the new h e rm e t l cs

215'1:: cerrtu ry magick fur iUvl1lination and power

For wurd by lun Milo DuQIJe"t;te

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The new hc.Jm=d~, ~ ,2] 5t cenw.ry magick tor i [lumi tl arion and pu~r I

~iIIQon ~UStll$ Newcomb i fOI'ewmd by Lon ,Milo DlIQlIet~-


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1. Magic, 2. Hermetisru. ,I. Tide. HFl 6 t t .N48 2004

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The Master Therien, S. L. MacGregm Mathers, Allan Bennett, Helena II!!trihV"lll:l Blavarsky, Rich<lrd Bandler, John Grinder, Smrha\ ... -k, Shakri n, Edwin Steinbrecher, brad Regardie, Mil ron Erickson, Julie janet and Stewart Farrar, Raymond BuckhulU. Deepuk Chopra,

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Hermes Trlsmegisros, Scotr Lesser, Peter Carroll, Phil Hine, Pan, JIm Fries, Leila W<lidddl. Rose Crowl ey, L, Ro n Hu b bard, Pl arc, Dee and Edward Kelly; Moses de Leon, Christian Rosenkreutz, l Foster Case; Patrick King, Ka rI Von Eckarrhausen, Robert : Rebecca Gteen:. Mary Baker Eddy, George Jackson, Franz Paracdsus. Cad Gustav [ung, Wilhelm Reich; Leah Hirsig, Beverly Randolph, the Master Lucifrias, and all the tCH of you on this plane or any other, Thank you for youI' wisdom and your A1hha,t .is worthwhile in this book I credit to your g1;nius. AJl

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List of Figulll!s •... ,., .....•••..... , , , "'." ".",', , ' .....•••• ., . ., x:

Chap~e'r ill:: rl~coi:niJ1g it New He~Dledcii!Ot , " 15:

Skeptici.~ltI ", ....•...... , ., , r' " " ~ "" " ....•... , :16

PO''isi:biUty .•.... ""., , .....•.. , ,,, " ...• ' •.•. ;." ,., .. " ..•.••. "., " " .. , .. " ..••..... "." ]. 7

Thuh """, ; , ,.".,, , .. , " , , , " 18

Mystical Sta.Jt'es .", ....••..... , ", " ,,"", , , " ,.1 '9 blriu In " ...• " .. , " " _ ,"" .. " , " '''''''' .•..•.•.. " .. " , .. " .. 2.2

'The Model!> and Tools o:f the New Hermetics. " "" _ .2:3

ChaplIle;r 2; k1d.entM~de~. ,f,um;we New H!;l,li'metia .• , .. ,,, ......••• , "' .27

S~Jf-l\4,ru;tery " •. ;""" , " , ,; "" , .. , · "., " 7

1\.[llCWCO:!;'Ill. and lYli,ci:ocoslu .. ".,,, , •. _ ,, .. ,, •...••.... ,,,." " ; 2.'8 Fo Q.:I r .Elemen.~s _ " "" .....•.... ".,;,; , "." , " ,,, 29'

Sacred Nl1mbiifi ,IUd. Grome~iJ;-y ,,, , ,, , ....• 3,2

AJ.dl'eln.y' .....•..... , " "'._ " , """" " .. ,,",, 33

Gnosis, ~ ~ ~"~III" ••• ' •.•.• ~ ii ~'~"''iI,~ ='~ i.j ~. "."'11 II •• ~ ~-! ~";, ~ r.., .. '11 ~ , , •••• ", .. ,~ i'~ ~"" ti. ~ .. ""_ •• ~'~'!""" ~ .'!I'. ~ II'''''. ~"LlIIII. 5,;3.5

~b8il.'i!I and Taeet , ...•••... _ " "" ;",,, " __ • .:!-6

The en. Sephirol:h , " "" ....• , , .. J;,." , " •••• 37'

Twooty-two Letrers and Pa.rh~Si " ; "''' " , , , 4;

Te'trn:g,rn.m marti(m~ Four Tar'Ot Suirs, FautWorids.

Feur P~.rl(:~ of d"le' Soul." , " " "" " .. , , , ,46

Ch.ap~er 3" Modern Mod,c;ls for We New Heuweclcs ;1

Neuro-lie guistic fragrm'lw]ilng (NLP) ., " ,." ", .. , " ;i]

Fsyciloiog.i.t:3J M",mphors: Jung. Reich, and Lear)' " "" 58

Magidt:- PsY'l:;liIology and .~ pi.riu.lal.i.FY '''" .. " " ..•• " ,62

Chapter 4, The Nfl""I' Hermeelcs Program .•. "., .. , " 69

T'1~,e N e.w H~ull.etk:s uvcJ s of In.s'ctiJctUon., "" , .••.. , , , ..•. , 7b

l'be!:r.ed t:.<'I;f.t:' , , , •••• , , •• _ ••• ,., •••• , , - •.•. ,,, ,, ••• ,,73

J nitiaricn " " , , , ,., .. , .• , , , , , _--, , •... __ " .. " " , 7S

Chapmr .5: The Inil:ht!c Lew] , , , .............•..... .83

The Power of C':;'Q;als , , .•. -" .. , - - ,.,.",.,."", ., .. ,."., ,., ,., _. , ", , ".83

VisuaJ izarion Power .. ",,,,, .. ,,,,,,, .. ,, "'" .. ,,' '''" "',, , , "" , , "",, ", "", ".89

Your II111(:'[ ']empi,e , , , ,'" "', , ",, , , , , , .. 90

Actio n: The Gateway to Transforrnariou .. "., ",.,." ,,, ,,., .. " ,', .. 94

New Hermeries Grounding and Centering ,",.,' , ,', ,' , .... ,", " .. 99

'I'h,t:" Four Elements ." " , , , , ,. _ .. ,. _ __ .. ,. ., .. __ 104

R,fl'amlng Pain ~rIIm Pleasure """"_"'''''_'' .. -, , ... ", ",."._" ,.".111

Astral Traveling " .... ,"" .. , ", .. ,"" ... "',, "', "', ,,, .. , , "'''" .. "'" ... ,, ,, , ,.1 ,~, 4

Meeting witil your ~.[1ner Teacher , " , " .. _ .. , .. , __ , .. 1 ] 5


Chapter G; The :Ze~lot Level .. , , , •......... , ~, 19

Death arid Rebirth "', " , ,', " ,, , " , , .. 1] 9-

Dissolving NCl}'ldve Emotions "", .•.. "., .. " , .. , .. ,., .. " , , .. 113

A.ncho,ring Posi rive Emotions ,', """,, .. ,', ,', .. ,', ... " ... ,' , ,', ". 125

Pra Jiiayam a, ,'" " " " , , , , .....•... _.,. __ ...•.. __ , .. , _ '! 35

M,mHt'":idng Sync;hrcm idty~ N ewHermetics Creative Visual ~:l:a(ion, ,. l 4:5

Chap"~:r 7: The Pracei 60m'::I: Level , m 51

l'he Po' .... er of Goals .-- .... ,- .. ,.,- .. "", ", .. ,._,.,.".,., .. """., .. " .. , ", .. li 51

Exploring Archerypes=-Taror Trumps ... , , ..... , ... , , ... ,'" ... , , "' " ...• ~ 52

Atce5$l~~g Your Magica~ Memory: Pii.~~~Life Ikgrc.<;,sEcm . __ _ _.] 56

Bdic{~ of the New H~fmc~k:\~ M<lMCrs"."" •• """" ••••• "" •••••• , •• , •• ".,.] 58

Changing Your Beliets .. , , , , " .. , , , , , , , , ]62

Projecrinn of Energy to Cha.rge Sp-ace~ .. , , _ .. , .. _.] 65

Creati ng Art:i.fida~ Elcmen rals ... ", ,., .. ". ,." _ .. ,.",." ,., "" .. , , .. ,., .. ] 68-

Expanding Your Co nsciousness I[Q FiU the U] i verse .. " ... "", , , , .... I 72

Sl~cndng Your IV11.Ind .. " " , , , ....•.. _ .. ,. __ ..•... .• ,., .. l74

Chapter 8: H~e Phnosopher Level ., , ", ", ,n •• i77

Magitk, Mysr.~ci~m, ':'WlJ. Magnetism .. " " , , l77

"[be Shapes of Magick ." ,., .. , .. ,., " , .. ,., .. , ,." , " , 179

Crendng Sigils and. Talismans, , ,", , , " .. ,', , , " ,', t 82

Exploring Archetyp t',~: lnvoking the God!; _. ,. _ _ .. , .. _ __ "".,188

Exploring Inruition and ESP .""",.""., ,_".,._,.,., ,." , " ,190

ValueHiererchies ", .. , " ,", .. , .. , ,,' "" .. ,," , , , " , , , , .. "' .. " , 191

B rcnth Aware.n.e~~-Malmsat~ Piit,h.:i na .,. .•... _, .. __ .' _",', __ , ."" _"", _ -,.,196

Rising on (he Planes "',."", ... ",., .. " .... "".,.", .. " ... ,, ... ,', , .... ,', ..... , " .... , 196

Contents i'x

Chapter 9: 'f.he Adept Level , " , 199

Cn;a~ing In fler Hilnnony .. ,', , , , " , , " , '." •• , __ , , •• 199

Conscious Comrrumion whh C()5.m ic Co nsciousness .. " " ", .. ,,200

C:onque[ing Your Demons ., .. , .. " " , , , "" ", , , ,.202

RlIJ~ati I1g Rosicrucian Love, ", " , ", , _ _ ...•. __ .,' _, .,207

Balan cing Your Power ", " , , _.,. __ . , .. , _, ",." ,." , , , , .. 2 09

C~apte~ 10. Beyond Adepdwod ,." " , .213

Building A Physical Temple .. " ,.", .. """ .. ,." , , " .. ",.2] 4

Having ll'oubl c? , "." ", .. ,."." , " , , , .. ,,', , " .. 215

Append.ix .~: A Note [0 me StudiQUS Qabalist on

Enou .Found. in this Vo]u~ne " ,.217

Appendix 1:]nism Om i.~~ion~ 219

Appendix 3: Mevemenraed rhe New Hemlctics , 22 2:

Appendix 4:: New Her-meti.cs Sex. Magidi , , 229

Appendix 5: The .Bolnless Rhual , , , .....••..................... 232

Bi~~~ogI"aphy and S~~gg~sted Reading .USt ." ............•.........••......••.•• 238

Notes , , , 240

List of Figures

Th orh 0 r Tahuri, the Egyp tian god 0 f magick ., ; A

The four elements combined with spirir .... " ... " ,', ,', .. "",30 t ive and negative cha racrerisries ·of the hUl110L~

and thC]f corresponding elements .... " ... , , ... ,'" ... ' , .... ", ..... , ,,, ... ,,,31 Th e alch emical pri ncip les as it pmce55 of in teracti on

with the world , , " " " " ", " , ,.,34

The Qabalistic Tree of Lifc ..•.•.... , , " " , 38

The process of inregration and awakening shown

on the Tree of Life ., , 4.0

The ~evels of New Hermetic inserucrion o.n the Tree of life .47 The Tctragrammato n, the elemems, and the suits

of the L1!0{.,,, ••• ,,, , , , ••••.•••.••••• , .•••••••••• , •••••••••• ; 48

The Tcrf':.tgrammawn 011 the Tree oJUfe ..... ", .. , , ,"", " ,49

The eye-accessing cues for NLP rnodalitie-s ." ;4

A point of white light t'epresems cosmic consciousness , , 76

Feel desire for the growillg ~ight , " 77

A ['.it of lighc shines down into yOUl' auric egg 78

The globe ofligh r reaches the [OP of your head ' ", 79

Peel yourself d issolving co m pletely into (he light , 79

Sam pie: goah by element " .. ", "'" ,,', , ,, 85

Your five mOS'E imporranr goals , ;; ; .....••..... " 88

Inner temple, front vi~\ ,., , ", .. ", ", ,,, ,,, , , 92

Inner temple, back viev 93

Creating [he cross of'whire Hglu ,,, , ,, , ,', ; .. IOO

Projecting peDIagrams •... ; .•..••..•.•••• , , ,., ,,.102

Visual.iz.tng: gmtrd.iam:" "" " , " , ,. 103

Face the south and west Wd.US when working

with fire and wa:rcr , , , , ,.; ;.106

Figtw;: 24. F a ce the north and cast walls when working

with earth and air ,., , , , .. , , ......•....... 107

Figure 25. Face the wall corresponding to your negative rrair. , 108

.Fi gme 26, Face the wall correspo ndiag to the posi dvc quality , 109

Figure 27. Shri.nk the positive dillage down , ... "" ... ", .. " .... "" .... " , .. " .. " 110

Figure 21t Shrink [he negarive image, grow the positive imagc , 1 I 1

PiguI"C 29 .. fndex fingers and rhumbs together sigmd creativity ;. I 2:7

l~igme 1. Figure 2. HgllJrt 3.

Figure 4.

Figure 5. Egme6.

l-igurc 7. Figure S.

Figure 9. Figure 1 Q Figure 11 .. Figure 12. Fig'l.ltc 13. Figure 14. Ftgpn: 15. f~gure ]6. :F~g;ure :~ 7. Figure 18. Figure 19. Figure 20. Figure 21. Figure 22. Figure 23.

Figure 30. Middle fingers and th urn bs together signal (fa nqu iii ry , ,. I. 28

Figure 31. Ring fil'lg,er:; and. thumbs together signal vitality , .. 130

Figure 32. Pinky nngcrs and thumbs rogether ~ignal communication , .. 13,1 l~i gu re 3-'. Index, m iddle fi nger,s, and. dU.1 mhs eogerher

signal. medication ." ,., ,,' , .. "',, , ,,, , .. , ,., , , , .. , I.3)

Pigure 34. Ring fingers, pinky .fingers, and thumbs rogerher

signal confidence ., " ".,,, .. ,,, , ,", , , , , 135

Figure 35,. l"he S'e'iJ'en chakrss , , ; , , , ", 139

Figure 36, The seed sounds of the seven chakrns " 143

Figure 3.,. Visualize a movie screen .in the middle of your i nner [em ple , ,. 146

Figure 38. Create a detailed movie of your desire .. , , 147

.Figure 39. Experience yonr movie in rhe first penon , , 147

J'igure 40. Imagine a beam of puwcr descending onro you from

the globe of light , " "',, , , .. , , ,. , 148

Figure 41 . Pm jeer power i IUO yo m movie ; , " l 49

Figure 42, See the movie screen floal upinto file globe oflighL., .....•... 149 F,gurt:43, Imag"ine the desired energy fil.ling the universe

in dHut,ed form , , " , 168

Figure 44. Begin pore breathing "" , , ,,' ,,' 169

Figure 45. Imagine the dC'~ilred~nergy moving our or your solar plexus and

fiI.ling the space you nave chosen ; ]]O

l~igurc ti 6. [magi ne the desired energy rnovi ng om of your solar plexus an d

formi!lg a gl.owing sphere .. ",,, .. ,,, ,, , ,, ,'.172

Pi gUfC 47. Visual ~ze the elemen ral moving up into (he globe

oflight above your temple. " , "'.173

Figure 48.. Sig,ilh"cd letters "" , , " " IB4

Figure 49, A sigil placed in a magical shape , , , , , l8S

Figul'e 50. See all of your fe, us coming together in

rhe shape of a dern 0 n ; , , , ,,, ,." , , , 204

Figure 51. Moving and breathing in the earthelement , ",225

Figure 52. Moving and breat.hing in the water dement , ", 226

figure 53. Moving ,md breath i fig i ~~ [he a it dement 217

.Egme ) 4. M ovi n g and brearhing in the f~ re element ., " " , 218


I am particularly pleased and hone rOO that M r; N ewcomb has asked me to pen the foreword to rh is remarkable book- =rcmarkablein ~ha( it offers more than musings and the retelling of ancient material; remark~i ble i t'l thar he demo nstra tes so pleasan dy that one C~ il focus i ntensely upon the myl'itery teachings of the past without isolating oneself from the discoveries and revelations of the presciH, that one can unite the modem sciences of the mind. with [he wonder and wisdom of the <lges.

