridge the gaps between the more patterns based on these principles transform the student to an IT profes-
and solution development and execu- Programming skills, Algorithms. Ideal student described above and the will transform them to be industry ready. sional. (a) Experiential Learning –
tion”, our contribution towards “product 2. Real Life Technology Exposure – student passing out of the college? There where the students should be exposed to
conceptualization, strategic technology Good exposure to latest open source are several factors that contribute to the Accountability of the Final Year Proj- different real life technologies, experi-
future and thought leadership”, need technologies and any other major widening of the gaps and adopting pro- ects including Work Ethics and Soft Effective Jobs and Interviews ence and understand the nuances and
more impetus. One of the key accelera- technologies. Should have gone active measures in the right areas, will Skills The demand-supply nature of the IT in- apply them to solve real problems. (b)
tors that will help propel India Engi- through at least one complete project help narrow the gap and help seed the More emphasis is required on the nature dustry causes intense competition Rapid Fail-Fast Convergence Model
neering towards Innovation Excellence life cycle with real life technologies. right principles in the students. and execution of the final year project. among the companies to grab the fresh – Students should be encouraged to de-
will be the vast talent pool generated by 3. Self Learning Abilities – With the in- Emphasize Self-Learning and Pro-ac- It should go through the entire project students at the earliest. This has resulted velop real life code and programs, where
Tier -2, Tier-3 colleges in India as they formation deluge in the internet era, tive Thinking life cycle touching open source tech- in job offers to the students during pre- they should constantly go through the
will be major players of the future of our assimilation of the right information Informational teaching gives the stu- nologies, industry standard APIs, and a final year (3rd year) or early final year cycle of Develop Fail Adjust 
IT industry. Touching these students on demand to produce right results. dents a bunch of information on a syl- framework needs to be put in place to (7th semester, 4th yr). These job offers Learn  Converge. By failing often, the
while in college and preparing them for 4. Courage to delve into the unknown – labus and later subject them to well evaluate the project along these lines. tend to cause a sense of relaxation students learn fast, and converge to a
the Industry with a long term vision of Ability to move to new technology defined pattern of questions to which Original coding work on the project among the students with only getting learning knowledge. (c) Big Picture
going up in the value chain is a chal- areas and learn without expensive they respond reactively. The latter we should be evaluated based on the no. of pass marks until they pass out, and a sig- Connection and Cognition – Students
lenge. Seeding these students with the training or hand holding. term as reactive thinking. This kind of lines of effective code, innovative ideas, nificant amount of learning is compro- should know the individual pieces of the
right principles of industry perspective 5. Pro-active thinking – More inquisi- exposure for 3-4 years tends to restrict and the actual result produced. Industry mised during this period. NASSCOM technology puzzle how they fit in the big
technology learning and work ethics will tive and questioning in nature to get their thinking and creates lots of gravity people should get involved actively in should give strong guidance to the In- picture (Technology Principles). Stu-
help accelerate the transformation we deeper understanding of the problem for the students to come out of it. Real these projects and they should contribute dian companies not to give out job of- dents should know to connect the indi-
look for in a few years. Here we articu- at hand and analyze quality life problems and projects quickly tend to the final evaluation as well. Work fers prior to final semester. Job vidual pieces of the puzzle to form
late the vision for an ideal student com- tradeoffs in algorithms and to take most of the stu- Ethics and Soft skills evaluation should Interviews should focus on both funda- patterns (Design Patterns). Students
ing out of the college, and propose ideas design with propen- dents out of the be integrated with this project delivery - mentals and more importantly on the should know to think long term based on
on bridging the gaps. We think it is a so- sity towards inno- comfort on Integrity, hard work, commitment, originality and quality of the project the quality tradeoffs to decide on a di-
cial responsibility for all of us to be part vation. dedication, team work, communication, work done by the student. rection of the technology project (Strate-
of this transformation. 6. Work ethics and email etiquette and presentation. Stu- gic Vision). We have successfully
S o f t dents should go through the entire Proj- Mandatory Industry-University Con- applied the three principles above in
Vision skills ect life cycle concepts – “explore, nection helping to transform the students to an
We need to strategically profile the ideal analyze, prototype, design, implement We should pro-actively enable the In- Industry Ready Computer Professional.
student passing out of the college, in and integrate “during the execution of dustry-University Connection with some We presented a holistic view of bridg-
terms of Industry requirements. By vi- the project. Students should be encour- measurable results imposed by NASS- ing the gaps in getting a student industry
sion we don’t mean the curriculum or aged to do original projects and con- COM on the industry. We should form ready that will help us set forth a bright
the contents of the individual courses in tribute to open source communities that an Industry wide special interest group future for the students to become IT in-
universities. An ideal student ready for can lead to more young entrepreneurs. [[ with investments from individual com- novators of our country tomorrow.

