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1. Acknowledgement ------------------------------------------------2. Company Profile 2.1 Chairman¶s Message -----------------------------------------2.2 Company History ------------------------------------------2.3 Company Vision ------------------------------------------2.4 Company Mission -------------------------------------------2.5 Company Philosophy ----------------------------------------2.6 Objective of Company --------------------------------------3. Activities 3.1 Location and Subsidiaries -----------------------------------3.2Type of company -----------------------------------------------3.3 Board of Directors --------------------------------------------3.4 Organizational Structure ------------------------------------3.5 Products/Services ---------------------------------------------4. Operations 4.1 Production Details ---------------------------------------------4.2 Mine Safety -----------------------------------------------------4.3Quality Control by µECO FRIENDLY MINING¶-------4.4 Coal Distribution Policy -------------------------------------4.5 Market-mix of coal produced ------------------------------4.6 Customers ------------------------------------------------------5. Financial Data 5.1 Sources of Funding -------------------------------------------5.2 Balance Sheet --------------------------------------------------5.3 Profit/Loss ------------------------------------------------------6. Learning Experience ----------------------------------------------6.1 What did I learn? ---------------------------------------------6.2 It¶s relevance to become a manager -----------------------6.3 How can I put it to practice? -------------------------------6.4 Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------2


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Apart from the efforts of me, the success of this project depends
largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this project. I would like to express my greatest gratitude and appreciation to the people who have helped and supported me throughout. They are Prof. Dr.S.B.Chordiya, Prof. Lodha and Prof. Behere, Mr. Manish Sing the staffs in SIMMC, and last but not least my course mates who have provided me with invaluable advice and help. I can¶t say thank you enough for his tremendous support, help and guidance. I feel motivated and encouraged every time I attend his meeting. Without his encouragement and guidance this project would not have materialized. The guidance and support received from all the team members who contributed and are contributing to this project, was vital for the success of the project. I am grateful for their constant support and help. Chairman¶s Message for decades continue to be the dominant source of global energy despite community expectations over climate change, according to two international industry figures. Indian coal at the pithead is the cheapest coal in the world. With low sulphur content, Indian coal is eco-friendly. Our business plan therefore aims primarily to translate these strong economic fundamentals of coal into prosperity for the country and the company. I believe coal is here to stay as our primary energy source. Coal production has to grow, India has to consume more coal, and we can¶t deny that. I think the Indian government is in the process of ramping up

COAL will

B) 4 . Thus the idea of a nationalized. 1983 Mr. and suffered from their lack of interest in scientific methods. Background History The Indian energy sector is largely dependent on coal as the prime source of energy. we need the oil. which suggested the amalgamation of small and fragmented producing units. a greater need for coal production was felt in the First Five Year Plan. we need it all. The miners lived in sub-standard conditions as well. In 1951 a Working Party for the coal industry was set up. Amitava Goswami initiates commercial coal mining at Asansol(W. After the Indian independence. 1n 1956. and we need the renewable. we need the gas. the National Coal Development Corporation (NCDC) was formed with 11 collieries with the task of exploring new coalfields and expediting development of new coal mines. In the pre-nationalized era coal mining was controlled by private owners. There isn¶t actually enough energy of other forms to replace coal. unified coal sector was born. By 2030. because we need the energy. we need the coal. Renewable energies made up 13 percent of world energy consumption and that was expected to rise to just 14 percent by 2030. unhealthy mining practices and sole motive of profiteering.electricity supplies to its population of more than one billion. It¶s incumbent upon us as a society to continue to focus on developing clean coal. But this is true that India is taking climate change seriously and the coal industry was looking to reduce its environmental impact. and our country¶s growing economy had pushed energy demand up by 7 percent a year.

