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INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box
corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURE ALLOWED. Use pencil No. 2 only.


1. Work is done by a substance in reversible nonflow manner in accordance with V = 100/p ft3, where p is in psia. Evaluate the work
done on or by the substance as the pressure increases from 10 psia to 100 psia.
A. -33,200 ft-lb B. -14,400 ft-lb C. -32,200 ft-lb D. -23,300 ft-lb

2. An air bubble rises from the bottom of a well where the temperature is 25 C, to the surface where the temperature is 27 C. Find the
percent increase in the volume of the bubble if the depth of the well is 5 m. Atmospheric pressure is 101,528 Pascals.
A. 49.3 B. 41.3 C. 56.7 D. 38.6

3. Water is flowing in a pipe with radius of 25.4 cm at a velocity of 5 m/s at the temperature in the pipe. The density and viscosity of
the water are as follows: density = 997.9 kg/m3, viscosity = 1.131 Pa-s. What is the Reynolds Number for this situation?
A. 2241 B.88.2 C. 3100 D. 1140

4. The maximum thermal efficiency possible for a power cycle operating between 1200 F and 225 F is ____.
A. 58.25% B. 58.73% C. 57.54% D. 57.40%

5. An amount of money invested at 12% interest per annum will double in approximately;
A. 4 years B. 5 years C. 6 years D. 7 years

6. The PNOC developed an oil well, which is estimated to contain 5,000,000 barrels of oil at an initial cost of P50M. What is the
depletion charge during the year where it produces half million barrels of oil? Use unit factor method in computing depletion.
A. P3M B. P4M C. P5M D. P6M

7. A 0.25” thick, 4” wide, medium carbon steel flat spring material is used as a cantilever to produce a spring rate of 200 lb/in. what
effective spring length is necessary?
A. 48.2 in B. 13.3 in C. 24.3 in D. 38.6

8. The equivalent twisting moment of a 2-in. diameter shaft under a torque of 5000 in-lb and a bending moment of 8000 in-lb is ____.
A. 13,000 in-lb B. 9434 in-lb C. 8,000 in-lb D. 5000 in-lb

9. An AVR has a selling price of P400. If is expected to decline at a rate of 10% per annum due to obsolescence, what will be its
selling price after 5 years?
A. P243.89 B. P263.02 C. P236.20 D. P1,153.90

10. Which of the following is the result of the reaction given? 5SO2 + 2KMnO4 + 2H2O ?

A. 2MnSO4 + K2SO4 + 2H2SO4 B. 2MnSO4 + K2S02 + HSO4 +H2O

C. 2MnSO4 + K2SO4 + H2SO4 D. MnSO4 + 2K2SO4 + 2H2SO4

11. The following are qualifications for any person applying for admission to the registered electrical engineering examination, except
A. He is at least 21 years of age.
B. He is of good reputation w/ high moral values
C. He has not been finally convicted by the court of an offense involving moral turpitude.
D. none of these

12. A policeman waiting at a speed trap hears a car going by honking its horn. Being an amateur musician with perfect pitch, the
policeman recognizes that the pitch of the horn is G sharp (f = 415.30 Hz), a half step lower than its normal pitch of A. (f = 440.00
Hz). The velocity of sound in the air is 332 m/s. At what speed was the car travelling?.
A. 35 km/hr B. 67 km/hr C. 71 km/hr D. 83 km/hr

13. Which of the following is not a classification of code rules?

A. Wiring Design Rules B. Installation Rules C. Manufacturing Rules D. Implementation Rules

14. The encloses of zinc in the presence of some certain corrosive media on high temperature or the removal of zinc from brasses is
known as:
A. Dezincification B. Graphitization C. Dealloying D. Normalizing

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15. Who shall be the executive officer of the Board Electrical Engineering and shall also conduct the examination given by the Board?
A. the President of the Philippines
B. the Commissioner of the Professional Regulations Commission
C. the Chairman of the Board of Electrical Engineering
D. a member of the Board of Electrical Engineering

16. Which of the following materials is NOT a viscoelastic material?

A. plastic B. metal C. rubber D. glass

17. The dimensions of a lantern slide are 3 in. x 4 in. It is desired to project an image of the slide, enlarged to 6 ft. by 8 ft. on a screen
30 ft. from the projecting lens. Where should the slide be placed?
A. 12 in B. 15 in C. 18 in. D. 20 in.