IE is J labor not dissimilar to the works of a. number ofindividuals who in the twilight of the golden ages of Egypt and Greece shared. their wisdom .i n a body of mystical texts supposedly wri teen by the God Thcth, or Hermes, or Hennes Trisrnegisros, Foremost among these is one rhar bears the name 0 fits myth ical au tho r, Tl;e Emerald l-abietof Hermes. Tradirion maintains i~ was the firs[ revelation of God to mankind-· it was cast in Iiqnid emerald by the H'!agick of alchemy; its raised lercers reveal ing in thirteen s hort verses the u niversal 0 pera tic 11S: of nature. It is the famous work that gave us the fundamental Hermetic axiom;

It is true /.uui no lie, certain, and to be depended Up01l, that the superior agn~el' with the i'rlfrrior. a.nd th~' inferior with superior, to if}'ect that one truly wonderfid work. I

Verses f'iv·e and $]X go on 00 provide me diligent aspirant rhe mystic key by which he Or she can arise from the tomb of matter even while acknowledgi ng [hat the to In b is an integral part 0 f the sel f.

The power is perfect. after it has bem «nited u)ith II, spiriruous em·th. Separat« the spirimous earth from the dense or crude earth by means afa gentle 17tat,. with .rnuch dttcnti(}n.2

it is the profoundest of cosmic ironies. The divine power, our true apirirual essence, does nor achieve perfection until it hits rhe rock borrom of the cosmos-the dense and crude earth, It remains imperfect until the moment of entombmenr for [he simple reason that, until thar dark nadir is reached, the experiential adventure of existence remains incomplete, and self is not ye[ endowed with the cntjre spectrum of the I.ight of

Forewo rd' .xv

ccnsciousness-s-Irnrn spirit to marter, from the highest high [0 the lowest low.

This is why Hermetic tradition informs us that the highese angelic hosts envy the children of the dust because humans h,lve something they VitHI never ha ve----a I irtle bit of every thin g fro m wp to bottom, High <IS they are, the angels are Stuck. .i n di vi ne middle man [Igen1en r wi ehour []I complete stash of the F<lW material nec:essa.ry to clone themselves to perfect godhead. Aleisrer Crowley describes this process as " .. , the gen~ eral doctrine that the climax of the Descent into Maner is the signal for the redimegrat]on3 by SpiriL"4 Once the lowest 10\y has been reached, the power is pe rfect and the process of return is .1 ni ri aced.

The Emerald In.blet of Herrrlef [ells us how to begin. We are to "Ser:r.anl re the spiri tI1OU"~ earth fromthe dense or crude earth by means 0 f a gencle heat]. with much attention." This doesn't mean we are to cnokcurselves oyer a low Harne [although in the symbolic language 0,( alcheruj, that's pren;y much what We do). It means thar rhrough it slow, balanced, and gentle process \ve are (with gl,'e:~l[ anenrion) to distiH. the essence ofour being. the song of Our soul" hom the muddy vesture of decay,

This is the initiarcry process of [he Hermeticist old and new-a balanced and gentle progmm of study, practice, and meditation. mixed with the effects of one's own inherited destiny (whether you call rhar luck, gDod fortune. 0, ka rma),

Iniriarionis not a reward for achievement or seal of attainmenr.

Indeed, the initiate may never attain {at Jean not in ehis incarnation}. Initiation means "ro begin," and the fk~t question rhe candidate is; asked. at the chreshold of the Temple is simply) i' you ready to begin?';

Are you? If so, I CaO think of no better place to starr than the marvelous book you hold in yOUI' hands right now-a balanced and gentle progr .. un of s rudy, practice, and meditation. To this }'OUIUUst' add the most important ingredient of aU-youl'self,C:hc sum total. of the highest high and the lowest .Iow. your inherited destiny;

Lon Milo DIlIQu.eHe Costa Mesa, California November 20, 2003E. v

N·.g. w t.'hat. you:ha'\~e o' pene_d._ cbis book, I.w.,.a.n. ~ }c.o .... ~. to k1. 1.'.OW I:.hat Y@I\.! are beginninga "Wonderful and excU1ulg Journey. It ts a

journey irrwardm discover }'Our true self and yom true pm"fer .. As. you learn more and moreabour yom true :self" your entire life will be eransformed. This book is nor il.nend~d fOI! p~,ssi'l,i'e cunsntnption, It is ,3 oomp:[ehen!dv'e U nSElru.ctkltlila!. 'mol. apad.1l~I/,I"ly to the levro,~.u;nU.Olll nlf hili man 'co nsciousness.

The New Hermetics p n:s·e nts a sys~em fur exp~ Oll].rIg and understanding the "m gik'" of what our subje!otive aC)ll'ls,ciousnes:·· expeJll!;;"l'I€!;s. It is cempriserl of a group .of euttin g-edge spiritual technol,ol1ies th:a[ ~ysteniJiiltic,lIlyreaJ. h the science of illumination and power and a coll ccion of models fO'f leaking at the u 11COfl.8'doi.'lSill·lnd d:tatallow us: D:D create a dependable s}'S[em 101[' changing our li,lIes. BtlsioallYj the New Hermeties us a s:yn:thesi,s ofWl;s tern eS'Cl1(:ldl: thought; ]·ungi::lI.:I:J piS"y;(I'10log~i~ the ideas of n~l.l1'o-Jirilgui.stic p.mgrammu[!Ig, the ei@l:l'c-drcuit mode! of cunsciousness; and Sc:ient:ific Illuminism.

\1{lhen you work wi (:h the New Hermetics, you experience (:011- s ie Win~'S!l changes [hlUr drarnatically increase your abiHI:}I'OCI Chrulgt: YOWE world, }\ . 'oung man who \~":l!i working with the New Hermetics s t:xptl'i.:n,dl1{!; ~l 'Fi 1i1:'111C;~11 ~I'i~k He used one I F rhe tm.110 "h.u ,'IHl will b '

:..! ~ ntroduc."ljon

•• ,."- .... '" ...... _ •••••••••• _ •••••••••• _ •••••• _ •••• , •••• •• ... "~.,IIIII_ .. i •••••• _ •••••••• ·_········_·······_···· ... " ... " ... ''' ••••.•••••••••••• _ •••••••••• _ •••••••• _.".,"-.,"", ....... "' •• , ••••

taugh t, and the amounr that he needed literall y materialized in his bank account. A m ysrcrious deposi r appeared on 11JS ban k record. that answered his need .. Fhis is just one (example of the many surprises rhar are in store for yo u as you begin to use the New He rmerics system.

The reason that [he New Herrnetics works so powerfully is simple.

The universe is mental. The universe is agreat mind. AJ1d, .... e are fundarnenrally a part of [hat mind. The universe is consciousness, and we are a pant. of that consciousness. Every thought that we have is it thought in the mind of the universe, There is no break between our individuality and the wholeness of the cosmos, Tile experience ofseparation is just a consequence, JL residue of perception, This seeming separation OCClifS merely because ..,Vf,; have each been given individual functions and purposes within the grear cosmic mind, You do not have to believe this completely right now. But it isa .key to unlocking YOU.i power:. and you wiH hopefllllYGome to know it. as you explore the technologies of rhe New H.ermetics. As we come to understand ourselves, we are in closer and. closer relationship wi[h [he greater universal aspects of mind , and rhis gives us more and mote power and understanding, of ourselves and everything else,

The :fltst section ofthis book. describes the components efthe New Hcrmetic~; the second contains the levels of the New Hermerics and the practical tools of self-discovery, transformation. and personal power. \l.V'i th this boo k, yo u begi n yom eva III ti 0 n into a fully self .. actual ized and powerful being of light. You wiH soon have the power to creare wharevcr sort of wonderfltllife you can im~lgine. I congratulate you on yo u r COLI l'l,lge and good fo nun e.

In. order to explore our minds with the hope of understnnding the cosmic scope of our consciousness" it is necessary 1:0 hnve some son .of roadrnap, Otherwise, we might quickly become lost in seas ofneurotic delusion, daydreams, and fantasy; Because ofrhis, the New' Herrnerics uses many of the paths drawn by modern explorers of the mind, as well as the paths rrodden by the first to explore this inner ~andsc<lpe, the an C.I e n tm agK tans,

For the last 1:\...,..0 hundred years or so]. we humans have been shaking off [he medieval dogma of our e"J.dy history and Erying to come to rerms wi rh cnnsciousness i na new 'W<ly; This has res u ~ted in ma.ny srudies, explorations, and personal struggles dun have nearly destroyed philosophy

Intwouction ~)

and certainly relegated religion into the barest (l.f superstitious shells. However, the problem of OU.I inner experience continues to nag us, becauseit seems that the human animal is by its nature a "religious crearurc." By this I merely mea n that humans Imvc an unq uenchabl e need to look up toand worship srrange and invisible for-ces rhar seem to guide and shape our Iives .. It must be remembered t:hat science and materialism are just <1S invisible, mysterious, and intangible ;15 Jehovah or Jesus.

Th is worship of the i nvi si ble seems .i nescap a bl c. Archetype,~ 'Dt out highest ideals 00 nsranriy inform 0 ur lives and push us i nth e' di rection they rake, These archetypestake the form of gods. heroes, raboosvtheories of science, and. anytl-dng ehar we hold as: being thetrurh, or the rules by wh ich we lead our ! ives,

For centuries, we Westerners hada single explanation for all of this~ the Roman Catholic Church. However, as Weste.rn societal sophisricarion bas forced us to q ucstio 11 the insti ruri OrIS of our "catholic" re.ligio n, we have rurned to mallY alrernare belief systems as a way of undersea nding these uneo nsci ous j n visible forces. First arne ng these was (he Protestant movement that broke wirh the institurion of the Roman Church, maintaining a capacity for understanding .religior .. was inherent in each 1ndividuar. This revclutlon, along with the advent of modern science; really caused the massive .[Itrophy of Chr~ s tiani ry tha r hilS resulted. in hundreds of separate forrns of Christian belief and a hOSE of i ndivid ualisric inrerpretarions of Christian scrip cure. This also res u.1 ted in a more careful examjnatinn of the Bible: and a realization chat, for many, the Bible does not answer their unconscious needs,

Because of this realization, in the last two centuries we have seen the wholesale importation of many Eastern philosophies char have attempted to answer these needs. For some, Eastern thought has been highly SUCm cessful, but for most, these ideasare foreign and ofren anritherical to our ba ... ic tcmperam ems.

in the last century, the various schools of psychology made great effons to answer OHr unconscious needs. Unforrunarely, psychology often tends In strip away the rnysreryand magick of our uncon ... cious in an attempt to classify dysfunction and abnormality. Psychology rhen artempts cures of our internal ailments rhar merely amount to reinford ng the do 111 i mint taboos and social norms of au ~ society. T h is does

nor in any way provide us with access to or nourishment fr-om the source of these unconscious drives and invisible psychic forces.

However, a Jong with the introducticn of Eastern philosophy and the advent of modern psyc.hology; there has occurred a g-rowing revival. of the ancient esoteric Western philosophies of magick, These have taken the form of neo-paganearth spiri rueli ty movements, the .rebi rrh of witchcraft, and the revivificarion of ancient Hermetic and Qflbalistic p.rac~ rices. A.1I of these philosophies are in essence relared and i nrimately familiar (0 Wesremers. because they allcome from the deep recesses of the Web(,ern unconscious mind. For instance, most of us have at leas'[ som e vague n otic ns abou e ast ro logy, rhetaro r, and the gods and rn yrhs of the Greeks and Romans. Quite simply, the New Hermerics synthesizes ell of these components and more into <11 new system for understanding ourselves.

The word" Hermetic" is very old, indicaeingthe studies and reachings of the preeminent Egyptian adept Hermes Trismegisros. He is often considered theemissary between humans and the gods. Hermes is also intimately related to Thoth or Tahuti, the Egyptian god of wisdom and magick (see figure 1 below).

Quirr: a lotof divergent material has been placed under the Hermetic banner over the centuries, However, the underlying theme of aU Hermetic

philosoph y is that [he mind shapes real i.ty; At; Hermes Trisrnegistos himsel f puts it in the CQJ1}US Hermesicum, "The Mind, then, is not separated off from God's essentiality, but is united to it, as lighI to sun, This Mind in men is God.. and for this. cause some of mankind are gods, an d thei r human i ty is nigh unto divinjry:'5 As I said, the key to the ancient and the new Hermetics is that the universe is mencal. The universe is a great mind .. , The ancient Hermetic axiom, "That which is above is like rhat which is below to accomplish the miracle of the one thing," states [he same t'hing ina different way. Your mind and the mind of the universe are ccnnecred inextricably toaccom-

~.I rrtrcductlon

Pigure 1.

Thoth or Tahuti, the Egyptian god of rnagick,

J rrtroducfion 5

plish the miracle of existence. By [earning to understand your mind, you will learn [Q understand the universe. What's more, by learning to control your mind, you will learn to control the universe.

You rnus [: understand that, when I discuss the mind, I am not mere! y discuss i ngrhe CO nscious mind as people usually rh i nk of i t-theflining t.houghts about what you're going roeae for dinner or do thisweekend. I am also .;efe.rri ng rorhe g):'e<ltcr aspect of mind often called today the "collective unconscious." & you become progressively more in roucb with this collective unconscious, you will be increasingly able to influence the world around you. Tbis is what the New Hermetics teaches.

I reall y cannot mk.e cred i t for creari ng the New Herrnetics, because ir has actually been emerging slowly for the last several decades .. AU [hac 1 have done isto gather tog,e~her the most importaruand life~cha.rJging aspeCtS of rnany thinkers and combine them into a single cohesive, aUencompassing unit, If you'd. like [Q see some of the names of the many modem andancient wizards w whom 1 have apprenticed myself, please consult this volume's dedication and bib~iogl'aphy.