.NCL. (ACL). River transportation used to transport coal to Calcutta.P Minimal development.BCL was accorded coveted "Mini Ratna" Status Up to 1990 Early 1992s 1993 1995 1999 2001 5 . Nagpur coalfields Ltd (NCL). Singarauli Coalfields Ltd. A Bilaspur coalfield was established. railway lines at Calcutta leads to expansion of Coal Production Capacity at 6 million tonnes per annum Focus on Coal Industry. capacity up to 38.SCL.viz.4 Million tonnes Coking Coal Industry Nationalized. That time it was in M. Bharat Coking Coal Limited formed to manage operations of all Coking Coal mines in SINGARAULI Coalfields LTD.(SCL).(BCL) Coal Bharat & four of its no Subsidiaries.ACL. Asansol coalfields ltd..1987 1988 A Nagpur coalfield was established as a subsidiary in Maharastra. Coal Bharat Limited formed as holding Company with 4 subsidiaries viz. Bilaspur Coalfields Ltd.

Old Post Office Street Calcutta . Kundu &Basu Chartered Accountants 1.700 001 Udayan Sen 10. Calcutta .700 001 AUDITORS M/s. Mission of Coal Bharat Produce the planned quantity of coal efficiently and economically with due regard to safety. Mitra.Acharya Jagadish Chandra Basu Rd.About the company BANKERS Allahabad Bank SBI HDFC ICICI Punjab National Bank Bank of Baroda SOLICITORS M/s Fox & Mondal 12.700 001 10. Kolkata-700020 Vision of Coal Bharat To emerge from the position of domestic leader to leading global player in the energy sector by adopting best practices from mine to market with due care to environmental and social sustenance. Old Post Office Street . 6 . conservation & quality. Old Post Office Street Calcutta .

CBL is expected to produce about 520. over years and ended the fiscal 2008-09 with a production of 403. in India by:     Stopping wasteful.50 by 2011-12.6% during the XI Five Year Plan. Company Philosophy Objectives of Coal Bharat The objective of the company is the conservation of the scarce coal resource.74 Million Tonnes. with the task of fuelling country¶s energy needs. Planned development of available coal resources Improvement in safety standards Ensuring adequate investment for optimal utilization consistent with growth needs 7 . sustaining growth. With the annualized growth rate pegged at 7. particularly coking coal. selective and slaughter mining. and entrusted with a modest coal production of 79 Million Tonnes (MTs) at its inception in 1975. CBL¶s targeted production for 2009-10 is 435 MTs.Target of Coal Bharat CBL has been consistently increasing its production.

with Headquarters in Kolkata. BILASPUR COALFIELDS LTD. West Bengal. CBL joined the select band of significant players in the economic development of the country.Location and Subsidiaries: Subsidiaries: SINGARAULI COALFIELDS LTD. With proven coal reserves of 105. The elevated status provides more financial and operational autonomy to CBL and it can take decisions on its own for investing in projects. NAGPUR COALFIELDS LTD. ASANSOL COALFIELDS LTD. Coal Bharat LTD. CBL shall be even more diligent and responsive to the needs of its consumers. CBL Coal Bharat Limited (CBL) is a Public Limited company of India. 8 .82 Billion Tonnes out of total reserves of 267 Billion Tonnes (as on 1 April 2009) Coal Bharat plays a pivotal role in Indian energy scenario.

SCL A subsidiary company of Coal Bharat Limited. BCL The coal deposits of BCL occur in five districts i. Burdwan. Umaria. Korba. West Bengal) Type of company: Public Limited 9 . Anuppur district in Madhya Pradesh. Civil Lines. This occurs in the great Son Mahanadi master basin. It has mining operation spread over the states of Maharashtra (in Nagpur.NCL Nagpur Coalfields Limited is one of the four Subsidiary Companies of Coal Bharat Limited (CBL) . Chandrapur & Yeotmal Districts) and Madhya Pradesh (in Betul and Chhindawara Districts). 1956 has its registered office at Coal Estate. Nagpur±440001. Its headquarter is located at Asansol (Dist.5% of the national coal production during 2007-08. The Company incorporated under the Companies Act.).e. Sidhi (M.P. Singrauli is connected by road with Varanasi (220 Km. The Company has contributed about 9. Its headquarter is located at Singrauli.) ACL A subsidiary company of Coal Bharat Limited. Raigarh. Distt. Bilaspur. Surguja &Korea in Chhattisgarh and three districts Shahdol.