18. The reason for insulating the pipes is

A. they may not break under pressure B. there is minimum corrosion
C. capacity to withstand pressure is increased D. heat loss from the surface is minimized

19. A certain public water supply contained 0.10 ppb (par per billion) of chloroform, CHCl 3. How many molecules of CHCl3 would be
contained in a 0.050 mL drop of this water?
A. 2.5 x 1010 B. 2.5 x 109 C. 5.0 x 1010 D. 5.2 x 109

20. Under what conditions is mass conserved in fluid flow?

A. The fluid is baratropic. B. The flow is isentropic. C. The flow is adiabatic. D. It is always conserved.

21. Which of the following binary number is equal to octal number 66.3
A.101101.100 B. 110111.111 C. 111111.1111 D.110110.011

22. A foam plastic (sp gr = 0.58) is to be used as a life preserver. What volume of plastic must be used if it is to keep 20% (by volume)
of an 80 kg man above water in a lake? The average density of the man is 1.04 gr/cu cm.
A. 0.055 cu. m B. 0.044 cu. m C. 0.066 cu. M D. 0.033 cu. M

23. On what plane is the Mollier diagram plotted?

A. p-V B. p-T C. h-s D. s-u

24. A transmission cable whose sagis less than one tenth of the span forms a curve which approximates very closely to a parabola.
What would be the equation of the curve formed be a cable which is supported at two pts. A and B, spaced 400 ft. apart
horizontally, where B is 10 ft. higher that A and the lowest point of the cable (located 146.41 ft measured horizontally from A) is 5 ft.
lower than A. Using the lowest point of the parabola using the general form 𝑥 2 +Dx+Ey+F=0 or the standard form (𝑥 − ℎ)2 = 4a(y-k).
A. 𝑥 2 = 4782.80𝑦 B. 𝑥 2 = 4827.18𝑦 C. 𝑥 2 = 4287.81𝑦 D.𝑥 2 = 4287.18𝑦

25. Not more than ____ overcurrent devices (other than those provided for in the mains) of a lighting and appliance branch-circuit
panelboard shall be installed in any one cabinet or cutout box.
A. 36 B. 38 C. 40 D. 42

26. The radix of hexadecimal system is

A. 2 B. 3 C. 8 D. 16

27. Find the change in internal energy to 10 lbm of oxygen gas when the temperature changes from 100ºF to 115ºF. Cv = 0.157
A. 23.55 BTU B. 14.63 BTU C. 15.70 BTU D. 10.23 BTU

28. The term that refers to the physical equipment or components of an electronic data processing system?
A. Firmware B. Software C. Program D. Hardware

29. The Philippine Electrical Code 2009 edition was based on _______.
A. 2002 NEC B. 2005 NEC C. 2008 NEC D. 2011 NEC

30. Which of the following is not a component of a Triangle of Fire on which upon installation, one component of it must be removed to
make the installation safe.
A. Fuel B. Ignition Source C. Oxygen D. CO2

31. Find the tension at the supports of a wire weight 0.05 kg. per meter and a sag of 1.25 meters.
A. 𝑇𝐴 = 53.60 kg B.𝑇𝐴 = 52.60 kg C.𝑇𝐴 = 50.06 kg D. 𝑇𝐴 =51.60kg

32. Determine the 2’s compliment of (1011) base 2.

A. 0100 B. 1111 C. 0101 D. 1001

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33. Luminaires (lighting fixtures) mounted in walls shall be installed with the top of the luminaire (fixture) lens not less than _____ mm
below the normal water level of the pool.
A. 350 mm B. 400 mm C.450 mm D. 500 mm

34. The radius of the earth’s orbit around the sun (assumed circular) is 93 x 10 to the 6 power miles and the earth travels around the
orbit in 365 days. What is the magnitude of the orbital velocity of the earth in miles/hour?
A. 76,705 B. 67,605 C. 66,705 D. 77,605

35. For an ideal gas, what is the specific molar entropy change during an isothermal process in which the pressure changes from 200
kPa to 150 kPa?
A. 2.39 J/mole-K B. 2.09 J/mole-K C. 2.59 J/mole-K D. 3.12 J/mole-K

36. _________ locations are those that are hazardous because of the presence of combustible dust.
A. Class I B. Class II C. Class III D. None of these

37. A proposed manufacturing plant will require a fixed capital investment of P8,000,000 and an estimated working capital of
P1,500,000. Annual depreciation is estimated to be 8% of the fixed-capital investment. If the annual profit is P2,000,000. Determine
the rate of return on the total investment and the minimum pay-out period.
A. 20.15%, 1.24 yrs B. 20.51%, 3.05 yrs C. 21.05%, 3.03 yrs D. 25.01%, 1.20 yrs

38. There shall be airspace of at least _______ mm between any live metal part, including live metal parts of enclosed fuses, and the
A. 20 mm B. 25 mm C. 30 mm D. 35 mm

39. At what pressure will the mean free path be 50 cm for spherical molecule of radius 3 x 10 m?
Assume ideal gas at 20ºC.
A. 1.5 x 10 -10 Pa B. 5.1 x 10 -10 Pa C. 2.5 x 10 -10 Pa D. 5.2 x 10 -10 Pa

40. The president of an engineering firm wishes to give each of his employees a holiday bonus of P1,000.00. How much should he
invest monthly for a year at 12% nominal interest rate to be able to give that bonus? (assumed 50 employees)
A. P3,490 B. P3,940 C. P4,940 D. P4,490

41. 10 BTU are transferred in a process where a piston compresses a spring and in so doing does 1500 ft-lbf of work. Find the change
in internal energy system.
A. 11.93 BTU B. 1510 BTU C. 8.07 BTU D. 15.07 BTU

42. A person who is at least 18 years of age & has completed a four-year high school education or its equivalent, may qualify for
admission to the registered master electrician examination, provided he has a subsequent specific record of at least _____ years of
apprenticeship in electrical wiring, installation, operation and maintenance of utilization devices and equipment.
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

43. Add (10) base 2 t0 (36) base 8. Express the answer in base 2.
A. 100000 B. 11000 C. 1000 D. 10000

44. A block of balsa wood placed in one scale pan of an equal-arm balance is found to be exactly balanced by a 100 gm. Brass
“weight” in the other scale pan. Find the true mass of the balsa wood if its specific gravity is 0.15. Assume the density of the air and
brass is 0.0013 g/cm3 and 8 gm/cm3 respectively.
A. 100.85 gm B. 100.25 gm C. 100.45 gm D. 100.65 gm

45. No registration with the Board shall be required of persons in charge of the operation of an electric set for private use employing
voltages not exceeding _______ volts and capacity not exceeding ______ kva provided for that operator shall be required to have
the electric generating set periodically inspected at intervals of not more than ______ by a professional electric engineer.
A. 240, 60, 6 months B. 250, 50, 1 year C. 250, 60, 6 months D. 250, 50, 2 years

46. A thin hallow sphere of radius 300mm and thickness of 2.5mm is subjected to an internal pressure of 5.97kPa. What is the tensile
stress in kPa of an element of sphere?
A. 358.29 kPa B. 385.29 kPa C. 329.85 kPa D. 395.58 kPa

47. Is any waterborne unit which is designed and built to have an electric plant.
A. motor vessel B. water vessel C. watercraft D. none of these

48. What is used where high strength combined with corrosion resistance is needed?
A. Silicon Bronze B. Cunife C. Alnico D. Nichrome

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49. The following are included in the specific powers, functions, duties & responsibilities of the Board of Electrical Engineering, except
A. supervise & regulate the practice of electrical engineering in the Philippines.
B. Issue subpoena or subpoena ducestecum, to secure the attendance or respondents or witnesses or the production of
documents at & relative to the investigation conducted by the board.
C. coordinate w/ the Commission & the Department of Education, Culture & Sports (DECS) in prescribing, amending another
revising the course
D. none of these

50. Refers to the functional unit of NPC created topursue missionary electrification function;
A. Contestable Market B. Independent Power Producer C.Captive Market D. Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG)

51. A piston-cylinder device provides 8 kJ of work to an external device 2 kg of air are contained inside the cylinder. If the internal
energy of the air increased by 2 kJ/ kg during the process, the heat transfer is
A. 12 kJ added B. Zero C. 4 kJ added D. 4 kJ rejected

52. When using optional calculation method for dwelling unit service, all other loads above the initial 10 kW is to be assessed at
A. 30% B. 40% C. 50% D. 60%

53. Decimal number 5436 when converted to 9’s complement will become...
A. 4555 B. 4356 C. 4563 D. 4563

54. A conical reducing sections connects an existing 10.16 cm diameter pipeline with a new 5.08 cm diameter line. At 689.30 kPa
static pressure under no-flow conditions, what is the tensile force exerted on the connectors at joint A assuming no end restraint
from the pipe?
A. 4.91 kN B. 5.12 kN C. 3.23 kN D. 4.19 kN

55. Refers to a compilation of rules and regulations governing electric utilities in the operation and maintenance f their distribution
systems which includes, among others, the standards for service and performance, and defines and establishes the relationship of the
distribution systems with the facilities or installations of the parties connected thereto;
A. EPIRA 2001 B. Grid Code C. The New Electrical Engineering Law D. Distribution Code

56. Refers to an existing power generating entity which is not owned by NPC;
A. Contestable Market B. Independent Power Producer C.Captive Market D. Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG)

57. What is the bending moment at the base of a distribution pole if the horizontal conductor pull of 2,000 lb is acting at a height of 22 ft
above the ground and a 45° anchor guy wire pull of 2,500 lb on the opposite side acting 20 ft above the ground?
A. 𝑀𝑜 = 8605 lb-ft B. 𝑀𝑜 = 8560 lb-ft C. 𝑀𝑜 = 8506 lb-ft D. 𝑀𝑜 = 8650 lb-ft

58. The decrease in value of a property due to the gradual extraction of its content
A. Depletion B. Appraisal C. Salvage value D. Market value

59. Refers to the set of rules and regulations governing the safe and reliable operation, maintenance and development of the high voltage
backbone transmission system and its related facilities
A. EPIRA 2001 B. Grid Code C. The New Electrical Engineering Law D. Distribution Code

60. To provide for small appliance load in dwelling units, the feeder be computed at
A. 1500 watts B. 2400 watts C. 3000 watts D. 3600 watts

61. Who is known as the “Grandfather” of the computer?

A. Herman Hollerith B. Charles Babbage C.Blaise Pascal D. Joseph Jacquard

62. Who first developed the integrated circuit chip?

A. C.V. Raman B. J.S. Kilby C. W. H. Brittain D. Robert Noyce

63. An absolute pressure is 50 kPa and atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa. What is the gauge pressure?
A. 52,000 Pa B. 55,000 Pa C. 53,000 Pa D. 51,000 Pa

64. What is the maximum HP of a solid steel shaft 2 in. In diameter can transmit at 300 rpm if maximum allowable shearing stress is
10,000 psi?
A. 74.8 B. 47. 8 C. 64.8 D. 87.4

65. The hexadecimal number B6 C7 is equal to decimal number

A. 49761 B. 46791 C. 47691 D. 49761

66. Personal computers use number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name given to such boards?
A. Daughterboard B.Fatherboard C. Motherboard D. Breadboard

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67. The essential condition of equilibrium of a body is

A. The algebraic sum of horizontal components of all forces must be zero.
B. The algebraic sum of vertical components of all forces must be zero.
C. The algebraic sum of forces about a point must be zero
D. All of these

68. EPIRA (RA 9136) stands for

A. Electric Power Industry Reform Act C. Electrical Power Induced Reform Act
B. Electricity Power Industry Reform Act D. Electric Power Induced Reform Act

69. One joule is the same as

A. 108 ergs B. 107 ergs C. 106 ergs D. 105 ergs

70. Which of the following is not a unit of work?

A. N · m B. erg C. kg · m2/s2 D. dyne

71. Two cars are heading straight at each other with the same speed V. The horn of one (f = 3000 Hz) is blowing, and is heard to have
a frequency of 3400 Hz by the people on the other car. Find V if the speed of sound is 340 m/sec.
A. 21.25 m/sec B. 23.25 m/sec C. 22.25 m/sec D. 24.25 m/sec

72. The thermodynamic cycle used in a thermal power plant is

A. Ericsson B. Joule C.Brayton D.Rankine

73. Hydrogen was discovered by

A.Lavoiser B. Cavendish C. Mendeleev D.Preistley

74. A hollow cylindrical steel column 10 ft. high shortens 0.01 in. under a compression load of 72,000 lb. if the inner radius of the
cylinder is 0.80 of the outer one. What is the outer radius?
A. 1.25 in B. 5.13 in C. 7.82in. D. 9.50 in.

75. The center gravity of a hemisphere from its base measured along the vertical radius “r” is at a distance (from the base) equal to
A. (3/8) R B. (3/4) R C. (3pi/4r) D. (4pi/3rR)

76. Which of the following describes the image of an object that is placed between the focus and the concave spherical mirror?
A. real, larger, inverted B. virtual, larger, not inverted
C. virtual, smaller, not inverted D. real, smaller, inverted

77. Two major types of chemical bonds are observed in chemical bonding; ionic and covalent. Which of the following has a bond that is
the least ionic in character?
A. NaCl B. CH4 C. H2 D. H2O

78. What are van der Waals force?

A. weak secondary bonds between atoms B. primary bonds between atoms
C. forces between electrons and protons D. forces not present in liquids

79. Dry ice is a compound of

A. Solid ice without any water B. Solid SO2 C. Solid CO2 D. Solid C6H6

80. What is annuity?

A. the future worth of present worth B. the annual repayment of a loss
C. a series of uniform payment over a period of time D. a lump sum at the end of the year

81. 2 lbm of 200ºF iron (Cp = 0.1 BTU/lbm-ºF) is dropped into a gallon of 40ºF water. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
A. 33.77ºF B. 34.47ºF C. 43.74ºF D. 53.77ºf

82. What is the value of the work done for a closed, reversible, isometric system?
A. zero B. positive C. negative D. positive or negative

83. During an adiabatic, internally reversible process, what is true about the change in entropy?
A. It is always zero B. It is always less than zero. C. It is always greater than zero. D. It is infinite.

84. A man standing at a window 5 meters tall, a falling ball pass by the window 0.3sec. From how high above the top of the window
was the ball released?
A. 8.18 m B. 9.63 m C. 11.8 m D. 21.3 m

85. A leak from a faucet comes out in separate drops. Which of the following is the main cause of this phenomenon?
A. gravity B. air resistance C. viscosity of the fluid D. surface tension

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86. In a 25 storey office building, the elevator starting from rest at first floor is accelerated at 0.80m/𝑠 2 for 5 seconds, then continues at
constant velocity for 10 seconds more and is stopped in 3 seconds with constant acceleration. If the floors are 4 meters apart, at
what floor does the elevator stop?
A. 13th floor B. 14th floor C. 15th floor D. 16th floor

87. A steel ball is dropped from 2 meters height onto a smooth floor, If the coefficient of restitution between the ball and floor is 0.87,
the ball will bound to a height h1 near to
A. 1.0 m B. 1.25 m C. 1.5 m D. 1.75 m

88. The critical point for a mixture occurs for which of the following cases?
A. The vapor and liquid exist in a single form B. The liquid has no absorbed gas.
C. The vapor phase is stable. D. The liquid is completely vaporized.

89. The strength of a rectangular beam is proportional to the breadth and the square of the depth. Find the dimensions of the strongest
beam that can be cut out from a log 20 cm in diameter.
A. 12.53 cm & 17.32 cm B. 10.52 cm & 18.31 cm C. 11.54 cm & 16.33 cm D. 14.51 cm & 19.30 cm

90. Which statement is true for a fluid?

A. It cannot sustain a shear force. B. It cannot sustain a shear force at rest.
C. It is a liquid only. D. It has a very regular molecular structure.

91. A substance is oxidized when which of the following occurs?

A. It turns red. B. It becomes more negative. C. It loses electrons. D. It gives off heat.

92. The submarine Squalus sank at a depth of 240 ft. Compute the absolute pressure at this depth, in lb/in 2. The specific gravity of
seawater is 1.025.
A. 116.13 lb/in2 B. 118.53 lb/in2 C.121.36lb/in2 D. 125.73 lb/in2

93. The ______ principle states that no orbital may contain more than two electrons.
A. Pauli B. Rutherford C. Dalton D. Bohr

94. Effective interest rate per year is defined as:

A. The nominal interest rate per year.
B. The rate of return that can be realized from an investment
C. The interest rate per period times the number of periods per year.
D. The annual interest rate taking into account the effect of any compounding during the year.

95. Solar collectors generate 1 kW/m2 of thermal energy using the sun’s energy. A collector with an area of 1 m2 heats water. The water flow rate is
30 L/min. What is most nearly the temperature rise in the water? The specific heat of water is 4200 J/kg.°C.
A. 0.1°C B. 0.5°C C. 5°C D. 30°C

96. Which material type has a higher index of refraction?

A. light materials B. heavier materials C. denser materials D. less-dense materials

97. Which of the following elements and compounds is unstable in its pure form?
A. Sodium (Na) B. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) C. Helium (He) D. Neon (Ne)

98. Ice is slippery when a man walks on it because

A. It has a smooth surface B. it is very chilly C. It has no friction D. Increase of pressure causes it to melt

99. What is the acid test ratio?

A. the ratio of the owner’s equity to total current liabilities.
B. the ratio of all assets to total liabilities
C. the ratio of current assets (exclusive of inventory) to total current liabilities.
D. the ratio of gross margin to operating, sales, and administrative expenses

100. Which of the following is not included in a registered electrical engineer’s field of practice?
A. teaching of electrical subjects
B. distribution of electrical equipment and systems requiring engineering calculations or applications of engineering data
C. seals electrical plans
D. operation and maintenance of electrical equipment in power plants.

*** END ***


“Anyone who trusts in the Lord will never be put to shame.” Romans 10:11
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