Specifically, the New Hermerics came into being when several modern occultists came together to practice magick as a group. Wirhin the context ofthat group, several members, who also happened to be studying neuro-linguisric programming and psychologists like Carl [ung, w:ilhdm Reich, and Timothy Leary, fo,m.ed close associations .. \Ve realized as a group, borh consciously and on an unconscious level, that hy combjning these modern models of consciousness an d change with the ancient . symbols. models, and rituals of rnagick, we might have something truly extraordinary; After several private and group experiments, we discovered [hat we had unlocked a porralwirh infinite possibilities. The New Herrnetics was born.

What we discovered is rhat, by lealting consciousness tbrough certain processes, cerrai n resul ts always foU owed. Beca use each person is unique, rhe specific cement of experiences may he different, but the process can be predictable and co.nstJIlt..We discovered that rhere are specific tools for directing subjective thought that cause peedicrable changes in consciousness and changes: in the way we view ourselves. We began to tram fo rm physically, emotionally, and spiritually;

We led each other to experience out-of-body states, communion wirh gOcl8 and. other ucnlunnan intelligence, and produced the experience

of enlightenment and ecstasy simply by understanding that allexperience is subjective.

In Ji.fC. even when you are "just pretending," you are sril] experiencing anj'"[h.~ng that you pretend on a subjective level. 1b most of your

brai I" J d" II· "'I. l . d

rain, r nngs mar you prerene "He rea.t!ty;· because your l1l":ruHl uoes not

diffe['enti,J[[!e between inner and outer experience, If you imagine your· selH cki ng a lemon for tong enough, your salivary glands will start ro produce saliva, You can try it right now. Close your eyes and imagine yoursdf licking the sour inside of a lemon. You will soon begin to pucker your lips and salivate. By consciously directing your thoughts, your unconscious responds, Your brain does not differentiate between thoughts and things. became thoughts are things. The universe is mental.

On an experiential level, the more you pretend, the more real your experiences become in your mind, and the more inexplicable the practical. resul rs you win get j n your exterior life, If we change d:tings in 0 UL minds, this eventually changes [hings in the outer world, because itis all on e rhing in the end.

This realization was just the beginning of the New Hermetics, As I studied the writings of Aleisrer Crowley, I found. thar he envisioned some similar procedures and called it Sdentiflc Illuminism, However, in the first decades of this century he had much less information abour the srrucrure and function of the human mind than we do today. Sti]l~ he formed an elegant fr,a;me'liV'Ork for the my5tiJC.1.~ awakening of our latent super-minds. He wok the ancient Rosicrucian grades of the Hermetic Order of rhe Golden Dawn and provided specific medirations and mental exercises to be accomplished along a clear wad of self-discovery. These procedures have been incorporared into the New Hermetics to become a system that nearly automatically transforms ordinary humans into spirirual g:iatlt~.

As I began to pltt this: rogerher, [ discovered more and more importam ancient and modem practices from magicians ranging from Franz Bardon to An thony Robbins. I have addedthese to dH~ p rograrn, all the time the direction and advice of my Own "inner-planes contacrs' who have guided me co this work fron1 [he beginning.\X/hlTt has resulted is a system that win transform you spiritually and provide YOLI with a fr-amework in which you can Hgme out yom special place in the universe. This prognun. offcts,"'ou access to [he awakened personal genius

I ntmdl )ctinn 7

to accomplish anything th~u you can imagine. TIle magi de of the New Herrnetics is in you, in the powe.r of yom' mind. which is" in the end" the cosmic: mind. By following {his simple program. you willawaken to YOIl.n" own awesomepower, The New Herrnetics will help you to .figure ou r yo ur own answers to th e big q ues ri on s in 1 ~ fe:: 'Who amI? \'lVll ae am I here for? Wh ere am I gui ng?

Ma n r Am.ericans and Eu mpeans have beco me .i 11 teres ted [ n Easte I'U thought and yOg~l. However, it lot of Eastern religion n:q uires such incredible renunciation and behavioral resrriction rhar it is highly uupracric . .''!J for the modern \Ve~aemr.;r. What's more, the ideas do not really reflect our internal worlds. Eastern thought tends to be transcendental, ephemeral, and often Insubstanrial.

The West has always had a rich inner spiritual world that has admirably survived the persecution of orl~hodoo:;y. Wfehave a beauriful set (l symbols, rnyrhs, and phi] that are unique ro OUf collective cU~JUre. Aldlcmy,~arot, and astrologyhave always been in the background of our consciousness, waiting ro be awakened by injriarion into their mysteries. TIlese Western mysteries do not require asceticism, celibacy, or behavioral restriction. In fact, they encourage us to explore our whole range of being, both divine and. bestial, fully and inquisitivelj, We are not asked todrop am ofsociety or ro wear safFron robes or turbans or. to beg ~n the streets, The WeHern mysteriesare abour understanding and mastering life as it is, rather than chasing ethereal chimeras into oblivion, Although ~hey are most assuredly transcendenr and evolutionary, they affirm the joy in life rather than Hy from it.

The New Hermetics now makes it possible 'CO undergo rhcieitiation into rhe mysteries of consciousness and the awakening inm enlightenrnentin a fraction of the time rhar was ever possible bcfme. it ,~ystematically helps you to master your own mind in such a way that you can achieve anything and everything rhar you want in yom .Iife both spirirually and. practicaUy. It is a spiritual sysrem, <1~ well as a system of self .. cinpOWernlent and personal devclcprnerrr. In these pf~gCS. youwill discovee the keys to unlock the gates of heaven, and the keys to getting rhe most out of your life here Oil Earth.

k I menrioned before. our human experience is entirely subjective .

Much of psychology 1.1J:ls really missed lhe-mark by trying En undersrand the: human mind in objective terms, The true nature of hwnanh:y GUl

oulybe understood in our subjective awareness. For this reason, people consume many more fantasy books than scientific papers. Poetry explains (he so ul m 1Ic11 mo re succincrly rhan staristi cs, The New Hermeti GS is a sys cern fm unde rs [3Jndi.rl.g our sub j ective, spiritual na tun: a nd SySl;em~ atical Lr exp]o ring our sub jective reali []I;

By systematically exploring the subjective prooess of consciousness, you win gaIn 0l!1 ever-increasing power over your own mental process and the way that you foeLls on Ufe. You. will discover thaT, by chan.gil]g yo u r t:ocus., yem. can .i nstanrly change your persona] experience of nfe.

.AJ1 m ysrical and 0 ccul r p he no mena are sub j eetive ] n na tu reo The mystic who L~ drawn upi nro In ecstatic vision of God is ha vi l~ g~l subjecrive experience, Th is experience caneasily be .rep roduced by systematically rnovi ng yo ur consciousness through the same processes thar the mystic goes through, Because of [his understauding, what may take y.eal"~ for the average m ysric win take JUSt a few weeks or me 11 ths for [he New Hcrmericist, who will also have the distinctadvantage ofknowlng that the experience was, although beautiful and life-tmnsfcrming, a ~ubj.ec6ve experience nonetheless, This win hopefully prorectagainst the delusions of grandeur and self-irnportance that plague so nlanl' mysucs.

The New Hcrmetics is a! so a sys[em of magick, Mag;kk isa tool fot causing miraculous changes in the world through invisible or exr.raOI.'dina.ry means. As you awaken [0 your connection with universal consciousness, you will begin to gain. theability co change [he universe around you. S.inceanciem rimes, this ability has been called magick, Some of the procedures describedin this book are designed specifically to help you. change your rellility duo ugh rnagiclc, The New Hermerics conrnins many teehnologies for specifically Y'Qur life with your awakening mental powers. These range from changing yo~r behaviors and emotion s to man ifesci !1g yo ur desires, creating ani fi cial elernenrals andralismans, and. invoking archetypal fm.ce~ represented by gods and other spiritual entities. A.u of these tech nologies have been broken down 0\ nd si In pli fled .i 11m their co rnponcn t processes and essenti al sc,eps. If you fullow theclear and sim pIe proced ures provi ded, yo u [ results arc gwuameed. You wm not be .tsked to usc complicated tools or rnagucal ci rd (OS of to we ire barbarous i ncan ta tions, The uni V<::f\'S"C is men tal, and so is the H]<Ig.ic:::k of the New Hermerics, YOlllwiH s.lm.ply direct your

lrrtroduetton 9

consciousness, and. results will naturaUy follow. You [Bay find it v~liu~ able co ace Out some of the work phy.~iGIL~.~y, bm it is OOt essencial,

A few of the more spiritually minded among yon may fed appre~ hensive about usiJi1J.g your connection m the universe ro manipulate realiry.[ assure you thO!fL: there is nothing diabolical or jn opposition with the universal laws about the use ofmagick, It is, in faCt •• OUt birthright to participate creatively in [he rnanifesrarinn of the turiverse.Ir is only with an U nderscand ing o f and partici parion in [he subtle, un ive rsal laws of cause and effect that we can chan ge the world with magick. In other words, it is only by connecting and working with the universal" cosmic mind that we can do magick, Creadng a changt with magick b no more diabolical than bMilding a house, p.1; a. garden, or WriI]ng a poem, These things change the universe forever, but ol::!~Y within the structure of the .iaws ofereaeion, There is no difFerence with magick,

SOI':I1lI! people have expressed to me a. feilll" that an unscrupulous person might use the ... e reclmiques fur harming or manipulating others, I assure you that [hose who dorh is give themselves all [he pu.nishm.elH~hey need th rough the unpleasan tness they wreak .~ ~l rhei r own Ii ves, U~ing rnagick for negadve purposes instantly transforms your entire world .~~HO a negJ.~ rive experience: .. For instance, i fyol1 cn;:'J;,re a ralisman to injure somebody, 'yuu are ]nstancly~uving in O! world ofneg .. uiv·1ty, in constant f6t.r rhatsomeone In~~y, in eurn, creaee an injuzious rraJi'> for Y01..L Sinceeveryone becomes a potenrial black l1Hlgidan in your eyes, YOll] .~ive in a fear~ba$ed world, CUt off fwm the unjveraal mind tharis the source of power. Your magick WI.U begin to fail, because youare no longer in harmony with irs source.Jf you. al'e,~frai d that peopleaee going [0 use magick forevil~ then. you. are already living in this feal'fuIwodd"

I wOlj'l d. ro offer you allen tire~y difleren t possibi I i ty. I f yo u work insread ro love people and to love yourself, you wi!] quick~y find yourself'iritimately connected to rhe universal mind and ro your rea] power. Th i s re-al power is hanTlI.t:ss and ye( s[mnger than "my weapon, dwelling everywhereae rhecenter of your being. If you live your 1ife in {his W.~lY, even [hose who ~nay wish to harm you will be powerless, because you wiH be operating from your center, Your center .~5 outside of [he world of cause and efFec[, and notb,ing can harm ir in any W;J:.y.

You Iuay want to werkwirh a friend or paRner to help guide you through some of (he subjective experiences ;::IS youwork through rhe

New Hermerics program .. b is otten easier roen rer the proper state ar firsc if someone acts as an assistant or coach], since almost an of the technologies ofrhe New Hermetics require you to be in an aihered srme of consciousness. This state has been czlled the hypnagogic Maw, meditalion, sdf-hypnosi~, the magical trance, and many other names It is simply an inwardly directed state of concentration and relaxation ~ha:~ resul rs i. n greater flexibility and power 0 f [he mind, In physio logical terms, the altered sraee is a. shiH into the alpha and theta r'~fige$ ,ofb.r~.iB~ waves, or slowing the .rnaj ori ty 0 f you r brai nwaves down ro between .3 and 15 cycles pe r second. Th IS slowing down. of the brainwaves allows fa,!, [he immspecrionv'tpeak experiences," and "oceanic consciousness" that connect us with our unconscious powers and resources .. I~ is sometimes a confusing space at fi rst~ 50 working with someone else may make things easier, It is nor required by an}' means, Ex[I.'emdy deep states of cousciousness are n ot really even necessmry for the majodty 0 frhe tools i riI ~his book. Sim.p~.y being relaxed andfocused is '[he on Iy requi rernenr, if you .l n vCM ali rzle bi ~ (I f energy and time, the possib ili des for yom development are unlimited. You am also obmin audio programs for all of the N ew He rmetics rools ar UJWW. ne'lvherm~,ticJ. com.

The New Hermetics has len levels of tRS[I'UC[[On that correspond to the (en grades of [he ancient Rosicrucian brotherhood. The names of the .icvels have been mo dern ized to shake off the last d.uSty vestiges (I F Victorian melodrama front the 'Nory real and powerful process ofin.iti.~ arion and spiritual evolution. Each of the levels of the New Hermerics j nrroduces us to greater and. g[,~ater internal reso urces that allow us to evolve with jncreClible speed and precision, Theyare as follows:

1, lnitiaJte--E~nh] . mastery of behavim and visualization in the aethyr,

2. Zealoe- -W~:net'> [naster~y of emotions, brearhi ng and aethyrie energy,

3. Pr;J:£:titiooer-AiI, mastery of mind. bel ids and p 1'0 jeering aeth yric t::ncrgy.

4,PhUosopher-Flne. mastering creariviey, values, directing aeth yric erie rgy,

5. Adept-Spirit, developmenr of relationship with cosmic (0 n scio usness,

I ntrodLJct:ion 11

6. Advanced Ad,ept~rower to direcr fo.rces ofcosmk conscro us ness.

7 . Perfect Adept~Wisdom nnd ahil ity EO S ~1 are these forces

with others.

8.. Master-Mastery of cosmic consciousness, 9. MOlig~Mastery of universal power.

i. o. Uhilnate Master-Mastery of universal self

,(: .

Part, I,





I .n essence, the New HeflmeUp; is a s:ystem fo,!' geni ng intiDUclu with. ~'OsmiQ, uDi",e.rsaI,con.~~~o~,~~ess, ~d E1,t.g~malJr e;;'per]e~cjng transceodeneal, CQl'CQUC unrnn with this consemusness, By this Lm an a personal and Han:sformadon;alliuk wirhthe source of consciousness, the cLl'\eativein~emgeflt c that fCH'ms the universe, ThrQughQut hiscory;. rhis bas b~etl called "unicn wi~'l God .... Ho'W~v~r" d1.e New Hermeeics is nnt based on ~ny particular tlteary about religion, 01" the narure ,o,fGod or llhe lllnfVi ·ese. Raither ic is basejd on !lilt: m-ethods "hat humans nave used since rhe hegiH !'ling of eima re srabHsh" a. cannection wirh their S01;H',a:. Thestf: methods form the Pl'oce-SJ! of Ll!N,]p,Jorulg 'Otl.r ,j nternal WQI,~rlS and ourselves unti.i '\<ve e:vellt.ilj~y ,discov'~:r eUJ[ center, the source ofeur col1Scilollsne:ss i !:SeU:

Because of this, peQpl}e from any backgttlund CRI) lenjlCly the benefhs ,olf rhe New Hermerics in.their lives, A11l'.h~~ is requified is an open mind and an Op~[I. bean. These need not f;;V'OO be developed i n Full. bemuse [he met],l1Ji& of the New Hermetic; will gn:~a~ly millis!: }'IOU ·~Il opening l:i th of these org'J.l:)is. Ie is not nccc~~MY focr }'QU to believe in God in a n y tradi do sense 0]' to disbelieve i 11 Cod. It is 11LO ~ n ecesS1U'y ('or you tD1i't:ep~ or re;ieC't :ilUY n~ligious inclim'l.tlol1srhcat you. may nr TTl:!)' nor have, The New H.·rmtHics will give ,rQU the oppnrtunity




to experience universal consciousness or God fredy; in exactly the way that is appropriate for you.