Safety & Conservation and Rescue Electronics & Tele-Communication New Technology Land & Revenue Environment Personnel HRD Welfare Medical Security Legal Products/Services ‡ Coking Coal ‡ Semi Coking Coal ‡ Non Coking Coal 10 . Plg.Board of Directors Dr. Corp. Ravi Nawani (Finance) Dr. Goutam Dhar (Technical) Organizational Structure and key Departments in the company Board of Directors Chairman Corporate Communication Director (Finance) Director (Operation) Director (Project &Panning) Director (Personnel) Finance Accounts Internal Audit Systems Production Industrial Engg Quality Control Sales & Mkt. Dhrubajyoti Goswami (Chairman) Mr. & Proj Civil Engg. Jamal Mazhar (Marketing) Mr.

paper. and for other heating purposes Hard Coal: Hard coke is formed from coking / semi-coking coal through the process of carbonization.‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Hard Coal WASHED AND BENEFICIATED COAL MIDDLINGS REJECTS TAR / HEAVY OIL / LIGHT OIL / SOFT PITCH Coking Coal: These coals. when heated in the absence of air. ceramic.    These have coking properties Mainly used in steel making and metallurgical industries Also used for hard coke manufacturing Semi Coking Coal: These coals. free from volatiles. form coherent beads not strong enough to be directly fed into the blast furnace.   Mainly used in metallurgical industries Also used in industrial plants utilizing furnaces 11 .   Mainly used as thermal grade coal for power generation Also used for cement. with strong and porous mass. when heated in the absence of air.   These have comparatively less coking properties than coking coal Mainly used as blend-able coal in steel making. called coke. form coherent beads. Such coals are blended with coking coal in adequate proportion to make coke. glass. fertilizer. merchant coke manufacturing and other metallurgical industries Non Coking Coal: These are coals without coking properties. chemical and brick manufacturing.

industrial plants.    Used in manufacturing of hard coke for steel making Beneficiated and washed non-coking coal is used mainly for power generation Beneficiated non-coking coal is used by cement. etc. Tar/Heavy Oil/Light Oil/Soft Pitch: These are produced using low temperature carbonization of non-coking coal in vertical retorts. sponge iron and other industrial plants Middlings: Middlings are by-products of the three stage coal washing / beneficiation process. etc. pharmaceutical industries.  Used for Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Boilers for power generation. briquette (domestic fuel) making. cement plants. Rejects: Rejects are the products of coal beneficiation process after separation of cleans and / or middlings. as a fraction of feed raw coal. oil. 12 . dye.Washed and beneficiated Coal: These coals have undergone the process of coal washing or coal beneficiation. land filling. brick manufacturing units. resulting in value addition of coal due to reduction in ash percentage. Used in furnaces and boilers of industrial plants as well as power houses. as a fraction of feed raw coal. road repairs.   Used for power generation Also used by domestic fuel plants. etc.

DUMPERS 170T: 23 nos. DRILLS 311mm: 10 nos.. GRADER 280 HP: 36 nos...... others: 34 nos.5 CuM: 09 nos. TEXMACO: 03 nos. 19 112 559 133 184 13 49 53 65 19 04 02 Coal Production Method A five step process to deliver a quality product. 250mm: 85 nos. 50 T: 03 nos.5 CuM: 03 nos.7 CuM: 08 nos.. others: 04 nos. The five steps of the coal production process include: 1. 10 CuM: 62 nos. 50T: 01 no. 160mm: 35 nos. 410HP: 155 nos.. 70T: 1nos... Exploration and development Mining Processing Loading and transportation 13 . 4.. 30T: 06 nos. 480HP: 08 nos. LANSING: 02 nos. CRANE 90T: 05 nos... 60T: 05 nos.. 3. 12... PAYLOADERS 5.. Total Nos.... 9. 18T: 12 nos. 10/70 ESH: 02 nos......Production Details: EQUIPMENT DRAGLINE 24/96 w200: 12 nos. DOZERS 770 HP: 07 nos. 15/90 ESH: 01 no. COMPACTOR CAT 82-5B: 02 nos.. 3. others: 24 nos. 10T: 6 nos. 75T: 03 nos. 40T: 02 nos..... 145 HP: 13 nos. TRAILER BDCH 60T: 04 nos. Coal production takes place through a five step process to deliver a quality product with a focus on reducing long term environmental impact. 11 CuM: 01 no. TYRE HANDLER BEML: 14 nos. 35 T: 37 nos. SHOVEL 20 CuM: 03 nos.. 100mm: 03 nos.. 120T: 153 nos. ESH 20/90: 04 nos. others: 13 nos. WATER SPRINKLER 85 T: 11 nos.. 460HP: 01 no. 2.5 CuM: 01 nos.. 85T: 383 nos.

sometimes at great depth. This takes place to locate and determine the most appropriate methodology to extract the mineral. coal technologists and surveyors. As Coal's mining occurs in soft. geotechnical engineers. size and quality of the coal reserves and for producing a computer model. Surveyors support both the geologists and mining engineers by ensuring that the data required for deposit modeling is correctly gathered in the first instance. Once land has been prepared mining can commence. Exploration and development The first stage to any coal production operation is exploration and development. mining engineers. Rehabilitation. Surveyors also confirm that the engineers' mine plans are accurately reflected in the mine development. This model is used by the mining engineers to plan and manage the mining process taking into consideration: y y y y y y y Mine wall stability Scheduling of coal production at a consistent rate and quality Controlling groundwater seepage and rainwater runoff Mining block and backfill designs for minimal possible overburden removal distance Optimizing equipment deployment and productivity Minimizing operational interruptions Optimizing drill and blast practices. saturated sediments. Coal has had to achieve high standards of professionalism in the above disciplines. Exploration and development involves the combined efforts of geologists.5. The geologist is responsible for defining the shape. 14 .

After advancing a specified distance. although there are some in the West.underground and surface. This machine has a revolving cylinder with tungsten bits that shear off the coal. Today. But the methods for recovering coal from the earth have undergone drastic changes in the past 25 years. More than two-thirds of the coal produced underground is extracted by continuous mining machines in the room-and-pillar method. underground mines accounted for 96 percent of the coal produced each year. Fifty years ago when most coal mining was done manually. The continuous mining machine contains tungsten bits on a revolving cylinder. Most underground mines in the United States are located east of the Mississippi River. This method involves pulling a cutting machine across a 400 to 600 foot long face (longwall) of the coal seam. the continuous miner is backed out and roof bolts are put in place. called longwall mining. particularly in Utah and Colorado. Another method.Mining As was the case 50 years ago. The process is repeated until the coal seam is mined. accounts for about 20 percent of production. The 15 . almost 60 percent is produced from surface mines. as a consequence of technological advances. The continuous miner breaks the coal from the face and then conveys it to a waiting shuttle car which transports it to the conveyor belt to be moved to the surface. The coal falls into a conveyor system which carries it out of the mine. most coal is produced from two major types of mines-.. No blasting is needed.

Surface mining is used when the coal seam is located relatively close to the surface. etc. making underground mining impractical. Before a company can surface mine. soil composition. The remaining 11 percent of underground production is produced by conventional mining which uses explosives to break up the coal for removal. 16 . Half of the minable surface coal in the United States is located in the West.roof is supported by large steel supports. Nearly 80 percent of the coal can be removed using this method. wildlife. attached to the longwall machine. but significant amounts are also present in Appalachia and Midwestern states. vegetation. it must gather information about the site regarding growing conditions. The company must post a bond for each acre of land it mines to assure that it will be properly reclaimed. the company then applies to the state or federal government for a permit to mine. With this information. The roof behind the supports is allowed to fall. As the machine moves forward. climate. the roof supports are advanced.

Coal crushing can 17 . The topsoil is removed and stored for later use in the reclamation process. and wilderness and recreation areas on what was once surface mines. bulldozers clear and level the mining area. screening and beneficiation. Native vegetation and/or trees are planted. the land is returned to the desired contour and the topsoil is replaced. 10 cents a ton for lignite mined coal. Crushing Mined coal can include lumps up to a meter in size. Each is loaded with explosives which are discharged. Coal companies operating surface mines must comply with strict requirements and regulations of the Federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.Most surface mines follow the same basic steps to produce coal. Processing takes place at Griffin Coal's Ewington Mine. The major stigma associated with the coal industry today is the abandoned or "orphan" mines of the early coal mining years. shattering the rock in the overburden. The tax is paid to the government and is used to reclaim the orphaned mines. Giant power shovels or draglines clear away the overburden until the coal is exposed. Once the coal is removed. A crucial part of the surface mining process is restoring a mined site to acceptable ecological conditions. and 15 cents a ton for underground mined coal. which carry the coal to the preparation plant. so crushing to a manageable size is required. There are farms. First. Processing Processing involves crushing. It is a process wherein coal is converted from Run of Mine to a product that meets the customer's requirement. These orphan mines are systematically being reclaimed under the Surface Mining Act taxes coal producers at the rate of 35 cents a ton for surface mined coal. parks. Many small holes are drilled through the overburden (dirt and rock above the coal seam) to the coal seam. Smaller shovels then scoop up the coal and load it onto trucks. which means it must be made as productive as it was prior to mining.

Most cleaning processes involve washing the coal in order to separate coal particles from stone particles as coal is considerably lighter. Coal¶s screened coal is ideal for burning in horizontal kilns. Crush Two: Sizer Coal size is further reduced through a sizer. Beneficiation/Washing Beneficiation has been trialed at factory. During beneficiation. Crush One: Feeder Breaker Coal is crushed in a feeder breaker. In this process coarse and fine coal is separated so to accommodate for specific markets and industrial usage. a chain conveyor under a toothed drum that breaks the biggest lumps. 18 . a process wherein hydrogen and oxygen are removed from the coal to make it purer form of carbon. Coarser coal is also required by customers who burn coal in grate±fired applications. Beneficiation can improve the quality of contaminated coal that would otherwise be wasted. coal is processed to remove impurities reducing ash and sulphur thereby improving the market value of the coal. where each oversize particle is reduced to less than 75 millimeters. Screening takes place at a processing plant adjacent to the Mine.include a two stage process dependant on deposit size. Screening Screening is used to separate different sizes of crushed coal. Charring Coal can be charred. In these kilns uniform particle grading is used to create even combustion along the length of the kiln.

The objective of mine rehabilitation is to create a structurally stable landform capable of future productive use. Rehabilitation Restoring the environment to its natural state. Rehabilitation involves returning the land to its natural state post mining through strict. coal is loaded and transported accordingly. Griffin Coal¶s environmental commitment includes the progressive rehabilitation of its mining operations. At this point it is important to rehabilitate the environment so as to return it to its natural state. Rehabilitation also occurs to return land to a scale and morphology similar to that which exists elsewhere in the Collie Basin. A variety of products are produced to specification for size and quality. Coal preparation involves crushing. Loading & Transportation Preparation of coal for sale to industrial customers is an integral aspect of Ewington operations. screening and loading trucks and trains. land recontouring. Work to restore disturbed areas is carried out progressively as soon as practicable. Rehabilitation involves a comprehensive process of classifying overburden material.Once processed according to specifications. All coal consignments are sampled to Australian and International Standards and analysis is undertaken by an independent NATA accredited laboratory. well researched strategies of revegetation and the regeneration of natural ecosystems. 19 . Mine site rehabilitation is important to environmental sustainability.

numerous Acacias and understory species. 3. shrubs and trees. Dumping of waste material is undertaken so the best materials end up near the surface of waste landforms and the other material is encapsulated in the middle. Regeneration Native species do not germinate and develop until the following spring. Wandoo. 2. 20 . Topsoil is then spread to a depth of 150 millimeters before the area is contour ripped. The cereal rye germinates quickly and stabilizes the surface through the winter and the natives emerge the following spring. 4. Seeding Rehabilitation areas are seeded at the break of the winter rainy season. Historically dumps were rehabilitated to pasture species. Overburden Material Classification Overburden material is classified according to its potential to cause geochemical impacts (acid rock drainage) on the environment. therefore the potential for massive erosion is present during the winter. This approach was chosen to stabilize the dump outslope quickly to prevent erosion. The seed mix includes Jarrah. Land Recontouring When the landforms are no longer needed for mining or dumping purposes the slopes are recontoured to around 10 degrees to control surface runoff and to ensure a stable slope. groundcovers. and initially are susceptible to erosion damage until germination and root development has occurred. Flooded Gum. 1.seeding and regeneration. A strategy has been developed whereby native bush species comprising grasses. are sown together with a "nurse" crop of cereal rye. fertilized and seeded with local natives. More recently efforts have been directed to the re-establishment of native flora.

50 83.30 43.46 200809 3.74 24.21 200607 10.20 BCL SCL ACL Operational Statistics Overall OBR(MCUM) OMS(Tonne) OFFTAKE(MT) 645.04 33.14 333.20 30.30 24.26 351.11 4.53 10.38 25.20 16.02 9.95 3.79 8.78 31.75 25.15 8.51 17.54 3.52 66.50 8.13 21.92 33.65 533.98 33.32 15.34 21.607.74 77.39 19.05 93.51 200809 9.21 200708 9.79 375.90 19.21 16.65 31.67 Mine Safety We have always given the highest priority towards µSafety¶ considered as a part of our core production process.76 41.17 43.47 4.30 88.Production (Figs in Million Tonnes) Subsidiary Type NCL U/G OC Total U/G OC Total U/G OC Total U/G OC Total 200506 9.41 16.33 2007.53 43.09 401.13 4. There is 21 .74 28.46 20.57 83.58 101.13 1.27 22.65 8.56 08 200607 200506 537.06 4.20 72.

Same is being considered for mines having arduous travel. Following thrust areas have been identified y Steel support such as roof bolting/ roof stitching is being implemented to replace timber. bore hole extensometer for recording 22 y y y y y y y . supervisory stall and executives at Area and company level. Telemonitoring system for c0ntinucus monitoring of underground mine environment parameters in respect of methane and carbon monoxide gas is provided in 4 mines of WCL. Risk Assessment as a tool for development of appropriate health and safety management system is being introduced Man-riding System has been introduced in Tandsi Mine. Hydraulic/ pneumatic drilling of roof bolts holes Roof bolting with resin and cement capsules Extensive training and retraining of all category of workers. y Technological advancement in the field of mining method and better equipment design. Shortly 2 or more mines are going to be provided with Telemonitoring System" at Mathani and Mahakali Mine. Roof Strata behavior is being monitored by installing Tell -Tale. y Well thought out & conscientious safety awareness drives. Scientific study such as RMR for support design is being carried out by scientific cell establish under safety department.significant improvement in our safety performance fory Commitment by the management. workers & regulators y Advanced & continuous training of the work force. Objective of mind safety is to achieve µzero harm potential in all mines.

Regular monitoring of air. Research studies have been undertaken by various research institutes at company¶s initiative for self sustaining eco-restoration system on overburden dumps and other mined out areas. More than 2 crores (2. Quality Control by µECO FRIENDLY MINING¶ y y y y y y The company is highly concerned about protection of the environment and has taken several steps in this regard.29. Company was awarded Greentech Environment Excellence Silver Award .New Delhi in 2004-05 and Kunwar Yudhwir Singh Afforestation award .convergence.90.000 saplings have been planted.35. In the year 2006-07 total 4.Raipur in 2005 Coal Distribution Policy y y y y y Classification of Consumer Distribution & price of coal to different consumers Power utilities including independent power plants &fertilizer sector Coking coal to integrated steel plants E-Auction of coal Market-mix of coal produced in CBL y Approximately 30 percent of coal is being marketed to steel sector 23 .4.240) saplings have been planted till 1.2007 with over 90% survival rate. water and noise pollution for mines. y y y Safety Audit of all the mines is completed Drive on Inspection of Belt Conveyor is conducted Random testing of roof bolts installed before six month to judge its efficacy is being carried out. Total backfilling of about 2673 ha of land has been done.1562 ha mined out land has already been reclaimed .

cokery units. proper loading & weighment through electronic weighbridge and stock yards are being done.66 15541. Special efforts are being made for the consumers' grievances redressal and complaints resolution. For the maintenance of quality of coal proper crushing. The main commitment of CBL is to supply good quality coal at right price in right time to the consumers. Brick kilns. shale picking. For Eco-friendly measures. CBL has started beneficiating non linked washery coal at Dugda Washery for power houses.92 Promotional Activities: CBL is committed to satisfy the needs of the consumers. analysing their needs and also extending technical counseling to the consumers. deshaling. CBL has adopted the philosophy of "Societal Concept of Marketing". Several professional personnel have been inducted and processes of marketing research has been adopted.25 3311. For boosting the coal sale for noncore sector. special scheme 24 .26 2331.01 3330.74 3330. cement industry etc 2 percent of coal is being used towards internal consumption Offtake Sector Steel Power Fertilizer Cement Internal Consumption Total Offtake Offtake 08-09 (mt) 3238. 18 percent of coal is being marketed to noncore sector consisting of different types of industrial units. CBL is visualising the requirment of the consumers.y y y 50 percent of coal is being dispatched to power and fertilizer sectors.

The following steps are being taken in this direction : Ensuring RIGHT Grade : 25 . Customers Customer Satisfaction NCL has adopted II Maintenance of "Quality of Coal supplies" and "Customer satisfaction" as the key result areas. Koyla Bhawan while cash rail sale is being done at CBL.F and G grades of non-coking coal.CBL at present do not offer coal for sale under LSS(M). HOW TO GET COAL Coal can be purchased through following system:1. The details of OSS (DC) scheme are given here under. Coal company has started two liberalized sales schemes viz Open sale scheme(De-regulated Coal).C and D grades of non-coking coal. LIBERALISED SALE SCHEMES : For the benefit of consumers who cannot get linkages/sponsorships. CBL has risen to the occasions to fulfill the needs of metallurgical coal & Non Linked Washeries and non coking coal for all round infrastructural development of the country.The fover cover sale of coking coal and A.under "Open Sales Scheme" has been adopted under which any buyer can purchase the coal on the first come first serve basis as per the guide lines of the scheme. Calcutta office. For the conveniences of the consumers cash road sale is being done at CBL(HQ). Seasonal consumer get coal based on state sponsorships only 2. The later covers E.B. OSS(DC) and Liberalized sales scheme (Modified) LSS (M). LINKAGE/SPONSORSHIP :Consumers who have permanent requirement can get coal by establishing linkages with CBL.

Prompt actions are taken on the complaints received. LAFARGE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED(U. By adopting beneficiation methods like picking of shale & stones. J. By Sampling & Analysis through independent agency at loading / unloading points.P) 26 . y y Ensuring RIGHT Size: By creating sufficient crushing & optimization of blasting. Constant liaisoning is maintained with all the customers and feedback is collected from them. TYRE & INDUSTRIES LTD. 2.B). Ensuring RIGHT Weight: 100% weighment through Electronic Weigh-bridges with printout faility and introducing computer at all weigh-bridges. GUJARAT NARMADA VALLEY FERTILIZERS COMPANY LIMITED (Gujarat) 4.(W. IND POWER LIMITED(M. K. HIRA POWER & STEELS LTD(Orissa) 5. y y y Consumer List 1.y By following right mining practices for eliminating extraneous material getting mixed with good quality coal. Ensuring supply at RIGHT Time: y By providing uninterrupted loading at sidings with proper loading capacity augmentation & maintaining sufficient Stocks at sidings with effective liaison with railways. Regular consumer meets are held where all major & small consumers are invited to ventilate their views freely and suggestions are accepted and evaluated for implementation.P) 3.

83 Profit before Tax & Dividend Cost of Production Gross Sales Net Sales 27 . STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LIMITED(Chhattisgarh) 7.26 13.10 663. INDIAN STEEL & POWER PVT. HI-TECH POWER AND STEEL LTD(Jharkhand) 9.28 25.81 81. VISHWA FUEL INDUSTRIES(Tamilnadu) These are our primary customers whom we have been providing service by selling our high quality coal as per their requirements for a long period of time.P) 8. Financial Data Sources of Funding 2008-09 (in billions) INTERNAL RESOURCES BUDGETORY RESOURCES BORROWINGS TOTAL AVAILABLE FUND 42.42 45796. GODAWARI POWER & ISPAT LTD(A.35 Year 2008-09 (in crores) 5744. LTD(Delhi) 10.59 38788.6.



C. 2) steps of coal mining 3) Utilization & significance of coal which is inevitable to maintain the civilization. profit-loss account of a firm.52 611.96 (-) 169. LEVIES) INVENTORY OF STORES & SPARES IN NO.PROV. sales & marketing 30 . 4) The balance sheet.60 Learning Experience What I learnt I learnt that: 1) Indian coal at the pithead is the cheapest coal in the world. EMPLOYED DEBTORS AS % TO SALES (INCL.06 2814.04:1 32.A. CBL¶s business plan therefore aims primarily to translate these strong economic fundamentals of coal into prosperity for the country and the company.98 0.+N.14 112. Indian coal is eco-friendly. 5) product distribution policy.F. FOR TAXATION DEFERRED TAX PROFIT AFTER TAX 487. PARTICULARS CAPITAL EMPLOYED (N.73 0. With low sulphur content.33 5.78 . OF MONTHS CONSUMPTION VALUE ADDED/EMPLOYEE 2008-09 2846.A) NET WORTH( PROFIT/LOSS) LOAN DEBT/EQUITY RATIO NET PROFIT FOR THE YEAR AS % TO CAP.91 590.

But an overall knowledge I should attain by studying the profiles of different companies to know what is happening in the corporate world. While doing that 1) Having internet service very essential to study the website of the concerned company. to be a successful manager.policy of a company 6) Quality control & customer satisfaction policy of an organization 7) Organization structure. I should not only be confined to a particular sector. Now there should be the strategy for doing that. what are the ways of making profit in different situations. that time this knowledge of making company profile will be beneficial to me. How I can put it to practice This company profile project has worked on me as a driven force. if I would be in a position to establish a company. 31 .is always expected to have some basic/minimum knowledge in all those aspects. Because decision making ability is a very important skill reqd. A manager whatever may be his role to a company-finance. How it is relevant to my approach to become a manager. How they face the challenge of survival in this competitive world. I am interested also to put it to practice for the enhancement of my knowledge which is reqd. 2) If any business policy or any term I cannot understand I should consult to the knowledge faculties. Conclusion Gathering knowledge on business and organization involved in business will give me an extra edge over others in this competitive world to be a successful manager to serve my company effectively & efficiently. I can be more focused to a specific sector like automobile or software etc. IT. And all those aspects are related to each other. In future. to face the interview for managerial job. marketing. Now I can understand how important it is. production.

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