The Smart Techie

|48| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Rajamani Srinivasan
The author is Vice President-Solution Engineering,
SAP Indian Sub-continent cent statistics show that 15 percent of  Field service management The growth of mobile connections
the connections are on smartphones,  Utilities: billing and collections and the introduction of 3G technol-
which translates to about 95 million  Remote supply chain/rural supply ogy are fueling this growth, and busi-
connections. On a rough estimate, 50 chain management nesses are also finding smarter ways
percent of the smartphones are being  Microfinance segments: mobile of doing business and cutting down
used for business purposes. That indi- SIM card-based banking, loan ap- on cycle times. PDAs are getting
cates at least 40 to 50 million mobile plication process and approvals, converged into mobile phones, and
phone connections that are potential etc. the convergence of mobile business
users for running mobile business ap- Mobile business applications can also applications into mobile phones and
Mobile Business plications. BlackBerry alone has about
4,000,00 connections in India.
originate outside the organization —
from an end consumer — or from a
iPads is now a possibility. ERP ven-
dors like SAP are also increasingly
Mobile phones have even pene- user who is within the organization. As offering standard scenarios and tech-
Applications trated rural areas. With the focus of an example, for an end consumer-ini- nology for their ecosystems to co-in-

Next Advancement in
many corporations being business at novate, including the ability to
the bottom of the pyramid, there is orchestrate transactions between

Mobile Convergence
wider scope for capturing business
The development of the mobile the mobile business application
transactions happening in rural areas business applications would and the ERP application.
on smart mobile handsets. The development of the mo-
Thus, the next revolution would be bile business applications would
increasingly be built by the
to build and deploy mobile business increasingly be built by the

ecosystems that co-innovate
transactions by enterprise resource ecosystems that co-innovate with
planning (ERP) vendors, in close col- the ERP vendors. India, with its
with the ERP vendors.
laboration with telecom companies. huge population of technically
Telecom companies would use their tiated transaction, imagine one could skilled workers, will see a larger de-
network reach to be able to connect the choose a pizza catalogue from his mo- veloper community and organiza-
ERP solutions with the centralized bile and make an order to the pizza tions that are working in synergy
hosting capabilities they may possess center nearest to his location. The tele- toward building these applications
nterprise software has long many organizations, business is operat- for the mobile applications. This may com company can route the pizza for diversified business scenarios.
been restricted to business ing almost 24x7. present a new revenue stream for order into the ordering system, which With a view to drive efficiencies,
users who are expected to Mobile business applications are the them. ERP vendors like SAP are al- could be on an ERP application, that is SAP is co-innovating with Sybase to
perform the transactions or next revolution of extending enterprise ready offering mobile development hosted either in their own data centre build pre-packaged scenarios around
view information with lim- software to the business end user, who platform and standard customer rela- or within the internal cloud of the sales and services functions within
ited user interface options — normally may carry a smart mobile handset like tionship management(CRM) and pizza company. The ERP software CRM software and enterprise mobil-
a laptop or a PC. In today’s context, the an iPad, mobile phone, or BlackBerry, ERP-centric transactions that help running within the pizza company can ity, in order to offer complimentary
definition of business users business users in sales and customer- then process the order, then SMS back technology solutions. This will en-
has been extended to people facing functions to be able to perform to the end user who ordered the pizza able SAP to deliver capabilities for
who perform business func- As of July 2010, India has more than transactions. Integration of mobile the details of the order and also the its customers and partners to build
tions, beyond the transac- 635 million mobile phone connections business applications back to enter- exact time when the pizza can be de- mobile business applications accord-
tional users. The change has and is adding five to six million new prise software is a critical requirement, livered. ing to their enterprise needs. SAP
also happened with man- and SAP, for example, already offers There are many other examples also offers business intelligence ca-
agers and senior managers connections every month. the SAP NetWeaver Process Integra- of how mobile business applications pabilities through its SAP Busines-
who seek to access informa- tor offering to be able to orchestrate can be relevant, even simply within sObjects Mobile software, with
tion on a self-service basis rather than and who is connected online to a net- transactions. an organization. A sales executive which business users can view BI re-
be supplied information by others. work on a 24x7 basis. This is especially tracking his or her opportunities or a ports on their BlackBerrys and other
The dynamic nature of business as relevant to the Indian context, with the Some examples of business scenarios purchase manager being able to ap- mobile devices.
well as the freedom to operate from dif- explosion in the number of mobile con- that would be increasingly offered as prove purchase orders while on the Thus, transactions that are being
ferent parts of the world and at odd nections that have happened recently, mobile business applications are: move are some other examples. performed by business users will in-
times have also created a need for alter- and with the introduction of 3G tech-  Traditional workflow approvals in While the situation described creasingly be carried out through mo-
native methods of being connected to nology. As of July 2010, India has more an organization: PO, expense re- above is not quite new to the busi- bile applications, which will greatly
the enterprise software that is deployed than 635 million mobile phone connec- ports, sales order, credit approvals, ness world, the change that is now increase the efficiencies of corpora-
in organizations. Approvals for transac- tions and is adding five to six million etc., happening is the widespread use tions and cut down the cycle time of
tions are expected anytime since, with new connections every month. The re-  Field sales management across industries and organizations. transactions.

The Smart Techie

|50| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
TECHNOLOGY By Vishak Raman
The author is Regional director, India and SAARC, Fortinet
range of more advanced mobile serv- ing sensitive corporate data. Fortinet For the end-user, both corporate
ices, such as real-time access to believes the increased usability of and private, here are some tips to fol-
high-quality audio/video trans- smart phones and other wireless de- low for the safe usage of their mobile
mission. For example, with its vices and the new business models device:
application portal, Apple, they enable will become the biggest 1. Similar to patch management on
which has a small percent- threat to corporate security in the near PC platforms, apply any updates
age of the handset market, future. to mobile platforms as soon as
has already changed the The mobile market presents a they become available. For exam-
way many people interact unique position in terms of malware as ple, Google quickly issued a fixed

with their smart phones, compared to the traditional PC market. when the vulnerability in its open
while Microsoft and Nokia The platforms available for attack on source Android OS was discov-
are also talking up their own PC platforms are limited – Windows, ered in late 2008. Be educated and
similar portals. The level of per- MacIntosh and Linux – while the aware of threats that bridge to the
sonalization and customiza- number of mobile platforms continues Internet.

tion possible with these to grow: Google Android, Apple mo- 2. Phishing scams looking for bank
portals will mean new bile OS, SymbianOS, Windows Mo- account information or corporate
uses, both good and bile, Palm. For example, we are just credentials are very real to hit
bad, will be found. seeing the tip of the iceberg with users on mobile devices, just as
This presents a big Google’s Android OS vulnerability they are with PCs. Just like social

A Double Edge
concern for corporate discovered late last year. And just last networks, mobile networks
network managers as month, discovery of the new Sym- through voice contacts are highly

Sword for Security

users are no longer bOS/Yxes.A!worm (AKA “Sexy trusted. Attempt to verify the iden-
bound by factory-in- View”) mobile worm gives strong in- tity of any incoming messages that
stalled applications. With dication that we may be on the edge of are suspicious. Reply with some-
this greater usability, con- a mobile botnet. This sophisticated thing simple like “What is this?”
sumers are now adopting SMS-propagation strategy, which to ensure you are able to confirm

smart phones in greater num- hosts the worm on malicious servers, that the source of the message is
bers for business and for personal allows cybercriminals to effectively trusted.
use. iSuppli Corp. predicted in a mutate the worm by adding or remov- 3. Be aware of what you install. For
March 2009 report that the number of ing functionality. example, the worm SymbOS/Be-
smart phone shipments is expected to A managed client capable of de- SeLo used social engineering over
grow to as high as 192.3 million units tecting software installations and mon- MMS to install itself. It prompted
this year, up 11.1 percent from 2008. itoring file access in addition to the user to install an application
No doubt, the smart phone is be- encrypting data and reporting status to which had a file extension .mp3 or
re mobile phones and While malicious activities on
coming much more personal and in- a central server is the answer for net- .jpg; users should be aware of this
other wireless devices handheld devices like smart phones
dispensable to consumers, and where work managers grappling with an ac- and not install anything that
the new weakest link in have been relatively low, there are
consumers go, money goes, and crime tive mobile work force. Network haven’t confirmed as being from a
securing information several indicators to suggest that
will soon to follow. This adds up to in- managers will want to look for solu- trusted source. Many users have
outside of corporate things are about to change. Enter-
creased opportunities for virus infec- tions that provide multi-layered pro- “jailbroken” phones, such as the
networks? We all know that “bad” prises will need to start thinking seri-
tions and attacks that will require a tection for blended threats and that iPhone, which means that uncon-
guys take notice of new tech and ously about a mobile threat
focused approach to secure the mil- protects across all device interfaces. trolled (unsigned) code can be run.
gadgets and create attacks based on prevention strategy to ensure that
lions of handheld mobile devices in The ideal mobile client solution would This is a very big security risk,
the latest trends—-how are enter- their networks are not vulnerable to
operation today, especially for enter- be part of an integrated, end-to-end and users should be aware of the
prises keeping up? With mobile usage the new threats that will abound with
prises. Smart phones pose an even network security platform that offers risks they take when they unlock
of Facebook and Twitter rising users the increasing mobile activities of
greater security risk to corporations as accelerated hardware and impinges phone functionality.
can affect enterprise networks easily their users.
they have become the mobile office minimum performance impact on user 4. Disable communication channels
without knowing it. What are some The growing prevalence of 3G
for their ability to access corporate device and services. In addition, the such as Bluetooth by default, only
best practices and concerns to avoid networks is enabling broader band-
networks in real time, much in the way network security platform should offer enabling them on a per-session re-
horrible issues? What should wireless width for mobile devices, which
that laptops have been able to do. This configuration management and control quirement. This removes an attack
gurus know about unforeseen security means more of the bad content is get-
presents cyber criminals with the op- with reporting, and flexibly-defined avenue. By taking simple precau-
issues created through wireless de- ting in with the good. 3G also enables
portunity to use smart phones as the profiles and policies for granular net- tionary measures, it effectively helps
vices? network operators to offer a wider
launch pad for penetrating and access- work segmentation capabilities. to harden your smart device.