The magicaland mystical quest for enlightenment is an entirely pel'~ sonal and intimate journey [ cannot say for certain what youI' enlightenmenr will be like, any more than you can for me .. The wonde[ful~hing about the NewHermetics is thar it LS entirely based on process rather than dogma, so you will be free ro experience yuur personal illuminarion in exactly the manner that is cancer fOl' you.

I~. order to become a New Hermeticisr, yo La. must adopt several. new models ofbehavior, These wiU help YOIll to actualize your powers in, the fullest and most helpfuland positive way possible, You are about to go into uncharted territory, and without these gui,deposts, it ]5 easy to become ion in the morass of yOU[' own fears. illusions. and bad habits. We are all limited beings, and even our most profound insights are limited. by our humanimperfections, At our best, we are reflecrions of our ideals, bur to mistake ourselves for these ideals is the first error of the mvsnc .

. The basic guidepo.s{s of the New Hermeticist are simple: cultivate a na tu ral cheerful skepticism, a se use <0 f possi h iii ty. knowledge that trurh is entirely subjective, an awarenr .. ~ss and cultivation of the ba .. sic rnystical stares, and an endless pursuit of-equilibrium.



The fil'st requirement of (he would-be New Hennericisr is a probing skepticism toward the whole project. By skepticism, I mean the behavior or questioning .U1d rhoroughly investigating all things befOre believing them. I do not mean approaching yout investigation with a bias toward doubt, ... vhich can be ruinous. The rrue skeptic is neither credulcus nor incredulous, Don't take mywurd for anything" Invesrigare eveI}' sraremenrl make.You ate the only arbiter of Inuh [hat has any validity in your universe.

EUind dogma must be rooted out of your mind completely. If you arc a Baptist Christian, by all means you may continue to be one, bur if you experience something ou rs ide of rhe bruits of the letters of that f..,, do ~W[ be too quick eo dismiss it. If you are a sciernific arheisr, you may fi;d Fr,c;(;' ro follow your inclinarions, but don't be surprised if you !TIllS(

expand yom hnrizo ns as your ad venru re takes you .i IUO wild new re rritory. Adbering dgidly many limited concept of [he urtiverse will only serve to distort your own perceptions" Human beings. by their narurc see rn to ~ I) Ii g to r so merh i ng ro he! ieve and the re is real dan gel" in that desire. Whether the beLief is ][1 some traditional form, of Cbrisrianity, J udaism, 0 I' oth e r f~i rh 01" in a dogmatic, scien rifle material ism, the result is the same. Your outlook will be limited and restricted within rhar bubble.

And please don't confuse skepticism wirh laziness, A~ you. begin to explore this system, you mayf .. sk yourself questionslike, "\X/hat's the point of that?" or" "'\Whaf's he rrying to make me do thac for?" or, "I don'[ think this is to work at all." These questions do not nccessarily consrinne skepticism. They may merely be the 'COols of sloth trying (.0 avoid. a:IlY kind of true exploration. Eagerness, intentness, concenrrarion, vjgilance-dlese are rhe qU.{lliri.eB required of a skeptic, Both the skeptic and the lazyfnol may ask questions, but the skeptic begins to search for a real answer, while the fool uses the question to avoid doing anything.

Wh.en the i igln of illumination dawns and you experienceyour union with cosmic, universal consciousness. as .Oli skepric you will not accepr this ecstatic vision as "truth" and begin to preach. from the rnountaietops. You will continue ('0 question, continue 'CO search, and drat search will never end. My own search continues to this day and will OO[1t~11ue forever.


OnGE: yo ill. have grasped [he: importance of skepticism, you are confrorued with a seeming paradox. In order to nice advanmge of the mental technology of the New Herrnerics, you must explore territories that may seem, 'On rhc su rt'lce .• UI') believable, You will become acquainred with an unE:l.rni.U~u cosmology You. will explore seemingly imaginary thiuf::":S like internal energy centers, invisible life forces, gods, angels, and elemental beings. This cosmology may or may not have aily scientific orphysiological validity. This will give pause U1 your skeptical nature, and YDU wiU na rurally insist u po n an ex plana do n,

The simple face isthat these inner-world phenomena have experiential validity. If you concentrate on your third eye. the space on your forehead between yot!.r eyes, within a very few minutes you. will note a slight tingling sensation. You may dose this book Em a moment and experimen [ right now, Concentrare for a few mi .. nures on. this spot between your eyes.

If you really ,jUSI dosed your eyes and concentrated, you discovered some strange sensations coming from this area. The New Hermerics calls rhis an "energy center" only because that is the most convenient 'Way to describe ir, 'jf you hope to get aoy~h~ng OUt cf ir. Ir could just as e-as.Uly be called a fantasy, but rharwouklnr really rake us very tar. However, you must alsoavoid ~.l,lling into rhe trap of believing that this truly is an "energy' center."

The on~y thing j'OU must maintain is :]I. fierce, ever-questioning desire for knowledge, and an endless sense of pcssibiliry, There may come a ri me when you wHI accep[as fan the existence of energy centers, spirits, and invisible worlds beyond the physical When performing the N ew Hermerics program,m,e5e phenomena are nec:e.ssa.ry Em the p recess, beca use they lead us in wa rd a nd give us places to hang our ex perle nces, Bur there is really no reason to attach any philosophical importance to any of it. Self-acrualization is [he goa.!, not religious or philosophical conversion,


Truth is a subjective experience. Isthere even such a r.hing as objective reality? Objective reality is hy far the most improbable of all of humankind's abstract ideas .. In order for anyrhing to be objectively real, it must be able to he isolated from any context and still. be itself Comparison of <'In? kind would. then he impossible, because all methods of'doing so would be removed i.n the process. Once you place a nyth inginw a CQIH:eX[, it loses eve.ry drop of its objectivity, becoming simply another subjective quantity in the p a lerre of your existence.

Take, for example, an apple, The first time you see an apple, you instantly notice a million things about ir. To each of these observations you attach d~frel'eIH degr,ees of importance, These simple observations pl a cc (he apple completely ourside the realm. ofobjecdv.iry. All of your

Becoming a New t lermel:icistl9

furth·er relations with that apple are in the context of those opinions. [f the 0 hservations match pa.~[ observario ns rhar please your aes rheric sense, )rou m,lY ear rheapple. If not, the apple 111lay be avoided. Either wa!" the apple does not exist exce pi: with u n [he conrexr of" yo II r 0 pi 11 io n. There is noway to objectively view it, The: same may also be said of the qualides that are observed. The color, shape. texture, and smell of the apple only exist in the context of your experiences with those qualities, This can be extended forever,

1 he same .Oilm holds true for marhernatics and. the physical sciences.

The number 2 is on]y meanlngfitl .. in the context ofl and 3.Widwut a context]. 2 is sirnply a meaningless glyph fonned with ink on a piece of p:]pel'~ A St.1!! is only big and bright when compared ro somerhingrhat is smaller and. more dull.

To say [~la~ any idea is more real or true [han any other idea, while fair from the perspective of subjectivity]. is a COll1plerdy meaningless statement .. Nothing in this universe is real.und nothing is unreal, There is no correct answer to any question, because both C]uesti 0 n an d a nswcr ate subjective, "Is the sky bluei" This simple question has no dear answer, W'hiie it may appc;:ar blue to the eye, it is not blue at all. Its apparent blueness is the result of [he relations bc!:ween our atmosphere and blue lighr waves. The sky is,m},rhing but blue" From <I poetical perspective, ir is many colors], reflecting the mood of the ever-changing human spirit, After all, ir 1~ violet and orange when romance fills our souls, go~den at the dawn, and black when our hearts are low, Moreover, all of this is subject ro an infinite' number olintcrpretations.

If is from this standpoint that you must approachthe ]'nys~r.;r]es of the universe. You can never really hold Onto any ideaas being true .. Instead" )'0 tl m list merely decide wh ich ideas are usefu I at rhe III () mcnt for your purposes, and he ready ItO cast them aside as soon as they are no 10 ngel' necessa fr,


.Mysti.cJl.1 states are experiences that <In; outside of normal reality. They are inwardly directed experiences rhat can be colorful, wonderful, and 1~lsuaHy trnnslomunive. There are m<lny d~frerent mystical states, corre-sponding 'W rht.: deprh or our stare f consciousness" The deeper we

travel w! dll u, the 1110 re profound our mystical experiences [end to be. There ate, .i n fd(;t, fi v(~ or mote distin cr phases in the evolurion 0 f m y'Sr deal phenomcna.vThe firsr five .ieveLs ofthe New Herrnetics systematically introduce you 1:<) rhese phases.

P/~a$(;' .1: ,but,7itlllmtJ:ges-Thr: Aethyr

The fi J'S[ seage of you r internal m ysrlc awareness is the plctu res, sounds, and. seusarions that you experience when you dose your eyes. These experiences h ave been called rhe astral plane, the astral Light, or the erhereal p~ ane, ] have ch men to call [his area of awareness the aerhyr.which I think to be the most eleg .. ant of its names. The ,irn~ges in the aerhyr are usually shadowy and. meaningless, comprised of the dreams and memories thatpop into your mind, These are often random iln~lge$ that intrude upon you, as wellas images you c:aJ] up when visualizing, daydre',Hn~ng, or meditating, Th.LS phase is marked by ~he "'ppearance of all so rts of .. istral cream res, wh k31 you may begin to see even wi th your eyes: open. There are i 11 H ni re shap es and hei ngs that yo u can and.wi Ii see. These shadowy forms are not particularly important in and of themsel ves. They win be easily observed with the techniques of astral [ravel and visualizarion that areexplained in the Iniriare level of training, In [he Iuiriare level, you.will learn I!O master these images and create them at wHt

Phd.$t 2: Sem.t,ltd Images- The Emotimul1 WtJl,:id

The second. phase of mystical awareness is your emotional wo dd .. ¥()U wi II exp ~o rethis phase in the Zealot I evel of New Henne [IcS rn]jnlng. In this phase, you become intimately aware of your internal experiences, yo LH' feelings, and your processes of emotion, Thus phase is oftenmarked by asrral or acthyric visions accompanied by strong emotional feelings, or mystical energy. A~ you explore yom body's energycemers, you may tullock an kinds of emotionalexperiences, You ~nay even experience visions of godHke beings or other archetypal figures that produce euphoric stares, You carl abo experience ronnless emotional ecstasies and. visions of beam v and. harmonv at this phase. The emotional exercises and the

~ ~

~rdleryp'llexplonu:ions in the second parr .pf [his book will introduce you

[0 this phase"

Becoming a New f lermeticlst; 21

Phase 3: lntellectual Sy.·ulhols and Concepts-The MeJUal World The rhurd smge of the i mernal rn.yst~cal process i~ the mental OK j nzellecraal world. It is the world of symbols arid systerns, You win explore this phase in [he Pmcrieioner level of New Hermet ics rrai n ~ ng, Th is phaseo f mys~ tical experi ence .i s rna [ked bl' fa HIli eS5 expe riences [hat .may be pure symhols or .idelK Ahhough inrellectus] in nature, the states of COn'~ sciousness in rhis st'.tgc are subtle enough that your rational mind .may nor really understand them. This is marked by an experience of knowing :so~me:tbing important, but not really und.erstanding how to express it or even how to about ir, The conscicusuess-expansiou exercise and tlrebel ief~changi ng exercisesanswer to this m ystical phase to some d.e:gree,.

PI'Jttse 4: A'Wann~e.sJ of Se.if as Self-The ,Co,tt£al Wor:ld

In the foursh phase, yo u will b egin ro t¥l' n .~~. sense of rhe en tire universe as 0 ne th 1 n.g th at yo u fu ndamentally ate on J.~~. levels, You will explo re this phase in [he Philosopher level of New Hermerics [fai~·~ing. A~ this:

S'lL<'!,ge, you. will begin to understand yom.-;dfw be iririmaecly connected with and in :.1 greater sense identical with everyrhing, More simply, you begin to gainaocess w the CQ~ leetive unconscious and b~-gi n ttl realize your identity within ] t. The practices of Supercharging Yo ur I n tui don and RIsing 011 the wellas Irwoki ngrhe God s awaken the Stu WI) of consciousness associated with this phase.

Pbase 5: Cosrn ic Awareness,. Enlightemmmt, 1lhullination

This phase is ptlTe consciousuess, Your consciousness sUps into ehe g~p between you, [hongh[s,'·' the world." You. move into a. statei n which all beco rnes 0 ne, wi thout differenti J.don, and disappears beyond cnmprehension ... Th is is [he stare 0 F bliss known as .wn.wdhi to the yogi.s., In the West, it has been c,,&~ed~The Knowledge and Conversaeion of You.rHo~y Gwm:Han Angel," "illuminarion,' or "union wjdl God." The practice Con ... cious Communicationwith Cosmic Censciousness is the main New Hermerics mol for [his experience, bur ~nm1Y of the tools in

,. -

this book m8iY resul tin rh is s tate if you are willing an d a ble to experi-

ence it. You will explore rh ~~~ phase in the Adept level 0 fNew Hermerics tr~ining, My flr5[ book. 21 rt Crtm:ury Mage, offers m::Ln:y alternative merhods for experlencl fig rh i S transcendental consciousn ess,

There are actually m.any further developments of the mystical phenomena, but ehey are in the realm ofMssrery and. are beyond the scope of this book. As a N ew Hermetics Master, yo ulna y find these furdler States of r·dll'!1 ~\1 b] iss J nd sw,~e5 beyo nd bliss ~ f an d when you are ready.


As you hegin this inward path eo illumjnarion, the sing~e most importan r .i nsrrucri on is to strive consran dy to establ ish eq u i ~ ib ri UIn in yourself Before [he Temple of King Solomcn there stood tWD pillars, equ:<I.t 1[1 size, to demonstrate this fact. These pills rs !'cpfesem the polaih:y of [he universe, I n other culm res, these havebeen represented. as yin and y'<\ng. Shiva and Sha,kd, and many ether words and. ideas, You rnusr remember that the sum of two equal and opposite forces is 'lew. AU forces in the u t'l iverse demand th is b,lliulGE: of zero, and this ~ s, of course, the basis for the N ewtonian axiom that every actio nis iQUowcd by an eq ual and o pposi re reaction .. , When imbalance occu ['S, nature seeks: to rectify the d j sparitywirh cold precis ion,

However, ell ange, evolurion, and prog,nes,~ can only occur in irnhal ~ ance, Any action, at least tern porari ly, must desrroyequilibriurn. Therefore, YOll must balance ,every experience wirh Its equal and oppo~ s itt. It is o nly t hen ehar bo~h p !'Ogress a, nd leq uil i bri u tn can coexi SL. An unbalanced app reach 1:0 anything will ani)' end in the universedemandi ~lg its toll •. ~ nd rh is most often res LJ I ts in carastro phe, 1 w.ish I had more fully understood rh is cnnceptwhe tl. I began. my ownwork,

Trf'l:d iti on (1.1 morality argues that some th~ngs are right, and others wrong. Moral isrs claim that: some people ate good .and others had" These wdghted terms are in fact ridiculous and in direct contradiction to nature, Morality has no teal place at nll in [he life ofrhe [me mystic. WiIhom [he Sa tan IS[, the evangel isr would be out of a job, havi ng nothLng to ~;:.knourllce.WithOUl' the evangelist, the would have notbr ng te rebel, and wo uld guiddy tire of wearing so much M.ack. Mot,tiitJ' is eneirely suhjecrive, There isnothing that should he denied, disregarded, or shunned. All of your beingmusr be explored, AU OfYOUf being must bebalanced EO perfecrion.

The rruth of illurninatlon is beyond. the; capabilities of the rational In i nd EO understand, Every rational statemenrcnnral ns a coanadiction.

Discover rhe comr a diction in. every situation. Seek to balance every part of your being nnd personality, and spirituallighr win then dawn .in~ide ·of you. Equ]]ihdun'l. is key.

THE MOD.ELS AND TOOLS OF THE Nmv HERMET1CS Hermeticism has O'J,]w","ys been a syncreristic and eclectic sysfem of ideas that drawsro i.tse~fanydlJ.lng and everyrhing [hat is useful for {he ereaticn of gl'emef awareness and power" Anciem Hermeticism WOlsperha ps ;il[ its height in the d.ay:s ofAJe:xandria when trading and. imperialism drew mgerhel' fnany v~$rly difIet'en~ culrures d:m~ shared rheir secrets and tools for magick <lind mysticism in rhe cosmopolitan atmosphere of the ancient dry- It was here that Hermeticism drew to irsdf [he mOS[ interesting .m.d powerful. magical mrmnl8is and phr~o~ophic::~. The New fIeHuetk:s has inherited this synthesizing nature, and anvdling.· and

~ ~ ~

every!,'hing~ha~ we rhink might be uselul has been drawn into the sY1i~~m

'['.0 create a completeaed comprehensive scientific syste;!11 for wisdom and power.

There are many elernen ts tha r make up the models and. tools of [he New Hermetics, This is 0 nly [he baresrsketch of ehe coneribu ling models and tools, ] n the; next few cha pters, I will aw"lTlpt to more fuUy dud ~ date their contri hutio ns ro the New He rm etics,

The key source for the New Hcrrnetics is, of course, the ancient Hermetics, From it we drawmany of [he fundamentnl models that the system relies o~LMoH irupcrranr, rhe ancient Hermerics provides us wich the idea of (he universeas an in~emgence [hat is related iutirnnrely wi th 0 ur own i ntell i gence. The idea dmt the universe i s it great .111 ind is ale entire platform upon which the New Hermeeics is buHr .. AL~o> we draw fromHe .• me ticism the ideas of th e fo ur ~l Be U en r d em en rs W ~ rh cl'll.cir unique psychology and powers, as wdi as the sacred .. use of numbCI.'s and geo m e~ry. F rom the an den rH er metics also co me rhe princi ~ ples of'li.chcmy~ the planetary influences, and astrnlogy, which play .'lubde but importan r rnlesi nrhe New Hermetics,

Of almosrcqual i r:J1Jpotmnceto the New Herrnerics are the Qahala and in pi.c:to:ri.ii1.1 key, [he tarot, The Qa ba.~.O! L~ a n ancient Hebrew In ys [I cal s.ys~en"! dH1X played a huge ~)'H( in medieval m~~gickand meraphysics, It j.'i fmnllthc Q''1ba~a that the New Hermetlcs system of levels derives, The

Rosicrucian grade system is based directly 0.11 the ten scphirotb of the Qil.hal.istk Tree of Life, and the levels of N ew Heunetics [raiH~ng depend wholly 00 this system .. The whole sephirothic system is really the backbone of (he New Hermerics, and ,ev,ery one of the tools can be more dearly urrdersrood by pbldng ir \ .. rld'l~n rhe context of [he Tree of LiJi~. Por instance, the ave mystical stares described above correspond (Q the . lower five sephiroth on the Tree, Wha~:~ nlO.r,e,evefY symbcl, archetype, and New Hermetics exercise has a specific place on the Tree of Life. The whole sysrem begins to coalesce as you begin [0 U uderstand ~hefigLu'e of rhe Tree. Th is wi]] <l,1I be expla i ned. more clearly in an upcoming chapter.

The main mystic<!!] tools of the New Hermerics derive fu'om Sdendflc:

Illuminism, which was an a.trempt 0]1, the parr of Ak;i.~te]" Crowley and several other adepts of the Hermetic Order of [he Golden Dawn [0 C rea te :1. pure sysrem of III ysticism and n~agick, wi rhour the dogma and ceremonial clap-trap of earlier occult groups. The New Hermetics has ftlnher reduced. these practices ro thei r pu re essences and rurned the tools of Scien tific mumin ism into a simple series of practical methods foI' attainmenr.

This dis! [~I<1I[ionha::; on ly been possib le through the use of modeling techniques from (he cutting edge technology of neuro-linguistic PI'Ogranlmi ng (N LP). HLP is rhe stud y .0 f sub j ecri ve co nsciou sness and contains a large body of tools for learning about and dm.nging consciousness. From NL~ we borrowed several cools fur changing states .• beliefs, and meta ~programsl as well as N LP ideas about representational sym:enu,. reframi ng, and anchors.

Several modem psychologists have also j n:forrtltd the New Hermetics, From the work of C. G. J ung, we have 0 brained a dear view of the '"' collective unconscious" ofh.umanitya.nd. this has made it possible for lIS to begin the pmGes:s of rea]]y understanding [he componem:s of the path ofiniriaticu from the inside, FromWilhdrl'l. Reich, we havoc drawn several i.m portan t undersrandi ngsabcur the "lifeenergy" (orgone) that g:eIS ~[t'apped and poisoned in QUI' "body armor," preventing us from rcaLly gt;;t~ rIng the most Out ofLift:., From the truly avanr-garde psychologist .• imothy Leary, we have borrowed [he "eighr-circui[ model of consciousness, '" which we have; fmU'l.d to provide truly profound insights into human nature, Qabala, and (he driving srrucrure of rhe human animal,

eWe have also borrowed a few elements from ell e 5 !)i ritual reachi ngs ofrhe East-a f-ew breathing exercises, mental coucemration practices, and the ideas about energy aemers or dJtlkl'd$" As. you can see, a huge ;\lnOUIU ofinFonnadon f~(lin many d,~ffen;nt sources has been garhered together succinctly in these pJ:ge,~ to create a cnmplere schema forchcmu~ m ination 0 f [he sou ~ i nro en]]gluerunent and. power over all areas ofl i fc .

As yuu study this: book, you. will d.iscover ma.ny parallels berween these various ideas and. between sytnbo~$ frorn arno!'!Ig rhe vaeious models and wokW~ cal I thesecurresponden ces, and there us something very important [hat mUS( be understood immediately about these COIn:;~ spondences, A correspondence J1I.lI.eaElS that there is ameaningfulrelarlonship between I:WO ideas, II does nor mean. [hat ~hey" are idenrica]. If Lrell youthat there is a correspondence between the dement earth, the sephirah M.a1.kuth, [he alchem icnl princi ple of sal t, (he kin esrheric se nse, and Timothy Leary's firs[ bio-circuir, this means that I believe thar an of rhese (.;o[lcepts share relationships, They are nor al] [he sarne rhing. Likewise, we can say [h[JJ[ the goddeS$~ Astarte and Isis share rnany correspon dences, bu t it wo uld :be a terrible error to <ISS ume thar (hey are the same goddess. Also, [he Sun and go ld are sa id to correspond to each ether; b'l~~:m 5ay dl at die Sun is gold or gold is the Sm] is very Sl.Uy:. ].fYDU. keep this in mind, you. wm find YOIlJI: life much easier" Now,iet's discuss some of these models of rhe New Herrnerics in al irtle Ina n~ detail,



T·· he .. ~ Herm.~e. tic adepts .1131.,. d a ?Ol.lble herita .. ,ge~ 1 .. '" h.' e ~em.'u._~. ric school was really a Greek synthesis of the earlier Eb'Ypnan rny~-

tery schools .. Hermes is the Greek form of the Egypria.n God Tahuti or Thorh. He is the god of wisdom and magick. TI1C relationships between and history of Greek and Eg-::vpd~n rnysrery schools are cornplex. Ios .. ~ in prehistory, and. fa I' beyond the scope of this book However, in the first few rears of Our common era, Hermetic magick was at its: height. M~1I1y differing streams were brought tngerher, among them the Gnostics, the Neoplaronisrs (who were derived themselves from the earlier teachings of Ph no, Socrates, and Pythagoras], rhe jewish Qabal isrs, a lcherniars, such inf~ uen rial ruaglcian-pbilosophers as Apo!~Qniu5 of1)'<IIn:1. Apuleius of Maduara, and In,my others. We have drawn om some of the essentials of these philosophies and incorporated theminto the heart of The New Herrnerics,


It is said ell a t i nscri bed above l he god res to rhe ancie nr re mples 0 f m1'srery were the words. "Kno'w Thyself" Socrates, too. emphesized rhesc words as the 'tOlF hs[o,n of personal develepmenr, This is n::.i~!y the

fuudamenral principle of the New Hermetics. The whole purpo~ behind any initiatory structure is to lead. you as an iniriare [0 a greater understanding or yourself 1 his understanding then trans lares into the ability to act consistently and congruenrly in accordance with you.r own true wil].

By understanding (1 urselves, we come m undersrand the pmpo~ of OHr existence, and with that purpose:: clcarl y in mind, we can accomplish anything, As you go rhrough tI .. e exercises of the New Hermerics, you will systematically begin toknow yourself more clearly rhan ever before, With that knowledge will come the ability to understand life more dearly and the ability to change your life in :,'lny way.

B}' understanding yourself and the force~ on ire. yo u will also begi n to u nderstand th e un iverse 010 re d early,


The- EmeJ,,(lid Table» of Hermes 'Irismegistos begins with these words:

"Certain, 'tis true and without doubt, rhar which is above is like that wh ich is below ro accomplish the miracle 0 f the one thIng." Th is si mple statement tells us explicitly thar humans are a reflection of the entire un ive r~e.\Xfe are <I microcos m of the U nive [sal In ac rocosrn, Inside US!S a complete universe. This is om personal universe, but it is "Iike unto" rhe universe above and outside of ourselves, In rhe end, [here is little djff~rcnce between these two, By undersranding this concept. we can begin to understand our awesome po,,\rer and. responsibility; Wh.en we think a thought or create a picture in our minds. a corresponding picrure is created in the macrocosm. So. if we continually think .. 1 iminng, ilegadve rhoughts, [hen we have limited negative: experiences in the world. However, if we hegin to think positive, enrichIng thoughts that conn •. j n U n ~ imi ted possibili ties. rhen [he whole ra n ge of La n iversal power opens up to us.

\Xrhat\ more, as we begin to really know our own inrernal nature, we find that we a 1'(' actually d iscovering the nature of th e un i verse ,. Th e potential for our development ~s unlim ired, All thnr Dr rakes is a willingness to explore" ourselves. I'here is a catch. however. Our potential power and possibility is virtually unlimited, bUI[ ir is limited practically by our bdief~ and OUI.' own .I"mcms of thought. For example, if we want

f-\nciient ModeL~ for the New HernnetiCt; 29

00 bring about world peace, we can think the thouglu "world peace; world peace. world peace" over and over in our minds. Then when 'we open our eyes, to OUI' dismay, we find that the world is not at pe .. ace, The reason for this ]5 simple, We do not believe rhar we are rrmking a change with [his vhoughr. Nor really At a deep layer of the mind, we are thInking, "Bm this wont work. the world is too big for me to con-

I 'T~ . ~ I I " d 11..,. h t:.J It

troi . .uere S [00 m uc 1 late. " . etc. anc trus guarantees t .t: l~U ure 0 ~

Our conscious thought projection OUt into [he macrocosm. However, as you begin ro really understand yom mindand alter some of your fundamemallimjdng beliefs, you will find that yom thoughts really are th i ngs and [hat they do influence the wo rId. Wl'iO knows, perhaps some day yo u , .. ,iI] open yOUI' eyes and find [hac the world real Iy is at pe::Ke c Allter all, peace can o.I1Jly begi ni nside each of us.


The ancient Creek philosophers S~lW the world in rerrns of four elements: fire. warer, air, and earth. These elements were nor the literal things themselves, but poetic expressions of [he ideal. qualities ofrhese things. Nearly everything could he classified by its nature .1,$ related to

D Fin warmness and dryness, and the q uali ty of expansion

VW'il.te:r coldness and wemes~ and rhe qu;aJiry of contraction or shrinking

A Ah: wa IIITI ness and moist ness, :)!'11~~ th~ ("ltl;~H~y

V Earth coldness. ami dryness, and the qual it)' of heaviness

11i\ New Hennetjcs Progrmn

...... ".' .. '._ .. ,IIIIII.~.,IIIIII._ " •.. , _ _ _ _ _."'1111 _.,111, ···'····_········_············_········,_·,,·,""_.,11, -"·""·'_········_·




8 ..".._..".,_....,__". V

Pigure 2. The fOLL.r elements combined wi~h spirit,

these foul' elements. The {ow: elements contained rhe essential natures of everything in existence, Their qualities are shown in Table 1 (see p<tgi:: 29).

These four elements were said to be accolnpan ied by a fifth element, spirit, Of aethyr, which was said to hold them together and combine rhem, but always retaining [heir individual character (see figillre 2. above).

Everything was made up of combinations of these dements. Of course, modern science has h)lmd other explanations for the physical world, bur the ancient elements still play an important who in our psychology and in our spirlt .. The elernent of'earth can be considered the animal needs of the human mind; the element of water, the emotions; the dement of ail; the intellecr, and rheelement of fire, the will, Ir will later be seen [hat there is a Hrong correspondence between this andthe first fouf bio-circults ofTimodlY Leary's eight-circuit model of mnSC]OUSIll.:SS.

The first four levels of che New Hermetics largely introduce us to these fu~J.r elements as s pirirual models and reach us how to usc these models dfecLively IO help LlS undersrand and crcatjvely change rhe way that we behave and rhink. Youwilllearn how W re-engineer or refmme (he way that ron fed about all aspects of your lifl.: in order [0 maximize your personal. pleasure and pmvcr.

Also, [he fouii' dements correspond to tendencies in our personalides, By balancing these tendencies, we can achieve a gn'ealjel!' level of per~ enal eq u u I i.b ri urn, I n a He ienr ri mes, these e ~(;JtIcnnd perso nal tty types were called the four humors: phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic, and sanguine. As you look at Fig:LlfC;:' ,3 (below), you can. seerhar y'lW havecerrain positive and negative character tendencies that correspond ro [he eJ.ements.

Y'JU will notice that right now you tend reward one or two of the ~I.ements more than the others. This represents an imbalance in yOlli' personality What's more, for every positive quality" you undoubtedly possess the negative quality corresponding ro it, You at least have {he pote.m:i~I torc.hese neg;.ldve qualities in some small degree. In the New HetmctiOi pmgrMl1., YOllJ. will redress these imbalances J.n d acrualize nil of [he positive elemenral queliries in yourself: There are, of course,

Ub.~5.Si'i'e and ji:'JiOIl.1o 1J.r.<.nlil~L"!rif.1r_

·";~,TI:'irl.lJIL-.:11 ic

5f....t,I~'ll.!']~ ,,:If·sal,,IHtl Cri~k':iilllJr ",~I!iotll'-· L';'I;Jr.k Ct!..!~l~!I~II~:.I!!1.i Cr~Ii1iM!llIqil~


(jurimlrli, pi:'IIL'rrJ[ll1j:. J~~~'lId"",


Imtf('rr""" UI!Il,;,,,J]cl.wk


.. 'nti!i!KHI

SIDIl{'~" .!il shed i....ldLllr. mdnmnce LJr.1.:J.r:iIl~ f.i14'Oipill-t

L '!·!!k-&'t'ld~~.I;:"· j';.klr l)el!~II;I('~~ n.rkJ,", [i'lNI~' ~Im:k ha IKin9

V Watcr~ .Me.I ... incholic

Sc:ff-;rv:;uc 'Fsanquil Ad:.:Jpl.i~·e ~~lciii.eS[

l:mp·.ill heric, m!lp"Lii~~i't1!

Lew ~Ir,,",crnl SU~IIJr.n

.:\"l;LltlL~I~L. r.IWoF.Irl~I~'

JJl,kqM io-::"~I:ljll ... ",d,liLil;',._a I

c.r~,·Ii.;!I,,;ni~, !i li!r;n!.i,f! luU'L'

Sr~(-,lt! ... 'b[in!:. III:li[il.'l!l'1'"&! }knly~j!ll.~ d~IKTFI..I~r~1

n""",,,,j ~(,:illr.,!\i1.'r. /~!111'!-L!!~i~~ ~1:1i.:[g;r a ti~!:.

~ .a:llll~····'·:1[I\'t~

V Earth-Phlegrnatic

1-rr.:1'1~ "'1_;;il'l·I.:H~lj(lliJ I !I.l1.!Cdlt"JJiIIJ ]i~·rl~I~1ii.:1:"I!)f ifi.t"~ii1.'i.,.i'n::


thu .. ole trill ~0Iii~:l! :lIOIICm

ikri!J1p" CL:!I~)rlll~~~ t~HI:I'r:IIJI,'::: li'T.:lil,.i,;rIl,l;.MCI1I"I~' J'"ll

TI!t1ID11lJ.!i, dL!rJi1.~leil!l~I':I! S[1!I~:'"



(okl,.I,I. S~rii:lIlJ Ubj~~i'#c I'uncrunl ri'.i:l"~!';~

Fig,un: 3. Positive :lInl negative characteristics of rhe hUI1'.m,~ <lnd their cerresponding elcmenrs ..

J2 The N ew Hermettcs Pro&rn m

_ ••••••• _ •••••••••• _ ••••••• I • .,_' •••• " ..... "'." .... "1111~ .,IIII ...... ,IIII'-"IIIII ..... ,IIIIIII'-"llllllr"""·_," ••• , •• , •• ,.,,_ •• , ••••• _ ••••••••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••• _ ••••••••• _ •••••••

maul' .0 rher character traits rh ax T have nor .1 ncluded he re, bur these lists should grv\f: you. an impression of each element.

The fou r elements abo co rres pcm d. W the fom sui [S in the I:<IW[;

Fire "" Wands

Water , ,Cups

Air Swords

Earth ........• Pentacles

Moreover, they CO[T(;8PO nd ro the fall r worlds and PaI'IS of [he soul in the Q(lbltiH, which wewill explore briefly in the nat section. Suffice l~ [Q ~3iy that the fo ur ancien relemen ts are SCHne ofthe mOST important ~p i r.i rual building blocks of the enti re New Hermetics,


1 w.Hl to uch only momentarily on rh is poin r here, hut [he ideathat num ~ bers a nd shapes have special, spiritual meanings is very im ponatlt to the New Herrnetics, because ir is one of the org.-'1.n~zrFlg principles we will use ro prepare OLL.r m inds to create change .. N umbers have ,,]wuys bsen COl'!~ sidered sacred, and, special numbersare frequently incorporated into the architecture of ancient temples and holy phli.aos.BaskaUy" we will COncern ourselvcsprimariiy with the d(cad, Of numbers one r.hmugh len. The sacred meaniugs of numbers have beeninrerpreted since the time of Pythagoras and herore in many d iffe:re.rlt ways. Fm the sake 0 f simplici ty and cons istency, OUT use 0 f LlU mbers will be conf nl ed U) a few sim ple Qabalistic inrerpretarions, Table 2 (opposiee) g,ive8 a summary of these inrerpeetaticns, along with pbnet<~fy and geomcrrLc correspondences.

This nlUY all seem confusing or superfluous, but you will come to understand over the course of your work [hat, by understanding the internal nartne of these numbers, ym.l can understand byanalogy your own internal mature, By using rhese correspondences, you can ~i.terany change your relationship with the UJllVC[S(;:. By undersranding numbers and their corresponding shapes, you can contact the interior meanings benearh [he surface of n u m be r and transform you rl d [e in un i m agin1ab~ e waY$, Irwill all become much dearer as we progress.







Sp!i.rilml Currt\lirondcn~~

lImi.}" bd~'a'JL:.'i~ indf. ~11~ sdf ~( dcity, b<y~nd Pm!lcrhooo "md M.Hlirtliood

P,~dl4r I d~~ di ... ~!~ wil.!.. d~!.· l,\11~nt ~-'irplli, !1.;:~iI!l.n., I!XI~·:L:IiI.~i~Jr.I

Al1cie.ntModelsFot the New r~el'metiG.~ 33

I;;i~ir~'r~~' us :lii[l"!g!~I~!i!)'

Hlgl~['~L ~]!Id I.

.M(!~I:i~:Il'~ mi"lt~L:~. ~hL.: <I i"~i~('!~, 50phr.t, ~:~ ~I·':ffia for: .;I.(:l'iiJ!~, ,~n1iJ"(~\1 re, 1i~llill!I~!iiQI~

1'ILor. S~IUcll!1f:IL1;IH"~r ;[;~b;,:iJ:1~ ~I:'I ril'liitl! LI~IL.:II,;.·Jr! i.I,'i;I]I"::'(J'i~:r~ !!p!.CrMi~)I, :It~tr~hip

'n~ i I!r<;rpl~) .. of die d il'il~C will wi~:11 r.J1~i'~r, r'O:~., mJ.:ii:il!!l1~ L!1:'1l=~HJi' justice, 1il1K'~'_ ~h ... ;kl~l.:!:

T,h,c .sUi"lI, ~Di~r"lL,; 'ir."li:IJLIl. ~~rn.loll.!

Tliit 11Hr.JL! uf fL"i~OC~i gr- .. I.'i,'i~,JI~ J.i..,il''':' dd-:it.:

The I~\Y$ ~f '~'~ ~ni""r~11 ~[J1II":::II~!re., .fn!1~h""r!~:iJ~it·:;;, phy'S.iL.:'~i ,dh·in.: masun

Stih.il1~y ln J!b;IJi'~~ ~~II,; ~1:r.:J1 or "Ie~by.rk 1rI1;l!I:ri)o.

T]I~' [')m!gIJ.l)i;r~ rhe ~Ji'h~i~il,-:!'d universu

A~troJi!l$knJl CoU~5paJ].:IJc.rlH

PsyrnologuC".ail GCQ,meUic

CQj·ftl\!iIUlnd~n[)~ (' .... f:t\c"p(JjI,I~n,~



."'~~r' I'n (I!r pel~I'lJllt;I~'

E-:la~~.r;II':1~L.1r I~t"";~f\~k


Prom ancient alchemy, we draw three veIl' important alchemical prindp.les: sulphuumercury; and. s.Jk Like (he four elements, these principlesare nor the physical things themselves. but q ualities that these subst.moes represem,I~lnweve ... , as Table 3 shows (see page E~4), while ,the fourelemenrs relate to srructu re, the rh fee p rin ciples relate to movemenr and state,

SYlubol rriodph: IEnergy


encrge[ic, expansive movemenc, metabolism, destruction, d issol u tic tJ, '~V;1,Ptll",~l;unll


H aid, changi ng movement, incuns i ~tell~r 'tml j !lt~g,r:! dnn" bill u [lei r~g ~I t ;l:~hl ~utph LIf



~~nw, ht;[ 'Ii)' movemenr, smhili L)', solidi fian:im~, crysrall ieation, cnndensarion

Table 3. The alchemical principles and ~heir energies.

1'\]1 of us move through dlJese p ri nci pies in t:hewJY rh:ar we process and, in re ran wi [II the world. as shown in Figure 4 (below}.

Alchemy has also given us impormnrin~~]gh[ intn ourselves through its stud" of metals. A:gal,]lj these metals are not the phy s icnl d'l;!ngs, bue q ual i ~ ies or p<'lr[s 0 f [he hornan an d divine mind, The alchemical metals correspcnd to the seven ancient planets. In J:ac~, our modern sym bols for the planers are [ust the ancient alchemical symbols fm the metals in correspondence with che pbX!ef~" In Table 4 (opposite], notice that the numbers relate [0 the numbers of the decad and. their planetarycorrespondenccs shown in Table 2 (see p~ge 3..3).

These seven metals and planers reprcs(.;nt qualiries or p< 1!'l our mi ~1 cis thar are either expressed OL" unexpressed, Of "en, we do n otallow

ourselves roawaken these p~.u'tef;;;lry energie5 fu.Hyin ourselves. For instance, many people n:n d it veryea sf eo ex p ressrh e Mercuric, tog;ical. parts of themsel ves, but fi no ir j.n~possib le to co sn III U nicate their emotional, lunar parts. OthCrshnd it c(lsy 1,.'0 be thOUghlfut and generous, JUPLIe"I:ea.n, btl t find it .i m possible to cxp ress rhe Martial srren gIn [0 sa.y 110. Through [he practices of the New Hermetics, you wm begin to con necr fluUy with. these abstract 4l~,~lides in yourself. Tl::1rough tlie p~:oces:;e'S of i .. nvoca ti 0 nand i n tc~r~rlo n, you will

PigUI-e 4. The alchem i.e,,] pri nci pies ~1S a process, of III ~l:mctIOi1 wiih lht' world,

Ancient Jv1 (}dd~ :fbt tlhc New Hermeties 35

II'!........._··········-·········-···,·····-""III~ 111111"""" •• ' ••. _ •..••...... _ .........•......... -, .. "1"".,11111.-' ..• ' _ _ _ _ ,."' "11111, 111.11 •.• _ ....•.

Sym~!ol. Metal lit.lanet
it Lead Sam.ITI
4- Tin Jupice.r
a Iron M.iH,S
o Gold Sun
Q Copper V·~tlt[.l)
'!J MCKU,ry Me~Ctiry
([ $ilvCl' Mll(JI] COt!iCSpob.dcn~

S L rucrure, ~J mi ration, s"2riQu~ness, responsibility G enerosi q", abundance, It;~dershjp, vision JI,mi~e. 5treng[h, fOL't1f, vioh::ncc

BC8Ull)', h;'li:!i:H)ny, balance, wholeness

Love, passion, .~eMh~tl(;;S, nu eture

Reasen, cQmmUniCo1t'imt, ~ogi~, knowledge ImaBJIHuion,!n, subcen scious, ~ino,tl() n

'learn haw IO awaken rhepositive aspeoCrs of rhcse quali des in yourself and to p:adfy the m:g31dve parrsof rhese qualities.

It is imporraue eo .•. '.em.ernber and understand rhar all of theserahles and. figures are j ust models, convenient methods of o[gan~:.d n g OUr intern.d nature tounderstand ourselves more clearly and give us a systematic way to approach positive change. They do. not necessarjly represent faC[.5 of nature and are subject co the limirationscreared by any model.


Several ancient religionswere ca~:eguri1!cd as ~gnosric." Many of rhem had entirely diffeFe.nI views about the universe, and we wii.l nca dwell On these differences here. The mos[ impoetanr fundamenrsl of [he Gnostic cosmology .tS~h'lX rhe God [hat people gent:mUywmship, (he god of rheworld, is a n evil denliurge. Behi nd the gpd of the world JS it gud ofpure UgJlt,m[IJ.~idered by the Gnostics m be ~he real God, In the New l-l errnetics ,~h is translates ro theidea eh at Our true in ner selves are qoire dU:rerem from the selves tharwe express to the world. Behind me veil of our neuroses and p<tucrns of'belravioe our real selves live, quietly wai [I 11Jg ro be set free.,

The Gnmtks held rhar most people mistakenly worshipped (he god of form, who WaS the creator of rhe physicalworld of ronns, but nor the true god. This god or !~)ml was evil, because, in the physical. world, there: is sulferi rig and p .. j n. Mos( of us experience .1 si milar psychological

condition when we mistake our neuroses and conditioned responses for our real inner selves. MoS[ of us think [hat om ccndieioned responses [0 life are "the real us." This coukln'r bs £mthcr From the truth. Th!C way that you react IO yourexperiences in life is really just a ser of routines, Yo u may rh i nk tha r ch ese 1'0 u ei n es are you r OW!l un k:j ue perso 11 aUcy, bm they're mostly imitated from other people. 'You imitate your parents, your friend.s, your enemies, and your 10 vel's. H,we you noticed you.rself saying some distinctive phrase or using some particular gc:;snw: that your current sexualpartner uses] That's just a simple routine you've picked up to fed closer to yo ar p.lrtm;[. The re is n"t 'lie rr m uch un iq ue abo ut any of OUl' behaviors. Thar's because our behaviors are not "us." 'They are merely out' attempts to fit in with the people around us. The real "us" I.S always hidden away, deepinside, If you think about this for even. a moment, you will know th,a.t whole I'm saying is rrue,

The waythat the Gnostics sought to approach their true selves, and the true Cod] was ehrough gno$is] cmnscendemal, spiritual knowledge. The New Herrnerics teaches th <It gnusi sand mystical jl i umi 11 arion arc one and the same phenomenon. Thmt.ngh the New Hermetics, you. will learn (0 connect with this real you andexpress whatever pan of that real you you want (Q express.


Many have celled the Qabala the yoga of the \;'(lest. Qabala is rhc ancient mystical tradition of Israel. Alongside the Jewish rradirion (here developed an Hermetic Qabala rhatcombined the rich Hermetic symbology wi th (he' Hebrew ph i losophy and the. ali-i III po~: taut glyph of rhe Cl:-1.baia,. the Tree of Life. Over the p~ISt few centuries, tarot cards have become .iii visible and. pictorial portrait of many of the most important Hermetic and Qabalisric concepts, 8 It is with the raror-related aspect of the Qabala, with its rich archetypal imagery and spi .. ritual truth, (hat the New Hennetics is most concerned,

In the tarot, the numbered cards of the Minor Arcana represent the. fen sephirorh Of divine emanations, The [our suits represent [he' four Qabalis tic worlds and the fom ~~eme[m. The rwe rny~ rwo .1 etters of the Hebrew alphaber or paths are represented by the rweury-two Major Arcana, or (fUmp cards, The court cards=-Kieg, Queen, Prince, and

Ancient Models fOol' tht':. New Hp.tmeti 's 37

Page or Princess-represent the power of rhe divine Tetragra.n1mamn in the four worlds. I will explain these terrns as we go along, but we are nor going ro dwell at length on these things here. 'Wh<l:t iUC really irnportom are [he archetypes that these symbolic pictures evoke. These are the m}'stica~ energies that we will work with in the New Hermetics.

For the New Hermerics, [he Qabala isthe p.u.tdigm on which the who!.!:.: system ofinitiarion is based. The Qabala is a paw:!l'tlI that represents, [he process of creation from the singularity of un ive rsal cosmic [In.hy. consciousness (also known ,15 God), to the myriad forms of rhe physicall1.niverse. The Qabala is a descriptive model for understanding the unfoldment of sp.iri[ into marter, The most important symbol of the Qabala, and really the synthesis of the whole system, is the 'Th:le of Life' (sec figure 5, page 38).


The ten spheres in Figure 5, called scpbirorh in Hebrew, represent divine emanations, or ]evds in the mani fesrarion of creation. These emanations repreSetlt [he evolution ofrhe universe from the single thought of divine intelligence to the myriad. fonns of physical reality. This ten-fold elurion isa very co m 11'1 ere re-presc ntation of the subtle d evelo pmcn t

, reality,

The Tree of Life is merely a model, but it is very complete and prac~ ,', Ir is a p~lr;;;u;Hgm for looking ar abstract ideas, and should not be "..".." ... " ... "" with truth. You will see char we can place Juany differenr COl}couven ienrly into this ten-fold division of [he universe,

In Table 5 (see page 39). I've placed the numbers and names of the , r. along with rheir planetary atrtiburions and brief interpretations, so rhar you can really begin ro put all this together, If you look to Table 2 (see page 33), you 'will notice that this evolution has also been expl ,1 i ned there,

These energies can he seen in the numbered taror cards. The archctypal energies of dH':S,!;; symbolic emanations of divinity have been represented as gods in m.any cultures. By understanding ehese archetypal en ·.a:g,ues, you can really b~"gin to understand rhe collective unconscious d, ~ c ribed by J u,ng. Table 6 (see plag'e 39) g:iv(;;~ a brief ave rvi ew 0 f rh is mp. rarive p:r,cx:cs:>. it is mel' ~Iy meant to be sugges!:h/c.

I Kerher, Crown

.r\s.tfllllogiC!1 Cbaracl:er,i$d~'S


Table S. The ten sephirorh and their correspondences,

N!.:u~i,bcl'" G,[\cek EgyptiAt.l Hindu Needle
God, God God God
1 ZC'lIS Pmh P;tfi!bmhm 'Wotan
, I 2 Uranus Thoth Shiva OdIn
3 Dr.: meter [sis Sh;lkli Frigga
4 Poseidon Aii'lOllii Brahma Br~l(~i
5 Ares Horus Vishnu Thor
I G Apollo Ra Krisbrla F~"e}'
7 i\pl:tmd~n;~ Hnhuf Lalita hey.!
I 8 He'nnes 1'1:10[11 i:'hn um an Loki
I 9 Diana Shu Canesha Fr~jl~
10 Persephone Osiris Lakshrni Vidar 2: Chokmah. \Wi.IJrl(]m I Zodiac
~'1 Binah, Und,mmnJing "h S,arUTJl
;j CI:te:;~d. Men,:), 1t- jupirer
5 Cchumb, Scveri,l)' a M,ars
6. Tirh:lr~tl1. B~,:;!l!fy <;1 Sun
7 "N~t"~ild1!, V:ictnry '¥ Venus
8 Bud, :Spl~ndOT () Mel'Cu[,}'
'9 y~~(ld. Pouadarion «: ~'t()on
Mal.kLltl!. Kingdom E9 Earth F<1Lh~i'. ~~,p;ni~[Un. fr~~ flffili! of '~~~r~o!1 , M, mher" ~imimt:iol'l, tieJd or wo,miJ

of ereauon

~}t:gi nnif!!}s of force and merion 111 Sp;~r.elti,lIi.e

S(I'fI, the" center, b:lli~!l;;;c; beginning of i ndi ... idt~u:ion

Aur.tCI:iiuu nf ~mJC'i; gr,wi ry, , electro magnetlsm, ~~C,

Law~, {1 F tile un U\"CI"S:\I structure, m~~hcnmi(;S, physk~

Asrrnl or aerhyric r:l'lmfi~'

Daught~r. the phY5imi world

"if' LI' L. "'+1 I']" d J • [" dci

~ ae ,e: o. J, ,JC' ten ~e'p'],n·or:1. anc rnerr co.rrespOD'iC mg.· cmes,

Pig!.!.!!'!! 6. The p.rUCL"'>S of i:I:\I['t:gl';'l'~ion and ~lw;;tltcn~llg :sh wn on the iree o:f]j, .

In the New Herrnetics, you will sysrcmarically evolve your consciousness up d:uough the: sephiroth from rhe tenth sephirah of physical manifestarion to the fIrst sephimh of divine unity Each of ehe levels of rhc New Hermetic .s deals with One of these sephirorli and the corresponding: stares of consciousness and. practices that allow }fOU to understand and incegrare its special nature. The process of initiation ,0 .. awakening to un iversal consciousness is reciprocal to the pl'Oces.~ Qf crearion, Cresrion begins with rhe unmanifest singularity of the cosmic mind, and develops into the myriad forms or physical reality, The process of the New Herrnetics system will assist you in returning

- .

your consciousness from rhe myriad forms of the physical woeld back

to the singularity of cosmic oneness (seefigurc 6. opposite] ..

lO-Malkuth: Levell In.iti:.ate

This IS ehe final sephirah in the process of creation" It is the physical universe as we know it and the sphere ofrhe four elernenrs, The gureway to rheastral plane, or aethyr, leads oWfr·om this sephirah. It is ~he ulrimate manifestation of'the divine expression. It is also sometimes caned Malkah, [he Bride, OF the Daughter. It is associated with the ancient dement ofe<lnh. which can he understood as physical consciousness and the perceptions and images that you perceive, both externally in the world, and in yom mind's eye. At the Initiate level of the New Hermetics, you are insrrucred in the physical actions that will help CO enrich you spiritually, in set£ing goals liu your life in [he world and in. [e[, your perceptions of pain and pleasure so rhat you wHJ have greater conrrcl over your phys ical U fe and the ancien t element of earth. You. ate instructed .in how 'to g1lin balance berween the ancient elements in your personal tty and character, in how to gil i n control over yo ur j n ncr s:en~~es, yo UL experience of the astral plane or aethyr; and in how to VJSll ~ alize. AU of the rools that you will use arrhe Initiate level give youa pract ical u nderstanding 0 f [he seph i ra h Malku rh.

9- Yesoti.: Lt>ve12 Zealot

The sephirah Yesod is rhe subrlc framework or fOLii1<huion upon which I1he physical universeis based .. It is associated with the energies upon wlnkb the marerialworld depends ror coh 'renee .. In our bodies, these are our .'lel1J£ar.ions, emericns and feelings, and the ideas that result in man-

ifes[ation. Forexample, if yom emotions do not support your ideas and dreams, thev will never manifest in thee world.because vour ideas will nor

~ ~ ,of

pass dll'ough the sephirah Yesod .. This emotional world is the gateway

between matter and spirit. Emotions are expressions of our minds and spi ru rs, but they cause real chemical changesi n 0 ur bodies that are rh c Jifli::ret'lcc between h COl l rh and disease, b liss and de pressi on, ani on an d hesitation. We can also change OlU: physical bodies in ways {hat change our emotions, and rbus change our minds and spil'its,,\X'e can do this by moving in ways that energize us, activating the subtle currents of the sephiroth Yesod. A[ the Zealot level of [he New Hermerics, you are taught how to ma.nage and cransfonn your emotions in m .. imerous ways so that you are i.n greater control of yom emot ional life and of the ancient element of water. You will abo begin to learn how {OC1'eaIe magical changes through the practice Galled "mani:tL-"Sd:ng 1l;ynchruni.dty," Throngh these- practices <I.~ the Zealot level, YOLl masrer [he sephirah Yesod.

8-Ho,d;' Level 3 Practitioner

This sephirah comprises the laws and formulas of the universe .. It is the divine intellect, the mathematical systen"l.S and concepts that form the universe as we know it. I e co rresponds, of cou rse, \III i rh our own in tell en, and the symbols, rules, an d lan gU.ages with which we aU cornrn unicare and undersrand rhe world, Itcan be understood as rhe symbol systems and beliefs that we use to construct cur perceptions of the world. A~ the Practitioner level of [he New Hermerics, you areintroduced to the archetypal symbology of the tarot and ranghr how to change your bd.iefs to give you greaB~I' power over your perceptions and control over YOllr own life., You arc also raught several ways to begin to use your growing powers and understanding of rhe universe to change yom reality in a p racrical WOiiY an d tech n iq ues for expand i ng and d rarnari cal Iy c hangi ng you.r mind's perceptions,

7-' Ne.tznch,; Level 4 PhilQsopher

This sephirah is the power of attraction berween rhe forces that shape the universe, It is the scphirah of love .. It is the amactive lorccrhar binds atomic particles rogerher, keeps planets in their orbits, and draws lovers together in passionate embrace. In au, minds, rhe sephirah Netzach represents the passions of our hearts, the morals and values that guide

OUf lives, OUI driving, emotions, our intuitions, and the highest aspirations of ou r naru reo It ]s abo associ <Ired. with the. ancie nt element of f re, wh ich is our will, 0 u r ra~s inn, and ou r crea ri vi f}~ A ~ the Phi I 0.50 phcr level of the New He rm cries, you a rc j nstrucred ] n the process of exa rnining and adjusting the hierarchy of yon, values, 5'0 that they most cffecti:veIy suppon the kind of !iFe you want to create. You will also learn rhe method for invoking the forces and presence of the ancienr gods, the importance of correspondences in the creation of talismans or magical cbj,ects, andthe development of your intuition" You will begin to harmonize what you have learned and begillt'he practice caned Rising on the Planes,

6-Ttpharetb; Level 5 Adept

'rhi,s it) the sephirah ofharmony and beauty, ][ is dle' center of the Tree of life and is associated wirh the Sun. I~ is the balancing and harrnonizing powerin the universe; often called compassion 01' bliss .. Tipharcrh ls sometimes called "1 he $011, because it [SOl reflection of the highest 'divine consciousness that exists in the first sephirah, Kerher. This is [he true center of human consciousness, and rhc sphere where we gain contact with the highest <i5pf.!<.:t of ourselves .. It is OUI' counecrion with universal consciousness. sometimes caned om Holy Cuard ian A.fig~J. Ar nne Adept level of the New Hermedcs, you are instructed. ]]1 how to g:ain co n tact wi till thi s cos rn ic co nscious ness and how [0 resol ve a nd master rhe subde demons of fear that still hide in the dink corners of your be t ng. Fro III the exal ted perspective of h i gher co nsciousness, you I' fears and personal. demons will become your t~lithfu[ servants. You will also further balance your nature to become truly adept and learn "0 radiace Rosicrucian Jove our into the world,

5-' Geburnl1: .Leuel6 AdtJa7lud Adep't

Gebundl is rhe sEre~lgdl oldivine conscicusness-e-lorce in itsmosr pure lI.iIld U!1dWercntiated stare, Ir is the powe~: ofjustice, the judgment of Ill!: di vi ne, It is the will of God. In co n scio w,nCS5, it is the higher will of divine universal consciousness as it is expressed through (he work of rhe Advanced Adept, I'he rools of the Advanced Adept are beyond the scope e this book.

.. _ "."",., .""""",_ .. , .. ,., .. _ _ _ __ , """".,..", _ _ _ _ ,.,_ """"" """" .. _ _ _ _ .

~CI1esed; Level 7 Peifect Adept

This sephlrah is the pure, giving, and merciful narure of consciousness. wh ichgives pu rel y of irself to create the un iverse, Chesed is [DIm in. its most pure and uudifterenriared stare, [he begi.nning:s of rime and space. I( is [he sephirah of leadership, gem:rosiry, a nd abundance, The Perfect Adept is a leader .i n. every sense of r.he word, dedicaredro glvu ng all to, The tools ohhe Perfect Adept are also beyond the scope of tlris hook

3~B.i1tah: level 8 .Ma.strrr

Tb is se phirah is the q U:::IIUUfll Hd.d inwbichthe universe m;;Jnife;Sl~[h~ womb in which creation takes place, Biuah is sometimes called The Mother. It is rhe beg! n l1J ings of form ,che start of snucture in~he creation or ehe universe, It is dle lasr dwelling ofpure divine consciousness before it (;;xpresses itselfthrcugh the time-space continuurn in Cheser], The Master of the New Herrnerics is fl~Uy ide.n.d.ned with this divine cnnscio l.l s ~~ ess and iden rifies pu rdy with divi n ~ty"

2~Ch()km4J1: Level 9 Mage

This seph i rab is rhe beginning. of force.] t is sometimes called The Parher, It is the pure expression of divineconsciousness flowing freely in the act of creation, It is nor un [[1 it reaches Binah t:h~l~ it has a:!]Y luniearion. The Mage 11 s a pure force of natu re, rhe expression and cxp resser of divine creariviry,


l-[(etbel'.' Level 10 UltImate Master

This i~ the HrSf sephirah, which L5 pure u.nhy cousciousness without differemialion, It 1s·sing1"l1.-adry, the monadvthe universe as one l'i"ling. As it expressesitself it moves instantly into Chokmah and Binah. Kerhcr and [he Uitima.te Master are .really cmir,elr inexplicable in words, at .b~.r by me. This is l'eilJ~y true oFB]nah and Chokmah as welt


Between the spheres or sepliireth of the Tree of Life are twcn ry-two paths, corresponding with the tweruy-rwolerters of rhc Hebrew alphabel: and [he nv>crn;v~ lWO [;11\0[ umnp~. These pa ths representthe subjec~~ve experiences that you undergo as you travel bct:'l,l'l,lcenthe sephiroth it!

Andent MoJelsfur the New Henlldh.:::s 45

A.!;too:ln~ica~ Slign

!),. Air

~ M~rCl~I:)"
[: Moon
Q V~i~l:i~
l' hl'ie;
lj Taurus ~ C~I'KCr
ct LeQ
Ill! Vifgu
2iI- .luph~r
~ Libr,~
'V Wat~r
1[1.. ScU'£pi.o
i<" S~gult:lrum
111 C~Pl1kUrtl'
~ Mars
~ Aqu~:rjm Cosmi" ~CSt"ll~y U5l1'.i<: .imuwk,dJ;.c Dlvine pF~.lellc~ (om, i,~~ love

("Sill lc s(~cn!l~:h f"lJw~r wi i,Jli~~~

The dl"~mk~l\I;'(otkfinr; G h'ill!,l.~11 rOt, wlsdom Leamillg p(lW~1' AiJs()tbillgP'!}"'~:F

U fniuIllg .ft'L>:>t ~"p~[icllce B~l~rldng tc.r<t:<s IUiJ.i,l.til]g love Transcendence

Rjsin~ on th~ planes T,<lJisn:~iLnic Wti,.rk

SU,cllci ng dm~L.~l E~p~nd.iI]1l .mm~;iomncs.! P8~f lives, ~rch~[},I,~~

I rl"ok~f~g Itgh~ (Jr~df Dc:adl and Ilcbi:rn:n bp~t}ruul5 th~il~tilfr

)( Pisces f£) Slit"!

.6.. ® F~rt::. Spldr 9, ~ Emh, S[~~Li [11

your' evol ~.uionary devdoprnenrt(lwa.rd enligh renmen r. They are also rep~ eesencaci vc 0 f further archetypal energies that make up OUf unconscious minds . Each p;!I[h is ~m.ribu.ted ro a planet, a zod j acal s.i go, (I I' ~H1 elemenr, Table 7 (above) gives the basic scheme, along with a. very brief desc.dption of its practical significance within rhe coustruct of [he New Hermeaics, The New Hcrruetics skills are in order from more to less advanced. You [1liJ:Y find it valuable to look • at the associated tame cn.rds ~o a clearer pictuee,

This is reallya brief sketch of the majori ty 0 f the work of the New Herm.e6C'..;~. Thmugh~hewot5 you will learnin (he second half of this bock, YOll~",iJl eX[II.:derlice thi~ who.~emnge of powem, from ~xp~odng the

Tarot OurJ

HiC;bITW .1~UL:\r

I: [l.;[h "B" 'l1l~ l\.hgid~~J

~ G~:llld ~G" 'I1]C I-Iugh If'ri~.m~~~

i D,~kd~ "D" Th~ Em~~[Ioj8S

i't lei ell "I-I" Th~ Empcrcr

V~l! ~V, U" Th~ .I~Ii,~[()llh;LIH

Z:ryin ~Z~

rt Ch<!tn ~Ch" Th~ Charier

= l·~th ~T"' I Sr.ocIl1,;~h

't'od "I, J, Y" The H{:tJ11i,t

:' Kt~pb LLK~ l"lne Wh:.i·~1, of tOi:"UXlt~

, Larned ~L" }m'u~

~. M~.i:U. ~M" T~I~ H~:ilJl.~~ M~.n

1 NUll "N" Dellr.h

'Ii! Smnt'Ch "S" l' ~.rlfljl~ranH:,~

'~ Ayin "O~ l'h~ D~ ... il

1: ~:Icb "P" Th~ TU'A'CJ

I~' T 7.mlJi ~T:o!.~ t: Q~)rh ~Q~ .., R.asn "H," Shin ~Sh~

-i]"h~ Sr~J The M,[HHl Th(~Sun

The Lasr JttJgn1~m Th~ WOf~d

aedlyr [0 transcendence, The levels of instruction talke you frDm sephirah to sephiralt, reaching you the skills andlessons of these paths along the way (see figure 7 i page 47).



The formula of Ter ~'agmlnnuuo n has many sym bo Heal an dpmc~ i ca i DlJnct]Om within the science of magick, It plays only a background pan in [he New Hermetics, but [ rhoughrI'd give a brief sketch so that you will have as dear an undemanding as possibleof the Q~bruisti( backdrop that S LiPP orrs our sys rem,

-recmgl'ammal'on sheds some new ligh~ IOn the four-elements chat we calked. a bout earl ier .. [he [etters of the Tetragrammatnn are represenmdons of the fou.r elemental weapons Of suits or the rarce (see fi&'l"lre 8, page 48).

Each of thelerrers of'Ietragrammarun also rep.resenn; a region on [he Tree of Life (sec figure 9, p,lg:e 49).

Although it does not really playa stgnU1Glrlt role in our sys~em, rhe soul may also be divided. inw(our pans, cerresponding to the Teru .. 1.gram rnatnn:


Ne~Lh omah

divine spark, answering to Clrekmah and yod. higher aspirations of [he "'QuI, answeringto Binah and heh,

mind andreascning powers, answering EO the six sephiro rh of the microcosm ic man. animal instincts, answering ro Malkurh and heh fim]l



Ag;:tin, rh is is: nor somecbi~1g we will focus on, but: rhe fonmda of Tetragramrnaton also represenI:S four diHerentwo:dds or planes ofreali ty within the Qaba].;[.

Yodis rhe world 0 f A rzilurb, dle div i neworid 0 r so urce,

Heh is the world of Bri.n.h,. the '-~~'Chety~l1,~1 or causalworld of power; Vau is the: world of Vend rOll."!, the as tralworld of I mage.

Om-Ilie i!c~a~y·

COSIlf)L'C KnDwl!cdJl~

tIrt YO 0 15 rhe wand 0 f' (i re, the wiH of the nK~gi ci :H1"

iT H EH L~ [he Clip [-:If wawr, [he fed~~lg.s 0 r the magician.

n HEr! is tile pentacle of earth, the physical vehicle of [he magician_

Eu r~il Ai r \'II ater Fire

PiglH'e 8. The Tetragramrnaton, the elements, and the suirs of [he raror,

Heh nn~d is the world ofAssiah, the physical world of man ifes ratio n.

Hopefully. this very brief sketch. of theQabala of the Nc"\1;' Hermetics has begun to form a picture in your mind of the backbone of the program. Don't worry if any of this seems confusing. There win be no quiz on these subjecrs.I ,jUS[ wanted to provide a little background ~nforrnation for the curi ous .. I do highly recommend rhar you srudy the Qahalamo I~ deeply rlian is possible in this volume .. 'The b-o-oks in the Q a bala section of (he bibliography are au excellent place to start.

...... " .. _ _ _ _ _ _. Andcnt M odds for the New t le I'nH::trG~ tl.g

·······_······"1, 1······_·········_·"1111 I •. ,I·······_·········~ .. """'._ _ _,II11"'._ _ .. """ ••

"I' YOD is the number"t'i'i{o on l'he Tree Oof Chokmah n HEH is [he number three on (he Tree of l.ife, Bi~l::lb

, VAU is [he numbers four through nine, especially six M 1::[ E H n nat ~s In e nU,lTIiJcr ten

F- . 9 "1"1·1' . ,

Igme. l .. te Jetragnunmairon on the Tree of Life.


T he New Hermctics models ltsdfon several paths to sel.f.realization, some modern, some ancient. In this chapter, we will explore three of [he prim a ry sources tot' uur system, neuro-linguistic programmiag (NLP), psychology, arid modem rnagick,


NLP I.S the study of the underlying structures of subjective experience and a set of ton Is that can he' used ro understand and change our experi'ence. It was I1rst created in the 19'705 by a general semanticist named john Grinder and a. compmer srudenr and ,informal Gesm.l[ therapist named Richard Handler. By modeling the ccmmunicarion techniques efseveral highly skilled psychotherapists, they created a system for understanding an d ch angi ng ex p(;' rience that is truly asto unci i ng.

Representational Systcfn.s G'T Modalities

Our representational systems are our five senses. In NLP, these are lISl,I- 3:J~)" called modalities, Theyare:

Seeing Hearing Feeling Smelli;lg Tasting

Visual Audi.tOry Ki nestheric Olfactory Gustatory

We primarily process and orient otu .. selves in our world through Our visual, audirory, and kinesthetic senses, while our senses of smell and taste remain largely in the background of consciousne s s. For this reason, NtP concerns itself for the most pan with the first three. However, the other rwo do have a powerful subconscious influence on us; so d1e}' should not be ignored, Our sense of smell particularly has a profound, eifeL[ on our consciousness, and the consistent: use of appropriate incense can dramatically improve our success, You may wish to choose a spr.:~ cific incense and use it as your own throughout '[he program. You can also use difle'rent incenses for specific archetypal energies. There are a few suggestions given in the Philosopher level of instruction,

Each of us II-SCS certain or the three main senses more than others.

Some people <lore more visual, wh He others are more kinesthcric, 0,1 "f-edlllg~ oriented." By understanding which representarional systems or modalities we use the most', we can understand more dead: how to help ourselves learn, grow, and change most eff(~ctLydy ..

The NLP visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities correspond rather well with ehe alchemical principles of sulphur, mercury, and salt, \,(/hen we are processing our consciousness with OUI' visual sense or rnodaliry Oooking at things 01' n1[1king pictures in om minds), we tend torn; operating with the principle of sulphur; \Ve process quickly and vigorously, deleting superfluous information from our awareness. and arc highly energetic. Whern we are processing our consciousnesswirh OLir auditory sense 01' modality ( things OJ' m.lking internally to oursci yes) t we. tend to be opera dng wi rhthe princi ple of Inel'Cury. We P recess Hllidly, evaluaringwhac we are experiencing and can .. :fidly imegnlting it i nto om: unders m ndi ng .. When we [I re proccssi ug om conscio II HICS.~ wi rh our ki nesthetic sense 01' modality (feeling things physically 01' ernerio 11 a lly) , we tend ro bt; )pCmdrlg with the prjnciple of salt. We.: process slowly and carefully, we li"t'i. heavy" slow. and sometimes even "stuck." Bur this IS all ,unly meant UI hI; slIggt'Sl:iw.

Modem Models i1:W thR Nev ... Hermc::tic.~ 5.3

;,,···_········_·········_·,·,,"" ... "11, .... """"_"""'_

....... _ _ _ _ _ _ "",. """, "", .. - _ _ _ .

. It is v,el'Y easy to g~t an Idea of your dominanr rnodaliryalrhough it does change In different circumsrances of your life. However, .if YOU ask YOllJndJ what you like most about yom house or yO~J[ mate or your jab, rOt! can begin to get an idea. ]1' you answer that you like the W,iy he 1:~Qks Of [h~ beamif~l [ archi tecture or a sense 0 f adven nne. you are pm bIlIbly operating primarily in the visual modalic« If you sav YOU like the &ret that your house is in a quietplace or that' you like d:l(~·njce things y~'ur gidftir;:nd says to you or that you gel [0 talk on the phone all day, rhe,1J you an: probably operating in auditory mode. If you liar your job makes you fed good. and you. love the way your boyfi-iend hugs you or ili.n your house just has a positive "vi be, ,., then you are probably operat~rag ourof your kinesthetic sense" But we aH do USc all ofour·~ense.~, 01 please don't go awaythinking rhar you're a "visual" person and starr nying to ignore rhe rest of your s;enses.We all use a]] five senses, but lome of these senses are sim p~y stronger and tend. to drive us more in ou r daw]y lives.

Ano the rwa y a f discoveri n g 0 u I.' use 0 f rh e di Here III mndalit ~ es is "" •• 'IVU1~·.U' .. eye-accessing cues. Handler and Grinder discovlered thar, when ale using different modalities, we [end to move om eves un certain a/h1ecl:I'·il).1 Our eyes seem to direct the flow of our COnS~k)i;lsn.ess and move as we dwng:e the rnodali ties we are usn ng ro {ucus on the world:

Vr. visual remembered, when we are seeing an image that we

rem ember in 0 ur rn in cis we [end 'W 1.0 ok u pand to rhe Ierr.

Vc: visual conscrucred, when we are constructing an imagl..: (or vlsual.izing. clairvoyance), we tend co. 100k up and to the right. At:; auditory remembered, when '1Ne are remembering some sound

that we have heard, we re n d. [Q look (0 IOU r i efr, ,~

Ac:~ <I udi tOl'y co nsrructed , when we are mentally construcdng

orne new sound (or using clairaudience), we tend to look to the r~g.IH,

Ad:! audirory digital, when we are speaking to ourselves (internal dillJ.ogue), 'live tend to look down ro the right.

~: ki.llesd~e!:ic, when we are feeling something,cUlutions or phys~c1l.1 sensations; we tend to look dOWi1 to theleft.



... .---"" --. ..... ~ ~..---- __.--

<: \ .>

. ",.' ·.-·~/ .: -.-'j .....

I .". _- ..... - _- - .II



/ /




This is only an approximation of experience. Somepeople arc wired d~.fkrc~ntly and will use different eye-accessing CHe.~. For instance, rnany left-handed peopleare simply wired oppositely If you aft ever ha\'~ng rrouble performing visualization techniques, uy setting your eyes i.n appmpriate directions ro help you access YOUT abiliries most fl!Uy, TbL~~ is an excellent aid ro the New Hermericisr. I[ should be added that, whe H we are recall i ng or 1111 entally creating a smell.we ten d to ou [ eyes on OUl" noses, and whet! weare rec;alling or mentally creating a uis te, we tend to focus on our rongues or palettes.


Each of the senses or modalities has variations, distinctions, and qLwH ... tarive d[fferences. These are called submcdaliriesin NLP. They are the fine details 0 f h ow we p recess th eworld, I n other words, if you close your eyes right now and visualizea kitten, rhere are n early in fi n itt ways that you can. M~(;; it. It !nay be dirn or bdght> In color orblack ~m.d. white, dose to you or filraway. