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C i C i C i

Digital Storage Oscilloscope Module 40 Watt Soldering Kit 13.8V, 6A DC Regulated

Power Supply
Convert any PC with USB interface Complete Kit Item# ZD200B
to a high performance Digital as shown
Storage Oscilloscope. This is a Only Item#
sophisticated PC basedscope adaptor $9.95 ! CSI1862
providing performance compatible
to mid/high level stand alone prod- Ideal for mobile tranceivers, high amp
ucts costing much more! Comes A 40 watt soldering iron with a 3-wire power stepper motors and CNC machines.
with two probes. cord, fast heating ceramic element and a Details at Web Site
PC based Digital Storage
Details & Software Download grounded tip to protect static sensitive devices. > Test Equipment
Oscilloscope, 200MHz 5GS/s
at Web Site Comes complete with a soldering stand > Power Supplies
equiv. sampling USB interface
> Test Equipment and three
three replacement
replacement soldering tips,tips
> Oscilloscopes/Outstanding Prices which include a conical tip, chisel tip and a 45°
chisel tip. Details at Web Site
Innovative 5 in 1 DMM
Item# 200DSO ..Only$859.00 > Soldering Equipment & Supplies Integrated Sound/
Protek 60MHz Dual Trace Scope Sensors
Circuit Specialists 20MHz Dual Trace Scope
Item# CSI8209
*60MHz Bandwidth Super *20Mhz Bandwidth Item# CSI6502
*Dual Channel Blowout *Alt-Mag sweep *Alt-Mag sweep
*Alternate Trigger Price! *1mV/Div vertical
*Autofocus *1mV/Div vertical
*Large 6” CRT sensitivity sensitivity
*Alt-Mag sweep for simultaneous dis- *Alternate trigger *Alternate trigger
play of normal & X10 trace *X5 sweep magnification *X5 sweep magnification
*Sweep speeds to 10nS/Div.
*10kV acceleration voltage *Large 6”CRT/autofocus Details at Web Site
Item# 6506 *Internal sync separator circuit for sta- *Comes w/2 (x1 & x10) probes) $49.00
> Test Equipment
$349.00 ! ble triggering of video signals Details at Web Site $269.00 ! > Digital Multimeters/World Beater
Sold by others > Test Equipment > Oscilloscopes/Outstanding Prices
While Supplies Last! Details at Web Site for Over $700! Prices
> Test Equipment > Oscilloscopes/Outstanding Prices
RF Field Str
ength Analyzer New Fantastic
Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Compare at Over $2000 ! Low Price:
The 3201 is a high quality hand-held RF $1299!
*Non-contact Infrared w/laser pointer measures Field Strength Analyzer with wide band
-*50°C to 500°C/-58°F to 932°F *WFM/NFM/AM/SSB modulated signals may
reception ranging from 100kHz to be measured.
*Measure temperature of hot or moving objects 2060MHz.The 3201 is a compact & *Signal Levels up to 160Channels can be
from a safe distance lightweight portable analyzer & is a must displayed simulaneously on the LCD
*Narrow 8:1 field of view
Only for RF Technicians. Ideal for testing, *PLL tuning system for precise frequency
*Fast Sampling Time $79.00 ! installing & maintenance of Mobile measurement and tuning (Includes Antenna)
Telephone Comm systems, Cellular *Built-in Frequency Counter
*Switchable C° to F° and Auto Power Off *LED Backlight LCD (192x192 dots)
*Large 3-1/2 Digit (1999 count) backlit LCD Phones,Cordless phones, paging systems,
cable &Satellite TV as well as antenna *All fuctions are menu selected.
with Data Hold installations.May also be used to locate *RS232C with software for PC & printer interface
Details at Web Site Item# DT-8812 hidden cameras using RF transmissions *Built-in speaker
> Test Equipment Item# 3201 (Limited Offer)
> Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometers Details at Web Site > Test Equipment > RF Test Equipment

Programmable DC Electronic Load FC5001 2 Way FM Radio Tester/ FC6002 Radio Frequency Tracer
The FC5001 2-way FM radio tester has the ability to lock
Item# CSI3710A automatically and almost instantly on to any FM signal with-
A programmable electronic DC in its frequency range. The FC6002 radio frequency tracer
load capable of supporting up to is useful in locating stuck transmitters or bugging devices in
150W of power. Can be used
with supplies up to 150VDC and a room or automobile. It excels at silent detecting RF signals
Only 30A. It features a rotary selec-
tion switch and a numeric key-
for RF security and counter-surveillance applications.

$349.00! pad used to input the maximum
voltage, current and power set-
FC5001: $99.00 < RF Security > FC6002: $149.00

*Maximum admissible power: 150W tings. Perfect for use in laborato- Details at Web Site > Test Equipment > RF Test Equipment
*Maximum current rating: 30A ry environments and schools, or
for testing DC power supplies or
*Maximum voltage input: 150V
*Maximum voltage and current settings can be adjusted in
high-capacity batteries. It also
features memory and can be con-
10mV/10mA increments nected to a PC, to implement
*Storage for 10 different voltage/current settings remote control and supervision. Only
*Monitored by PC software Details at Web Site $199.00 !
*Can be used in a parallel connection
> Test Equipment > Power Supplies

BAG of LEDs DEAL Normal brightness LEDs now available in RED,RED Item# CSI3645A
GREEN or YELLOW in 3mm or 5mm sizes.Your
choice. Each bag contains 100 of the same LEDs. *Stores up to 10 settings for fast & accurate recall
BAG-RED3MM BAG-RED5MM.............$1.50
BAG-RED5MM *Backlit LCD display
BAG-GREEN5MM *High Resolution (1mV)
BAG-YELLOW5MM *PC compatible (with optional RS-232 adaptor module)
53B3SCS08...5mm Blue SB LED(1500max MCD)1+ $0.70 /10+ $0.65 /100+ $0.60 *Easy programming w numeric keypad or fast rotary code
Super Bright 5G3UTB-2... 5mm Green SB LED(1100max MCD)1+ $0.45 /10+ $0.35 /100+ $0.30 switch
5R3UT-2/R...5mm Red SB LED(3500max MCD) 1+ $0.25 /10+ $0.20 /100+ $0.15 *Power shut down memory function PDF Manual available at
LEDs Deal 53BW3SCC08..5mmW W h i t e SB LED(3500max MCD)1+ $1.69 /10+ $1.49 /100+ $1.18
5Y3STC-2....5mm Yellow SB LED(3500max MCD) 1+ $0.25 /10+ $0.20 /100+ $0.15
Details at Web Site > Test Equipment > Power Supplies
Details at Web Site > Semiconductor Devices > LEDs, Displays & Lamps
Circle #60 on the Reader Service Card.
Visit our website for a complete listing of our offers. We have over 8,000 electronic items on line @ PC based data acquisition,
industrial computers, loads of test equipment, optics, I.C’s, transistors, diodes, resistors, potentiometers, motion control products, capacitors,miniature observation
cameras, panel meters, chemicals for electronics, do it yourself printed circuit supplies for PCb fabrication, educational D.I.Y.kits, cooling fans, heat shrink, cable
ties & other wire handleing items, hand tools for electronics, breadboards, trainers, programmers & much much more! Some Deals you won’t believe!
C i r c u i t S p e c i a l i s t s , I n c . 2 2 0 S . C o u n t r y C l u b D r. , M e s a , A Z 8 5 2 1 0
8 0 0 - 5 2 8 - 1 4 1 7 / 4 8 0 - 4 6 4 - 2 4 8 5 / FA X : 4 8 0 - 4 6 4 - 5 8 2 4
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Cellphone Headsets! 19” Rack Shelf Mini Phone! Are You Ready?!!!...
♦Quality made shelf assembly ♦Miniture, Ultra-Light w/belt clip
♦For hands-free cellular phone users ♦Has redial, stores 10 numbers, flash/call for HSC’s Annual
♦Several popular types available (see ♦Extender brackets included
waiting, hook on/off, mute...MORE!
model numbers below) ♦Mount hardware includes 8 ea. ♦Headset has 2.5mm plug, will
Parking Lot Blowout!!
♦Special! - qty discount package, 10-32x1/2” Phillips truss head screws,
4 Kep nuts, plus 4 Captive nuts
work with some cellphones! Saturday
40pc. carton...$100.00! ♦3 ringer tones, speed dial!
♦Great gift for family & friends!
♦Brand new, factory boxed
♦15’ cord, adapter included September 18th
♦HSC 90-day warranty.
♦Brand new, factory retail pack ♦New, HSC 90-day warranty We’re loading the lot with
♦HSC 90-day warranty HSC#20170 $19.95! HSC#20244 $9.95! stacks of super bargains!
♦ For Ericsson 738/788/628/688/630 phones Digital Answerer 14VAC, 1kVA Xfmr Priced to go!
♦Five mailboxes! 56-minute capacity
HSC#20246 $3.95! ♦120VAC input, Your best chance
♦Call breakthrough alerts
♦ For Nokia 6110/6130/5110/5130/7110 preferred incoming calls 14VAC output @ 1kVA of the year to save big!
phones (shown) ♦Incoming msg. day/time ♦Ship weight - abt. 26lbs. If you’re in the Bay Area...
HSC#20247 $3.95! announcements ♦5.25” core height, 5.50”L and 3.50”W don’t miss this sale!
♦Extensive remote access features hole-to-hole center mounting footprint Same special pricing at our Sacramento
♦2.5mm conn. type for Nokia 8810 - ♦4 passwords, 4 outgoing announces ♦Screw primary, hvy lugged sec. leads and Rohnert Park stores too!!
useable w/many other phones.
♦New,90-day warranty, colors/brands vary ♦New, HSC 90-day warranty Free refreshments!
HSC#20248 $3.95! HSC#20245 $19.95! HSC#19986 $45.00! Starts at 9 am - Mark Your Calendars!!

Parallel Port 18GB SCSI Hard Drive

Special Buys!! ♦Fujitsu MAN3184MP - Ultra160 LVD
External Hard Drive
♦’H45’ “QuickDrive” ♦ 10,000 RPM, Xfer rate: 160MBps
♦For 3.5” IDE drive type
Dot Matrix Display
#19429 $8.00 Keypad + Display
Wireless USB Adap ♦ 68-pin HD D-Sub connector
#19738 $6.00!
♦Special shock mount
Laptop Floppy Drive
HSC#20180 $14.95
HSC#19987 $8.95! ♦Avg. seek: 5mS, 8MB buff.
♦For DOS & W95+ ♦4 heads, 512 Byte p/sec.
♦Boxed, w/diskettes & cables ♦HSC 90-day warranty

HSC#19976 $19.95! 7-Bay Cabinet

Wireless PCI Card
80W Power Supply HSC#20290 $29.95!
#80544 $20.00 33.6k Socket Modem #18415 $5.00
HSC#20217 $4.95! #19743 $6.00!

Color Touch Screen! CompactPCI®

♦ ALPS LFH8P4032E Enclosure Package!
♦240x320 diag. LCD STN VideoWAVE Editor Wireless LAN Card
1U Rack Cabinet
#19437 $9.00!
150W Power Supply
♦CG Mupac’s ‘535 Series’
#19656 $9.95! #19266 $8.00
display w/CCFL backlight #19737 $6.00!
♦4-wire touchscreen intfce. Special!... ♦19” rackmntable 9U cabinet
♦2.75” x 3.50” x 0.375” 2 for $59.95! ♦3-350W hot-swappable
front-pull power supplies
♦21-slot 6U x 160mm front & 6U x 80mm
#19427 $29.50! #19160 $35.00 200W Power Supply
lcd/lfh8p4032b/lfh8p4032b.html for info AC only VHS Player
#19267 $10.00 rear IEEE1101.10/1101.11 Compliant
HSC#19827 $39.95!
#19152 $10.00! Bargain Priced!! CompactPCI subracks
♦Hot-pluggable fan tray w/2 141 CFM
top-mntd blowers, bottom blowers also
Wireless Video System! 9.1GB SCSI HD Deal Pixie2 QRPp Xcvr! ♦Two front-pull drawers for SCA-type
♦Tiny 3/4 in. color camera w/transmitter! ♦TINY shirt-pocket rig! 200-300 mW out
♦Seagate ST19171WC, Ultra ASA2 SCSI hard disk drives
♦Receiver is tuneable for best signal ♦Kit incl. all board-mounted parts ♦Bonus! ’Force’ “X86” plug-in
♦7200 RPM, Avg. latency: 4.17mS
♦9VDC batt. conn. for portable camera ♦Avg. read/write: 9.7-10.7mS ♦Use ‘walkman’ phones included at no extra charge!!
♦AC power packs for both units! ♦QRP crystal pack special! Complete ‘X86’ computer, 233
♦New,90-day warranty
♦RCA plugs for A/V out, MHz, w/VGA, PIO, SIO, USB,
♦HSC Special!!...get our Finally!!...40, 30, 20, 17, 15 &
♦‘F’ conn for whip. ‘SCS3700’ SCA to SCSI 1 adapter
10 meter calling freqs. in one bag! 10BaseT and floppy disk drive!!
♦New,90-day warranty Reg. $12.50...for $7.50 w/this drive! HSC#crystalpak$14.95! ♦Unused - removed from installation
HSC#80748 $79.95! HSC#18753 $14.00! HSC#Pixie2 $9.95! HSC#20249 $995.00!
Ultrasonic Transducer! DirectTV Satellite Dish 300W ATX Supply! System Accessories
♦Similar to SonaSwitch ‘Mini-S’ ♦Winegard Model No. ‘WG18DUAL’ ♦‘Potrans’ 300 watt switching supply
♦Mounts in 1.575” hole!! ♦19.25" x 21" ellipitical ♦Model No. PP-303X ♦Extra plug in 350W switching power
♦Fixed range: 5-7 feet. ♦Calif. Amplifier LMB ♦IEC power cord & mounting screws incl. supply, incl. CPCI-3500-P-38
♦Rep. sense rate: 10Hz ♦12.2 - 12.7GHz in, ♦Brand new, OEM boxed Power Supply $125.00!
♦See ‘ 950 - 1450MHz out ♦HSC 90-day warranty.
onlineresources.html’ for info/pinouts. ♦75 ohm ‘F’ connector ♦Fujitsu 36GB SCA SCSI Hard Drive
♦HSC 90-day warranty ♦New units, w/all hdwr, 90-day warranty 10,000RPM

HSC#19833 $9.95! HSC# 20161 $24.95! HSC#20190 $14.95! 36GB HD $79.95!

Since 1963!...
Silicon Valley’s Electronic Marketplace
3 Retail/Wholesale Locations: Look For
Order Toll-Free: 1-800-4-HALTED(442-5833)
Main Office - Mail Orders... Us! on... or...ONLINE, AT:
3500 Ryder St. Santa Clara, CA 95051 Terms: Some quantities limited; all items are subject to prior sale. Minimum order:
Santa Clara 1-408-732-1573 $10.00 plus shipping. Orders under $20.00 subject to $2.00 handling fee, in addition
keyword: to shipping. All orders shipped by UPS Surface unless otherwise specified. $6.00 UPS
Sacramento 1-916-338-2545 hscelectronicsupply charge added for COD. Visit our website for detailed information on domestic and
Rohnert Park 1-707-585-7344 international shipping methods.

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Vol. 25 No. 9


The cutting edge event sponsored YOUR COFFEE MUG Magnetic refrigeration; pirated
by our sister publication, SERVO Use that excess heat! software; and more.
Magazine. by Dr. Ralph Lorenz
66 THE DIGITAL CONSUMER 50 THE ELECTRONIC Learn all about diodes.
An electronic nose for detecting
Book review.
chemicals. 18 MICRO MEMORIES
by Ed Driscoll, Jr. Shakey, an early robot.
by Ron Newton

PART 2 Digital data compression.
Completing the conversion to De-bunking Kirlian photography.
solid-state amplifiers. by Gerard Fonte 30 Q&A
by Clifford Appel All about lightning; more 555
timer circuits; classic car
73 HAM RADIO FOR DUMMIES 61 FLOATING LIGHT SHOW voltage conversion; and more.
Another book review. A fun summer project to jazz up
by Karl Lunt your swimming pool.
by Michael Simpson 78 PERSONAL ROBOTICS
Hexapod hoedown!


For design engineers facing real
world problems.This month:
p. 78 specifications.

An active coffee stabilization

p. 22 94 NEAR SPACE
Detecting cosmic rays.

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*Some restrictions apply. See
catalog or website for details.


U E!!
Capable of up to 300 foot range, High Intensity LEDs
Powered by 1000 foot trans- includes receiver! Let You See Up To
and transmits mission distances
and is smaller 45 Feet In Total
video through
than your thumb- Darkness!
AC lines!
Receiver $109.95 $109.95
O nly
Featured in the UNDER $ 49
$224 .955!!
Guinness Book of
World Records! View any camera
or video signal
Only $11.95— remotely anywhere
1.25” World’s Best Value in the world with
Video Camera! standard internet
Tiny 0.375” square browsers
Includes camera, moni-
tor, cables & mounts! $99.95 by 0.625” size! $99.95 Put it on your R/C plane with our
video xmitter for a bird’s eye view! $11.95 $249.95
View and
record video up
to 4 cameras
on your PC!

Includes transmitter, receiver, This Time Lapse VCR Lets Records up to 1000 hours of
& power supplies 65 foot cable!
$109.95 $149.95 You Record 1280 Hours--
That’s Nearly 2 Months! $179.95 video on an 80 GB hard drive!
New! Handheld Complete system, great for
Records up to 40 Hours! Covers almost
pocket size stores!
any room with
mini field monitor!
30º oblique
camera angle

It’s easy to set up a complete, full-
Ask about or super stealth featured professional video
World’s smallest hard- versions for phenomenal low monitoring security system with 4
drive based digital light rating of 0.0003 lux. of our PC-152C video cameras
Runs up to 24 hours on video recorder! and lenses, a realtime quad
700 foot wireless
3 AAA batteries!
version available com- processor, a high resolution 12”
plete with receiver and monitor, and much more.
$119.95 $499.95 power supplies for
$59.95 $399.95
Installation is a
snap with easy See Hundreds Of Amazing
external mag- Video Products Online At
netic zoom
or Call Us Today To Order
or Request A Free Catalog

One Supercircuits Plaza, Liberty Hill, TX 78642
Phone 1-512-778-6950 Fax 1-866-267-9777
Super high gain microphone Prices, specifications and availability are
Comes with versatile 5-50 MM vari-
with built in preamplifier! subject to change without notice. Published
$9.95 focal zoom/auto iris lens.
$219.95 terms & conditions apply. Copyright 2004
Supercircuits, Inc.
Please call us at 1-800-335-9777 to be rushed your free Microvideo and Security Catalog!

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Reader Feedback Published Monthly By

T & L Publications, Inc.
430 Princeland Ct., Corona, CA 92879-1300
Dear Nuts & Volts: Gernsback. This is the first complete (951) 371-8497
I was taken back to my college account I have ever seen of his life FAX (951) 371-3052
days at the University of Colorado by and accomplishments. Those of us
Subscription Order ONLY Line
the article “A New Life for LORAN” who got our start in radio in the
(August 2004). I took power lab from 1930s well remember waiting in
Prof. Easton and electronic lab from anticipation each month for the latest FOUNDER/ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER
Prof. Wicks in the same semester. issue of his Shortwave Craft (if I have Jack Lemieux
There was a friendly exchange of the name right?).
barbs between the two; in particular, Paul Rafford Jr. NY4L PUBLISHER
Prof. Easton accused the circuits lab via Internet Larry Lemieux
of dealing in “sneak currents,”
milliamps vs. real currents of dozens Dear Nuts & Volts: ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER/
or even hundreds of amps in the While thumbing through your VP OF SALES/MARKETING
power lab. The last day of class, Prof. August 2004 issue, I came to the article Robin Lemieux
Wicks distributed data sheets for the “Just for Starters” by Mark Balch and
F1086 tube, pointing out that the was happy to see a section titled Ohm's
12.6 volt AC filaments ran 200 amps, Law. One of my minor hobbies is MANAGING/TECHNICAL EDITOR
asking us to “Tell Prof. Easton that analyzing explanations of “Ohm's Law Dan Danknick
this is not a sneak current!” when we for beginners” to see how close to the
went to the final power lab class. truth the author came. (What does that ASSOCIATE EDITOR
Thanks for the memory. tell you about my life!?) Alexandra Lindstrom
Jerry Berry, BSEE '59 People who work with objects that
via Internet conduct electricity are often interested
in knowing the current I that flows CONTRIBUTING EDITORS
Dear Nuts & Volts: when a voltage E is applied, and the Edward Driscoll, Jr. Gerard Fonte
Having been a Loran A instructor ratio of E/I of these quantities. This Terence Thomas TJ Byers
during World War II, and having ratio turns up so often that it is handy Jeff Eckert Paul Verhage
conducted the first airline evaluation of to have a name and symbol for it, and Jon Williams Mike Keesling
Loran C in the 1950s, I was surprised in fact it has been given the name James Antonakos Karl Lunt
to learn from Clifford Appel's article in “resistance” and the symbol R. Thus, Dr. Ralph Lorenz Michael Simpson
your August issue that Loran C is still the expression R=E/I is not any kind Clifford Appel Ron Newton
alive and pulsing. However, he fails to of law, but simply a definition of CIRCULATION DIRECTOR
mention what agencies might use it resistance. Ohm's Law, on the other Mary Descaro
today. Considering that GPS seems to hand, is more significant than this. It
have become the method of is an experimentally determined law
preference for geographic position of nature, not just a definition. SHOW COORDINATOR
fixing in the 21st century, I would have So what is Ohm's Law? If we apply Audrey Lemieux
thought that Loran C would have gone voltage E1 and measure current I1,
the way of Decca/Dectra, Omega, and and then apply a different voltage E2 WEB CONTENT/NV STORE
Michael Kaudze
the other navigational systems of the and measure current I2, Ohm's Law
20th century. states that E1/I1 will be equal to E2/I2.
Also, I was very interested in Since we have made a definition for the PRODUCTION/GRAPHICS
Michael Banks' article about Hugo ratio E/I, and since the test voltages Shannon Lemieux
were arbitrary, another way to
say this is R=constant. In other STAFF
words, Ohm's Law states that Janessa Emond
the resistance of a conductor Kristan Rutz
stays the same for any applied Copyright 2004 by T & L Publications, Inc.
voltage. Since we all know this All Rights Reserved
by J. Shuman
isn't true (visualize the
characteristic curve of a silicon All advertising is subject to publisher's approval.We
diode), why is Ohm's Law are not responsible for mistakes, misprints, or
important? The answer, of typographical errors. Nuts & Volts Magazine assumes
course, is because lots of no responsibility for the availability or condition of
important devices do obey the advertised items or for the honesty of the

Law for a wide range of voltages advertiser. The publisher makes no claims for the
and currents. The diode just isn't legality of any item advertised in Nuts & Volts.This is
the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Advertisers
one of them. Even for the
and their agencies agree to indemnify and protect
diode, we can use the definition
Everything For Electronics

the publisher from any and all claims, action, or

to calculate an effective expense arising from advertising placed in Nuts &
resistance for a given voltage or Volts. Please send all subscription orders,
current. But when we do this, correspondence, UPS, overnight mail, and artwork
(Continued on Page 45) to: 430 Princeland Court, Corona, CA 92879.
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It’s Time for a Change!

2004 MSP430 Advanced

Technical Conference (ATC)
– Experience
– Meet with TI
MSP430 experts,
third parties and other MSP430
users from around the world
– Witness demonstrations of
World’s Lowest Power MCU the highest-performance
If you’re not already using the MSP430 in your design, it’s time for a change. MSP430 yet
– Sharpen your knowledge of
– 0.1-µA RAM retention – High-performance analog ideal for
MSP430 in an interactive,
– 0.8-µA RTC mode precise measurements
informal setting
– 250-µA/MIPS active – 16-bit RISC CPU enables new
– Attend in-depth workshops,
applications with less code
– 6-µs clock startup seminars and presentations
– ISP Flash permits flexible code changes on MSP430:
– 50-nA low-leakage pins
– Complete integrated development – Architecture
– Vectored interrupts environment $99 – Peripherals
– DMA – Coding/design techniques
– Device pricing as low as $0.49 – Applications

Seating is limited, register

today at
Online Registration
Data Sheets and Samples
° 800.477.8924, ext. 1012


Real World Signal Processing and the red/black banner are trademarks of Texas Instruments. 3232-04 © 2004 TI
RLTech2004.qxd 8/10/2004 10:50 AM Page 8

TechKnowledgey 2004 by Jeff Eckert

2004 Events, Advances, and News
From the Electronics World
Advanced emerge from the unfortunate, dead tronics. The connection is that the
Technologies cricket and fly away, much as rela- fly’s audio equipment has inspired a
tives flee from your home after novel design for hearing aids that,
Lords of the Flies
devouring a huge holiday meal and within a few years, could perform
finishing off all of the good Scotch. better and cost much less than exist-
Perhaps the most remarkable ing designs. As stated by NIDCD
thing about this process is that, even Director James Battey, Jr., “The bio-
though Ormia is endowed with the logical lessons provided by Ormia’s
standard array of sensory equipment abilities in hyperacute time coding
(compound eyes, antennae, and and localization of sound promise to
ultrasensitive legs), it locates the produce strategies for improved nano-
cricket by directional hearing in the or micro-scale directional micro-
same way that humans use stereo phones in hearing aids. Applications
processing to determine which near- of these new principles may improve
by car is blaring the offensive music life for individuals with hearing loss
at 140 dB. However, the fly’s who depend upon hearing aids.”
The hyperacute directional hearing of eardrums — located beneath its head
Ormia ochracea results from its unique — are only 0.5 mm apart, which, Improvement in Magnetic
ears, which are part of the prothorax theoretically, is too close to allow Refrigeration
behind its large head, as shown.
Photo by R. Hoy and G. Haldeman/Cornell “bilateral interaural intensity differ-
University. Copyright Cornell University,
reproduced with permission.
ences” to be detected at the cricket’s
chirp frequency of about 5 kHz
(which translates into a wavelength
T he concept of magnetic refriger-
ation has existed since the
1920s and one scientist (Canadian

R ecently, some researchers at

Cornell and Binghamton
Universities ( and
of approximately 69 mm).
The secret lies in the fact that the
fly’s eardrums are connected by a
William Francis Giauque) even won a
1949 Nobel Prize for related work. A
magnetic refrigerator could poten- have been small bridge. The official explanation tially offer better energy efficiency,
spending a lot of time with flies. No, is that, when a sound is detected in the lower operating costs, the elimina-
this is not a reflection of their person- right ear, the right eardrum vibrates, tion of environmentally hostile
al hygiene, but an embodiment of a causing the left eardrum to vibrate out coolants, and nearly silent operation.
grant from the National Institute on of sync, and vice versa. This back-and- Nevertheless, the concept has never
Deafness and Other Communication forth vibration of the eardrums creates been translated into practical, com-
Disorders (NIDCD, www.nidcd. a difference in pressure between the mercial products and we all still live that has underwritten a two ears, which the fly’s ganglia and with the century-old technology of
study of Ormia ochracea, which is a brain quickly compute. Within 50 vapor-compression cooling systems.
peculiar cousin of your common nanoseconds (1,000 times faster The situation could change, how-
housefly. Most flies primarily eat than you can do it), Ormia’s brain ever, as a result of developments at
plants and animals that are already sends a signal to its muscles and the the National Institute of Standards and
dead or decaying, but Ormia is a par- fly turns toward its target. When a Technology (NIST,

asitoid; it lives off of living animals. recording of a cricket’s chirp is played An NIST team has discovered that, by
When a female Ormia hears the for the subject fly, it responds quickly adding a small amount (about 1%) of
chirp of a male field cricket, she flies and accurately (much more so than a iron to a gadolinium-germanium
Everything For Electronics

to within a few inches of it, sneaks up female cricket, which was what the alloy, its cooling capacity can be
on its back, and deposits larvae that male was actually hoping to attract). increased by 15 to 30%, resulting in,
eventually burrow down into the By now, you are probably won- “a much-improved magnetic refriger-
cricket. In a few days, the larvae dering what this has to do with elec- ant for near-room-temperature appli-
RLTech2004.qxd 8/10/2004 10:50 AM Page 9

ert TechKnowledgey 2004

cations.” The iron nearly eliminates Intel EM64T processors.

costly hysteresis effects that other- Also introduced were the xw6200
wise appear during the on-and-off and xw8200 models. All support
cycling of the applied magnetic field Windows® XP Professional and Red Hat
that drives the refrigeration device. Enterprise Linux WS 3.0 operating sys-
In operation, when exposed to a tems. The xw4200, xw6200, and
magnetic field, the gadolinium alloy xw8200 are priced at $849.00,
and other materials heat up as their $1,399.00, and $1,799.00, respectively.
spinning electrons align with the field,
thereby magnetizing the materials 624 MHz Pocket PC
and raising their temperatures. When
the external field is removed, the
materials demagnetize (the electrons
revert to a disordered magnetic spin
D ell has introduced three new
Axim handheld computers that
include Intel’s PXA270 processors,
state), and their temperature drops. Windows Mobile® 2003 Second Edition
The two stage process forms the software for Pocket PC, and Bluetooth®
magnetic refrigeration cycle. wireless technology. Two of the three
Magnetic refrigeration is already configurations feature a combination
a potential contender for specialized of Bluetooth and WiFi® 802.11b wire-
applications, such as cooling sensors less. Bluetooth allows personal area
in spacecraft and the liquification of networking with computer systems and
gases. With additional development, Bluetooth-enabled devices such as
it could be extended to household mobile phones, GPS receivers, key- Dell’s Axim handhelds employ Intel’s
refrigerators and freezers, dehumidi- boards, and other handheld comput- PXA270 processor and are available
fiers, and air conditioners — which ers. Integrated WiFi enables users to with wireless technology.
now account for about 25% of
residential power use.

Computers and
HP Introduces New

C ontinuing with now-typical evolu-

tionary — rather than revolution-
ary — developments in the microcom-
puter industry, Hewlett-Packard
( has introduced three
new machines. The HP Workstation
xw4200 is the entry level machine
aimed at engineers, artists, designers,
scientists, and other users who have
intense application demands, require
large, complex models or data sets,
and have multitasking requirements
or extensive graphic needs.
The xw4200 features Intel’s 925X
Express chipset and Pentium 4
processors with Hyper-Threading
technology and speeds up to 3.6 GHz
with an 800 MHz front-side bus. The
new chipset drives the PCI-Express
graphics and input/output interface,
DDR-2 memory architecture, integrat-
ed Serial ATA RAID controller, and —
when available — support for future
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RLTech2004.qxd 8/10/2004 10:50 AM Page 10

TechKnowledgey 2004

connect wirelessly to the Internet at all portable audio devices. 5,600 interviews in 15 countries, and
restaurants and coffee houses, college Included with the player is a set used its in-country analysts around
campuses, sports venues, hotels, air- of high quality, low profile ear bud the globe to evaluate local market
ports, and other locations. headphones that feature extended conditions. IDC identified the piracy
Prices start at $199.00 for a non- bass capability. It has been reported rate and dollar losses by utilizing
wireless 312 MHz configuration, that the headphones can reproduce proprietary IDC models for PC, soft-
$249.00 (after a $30.00 rebate) if you frequencies up to 100 kHz, which will ware, and license shipments by all
include combination wireless capabili- come in handy if your dog likes to industry vendors in 86 countries.
ty, and $349.00 for the 624 MHz use it. It also comes with a carrying Geographically, the piracy rates
model. All three configurations include case that employs a magnetic lock break down as follows: Eastern
a built-in secure digital I/O slot, a 3.5 and it is available in chrome, silver- Europe, 71%; Western Europe, 36%;
inch transflective TFT color display plated, or gold-plated finishes. As of Latin America, 63%; Middle Eastern
with 240 x 320 (QVGA) resolution, a this writing, the device was available and African nations, 56%, and North
headphone jack and improved only by special order, with a base America, 23%. Summing it up, BSA
recorder capability, plus a scroll dial. price of $1,900.00. President and CEO Robert Holleyman
The $199.00 and $249.00 con- For an interesting twist on mar- commented, “The fight for strong intel-
figurations come with a travel sync keting techniques, visit www.qualia lectual property protection and respect
cable, while the $349.00 configura- where for copyrighted works spans the globe
tion comes with a sync/recharge you can view/download a four and there is much work to be done.”
cradle with an extra battery charge minute promotional movie that
slot that accommodates either the wraps tranquilizer music around a New Computer Project
spare standard battery (950 mAh) or montage of nature scenery and tells Announced
the optional high capacity (1,800 you absolutely nothing about the
mAh) battery ($99.00). Details are
available at
product line. It’s impressive and kind
of relaxing, really, but I suspect that
most of us will still opt for a $29.95
C OLSA Corporation (www.colsa
.com) and Apple Computer
Corporation (
Circuits and Devices player from Wal-Mart. have jointly announced the develop-
High-End MiniDisc Player ment of one of the largest and most
Industry and the powerful computers in the world.
Profession COLSA has contracted with Apple to
Pirated Software deliver the components for a super-
Flourishing cluster computer system with more
than 3,000 processors to its cus-

A ccording to a study conducted

by the research
International Data Corporation (IDC
tomer, the US Army’s Aviation and
Missile Research, Development, and
Engineering Center (AMRDEC —
— and recently
released by the Business Software The system will consist of 1,566
Alliance (BSA —, dual-processor, rack-mountable
36% of all software installed on com- Xserve G5 units, which employ
puters in 2003 was pirated, repre- Apple’s 2.0 GHz G5 CPU. COLSA will
Sony’s QUALIA® MiniDisc player.
senting a loss of nearly $29 billion to build, install, test, and operate the
the software industry. This year’s system. The supercluster will be

I f your bank account has been

looking too plush lately, Sony
Electronics has a solution in the
BSA global piracy study incorporat-
ed major software market segments,
including operating systems, con-
employed to model the complex
aero-thermodynamics of hypersonic
flight, including applications related
form of its QUALIA 017 MiniDisc sumer software, and local market to missile interceptors and scramjet
player. According to Sony, software, as well as business soft- engine performance. It will offer
“Individually crafted from a solid brass ware applications. peak performance of 25 TFLOPs.

block and perched on a beautifully The study found that, while $80 At a cost of about $5 million, it
design charging station, the QUALIA billion in software was installed on compares favorably with Japan’s
017 is truly an objets d’art.” It’s not all computers worldwide last year, only Earth Simulator computer, which
Everything For Electronics

good looks and snob appeal, though. $51 billion was legally purchased. offers 40 TFLOPS performance,
The construction is said to provide a For its analysis, IDC drew upon world but costs $350 million. The machine
more rigid case, which reduces the wide data for software and hardware is expected to be operational late
kind of wear and tear experienced by shipments, conducted more than this fall. NV
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“ Lower costs, higher output —it’s easy to measure the value of eBay.
My company counts on me to get great deals on test equipment. That’s why
I count on eBay. Oscilloscopes, lenses, transformers, signal generators…
all the gear I want is there for less. So far, I’ve bought $40,000 worth of
new and used equipment for just $20,000. With a well-equipped lab, we’re
troubleshooting more efficiently and getting products to market faster.”

© 2004 eBay Inc. All rights reserved. eBay and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay Inc. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. All items subject to availability.
Stan Searing – eBay User ID: searing (595)
Application Engineering Manager, Pixim, Inc.,
a 50-person manufacturer of imaging platforms
in Mountain View, CA.
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Electro-Net Go to — click Electro-Net

See the World’s Largest Collection

of LCDs and LCD Products
(Electronically Speaking, Gateway’s Got It!)


“The Future
of Proto-

Geiger Counters: MCU Affordable EPROM, EEPROM,

Digital, PC & Analog PICmicro MCU Development Tools FLASH and NVRAM Programmer
Everything For Electronics

As sold to NASA and BASIC Compilers

US Government Device Programmers
Prototyping Boards
IMAGES SI INC. Experimenter Boards Books
Try It
Go to — click Electro-Net
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Just For Starters Guest Hosted by Terence Thomas

Basics For Beginners

Just For Starters

A Tutorial on Diodes

aterials that can conduct of aluminum, gallium, or indium. threshold voltage is achieved. The
current (silver, gold, alu- biasing level can vary from one
minum, copper, etc.) con- P-N Junction diode to another, but most diodes
tain large numbers of loosely held will trigger at about 0.7 volts. Reverse
electrons. Their resistance to the flow When a p-type junction is made, biasing does not have a threshold
of current is measured in just a few the electrical equivalent of “holes” or and a diode starts responding at the
millionths of an ohm per centimeter. an absence of electrons is set up. An first sign of a signal. Since diodes are
Insulators — such as glass, rubber, n junction has an excess of electrons. mostly given the duty of switching
and plastic — have very few loosely Combining p and n materials and non-sinusoidal signals, biasing — for
held electrons and their resistance to applying negative current results in a the most part — is not a factor.
the flow of current is measured in a diffusing of electrons across the junc-
few million ohms per centimeter. tion is known as diffusion current. Doping
As you can see in Figure 1, a
Semiconductors surplus of electrons from the n Doping is the name given to the
material penetrate the space-charge process of adding impurities that
As the term implies, semi- region, flow across the junction, and enable the diode to respond to cur-
conductors are not as conductive as move through the holes to the rent. Different doping procedures can
metal, nor are they as non-conductive positive lead. This is known as produce different types of diodes.
as insulators. The most commonly forward biasing and results in signal For example, over-doping can pro-
used materials in semiconductors are being transferred through the diode. duce something called a tunnel diode.
germanium and silicon. Germanium, When the current is reversed, the
in its pure form, is rated at 60 ohms free electrons are drawn to the Tunnel Diodes
per centimeter, while silicon is rated positive terminal and the holes are
at 60,000 ohms per centimeter. attracted to the negative terminal. A tunnel diode has a high concen-
What enables semiconductors to This is known as reverse biasing and tration of impurities in both the p and
change their state of conductivity is results in no passage of current the n sections of the device. The
the addition of controlled amounts of through the diode. The more reverse space-charge region is so narrow in
impurities. Arsenic and antimony biasing is applied to it, the more this diode that an electrical charge can
added to the mix will produce what is resistance the diode presents. pass through the device by tunneling,
known as an n-type material because a quantum-mechanical action that
of the negative charge from the excess Biasing produces a negative-resistance region
of free electrons. A p-type junction can that has the potential of achieving
be produced with the careful addition Like bipolar transistors, diodes amplification. In circuits where signal
do not respond to intensity is compromised for one rea-
Figure 1. Combined P and N junctions signals until a son or another, the tunnel diode can

Figure 2. Zener diode operation

Everything For Electronics

RLJustForStarters.qxd 8/10/2004 12:08 PM Page 15

as Just For Starters

help achieve a critical threshold

point. Oscillators, pulse genera-
tors, and RF energy generation
are the areas where the tunnel
diode is most applicable.

Zener Diode
Voltage regulation is an
important function in modern Figure 3. Diode types
electronics and the zener diode is
designed to do just that. It achieves this diode. The varactor acts as a voltage in Nuts & Volts.
in the reverse bias mode. You can see in sensitive capacitor in series with a
the diagram (Figure 2) that the zener is resistance. Its use is basically SCRs
wired across a power supply output confined to microwave equipment.
with the anode lead connected to An SCR (Silicone Controlled
ground and the cathode lead connected Diode Types Rectifier) is like a diode with an extra
to the supply output. lead. The device will not pass current
Like regular diodes, zener devices As you can see in the illustration, until a pulse is applied to the third lead,
resist the flow of voltage when reverse diodes come in a wide variety of which is called a gate. Many switching
biased. The zener, however, is designed shapes and sizes. The size of a diode functions that were formerly controlled
to resist the flow of voltage only to a will most likely relate to its power
given breakdown point. Anything over handling capacity. Leads are identi- Figure 4. SCR operation
the breakdown point will be passed to fied as anode and cathode and —
ground. Acting as a reference source, on most diodes — polarity is identi-
the zener diode is capable of providing fied by a line on the cathode side,
very accurate, constant current loads. as shown in the diode type illustra-
Popular cutoff points are 5, 9, and 12 tion (Figure 3).
volts to accommodate most power Your local supplier should have
supply requirements. most types in stock. Low level glass
diodes, such as the 1N914, are
Varactor inexpensive (about 10 for $1.00)
and widely available. Harder to find
One of the most unusual devices diodes can be ordered from suppli-
is the varactor or variable-reactance er catalogs or from the advertisers

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RLJustForStarters.qxd 8/10/2004 11:53 AM Page 16

Just For Starters

Only a brief pulse is necessary to

turn on an SCR — and it stays on.
There are two ways to turn it off.
The first is by applying a negative
pulse to the gate and the second is
by disengaging the output load. This
second method is popular as a reset
in alarm circuits (see Figure 4).
One thing that is necessary
when working with SCRs is a
constant output load. Most well
designed circuits will provide a
steady load to maintain the on con-
dition of the SCR. Experimentation
will determine whether or not the
circuit will sustain an on condition in
an SCR controlled situation.

Figure 5. Diode isolated voltage sequencer
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
by heavy, slow, expensive mechanical relays can be execut- have been around for quite a while now and almost all elec-
ed by an SCR. Loading problems are another disadvantage tronic devices have one or more. The LED is made by
of relays that disqualifies them from low current circuits, adding metals — such as aluminum, gallium, and indium
especially since they need a constant DC input to stay on. — to arsenic antimony and phosphors. By changing the
ratio of elements, it is possible to vary the color, the
amount of infrared radiation, and the brightness greatly
from one LED to another.
Wherever you need a visual indication of electrical
activity, the LED is the answer. Seven segment displays
enable light emitting diodes to indicate letters and
numbers and are used in clocks and calculators. Arrays —
consisting of several LEDs in a single case — are used to
indicate sound levels in recording devices. New products
are being developed all the time and amazing devices are
finding their ways to the shelves of your suppliers.

Diodes as Isolators
No circuit demonstrates the ability of diodes to pass

Figure 6. Bar graph sound level indicator

Everything For Electronics

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RLJustForStarters.qxd 8/10/2004 11:53 AM Page 17

Just For Starters

and isolate analog signals better than best in this circuit, but, if they are larger value.
a sequencer. The sequencer in Figure too bright, increase the value of
5 is a 4017 decade counter and it pro- resistor R1. Conclusion
duces a high output (equal to the Because audio levels from music
power supply) at only one of its 10 can be transient, signals may occur Diodes can help you achieve your
outputs. The other nine outputs are too quickly to be observed. circuit goals, whether you want to
low and all of the outputs are connect- Capacitor C1 will help hold the trigger an alarm, regulate a power
ed to potentiometers. signal long enough for it to be supply, or light up a project with
When a pulse is fed to pin 14, the seen. If the capacitor does not LEDs. The diode will point you in the
counter advances to the next stage. hold the signal long enough, try a right direction. NV
Since only one diode at a time is
high, it passes whatever voltage is set
by its potentiometer to the output
bus. This voltage reverse biases all
other diodes, so they become highly
resistive and isolate the nine low state
No interaction between stages
will occur because only the voltage at
the active stage will be passed to the
bus. The result is a manually
adjustable staircase wave shape. This
circuit is ideally suited to operate volt-
age controlled oscillators and other
electronic music circuits.

Integrated Circuits
Diode elements are etched into
ICs to direct signals, prevent false
triggering, and stabilize — as well as
protect — the circuit. Tunnel diode
doping techniques are being
researched to increase the efficiency
of the new breed of integrated

Bar Graph Sound

Level Indicator
Figure 6 shows how to use diodes
in series to set a “trip point.” Twenty-
two diodes and six LEDs — along with
three resistors and a capacitor —
comprise this simple sound level indi-
cator. The input accepts a high level
audio signal through D1. As a low
level signal rises in amplitude, it
meets the biasing threshold of diode
D2 and LED D23 lights. When the
signal increases beyond the biasing
requirement of D3 and D4, LED D24
will light. This process continues
down the line to LED D28, as long as
the signal level increases.
The new extra bright LEDs work
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RLMicroMemories.qxd 8/10/2004 1:44 PM Page 18

Micro Memories by Edward Driscoll, Jr.

Micro Memories
Shakey — A 1960s Predecessor to
Today’s Advanced Robotics
eaders of Nuts & Volts and

research into robotics: one corporate — it had a TV camera so that it could
especially SERVO — our and the other using government see things and there was work on
sister publication — know money. Dr. Joseph Engelberger was getting it to tell where the edge of the
first hand the remarkable strides that developing the first robots for room was. It could recognize blocks.
robotics has made in the last 10 automobile assembly lines — tech- It could find ramps and other things
years or so. nology eagerly purchased by like that.”
Yet, as one developer told me, General Motors and, later, by other Beyond that, one of the goals of
robotics in the first decade of the automobile manufacturers. the Shakey program was to build a
21st century are still very much akin Meanwhile, Stanford Research robot that could be given instruc-
to where personal computers were in Institute (later known as SRI) — tions that were less than step-by-step
the mid-1970s. Just as it took located in Menlo Park, CA — was and still have it figure out how to
decades of experimentation and working with ARPA, the Advanced accomplish its tasks. As Waldinger
research to get to the first microcom- Research Projects Agency, the says, its instructions wouldn’t say
puter, it has taken robots an equally central research and development “go here and then go there;” rather,
long gestation period to get to the organization for the US govern- they would say “move this box to this
hobbyist level. ment’s Department of Defense. location.”
In the 1960s, it required enor- (Later, it became officially known as Shakey had no hands, but, as
mous sums of capital just to DARPA. The added D stands for Waldinger says, “it could push boxes
research robots. There were Defense. In the late 1960s, it also with its ‘stomach.’ It was like a
essentially two groups doing gave the world Arpanet, the direct bulldozer; it could push boxes along
forerunner to today’s and the tasks that it could do had to
Shakey quietly resides in a Plexiglas case at the Internet.) do with moving a box from one place
Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The result was a to another and, sometimes, there
robot eventually known were things that it had to move out of
informally — but lovingly the way in order to get through a
— as “Shakey” because doorway.
of its herky-jerky In some cases, there were uncer-
motions. It became a tainties; it would think that a box was
milestone in robotics in place and then someone would
technology. As Dr. secretly move it and it would have to
Richard J. Waldinger of adjust to contingencies that might
SRI told me, its builders have interrupted its plans. , it was the
had several objectives first time that a whole bunch of
for their robot. First, “it different things were integrated into
was combining wholly one system.”
different elements in arti-
ficial intelligence into a The Birth of Shakey
single thing. It did have
some English under- The robot was initially created

standing, so you could because Dr. Charles A. Rosen — who

type commands into led SRI’s applied physics lab — had a
Shakey in English and it remarkable idea in 1963. As his
Everything For Electronics

would type back in colleague, Dr. Nils J. Nilsson, wrote

English. And then there in a 1984 paper, “What would it be
was vision because it like, he wondered, to build a large
could recognize objects learning machine whose inputs
RLMicroMemories.qxd 8/10/2004 1:45 PM Page 19

Jr. Micro Memories

would come from television cameras control unit, a rubberized “bump

and other sensors and whose outputs detector” for when it came in
would drive effector motors to carry contact with a wall or other object,
the machine purposefully through its and — underneath it all — drive
environment?” and caster wheels.
Rosen wrote a memo outlining Of course, as Dr. Waldinger
his plans for such a robot or notes, “There were no personal
“automaton,” as he called it. Then, computers in those days and
as Nilsson describes it, “During computers back then were bigger
1964, we spent a lot of time plan- and heavier than you’d want to
ning a robot research project and carry around.”
discussing the idea with possible So, Shakey’s brains, “were in a
sponsors. As interest in computer larger computer and I think they
science and artificial intelligence changed computers from time to
grew, we were ready to concede that time as newer computers came
our robot ought to be equipped with along. I think there was maybe an
heuristic computer programs, as SDS940 and that might have been
well as pattern-recognizing learning replaced by a DEC10. It may have
machines.” had some things onboard, but not
Their proposal eventually won very much.” Shakey was connect-
funding from ARPA, which sent ed to them first by cable, “and
an informal request to SRI to bid then, eventually, I think there was a Shakey's head combined a television camera and
on a research program to develop radio link.” a rangefinder. Unlike a human, his actual brains
automatons. Like many prototypes, resided in computers that connected to Shakey
via cables, and later, a wireless connection.
Waldinger remembers Shakey as
Meet Shakey being “a very unreliable piece of SRI made a series of films of
equipment. First of all, it was very Shakey in action. Waldinger notes
Shakey wasn’t designed to be an slow and, when it was moving some- that, “in the first movie, there was a
aesthetic knockout — in fact, it was thing, it was not very long before clock on the wall and you could see
rather ungainly looking. It was something would go wrong. by looking at the clock how long
several feet tall with a sort of head For example, a lot of things done things were taking. Actually,
containing a TV camera and range in the movies were pieced together — sometimes the clock would seem to
finder, but that head was attached to it didn’t do things all at once; it did a move backward, because something
a square body containing onboard little bit and then it broke and then had been done late one day and then
logic and electronics, a camera somebody had to fix it.” was picked up the next day or maybe

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RLMicroMemories.qxd 8/10/2004 1:46 PM Page 20

Micro Memories

make it obvious where the end

of the wall was. If Shakey
couldn’t see where the end of
the room was, it was difficult
to orient it.

Six Degrees
of Shakey
All technology has to
begin somewhere and there’s
a direct link between Shakey
and the mobile robots of
today. There may be other
links as well: Waldinger
remembers a presentation
given to a group of high-rank-
ing Army officials. One of
them asked the men at SRI,
“Could you attach a 36-inch
blade to that thing?” The
response was basically, “I
don’t see why not!” That may
have been the birth of Robot
A mid-1960s photo from the Stanford Research
Institute diagrams the key features of Shakey. Wars, 30 years before its time.
Shakey has another
a couple of days later. So, in amusing link to today’s
subsequent movies, they removed technology. After DARPA terminated
the clock from the wall.” funding on Shakey in 1972, the robot
Because Shakey’s visual sat in SRI’s lobby for several years
recognition system was far from before eventually ending up in the
perfect, it had problems recognizing Computer History Museum in
where the wall ended and where the Mountain View, CA (see the July
floor began, so, eventually, SRI 2001 issue of Nuts & Volts).
painted the baseboard in the room Nils Nilsson told me that, while
where Shakey ran a darker color to Shakey was on display at SRI, various
school groups would
Shakey used loops of wires as "bump sensors," to alert him pass by Shakey, includ-
to when he was about to hit a wall or other obstacle. ing one with a junior
high school student
named Bill Gates.
Gates later told an
associate at Microsoft,
“I remember that — I
was a junior high
school student. I went
to SRI and saw Shakey
the Robot and it got me

all excited about

For a robot that
Everything For Electronics

had trouble seeing

where it was going,
Shakey’s legacy defi-
nitely went far. NV
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RLLetsGetTechnical.qxd 8/10/2004 11:47 AM Page 22

Let’s Get Technical by James Antonakos

Electronic Theories and Applications From A to Z

Let’s Get Technical

Getting More for Less —
A First Look at Digital Data Compression

ata compression has been way to convert the 2.5 MB file into a able today, we can afford the
around for a long time. If 245 KB file? Then, the transfer would processing time and make use of
you’ve heard the expres- take place quickly and the required very complex techniques to obtain
sion, “A picture is worth a thousand storage space would be significantly good compression rates.
words,” then you are familiar with the reduced. Even better, after the file is As we just saw, logical
basic principle of data compression: downloaded, the compressed data compression leads to physical
replacing one set of symbols with can be expanded back into the compression. A good example of a
another, smaller set. A high resolu- original 2.5 MB. logically-compressed code is Morse
tion photograph of an object is a First, let us think about logical Code. This code was invented by
better description than a mere compression. This has to do with the Samuel Morse in 1844 for use with
thousand words can evoke. way we represent the data being telegraphs. Letters, digits, and
Today — with practically every- stored before compression. One punctuation symbols are defined by
thing represented by 1s and 0s in method may be better than another, dots and dashes in the code. Figure
some form or another — there is a in terms of its built-in logical 1 shows the Morse Code for the
great need for digital data compression. For example, suppose letters A to Z.
compression. Why? The answer is a programmer has written code to Notice that the most frequently-
time and space. Oh, the Universe is write sensor data to an output file. used letter — E — is represented by a
pretty old and really big, but we still The programmer used a simple loop single dot. Other popular letters,
want to transmit data from one of code to write 16-bit ASCII strings such as A and I, require only two
place to another quickly and we of “0” characters and “1” characters, symbols (dot-dash and dot-dot,
want to use as little storage space such as: respectively). Letters not frequently
as possible. used, such as X, Q, and Z, contain
If you are downloading a file, you 1001001111101010 four symbols each in their codes.
want the download to take place as Samuel Morse built data compres-
fast as possible. The time required to which requires 16 bytes of file space. sion into his code by designing it so
download the file depends — among If the programmer was to spend that frequently used letters required
other things — on the Internet con- a little more time in the output loop, the fewest symbols and, thus, were
nection speed and the size of the file. then the 16-bit string could be transmitted more quickly than the
A file size of 2.5 MB will require more converted into a four-character symbols for less frequently used
time to download than a 245 KB file. hexadecimal string, such as: letters.
What if, however, there was a You can experiment with digital
93EA data compression yourself by
Figure 1. A portion of the Morse Code alphabet. working through the following steps
saving 12 bytes of to design your own binary version of
file storage space, the Morse Code. In the example
compressing the out- described in these steps, a tone

put file by 75%, and generator and speaker are controlled

giving us 4:1 com- by a single bit. When the bit is high,
pression. The price the speaker emits a tone. When the
Everything For Electronics

we paid was to spend bit is low, the speaker is quiet.

more time on the
processing. With the 1. Assign binary patterns to dots and
fast computers avail- dashes. Since a dash is longer than a
RLLetsGetTechnical.qxd 8/10/2004 11:47 AM Page 23

os Let’s Get Technical

dot (Its tone lasts longer when MPEG Audio Layer Encoder Complexity Compression Typical Bit Rate
played), let us use one bit for a dot
and two bits for a dash. So, a dot will 1 Low Low (4:1) 384 Kbps
be a 1 and a dash will be a 11. 2 Medium Medium (8:1) 192 Kbps
3 High High (12:1) 112 Kbps
2. Assign binary patterns to the
symbol, letter, and word spacing. The Table 1. MPEG audio layer differences.
symbol spacing is the quiet time
needed between one dot/dash and another. information compresses compared to a CD quality,
For example, in the code for letter A, we have a dot uncompressed bit stream of 1,411,200 bits/second (two
followed by a dash. If we let the symbol spacing be a 16-bit channels, sampled 44,100 times each second). As
single bit (equal to 0), we can represent the letter A by the indicated in the table, the more processing power you can
binary pattern 1011. The letter spacing is the quiet time throw at the compression algorithm, the better your data
needed between the letters that make up a word or will compress (to a certain limit).
abbreviation. This spacing needs to be longer than the All three MPEG layers use the same basic
symbol spacing. techniques for encoding audio and compressing the
Let us use two 0s for the letter spacing. Now the letters data. These techniques — called perceptual audio
OK will encode as 11011011001101011. Last, the coding and psycho-acoustic compression — utilize
quiet time between words must be longer than knowledge of how humans hear and process sounds to
the quiet time between letters. For this, let us use eliminate information that is duplicated or masked out
three 0s. Then, the words HI JIM will encode as by other sounds.
1010101001010001011011011001010011011000. By eliminating the redundant or unnecessary
information, the MP3 file requires less storage space than
3. Count the number of bits required to encode a message an uncompressed WAV file for the same audio
in the chosen format. For our example, the binary string information. For example, a 30 second WAV file requiring
encoding HI JIM contains 40 bits.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3, making one or more changes

to the binary patterns assigned. Encode the same Smartronix
message as before.

5. Compare the number of bits required for each

encoding. If one method is better than another, can you
determine why?

You may also change the hardware requirements and Transparent troubleshooting and
see what effect they have on the format and compression emulation of serial interfaces...
of the encoded binary string. Serial link passes through
Another logical type of compression is performed base unit without retransmission
distortion or delay.
while encoding an MP3 audio file. MP3 files get their name
from the MPEG Audio Layer 3 specification. MPEG Captures full duplex data with
precise time tagging and line states.
(Moving Picture Experts Group) audio and video are
popular encoding methods for creating high quality, low-bit Measures transmit and receive
line voltages.
rate multimedia files.
There are three audio layers defined in the MPEG Allows a PC to emulate one serial
device while capturing full transaction.
standard. Table 1 lists some of their features. As All hardware, cables/adapters,
Data can be easily exported to third Windows R compatible software
indicated, Layer 2 is superior to Layer 1, and Layer 3 is application. and documentation are included.
superior to Layer 2. Layer 3 requires the most processing
power to implement the decompression algorithm; Layer NEW Serial Analyzer can now capture data to PC hard
1 requires the least. Layer 3 encoding did not become disk for extended periods!
popular until the speed of the PC was able to support its
calculations. Before the MP3 audio file, the Windows T o l l F re e 1 - 8 6 6 - 4 4 2 - 7 7 6 7
WAV file provided digitized audio for the PC. The WAV file w w w . s m ar t r o n i x . c o m
simply stores the sampled audio data without Interested in building more products like these?
compression. We are always looking for talented engineers, please
The Compression column refers to how well the audio visit the employment section on our website. (EOE/M/F/V/D)

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RLLetsGetTechnical.qxd 8/10/2004 11:47 AM Page 24

Let’s Get Technical

330 KB of storage was Graphics Interchange

converted into a 220 KB Format. JPEG stands for
MP3 file. The MP3 file Joint Photographic Experts
sounds as good as — if Group. GIF files were creat-
not better than — the ed by CompuServe as a
original WAV file, with method of exchanging
the absence of 110 KB of graphical information. The
sound information. features of a .GIF file are
Even sampling the as follows:
analog sound informa-
tion can be approached • Maximum of 256
from different direc- simultaneous colors
tions. Using an analog-
to-digital converter, you • Lossless compression
may sample the using LZW (Lempel-Ziv-
converter 8,000 times Figure 2. Sample image containing 24,320 pixels. Welch) algorithm
per second, reading an
eight-bit sample each time. Thus, a uncompressed? If we compress a • Support for animation and
one second audio waveform would program file and then uncompress transparency built-in
require 64,000 bits of storage. it, every byte in the file has to be
Now, suppose you change the correct or the program will not • Interlaced and non-interlaced
sampling hardware to one that uses function correctly when the formats
a delta modulation method, where program is executed.
the sample can only increase or In this case, we need a com- The quality of the GIF image was
decrease by a small value each pression algorithm that is kept low so that its file size could be
time. (This is the delta.) Then, each “lossless.” The technique used to managed. People with dial-up
sample only requires one bit of convert the WAV file to an MP3 file modems for their Internet
storage. is a “lossy” compression technique, connection do not want to wait
Now, one second of audio only since some of the original data is forever for an image to load.
requires 8,000 bits of information. thrown away. When the GIF image data is
If the delta modulation method Okay, so the MP3 audio file is decompressed for display purposes,
does not have significant slope one place where lossy compression an exact copy of the original data is
overload losses (signal level chang- may be used to advantage, but reproduced, due to the lossless
ing faster than one delta between where else can we get away with it? compression used on the original
samples), it provides a nice, built-in We cannot do so in program files, image data.
compression over the eight-bit A/D for sure, or even files that contain Compare the properties avail-
method. important information, such as able in GIF encoding with those
Once the MP3 compressor has databases, but what about image of JPG:
thrown away the WAV file’s files?
redundant and unnecessary signal Browsing the Internet is a wide- • 24-bit color (16,777,216 simul-
information, there is no way to get it spread activity, awash with images of taneous colors with eight bits each
back. In this case, it does not matter, many shapes and sizes. Web for red, green, and blue)
since the MP3 format has high browsers that display graphical
quality. images accept two different types of • Lossy compression using the
What if we need to have every bit image files: GIF images and JPG (or DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform)
of the original data back when it is JPEG) images. GIF stands for algorithm on eight-by-eight blocks
of pixels
Property GIF Image JPG Image
• No animation or transparency

Bits / Pixel 8 24 available

Colors Used 256 20,089
• Non-interlaced format only
Max Colors 256 16,777,216
Everything For Electronics

File Size 24,557 bytes 10,097 bytes JPG files are preferred over GIF
files for their photographic-quality
Table 2. Comparison of the same image saved as a GIF and a JPG. color. In addition, the lossy JPG
RLLetsGetTechnical.qxd 8/10/2004 11:47 AM Page 25

Let’s Get Technical

compression provides better the estimated 72,960 bytes for an techniques and that there are
compression, in general, than the uncompressed, 24-bit color file. applications for both methods.
lossless compression used in GIF Viewing each image side by side also Next time, we will examine some
files, with little noticeable effect on illustrates why JPEG is the better specific compression techniques,
image quality. Some images look format for high quality images. The including run-length coding, Huffman
very poor when saved and viewed as JPG image contains almost 80 coding, the LZW algorithm, and
GIF files due to the lack of colors times the number of colors as the sequence coding (all lossless), as well
available. GIF image. as the Discrete Cosine Transform
For others, the lossy format of So, we have seen that there are (which is used within the JPG’s lossy
the JPG is unacceptable. This is lossy and lossless compression compression algorithm). NV
especially true for medical images,
where the actual shade or color of a
pixel is important. In the lossy-
compressed JPG image, eight-by-
eight blocks of pixels have
their values adjusted slightly, so
the original content of some pixels
are lost.
Consider the image shown in
Figure 2. The image contains 190 ×
128 or 24,320 pixels. Without
compression, a total of 24,320 bytes
would be needed to store all the eight-
bit pixel values for an image of 256
colors and 72,960 bytes would be
required for an image with 24-bit pixel
Examine Table 2, which shows
the results of saving the image in GIF
and JPG formats. Both formats
require fewer than the 24,320 byte,
uncompressed, eight-bit color file
size. The JPG compression is clearly
superior to the GIF compression;
however, the JPG image file requires
less than half the space of the GIF
image file and only one seventh of

About the Author

James Antonakos is a Professor in
the Departments of Electrical
Engineering Technology and Computer
Studies at Broome Community
College. He has over 28 years of
experience designing digital and analog
circuitry and developing software.
He is also the author of numerous
textbooks on microprocessors, pro-
gramming, and microcomputer
systems. You may reach him at anton or visit his
website at

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Clearance Specials, Ramsey Museum, User Forums, Dealer Information, FAQ’s, FCC
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The three probe wire pick-ups allow for easy application and experimentation Where ✦ Build It!
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$39.95 $44.95
ECG1WT Factory Assembled & Tested ECG1 $89.95 Prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change. Visit for the
ECGP10 Replacement Reusable Probe Patches, 10 Pack $7.95 latest pricing, specials, terms and conditions. Fall Super Sale expires 10-10-2004
Copyright 2004 Ramsey Electronics, Inc.
Circle #83 on the Reader Service Card.
newsbytesSep04.qxd 8/11/2004 3:34 PM Page 28

News Bytes

Game Fair Or Job Fair? Power On A Roll

I f you’re in San Francisco around October 6th, 2004, you

might want to take a peek at the goings on at the Bill
Graham Civic Auditorium. That’s where the World Cyber
J ust get your hands on
one of these SolarRoll™
14 flexible solar panels
Games 2004 Grand Final is being held. Representatives and you’ll see what I
from 60 countries will be logging on with their computers, mean. Produced by
“where cultural barriers are stripped away and Brunton of Riverton, WY,
international exchange and harmony are promoted.” Of these lightweight and
course, this is the sort of harmony found on the receiving waterproof panels can be
end of a megawatt pulse rifle aimed from an armored rolled up unto a 3” dia.
personnel capsule on a high-arc jump. tube for easy storage between uses, empowering the
The WCG 2004 is a video game competition, where average gadgeteer to step outside and get some rays. The
the best in the world will attempt to out-drive, out-gun, and model 14 produces 14 watts of power — 15.1 volts at 900
out-think their hardware accelerated, texture mapped, and mA — and includes adapter cables for several different
caffeine amped opponents. Official games for both PC and devices, like satellite phones, digital cameras, and that
Xbox machines include Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, beanie cap with electric propeller. For larger devices like
Unreal Tournament 2004, Project Gotham Racing 2, and laptops or basic battery charging, two or more panels can
Halo. And, in case you think this is just a small event of an be linked together to increase power output. Though it isn’t
under-represented subculture, consider the numbers from exactly cheap at $370.00, it is readily available. For more
the 2003 event: 600,000 competed at the international info, visit
qualifying events and earned over $1.8 million in prize
money from sponsors like Samsung and nVidia. O Marks The Spot
If I was looking for young
people with fast reflexes, acute
situation planning skills, and a
mastery of computer input
I ntegration is the future of
consumer electronics, and the
cell phone is ground zero for a
devices for the next generation of myriad of ongoing research.
remotely piloted vehicles, this Enter the SpotCode platform,
would be a goldmine. But if you’re from developers High Energy
just a gamer looking to frag some Magic out of Cambridge in the
newbies, you can register online: UK. Looking like a bar code just removed from a spin art
machine, a
black and white glyph called a Bango
Spot may become the “real world
hyperlink.” The Bango Spot is
designed to be read by special
software that processes the real-time
image from your camera phone. The
result of that processing —
information on orientation, position,
and size — is combined with the
decoded numeric identifier and both
are transmitted via Bluetooth to a
computer in the area, allowing the
phone to become a universal pointing
device, personal display, and
keyboard. Commercial applications

abound, where consumer interest

could be indicated. Not to mention,
walking up to a soda machine and
Everything For Electronics

buying a Dr. Pepper. (This earns 9.5

out of 10 on Editor Dan’s Clever-o-
Meter!) Visit the developers at
Circle #136 on the Reader Service Card. SEPTEMBER 2004
Full Page.qxd 8/11/2004 10:57 AM Page 29

Circle #42 on the Reader Service Card.

RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:41 AM Page 30

Q&A with TJ Byers

Electronics Q&A
In this column, I answer Lightning Physics causes the earth’s surface to acquire
a strong, positive charge.
questions about all aspects . During a lightning strike, is the The strong electric field also
of electronics, including Q earth considered positive or
causes the air around the cloud to
break down and become ionized (a
computer hardware, Gene Bozek plasma). A point is reached (usually
software, circuits, electronic via Internet when the gradient exceeds tens of
thousands of volts per inch) where
theory, troubleshooting, and . Positive. In an electrical storm, the ionized air begins to act like a
anything else of interest to A the storm cloud is charged like a
giant capacitor. The upper portion of
conductor. At this point, the ground
sends out feelers to the cloud,
the hobbyist. the cloud is positive and the lower searching for a path of least
Feel free to participate portion is negative. resistance. Once that path is
Like all capacitors, an electric established, the cloud-to-earth
with your questions, as field gradient exists between the capacitor discharges in a bright flash
well as comments and upper positive and lower negative of lightning (Figure 1).
regions. The strength or intensity of Because there’s an enormous
suggestions. the electric field is directly related to amount of current in a lightning
You can reach me at: the amount of charge build-up in the strike, there’s also an enormous
cloud. The charge is created by amount of heat. (In fact, a bolt of colliding water droplets. lightning is hotter than the surface of
As the collisions continue and the the sun.) The air around the strike
charges at the top and bottom of the becomes super heated — so hot that
cloud increase, the electric field the air immediate to the strike actual-
What's Up: becomes more intense — so intense, ly explodes. The explosion creates a
in fact, that the electrons at the sound wave that we call thunder.
earth’s surface are repelled deeper Some say that lightning strikes like
Have questions about into the earth by the strong negative this in the early days of the Earth led
charge at the lower portion of the to the creation of life.
lightning? I have answers. cloud. This repulsion of electrons Cloud to ground strikes are not
the only form of light-
Two unique 555 timer Figure 1 ning, though. There are
also ground to cloud
applications, a low-power (usually originating from
a tall structure) and
headphone amplifier, and cloud to cloud strikes.
These strikes are further
defined into normal light-
a classic car voltage ning (discussed above),
sheet lightning, heat
conversion. Plus the lightning, ball lightning,

red sprite, blue jet, and

usual website suspects others that are lesser
defined. For more infor-
Everything For Electronics

and lots of feedback mation on lightning,

check out http://scie
from our readers. nce.howstuf fworks.
RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:41 AM Page 31

ers Q&A

Mapping Lightning the same time, light travels at thunder pulse is used to stop the
186,000 miles per second, whereas timer. A microcontroller in each
. The local TV weather programs sound travels at the relative snail pace receiver transmits the time measured
Q sometimes plot the various
lightning occurrences as they happen
of one-fifth of a mile in the same time.
Thus, the flash — if not obscured by
to a processing station, where the
times are converted to distances that
— usually for a three hour period clouds — is seen before the thunder is are used to compute the location of
around the state. I’ve wondered how heard. By counting the seconds the lightning strike (see Figure 2) to
the lightning strikes are sensed and between the flash and the thunder within 12 inches. However, the NASA
plotted. Maybe this is done visually and dividing by 5, an estimate of the sensors have to be located within a
from satellite images? Does that work distance to the strike (in miles) can 30 mile radius of the strike to be
for lightning below the cloud deck? be made. accurate — which is no big deal, given
Are there sensing stations that give a In the NASA lightning sensor, a that these receivers cost far less
bearing to the lightning strike for low frequency receiver detects the to make and install than the GAI
stations to triangulate on — either lightning strike. The leading edge of direction finders.
radio or visual sensors? I’m just a the electric-field pulse is used to start You can build a simple, electric-
curious ham operator. a timer and the leading edge of the field receiver using the schematic in
Wally Willhard
Bountiful, UT
Figure 2
. Satellites are more often used to
A follow lightning strikes around the
world and haven’t advanced to the
point where they can accurately map
local areas like Bountiful, UT (but
we’re getting there). For that, a
network of ground sensors is used.
There are two types of sensors
commonly used — magnetic direction
finders and VHF interferometery.
The National Lightning Detection
Network (NLDN), which is operated
by Global Atmospherics, Inc., (GAI)
in Tucson, AZ (a wholly-owned sub-
sidiary of Vaisala) is a network of
more than 130 magnetic direction
finders that covers the entire US —
more than twice the coverage of
existing weather radar networks.
Each direction finder determines
the location of a lightning discharge
using triangulation and is capable of
detecting cloud-to-ground lightning
flashes at distances of up to 250
miles and more. Processed informa-
tion is transmitted to the Network
Control Center (NCC) where it’s
displayed in the form of a grid map
showing lightning across the US
(w w
Recently, NASA has improved
the resolution of the system by
adding acoustical measurements to
the mix. Although the flash and
resulting thunder occur at essentially
RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:41 AM Page 32


+5V shed and moving around, the light

Figure 3
ANT remains on. Of course, it has its
drawbacks. If you working in an area
that has you shielded from the
1 - 3 ft 10k 100k 33k 8 4 sensor, you could find yourself in the
.001 Pulse
1M 7 0.1 Out dark. So, I can see why you might
10uH 3
555 want to build your own timer circuit
.001 6

270k 2N3904
with a predictable off time. For this, a
10pF 2 Piezo single 555 IC and an optoisolator
1uH (Figure 4) will do the trick and the

270k 1 5
0.1 circuit will easily fit into the utility box.
.01 This circuit requires that you
remove the wall switch from the AC
wiring and use it to switch the 9 volt
Lightning Detector power source instead. This can be a
9 volt battery, but I’d use a wall-wart
Figure 3. The receiver is tuned to 300 more often than not, I forget to shut because the circuit won’t work if the
kHz; the sensitivity is adjusted by the off the light. Since the shed has no battery goes dead. Turning “on” the
length of the antenna in the range of windows, I never notice that the light light applies voltage to the 555 chip.
1 to 3 feet. The longer the antenna, is on until my next trip to the shed. The 0.1 µF cap on pin 2 forces the
the more sensitive the receiver. The What I’d like is a timer that would trigger input low during power-up
receiver outputs a pulse to the 555 automatically turn the light off after, and starts the timing period.
monostable timer when a lightning let’s say, 15 minutes. The time is adjustable between 2
strike is detected, which causes the The switch should work normal- and 20 minutes using the 1M pot. If
piezo buzzer to beep. ly if you flip it off before the time you turn off power to the chip before
A 5 volt Pulse Out signal is also expires; otherwise, the timer would the time expires, the optoisolator’s
available to start a timer, which you take control and turn off the light. LED goes out and the light turns off.
can stop manually when you hear Ideally, all the components would fit If you forget and leave the switch on,
the thunder (or build your own sonic in a standard electrical utility box, the 555 timer will turn off the
thunder detector). That will give you along with the switch. An adjustable optoisolator LED and do the job for
the distance to the strike. To triangu- time delay would be nice. Any ideas you. When building the circuit, be
late, you’ll need two or more on how I might build such a device? sure to keep the AC mains as far
receivers and a software program Dick Baloh away as possible from the wall switch
(like Excel) to do the math. via Internet and 555 circuitry.

Outbuilding Timer . My first suggestion is to install Low Voltage 555

. When I want something from
A a motion detector wall switch,
like the one made by Eagle that’s
Q my shed, I flip on the light, get
what I need, and leave. Of course,
available at most hardware stores
($19.95). As long as you are in the Q . I’d like a 555 timer to actuate a
relay (5 VDC @ 150 mA) for 1

Figure 4 +9V +3V Figure 5

Wall Switch Timer

Hot 160k 8 4
7 1000uF
8 4 Lamp 15k 555
MOC3020 3VDC

47k 100k 470 180 6 3 47

3 1 6 Relay
7 555 2 +
6 2 4

6A 1 5 330uF
2 200V
Everything For Electronics

100uF .01
1 5

0.1 1000uF
.01 AC
Neutral Low-Power Timer
RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:41 AM Page 33


second and recycle this event every 13 seconds; therefore,

this relay would be engaged for one second for every 13
seconds. However, the entire circuit — relay included — has
to operate from 3 volts at 30 mA. (I’d be happier if it would
operate even at a lower voltage, such as 1.5 volts.) My
problem is that I can’t “amplify” the voltage somehow for
the relay to be actuated just for 1 second.
via Internet

. You can’t operate the relay you selected from your

A power supply. The relay you specify has a coil resist-
ance of 33 ohms (R = 5/0.15 = 33 ohms), which means
it takes 90 mA to hold the relay in at 3 volts (I = 3/33 =
90 mA). The answer is to use a 3 volt relay and run it at
reduced current, as described in the June 2004 column
(“About Relays”). All Electronics (888-826-5432; sells a 3 volt relay (#RLY-
623) that should work. It has a coil resistance of 45
ohms and draws 67 mA at 3 volts. In the reduced current
mode, it draws about 33 mA, which should be within the
capabilities of your power supply. Find the circuit at
Figure 5.
The 555 chip has to be a ZSCT1555 from Zetex. Digi-
Key (800-344-4539; has them in
stock at $3.47 each. Unlike the 555 — which has a mini- Circle #146 on the Reader Service Card.
mum operating voltage of 4.5 volts — the ZSCT1555 oper-
ates over a range of 0.9 to 6 volts. The timing resistors and
capacitor are adjusted to your specs, but can be changed
to satisfy any duty cycle. When the output goes low, the
330 µF cap charges through the relay coil and engages the
relay. After the capacitor is charged, the current flows
through the 47 Ω resistor to reduce the relay load. The
1,000 µF cap provides the surge current needed to pull in
the relay.

Seeking Clock Chip

. I have a kit clock that I built in the early 90s that runs
Q on the MM5314N clock IC from National
Semiconductor. I was wondering if you can help me locate
a few more of these ICs, in case the one in the clock dies?
Benjamin Rappe
via Internet

. I have one of those kits, too, so I know your concern.

A Unfortunately, the MM5314N is almost impossible to
find in the US — and for good reason. An eight-bit MCU like
the 16F628 can do everything it used to — and more — for
less money. Your best bet for a supplier is to look overseas.
The following sites claim to have the MM5314N in stock for
small quantity purchases.
RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:41 AM Page 34

Q&A directly feed the sound card line (the hex file) from the Nuts & Volts
input as long as you have a compat- website, my computer can’t open it.
In case you want to do a work- ible patch cable (1/4” to 3.5 mm Do I need a special program or
around using present-day MCU/logic stereo, in your case) and adjust the software to view this file? I sure
chips, here is a pinout of the playback system’s volume control to would like to see the code, as I am
MM5314N: provide a solid signal without distor- interested in building the project. ~ ath tion. No special electronics are Brian
sam/Data_Base/MM5314N_clock required. via Internet
_alarm.htm All you have to do is tap into this
line for monitoring — but it has to be . When programming a micro-
Cassette To PC done without pulling down the line
with low impedance earphones.
A controller (or a CPU, for that
matter), you first create a source
. I have a collection of vinyl What I suggest is a low power head- code file. This file contains all the
Q records and cassette tapes that I
would like to copy over to my PC.
phone amplifier — like the LM4808 —
to isolate the headphones from the
instructions in computer-ese (proba-
bly assembly or Basic) that you
However, my system is an older, sound card. The chip is available can modify — or just read. However,
bookshelf stereo with no line-in or from Digi-Key. A typical circuit is the microcontroller can’t read
line-out jacks. It does have a 1/4 inch shown in Figure 6. computer-ese. It has to work with
headphone jack, though, which I I’ve adjusted the values for 4.5 binary numbers.
plan to use. volt operation — three AA cell So, the source code is converted
If possible, I would like to listen batteries, which you can replace with into hex format, which the chip
to the music while copying. How a 5 volt wall-wart. Also, note that I’m understands. This is done using
much power is needed by the line-in using R1 for the volume control. another program, called an assem-
input of the sound card and how Adjust it to your needs; the lower the bler or compiler. Once converted to
much is needed by the headphones? resistance, the louder the sound. Of hex, all you can see (using WordPad)
Do I need a circuit to reduce the course, you have to supply all the are long ASCII strings of 0 through 9,
headphone signal? cable breakouts and end connectors. and A through F. At this point, you
Dean Hansen RadioShack should have what you can’t change the program without
New Lisbon,WI need. going back to the source code, mak-
ing the changes, and generating a
. I’ve been monitoring a CD- Project Needs PIC new hex file. (Don’t write — I know!)
A ROM chat room for a while now
and have learned a lot about the
Burner Just having the hex code isn’t
enough. To get the hex file into the
transfer of record/tape to a PC’s hard . In the April 2004 issue, there is microcontroller, you need a burner.
disk. One thing I learned is that you
can use the headphone jack to
Q a project entitled “Hand-held
Messenger” that seems very interest-
This is a piece of hardware that the
controller chip plugs into and con-
ing to me. nects to the serial, parallel, or USB
However, when I port of your computer. When you
+4.5V Figure 6
To PC try to download run the burner software, the hex file
Sound Card the file that con- is transferred to the microcontroller’s
100k 3.9k tains the code memory. You’re now set. PIC pro-
100uF for the micro grammers are plentiful and include
2.2uF +
R1 Figure 7
10 1.0k 4.22k
LM4808 Headphones
2.2uF .01
3.9k FB 3
+ + +12.6V 2 Vin Bst
LM2678 12uH +6.3V

100uF 1

1uF 100k 3.9k GND


470uF 50WQ03FN 100uF
Everything For Electronics

Audio Line Monitor
Car Battery Downverter

RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:41 AM Page 35


the popular EPIC from up the cabin’s drafty interior. (Car the lamp using a rather intricate
microEngineering Labs (shop around heaters in those days left a lot to formula.
for the best price). Kits and DIY plans be desired.) To spare you the calculations,
for PIC burners are also plentiful. If you’d rather not waste the I’ve assembled a table for a few of
Be aware, though, that not all power, you can build a simple, step- the most popular lamps. If you don’t
PICs are created equal and the HEX down converter using an LM2678 find your lamp listed, cross it to the
code for the “Hand-held Messenger” switching regulator (Figure 7). The voltage and wattage columns to find
won’t work with just any PIC micro- circuit was created using National the inrush thermistor that’s right for
processor. Make sure you get a burn- Semiconductor’s Webench online you. The thermistor should be
er that supports the PIC16C84 called design software (www.national. inserted between the fan and the
for in the project. Here’s a short list of com/appinfo/power/webench/). bulb so that it doesn’t limit the fan’s
suppliers: The only critical component is the cooling air.
inductor, which must be rated at 12
Dontronics µH at 5.5 amps, like the PM2120- Thanks ... For 120K from JW Miller (Digi-Key Nothing!
diyk96.html #M6184-ND).
. Some time ago, I requested a
Protecting Q scramble/descramble diagram
for my 2.4 GHz wireless video cam-
Projection Lamps
era, but you’ve entirely ignored my
NOPPP . Can you provide a circuit to request.
Q slowly power-up projection
lamps in video and movie
Then, I really wanted an USB
trans-receiver with an USB module
projectors? These high wattage from
PICALL, available from lamps are expensive and short lived; They are actually a Nuts & Volts
Amazon Electronics I would bet a slow turn on would advertiser. So much for helping them extend the life of the lamps by limit- increase their sales by featuring a dia-
ing inrush currents. gram with their USB module! Are
Classic Car Mike they aware of your help in not helping
Conversion via Internet them sell such modules — especially
when they indirectly sign your pay
. A friend of mind has an old . I assume you are talking about check?! Once again, you ignored my
Q Ford that he restored to excellent
condition. Against my advice, he con-
A tungsten filament lamps and not
the halogen or metal halide versions.
request. Maybe other readers like me
would have been interested in
verted the car to 12 volts. The original The answer is an NTC thermistor. building such a project. Have you
radio works fine on the 6 volts it was This thermistor starts out with a high thought of that?
designed for. I can change the six resistance that decreases as it heats Then, I requested a self-powered
parallel filaments to three sets of two up from current flow. You can buy timer for an auto ceramic heater (I
series filaments (7A7s, 7B6, 7B8, them from Digi-Key for under $3.00. even sent you a JPEG photo of the
7C5, and 7Y4). I was wondering, if I The trick is to match the thermistor to heater) to heat up inside a coil and
hit the power transformer with short,
12 volt pulses, would it work as if it Lamp Lamp Lamp Lamp GE Thermistor Cold Hot
was seeing 6 volt vibrator pulses? I Type Volts Watts Amps Model Number Ohms Ohms
want to take this route before CLS 120 300 2.5 CL-80 47 0.6
designing and building a 60 watt
switching power supply. CZA 120 500 4.2 CL-50 7 0.13
Merlin Baker
CZX 120 500 4.2 CL-50 7 0.13
via Internet
DDB 120 750 3.6 CL-30 2.5 0.09
. When I converted my ‘55 Ford
A to 12 volts, I used a 1 ohm, 50
watt resistor in series with the hot
ELH 120 300 2.5 CL-80 47 0.6

EXR 82 300 3.7 CL-70 16 0.3

lead of the 6 volt radio. If you remem-
ber the cars of that era, the resistor EHJ 24 250 10.4 CL-11 0.7 0.03
served double duty by dropping the
voltage from 12 to 6 — and heating Inrush Thermistor Selection Guide

RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:42 AM Page 36


then run inside a fan, based on a self- you the answer or flip it over to the this site for Heath Robot owners (I
timer. Yet again, you ignored my Tech Forum. Be aware, though, I have a Hero Jr.): http://hero.dsav
request! can’t answer a question that takes all
Now, I have this audio frequen- of my time or uses up my month’s Richard Ober
cy amplifier (Please, don’t ask me allotment of ink. For that, we have Baton Rouge, LA
what it’s for!) with all the parts for it, feature articles. So, don’t expect me
but I’ve forgotten which part goes to build your science project or write Also try http://ww_heco.
where. Can you please help me find your thesis. It keeps
the accurate values for caps and Hopefully, I will soon have a Nuts better track of the moving Heath
resistors from the parts list given. & Volts “Q & A” web page for those websites than I can.
My JPEG image doesn’t contain spill-over questions that didn’t make — TJ
viruses! the cut for the magazine, but need
D. Zillbermann answering. Stay tuned. Dear TJ,
via Internet Regarding the February 2004
MAILBAG issue, the concept of a 42 volt system
. I never ignored your requests (actually 36 volts) is not really new.
A and even responded to at least
one via Email. The problem is that
Dear TJ,
I have been rummaging through
Back in the 1920s and 1930s, 36 volt
lighting systems were used in many
your questions either require more my back copies of Nuts & Volts, railway passenger cars and in rural
page space than this column affords looking for a schematic that you America where there were, as yet, no
or that they are too ambiguous or might have been a part of. In doing commercial power lines. The lamps
application specific. As for the Linx so, I noted a Mailbag entry in the were designed to operate at 32 volts
Technologies question, did you ever October 2003 issue from Joseph and looked like ordinary household
check their website? It has your Wilson suggesting that a particular lamps with the standard Edison screw
answers. Heath site did not exist. base and fitted ordinary 110 volt-type
If other readers feel like Mr. Being old enough to have built sockets. This concept was wonderful
Zillbermann — in that I’m ignoring these kits, I looked for the site and for its time.
you — please realize that I receive found it at www.circuitarchive. While it’s true that a higher
more questions per month than I can (It may take voltage system in an automobile will
possibly publish. I have to select a few tries to access the site; it is allow smaller and lighter wiring to be
those questions that appeal to the available intermittently.) The URL in used, there is a potential problem.
greater audience. If your question has the magazine left out FSNET. The wire used on a 36 volt system
to be bumped, I do my best to Email Plus, in surfing around, I hit upon may need only 1/3 the cross-section-
al area of the equivalent 12 volt
system, but — in Canada and the
northern US — this thinner wire can
Electronics and Electrical V8.2 New V8.2 release!
be susceptible to disruptive corrosion
Now just $9
caused by road salt used in the winter
A huge interactive home study and
to clear the roads.
technical reference tool for The problem with corrosion
hobbyists and engineers, containing usually is not along the length of the
over three hundred electronics and
electrical topics. All at a fraction of wire, which is insulated, but at the
the previous published price. point the wire terminates, where the
Simple one-click to download and
copper is exposed. Unless the auto
fully install to your hard drive with a makers take much greater care in
backup copy, by visiting our web site design and installation to protect
and selecting electronics.
these smaller wires than they current- ly do, there will be a rash of various
kinds of automotive electrical system

Free downloadable updates

Free trial evaluation failures long before their time.
Contact us on Ernie Moore
Also: Nepean, Ontario
Everything For Electronics

Mathematics and Computing V8.2 - $9

Mechanics and Electrical V8.2 - $9
Electronics, Mechanics and Computing V8.2 - $24
Dear TJ,
Your discussion of battery
arrangements in the April 2004 issue
RLQ&A.qxd 8/10/2004 11:42 AM Page 37


brings back a memory from the 50s. the water out of half the battery or let I went on to another assignment,
There were many small sized com- the other half go flat. Perhaps the but had an occasion to revisit the site
munities in which telephone service engineer should have known better; I during an evening hour some
was provided by manual switch- certainly never suspected. months later, only to find an eerie
boards operated by independent Fortunately, the 24 volt load was glow of 115 volt bulbs still running
telephone companies. I was quite steady. So, I mounted a number off the 24 volt bank. It was not the
employed by a telecom manufacturer of sockets on a piece of crating lum- kind of jury-rig I expected to remain
to convert these communities to dial ber and screwed in 100 watt light indefinitely.
operation. bulbs until the loads were balanced — John S.Young
At one site, our customer (the problem solved. Scottsdale, AZ
local phone company) had arranged
for Bell Systems to provide some
inter-connecting arrangements to
Cool Websites!
other exchanges. The installation of National Semiconductor has offered its The Universe began not with a bang, but
their equipment was to be concur- popular Webench online simulator for power with a low moan — building to a roar that
rent with ours. At one point, I was supply design for several years (see “Classic gave way to a deafening hiss. Hear it here.
asked where they could pick off 24 Car Conversion” above).The company has
volts for their vacuum tube equip- now broadened the scope of its online tools id=ns99995092
ment. Our power source consisted of with “Amplifiers Made Simple.” Use it to
23 lead-acid cells — 48 volts total. At design your next op-amp application.
the direction of the TELCO engineer, Tired of waiting for Adobe’s Acrobat Reader
I tapped the battery midway and to load? The “Adobe Reader SpeedUp” is a
created a distribution point on Need to kill some time? Try this fun puzzle. small utility that fixes that.
our panel.
Puzzles/nooff.htm prods/misc/index.php
I quickly found I could either boil

SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #123 on the Reader Service Card.

New Products.qxd 8/11/2004 3:42 PM Page 38

New Product News

to personal computers. The diminutive unit measures under

DIGITAL POWER CONTROLLER 1.0” x 0.7” including its connector, making it perfect for
SPEEDS PRODUCT projects where space is a premium. For quick prototyping,
DEVELOPMENT the simple layout of the ground, transmit, and receive lines
allows for easy mounting that takes up as little as four
breadboard rows.
The USB adapter’s drivers make it look like a standard
serial port to the operating system.
Therefore, the adapter can be used with existing
software — such as servo controller interface programs —
that are designed for traditional serial ports. Unlike most
USB-to-serial adapters that require an additional RS-232-to-
TTL converter, the Pololu USB adapter uses 3.3 V signal
levels that can be connected directly to microcontrollers
running at up to 5 V.
The adapter is compatible with USB 2.0 standards and
T he versatile power, control, and data interfaces of the
MultiDriver™ Board save valuable time by providing
an integrated system for digital controller development.
allows baud rates of up to 921.6 kbps. Support is initially
available for Windows 98 through XP; Mac and Linux
Typical applications include power, thermal, motion, light- support will follow shortly.
ing, and flow control for industrial and educational pur- With the trend toward removing serial ports from
poses. The switching power stage accepts 12 V to 48 V new computers, the Pololu USB-to-serial adapter provides
supplies and provides a 6 A half-bridge or 3 A full-bridge one of the most economical, small, and simple solutions
output current. Protection features include current limit to the common problem of interfacing small projects to
and thermal shutdown, as well as filters and clamping on PCs. The price for one unit is $23.00 with free shipping in
a split ground plane. FlexController™ SOC allows quick the US.
verification of control algorithms through the PC with free For more information, contact:
FTview™ software.
The 28-pin DIP controller socket also accepts PIC POLOLU CORPORATION
microchips and provides an In-Circuit-Debugger connec- 6000 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 5-E
tion. Data communication is through the FlexBus™ isolat- Las Vegas, NV 89119
ed multi-drop serial bus that eliminates line drops and Tel: 1-877-7-POLOLU or (702) 262-6648
ground noise from measurements, provides protection Fax: (702) 262-6894
from power transients, and enables operation at voltages Email:
not possible with other systems. The data bus is port- Website:
Circle #33 on the Reader Service Card.
powered, four-device addressable, and compatible with
common USB to serial converters for maximum flexibility.
Flextek’s product manual provides application notes
with schematics and code examples. The board is 2.3 x ezVID SERIAL VIDEO MODULE
3.0 x 0.9 inches with convenient screw terminal connec-
tors. The MultiDriver Board FCMD010 is available now
from Flextek Electronics for $79.50.
For more information, contact:
he ezVID serial
video module is a
simple video card for
use with microcontrollers,
FLEXTEK Stamp modules, and similar
Web: devices. The module makes
Circle #54 on the Reader Service Card. use of an onboard micro-
controller and video signal
generating chip to allow
POLOLU USB-TO-SERIAL simple color video generation with

ADAPTER only two I/O lines.

The easy-to-use ezVID commands allow placement of

P ololu introduces any built-in or user defined character anywhere on the

Everything For Electronics

their new USB-to- screen in any one of 14 colors; it also allows the user to
serial adapter for con- define up to 256 custom characters, change the
necting microcon- background color to any one of 14 colors, clear the entire
troller-based projects screen to any one of 14 colors, or reset the system for a
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New Product News

clean start. The pixel resolution of the screen is 188 by 254. Application Kit incorporates a menu system that provides
The ezVID comes in a simple to use 2” x 2” SIP for an easy interface to read or send text messages and
module that has four mounting holes for secure Email.
placement in your project. A four-pin header is provided Kit applications include, but are not limited to:
for easy connection to your project in order to supply wireless automation and control, alarm and notification
power and access the TTL level asynchronous serial data systems, remote monitoring, data and event logging,
lines. It also comes with a standard RCA style jack for the machine communication, FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
video output. uploading, Telnet, Email, and text messaging comm-
The ezVID sells for $59.95 and is available through the unications.
Multilabs website. It is only available in NTSC. The GPRS/GSM Application Kit includes Z-World’s
For more information, contact: Dynamic CTM integrated development software with
royalty-free TCP/IP stack and PPP module, along with a
MULTILABS quad band wireless modem and all supporting embedded
Lake Forest, CA system hardware.
Email: GPRS/GSM Application Kits are available to ship
Web: immediately with a price of $649.00.
Circle #61 on the Reader Service Card. For more information, contact:

Davis, CA 95616
530-757-3737 Fax: 530-757-3792
Z -World has now released the
GPRS/GSM Application Kit.
The kit will allow machines the
ability to notify a user when they Circle #85 on the Reader Service Card.
need servic-
ing, have
their settings
from any-
where in the world, upload data
wirelessly, send commands from
one machine to another, and send
vehicle location/conditions via
Email. The GPRS/GSM Application
Kit is designed to integrate embed-
ded controls with wireless
GPRS/GSM communication appli-
Z-World’s GPRS/GSM Application
Kit provides all the necessary tools to
sample and develop applications that
combine a Rabbit-based control
device with a GSM/GPRS modem,
manufactured by Enfora, Inc. The
libraries and sample programs allow
a device connected to the cellular
network to send SMS (text) mes-
sages to a RabbitCore module (RCM)
that can interpret messages as com-
mands and, in turn, execute control
functions. The RCM can also
send/receive GPRS Email wirelessly
to/from any PC, GSM device, or cell
phone. The LCD/keypad module
included in the GPRS/GSM
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #80 on the Reader Service Card.
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New Product News

THE NEW fer at rates of up to 10 kbps. No external components are

required (except an antenna), allowing for easy design
BLUETOOTH OEM integration — even by engineers without previous RF

P ROMI-ESD-02 is an OEM
board type of the Promi-
SD, Class 2 Bluetooth version.
LR series modules are designed for regulatory com-
pliance and interference immunity and are available in
This unit is easy to use and can be embedded in frequencies suitable for both domestic and export wire-
applications, including virtually any type of machinery less applications. The modules are housed in a tiny SMD
that requires a wireless, serial communication link. It is package that is footprint compatible with the popular
long range, easy to install, low cost, and provides point-to- Linx LC-S receiver, allowing existing customers an instant
point connection without RS232 cables. Additional fea- path to improved range and lower cost.
tures include: 433 MHz LR receivers are in production and priced at
approximately $6.78 in volume production quantities.
• Class 2 output power: 2.5 mW (4 dBm) For more information, contact:
• 3.3 VDC power supply
• Integrated antenna on the board with setup software and LINX TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
manual on CD 575 SE Ashley Pl.
• Output interface UART Grants Pass, OR 97526
• Compliant Bluetooth spec. v 1.12 Tel: 800-736-6677
• Transmission power class 2 (max. 4 dBm) Web:
• Dimensions 18 x 20 mm Circle #100 on the Reader Service Card.

For more information, contact:

1305 Post Rd. #305
Fairfield, CT 06824
Liberty Hill, TX has
released the new PC300

Web: camera series, which incor-

Circle #97 on the Reader Service Card. porates the latest layered
CMOS imaging technology.
The PC300 series cameras
LANDMARK LR SERIES produce 280 lines of resolution
EXPANDS TO EUROPEAN and a low light rating of 1 lux.
FREQUENCIES The PC300 series cameras are
available with two different lens

L inx announces
the newest mem-
ber of the LR
options, a micro lens measuring 0.5 inches in diameter
offering a 35 degree field of view and a covert pinhole
lens option. The covert pinhole lens needs only a 1/16”
Receiver Series of RF inch unobstructed opening to obtain a 25 degree field of
modules. The 433 view. The PC300 series is also flexible when it comes to
MHz LR receiver power. It can operate between 7 to 14 volts and draws less
interfaces to virtually than 10 milliamps.
any data source, The combined performance of this camera makes it
including microcon- great for a variety of scientific, robotic, and security
trollers and decoder chips, making them ideal for applica- applications. The PC300 series is being introduced at a
tions such as remote control, keyless entry, and periodic ground-breaking low price of $11.95, making it within
data transfer. Capable of operating at distances in excess reach for many applications.
of 3,000 feet, LR receivers deliver 5-10 times greater For more information, contact:

range than previous solutions. They are also the lowest in

cost of any Linx receiver product. SUPERCIRCUITS
The modules operate over a 2.7-5.2 VDC range and One Supercircuits Plaza
Everything For Electronics

feature low power consumption, wide operational temper- Liberty Hill,TX 78642
ature range, adjustable transmitter power, and a receiver 800-335-9777 Fax: 866-267-9777
sensitivity in excess of -115 dBm. A precision, crystal- Web:
locked PLL architecture allows for transparent data trans- Circle #33 on the Reader Service Card.

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See more surplus electronic goodies at:
CCFL Florescent Light Inverter Amplified Speakers Truck Stereo
New power inverter Super nice Motorola amplified New in-dash cassette
drives 2 lamps up to speaker, runs on 12 VDC, 6 stereo AM/FM radio, LCD
5W each! Simple to watts. 5x5x2” metal case with display, drives 4 speakers
use, 12 VDC in, con- adjustable mounting bracket. (80 watts!) Even has
nect florescent lamps 0124871R ....................$11.95 Weather band! Quality
to output. Module gen- fully enclosed case, easy hookup, great for in
erates correct starting and operating voltage, lamp wall home installations! Runs on 12 VDC.
current and is even dimmable! Motorola Hands-free amplified 0128872R..............................................$29.95
0128520R ...................................................$9.95 speaker and switching power
supply. Contains a Philips
TDA1519 stereo 6 watt per Ion Generator
Fiber Optic Transceiver channel IC amplifier, 5 VDC @ Build your own Ion
1 amp switchmode regulator Breeze air purifier! New
New, by Infineon. Has laser (adjustable from 4.8 - 7.5
transmitter and receiver in module, 120 VAC in,
VDC), sensitive electret microphone with pre- 7.5KV out! Surplus from air cleaner maker
one package! 1.25 Gb/s amp, cigarette lighter cord, plus a universal
data rate up to 700 M on who sold them for $200!
mount with handy spring clip to attach any- 0128873R ....................................$7.95
low cost multimode fiber! where! Super rugged ABS plastic enclosure
Super small size, complete and fine sounding speaker! Works great as
specs on the web. Make amplified speaker for CD and MP3 players, Cellular Bi-Directional Amp
your own fiber optic link! and the internal power supply has plenty of
0125461R (Set of two) ............................$19.95 power to run any player! (5 volts replaces 4 AA
cells) Brand new with hook up instructions on
how to connect to any CD or MP3 player.
Hitachi LCD display 0123853R ...........................................$9.95
16 character by 2 lines 5x8 Ericsson Desk style speak-
dot matrix character 64.5 x erphone unit contains nice
13.8 mm viewing area STN amplified speaker as well as Made by Motorola, features powerful 3 watt
neutral mode reflective LCD Motorola MC31118 speaker- RF amplifier for transmit and sensitive
recently discontinued by phone IC. Includes details receive amplifier. Utilizes diplexer ceramic fil-
Hitachi but a very common and most used part. on converting to a sweet ters. Additional circuitry for protection, regu-
Directly crosses over to the Optrex DMC16249, sounding amplified speaker lation, etc. Sorry, we have no specs on this,
brand new stock! for iPod! Runs on 6 VDC but its a treasure trove for the experimenter
0123260R ................................................$4.95 and we even include the AC and RF guru. Brand new. Size: 4.5 x 5 x 1.5”
adapter! in rugged extruded aluminum heat sink style
case. Uses mini-UHF connectors.
Laser Scanner 0124605R .........................................$12.95
0127460R ......................................$14.95
Bar Code Module Rugged Speaker Rechargeable Battery Blowout!
Wow! What a a cool item! Quality speaker includes swiv-
Brand new laser scanner
module includes red laser
el mount and is 4.5x2.5x2.5”
Includes 6 ft cord 3.5mm plug.
diode, beam splitting mirror,
opamps, photo sensor, tran- 0127567R .........................................$4.95
sistors, etc. From handheld laser barcode reader.
No specs, $50 in goodies to first person who figures
out the hook up! Only 5 pins, so it should be easy! Super Micro Tiny Speakers
0128525R ................................................$14.95
Real tiny full range
speakers as used Popular Nicad batteries, 1.25V all brand new,
in cell phones. recent stock. A &B are NiCad and C is NimH.
9 VDC SPST Relay Very small, approx. A: AAA 400mah 0125339R 2 for $1.00
0.75”dia 0.15” B: Sub C 2500 mah 0125443R 2 for $1.75
OEG Relay, Model # OJ-SS- C: 3.6 Volts 750mah 0125348R 2 for $3.00
109TM, 9 VDC SPST, NO contacts, thick, quality gold
180 ohm coil, 3 amp contacts, contacts. You get 2 pcs of each,
Small size .4" x .7" x .6" Style A is 110 ohm, Style B is 32 ohm. Style B Nice, new 5 AA cell nicad pack.
0124685R (pack of 5)...........................$1.95 includes double stick foam mounting. 6 Volt 700mah with 6” wire
0123338R Set of 4 spkrs ....................... $1.25 leads. Great for projects or
cordless phone replacements.
Powerful DC Motor Switching Supply 0125345R.....................$2.50
Made by Johnson Electric
12 VDC @0.85 A no load, 17,000 Phihong PSM4954A
rpm, 3 vdc @ .51 amps 4,200 Universal 100-240VAC input Big box of 50 brand new
rpm, 6 vdc @ .6 amps 8,500 rpm. 14 VDC output @ 1.8 amps AA button top NiCads. Fit
Similar to Johnson Electric HC313MG series but Small size, 2x1x5” anywhere an AA battery
higher power. Actually runs as low as 1 volt oper- 0123815R ..............................................$4.95 does. 1.25V 800mah.
ation! (1200 rpm .46 amps). Size: 2" l x 1.5" dia Best price in the USA!
7/8" long eccentric brass shaft end - easily broken
off to form a .5" long x .312 dia round shaft end.
Tool Set
0123850R .............................................$4.95 Well made quality
3 piece plier set.
Lithium Ion Rechargeables !!
Includes deluxe Rechargeable
padded zipper Lithium batteries
case. Pliers are big 8” in size, pack the highest
WINDSOR DISTRIBUTORS COMPANY you get: needlenose, diagonal density of power
19 Freeman Street and lineman style with handy for size and
crimper and stripper dies on weight! Ideal rec-
Newark, New Jersey 07105-3708 each tool! Get a few for the tangular size is
Ph: 973-344-5700 Fax: 973-344-3282 car, gifts and toolbox, they are that nice! A B C
easy to fit in your
0128871R .............................................$12.95 project. All 3.6
Volt and approx rated Amp-Hour capacity.
Our web site has lots more great A: 1Ah 1.95x1.34x.4” 0125337R.....$1.50
deals - in both small and large B: .8Ah 1.95x.1.34x.25” 0125349R.....$1.25
ORDERING INFO: Add $6.95 for shipping, handling and
quantities too. Check it out! C: .8Ah 1.95x1.24x.23” 0125350R.....$1.25
insurance. Orders under $25, add $5.00 small order fee. NJ
residents add 7% sales tax. Sorry, no CODs. Foreign orders:
use credit card and specify shipping method desired.
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #52 on the Reader Service Card.
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Selected Titles for the Electronics Hobbyist and Technician—

The Nuts & Volts Hobbyist Bookstore

Robotics Schaum's Outline of Electronic The Amateur Scientist 2.0
Devices and Circuits Science Fair Edition
CNC Robotics Second Edition from “The Amateur Scientist” column
by Geoff Williams by Jim Cathey This CD contains the
Written by an This updated version complete collection —
accomplished workshop of its internationally 73 years — of articles
bot designer/builder, popular predecessor from Scientific American
CNC Robotics gives you provides introductory Magazine's legendary
step-by-step, illustrated problem-solving text column "The Amateur
directions for designing, for understanding Scientist," plus a second
constructing, and testing fundamental concepts Science Software
a fully functional CNC of electronic devices, Library CD with dozens
robot that saves you their design, and their of shareware and free-
80% of the price of an circuitry. Providing an ware programs to feed
off-the-shelf bot — and can be customized interface with Pspice N E W ! the passion of any science nut.With over
to suit your purposes exactly because you (the most widely used 1,100 projects to challenge science
designed it. $34.95 program in electronics), new key features enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels —
include a new chapter presenting the basics rated by cost, potential hazard, and difficulty
of switched mode power supplies, 31 new — this is the ultimate resource for anyone
Robot Mechanisms and examples, and 23 PS solved problems. interested in home-based science. If that's
Mechanical Devices Illustrated $16.95 not enough, it also contains over 1,000
by Paul Sandin bonus pages of additional how-to science
Both hobbyists and techniques that never appeared in Scientific
professionals will American. Great for science fair students,
treasure this unique and Building Valve Amplifiers hobbyists of all ages, and home-schoolers!
distinctive sourcebook by Morgan Jones In fact, The Amateur Scientist 2.0 contains a
Building Valve Amplifiers is !
— the most thorough
and thoroughly explained a unique hands-on guide NEW special primer for science fair students.
Fully text-searchable and packaged in an
compendium of robot for anyone working with attractive double-CD case, this remarkable
mechanisms and devices tube audio equipment browser-based product runs seamlessly on
ever assembled.Written — as an electronics every platform — Windows, Macintosh,
and illustrated specifically experimenter, audio- Linux, and Unix.
for people fascinated with mobile robots, phile, or audio engineer. $24.99 — Subscriber
Robot Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Particular attention has $29.99 — Non-subscriber
Illustrated offers a one-stop source for been paid to answering
everything needed for the mechanical questions commonly
design of state-of-the-art mobile bots. asked by newcomers to The Audiophile's Project
Written by a leading designer of robots the world of the vacuum Sourcebook: 80
used at the horizon of mobile robotics, tube, whether it’s audio enthusiasts tackling High-Performance Audio Electronics
this resource offers a collection of both their first build, or more experienced Projects
new and classic robotic mechanisms and amplifier designers seeking to learn the by G. Randy Slone
devices unmatched in scope — from such ropes of working with valves.The practical The Audiophile’s Project
high-level sources as the mechanical side of this book is reinforced by numer- Sourcebook is devoid of the
engineers’ mainstay, Mechanisms and ous clear illustrations throughout. $29.99 hype, superstition, myths,
Mechanical Devices Illustrated. Paul Sandin’s and expensive fanaticism
superlative reference also brings you new often associated with high-
robotic mechanisms and devices that have Electronic Gadgets for end audio systems. It
never before been collected! $39.95 the Evil Genius provides straightforward
by Robert Iannini help in building and
The do-it-yourself understanding top quality
Electronics hobbyist market — audio electronic projects that are based on
solid science and produce fantastic sound!
particularly in the area
Troubleshooting & Repairing of electronics — is $29.95
Consumer Electronics Without hotter than ever.This
a Schematic books gives the “evil Build Your Own Printed
genius” loads of projects
by Homer Davidson to delve into — from an Circuit Board
In this book, Homer ultrasonic microphone by Al Williams
Davidson gives you to a body heat detector, With Build Your Own
hands-on, illustrated all the way to a Star Wars Light Saber.This Printed Circuit Board, you
guidance on how to book makes creating these devices fun, can eliminate or reduce
troubleshoot and repair inexpensive, and easy. $24.95 your company's reliance

a wide range of electronic on outsourcing to board

products — when you houses and cut costs
can’t get your hands on WE ACCEPT VISA, MC, AMEX, significantly. Perfect for
the schematic diagrams. and DISCOVER advanced electronics
He shows you how to hobbyists as well, this
Everything For Electronics

diagnose and solve circuit and mechanical

Prices do not include shipping and
easy-to-follow guide is
problems in car stereos, cassette players, may be subject to change. the most up-to-date source on making
CD players,VCRs,TVs and TV/VCR Ask about our 10% subscriber PCBs. Complete in itself, it even gives you
combos, DVD players, power supplies, discount on selected titles. PCB CAD software — on CD — ready to
remote controls, and more. $34.95 run on either Windows or Linux. $27.95
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Call 1-800-783-4624 today! Or

order online at

Phase-Locked Loops Home Computing Microcontrollers

by Roland Best
The fifth edition of this Introduction to Microprocessors
classic circuit reference Anti-Hacker Tool Kit,
Second Edition and Microcontrollers
comes complete with
extremely valuable PLL by Mike Shema / Brad Johnson by John Crisp
design software written by Get in-depth details Assuming only a general
Dr. Best.The software on the most effective science education,
alone is worth many times security tools and learn this book introduces
the price of the book.The how to use them with the workings of the
new edition also includes this hands-on resource. A microprocessor, its
new chapters on frequency must have companion to applications, and pro-
synthesis, CAD for PLLs, mixed-signal PLLs, the bestselling security gramming in assembler
and a completely new collection of sample book Hacking Exposed, and high level languages,
communications applications. $79.95 this tool kit includes tips such as C and Java.
and configuration advice for getting the Practical work and
best results from the top hacking tools knowledge-check
Encyclopedia of Electronic questions contribute to
Circuits, Volume Seven created and in use today. $59.99
building a thorough understanding with a
by Rudy Graf practical focus.This book concludes with a
Designed for quick step-by-step walk through a project based
reference and on-the-job PC Systems, Installation and on the PIC microcontroller.The concise but
use, the Encyclopedia of Maintenance, Second Edition clearly written text makes this an ideal
Electronic Circuits,Volume by R. P. Beales book for electronics and IT students and a
Seven, puts over 1,000 Written in a wide range of technicians and engineers,
state-of-the-art electronic straightforward, easy- including IT systems support staff and main-
and integrated circuit to-read style, Rob tenance/service engineers. $34.99
designs at your fingertips.This collection Beales provides the
includes the latest designs from industry knowledge and
giants, such as Advanced Micro Devices, techniques needed to High Voltage
Motorola,Teledyne, GE, and others, as well build, troubleshoot,
as your favorite publications, including Nuts and maintain personal Homemade Lightning: Creative
& Volts! $39.95 computer systems. Experiments in Electricity
Case studies and N E W ! by R. A. Ford
Optoelectronics, Fiber Optics, practical working Enter the wide-open
and Laser Cookbook examples are included frontier of high-voltage
by Thomas Petruzzellis throughout the text, with additional case electrostatics with this
This is a practical guide studies specifically aimed to meet the fascinating, experiment-
to one of the hottest requirements of e-Quals courses on an filled guide.You'll discover
fields in electronics accompanying website. Further web how to make your own
and optical circuits. A resources include key figures from the text equipment, how electricity
collection of hands-on available to download in full-color, with a is used in healing, and
experiments and wealth of extra material covering how experiments in high
projects for the student, Binary/Hex and basic logic functions, ASCII potential physics work!
technician, and hobbyist, tables, connector types and pinouts, bus $24.95
it explains optoelectronics slots, RAM slots, and further useful website
in nontechnical terms. links. $29.99
Projects show how optical circuits work
Home Entertainment
and how to use them in practical and How to Do Everything with
efficient ways.You’ll save time, money, and How to Do Everything to Your TiVo
energy with dozens of do-it-yourself Fight Spam,Viruses, Pop-Ups, by Todd Carter
projects — from laser alarm systems to and Spyware Turn on your TV! This
high-speed fiberoptic data links. Circuit dia- by Ken Feinstein helpful resource helps
grams, schematics, and complete parts lists Swat spam, vanquish you select the best
accompany each project and an appendix viruses, knock down TiVo service based on
lists suppliers for needed parts. $29.95 pop-ups, and expose your needs, then
spyware with help from shows you how to set
Electronics Demystified this one-of-a-kind up your TiVo, watch
by Stan Gibilisco resource. Loaded with live television while
Best selling Demystified insightful advice, your it, record
author and electronics practical tips, and trial programs, hook TiVo
expert Stan Gibilisco software, this book- up to your home
has penned the perfect
introductory book for
and-CD defense will
help you rid your NEW network, remotely schedule programs to be
recorded over the Internet, use multiple
consumers, hobbyists, and computer of the perils and nuisances of TiVos, and much more! $24.99
students alike. Coverage web surfing once and for all. Author and
includes essential topics, tech expert Ken Feinstein gives easy-to-
such as current and understand explanations of the technolo- If you don’t see what you need here,
power supplies, wireless, gies at work and just exactly what steps check out our online store at
digital principles, measurement and moni- you can take to take back your Email, your for a complete
toring, transducers and sensors, location surfing enjoyment, your privacy, and your listing of the titles available.
and navigation, and more. $19.95 computer. $24.99
ShowcaseSep04.qxd 8/11/2004 4:52 PM Page 44

The Pocket Programmer Only $149.95

The portable programmer that uses the
printer port instead of a internal card,
with easy to use Windows software that
programs E(E)prom, Flash & Dallas Ram.
Intronics, Inc. • Tel. (913) 422-2094
Box 12723 / 612 Newton / Edwardsville, KS 66111
Add $8.00 COD
WWW.IN-KS.COM Visa/MC/Amex/Disc

Electronics Showcase
Available Now!
Microprocessor Core Module
Reduce your development time and time to market
with the ideal core module to simplify integration
and design of any control project! Based on a
8051 SOC Microprocessor providing 30+ digital
I/O, high precision 12 bit analog, 64k Flash, 128K
SRAM and much more!! Program in C or Basic.
Contact us at:
866-797-9229 or

Pain-Free Oscilloscope Training

Learn the fundamentals fast! Our one-hour video and
70 - page reference manual were designed by a
college professor. Includes certification exam!
VHS tape and manual just $34.95 + $5.00 S/H email:

(U.S. addresses only) NYS residents add 7% sales tax USA Office: V & V Mach. and Equip. Inc. 14019 Whispering Palms Dr.
Houston, TX 77066, PH. 281 397 8101, Fax. 281 397 6220.
To order send check or money order to: SYSPEC Mexico Plant: Marketing Tech. De Mex. SA de CV. Alamo 93
SYSPEC Inc / PO Box 2546 / Syracuse , NY / 13220 Cuarto Piso, Santa Monica, Tlal. Edo. De Mexico, 54040
Tels. 011 52(555) 314 5325 & 011 52(555) 360 3648
1. 877 SYSPEC1 (1. 877. 797. 7321) Fax. 011 52(555) 361 5996.
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Reader Feedback
(Continued from Page 6)
we are using the definition of Dear Nuts & Volts:
resistance and we are not using I noticed two errors in the July
Ohm's Law. We can find various issue. The first is in the “Let's Get
expressions for power by using the Technical” article, where a “Table 1”
definition R=E/I. These are valid for is referenced that I can't seem to find.
nonlinear devices (diodes, light bulbs, The second is in the “Microcontrollers
varistors, etc.), as well as for linear Are Great” article, where it is stated
devices. That is, the expressions do that “it is sufficient to understand that
not depend on Ohm's Law. My views a NAND gate's output only goes high
on Ohm's Law might be considered when its two inputs are low,” which is
too picky, but still, it would make my incorrect. I guess the author meant to
day to come across an article for say that the output only goes LOW
beginners that explains why Ohm's when the two inputs are HIGH.
Law really is a law and not just a Karl Arndt
PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS definition. Even though that didn't via Internet
happen this time, I think the article
QUALITY PRODUCT 10 pcs (3 days)
FAST DELIVERY 1 or 2 layers $249 was quite well done and useful. Dear Nuts & Volts:
COMPETITIVE PRICING 10 pcs (5 days) Bob E. Baker Your readers should be aware of
4 layers $695
* UL approved (up to 30 sq. in. ea.)
Carmichael, CA the potential danger in building the
* Single & Double sided includes tooling, artwork, LED Night Light project as described
* Multilayers to 8 layer LPI mask & legend
* SMOBC, LPI mask Dear Nuts & Volts: by the author. Ping pong balls are
* Reverse Engineering I read with great interest the article made of nitrocellulose which is an
* Through hole or SMT
* Nickel & Gold Plating entitled “Smith Chart Fundamentals” extremely flammable substance. A
* Routing or scoring in your August 2004 edition of Nuts & spark on the AC input wiring due to
* Electrical Testing 9901 W. Pacific Ave.
Volts. The Smith Chart is a device that sloppy construction of the night light
* Artwork or CAD data Franklin Park, IL 60131
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competitor s prices!!! Modem 847.233.0014
starting point. I hope you will feature Ivan Zuckerman
yogii@f • f
additional information about the Smith via Internet
Chart in future editions. Dear Nuts & Volts:
Electronics Showcase What prompted me to write was
the notation of three citations in the
In the article “Stamp Application,
Expansion Made Easy” in the May
article that — as best as I could tell — 2004 column by Jon Williams, the
were not printed. Citation number 1 author compares a new expansion
was associated with the last sentence chip to an older one, calling the older
of the first paragraph under the a “schoolyard sissy.” I bristled at the
subheading “The Inventor” after the use of this derogatory term. The use of
words “... match the line to space.” such terms in any publication —
Citation number 2 and 3 were technical or otherwise — promotes
associated with the first sentence of the prejudice and encourages violence
first paragraph under the subheading against certain groups of human
“What Is a Smith Chart?” after the beings. I realize it was only a casual
words “Although there are many reference, but many times we just do
computer programs ...” I appreciate if not concieve of the damage that terms
you could provide me the citations, as like this can cause.
well as publish them for other readers. Andy LaTorre
Ed Wilk Otto, NC
via Internet Dear Nuts & Volts:
The following might add to the
The references were accidentally understanding of voltage, as an
omitted in the article, though they electrical analog of pressure. I think
are printed here. — Editor Dan we all have an intuitive feeling for the
References fact that, when pumping compressed
(1) “Phillip H. Smith: A Brief air into a tank, the added potential
Biography by Randy Rhea,” Noble ENERGY is equal to the PRESSURE
Publishing. times each small addition of
(2) The ARRL Radio Designer also VOLUME. When pushing more
has a Smith Chart utility. electricity into a capacitor, the
(3) Smith Chart computer program additional ENERGY is equal to the
written by The Berne Institute of VOLTAGE times each small addition
Engineering. A demo version can of CHARGE.
be obtained at http://sss-mag. Dan Shanefield
com/zip/ via Internet

RLLorenz.qxd 8/10/2004 1:16 PM Page 46

Project by Dr. Ralph Lorenz

Java Power
This Month’s
Building a Thermoelectric Mug

e the envy of your colleagues with this Thermoelectric devices were once rather
Java Power . . . . . . . .46
Electronic Sniffer . . . 50 über-nerd coffee mug that generates exotic and difficult to obtain, but the perform-
Enigma Machine P4 . . 54 power from heat using the same ance of modern microprocessors is such that
Floating Light Show . . 61 energy converters that are used on deep they produce enormous amounts of heat,
space probes! Equipping a mug with which must be removed efficiently to prevent
thermoelectric energy converters and overheating of the chip. So, little thermoelec-
heatsinks will allow you to drive a small tric plates have become widely available.
motor or other electrical device. You can Here, I will show how you can use these in
even claim to be environmentally responsible reverse to generate electrical power.
by extracting useful work out of heat that
The Fuzzball would otherwise just go to waste. Thermoelectric Devices
Rating System Deep space probes like Cassini or
Voyager are too far from the sun to use solar The thermoelectric effect is the genera-
To find out the level cells. They derive their energy instead from tion of an electrical current at the junctions of
of difficulty for RTGs (Radioisotope Thermoelectric two dissimilar materials (originally metals, but
each of these Generators), which are basically armored the effect is larger for certain semiconductors
projects, turn to canisters holding plutonium dioxide fuel, like silicon-germanium and lead telluride) if
Fuzzball for which stays hot due to radioactive decay. the junctions are at different temperatures. It
the answers. Because these generators must work reliably is quite a small effect — only a few microvolts
for decades in space with no intervention for per degree Centigrade. The effect is reversible
The scale is from adjustment or lubrication, NASA needed a no- — if the temperatures of the two junctions are
1-4, with four moving-parts way of generating electricity, switched, the voltage reverses. It is also
Fuzzballs being instead of some kind of piston engine. The reversible in that if a current is supplied to the
the more difficult answer is thermoelectric converters — junctions, one will become cold and the other
or advanced semiconductor junction devices that generate warm — heat is being transported by the
projects. Just look a current as heat flows through them. electrical current.
for the Fuzzballs in Although they are not very efficient, they are The thermoelectric cooling modules we’ll
the opening header. robust and reliable. use in this project are an array of around 100
You’ll also find pairs of p-n junctions, wired in
information included Close-up of the Thermoelectric mug.The blue enameled steel mug has series. They are sandwiched
been hammered flat in places. Five thermoelectric modules are strapped between two thin ceramic
in each article on on with their heatsinks using bare tinned copper wire.The output of plates to make it easy to
any special tools the modules is wired to a small motor with a balsa wood propeller.
mount them with good thermal
or skills you’ll
contact to a heatsink. This also
need to complete allows the device to be cooled.
the project. Typically, these are supplied
Let the with a few amps of current at
soldering begin! 12-15 V and they can transport
several tens of watts of heat.
Note that the heatsink and fan

on a typical CPU installation

must reject not only the heat
transported from the CPU by
Everything For Electronics

the cooling plate, but also the

additional heat produced by
the plate — that 12 V, times
several amps, is another
RLLorenz.qxd 8/11/2004 1:26 PM Page 47

nz Java Power

several tens of watts of heat.

In this project, we’ll supply heat to the converter and Converters wired
in series
draw a current from it. When heat is flowing through the
converter (which will have an efficiency of typically 1% if Switch
the temperature difference across it is about 30° C), (optional)
negative charge appears at the heatsink side (the “cold MUG
end”) of the converter in the N-type legs. Note that an or other
effective heatsink is crucial — it is no use making load
the whole converter hot: one side must be hot and the
other cold.

Improving Performance
Thermal conduction is like electrical conduction —
Circuit diagram. Five converters are wired in series (note polarity!).
the flow of heat is like a current and temperature is like They are in thermal parallel (i.e., the same temperature difference is
voltage. The thermal circuit is a chain of resistances driving them all). Heatsinks are omitted for clarity.
from the high voltage (the hot liquid) to “ground” — the
cool air. If the thermal resistance is low, then the “current” proportional to the temperature difference across it. So,
or heat flow will be highest. the power produced by the converter (current times
One of the resistances in the circuit is the thermal voltage) is, therefore, proportional to the square of the
converter itself. Ideally, this is the largest resistance in the temperature difference. This is why it is vital to maximize
circuit, so that most of the power is dissipated in the the temperature difference by hot liquid, conductive mug
converter and not in useless resistances elsewhere. and contacts, and a good heatsink.
So, the other resistances (thickness divided by ther- To extract the most electrical power from the convert-
mal conductivity) should be minimized — this means a er, it is important to choose the load impedance carefully
thin-walled mug made of a thermally-conducting material
like metal. Similarly, the heatsink should be effective. The
better the heatsink, the cooler it will be and, thus, the
temperature difference across the converter will be
Poor contacts between surfaces can introduce very
high thermal resistances — unless surfaces are ground
exceptionally flat and perfectly aligned, a lot of airgaps fill
the contact area with contact being made only through
little bumps in the surfaces. The way to minimize these
resistances and the temperature drops they cause is to use
a thermal grease or heatsink compound that fills these
little gaps with a relatively conductive material.
The voltage produced by the converter is proportional
to the temperature across it — this is, after all, the way
thermocouples are used as temperature sensors. The
current produced by the converter is proportional to the
heat flow through it. The heat flow through the converter is

Thermoelectric Cooling Modules can now be found in many
electronic parts stores and catalogs. One manufacturer/vendor is
Magaland Technology, Inc. (
I used several of their ICE-IT TEC 1-12705S cooling modules (40
x 40 x 3.8 mm, rated max 15.4 V at 5.2 A for cooling).
Another manufacturer is TE Technology (
with a wide range of modules ($100.00 minimum order). I have also
used their TM-TB-127-1.4-1.05(P) modules (40 x 40 x 3.8 mm, rated
15.7 V 8.6 A).TE Tech’s website also has a lot of technical papers you
can download.

SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #117 on the Reader Service Card.

RLLorenz.qxd 8/11/2004 1:26 PM Page 48


gives a high (short circuit) current, but a tiny voltage.

Somewhere in between, there is an optimum impedance
(usually just a few Ω) that sucks a decent current out of
the converter without letting the voltage drop too far. For
these kinds of converters, the short circuit current can be
rather high, so you more or less want as low an
impedance as possible.

Constructing Your Mug

One difficulty is that a mug is cylindrical, whereas the
converter is flat. One possibility is to find or make a
square or hexagonal mug — or perhaps bash some flat
surfaces onto a tin mug. Another approach is to make
some adapter pieces to help mate the converter to the
mug; if you’re ambitious, you could machine these out of
metal. My quick-and-dirty approach is to wad up alu-
minum foil, which acts as a fairly conductive — but
moldable — material.
You could make the construction of the mug as
robust as you like — using machined parts or glue. On the
other hand, if — like me — you just want to try it for awhile
before using the converters in another project, you could
strap the converters on to the mug using some steel or
The mug in action.The propeller spins for around 20 minutes. bare copper wire, twisting the wire tight on the mug
handle to hold everything in place.
(just as for a photovoltaic cell). Using a very high imped- I found that, with 40 mm heatsinks and a steel mug
ance load measures the open circuit voltage, but admits with flat sides, I could typically get about 0.3 volts and
a very small current. On the other hand, a low impedance several tens of milliamps out of each converter. To get
higher voltages, the simplest approach is to
There is a cascade of temperature drops from the hot liquid to the air. mount more than one converter (in thermal
In order to maximize the power output, we want ∆Tconverter parallel, but electrical series). I used five — about
as high as possible, so ∆Tmug must be low, as well as ∆Tcontact as many as there was room for on a large mug —
(e.g., heatsink compound, represented by the long, thin ellipses)
and ∆Theatsink (large heatsink). to get about 1.5 V. If someone can come up with
a circuit that can multiply DC voltages of a few
hundred millivolts up to several volts, it would
Current Out
+ make these converters much easier to use! Note
that thermoelectric devices are like solar cells or
batteries — they have a polarity, which depends
not only on their internal wiring, but also the
direction that heat is flowing through them. So
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N
make sure that you wire them correctly to add
~ ~ HOT ~ ~ MUG P their voltages!
So, what can you drive with this sort of
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ P power? An LED works pretty well — 20 mA is
N certainly enough, but you’ll need to make sure
P TCOLD you have enough voltage from the converters to
exceed the forward voltage drop of the diode.
Some LEDs can have forward voltage drops of 2

_ V or more, but some that are as low as 1.4 V will

work better. Some small DC electric motors will
run on a volt or less, but you’ll need to make sure
Everything For Electronics

it runs smoothly enough at low current. Motors

∆Tmug ∆Theatsink
sold in solar power kits may work well; one I use
∆Tconverter ∆Tcontact was ripped from an old CD player. I glued a small
balsa wood propeller onto it to make it very
RLLorenz.qxd 8/11/2004 1:27 PM Page 49

Java Power

18 C

Current (A)
1.5 26 C
35 C
1 1 Ohm
0.5 Ohm
0.5 5 Ohm
Close-up side view of a thermoelectric cooling module.
obvious when the motor was spinning. My mug, with five 0 0.5 1
converters on it, ran this motor for about 24 minutes Voltage (V)
before the voltage dropped too low.
I-V characteristic of cell.The datapoints are the voltage and current I
measured with various temperature differences (9, 18, 26, and 35° C)
Some Closing Thoughts across the converter (∆Tconverter).The higher the current drawn,
the lower the voltage, although it is a very nonlinear function.
Be careful! Hot liquids can cause nasty burns. Arrows show schematically how the curves must turn over to reach
a “short circuit” current, though I didn’t measure that.The dotted
Remember also that the cooling fins may be hot, so don’t lines show schematically how different load impedances will draw
jab them into your face if you drink from the mug. Also, if power.To be efficient, a load impedance of 1 W or less is ideal.
you hammer an enameled steel mug to make flat surfaces
for attaching the converters, beware of the enamel spalling cantly, the semiconductors can degrade and the solder
(glass flakes). that bonds the junctions can melt — a eutectic bismuth/tin
Of course, if you want to explore or demonstrate the solder that melts at only 138° C is widely used to make
performance of thermoelectric converters, you needn’t thermoelectric modules!
use an actual mug. You could attach the converter to a die- This is a somewhat expensive project, given its rather
cast aluminum box and use that as a receptacle for hot frivolous nature. New thermoelectric modules sell for
water. A limiting performance factor in the mug is the about $20.00 apiece, so there is about $100.00 of
“cold end” temperature afforded by the heatsink. You can converters in the five-converter mug. You might want to
get much higher performance from the converter if you experiment first with a single converter. However, as these
sandwich it between two boxes: one with hot water and the devices become ubiquitous in CPUs, they may start
other with cold water — or better yet, ice. appearing in surplus outlets and become available
Don’t be tempted to go too far with pushing power out at lower prices. You might be able to salvage some from
of your converters. If temperatures exceed 100° C signifi- old PCs. NV

SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #140 on the Reader Service Card.

RLNewton.qxd 8/11/2004 2:10 PM Page 50

Project by Ron Newton

The Electronic Sniffer

An Electronic Nose That Knows ...

y wife and I were taking our morning constitu- nia, hydrogen sulfide, organic solvents, CFCs, and carbon
tional walk up the hill when I noticed the smell. dioxide, to name a few.
The wind was from the south. Methane is found in mines and is odorless. Miners
“Do you smell that?” used to carry a canary to detect it. So, if you are explor-
“What?” she said, “I don’t smell anything.” ing mines, it might have a use. Carbon monoxide is also
“Our neighbor must be gluing some PVC pipe or odorless and is a deadly killer and can be found in tunnels
fiberglassing something.” I didn’t think much more about — or around your gas appliances. Ever wonder what the
it, but the smell continued off and on for the next couple carbon monoxide level is in the Holland Tunnel? The car-
of weeks. bon monoxide unit can be used for checking out bad gas
A month later, the wind was from the north and we heaters or has use with fire departments. The TGS 822 is
had taken a different route. good for organic solvents.
“Wow!” I said, “Is that ever strong!” The project is simple. It uses a round board that fits
“I don’t smell a thing” she replied. Then, it hit me into the head of a four D cell Mag-lite that is available at
like a ton of bricks. I am a retired chemist and I don’t any hardware store. You can find them for less than
know why it hadn’t clicked before: acetone or ether $20.00 if you shop around. The good thing about using
or a combination thereof. There was a drug lab in the this flashlight as a power source is that there are no
neighborhood. modifications required and you are able to still use it as
I went home and scrounged through my junk box and a flashlight. Many of the sensors, like the TGS 822, have
I found a Figaro TGS 822 gas sensor. I breadboarded it up a heater and draw a hefty current 660 milliwatts or 132
to a 12 volt battery and hooked up a voltmeter. It still milliamps. The D cells will power the unit for 24 hours.
functioned. Human noses quickly become desensitized to The TGS 822 cost is $14.50, as of the January 2004
odors. The Figaro gas sensors do not. It didn’t take me price list. Other sensors vary in price. All are obtainable
long walking around the neighborhood to find the house directly from Figaro.
the smell was coming from. I called drug enforcement
and explained my suspicions. Three months later, there Methodology
was a drug bust.
Everyone does not need one of these things to find a The heater requires a 5 volt regulated power supply. I
neighborhood drug lab, but it has many other uses. By used a low drop out National LP 3875, which will allow
changing the sensor, you can detect the following: operation down to 5.1 volts, but doesn’t exceed 7 volts
propane, methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ammo- input. A Wheatstone bridge is used to provide the most
sensitivity and correct for the ambient temperature. As
Parts placement on the PCB. the sensor changes its resistance when it encounters a
gas, the voltage changes across the Wheatstone bridge.
The brain of the unit is a PIC12C671 A/D microprocessor.
The voltage from the Wheatstone bridge is fed into the
microprocessor and, with some simple math algorithms,
is converted into sound. A bi-color LED is used to make
sure you are on the right side of the crossover point of the
Wheatstone bridge.

You will need a programmer to program the PIC chip
Everything For Electronics

or it is available pre-programmed (see Parts List). The

code is listed on the Nuts & Volts website: www.nuts
All of the components — with the exceptions of the
RLNewton.qxd 8/11/2004 2:20 PM Page 51

on The Electronic Sniffer

terminal and the voltage reg-

ulator — are soldered to the
top of the board with the
word “Sniff.” The sensor’s six
1-3 +
pins are designed to be 2
mounted, regardless of its
S1 TH R2
position; however, the sound 1 2 3 4 5 R5
transducer is marked with 5 NC
2-5 5 4
polarity. The long pin of the
6 3
LED goes to the pad marked R1 R4
+. There are four holes for R3 7 2
the different pin spacings of + + 8 1
different sound transducers. C1 IC2
The voltage regulator is -
soldered to the bottom side
of the board, along with the
two-pin terminal. Pin 1 is
marked for the voltage regu-
lator. Take some red finger-
nail polish and mark the ter- The schematic showing the regulator, sensor,Wheatstone bridge, PIC processor, and output indicators.
minal next to the R (red wire)
for ease of wire connection. the center and a black wire to inside the case. The wires
To make the bulb adapter, use an extra PR4 bulb and should be about 1.5 inches long. Tin about 1/4 inch of the
break the glass. Clean out its base and solder a red wire to ends. This adapter allows the unit to be connected to the

How the Sensor Works

Most of the Figaro sensors use micro-grains of sintered Although the sensors are pretty rugged, avoid silicon
tin oxide (SnO2) that have been heated to a high temperature. vapors and corrosive vapors, such as H2S, Cl2, HCl, and SO.
This causes oxygen to be absorbed on the grains and provides Don’t get the sensor wet and, if it does get wet, don’t allow it
a positive potential in the space charge between the mole- to freeze or it will crack the sensing material.
cules. When a reducing gas — such as acetone, alcohol, Prices vary with the sensors. Here is a short list:
propane, etc. — is passed over the sensor, the sensor’s resist-
ance drops.The resistance is linear logarithmically over ranges The following models sell for $14.50 and detect these gases:
of a few parts per million (PPM) to several 1,000 PPM. For TGS813 LP-gas/propane
those not familiar with log scales, what it amounts to is that a TGS822 Alcohol, toluene, xylene, acetone, etc.
large change in PPM will cause a small change in resistance, TGS842 Natural gas/methane
e.g., 100 PPM may give a resistance of 2,000 Ω, but a 1,000 TGS24420* Carbon monoxide
PPM would give a resistance of 1,000 Ω. For those who want TGS2600* Air contaminants
the formulations, here they are: TGS2610* General combustible gas
Require different mounting configurations
Rs = A[C]-α
where: Rs = electrical resistance of the sensor
These models sell for $23.25 and detect:
A = constant
TGS830 CFC R-22 and R-113
[C] = gas concentration
TGS831 CFC R-22 and R-21
α = slope of Rs curve
TGS832 CFC R-22 and R-134a
It is normal for the sensor to have a large drop in
resistance when it is first turned on. Once the heater warms Finally, these models sell for $56.30 and detect:
up, the unit will function normally.The sensors will respond in TGS821 Hydrogen
a matter of seconds. TGS825 Hydrogen sulfide
Humidity and temperature will also affect the sensor’s TGS826 Ammonia
resistance, whereas humidity is difficult to correct for (but not
impossible). I considered it a minor problem due to the nature Figaro also makes oxygen sensors, but they are rather
of the project. Temperature is compensated for by the bulky and will not fit on the flashlight. Visit them at
thermistor in the circuit. for spec sheets and order info.

RLNewton.qxd 8/10/2004 12:17 PM Page 52

Be an FCC
Learn at home in your
spare time.

The assembled sensor board installed in the Mag-lite body.

flashlight without having to split the knurled nut that holds

the bulb.

Earn up to Using the Unit

$100 an hour
Remove the lens, reflector, and the bulb from the flash-
and more!
light. Place the bulb adapter into the bulb holder and screw
No previous experience needed!
on the knurled nut. Connect the wires to the board, mind-
You can earn more money ing the polarity. Put the board into the lens holder and
screw it onto the flashlight. Prevent the board from turning
if you get an FCC License! by holding the components.
Turn on the flashlight. The LED should light either red
Not satisfied with your present income?
or green. The sound transducer may be squeaking. Let the
Add prestige and earning power to your
unit warm up for about two minutes. Adjust the poten-
electronics career by getting your FCC
tiometer until the LED turns green. As the unit stabilizes,
Government License. the pot may need adjusting.
The Original Home-Study course pre- Open a bottle of rubbing alcohol and place the unit
pares you for the “FCC Commercial near the top of the bottle. Any bottle of alcohol will work
Radiotelephone License” at home in your just as well. The LED should turn red and the speaker
spare time. should change tone. The higher the tone, the more parts
This valuable license is your professional per million of vapor are present. When you place the unit
“ticket” to thousands of exciting jobs in: in clean air, the tone should fall and the LED should switch
Communications, Radio-TV, Microwave, back to green.
Maritime, Radar, Avionics & more…you The unit can also be used to check someone’s breath
can even start your own business! to see if they have been drinking. Just have them blow
toward the sensor from about two feet. The unit is, howev-
No need to quit your job or go to school. er, qualitative and not quantitative. It does not mean the
This proven “self-study” course is easy, person is drunk. Do you need to check to see if a drink has
fast and low cost! alcohol in it? Just place the unit over the glass. Try it with
GUARANTEED TO PASS – You get your a glass of wine.
Check out for more specifi-
FCC License or your money will be refunded. cations on using gas sensors and their detection limits.
Happy sniffing! NV
Call for FREE facts now!
(800) 932-4268 Ext. 220 About the Author Ron Newton is a retired clinical scientist with degrees in
chemistry and electronic engineering. He volunteers his time to

COMMAND PRODUCTIONS or mail the Republic of Georgia Pediatric Hospitals (Asia) by providing
FCC LICENSE TRAINING - Dept. 220 coupon consulting and teaching in the fields of blood banking and
P.O. Box 3000 • Sausalito, CA 94966 today bacteriology, and provides instruction in the repair of hospital
Please rush FREE details immediately!
Everything For Electronics

equipment. He also donates his time to NASA by providing R&D

Name in the field of photonics and hopes to have his spectrometer
Address design for the determination of ultraviolet light spectrums on
City State Zip one of the upcoming Mars shots.
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RLFonte4.qxd 8/10/2004 1:07 PM Page 54

Project by Gerard Fonte

Mr. E. Machine: The

Enigma Machine — Part 4
De-bunking Kirlian Pseudo-science

his is the last part of the Enigma series. In some problems. Finally, we'll look at some current research that
ways, it should really be the first because The could have significant practical applications.
Enigma Machine grew out of these high power
observations. It was only after the electrical, physical, and Nomenclature and Apparatus
chemical experiments were performed that enough infor-
mation became available to design it. Since the effects are created without the movement
In this article, we won't use The Enigma Machine. of electrons, there is no electrical current flowing (see
Instead, we'll look at its big brother and see what it can previous articles). It's not really electricity in the
do. We'll see how Kirlian pseudo-science is just a flawed commonly used sense of the word; therefore, I will use the
and fanciful misinterpretation of actual science. We'll also word "force" to refer to this transfer of an electrical charge
discuss ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) effects (usually without an electrical current.
from power lines) that have been linked to health I'm not going to describe the high power apparatus in
detail. This is done to prevent unqualified and
Figure 1. Conventional sparks are made with the switch connected inexperienced people from getting hurt. The high power
to ground. Non-current-carrying sparks are un-grounded and apparatus does have the potential to give very painful
pass to large, lead mass.
shocks and burns. (I know from experience.) An experi-
enced and qualified person should be able to recreate the
apparatus from my general descriptions and the previous
articles. I will be happy to provide details to academic
institutions or other research interests upon request.

Anatomy of a Spark
An electrical spark of the same length, using the
same electrodes, must be the same, right? That's what I
thought. However, that's wrong. Figure 1 shows the basic
Figure 2.This is a composite photograph that shows the setup, which creates about 3/16 inch sparks. Figure 2 is
difference between a non-current-carrying spark (top) a composite photograph showing the difference between
and a conventional current-carrying spark (bottom).
There is a significant difference in sound, as well. a common current carrying electrical spark to ground
and a force spark under identical conditions. You can
easily see that they are very different.
The photographs do not show exactly what the eye
sees. In real life, the force spark has a lighter blue color
and looks continuous (no break in the middle). There is
also a very significant audible difference. The common
electrical spark is very loud. The force spark can be
nearly inaudible. Both sparks can be drawn to the same

length (> 1/4 inch). The force spark has no current flow
(no deflection with a 50 µA meter). The electrical spark
has significant current flow (slams the meter full scale).
Everything For Electronics

At one time, I found that a very substantial amount of

force was passing through my body without any
sensation. The amount was sufficient to draw sparks
(about the same length as in Figure 2) from the tips of
RLFonte4.qxd 8/10/2004 1:07 PM Page 55

nte The Enigma Machine — Part 4

insulated wire-cutters I was holding to a

metal plate. This is very different from high
frequency or RF skin effects. The operating
frequency was nowhere near high enough
to create RF skin effects. I know this
because I have inadvertently allowed cur-
rent to flow in several occasions, giving me
a very painful shock. As we saw last month,
the charge-transfer mechanism is different.
How can there be a spark without
current, though? Isn't a spark electricity? Figure 3.The basic setup for corona discharge photography.
Actually, it is not. When you see a spark, you Refer to Figure 4 to see the physical layout.
are seeing ionized air (mostly nitrogen and
oxygen). It typically has a blue hue, depending on the increased, since the wires were never warm when the power
intensity of the charge. (Lightning looks white because was off. I think my skin was heating up, just like the leaf.
there is so much current that the air is significantly heated.) Another aspect of corona discharge is that material
Electron transfer in a vacuum is invisible. If you've ever from the charged object can actually be removed and re-
looked at an operating vacuum tube, you know that there deposited. Figure 7 shows the plastic container after a few
is nothing to see other than the glow of the filament. minutes of corona discharge with the silver dollar. You can
Sparks occur whenever there is enough energy to ionize see that the deposits exactly match the corona discharge
the atoms in the air. that is illustrated in Figure 5. Most of this residue (which is,
presumably, silver) is easily wiped off, but some seems to
Corona Discharge be embedded into the plastic.

A more general ionization — called a corona discharge Kirlian Photography

— also occurs for the same reason. However, a corona
discharge is not a simple point-to-point ionization. It occurs Kirlian Photography is quite different from the pictures
over many points or even a whole area. Visually, it can be presented here. Their setup places photographic paper or
quite striking. Figure 3 shows the basic setup for perform- film in close contact with the object, as shown in Figure 8.
ing the corona discharge experiments. Figure 4 is what the If the metal plate is large enough, no additional "conduc-
experiment looks like in normal light. If you look closely, tive mass" may be needed. Sometimes, they use a system
you can see the force wire enter from the left. The tip of an ground that has the potential to allow real current to flow.
alligator clip, which goes to the lead bar, is barely seen at For large objects (like a person's finger), they place the
the top. Figure 5 is what the corona discharge of the silver photographic film (with or without the glass ) on top of the
dollar looks like in a darkened room. Since it's hard to metal plate and have the person touch that. The person
photograph without light, a 16 second time exposure was
used. This blurs the discharge somewhat. The eye sees Figure 4.The corona discharge photographs are taken through a
tiny tendrils of glowing blue that dance about. water filled, thin, plastic container.The power goes in from the left,
up through a hole in the wood, and touches the bottom of the coin.
You don't have to use metal to create the corona dis- The tip of the alligator clip is just visible at the top center.
charge. Anything that is either an electrical or force "conduc- It connects the water to a lead mass.
tor" will work. I used an ordinary leaf for Figure 6. Initially, I
was going to scrap that photograph because of the burn-
through in the middle of the leaf (that bright white area in the
middle) that washes out the corona. However, I realized that
this also shows something important. There is enough elec-
trical charge to burn and char organic tissue. In other words,
polar conductivity (see previous articles) has the capability
to transfer real and significant power without any measura-
ble electrical current or its associated magnetic field.
I should probably mention that I have unintentionally
found myself holding a well-insulated wire with a corona
discharge that traveled into my hand. There was no sensa-
tion of electrical shock. It felt more like touching spider
webs. On one occasion when this happened, I squeezed
the wire between my thumb and forefinger and the wire felt
warm. I don't think the actual wire temperature had
RLFonte4.qxd 8/10/2004 1:08 PM Page 56


Kirlian "force" are quite clear. Their apparatus generates

a large electrical charge. The charge orients the
molecules in the target — be it a leaf, a human being, or
a house key — and creates a corona discharge. The "aura"
they see is air ionization, also known as St. Elmo's Fire.
The peculiar measurement effects are due to polar
conduction rather than conventional electrical conduc-
tion. There is nothing paranormal about it.
If the target is in contact with photographic paper,
impressive colors are observed, but this is explained by
the fact that photographic emulsions are also sensitive to
electrical charge. The colors are simply the result of the
emulsions reacting electro-chemically. That is why the
same colors are not seen in non-contact photography.
Figure 5.This is a time exposure of a corona discharge. The "phantom leaf" experiment is easily explained.
This is where an intact leaf is photographed first. Then,
then acts as the conductive mass. Note that, with part of the leaf is cut away and another photograph is
standard Kirlian photography, the corona is not actually taken. Sometimes, the outline of the whole leaf is seen in
seen, only its effects on the film are recorded. the second photograph. The Kirlian interpretation, as I
Kirlian followers believe that they are witnessing understand it, is that the leaf still feels that it is whole, so
some special "life aura" in these photographs. (They have the aura is complete. (This is somewhat similar to the real
many colors and are certainly interesting and pretty.) It is "phantom limb" effect, where human amputees feel a
their belief that this aura is metaphysical or paranormal limb that is no longer there. However, this effect occurs
and has little relation to actual physical conditions. Since because humans have a complex central nervous system.
they believe rather than understand, no amount of logic Plants do not have a central nervous system.)
and reason can cause them to consider any alternative Here's what I see happening. During the first
explanation. (If it's an aura of life, why do ordinary metal photograph of an intact leaf, Kirlian photographers
objects also show an aura?) typically press the leaf under the glass. This pressure can
However, to an objective observer, the aspects of the be up to several pounds or more. This physical contact
with the glass — along with the electrical ionization —
Figure 6.The corona discharge of the leaf is washed out by deposits moisture and/or small amounts of plant materi-
burn-through.There is plenty of power to char the leaf, al. When part of the leaf is removed, this material
even though no current is measured.
remains. (Take another look at Figure 7 to verify this.)
The high conductivity of water conducts the molecu-
lar orientation force even though it may be invisible.
(Note, engineers working with high voltage apparatus
know the problems of invisible films of moisture or other
contamination. I have personally witnessed sparks
skipping several feet over an old, wooden desk to an out-
let ground with my apparatus.) I confidently predict that,
if the Kirlian apparatus is thoroughly cleaned after every
photograph, no "phantom leaf" effects will be seen. I also
predict that, if the only photograph is of the leaf after it
has been cut, no phantom effects will be seen, either.
The "kissing" effect is also easily explained as a
moisture film effect. In this experiment, two volunteers
each place one finger in very close proximity to the
other's finger. However, the fingers are far enough apart
that no Kirlian "force" is seen passing between the fingers.

Then, the volunteers kiss passionately. As they do, the

"force" is seen between their fingers (as a small spark).
It can, however, be seen that there is nothing
Everything For Electronics

mysterious here. It is well known that there are many

physiological changes that occur during sexual stimula-
tion. Some of the very obvious changes are the
generation of sweat, the increase in body temperature,
RLFonte4.qxd 8/10/2004 1:08 PM Page 57

The Enigma Machine — Part 4

and the increase in blood pressure. The result is that a per-

son's hands get moist. This film of moisture conducts bet-
ter than dry skin. Thus, while dry fingers are far enough
apart to prevent air ionization, the moist fingers are not.
We've seen that skin is an insulator. The moisture
breaks down the insulation of the skin. Thus, sparks are
seen. It is confidently predicted that anything that causes
similar physiological effects will show the similar Kirlian
effects — or will simply show that wet fingers "spark" clos-
er than dry fingers.
I do not claim to know all there is about Kirlian effects.
However, I do know that whatever I have found can be sim-
ply explained with polar conductivity, corona discharge,
and/or the poor execution of experiments. There is noth-
ing mysterious or magical about this force, regardless of
what some people would have you believe.

Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in
determining if Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) RF radia-
tion has harmful effects. These studies have looked at high
voltage power lines, police radar, cell phones, and other
fairly common sources of low power and/or low frequency
radiation. (Note, radar and cell phones are included, even
though their operating frequency is not "extremely low.") Figure 7.This residue is from the corona discharge of the coin.
In general, the answer (so far) seems to be that there Some could be wiped away, but some was permanent.
is no connection between these sources and human
health. However, the methods of measurement are only recognized after I had done the bulk of my research
generally conventional electric current or RF power tech- years ago. Additionally, Minto's devices were black boxes and
niques. It has been shown that these methods can be he kept everything secret about the process. So, it cannot be
misleading when measuring this force. It suggests that known for certain what his equipment consisted of.
testing for molecular rotation might be useful. Minto's work was mostly concerned with communica-
Additionally, the seed germination experiment dis- tion. "Voice transmission via Plasmonics through the single
cussed in last month’s article is very suggestive. It seems wire was unaffected when the wire was cut and capacitors,
quite reasonable to expect subtle cellular effects when large, resistors (extremely high values), chokes, or even diodes
complex polar molecules are rotated by an external force. back to back were inserted and the 'circuit' completed"
Many organic molecules' shapes and orientations are critical (reference above). We saw a similar effect with the
to their function. It also appears reasonable to expect that battery/ground effect last month, where a large resistance
molecular rotation at different frequencies would have to ground made a significant difference in performance.
different effects, depending on the natural resonant frequen- You can reproduce his results by physically grounding
cy. It seems to me that the seed germination experiment a battery lead through various components and values
should be replicated independently. This could be important. while The Enigma Machine runs on batteries. Back-to-back

Other Research Figure 8.Typical Kirlian photography goes directly to photographic film or paper;
the photographers don't actually “see” what they’re photographing.
That makes it seem much more mysterious.
In the mid 1960s, unconventional scien-
tist/experimenter Wallace L. Minto crested a
flurry of interest in "Plasmonics" or
"Hydronics," which was described as a new
form of wireless communication (Popular
Electronics, March 1966, Volume 24, No. 3,
pages 50-53). There are many similarities
between the research and demonstrations he
performed and the effects described here over
the last few months. These similarities were
RLFonte4.qxd 8/11/2004 2:08 PM Page 58


diodes (small signal type) and a straight wire connection conductivity with metal attachments to the outside of the
show no significant difference. test tube. Different solutions have different conductivities.
There is one demonstration that Minto performed that Currently, I can easily discriminate between saturated
I have not yet been able to directly replicate. He showed solutions of table salt, sucrose (cane/table sugar),
that the conductivity of a 5% sucrose solution varied dextrose (glucose/blood sugar), plain water, and cooking
significantly with frequency; peaks and valleys showed on oil. It's important to note that the test tubes are closed and
a chart recorder. I've tried this several times without that these measurements are made without touching the
success. However, since Minto's equipment was secret, it's liquids. In theory, this means that it could be possible to
impossible to determine if he was seeing a real phenome- measure someone's blood sugar level or blood alcohol
non or if it was just a bad experiment. content (and perhaps other things) simply by placing the
person’s hand on an electronic device.
The Future of Polar Underwater or Underground Communication.
Conductivity The Navy communicates with submarines with a huge,
land-based, low frequency transmitter. It doesn't penetrate
Polar conductivity seems to be an area where very little very deeply into the water, so the submarines must be fair-
research is being done. This means that there is a potential ly shallow to receive it. Since the transmission facilities are
for novel discoveries and applications. Expensive or sophis- so big, the submarines can't directly respond. They have to
ticated equipment is not needed to explore these effects at surface and transmit with more conventional equipment.
this time. Therefore, enterprising experimenters and hobby- Minto demonstrated point-to-point, wireless communica-
ists could — quite possibly — make significant contributions tion from dockside to a scuba diver in the water. It seems
and breakthroughs. Let's look at some areas of application. reasonable to suggest that polar conductivity through the
Proximity Chemical Analysis. This is an area that I ground is also possible.
am currently researching whenever I get the time (which Medical Applications. The seed germination
isn't all that often). Take a test tube of some solution and experiment (last month) seems to be quite notable. It was a
place it between a force emitter and sensor. Measure the well-controlled experiment in an academic setting. It sug-
Everything For Electronics

Circle #43 on the Reader Service Card. SEPTEMBER 2004

RLFonte4.qxd 8/10/2004 1:09 PM Page 59

The Enigma Machine — Part 4

gests that living things can be directly affected by polar

Enigma Machine Safety Notice!
conductivity. Admittedly, this is just speculation; however,
consider an electronic medical device that could be tuned to Please use common sense ...
prevent specific pathogens from replicating. Obviously, such 1. This article deals with high voltage and high voltage effects. When
a product would have a tremendous impact at many levels. built and used as described,The Enigma Machine is felt to be complete-
ly safe. Improper use and construction can cause electrical shock.
Full Circle
2. Several Enigma Machine experiments demonstrate effects that pass
This series started, "This is one of those things that through the body of the user. Therefore, it is not recommended that
seems just a little interesting at the start; however, as you anyone with a pacemaker or other embedded electrical device
look closer, it gets stranger and stranger." There does not participate in these experiments, nor should it be used in very close
seem to be an end to the strangeness. Like the battery proximity to any electrical equipment where electromagnetic
bunny, it just keeps going and going and going. interference could cause safety concerns.
This series was developed to illustrate a number of
aspects of science and learning. The first and most 3. Several experiments have shown subtle biological effects on plants
obvious was the actual development of The Enigma with continuous exposure of days to weeks. (See last month’s article.)
Machine from concept to product. Next was the scientific
approach to gathering information and learning from it.
4. The high power version of the Enigma Machine presented here
Common sense and attention to detail are absolutely
should not be built or operated by anyone who is not experienced
necessary. There was also the convoluted path of discov-
with high voltage circuits. Severe electrical shocks or burns are very
ery from the first odd observation of hearing a sound when
my ear brushed an electromagnet to the present.
Learning from mistakes is still learning. Hopefully, you
5. It seems reasonable to suggest that the high power version could
found this series interesting and fun. That's what science
have significant biological effects, especially with long term exposure.
and engineering is to me. NV





3PECIAL/%- 4($ "%41 



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Full Page.qxd 8/12/2004 10:57 AM Page 60

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WITH LED BACKLIGHT ADJUSTABLE VOLUME Originally marketed as Christmas lights, these
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EDT # EW162C Shogyo #3650VC. Solid-state
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16 character X 2 line audio indicator emits a
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LCD module with LED medium-loud, high-pitched
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RLSimpson.qxd 8/10/2004 1:27 PM Page 61

by Michael Simpson Project

Floating Light Show

Mix Colors and Software for a Neat Effect!

fter opening the pool this that I have chosen.
year, I decided to The AthenaHS also has a very
purchase some sort of small carrier board that will allow
lighting system so we could enjoy me to build the light very easily.
those muggy Virginia nights. I
wanted a color system that lit the Circuit Hookup
water inside the pool. Many
existing lighting systems had 12 Figure 1 shows the hookup
V lights that used a transformer to the carrier board. We only
to lower the voltage from 110 V, need six ports on the AthenaHS
but I did not want to chance to drive the six LEDs. I decided to
something going wrong with one use a 2 x 6 female header, so I
of these. Plus, the fiber optic sys- could just plug the LEDs in
tems were much too expensive, place. While this is not the most
so I decided to break down and build something. rugged connection method, it would allow me to experi-
ment with different colored LEDs.
My requirements were simple: Figure 2 shows the slightly modified carrier board. You
can also use two 1 x 6 female headers glued or stuck
• It must be powered by four rechargeable AA batteries. together with double-sided foam tape. Connect the free
This will give a nominal 4.8 volts, which eliminates the ends of the header together and tie to Vss, as shown in
need for a voltage regulator. Figure 3.
• It must last at least six hours on a single charge. Longer The carrier comes with some snap connect male
would be a plus. headers and you will only need two of them — one each
• It must have three colors and cycle slowly between them connected to the + and – leads, as shown in Figure 2. This
to change the mood of the pool.
• It must be self-contained and float on the
surface of the pool, yet it has to shine light on
the pool floor.
• It must fit in a small, waterproof tub.
• It must be easy to build and inexpensive, so that
I can build more than one. I will probably build
four for my pool.

The AA batteries and six hour duration

pretty much dictated some sort of LED light
system. For the multiple colors, I decided to use
blue, red, and green ultra bright LEDs. I wanted
to use 5 V LEDs that pulled less than 25 ma so I
could power them directly from the
microcontroller’s IO port. For more brightness, I
would use two LEDs for each color, each on its
own port.
For the microcontroller, I decided on an
AthenaHS for its speed, cost, and simplicity. I
needed to generate six PWM signals for mixing
the colors. The AthenaHS can source or sink 25
Figure 1
ma on each port. This is perfect for the LEDs
RLSimpson.qxd 8/10/2004 1:28 PM Page 62


Figure 2

Figure 3

0-5. Three counter variables — named bluecount,

redcount, and greencount — set the duty cycle of the
corresponding colors.
male header will be used to connect the batteries and The color pattern is set in the main loop. We start
female header. Other than the headers, the carrier board is with red and green turned on and proceed as follows:
built step by step, according to the instructions. When using
the AthenaHS with the carrier board, you will need a 20 MHz Fade out red.
resonator. Fade in blue.
Once the LEDs have been inserted, you can slightly Fade out green.
bend them into groups, as shown in Figure 4. The short Fade in red.
LED lead connects to the outside header (vss). If you are Fade out blue.
worried about the leads touching, you can use some 1/16 Fade in green.
heat shrink for insulation. You only need to insulate the IO
port side of the LED. Start over.
Use double-sided foam tape to attach the circuit
board to the battery holder. The LEDs should be centered This pattern assures that all the LED color combos
on the battery holder, as shown in Figure 5. To turn on the are met. It also means no more than four LEDs are on at
light, slip the battery header over the two pin header on once, which will go a long way in reducing power
the board. The negative side of the battery is connected consumption.
to the header pin closest to the LEDs. The actual call to the PWM routine is what lights the
LEDs. At the start of this routine, we retrieve a random
The Program number to set the number of times we will actually cycle
through the PWM counts. The more times we cycle, the
The program must generate six PWM signals on ports longer it will take a particular color to fade in or out.

Figure 4 Figure 5
dim bluecount,
dim curcount,cycle,rnd

‘LED Ports
const portblue1 0
const portred1 1
const portgreen1 2
const portblue2 3
const portred2 4

const portgreen2 5

const maxcount 150

‘Sets up the PWM fre-
Everything For Electronics

quency and resolution

setio 0,1,2,3,4,5

‘Start Point for lights

RLSimpson.qxd 8/10/2004 1:33 PM Page 63

Floating Light Show

bluecount = 1
redcount = 150 ‘——————————————————
greencount = 150 Red_Up:
for redcount = 1 to maxcount
loop: gosub pwm
gosub Red_Down next
gosub Blue_Up return
gosub Green_Down
gosub Red_Up ‘——————————————————
gosub Blue_Down Red_Down:
gosub Green_Up ‘——————————————————
for redcount = maxcount to 1 step -1
goto loop gosub pwm
Blue_Up: ‘——————————————————
‘—————————————————— Green_Up:
for bluecount = 1 to maxcount ‘——————————————————
gosub pwm for greencount = 1 to maxcount
next gosub pwm
return next
Blue_Down: ‘——————————————————
‘—————————————————— Green_Down:
for bluecount = maxcount to 1 step -1 ‘——————————————————
gosub pwm for greencount = maxcount to 1 step -1
next gosub pwm

)$1 07+(50% 7(/  .2 $&







RLSimpson.qxd 8/10/2004 1:29 PM Page 64


Figure 6 Tub
The actual tub construc-
tion is very simple. Using a
Rubbermaid #5193 tub, sim-
ply set the battery and
circuit board assembly into
the tub with the LEDs facing
up, as shown in Figure 6.
This is a one pint container
and the battery holder cen-
ters pretty well without much
effort. If you use a different
Figure 7
size tub or battery layout,
you will have to make sure
‘————————————————————- the assembly is centered so that the tub does not tilt to
‘ Generate the light one side.
pwm: In order for the lights to illuminate the pool bottom,
you need to reflect the LEDs downward. I have used
random 40,rnd ‘This will determine how long several reflectors, such as compact mirrors or convex
‘we stay with a color mirrors. Out of all the tests, aluminum foil seems to work
rnd = rnd + 5 ‘With a minimum of five counts the best at reflecting the light because all the little
crinkles tend to mix the colors more evenly. You can use
‘To create the six PWM signals we turn all ports on double-sided foam or tape to attach the foil to the inside
‘then turn them off as each color count is reached. of the lid. Make sure the shiny side is down, as shown in
for cycle = 1 to rnd Figure 7.
configio 0,1,2,3,4,5
for curcount = 1 to maxcount
That is pretty much it for the tub construction. You
if curcount = bluecount then can add some flowers or a rubber ducky to the top of the
gosub offblue tub, if you wish.
if curcount = redcount then
gosub offred How Well Does It Work?
if curcount = greencount then My wife loves them and can’t wait for the long, hot
gosub offgreen days of summer. My hard-to-impress daughter wants the
endif five units I made to be used at her next pool party.
next I’m getting over 12 hours of use out of the lights, so
return my next step is to add a small solar cell to charge the
batteries during the day.
Be sure to visit Kronos Robotics at www.kronos
‘You may want to place this code directly in the if
‘statements. The KRcompression technology built into for project updates, as well as more light
‘the Athena engine is centered around modular code so patterns. NV
‘this particular way is more efficient than single if
‘ statements
AthenaHS Kronos Robotics #16277
‘Port Handlers
Athena carrier 1 Kronos Robotics #16300
input portblue2 20 MHz resonator Kronos Robotics #16140
input portblue1 Four cell battery holder Kronos Robotics #16323

return Snapable 1 x 36 female header Kronos Robotics #16291

input portred1 Plastic Tub Rubbermaid # 5193
input portred2
Everything For Electronics

return Ultra bright LEDs

offgreen: Blue LED All Electronics #LED-74
input portgreen1
Red LED All Electronics #LED-94
input portgreen2
return Green LED All Electronics #LED-57

Tetsujin ad.qxd 8/12/2004 2:05 PM Page 65

A glimpse into the future of robotics!

When we announced Tetsujin 2004 back in March, we knew it would raise some eyebrows.The
concept — a live competition where people step into strength augmentation suits to lift weights —
was groundbreaking. As expected, it has attracted the attention of the best and brightest fabricators
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Next month is your chance to see what these seven amazing teams have come up with! Join the top
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you up with a team that embodies the spirit of innovation, as well
as the positive discipline of a “can do” attitude.
RLDriscoll.qxd 8/11/2004 2:02 PM Page 66

by Ed Driscoll, Jr.

A Stellar Book ... but With Many Minor Flaws

n April 3, 2000, when President Clinton’s Justice serve to highlight how — with a little more work — this
Department issued its ruling that Microsoft had vio- book could have been flawless.
lated US antitrust laws and the NASDAQ plummeted Occasionally, Dhir gets a bit too cute. On page one of
349 points (or 7.64%) — its worst single-day performance the book, he refers to “Generation D — The Digital
ever — it signaled the end of the Internet bubble. The next Decade.” Well, is it a decade or a generation? Since a
year, the horrific terrorist attacks on the US occurred on generation is about twice as long as a decade, I’d say
September 11th. As a result, we’ve seen much less of those are mutually exclusive terms. Shortly thereafter,
what Tom Wolfe once dubbed the “digibabble and fairy Dhir writes, “Anything that is digital is superior.” I’m as far
dust” that ruled the 1990s and, somehow, technology has from a Luddite as can be imagined, but I’m not sure if I’d
slipped a bit below America’s collective radar screen. want to make a blanket statement like that. There are far
Yet, in many ways, the rapid speed of technological too many professional photographers who love their 35
progress hasn’t abated. In the late 1970s, we saw the birth mm and 4 x 6 format negatives and professional record-
of the personal computer, the VCR, and the laser disc. In ing engineers who love the warmth of 2” wide analog tape
the 1980s, compact discs, cell phones, and fax machines who might seriously blanche at having to switch to digital.
entered the picture. Today, average consumers are From time to time, Dhir throws in a buzz word and
surrounded by more technological goodies than we know assumes that the vast majority of his readers will know
what to do with and keeping pace with what’s available what it means. He mentions Moore’s Law and explains
and their benefits can be a daunting task. what it is and then mentions Metcalf’s Law without any
The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook is a explanation. At times, Dhir’s book makes the reader feel
new book (published by Newnes, go to www.xilinx. like it would be handy to have Google running in the back-
com/esp/dct_handbook.htm) written by Amit Dhir, a ground while reading it. (About half of the folks reading
manager in the strategic solutions marketing group at this just rolled their eyes and said, “Geez, is that Driscoll
Xilinx — a 20-year-old, San Jose-based semiconductor a dummy or what?”)
manufacturer. Dhir has a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Much later in the book, Dhir’s otherwise excellent
Engineering from Purdue University and a master’s degree chapter on video games is marred by an unexplained
in the same field from San Jose State University. phrase noting that Microsoft’s Xbox appeals most to
At 656 pages, The Handbook would make a heck of “game artists and aficionado players.” Say what?

a doorstop or paperweight, but it does a pretty nifty job as Chapter 4 does a thorough job of explaining how CDs
an encyclopedic look at just about every major technology work, but, at one point, Dhir writes that CDs are facing
that competes for your money, time, and living space. extinction. Well, the sun is facing extinction, too — give it
Everything For Electronics

four, maybe five billion years, tops. Between commercial

Not Bad — but Not Perfect recordings being released on CDs, computer programs
on CD-ROM, and people using CD-Rs for both, I’d say that
It’s not perfect, however, and its minor flaws only compact discs have a few more years left in them before
RLDriscoll.qxd 8/10/2004 1:41 PM Page 67

extinction occurs.
What could hasten the speed of the CD’s demise are
its successor formats — DVD-A and SACD (short for Super
Audio Compact Disc). It appears that Dhir could have
done a more thorough job of explaining how the growth of
these formats has been retarded by interference by the
RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), which
fears consumers copying their discs. (Which is why these
CD replacement formats need their own proprietary
receivers with individual digital inputs for each of the six
audio channels, rather than the single Toslink or coax
input that the original video DVDs and audio CDs use.
Also, this is why the RIAA has made the Dolby Digital EASY TO USE CAD TOOLS
receiver you bought five years ago obsolete.) Schematic and PCB Layout
In Chapter 7 of The Digital Consumer Technology • Powerful and flexible schematic capture.
Handbook, Dhir has a through explanation of the benefits • Auto-component placement.
of DVD and how the format was created. Then he • Rip/entry PCB routing.
• Polygonal gridless ground planes.
mentions Divx — the Circuit City-backed early attempt at
• Library of over 8000 schematic and 1000 PCB foot prints.
creating a rental DVD format that was loathed by the early • Bill of materials, DRC reports and more.
adopters who first put DVD on the map. Dhir writes that
the format “played a useful role,” but fails to note the back- Mixed Mode SPICE Circuit Simulation
lash it caused and the confusion it created by introducing • Berkeley SPICE3F5 simulator with custom extensions for true
a Beta/VHS format war so early in the DVD’s lifespan. mixed mode and interactive simulation.
• Six virtual instruments and 14 graph based analysis types.
Later in the DVD chapter, he writes, “The number of
• 6,000 models including TTL, CMOS and PLD digital parts.
[DVD] titles will be limited in the early years.” Early years? • Fully compatible with manufacturers’ SPICE models.
The format is seven years old! Limited? According to the
official DVD Faqs (available online at www.thedigital ProteusVSM- Co-simulation & debugging for popular Micro-Controllers among other locations), by • Supports PIC16 & PIC12, AVR, 8051, HC11 and ARM micro-controllers.
the end of 2002, there were about 23,000 DVD titles avail- • Co-simulate target firmware with your hardware design.
• Includes interactive peripheral models for LED and LCD displays,
able in the US — and that number has only grown since.
switches, keypads, virtual terminal and much, much more.
That doesn’t sound too limited to me. • Provides source level debugging for popular compilers and
assemblers from HiTech PICC, Crownhill, IAR, Keil and others.
A Few Missing Technologies MicroChip PIC 18
Aficionados are bound to see one or two technologies • Supported models of the PIC 18 includes PIC18F242, PIC18F252,
PIC18F442, PIC18F452, PIC18F248, PIC18F258, PIC18F448 and
they would have liked to have seen mentioned. While PCs PIC18F458.
and spin-off technologies are well represented, I personal-
ly would have liked to have seen some information on Basic Stamp BS1 and BS2
weblogs. Their inherent ease of use and flexibility are • Proteus VSM for BASIC Stamp contains everything you need to
causing them exponential growth in popularity, since they develop and simulate designs based around the BASIC Stamp.
allow for instant self-publishing on any topic imaginable. • See examples in downloadable Demo at

Seemingly a Must-Have “I finished my first design, schematic and PCB in one day.”
“What a great tool! I love it.” DAN GILL

All of this may sound like nitpicking and, in a way, it is; “For the cost of the software compared to the productivity gains, I consider Proteus to be
as I said, Dhir has written a terrific book that seems to be pivotal in the commercial viability of my company and by far represents the best value
for money of anything Tempus possesses.” ROB YOUNGS, Tempus Consulting
a must-have title for anyone with an interest in consumer
electronics, where most of us have expertise in one area, “PROTEUS stands out as the best all-round program in this review. Other programs
reviewed have strengths in the pcb design process, Proteus maintains a constant high
but have blind spots when it comes to knowledge of other level of capability throughout. Whether a schematic, user-friendly interactive routing,
technological niches. Hopefully, The Digital Consumer configurable autoplacing, competent autorouteing, or a combination of the above,
Technology Handbook will inform its readers — and allow PROTEUS handles everything very well.” Electronic & Wireless World CAD Review Roundup
them to make informed decisions when it comes to Save Time. Save Money.
spending their hard-earned money on electronics. It reads
Proteus Starter Kit – $199 • Full System – $1899
like it could have used another round of editing before it
was released, though. A book like this will need fairly “This is clearly superior in every respect.”
frequent revisions if its sales are successful, so let’s hope
things get tightened up the next time around. NV R4 SYSTEMS INC.
SEPTEMBER 2004 Tel: 905•898•0665
Circle #50 on the Reader Service Card.
RLAppel2.qxd 8/10/2004 1:48 PM Page 68

by Clifford Appel

ast month, I explained how LORAN (LOng RAnge night and day. This should be the case because of a 25
L Navigation) worked as a navigational aid system and
how it was originally implemented using vacuum tube
year period to improve transmitting efficiency and
frequency/control techniques from computer technology.
transmitters. This month, we will continue with the story The transmitter known as the Accufix 7500 is
of the retirement of the world's most powerful vacuum manufactured by Megapulse of North Billerica, MA.
tube LORAN transmitter of 1.6 megawatts at the US Megapulse has supplied earlier versions of the Accufix,
Coast Guard station at George, WA. The vacuum tube known as the AN/FPN-64, which were of lesser output
transmitter went on air in September of 1976 and was power capability for USCG LORAN stations, primarily in
officially taken off air on December 8, 2003. After the inland areas of the US. Megapulse has recently
switching the antenna transmission line from the vacuum finished supplying units to the nation of Japan for their
tube transmitter, a new solid-state transmitter was LORAN chains.
operating within about two hours. Read on to learn about The new frequency/control equipment is shown in
the new solid-state concept and LORAN's future. Figure 1. At the left are two Transmitter Control
Subsystems (TCS) — one active and one standby. The
The Solid-State Transmitter TCS controls precise timing of the transmitted LORAN
pulses and also monitors the “quality” of those pulses.
The differences between the vacuum tube Third from the left is the Transmit Frequency
transmitter(s) and the new solid-state transmitter are like Equipment (TFE), which generates George, WA’s
LORAN rates of 9,940 and 5,990 as the old
Figure 1.The frequency/control equipment for the solid-state transmitter. equipment in Figure 2 of last month’s article did for
The two left racks are the TCS, then there is the TFE, the AUX rack with the vacuum tube transmitter. To the right of the
three cesium beam frequency standards, and two RAIL racks on the right.
Love that alphabet soup! Photo courtesy ETC K. Anderson. TFE is the AUX rack containing three Hewlett
Packard HP-5071A Cesium Beam Frequency
Standards. Each Cesium costs over $28,000.00
and they are the reason the LORAN signal is so
repeatable with time to its users. In a one day
period, HP rates the frequency stability as better
than 3 x 10-14. You don’t get that kind of stability
from a TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal
Oscillator), which is a common option in our HF
amateur radio equipment.
Two racks on the far right (only a portion of
one is shown) are the RAIL (Remote Automated
Integrated LORAN) equipment, similar to what

was used for the vacuum tube transmitter. The

RAIL — consisting of commercial grade Dell
computers — provides timing corrections, system
Everything For Electronics

alarms, a means to input “commands” to the TFE

and TCS, and also acts as a communications tool
to the control monitors. For the Canadian West
Coast Chain (5,990 rate) the control monitor is
RLAppel2.qxd 8/10/2004 1:48 PM Page 69

New Life for LORAN — Part 2

located in St. Anthony, Newfoundland. For the US West solid-state unit has some virtues that the vacuum tube rig
Coast Chain (9,940 rate), the control monitor is located lacks. If an HCG should fail, the Accufix will still put out a
in Petaluma, CA. The control monitor insures the proper signal, albeit at a slightly reduced output power. An HCG
timing and synchronization of all the LORAN stations in can be swapped out while the transmitter is operational.
the chain. Corrective maintenance for the Accufix is simpler, less
The TCS rack mentioned earlier controls the pulses in time consuming, and a lot cheaper than what was
the new solid-state transmitter, shown in Figure 2. You will required for the vacuum tube transmitters. There is only
also notice there are vertical panels consisting of four the one solid-state transmitter running 24/7, as opposed
sections. Each section is called an HCG (Half Cycle to the two vacuum tube rigs which were alternated every
Generator). Two sections work in parallel to form the two weeks.
positive half of the LORAN pulse and the other two If you remember, earlier I mentioned that the vacuum
sections form the negative half of the pulse. The HCG tube transmitters could require an electrical “demand” of
consists of beefy inductors, hefty capacitors, large diodes, nearly 1,000 kilowatts and that I calculated that each
and large SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers), which transmitter required 100 kilowatts just to light the
“bang” a tuning coil to “build” the LORAN pulse. In a way, filaments. The entire building that contains the new
this transmitter can be thought of as a sophisticated, transmitter, frequency/control equipment, heating/cooling
electronically controlled, spark-gap transmitter. This is a equipment, and lighting uses about 170 kilowatts. That’s a
totally different concept than what was used in the vacuum dramatic reduction of electrical energy consumption by
tube transmitter that can be described as a super large nearly six times. Utility bills will go from about $9,000.00
class B linear amplifier. per month for the vacuum tube LORAN equipment to
The HCGs are fired in groups at various time intervals about $2,200.00 per month for the solid-state LORAN
to resonate and amplify the 100 kHz pulse. This is no equipment.
simple task because the whole output network must take
into account the LORAN antenna. Once the peak of the LORAN Antennas
pulse is reached, some means must be made to dampen
the trailing edge of the LORAN pulse. There are three basic types of
That dampening of resonance is Figure 2.The new Accufix 7500 LORAN antennas used at the US Coast
accomplished by a network with the dis- solid-state transmitter.The right side Guard stations (see Reference 3). Two
is a mirror image of the left side,
tinguished title of “tailbiter.” The TCS prominent in the picture. are common monopoles (towers) —
has a lot of responsibility for HCG firing, Photo courtesy of ETC K. Anderson. either 625 feet tall or 700 feet with top
tailbiter operation, and output network loading elements (i.e., “capacitance
tuning. The output network is constantly hats”) to decrease capacitance to
being massaged as the antenna sways ground. Under each type of monopole is
(changing impedance) or environmental a counterpoise of radials buried in the
conditions change (rain, snow, icing, low earth. The monopole sits on a stout
humidity, dust storms). glass insulator which isolates the tower
The Accufix 7500 transmitter from ground. At the LORAN frequency
produces 1.3 megawatts — a bit less of 100 kHz, we can calculate that one
than the AN/FPN-45 vacuum tube wavelength is 3,000 meters. Therefore,
transmitter’s 1.6 megawatts — but the the 625 and 700 foot towers are about

Figure 3

RLAppel2.qxd 8/10/2004 1:49 PM Page 70

New Life for LORAN — Part 2

electromagnetic waves. None of the “T” sections

are connected to another. The bottom of the
vertical wire is connected to the bottom of the other
three vertical wires from their respective “T.” If you
use your imagination, you can think of the SLT as
a conical monopole with the upper half sliced off or
you can think of it as a “fat” monopole.
I will relate to you this “sea story” regarding
the SLT, although I have yet to find the source of
the story. More than 30 years ago, when the Coast
Guard was modeling SLT antennas, the computer
predicted an impedance of “about” 5.5 “real” Ω.
Compared to a 700 foot monopole resistance of
4.0 Ω, that’s a big increase and, hence, more
power radiated (in theory, assuming loss
resistance is a fixed value). However, when the SLT
Figure 4. Backup generators for the vacuum tube transmitter. was erected and impedances were measured on
Each unit is rated at 400 kW. Photo courtesy of ET1 K. McKinley. the actual antenna, it was found to be 3.3-j15 Ω, a
true disappointment. My guess is, though, that the
7% of a wavelength. As a result, the impedances of the bandwidth of the SLT is much broader than that of a
625 and 700 foot tall antennas are 2.5-j25 Ω and 4.0-j23 monopole. If nothing more, the sight of flashing aircraft
Ω, respectively. Not much there, huh? You can bet that warning lights makes an impressive display from 25
great effort is made to produce a good counterpoise to miles away, as seen while driving on Interstate 90 at
reduce ground loss as much as possible. night!
The third type of LORAN antenna — the one used at
George — is the SLT. I’ve seen “SLT” defined several ways, Backup Power
but the drawings at LORAN Station George call it a
“Sectionalized LORAN Transmitting” antenna. There are I mentioned earlier that the vacuum tube station
four other LORAN stations using an SLT, so it’s not could use as much as 1,000 kilowatts at one time and
unique to George. The SLT is a wire antenna consisting of that the new solid-state station uses about 170 kilowatts.
four “T” sections slung between four towers. Each tower What happens when the lights go out? The Coast Guard
is 695 feet tall and arranged in a perfect square — 1,451 doesn’t want that LORAN signal off air for very long.
feet on a side. One “T” section held up by two towers is Despite the very good service and reliability of the local
shown in Figure 3. The horizontal sections are suspended utility (Grant County Public Utility District), power
and insulated from the towers; the towers do not radiate interruptions do occur.

1 — — then click on “LORAN-C an incident involving certain powered (active) UHF/VHF marine tel-
User Handbook.” Although this publication contains information evision antennas creating interference to GPS receiver operation.
regarding LORAN stations long since shut down, it is a good
tutorial for providing insight as to how LORAN works. 6 —
loran_c_future.html — “Excellent though GPS may be, its
2 — Private correspondence 5 March, 2004, with Bill Roland, a problem is that it is so low powered that the signal can easily be
retired engineer from Megapulse, Inc. blanked out or disrupted — as demonstrated at a 1997 Moscow air
show, where a jammer destroyed the signal over a radius of 200
3 — — km.” The website — maintained by Jerry Proc — is loaded with all
then go to page 13 for details. sorts of information regarding LORAN and its history, as well as
information regarding other forms of radio navigation.

4 — —
then click on September 2003. is the homepage of 7 — A nautical mile is approximately 6,076 feet or about 1.151
the ILA (International LORAN Association) previously known as statute mile. It is defined as one minute of longitude at the Equator
the Wild Goose Association. — 1,852 meters.
Everything For Electronics

5 —,2003.pdf — page 3, 8 — — A concise

“US Coast Guard reports interference to GPS from TV antennas;” article with diagrams explaining the extension of LORAN use.

RLAppel2.qxd 8/10/2004 1:49 PM Page 71

New Life for LORAN — Part 2

The vacuum tube station has three around in orbit to meet whatever need
400 KW diesel generators, which will there might be. This would leave other
immediately start up, parallel areas on the globe with “holes” of cover-
themselves, and operate an automatic age. The GPS signal operates at L band
transfer switch (ATS) to provide station and, therefore, doesn’t penetrate
power when utility power is lost. Despite buildings or heavy foliage very well. Its
the fact that under emergency signal is so weak that it can be jammed
operation some of the station’s load is (unintentionally) by something as
shed (“non-essential” circuits), it still simple as a poorly maintained active
takes at least two of those generators in marine TV antenna (see Reference 5). It
parallel to put George back on air. A Figure 5.The crew at LORSTA George can also be jammed (intentionally) by a
view of the three generators is shown in who helped put the new equipment simple, low wattage, portable transmitter
Figure 4. The generators can be up to on air and shut down the legacy in the hands of the wrong people (see
vacuum tube transmitters. Standing
speed and supplying three phase 460 V left to right: ET1 Ken McKinley, Reference 6).
AC in less than 30 seconds. The trans- ETC Kevin Anderson, ET3 Ross The LORAN signal can be used as
mitter can then put itself back on air McDermott, MK1 Richard Boxleitner, a backup to GPS because of its robust
SK1 Sterling Van Horn. Kneeling:
about 30 seconds after that, so the total FN Ryan McDermott (no relation). signal-to-noise capability and its low
lost signal time lost is about one minute. Photo courtesy of ETC K. Anderson. frequency of operation. It does not,
By contrast, the solid-state station however, have the pinpoint accuracy of
has two physically smaller diesel generators, rated at 400 GPS — which can be as good as 10 meters and as poor
kW each. When loss of utility is sensed, they both start as 100 meters. The US Coast Guard lists LORAN’s
up, but only one picks up the load. They do not parallel. accuracy as 0.25 nautical mile (NM) nominally with 0.1
After five minutes, the “loafing” generator shuts itself NM at the best of times (see Reference 7). The signal’s
down. All load is carried; there are no non-essential coverage can be from 600 NM to 1,000 NM, depending
circuits, but the major difference is that the LORAN upon the time of day and path.
signal does not go off air at any point because there is a LORAN’s strong suit is that the position displayed is
240 KW UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that
continues electrical power to the solid-state transmitter.
There’s also an 8 KW UPS that supplies power to the
timing and frequency control equipment shown in Figure
3 of last month’s article. The UPS equipment really
doesn’t power the station for long because the generator
can pick up the load in about 10 seconds. Wow!
The combinations of reliable, solid-state transmitting
equipment, computerized control equipment, and the UPS
equipment will result in LORAN signal continuity of from
99.85% to a target of 99.99% (see Reference 4). The
vacuum tube equipment was achieving signal continuity of
99.70%, on average. The Coast Guard prides itself on
keeping that signal on air and in tolerance for its users as
much as possible.

The Future of LORAN

Where do we go from here? After spending approxi-
mately $100 million — so far — upgrading the vacuum tube
stations to solid-state transmitters, will anyone use the sig-
nal? Yes, but probably not in the way LORAN was original-
ly intended to be used.
Without question, the dominant form of electronic nav-
igation around the world is GPS. The units are so small,
inexpensive, and packed with features that a lot of ama-
teurs have them married to a TNC (Terminal Node
Controller) and two meter FM rig for APRS (Automatic
Position Reporting System).
GPS is not infallible, though. Since the system was
built for military purposes, the owner can move satellites
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #89 on the Reader Service Card.
RLAppel2.qxd 8/10/2004 1:50 PM Page 72

New Life for LORAN — Part 2

repeatable every time the user returns to that same stations in multiple chains, or even two GPS satellites and
position. In other words, even though the Lat/Lon one LORAN station.
displayed on the receiver readout may not be precise, a The LORAN signal can be used for more than
user can return to that exact geographical position each navigation. Because of the stable cesium beam
time that those Lat/Lon numbers are duplicated. oscillators used at every LORAN station, the LORAN
The Coast Guard is attempting to create an extremely signal can provide precise timing for commercial users.
accurate clock among LORAN stations known as Time of Wireless telephone services, the radio and television
Emission (TOE) control; the Coast Guard prefers its own industry, satellite communications companies, and the
jargon, using Time of Transmission (TOT) process. A banking industry can use LORAN to keep TDM (Time
simple explanation of how it works is given in Reference 8. Domain Multiplex) format signals synchronized. The
This will enable a position fix using only two stations, electric utilities can use LORAN as a clock to “time tag”
all their events and circuit breaker
operations. A precise coordinated
time tag will assist in determining
the order of occurrence of
happenings, such as the northeast
US blackout in August of 2003.
LORAN C Station George went
on air September 29, 1976. The
original station complement was 10
people. With computer technology
beefed up in the late ‘80s, the crew
was reduced to seven. The new, solid-
state transmitter will require a crew of
only four. The savings in people
costs, maintenance costs, and
electricity costs will eventually pay for
the up-front expenditure. The George
crew that helped make it all happen is
in Figure 5. As a Coast Guard
Reservist, I’m honored to have
worked with these professionals at
this premier LORAN station. NV

About the Author

Clifford J. Appel, K7SPS, wrote this
article for three reasons: First, he wanted
to inform people that there is more to
navigation than just GPS. Second, it is his
salute to the Coasties, past and present,
assigned to LORSTA George who’ve kept
the equipment in top operational form
since 1976. Third, he wrote it as a tribute
to a deceased friend; Stan Pickarski was his
working mate when he was stationed at
the Coast Guard District 14 office in
Honolulu, HI, from 1974 to 1976. Stan
helped erect the LORAN A and C stations

in the Pacific region and helped shut down

the A stations decades later. He died in
February, 1999, at age 78. He is missed for
his friendship and his wonderful sea
Everything For Electronics

stories. You can contact Cliff at P.O. Box

241, Electric City,WA 99123, or by Email at

Circle #103 on the Reader Service Card. SEPTEMBER 2004

RLLunt.qxd 8/9/2004 4:29 PM Page 73

by Karl Lunt

ong before the Internet, dedicated hobbyists devel- increasing privileges granted to those passing the more
oped their own world wide web of amateur radio sta- difficult tests. Ward spells out the different requirements
tions. Often using gear they had built themselves, and privileges of the Technician, General, and Amateur
these radio amateurs — or hams — visited, exchanged Extra Class Licenses. He follows this with excellent
information, passed along vital communications, and material on preparing for the exam and what to expect on
helped out in countless emergencies. Hams have con- exam day.
tributed to fields of research as diverse as antenna theory, Once you earn your ham radio license, you are
sunspot activity, atmospheric conditions, rocketry, and ready to move to the third section of the book, where
satellite communications. Ward delves into the culture and vocabulary particular to
Starting out in ham radio can be fun, but — as with ham radio. Bagging a QSO (making a radio contact)
any high tech hobby — there are plenty of hurdles to over- requires several skills — including patience and knowl-
come. Ward Silver’s new book, Ham Radio for edge of how the different radio bands behave. Distant
Dummies, published by Wiley, offers a well-written and QSOs can really test your technical abilities and Ward
friendly guide to starting and growing your new hobby of provides pages of tips for working the different ham
amateur radio. bands.
Ward, known by his ham call sign N0AX, draws on his
decades-long ham career to explain the many aspects of
ham radio, demystify the licensing process, and describe
how to build and operate your own ham shack. His edu-
cation as an electronics engineer provides the base
for the technical material in the book. He is also a
contributing editor and columnist for QST — a pop-
ular monthly ham radio magazine — and his writing
skills go a long way in making this book easy
to read.
The first section of the book introduces you to the
ham radio hobby. The material here provides an
overview of the hobby, not the fine details. You get a
general description of a ham shack; much more detail
appears in later sections.
Similarly, Ward devotes a few pages to topics such as
radio fundamentals, basic gadgetry, how to make contact
with others over ham radio, ham contests, and organiza-
tions dedicated to ham radio.
The second section gets down to the serious busi-
ness of preparing for your ham radio exam. Operating
a ham radio station requires an amateur radio license,
which must be earned by passing an examination by
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
There are several levels of licenses available, with
RLLunt.qxd 8/9/2004 4:30 PM Page 74


Though it is easy to think of amateur radio as a geek The fifth section of the book contains a set of tips
hobby, it has a large social element to it and Ward spends and guidelines — arranged in groups of 10 — for getting
part of this third section on ham etiquette, clubs and the most from your new hobby. This is followed by the
organizations, and common courtesy. book’s appendices, including a glossary of terms, a col-
He also uses this section to cover the more serious lection of technical references, and a fairly extensive
side of amateur radio. Hams play a major role in emer- index.
gency response following disasters and knowing how to I enjoyed reading this book for its technical content
handle such situations can literally mean life or death and for Ward’s light and concise style. As mentioned pre-
to others. viously, he is an accomplished writer, which goes a long
Other specialties of ham radio — including DX (long way to making this admittedly technical hobby easy to
distance contacts), contests, QRP (low power operation), understand. He covers a huge range of material in the
video transmission, and awards — get good treatment book’s 350+ pages. Open the book at random and you
here. could hit a discussion of contacting ham radio satellites,
The fourth section is where you get your hands dirty, accessing amateur radio repeaters, or finding resources
so to speak. Setting up your station can be a lot of fun and for studying for your ham ticket (license). The paragraphs
Ward describes some of the more important elements to are short and all “meat.” The book’s page layout is easy
consider in your shack layout. to follow.
Here, you also find much of the technical information This book is an excellent starting point for your ham
needed to get out a strong signal and to pull in a weak one. radio hobby. Ward takes much of the mystery out of ama-
This section also includes good tips on used versus new teur radio and helps you understand its fun and chal-
equipment, safety considerations, and troubleshooting lenges. His enthusiasm for amateur radio is apparent, as is
problems that keep your station from running at top effi- his conviction that ham radio plays an important role when
ciency. Ward also provides considerable information on called upon during emergencies. With this book, Ward
antenna theory and construction — a vital element of a Silver may well become an Elmer (mentor) to a new gen-
well-built shack. eration of hams. NV

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operated by 3 cm of
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RLPersonalRobotics.qxd 8/10/2004 9:25 AM Page 78

Personal Robotics by Mike Keesling

Understanding, Designing, and Constructing Robots and Robotic Systems

Personal Robotics
A Walk on the Wild Side!

ome of us build robots for the Even the simplest 2 x 6 presents a where everything must be picture
educational aspects, others for major technological leap over your perfect: not a speck, not a hair out of
a creative outlet. Some of us old, two-motored carpet crawler. place, no blemishes, creases, folds,
undoubtedly have a god complex or Efficiency, construction, geometry, or tears. Anything less than perfect is
parenthood issues, but there is one and torque all take on another unacceptable.
thing that you can’t deny and that is dimension of complexity as you size It takes a lot to impress me, but
that robots are great for impressing out motors for the job. Just the Parallax’s presentation of the
your friends. geometry of the joints can have a HexCrawler did more than that; they
Unfortunately, after your third or huge impact on the overall floored me. They could have
fourth rolling robot (you know the performance. presented some nice, reeking hakarl
ones — two hacked R/C servos and a While some of us are brave (fermented shark) fresh from the
caster or a skid), you start to crave enough to attempt designing and sand pits and drying sheds of
more — more motors, more wires, building our own walkers, others of Iceland and I would have gladly
more everything. You know what I us turn to the commercial market to downed it. The presentation was
am talking about; you have been satisfy our need for walking wonders. beyond good; it was stellar.
there or will be, eventually. You want Predominant in the walker market is All the parts were in nice, labeled
a walker. Not just any walker — you LynxMotion. They have been in the zip-lock bags. The glossy, spiral
want a hexapod. robot biz for as long as I can remem- bound instructions beckoned to me
Hexapods are amazing to watch ber and it had always been a dream and the shiny, anodized aluminum
as they do their magical cockroach of mine to own one of their creations. pieces — carefully shaped and bent
dance. They roam around on your Apparently, they have inspired — called to me. Then bags of spac-
workbench or living room floor, with more than just admirers. ers, hardware, and wire ties greeted
tons of behavioral aspects to explore CrustCrawler is relatively new to the me next — dazzling, taunting, and
and myriad motions to perfect. Just market, but offers a slightly “higher inviting me.
getting the code running for all those end” mechanism than LynxMotion, if The next salvo on the senses
servos is a challenge, let alone the that is possible. CrustCrawler has was the bags of electronics, servo
intelligence behind them. also partnered up with the industry controller, processor, and compo-
Hexapod walking has a lot to it. standard — Parallax — to provide a nents: so much to play with, so much
distributor and a to do. Then the wave of Hitec servos
The HexCrawler with a BASIC Stamp II brain. complete solution. hit. Occupying nearly two-fifths of
the box, they clued me in to the work
The ahead, but I was still willing, ready,
HexCrawler and able. Everything about this kit is
Since CrustCrawler’s Assembly was almost seamless
offering — the HexCrawler and took less time than I had
— is a 2 x 6 with just 12 originally thought. There were no
servos, I chose to begin surprises and things were reasonably

my review with it. illustrated and documented. The

To begin, when I instructions are mostly clear and
opened the box, I was concise, but not preachy or pedantic.
Everything For Electronics

stunned. You have to There were some ambiguities in the

understand that I have instructions, but they were easy to
worked in the movie and overcome.
advertising industries, The only difficulties I
RLPersonalRobotics.qxd 8/10/2004 9:25 AM Page 79

ng Personal Robotics

encountered were a PEM nut that had Extreme Hex 3R.

damaged threads and a few missing While the EH3-R lacks the
pieces, like #2 washers. I decided to refined presentation of the
clear every PEM nut with a tap, just in HexCrawler, it is a beast of a
case. I also decided to inventory kit and very satisfying. Made
everything and was able to rummage of laser cut Lexan® (not just
though my junk box and get what I generic polycarbonate) and
was missing. 18 Hitec HS475-HB servos,
The core issues I have are also this kit is a formidable
features in their own ways and they challenge. The resilience of
are the fairly limiting geometry that a the Lexan gives the EH3-R an
2 x 6 walker possesses, along with almost meaty feel as you
the simplicity of the processor — the assemble it, as though it were
BASIC Stamp II. In a way, this is sort going to lurch into life on its
of an equal match. The BASIC Stamp own. Replacing the clean
II isn’t capable of the intense gleam of the HexCrawler was
processing that is required to do the the slightly acrid tinge of laser
inverse kinematics that a 3 x 6 walk- cut plastic, but that really
er could use to more accurately walk, adds to the feeling of
but I believe that it is also not neces- elemental life that the EH3-R
sary (more on that later, though). conveys as you build it.
Overall, this kit embodies the In fact, the actual build
essence of what I think most of us see was relatively easy. I only The EH3-R makes its escape.
as the core of walking robots — lots of found myself wanting an easy
intricate, moving parts. While the way to secure the servo wires, but a with the build geometry, making each
simple 2 x 6 design and its processor trip to the electronics store solved leg identical, rather than mirrored
are ill-suited for complicated that with a variety of fastened and images of each other, but more on
kinematics, they do provide a great, adhesive-backed wire anchors. I that later.
simple start. A beginner should be would also like to get my hands on The build of this kit is a lot more
able to jump into this right away and, the metal standoffs that are now intensive than the HexCrawler, due to
in a few evenings, have a very high shipping with the kits, as I see myself the additional six servos, but, in a
level of satisfaction. Additional third accidentally breaking some of these way, it’s a bit less complex due to the
axis leg extensions can be added, eventually. I did take artistic license molded plastic pieces used to make
along with an additional servo
controller, as well, but, at that point, I
would consider a processor with
more horsepower to fully utilize the
advanced geometry available.
Straight out of the box, this kit
lacks the real complexity that I
somehow thrive on, but I have to keep
reminding myself that — just because
I have been programming for 30
years and design insanely expensive
motion control systems — not every-
one else has or even wants to deal
with that much wholesale madness.
Overall, a small degree of skill is
necessary and be prepared to use
some basic hand tools, as well as a
1/8” drill. I give this kit a solid A.

Extreme Hex 3R
Now, to kick things up a notch, I
come to LynxMotion’s EH3-R —
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #73 on the Reader Service Card.
RLPersonalRobotics.qxd 8/10/2004 9:28 AM Page 80

Personal Robotics

inverse kinematics, you around the vertical axis.

can start to calculate What this means is that, by
your path based on the building and thus commanding each
geometry of the robot. leg identically with no head or tail, the
You can set the ride software is identical for each leg.
height of the robot and There are no exceptions or reversing
trace the tip of the foot servos; each leg is a carbon copy of
through a straight line the others.
or an arc to get The commands that drive the
much smoother walking. legs will simply be coded as vectors —
You can even crab-walk angle and magnitude — for the whole
sideways. robot, and each leg will follow this
The symmetrical path according to its position relative
design of this kit has to the vector of commanded motion,
always appealed to me in not relative to the chassis. This
a hexapod, but it also means that there really is no “forward
The EH3-R shows its tripod gait. opens the door for some motion,” just crabbing. This can be
interesting challenges. further extended to arcing motions,
the hinges. There is just a lot of Take, for example, the standard 3 x 6 where the whole robot follows an arc
repetition involved. The other hex; it has two banks of legs: left and through space.
difficulty I came into was peeling the right, each leg on a side moving sim- I chose to outfit this beast with a
protective plastic off the Lexan. It ilarly, but out of phase with its leading ServoPod from New Micros, Inc., both
took me nearly an hour to and trailing neighbors. In effect, each because the 18 servos do not even
accomplish this. Before peeling, I leg mimicks the legs around it. The phase the 80 MHZ DSP onboard, but
should have taken some time to clean legs on opposite sides are mirror also because the language onboard —
up the laser-singed plastic cuts. images, yet again, out of phase. IsoMax — was specifically crafted to
The three-jointed legs add In short, there is a lot of run highly optimized floating point
another dimension to hexapod symmetry. According to the instruc- calculations.
walking. With a two-axis leg, you get tions, that is how this kit is meant to My first shot at the software —
some scrubbing on the ground as the be built. I however, decided to torture written over the course of two
hip swings the leg fore and aft. You myself by building the kit without evenings — employs a lot of interest-
can mince about, taking little steps, mirrored symmetry. I, instead, opted ing elements. The first is a 36 step,
but it is somewhat unappealing. Here, for a single axis of symmetry, with all pre-canned gait. This gait pattern is
with the third axis and a lot of of the legs built identically and simply non-scalar and can be offset from the
floating-point mathematics and moving as rotations of each other body along the axis of the hip,

Phone: (719) 520-5323

Order online at: Development Tools for PICmicro MCUs Fax: (719) 520-1867 microEngineering Labs, Inc. Box 60039
Colorado Springs, CO 80960

Serial Programmer LAB-X Experimenter Boards BASIC Compilers for PIC MCUs
Pre-Assembled Board Easy-To-Use BASIC Commands
for PICmicro Available for 8, 14, 18, 28, Windows 9x/Me/2K/XP Interface
and 40-pin PIC MCUs
2-line, 20-char LCD Module PicBasic Compiler $99.95
$119.95 9-pin Serial Port BASIC Stamp 1 Compatible
Sample Programs Supports most 14-bit Core PICs
Built-In Serial Comm Commands
Includes: Full Schematic Diagram
Programmer Pricing from $69.95 to $349.95 PicBasic Pro Compiler $249.95
Optional Supports all PICmicro MCUs
9-pin Serial Cable USB Adapter Direct Access to Internal Registers

AC Power Adapter $39.95 PICProto Prototyping Boards Supports In-Line Assembly Language
Interrupts in PicBasic and Assembly
ZIF Adapter for 8 to 40-pin DIP Built-In USB, I2C, RS-232 and More
Double-Sided with Plate-Thru Holes
Software for Windows 98/Me/NT/2K/XP Circuitry for Power Supply and Clock
Source Level Debugging
Large Prototype Area
Everything For Electronics

EPIC Parallel Port Boards Available for most PIC MCUs See our full range of products, including
Programmer Documentation and Schematic Books, Accessories, and Components at:
starting at $59.95 Pricing from $8.95 to $19.95

RLPersonalRobotics.qxd 8/10/2004 9:29 AM Page 81

Personal Robotics

rotated in space, and scaled in both even build houses and

height and length. The phase of the boats out of the stuff and
gait can be rotated to perform rumor has it that they
different gaits, as well. This gait used to build airplanes
generator gets fed into the inverse out of it, too.
kinematics engine, which takes the What is especially
desired ride height of the robot, the important about Shelob
desired position of the tip, and is that her construction is
calculates the joint angles required to open source in nature. By
produce that tip position. placing all the costs
Overall, this kit gets an A, as well. associated with the intel-
I would like to see the pieces cleaned lectual property into the
up somehow and see some public, everyone can
provisions for anchoring the wires. A benefit from the efforts of
simple Allen wrench and pliers were all who contribute. This
all I needed to build it, but be should drive the quality The EH3-R in its parked position.
prepared to spend some time up and the price down.
programming, if only because there Phil’s processors of choice are on sensing, not calculating, though
are 18 servos to deal with. several IsoPods — one per segment some forward kinematics will be
— on a CANbus network. This will useful for tracking the joints them-
Shelob hardly task each IsoPod, but it will selves through space. The code also
leave a lot of possibilities open for includes velocity and acceleration
Not content to leave well enough sensing by utilizing the extra timer profiling to keep things smooth and
alone, Phil Davis — a consummate channels and A/D converters. This precise and — I guarantee — lots and
hobbyist by night and computer can also remove some of the lots of trig.
scientist by day — has realized that burdens of inverse kinematics from
even three joints per leg leave a lot to the main processor, which is meant Walker Theory 102
be desired. To counter this, Phil has to perform sensor synthesis and
created Open Source Shelob (www. decision making. Earlier, I alluded to not needing Presently, the code is based on quite so complex of a trigonometry
I have been in this hobby for inverse kinematics, as well, but I engine to perform walking. I believe
many moons, but I have never heard know that the eventual goal is based the key to “real” walking is to
of a 4 x 6 before. The addition of the
fourth joint allows for better joint The HexCrawler kit is quite a spread!
positioning and trajectory tracking. It
is like a 3 x 6 on adjustable stilts. In a
3 x 6, you have to accept that, as the
tips of your feet translate through a
line on the ground, you will generate
a small amount of scrubbing unless
you account for the geometry of the
tip and, if you do, you generate
waggle or bumping in the body. You
are effectively constrained, not being
able to adjust the angle of the last
segment to the ground. The fourth
joint allows this, but Phil wasn’t even
happy with that. He has also
designed in an articulated, segment-
ed body to better accommodate
uneven terrain.
Shelob is constructed from 1/8”
plywood from
This perfectly valid building material
is easily cut, finished, and painted
and is relatively inexpensive. People
RLPersonalRobotics.qxd 8/10/2004 9:29 AM Page 82

Personal Robotics

One of Shelob's three segments. Notice the details, like engraved pieces.

transcend past highly calculative ance and tracking a perfect plain, I A company called Bokam
methods and rely more on sensing — am still moving to a pre-canned gait. Engineering (
perhaps neural networks or simple Without being able to sense the feet makes some very nice three axis
pattern generators, modified by sen- relative to the terrain, any walking force sensors and amplifier boards.
sors. After all, if I use a trigonometry done will simply be a coincidence of This would enable the measuring of
engine to generate a perfect gait, the ground meeting my expectations. lateral and vertical forces on the leg
maintaining a uniform ground clear- To this end, Phil and I are working and accommodate the terrain. It
on three axis force sensors for the would also allow the traversing of
Resources tips of the feet. This will allow us to more difficult terrain (anything not
sense the terrain and meter it; we can flat) by feeling for obstructions.
LynxMotion — even use the sensors to provide An alternate method would be to
CrustCrawler — feedback to sense whether the feet use strain gauges on the spans
Parallax — are tracking arcs or straight lines. By between the joints themselves or
Open Source Shelob — comparing the vector of the force metering the current consumption of
Filener — sensed with the vector being generat- each servo. These methods are more
Bokam Engineering — ed by the motion of the leg, the shape “integrated,” but would then require
of the surface can be ascertained. you to do more kinematics to
determine the vectors of force based
on the values you sense and the posi-
tions of the joints. I will likely try this,
as well, if only because it is
Through the method of sensing
and reacting, rather than calculating,
I believe simpler processors may be
preferable, as they do not require as
much high level math. In some ways,
this is more in line with what my idea
of a biological entity must be doing.
Please keep an eye open for full
coverage of Open Source Shelob in
the future. I hope to build one of my
own out of carbon fiber rather than

plywood. I also hope to fit it with

strain gauges and may go to a
custom board with a TiniPod,
Everything For Electronics

amplifiers, voltage to frequency con-

verters for the strain gauges for each
leg, and a single IsoPodX for a brain
— but only if it is complicated. NV
RLInTheTrenches.qxd 8/12/2004 10:55 AM Page 83

by Gerard Fonte In The Trenches

The Business of Electronics Through Practical Design and Lessons Learned

In The Trenches

here is probably no other pro- the competition. There was no financial administrators to spend
fession that depends upon question that their quality was four times as much for the "same"
specifications as much as superb. However, would you spend instrument.
engineering does. You create $20,000.00 on an H/P oscilloscope H/P sales started to decline and
something to meet some set of when LeCroy would sell you one for their name became associated with
requirements or you rely on the per- $5,000.00 that did the "same thing?" "over-priced" test equipment. I
formance data of various The "same thing" was defined by the suspect that this is a major reason
components. Very often, both specifications. Suppose both behind the changing of their univer-
aspects are employed at the same machines were spec'd with a band- sally recognized name, which they
time. Knowing how to make, read, width of 500 MHz. Which one would worked so hard to get, in the first
and understand specifications is an you buy? place. Agilent now sells test
important part of engineering. The truth is that the H/P oscillo- equipment that still is excellent, but it
scope was clearly better and every is more reasonably priced and
Conflict of Interest engineer knew it. The LeCroy 'scope specified.
was certainly good and it performed
Arguably, the most important as specified. Specifications are
aspect of specifications to However, the H/P performed Not Black and White
understand is their inherent conflict better than specified. Yet, when the
of interest to the company. Engineers justification for the expense of an It's important to realize that
want the most conservative oscilloscope came, H/P had trouble specifications are not always fixed,
specifications possible. This makes competing. It's hard to convince although specifications are — some-
the product easy to produce, repair,
and design.
Obviously, it's easier to make a
25 watt amplifier with 1% distortion
The Standard for checking Locate shorted or leaky
than a 100 watt amplifier with 0.01% Capacitors in-circuit components or conditions
distortion, but who wants a 25 watt Good enough to be the to the exact spot in-circuit
amplifier with 1% distortion? It won't choice of Panasonic, Still cutting up the pcb,
sell. It's easy to make, but there's a Pioneer, NBC, ABC, Ford, and unsoldering every
small market. JVC, NASA and thousands part trying to guess at
of independent service where the short is?
On the other hand, there is a
technicians. $179
good sized market for the better
amplifier. Clearly, there must be a Inexpensive enough to pay for itself in just Your DVM shows the same shorted reading all
balance between what people want one day’s repairs. At $179, it’s affordable. along the pcb trace. LeakSeeker 82B has the
and what you can make. Different resolution to find the defective component.
companies have different points of And with a 60 day trial period, satisfaction Touch pads along the trace, and LeakSeeker
view on this matter. guaranteed or money-back policy, the only beeps highest in pitch at the defect’s pad. Now
Hewlett/Packard (now called thing you can lose is all the time you’re you can locate a shorted part only a quarter of
Agilent) is a good example. For currently spending on trying to repair all an inch away from a good part. Short can be
those dogs you’ve given up on. from 0 to 150 ohms
decades, they have been recognized
as producers of world class test CapAnalyzer 88A LeakSeeker 82B
instruments. However, in the 1980s Available at your distributor, or call 561-487-6103
and 1990s, their products became
Electronic Design Specialists
more and more expensive relative to
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #88 on the Reader Service Card.
RLInTheTrenches.qxd 8/10/2004 10:26 AM Page 84

In The Trenches

times — pretty much outright lies. realistic — example. You've designed said that your chips are faster than
Way back when the number of a logic chip with a propagation delay the competition’s. If those
transistors in a radio was significant, of 5 nS. Suppose this is typical for companies choose to use 20 pF to
manufacturers would simply solder in this type of device. Your company measure their chips, that's their
non-functioning transistors to pad wants a chip that's faster than the decision. You have presented your
their count. Early stereo amplifiers competition’s. Can you accommo- measurements and how you
used to be rated in "music power" date your company without obtained them. It is up to the
watts. (This was, apparently, the redesigning the chip? consumer to determine if your
maximum peak power reached just How did you measure the product will suit their needs.
before the amplifier exploded.) propagation delay? You reply, "With This illustrates the constant tug-
Currently, there is the ridiculous the standard 20 pF load." Suppose of-war between engineering and
wattage rating of some computer you measured it with only a 10 pF marketing. Engineering likes stan-
multimedia speaker/amplifiers. I'm load? That would reduce the dard methods so that measure-
looking at one in the May 2004 apparent propagation delay. ments are easy and consistent.
catalog of a very well-known hobbyist Now, you have a chip with only a Marketing wants a product that
electronics/computer supplier. These 3 nS delay. You've "improved" your stands out so it will sell. It's
speaker/amplifiers are rated at 480 chip considerably — with no important to see that both points of
watts and cost $39.95. It's interesting increased expense. The company is view are valid. There is nothing
to note that they look identical to happy, marketing is happy, and you unethical about making your prod-
mine — which are rated at 80 watts get a raise. uct look good. There is nothing
(also a joke). I took my speakers People continuously find loop- wrong about emphasizing the strong
apart and found that the amplifier is a holes in standard measurement tech- points and down-playing the weak
BA5406, which is rated at 3 watts per niques in order to give their product a points, but it is also important to
channel. perceived advantage in the market- realize that, in this case, your chip is
Note that I use one specification place. This is called "specsmanship." really no better than the competi-
(and common sense) to contradict a While it's not really good engineering tion’s. If you compare your chip in
different specification. This is not practice, it's fairly common in the same circuit as your competi-
uncommon in engineering. marketing (again, engineering vs. tor's do, they perform the same.
After all, a specification is just a marketing).
measurement and measurements of You clearly show on the spec Two Types of
the "same thing" can differ by sheet that all measurements were Specifications
method. with a 10 pF load, so you are being
Let's look at a fictional — but completely honest. Nowhere is it There are two general types of
specifications: performance and

Performance specifications are

those that the product is guaranteed
to meet (hopefully).

Target specifications are those

that the product is designed to meet.

Engineers usually define the per-

formance specifications. Marketing
usually defines the target specifica-
tions. Generally, these target
specifications are based upon feed-
back from customers who say that

they need a product that does "___."

It's important to keep these types of
specifications in their proper place.
Everything For Electronics

Unfortunately, too few engineers

understand target specifications. All
they see is that marketing has com-
mitted them to create a product with
RLInTheTrenches.qxd 8/12/2004 2:28 PM Page 85

In The Trenches

specifications that are mutually A/D is necessary. Price the system paring the new and old designs.
exclusive. Marketing replies that this with the new A/D. You may need to Non-technical people generally
is what the customer wants to buy. create a completely new product find this easier to follow, but be
If we can't provide it, someone because the existing one can't be completely prepared with graphs,
else will. modified. That may be an absurd tables, etc.
As you can see, specifications approach, but examine it anyway.
are the weapons that the engineer- Try to anticipate every comment, It often happens that, during this
ing/marketing war is fought with. criticism, and observation that design review, new information or
Instead of arming the photon marketing can make. Have a good specifications emerge. In this
torpedoes and targeting marketing, answer for each and every one. Then example, the reason for 0.1 degree
what can you do when faced with call a design review. accuracy was because the product
impossible target specifications? In this review, explain in simple was to be used for measuring the
First, calm down. Remember, market- terms what impact the requested body temperature of animals in a
ing is not engineering. Their idea of specifications have on the existing zoo. Since very few warm-blooded
specifications is not the same as product and then present your animals have a body temperature
yours. It's really a different word and design. Always have a workable below 85 degrees and above 110
concept. They're simply repeating design to present. It may not be cost degrees, the eight-bit A/D can
what the customer wants. Often, effective or practical, but it is political- provide the 0.1 degree resolution
they've combined requests from dif- ly necessary. If you simply object to required (256 steps in 0.1 degree
ferent customers into a single product the design, you'll be considered an increments gives a 25.6 degree
and it may simply be that they obstructionist. range).
haven't reported the specifications If you provide an alternative Did you notice that we're talking
accurately. Remember the three laws design, you will be seen as a team resolution rather than accuracy?
of selling: player. They may complain about the They are two entirely different
cost or the delay or the form factor, specifications.
1. Marketing is not engineering. but, if you have clearly explained your Unfortunately, they are often
position and provided a design that confused. The resolution of a system
2. Marketing has a potential sale. meets the specifications, you will be is its ability to separate close
seen as trying to help. measurements. In this case, it's 0.1
3. Everything in marketing is nego- degrees. The accuracy is the ability
tiable. Note: You should generally just to measure according to a standard.
present your new approach. Let This has not been discussed at all
Turn Lemons into the questions lead you into com- here.
Suppose you are given an
impossible task. Let's say that mar-
keting has promised a client a prod-
uct that can measure temperature
from 0 to 200 degrees F in 0.1
degree intervals using one of your
standard products that has a simple,
eight-bit processor.
Unfortunately, the processor
only has an eight-bit A/D (analog-to-
digital converter). You need 2,000
steps (200 degrees by 0.1 degree
intervals) and the A/D only provides
256 steps. It's impossible to do!
(Actually, it may be possible if you
employ the statistics we discussed a
few months ago.)
First, calmly examine the
problem in detail. Then, create your
best design. In this case, let's say
that you feel that an outboard 12-bit
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #37 on the Reader Service Card.
RLInTheTrenches.qxd 8/10/2004 10:24 AM Page 86

Amazing Devices In The Trenches
Anti Gravity Projects Many inexpensive temperature AC leakage current? Is the fuse
All new mini 35 kv 1.5 sensors have an accuracy of ±2 rating correct? (Do you know how to
ma adjustable output degrees. A reading of 100 degrees properly choose a fuse?) The two
power supply with may actually be anywhere from 98 to greatest personal hazards electrical
instructions on making 102 degrees. Obviously, this is not engineers need to consider are
a simple craft. very good for determining if a baboon electric shock and fire hazard. They
GRA1K Kit ......................... $69.95 has a fever. should always be considered in every
GRA10 Assembled .......... $119.95 Therefore, a special thermistor design — even in battery-operated
will be needed. Understanding the products.
Green Lasers Pointers difference between accuracy and res- Suppose you have to design a
with Coliminator olution specifications is critically simple linear power supply — just a
important in engineering. transformer, rectifiers, and a filter
10,000 feet plus - Full 5 mw. A real capacitor. It’s easy, right? It should
beauty!! Note: It is not unheard of for be, but it doesn't seem to be. You
an engineer to identify "impossi- need 18 volts DC at 750 mA, so you
LAPNGR5 Ready to use...$129.95
ble" specifications at a design choose a 24 VAC transformer that
Ion Ray Guns review while having a solution provides 2 amps, to be conservative.
Potential already in hand. This solution may The filter capacitor should be conser-
concept for or may not be presented at that vatively rated. Let's add 50% over the
the ultimate weapon of the meeting. 24 volts and use a 35 volt filter
future. Produces force fields, However, sometime soon, that capacitor. That seems reasonable,
induces shocks and other weird engineer will "realize" that such a right?
effects. solution exists and provide it to the Wrong — possibly dangerously
IOGHP1 Plans .................... $10.00 surprise and delight of all wrong! The transformer is rated in
IOGHP1K Kit .................... $149.95 involved. This saves the company RMS voltage and under full load (2
IOGHP10 Assembled ....... $249.95
time and money. It also improves amps). Multiply the 24 volts by
the engineer's reputation. 1.414 to get the peak voltage. This
Laser Window Bounce Theatrics and good timing are not comes to 33.9 volts. Add about 10%
Receiver and unethical. to compensate for the loaded
laser illuminator voltage drop and the unloaded
modules for Hard and Soft peak voltage out of the transformer
building a listening device. Specifications is 37.3 volts. The filter capacitor is
really a bomb waiting to explode
LWB9 Plans complete system..$20.00
How long a battery will last in a (and they do!). The absolute
Infra Red Laser Module heart pacemaker is a hard specifica- minimum voltage for a filter
CWL1K Kit ...................... $199.95 tion. How long a battery will last in a capacitor is twice the transformer
CWL10 Assembled .......... $299.95 boombox is fairly soft. It's surprising voltage. In this case, that's 50 volts.
Optical Receiver with Voice Filter how often engineers fail to consider To be conservative, 63 volts or
LLR4K Kit ........................ $149.95 this aspect. Not all specifications are more is needed.
LLR40 Assembled ........... $199.95 created equal. Making sure the multi- The rectifiers can be 1 amp
meter measures the correct AC types, right? After all, we're only
Electrokinetic Guns voltage at 60 Hz is important drawing 750 mA. Again, wrong. The
Fires an actual because that's the frequency that is transformer is rated at 2 amps and
projectile using a most commonly measured. If the can provide considerably more for a
magnetic pulse. Advanced multimeter is off by 5% at 250,000 short time. At power-up, the
project must be used with Hz, it's not as important. Most users capacitor acts like a short circuit
caution. Battery powered. would rather have a meter that until it gets charged up, so the inrush
EML3 Plans ....................... $10.00 measures 60 Hz accurately and current will be over 2 amps. The
250,000 Hz with 5% error than a larger the capacitor, the worse this

EML3K Kit ......................... $69.95

meter that was off by 2.5% across problem is.
Information Unlimited the frequency range. Admittedly, rectifier diodes are
Box 716, Amherst, NH 03031 USA Obviously, the most important — pretty rugged and can take substan-
Everything For Electronics

Orders: 1-800-221-1705 or hard — specifications are those tial inrush overloads, but this is still
Fax: 1-603-672-5406 pertaining to personal safety. It is not a conservative design choice. (An
Email: critical that these specifications inrush-limiting resistor can be a
Catalog $2.00 always be conservative. What is the simple and effective solution.)
Circle #106 on the Reader Service Card. SEPTEMBER 2004
RLInTheTrenches.qxd 8/10/2004 10:24 AM Page 87

In The Trenches

Of course, the transformer "End User License Agreement." It is Objective software standards are
doesn't have to provide 2 amps. A 1.0 truly educational. not impossible to create or measure.
amp or 1.2 amp transformer could be With software, if it works, then it How about measuring the ratio of
considered. It will also be less meets specifications. There is no branch to in-line statements or a
expensive. easy way to determine if standard code-line to comment-line ratio?
There are a number of points engineering practice is employed. What about providing the number of
here. A conservative transformer There is usually no outside review standard library code-lines and the
choice (2 amps) makes other parts of of the actual code. This is very number of custom code-lines? These
the design non-conservative. The different from hardware. A circuit values would allow the comparison
specification of an RMS voltage (24 board must not only work, but must of one program to another. It seems
VAC) is not the specification of a meet specific design rules (AKA to me that they would be useful
peak voltage (37.3). Safety requires specifications) in regard to parts to have.
the full understanding of every detail. placement, layout, trace widths, Unfortunately, I don't see this
Cutting corners or carelessness is trace spacing, hole size, and so happening soon.
simply unacceptable when safety forth.
is involved. There are no equivalent rules for The Root of All
It is also interesting to note the software. There should be. There Legal
dance between target specifications have been attempts to analyze code
and performance specifications. We with software, but this has not been One of the most common
make our design meet our target generally accepted, nor, as I sources of customer complaints
specs by choosing parts with proper understand it, is this software and legal action is because the
performance specs. When we're particularly good. customer feels that the product
done, we'll have a product with per- The target specifications for doesn't meet specifications: This
formance specifications. Further, our software become its performance clock doesn't keep time. The radio
product may be used in another specifications. doesn't pick up my favorite station.
product to meet its target specs and However, these are not the same. The air conditioning doesn't keep
so forth and so on. The target specs say what the the whole office cool. I want my
product must do. The performance money back!
Software specs say how well it must do it. I There will always be unhappy
Specifications have never seen actual performance people. However, your product
specifications for software, with the shouldn't make them that way.
First, stop laughing. There is exception of benchmark ratings. The Properly specifying your product can
some truth in calling software only way to compare similar software go a long way in reducing these com-
specifications an oxymoron. If you packages is to actually try them, plaints.
don't believe this, read Microsoft's side-by-side. Additionally, good specifications

Stepper Motor Book PIC

Microcontroller Books
Easy Microcontrol'n - Beginner $29.95
· Programming Techniques
· For the experimenter. Instruction set, addressing modes, bit manipulation,

· Determine surplus stepper motor specs using ·
subroutines, loops, lookup tables, interrupts
Using a text editor, using an assembler, using MPLAB
simple easy to build test equipment.
· Design and build microcontroller-based control systems · Timing and counting (timer 0), interfacing, I/O conversion
Microcontrol'n Apps - Intermediate $44.95
(flow charts and code examples included).
· Design and build stepper motor driver circuits. · Serial communication - PICmicro to peripheral chips
· Analyze the mechanical characteristics of stepper motor- · Serial EEPROMS
· LCD interface and scanning keypads
driven devices.
· The book is full of experiments, circuits and code. $34.95 New Titles · D/A and A/D conversion - several methods
· Math routines
Same Useful · 8-pin PICmicros
· Talking to a PICmicro with a PC using a terminal program
Books · Test equipment and data logger experiments
Time'n and Count'n - Intermediate $34.95
Table Of Contents And Ordering
· 16-bit timing and counting applications
Information On Web Site.
· Timer 1, timer 2 and the capture/compare/PWM (CCP)
Not Distributed Via Book Sellers module
ELECTRONICS We accept VISA, MC, AM, DS, MO, Check Serial Communications - Advanced $49.95
CA residents please add 7.25% CA sales tax · Synchronous - bit-bang, on-chip UART, RS-232
P.O. Box 1414, Hayden, ID 83835
Voice (208) 664-4115 Fax (208) 772-8236
See our web sites for s/h rates.
PIC, PICmicro and MPLAB are trademarks
· Asynchronous - I2C (Phllips Semiconductors)
SPI (Motorola), Microwire (National Semiconductor)
We have been selling on the Internet since 1996. We ship
of Microchip Technology Inc.
· Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus
the day we receive your order or the next business day.

RLInTheTrenches.qxd 8/11/2004 1:06 PM Page 88

In The Trenches

can educate the user about what are called "typical" specifications and improper to include a false
to expect from your product. and are more like guidelines rather specification.)
Remember, unfulfilled expectations than guaranteed performance. An For example, if the frequency
are probably the biggest source of example is the highest frequency response of your voltmeter only
customer dissatisfaction. that an AC voltmeter can reliably goes to 100,000 Hz and all your
Put yourself in the your cus- measure. These may not be competitors' go to 250,000 Hz, you
tomer's place when you write the absolutely necessary for the may choose to omit it. You want your
specifications. What would like to customary use of your product, but product to sell. You are not forced to
see? What's important to you? At the they are informative and useful identify every weak point in the
minimum, the spec sheet should to know. design (except for safety, of course).
include what your product needs to Don't overspecify your product. Naturally, if it's a major specification,
work (the voltage, frequency, and You don't want to create problems. it will be noticed and it will cause
power), what the product produces Say things like "high brightness LED problems.
(output power, distortion, etc.), display," instead of "2,000 MCD LED
proper operating conditions (loads, display." Conclusion
environment), operating limits In the future, it may be that
(frequency range, bandwidth, power 3,000 MCD displays are the same Specifications are used in
output, etc.), and the physical charac- price or that cheaper 1,000 MCD designing, defining, and comparing
teristics (dimensions and weight). displays are necessary for cost. products. There are different types
Always include notes about other Think carefully because the spec and definitions of specifications, so
equipment needed for operation (AC sheet may outlast your involvement it's useful and important to
adapter, blank disks, computer in the product. understand them. Since your job and
requirements, etc.). There is nothing inherently your company's health depend on
Next, you can provide the softer unethical or improper about omitting specifications, using, creating, and
specifications. Sometimes, these a bad specification. (It is unethical properly reading them is vital. NV
Everything For Electronics

Circle #47 on the Reader Service Card. SEPTEMBER 2004

RLStamp.qxd 8/10/2004 9:46 AM Page 89

by Jon Williams Stamp

Putting the Spotlight on BASIC Stamp Projects, Hints, and Tips

Stamp Applications
No More Coffee Spills
Many times, it’s worth doing a project just for the
Ideas more crazy than this have experience of doing it.
become successful products! Leaning To and Fro

ave you ever noticed yourself when you’ve noticed If you’re new to the BASIC Stamp microcontroller or
yourself? I seem to do it all the time, suddenly weren’t around for my article in the November 2003 issue
noticing some behavior I had that — until that on using GPS, you may be wondering how we’re going to
very moment — had been completely unconscious of. take the output from an accelerometer and use it to point
Often times, the thing I notice is quite humorous. Like the spout of a coffee cup lid.
most humans, I’m a creature of habit. My typical daily To be honest, it’s dirt simple: We’re going to use the
habit is to wake up, check Email quickly (in case there’s ATN function. ATN (arctangent) returns the angle (in
been an overnight customer emergency), jump on the binary radians: 0 to 255) that points to the intersection of
treadmill for about 30 minutes, grab a bite to eat, and two vector values.
then pop by the neighborhood Starbucks for a cup of The first thing to do, then, is to read the
coffee and a quick chat with a very pleasant lady named accelerometer outputs (x and y axis) to establish the
Lindsay. g-force vectors. You may remember from our previous
On a recent return trip from Starbucks, I noticed work with the MEMSIC 2125 that a 0g output is a five
myself doing something that actually made me laugh. millisecond pulse. Negative g-forces are shorter than five
While steering with my left had, I would reach down with milliseconds; positive g-forces are longer. Reading the
my right hand to adjust the coffee spout such that coffee pulse outputs is no trouble; we can use PULSIN to do it.
would not slosh out while I was cornering. Honestly, I Here’s the trick: The resolution of PULSIN gets better as
laughed out loud, then immediately thought that, if I had BASIC Stamp modules get faster. Code that will work
an accelerometer, a stepper motor, and a BASIC Stamp, properly with a BS2 module will not return the correct
I could keep both hands on the wheel. An idea was results when using the BS2p.
born ... You know where I’m going with this: conditional
Was it a practical idea? Well, probably not — and I’m compilation. I covered it briefly in the past and I think it’s
certainly not going to tear apart the center console on my good to remind ourselves that this feature is now available
new SUV to install such a device — but the exercise in in the Version 2.1 compiler. So, what are we going to do
designing the circuitry and code to
solve my coffee sloshing problem is Figure 1. Memsic 2125 Connections. Figure 2. ATN Output.
still worthwhile. I receive a lot of
Emails asking how one gets “so
good” at programming the BASIC
Stamp microcontroller. Like getting to
Carnegie Hall, it takes practice,
practice, practice. Imagine how many
tens of thousands of practice shots
Michael Jordan shot before and
during his career; every one of them
served to prepare him for all those
championships. I guess my point is
not to wait for a “real” project to
improve your programming skills.
RLStamp.qxd 8/10/2004 9:46 AM Page 90


with it? We’re going to use a conditional compilation constant called Scale a value of $200 (same as 2.0
construct to set a constant value that will be used to scale decimal when used with */).
the raw input from PULSIN to microseconds, always Once you get used to conditional compilation, it can
returning the correct value, regardless of which BASIC be a very powerful tool. How many times have you
Stamp module is being used. sprinkled DEBUG statements through a program, only
having to go rip them all out when everything is working?
With conditional compilation, you can do this:
Scale CON $200 #DEFINE DebugMode = 1
Scale CON $0CC Then, in the body of the program, we add a bit of logic
Scale CON $0C0 around our DEBUG outputs:
Scale CON $1E1 #IF DebugMode #THEN
#ENDSELECT DEBUG “Program Status”

When we compile a program, the first thing that the

compiler does is look for conditional compilation symbols Once the program is working properly, we can turn-off
(created with #DEFINE), then look for conditional all the DEBUG statements with one small change:
compilation constructs like ours above. The construct
works as we’d expect, but only at compile time. The #DEFINE DebugMode = 0
section that evaluates as true will get compiled into the
program; all others will be ignored. How much easier is this? Also, as we’ve all seen,
If, for example, we had selected a BASIC Stamp 2 programs are ultimately updated. When that happens, we
module, our program would compile and assign the don’t have to go back through and drop in DEBUG
Everything For Electronics

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RLStamp.qxd 8/10/2004 10:03 AM Page 91


statements to check on our updates — we simply re-enable

the ones that are there with #DEFINE. Get_Memsic:
PULSIN XPin, 1, xG
Okay, let’s get back to reading the accelerometer
PULSIN YPin, 1, yG
(connections are shown in Figure 1). The first thing to do xG = xG */ Scale + 50 / 50 - 100
is scale the raw input from it to a known value. By using yG = yG */ Scale + 50 / 50 - 100
our Scale constant, we will end up with microseconds and RETURN
at 0g on either axis, we should get around 5,000 (five
milliseconds). Right after Scale, you’ll see “+ 50 / 100.” This rounds
Remember that the */ operator works like up the value and scales it down to 50 as the 0g point. Then,
multiplication, with the parameter being expressed in units we subtract 50 so that 0g returns a zero value. There’s an
of 1/256. This lets us multiply by fractional values between important note here: We need to do the subtraction last
0 and 255.996. because, if we attempt to divide a negative number, we will
get incorrect results.
Get_Memsic: If we look at the output now (using the SDEC
PULSIN XPin, 1, xG
PULSIN YPin, 1, yG
modifier, of course) we should see values from -12 to
xG = xG */ Scale +12. Don’t be worried about the apparent loss of
yG = yG */ Scale resolution of our vector. The reason we’ve divided down
RETURN so much is to eliminate minor jitter from the sensor that
would just cause the stepper to quiver back and forth
If we run this code in a loop and look at the results, unnecessarily. What we’ve done, in fact, is a bit of simple
we’ll see values that range from 3,800 to 6,200 digital filtering.
microseconds. Okay, but what we need is something that Okay, now that we can read the output of the
fits into the -127 to 127 range required by ATN. It’s accelerometer as vectors that will work with ATN, let’s
actually very easy and uses the “round up” math we map the output of ATN vis-à-vis the g-force loading on
learned as kids in math class. the sensor. Figure 2 shows the values I read from my

Embedded Ethernet
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RLStamp.qxd 8/10/2004 10:04 AM Page 92


GOSUB Get_Memsic

So, under simulated acceleration, we get

zero, under braking, 128, turning right, 192, and
turning left, 64. Let’s think about this for a
moment. Wouldn’t it be a bit more convenient if
the output matched the number of steps of our
stepper motor? It might be easier to deal with,
mentally, if the values increased in a clockwise
direction, as well.
I happened to grab a stepper that has a 3.6
Figure 3. Stepper Connections. degree step; this means that there are 100 steps
in each revolution. Here’s how we can do it:
setup. We can simulate acceleration of the car by tilting
the front end of the sensor (pins 1 and 6) up. We can angle = 100 - ((xG ATN yG) */ 100) // 100
simulate braking by tilting the front end of the sensor
down. This may look a bit convoluted, but I promise there is
a reason for every bit of it — let’s work from the inside out.
By using */ (star-slash) with a parameter of 100, we scale
the output of ATN from 0–255 to 0–99. Our next issue,
then, is reversing the direction so that values increase
going clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, as they do
now. By subtracting from 100, we’re able to do that — with
one tiny glitch: what was 0 ends up being 100. Okay, then,
we can use the modulus operator on the whole works and
now our output is 0 to 99.
Accelerating means we should point the coffee spout
toward 0 (front of car); when braking, it will point toward
50 (rear of car), to 25 when turning right, and, when
turning left, 75. Let’s polish off our main loop:

GOSUB Get_Memsic
angle = 100 - ((xG ATN yG) */ 100) // 100
IF (angle <> pos) THEN
GOSUB Move_Spout


This is as simple as it gets: we read the new angle and


compare it to the current spout position. If there’s a

difference, then we reposition the spout; otherwise, we go
read the accelerometer again.
Everything For Electronics

Before we can actually turn the spout, we need to find

the shortest path between the current position (pos) and
the new position (at angle). It actually took me a few
minutes to figure out how to code this one cleanly. While it
RLStamp.qxd 8/10/2004 10:05 AM Page 93


looks simple on paper — with circles and dots — it takes a motor. We’re back to our old tricks with the modulus oper-
bit of thinking. Let’s look at the code that determines ator; this allows us to set the direction with a variable. The
rotational direction and work through it: coil data is pulled from a DATA table with READ and
placed right on the pins. Of course, we cannot drive a step-
Move_Spout: per directly with BASIC Stamp IO pins; we need a high-
IF (angle > pos) THEN
span = angle - pos
current buffer to handle the coil load. Figure 3 shows how
IF (span < HalfRev) THEN to use our old friend, the ULN2003, to handle the load for
stpDir = MCW us. Finally, we need to update the pos variable with our
ELSE new position and start the whole process again.
stpDir = MCCW
span = RevSteps - span
ENDIF Short and Sweet Rules!
span = pos - angle Okay, I know this project wasn’t a big mental
IF (span > HalfRev) THEN challenge, but I do think it’s useful — even if we don’t
stpDir = MCW
span = RevSteps - span automate our car’s cup holder. I’m sure you’ll figure out
ELSE something fun to do with it and, when you do, don’t
stpDir = MCCW hesitate to share your results with me.
ENDIF Until next time, Happy Stamping. NV

Jon Williams

Here we go: If the new angle is greater than the current
position, then we get the span by subtracting the old posi-
tion from the new. Next, we check to see if that span is less Parallax, Inc.
than half a revolution. If it is, then we set the stepper direc-
tion to clockwise; otherwise, it will rotate counterclockwise.
Notice that we have to make a correction in the span
if we determine that the shortest path is counter-clockwise.
If we don’t make this correction, the spout will overshoot
the desired position. We can use a similar set of logic when
the new angle is less than the current position — with
adjustments, of course, to make sure that we turn in the
direction that provides the shortest path.
Okay, let’s finish up and actually reposition the
stepper motor:

stpDelay = MoveTime / span

stpIdx = stpIdx + stpDir // 4
READ (Steps + stpIdx), Coils
PAUSE stpDelay
span = span - 1
LOOP WHILE (span > 0)

pos = angle


The rest of the subroutine starts by calculating the

delay between steps. The value is set by dividing the total
movement time (500 ms in our program) by the number
of steps in our move. Note that we must have some delay;
the stepper motor needs it. Also, we’ll want to experiment
with this a bit. The largest possible move is half a
revolution. Setting the time for that move to 500
milliseconds seems reasonable — fast enough to get there
swiftly, but not so fast as to sling coffee out of the spout.
A DO-LOOP is used to send the step data to the
RLNearSpace.qxd 8/10/2004 10:37 AM Page 94

Near Space by L. Paul Verhage

Approaching the Final Frontier

Near Space
The History of Cosmic Rays

he study of electrostatics was The electroscope indicates the concluded the ionization of the
our first step in the field of presence of electric charges by the atmosphere increased as he rode
electronics. In electrostatics, spreading of its two metal foil leaves. higher in his balloon.
electric charges are relatively The presence of charges of the The increase in ionization with
stationary. So, the natural philoso- opposite polarity is indicated by the increasing altitude indicates that the
phers (early scientists) who studied collapse of the previously charged ionization is caused by an extrater-
the phenomenon of electrostatics leaves. If no opposing electric restrial source. In other words, there
concentrated primarily on the charges are present, the leaves was a source of radiation in space
creation, storage, and interaction should remain spread apart after that was ionizing molecules in the
between the two types of electric their initial charge. atmosphere and causing his
charges. One of their tools was the Instead, it was discovered that, electroscopes to discharge. This
electroscope, a device consisting of once charged, the leaves of the same source of radiation was also
two metal foil leaves draped over a electroscope did not remain discharging electroscopes on the
metal rod and protected within a charged. The electroscope slowly ground, but more slowly than in his
glass jar. loses its charge — no matter how dry balloon experiments.
or clean the air. The source of this In 1936, Hess was awarded the
Figure 1.The electroscope. discharge was unknown. Nobel Prize for his discovery of
cosmic rays, the extraterrestrial
Viktor Hess’ Experiment source of radiation. Cosmic radiation
On August 7, 1912, physicist was a fascinating topic for people in
Viktor Hess began making balloon the last century. As I recall, there is
flights with electroscopes onboard. even an old black and white
In his flights, he rode in an open Frankenstein movie that mentions
gondola under a hydrogen filled bal- cosmic rays as being responsible for
loon to altitudes in excess of 15,000 the origin of life on Earth.
feet. The experiments were not Initially, it was believed that cos-
without risk. The hydrogen in his mic rays were a form of electromag-
balloons was flammable and, at high netic radiation, like microwaves or
altitudes, he found that there was gamma rays. Electromagnetic radia-
less oxygen to breathe and that the tion is carried by photons, which are
air would begin to get cold. particles without rest mass or elec-
On these flights, Hess discov- tric charge. Photons are not affected
ered that his charged electroscopes by magnetic or electric fields.
would discharge more quickly at However, since cosmic rays are
higher altitudes. The effect became affected by magnetic and electric
apparent once his balloon climbed fields, they must consist of charged
above 6,000 feet and the interference particles, like electrons and
caused by natural radiation emitted protons.

by the ground. It took several decades to

Hess’ electroscopes discharged straighten out this error in books
more quickly because the air was a written for the general public. I can
Everything For Electronics

source of ions that neutralized the recall seeing cosmic rays listed at the
charge on his electroscope. Since high end of the electromagnetic
the electroscope discharged more spectrum in high school science
rapidly at higher altitudes, he materials. Because of this cosmic
RLNearSpace.qxd 8/10/2004 10:38 AM Page 95

ge Near Space

error, I got burned when correctly About 86% of cosmic rays are pro- The Source of
answering a question about the tons or hydrogen nuclei (remember, Cosmic Rays
electromagnetic spectrum during the hydrogen nucleus doesn’t have a
tryouts for the College Bowl in 1981. neutron). Twelve percent are helium In optical astronomy,
nuclei (alpha rays), 1% are energetic astronomers can point their
Cosmic Rays as a Tool of Science electrons, and the remaining 1% are telescopes in the direction of the light
The first particle accelerators atomic nuclei heavier than helium; they are observing and see the light’s
were built less than 100 years ago. these are elements that astronomers source. However, galactic, solar, and
These first generation devices call metals. There are some high terrestrial magnetic fields so
couldn’t reach very high energies. energy gamma rays and neutrinos thoroughly mix up the paths of
So, to study subatomic physics, thrown into the mix, as well. cosmic rays that other methods must
physicists launched their experi- be used to determine their source.
ments in high altitude balloons, Their Energies The possible sources of cosmic rays
where they could use cosmic rays as One of the most amazing aspects are determined by how they respond
their source of high energy sub- of cosmic rays is their level of kinetic to the solar cycle, their composition,
atomic particles. The results of these energy. Some cosmic rays carry over and their kinetic energy. So far, it’s
experiments led to the discovery of 100 quintillion electron volts of believed that there are three sources
several important subatomic energy. That’s enough energy to boil of cosmic rays.
particles. a thimbleful of water if all that energy
One subatomic particle discov- could be transferred to it. (In reality, Solar Cosmic Rays
ered in cosmic ray experiments was such a cosmic ray would travel right These cosmic rays originate with
the meson. The meson was predict- through the water, scarcely noticing the solar chromosphere (the solar
ed to exist and be responsible for it, and leave only a tiny bit of its layer above the photosphere — the
holding the nucleus of the atom energy in the water.) visible surface of the Sun) during
together. There are actually several Put another way, this amount of high energy events like solar flares.
types of mesons — like the mu and pi energy is the same as the kinetic Solar cosmic rays tell us the types of
mesons (called the muon and pion) energy of a baseball thrown at about elements and their proportion
— and only one is responsible for 100 mph! Imagine the energy of a residing in the outer atmosphere of
keeping the protons inside the fast baseball packed into a single, our Sun.
nucleus together. As it turns out, the invisible proton. The high energy These tend to be the lowest
first meson discovered was not the levels found in cosmic rays allow energy cosmic rays. Their presence
one found inside the nucleus. them to make the trip to Earth at goes up shortly after a flare and can
Another particle discovered from speeds very close to that of light. increase by a factor of hundreds to
cosmic ray experiments was the first
anti-matter particle — the anti-

electron or positron — which was
predicted by physicist Paul Dirac.
Today, particle accelerators can
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reach such high energies that it’s no
longer convenient to do subatomic
research with cosmic rays. However, Robot Kits For All Skill Levels ICs, Transistors, Project Kits
that doesn’t mean cosmic rays are
Motors, Frame Components
no longer an item of research. Now, and Scratch Builder Supplies.
cosmic rays are researched in an
effort to understand astronomical Order by Internet, phone, fax or mail.
and nuclear processes occurring in
the Sun and beyond the solar
system. Books and 1-866-ROBOT-50
Educational K 1-866-762-6850
The Nature of 1-650-952-7629 (fax)
Cosmic Rays
1405 Huntington Avenue, Suite 150
BEAM Kits and Components South San Francisco, CA 94080
Their Composition
Visit our showroom near SFO!
The vast majority of cosmic rays
are energetic nuclei — high speed
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atoms stripped of their electrons.
RLNearSpace.qxd 8/10/2004 10:38 AM Page 96

Near Space

even hundreds of thousands. Such After multiple passes through the radio signals the remnants emit
events can last for only a few hours terminal shock, these cosmic rays indicate the presence of powerful
or several days. Solar cosmic rays can break free and travel back magnetic fields that are accelerating
represent a hazard for astronauts into the solar system, where they electrons.
traveling outside of the Earth’s pro- can be detected. The remaining, When the charged electron
tective magnetosphere. Fortunately, anomalous cosmic rays escape accelerates, it emits a radio wave
our Apollo astronauts made their the solar system and travel between called synchrotron radiation. The
lunar expeditions during a time of the stars. study of the isotopes found in
solar quiet. Anomalous cosmic rays have galactic cosmic rays and their half
intermediate energy levels and are lives indicates that these cosmic rays
Anomalous Cosmic Rays representative of the atoms found in can travel for several million years
These are the nuclei of difficult nearby interstellar space. They are before being detected on Earth.
to ionize atoms. They originate as influenced by the 11 year solar cycle, Most galactic cosmic rays have
neutral atoms drifting into the solar which changes the location of the low enough energies that the Milky
system from interstellar space. When Sun’s terminal shock. Way’s magnetic field bends their
exposed to solar ultraviolet radiation, paths around a radius smaller than
these atoms become ionized. Once Galactic Cosmic Rays the galaxy. This effectively traps
ionized, the solar wind can capture These cosmic rays are the high- these lower energy galactic cosmic
them and carry them away from the est energy cosmic rays we find. They rays within the Milky Way galaxy.
solar system. When traveling with the are fully stripped of their electrons. However, a small percentage of the
solar wind, these ions are called Galactic cosmic rays probably origi- galactic cosmic rays contain more
“pickup ions.” nate in supernova remnants, which energy than is available in supernova
Pickup ions are carried to a are the expanding clouds of gas and remnants.
point where the solar wind is forced dust that were once the outer layer of Their energies are too great for
to slow down from supersonic to a massive star. The explosion itself them to be held within the galaxy’s
subsonic speeds by the resistance of didn’t create the cosmic rays. magnetic field. So, these ultra-high
the local interstellar medium. This Instead, the powerful and expanding energy cosmic rays must originate
region — where solar wind flow goes magnetic fields and shock waves outside the galaxy. However, these
from supersonic to subsonic — is associated with supernova remnants high speed cosmic rays cannot
called the terminal shock. Smaller accelerate ionized atoms. travel for long through intergalactic
versions of terminal shocks are seen After the ions pick up enough space before their collisions with
within the solar system when the energy, they can escape from the photons left over from the Big Bang
solar wind plows into the magnetos- supernova remnant as galactic (the cosmic microwave back-
phere of planets. cosmic rays and travel interstellar ground) significantly lower their
The passage through a terminal space. We know supernova energies.
shock can accelerate pickup ions remnants can accelerate charged It’s believed these ultra-high
and change their direction of travel. subatomic particles because the energy cosmic rays originate in
nearby, active nuclei galaxies, which
The Near Space Email Group appear to be powered by massive
black holes. Perhaps, instead, these
In an effort to share current informa- — if not, click under New Users, then Click cosmic rays are trying to tell us
tion with this column’s readers, I have Here To Register. about exotic physics occurring deep
created an Email distribution list under within intergalactic space.
Yahoo! Groups. My Email list is not designed Under the Join a Group field, type One of the benefits of galactic
to replace the many lists for amateur near NearSpace and then press Enter. cosmic rays is that their collisions
space groups that already exist. I plan to with atoms in interstellar gas create
make announcements, update column some of the rare elements needed
Under the list of groups displayed, click
information, and answer reader questions in for life, but that are not synthesized
NearSpace (it will be the only group listed).
this list. I will also keep subscribers up-to- by the fusion reactions within the

date on the status of my book on amateur stars.

In the upper right of the screen, click to join
near space exploration.
the group.
Detecting Cosmic
Everything For Electronics

To join the Near Space Email group, go to Rays I hope you find the Email list useful in your
efforts to begin your own program of Geiger Counters
Sign in if you’re already a member of Yahoo! amateur near space exploration. The easiest way to detect the
RLNearSpace.qxd 8/10/2004 10:38 AM Page 97

Near Space

presence of ionizing radiation is with changes during the experiment. were no signs of cosmic rays on the
the Geiger counter. The electronics That said, there are some tricks developed film.
in the Geiger counter create a to get around these limitations and
difference in charge between the I’ll discuss them in a future column. Plastic Sheets
walls and the central wire of the (I’ve been experimenting with one The collision between cosmic
Geiger-Muller (GM) tube. The gas of them.) rays and some types of plastics dam-
inside the GM tube cannot discharge ages the molecules of the plastic. An
this potential difference unless the Photographic Film etchant will preferentially etch away
air becomes ionized. The passage of Some early cosmic ray experi- the damaged plastic, creating a cone-
cosmic rays is just what the air inside ments carried stacks of photographic shaped pit where the cosmic ray
the GM tube needs to create an film with thick emulsion between impacted the plastic. The type of
ionized channel. sheets of lead. When a cosmic ray etchant used depends on the type of
Once the gas inside the GM tube collided with a lead atom, it created a plastic, but most etchants are either
becomes ionized, electrons begin shower of secondary cosmic rays that strong acids or bases.
traveling across the tube, further left dark streaks in the developed The depth of the pit etched in the
increasing the level of ionization film. The photographic film stack was plastic reveals the energy of the
inside the GM tube and creating a placed between the poles of a cosmic ray responsible for the
small current that is amplified to magnet. collision. The plastic visors of some
become the familiar click of 1950s B- From the dimension and of the Apollo astronauts were treated
grade science fiction movies. (Ah, the direction of curvature of the streaks with an etchant in order to detect
classics!) Gases inside the GM tube found in the emulsion, the type of some of the cosmic rays that the
eventually quench the ionization particles created in the collision was astronauts were exposed to on their
inside it. If it wasn’t for the quenching determined. I get the impression that way to the Moon. An excellent source
gas, the ionization would continue, grad students were the ones search- of information on this process can be
preventing the detection of another ing through the photographic stacks found in the book Nuclear Tracks in
cosmic ray. with a microscope and determining Solids, by Fleischer.
The time it takes to quench a GM the composition and energy of their
tube is called its dead time. The dead cosmic ray prey. A Cosmic Trip
time for the GM tubes I use in my I didn’t understand how photo- Through Earth’s
cosmic ray experiments is 90 graphic stacks were made up when, Atmosphere
microseconds. As long as there is at in 1998, I sent a sheet of dental X-ray
least a gap of 90 microseconds film up on a flight in an effort to Slamming Into Air
between cosmic rays, my GM tube detect cosmic rays. Of course, there To a cosmic ray, our atmosphere
will detect them all. This means that,
on an average, I can detect a flux
greater than 11,000 cosmic rays per
second with my Geiger counter.
There are several limitations with
Geiger counters. The first is that
Geiger counters cannot measure the
energy of each detection, so my
Geiger counter experiments only
detect the increased cosmic ray flux
as a function of altitude and not the
changing energy of each detection.
Another limitation is that Geiger
counters cannot indicate the direction
of travel of a cosmic ray. In my
experiments, I have no way of deter-
mining if the cosmic ray flux is truly
uniform in nature. One last limitation
to mention is that Geiger counters
cannot indicate which type of sub-
atomic particle was detected. My
cosmic ray experiments cannot tell
me if the composition of cosmic rays
SEPTEMBER 2004 Circle #144 on the Reader Service Card.
RLNearSpace.qxd 8/10/2004 10:38 AM Page 98

Near Space

acts like a 13-foot-thick slab of about the same flux of raindrops cule, creating a shower of lower
concrete. This is a good thing for us, during a rain shower. energy particles from the subatomic
since we don’t handle extreme zoo — subatomic particles, like
exposures to radiation very well. A Secondary Cosmic Ray neutral and charged pions, neutrons,
cosmic ray diving into the Earth’s Production and more protons. Neutral pions
atmosphere is called a primary When cosmic rays slam into decay into gamma rays, which later
cosmic ray. The flux of primary Earth’s atmosphere, they are prima- create electron-positron pairs.
cosmic rays at the top of the atmos- rily colliding with nitrogen and oxy- Charged pions decay into muons, a
phere is about one cosmic ray per gen molecules. Upon impact, the pri- heavier relative of the electron. This
square centimeter per second — or mary cosmic ray shatters the mole- shower of particles created by the

Solution to the Voltage Divider Question

As you will recall, in the July column, I value of the fixed resistor is equal to the Divide the terms by either Rmin or Rmax (the
asked the question, “How can we prove square root of the product of the minimum value in the denominator) and we’ll have:
that using a fixed resistor of a value equal and maximum resistances of the variable Rfixed2 / Rmax + 2Rfixed + Rmax - (Rfixed2 /
to the geometric mean of the range of a resistor or, in other words, the geometric Rmin + 2Rfixed + Rmin ) = 0
variable resistor yields the greatest range in mean of the maximum and minimum values
values in the voltage divider circuit?” Well, of the variable resistor. Note that we can move the minus sign into
the readers of this column replied with the the second half of the equation and sub-
answer. The Proof tract the 2Rfixed to end up with:
I will send Treasure Valley Near Space We begin with: Rfixed2 / Rmax + Rmax - Rfixed2 / Rmin - Rmin
Program patches to the first two respons- V = Vmax - Vmin =0
es because, together, they showed me the
way to mathematically prove my observa- Note that: Combining like terms and moving them to