The Smart Techie

|52| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
EVENT By Eureka Bharali

Siliconindia Creates IT Security Awareness
@ Security Conference 2010
The excited crowd check out the security solutions on display
Nilanjan De, Co-founder & CTO,iViZ
t a time when even un- pegging at over 60 percent per year. tures need to have specific security poli-
born kids flaunt the web It is expected that the total volume of cies and well-defined procedures.
with their own accounts digital information will reach 1,773 Throwing more light on how to design
and the cybercrooks glo- exabytes by 2011. a secured system, Rajiv Motwani who
betrot virtually to exploit With increasing business deals is the Manager, Product Security Engi-
every network and system, security being carried over the virtual world, neering at Citrix R&D India says,
providers have turned to don the roles systems are getting more complex “Server virtualization, virtual storage
of defense forces in the virtual world. and heterogeneous and thus more solutions and patch management is very
A glance in India wherein individuals prone to cyber crime or data important to have real security of infor-
and corporates turn a blind eye towards breaches. Shantanu Ghosh, Vice Pres- mation and consolidation of data.
the severity of cyber war threats makes ident, Enterprise Security & India ”
it imperative to create more awareness. Product Operations at Symantec im- Attendees Thrilled
The attempt of SiliconIndia to enlighten mediately pinpoints the solution The event with the support of security
the Indian crowd about cybercrime, which lies in a connected enterprise. This Wipro expert takes on the crowd to Shantanu Ghosh enlightens the crowd bellwethers like Symantec, Loglogic,
malware incidents, data breaches and “It can be done through consumeriza- see their security aptness
Attendees exchange security tips on various threats eEye Digital Security, Paladion and
compliance legislation through the Sil- tion of IT, social networking sites, QuickHeal drew attention of many
iconIndia Security Conference 2010 different mobile devices, and cloud forensics is an evolving field in the Security Standards tem’s quality attributes, among them IT managers. Harsha Thennarasu E
met with an applaudable response. and virtualization,” he says. A holis- security landscape. A Windows-specific computer worm confidentiality, integrity, availability, ac- the IT Head of ISKCON maintained
More than 600 attendees packed the tic information approach to security Ajit Pillai the Regional Director of called Stuxnet was discovered on July countability and assurance,“ Security is that monitoring networks is a major
NIMHANS Convention Centre in Ban- should be taken in this regard that India and Middle East at Niksun ex- 13, 2010 which was attempting to take at breach when you have Intel inside but headache to the IT heads across or-
galore to listen to the experts from should be risk based and policy plains, “Data is recorded, stored and re- control of industrial infrastructure intelligence outside. Security systems ganizations and network forensics
Symantec, Novell, McAfee, Wipro, driven, information centric with ac- constructed in order to discover the around the world. It was a Stealthy mal- are to be standardized in India. Other- will surely take care of that. There
Mindtree, RSA, Niksun, Juniper Net- tionable intelligence and well man- source of security attacks or other prob- ware that propagates through USB wise, misuse of resources will damage was a common agreement that the
works and Paladion. aged infrastructure. And when we say lem incidents. This leads us to the un- drives and exploits 4 zero-day vulnera- reputation of the company, loss of busi- conference had insights for every at-
an information centric model, it knowns in the security breach and hence bilities. This is just one of the examples ness and revenue is affected. It sends out tendee, whether he is an IT expert or
Securing the Networks should compile information gover- to the truth. And the truth is on the for the sophisticated nature of computer a wrong signal to other staffs. It slows an amateur technology user. “It was
Computers and the networks that con- nance, information intelligence and wire.” Cost of a data breach amounts to malwares these days. To overcome such down the availability of resources and quite useful and helped me in gain-
nect the innumerous computers information infrastructure. around $204 per compromised record. flaws there are various strategies and ultimately the productivity of the com- ing very wide knowledge on the In-
around the world have gone on from Nearly 50 percent of information resid- techniques used to design security sys- pany is hit,” said Thiruvadinathan An- formation warfare, which I wasn’t
being wondrous innovations to per- Data-driven Protection ing in enterprises is sensitive. Competi- tems. nadorai (Thiru), who is the Principal aware of,” says Virendra Yadav from
vasive business necessities in today’s Numerous concepts are put on test to tion, compliance and credibility black However there are few, if any, ef- Consultant for Risk & Compliance, Se- Wipro. Security has always been
world. The challenge to system and understand the data structure. One hole are to be given more importance. It fective strategies to enhance security. curity services at MindTree. looked over as a tax. Embedding se-
network security is the explosion of such concept is Network Forensics. is revealed that all Indian enterprises Furthermore, by breaking the system up On similar lines, Bikram Barman, curity in the culture of the company’s
Information. Unsecured information While IDS, IPS, Firewalls and Log surveyed lost revenue due to cyber at- into smaller components, the complex- Senior Manager, Engineering, Products thought process will reduce the cost
has become a liability today. We also Analysis are some of the state of the tacks and an average enterprise explores ity of individual components is reduced. at RSA points that to address these chal- and will help to create more value for
see the growth of unstructured data art cyber defenses available, network 17 standards and frameworks. In doing so we can maintain the sys- lenges, virtual infrastructure architec- customers.

The Smart Techie

November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
By Hari Anil

BEETEL’s New 3G Phone:

TD590 powered by MEDIATEK
Beetel’s new phone TD590
comes with 3G compatibility. It
has a front VGA camera and a
3.2MP rear camera. It is a Dual-
Kingston Launches New 32GB SIM handset with EDGE and 3G
MicroSDHC Card Genius’ New Power Saver for fast downloads. The phone
Mouse supports motion sensing and has
Kingston has come with a widgets for social networking
new 32GB microSDHC Genius’ new Navigator 905 mouse with BlueEye sites like Facebook, Nimbuzz
Card. It is capable of stor- Tracking technology provides a powerful optical en- and Yahoo. Additional entertain-
Dell Streak Comes to India ing nearly 29,000 photos, gine with high laser precision that works on almost ment options include Stereo
over 6,000 songs and every surface and helps save up to 40 percent battery Bluetooth playback, FM Radio
Dell’s android run tablet Streak arrives in India. It sports more than 2,000 minutes with recording and java compat-
power. This new mouse includes a 2.4GHz radio fre-
a five inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA display and An- of video. Kingston claims ibility. TD 590 supports all high-
quency together with 2.4GHz anti-interference RF
droid 1.6 mobile OS. The tablet is powered by Qual- that the card has been resolution video formats with the
technology for wireless freedom and convenience.
comm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor; this makes it the tested on the latest smart- user-interface having animated
This gives the user up to 10 meters working range
first in the world to use the processor. Streak has a 5MP phones including the HTC effects while navigating. Along
and 1200 dpi resolution for accurate cursor tracking
camera with LED flash and a VGA front facing camera Evo 4G and Shadow; Mo- with this a high-end chipset from
and speed. The mini-sized mouse (85mm) holds one
for video calls. In terms of memory it comes with a 512 torola Droid X; RIM MediaTek, which Beetel claims
AAA battery and offers a comfortable to grip for ei-
MB ROM, 512 MB SDRAM, 2 GB non-user accessible (BlackBerry) Bold 9000; to be the best chipset available in
ther hand. The Navigator 905 is also an ultra portable
Micro SD for system and applications files only. It has and, Samsung Instinct the market, lies at the heart of all
mouse as it includes a Stick-N-Go mount that allows
Wi-Fi, 3G HSUPA and Bluetooth, for connectivity. Inte- (SPH-M800) and works the functions of the TD590.
the user to attach the mouse to a notebook or laptop.
grated social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and flawlessly. The card is Price: `6999.
Price: $29.20
YouTube also comes with the tablet. Dell India has tied up available with a variety of adapters including SD and
with Tata DOCOMO and will provide postpaid users with miniSD. Kingston also ships the 32GB microSDHC card
free 500mb data usage every month for a period of six with a small USB reader for convenient data transfers. Transcend’
s Three new 4GB DDR3 DRAMs
months. The 32GB microSDHC Class 4 card is backed by a life-
Price: ` 34,990 time warranty and free tech support. Transcend rolled out three new 4GB DDR3 DRAM modules using high-density 2-gi-
Price: To be announced gabit (2Gbit) DDR3 chips. A 4GB 240-pin DDR3-1333 Long-DIMM for desktops it
runs at 1333MHz with latencies of 9-9-9, a 4GB DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM notebook
memory module which operates at 1333MHz with latencies of 9-9-9, and a 4GB
Kobian With Stylish Sub Woofer System DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM that runs at 1066MHz with CL7 timings. Each module
is optimized for stable 1.5V operation. These modules are made with high den-
Kobian introduced their new Mercury IXA 480U sub sity energy-efficient 2Gbit chips, enabling conscientious users to take ad-
woofer speaker system, which they promise, with its clear vantage of the best power-performance ratio available for their desktop or
sound, will be a delight for music, games and movie enthu- laptop computer. By the adoption of high capacity 2Gbit DDR3 chips
siasts. The stylishly designed wooden base has a 5.25 inch using the 40nm-class DRAM manufacturing process, Transcend claims
long throw driver, and its speaker delivers an output power that their new DDR3 modules effectively increase a computer`s total
of 10W RMS Power with low distortion. This new sub memory capacity while reducing power consumption and prolong
woofer system’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it supports system lifetime. All of Transcend’s DDR3 memory modules fully
USB drive or SD card which is a rare treat for music lovers. comply with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Coun-
It can effortlessly comply with desktop and TV for optimal cil) standards. These 4GB DDR3 DRAMs are built with
performance. Its exterior is attributed with a sleek black and 256Mx8 high-quality DDR3 FBGA chips for their improved
silver design which makes it an eye candy. electrical and heat dissipation characteristics.
Price: `1980. Price: `6800 with Transcend’s lifetime warranty.

The Smart Techie

|56|November 2010

By C. Mahalingam
The author is Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Symphony Services.
He can be reached at birds. After returning to the monastery, very good at what is known as risks on both people and ideas; (4)
he fell asleep for a few hours. Suddenly, ‘adaptive execution.’ Both the can energize teams through inclu-
he was jostled and awakened in the mid- words are important. They execute siveness and connection with peo-
dle of the night by his fellow monk. with a missionary zeal and are also ple; and (5) develop expertise in a
“How could you carry that woman?” adaptive – able to change direction function or domain.
cried out the agitated monk and contin- as the real opportunity evolves. Fi- They are very optimistic: Making
hen you watch highly successful

ued his harsh language. “What woman?” nally, those with an entrepreneurial the best of possibilities and opportu-
Focusing on managers, you will notice a dis-
tinct characteristic. They are very
the sleepy monk enquired. “Don’t you
remember? That women you carried
mindset engage the energies of
everyone in their chosen area of pur-
nities demands a high dose of realis-
tic optimism even in the face of
focused on the possibilities and

Possibilities opportunities, more than obsessed

across the stream?” his colleague suit. They engage people both inside seemingly difficult business climate.

snapped. “Oh, her,” laughed the sleepy
or bogged down with the past. They stand testimony
monk. “I only carried her across the
to the old adage: “Understand the past; and then let it
While it is important to remember the lessons from the past,
stream. You seem to have carried her all
go!” While it is important to remember the lessons
future is going to be very different and therefore possibilities and
the way back to the monastery.”
from the past, future is going to be very different and

Opportunities The key question to reflect on is: are

opportunities need maximum attention.
therefore possibilities and opportunities need maxi-
we unduly obsessed with our past? – and
mum attention. American philosopher William James
this includes our successes and failures and outside. They build and nurture Dr Martin Seligman, the proponent
said that you could change your life by changing your
in the past. Past has both its lessons and a network of relationships rather of positive psychology makes a
experience. For example, you do not sing because you
limitations. Future holds possibilities and than going it alone, making the most case that success in life and career
are happy; you are happy because you sing! Albert
opportunities. Future, no doubt, is uncer- of intellectual and other resources demands more of OQ (Optimism
Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg and such
tain and can be very intimidating. How- people have to offer. Quotient) than IQ (Intelligence
other creative people we all can relate to, unlocked
ever, for the prepared it can also be very They are very vigilant all the time: quotient). Author of best -selling
their power by remaining open to possibilities and op-

rewarding. What behaviors differentiate Those who make the best of oppor- book, “Outliers”, Malcom Glad-
portunities. While rear view mirror serves an impor-
the future-focused managers? How can tunities show a heightened state of well again makes a powerful case
tant purpose while driving on a freeway, you do not
we become one and craft a future of our awareness, characterized by great that IQ beyond a threshold of say
make great strides by looking into it all the time. An
choice? I will share some perspectives in curiosity, alertness and willingness 115 or so is not a great differentia-
occasional glance is not only helpful but is often nec-
the following paragraphs. to “satisfice”- a term coined by the tor. Dr. Warren Bennis who dedi-
essary. But an obsession with the rear view mirror can
 Entrepreneurial Mindset: Those Nobel Prize winning economist Dr cated all his life for researching and
come in the way of pressing ahead.
managers with an entrepreneurial Herbert Simon to refer to the deci- reporting on the field of leadership
mindset make the best use of the cur- sion making strategy involving in- coined a term “Wallenda Factor” to
Baggage of the past: Too much of living in the past
rent possibilities and future opportu- complete information. Succeeding describe the impact of one’s per-
is no road map to succeeding in the future. It can ac-
nities. Given the increasing in a “Butterfly” environment where ception of the outcome of an event
tually drain a lot of energy and block our making the
complexities in the business land- strategic inflection points occur all or effort. When the perception is
best of the future. Here is a nice story I came across
scape, those with this mindset use the time in the business environ- positive, the outcome tends to be
that captures the spirit of the emotional baggage that
the uncertainty to their benefit and ment, being vigilant becomes a key positive. Optimism plays a vital
many of us tend to carry from the past instead of chan-
leverage it for growth rather than success factor for grabbing the pos- role in this. In his study, all the suc-
neling our energies into the future.
lament it. This mindset is marked by sibilities and opportunities. Some of cessful leaders demonstrated a high
speed and confidence. Those with the characteristics of vigilant leaders optimism and never once used the
The Monks and the Young Woman:
this mindset also are passionate in are: (a) focus externally and stay term ‘fail’ or ‘failure’ in their con-
Two monks were strolling by a stream on their way
seeking new opportunities and rec- open to diverse perspectives; (b) versation with him.
back to their monastery. They were startled by the
ognize them even as they appear in apply strategic foresight and probe
sound of a young woman in a bridal gown, crying
the horizon. Contrary to popular be- deeply for second-order effects; and Everyone can make it: Making the best
softly. She needs to cross to get to her wedding but
lief, those with an entrepreneurial (c) encourage others to explore of possibilities and opportunities requires
was worried that crossing the stream might ruin her
mindset are actually very highly dis- widely by creating a culture of dis- all the three characteristics described
beautiful handmade gown. In their particular sect,
ciplined. They often maintain an in- covery. GE’s Jack Welch describes above. And these attributes are not some-
monks were prohibited from touching women. But
ventory of unexploited opportunities in his best-selling book, “Winning”, thing we must be born with. These can
one monk was filled with compassion for the bride
and revisit this inventory of ideas the following as the traits of growth be cultivated as a mindset and behaviours
and went ahead with helping the woman cross by
from time to time. Their discipline leaders: (1) creates focus that defines and overtime, they become our habits. As
hoisting her on his shoulders. She smiled and bowed
also shows in that they pursue only success in the market; (2) Clear William James, the American Philoso-
with gratitude even as the monk splashed his way back
the very best opportunities and do thinker who can simplify strategy pher quoted at the beginning said: “You
to rejoin his companion. The second monk was livid
not go after anything and everything. into specific actions; (3) has the can change your life by changing your
and started to scold all the way back. The offending
And such a mindset also makes them imagination and courage to take experience!”
monk did not react, but simply listened to the singing

The Smart Techie

|58|November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
The author is Vice President and General Manager, SaaS Business,
BMC Software and Christopher Williams, Lead Service Support
Solutions Manager, BMC Software

How to Choose a

IT Service Management Solution

he choice on how best to to adopt a SaaS model, you still need your staff size and associated skill lev- well as the servers, storage, and net- inventory application, rather than an change and release processes. In addi-
consume software — to decide ‘how much’ IT service man- els, can provide important clues about works that support them — are rea- asset management system that uses a tion, an enterprise-level CMDB eases
whether on-premises or agement you need. Do you need a tac- the range and complexity of your en- sonably simple and static, you could configuration management database asset and software license manage-
through a Software as a tically focused, slimmed-down vironment. We have found that IT or- consider a more basic solution to hold (CMDB) to catalog information about ment activities, ranging from provid-
Service (SaaS) model — helpdesk application focused on basic ganizations generally employ one down cost and complexity. The greater your IT assets. ing software to users to retiring
is based on your specific requirements workflow for incident management helpdesk professional for every 100 the complexity the more you should unneeded software.
at different points in your business and and asset stores? Or do you need a users, and that those organizations consider a comprehensive solution. Choosing the right IT Integration

service management
organizational lifecycles. Each model more full-featured system that pro- with a maximum of 35 helpdesk pro- Another factor to consider is how The ability to integrate other systems
presents benefits that take into consid- vides detailed information about the IT fessionals are generally candidates for the solution will help you deliver IT — such as infrastructure discovery,
eration the IT skills available within
your organization and your budget for
infrastructure and best-practice IT
a smaller, slimmed-down offering.
Firms with more than 35 helpdesk pro-
services more quickly and at lower
cost. If you have a very complex envi- approach is critical event management, or business appli-
cations — into your IT service man-
because it helps
Even after having chosen to adopt a SaaS
capital versus operational expenses. ronment, the automation and manage- agement platform is usually found

determine not only

When you look at each model, it is ment provided by a comprehensive only in more comprehensive solutions.
also important to consider the poten-
model, you still need to decide ‘how much’ solution might actually reduce the cost While most basic systems ship with
tial for growth in your IT infrastruc- and time required to provide such your IT costs, but integration to authentication mecha-
IT service management you need
also your business
ture and the level of customization and services, even though the solution may nisms, such as LDAP, you should con-
integration required. appear to be more expensive than a sider a broader solution if you need

The Right Approach Choosing the right IT service man- fessionals, on the other hand, tend to
more basic alternative. If your envi-
ronment is less complex, a basic solu- agility for years to integration with infrastructure discov-
ery, event management, or such busi-
Choosing a SaaS delivery model for IT agement approach is critical because it have more demanding requirements tion may be a better way to get that come ness applications as ERP or CRM
service management can provide your will help determine not only your IT that call for higher-end IT service agility and savings. A comprehensive systems.
IT organization with many benefits. costs, but also your business agility for management systems as well as a IT service management solution pro- With broad integration needs
Leaving the IT service management years to come. Here are the criteria skilled staff to implement them effec- vides more information and enables The CMDB found in comprehen- comes the requirement for infrastruc-
infrastructure to a SaaS vendor avoids that have helped IT organizations like tively. more processes. sive systems not only stores asset data, ture discovery tools that enable track-
the upfront costs of purchasing and yours choose the right level of a SaaS- Other considerations might be If managing ‘what you do’ is be- but also normalizes and shares it with ing of IT components, such as servers,
implementing the software, the capital based IT service management plat- more important than size, however. coming as important, or more impor- an entire range of IT service manage- network switches, and storage arrays
expense of buying hardware, and the form. One is the current and future com- tant, than ‘what you have’, you should ment tools. An enterprise-scale CMDB through their service lifecycles. By
costs associated with compliance and plexity of your application environ- also consider a comprehensive IT improves the speed and accuracy of tracking the IT service components
security best practices. Key Criteria ment and the IT infrastructure that service management platform. Basic helpdesk services, while also support- that provide critical business services,
However, even after having chosen The size of your user base, along with supports it. If your applications — as systems usually provide only an asset ing more mature, enterprise-wide you are better able to make the deci-

The Smart Techie

|60| November 2010 The Smart Techie
November 2010
sions required to resolve service slow- decision support for a manufacturing through a SaaS model, there are other
downs or interruptions, or to meet in- system or policy underwriting) rather cases where on-premises deployment
dustry, corporate, or legally mandated than just applications and network may be the best option. On-premises
compliance and governance standards. uptime. deployment is required, of course, if
your organization must comply with
Change Management and Service Release Management and Data government, industry, or corporate
Level Management Center Automation guidelines that forbid corporate data
Comprehensive IT service manage- The more you need mature release or systems being hosted outside the
ment solutions tend to provide higher management capabilities and data enterprise firewall. It may also be the
levels of support, as well as more ma- center automation, the more you best option when senior business or
ture processes around change manage- should consider a comprehensive IT IT management staff are, for what-
ment and service level management. service management solution. You ever reason, fundamentally opposed
You should give greater consideration should give more consideration to re- to moving critical systems to ‘the
to change management the more you lease management to the extent that cloud’.
are experiencing serious problems im- you have experienced problems im- On-premises deployment may be
plementing changes or security up- plementing new application releases a better fit the more you need to cus-
dates within your normal maintenance within your normal maintenance win- tomize the code (as opposed to just
windows. You should also make it a dows or have experienced application reconfiguring the system settings) or
very high priority if you have experi- outages or slowdowns due to soft- integrate it with locally hosted appli-
enced slowdowns or crashes because ware that was released in error or re- cations. You should consider on-
of changes made in error or in the leased in the wrong order. The premises deployment if you have
wrong order, or if the problems are streamlined release management pro- significant concerns about the relia-
caused by ‘collisions’ among multiple vided by a robust IT service manage- bility or speed of the Internet access
releases. ment tool can help free your IT staff available to your enterprise.
In summary, there is a variety of
You should consider on-premises IT service management choices avail-

deployment if you have significant concerns

able to you. If you choose the SaaS
delivery option, consider looking for
about the reliability or speed of the Internet an ITIL-based helpdesk that meets
the needs of organizations with
access available to your enterprise smaller or less complex require-
ments. An on-demand option, how-
Moving to a broader IT service from routine work to develop new ever, can provide a SaaS-based IT
management solution with mature mission-critical applications or serv- service management solution for or-
change management processes might ices. ganizations that need more extensive
also help you reduce costs and errors Data center automation may be a capabilities in such areas as incident,
by grouping configuration changes or requirement if your internal IT group problem, and change management, as
by changing the order in which they is having trouble matching the prices well as integration with other appli-
are done. Service level management that cloud service providers are quot- cations. Alternatively, if you choose
capabilities found in comprehensive ing for IT services. It may also be a to go on-premises, consider whether
IT service management solutions may requirement if your IT staff is being you need essential service desk capa-
be worthwhile if your business re- pulled away from strategic, business- bilities, or a full-featured IT service
quires interactions among multiple critical projects to ‘keep the lights on’ management solution.
applications and IT infrastructure or deal with operational emergencies. As you consider your current and
components, or if you need to provide Finally, this may also be a require- future requirements, look for a ven-
different levels of service to various ment if the management is consider- dor that provides the flexibility to
classes of users. Other considerations ing outsourcing part or all of your IT move your deployment between the
include whether you must meet spe- operation to save money. cloud and on-premises as needed.
cific SLAs for users in different busi- This allows you to protect your in-
ness units or divisions, and whether The On-Premises Option vestment, while also providing the
the business measures IT on its ability While there are many benefits to de- flexibility to adapt as your business
to provide business services (such as ploying IT service management requirements change.

The Smart Techie

|62| November 2010
Regn. No. KRNA/BGE-1046/08-10 RNI REG.NO. KARENG/2006/16955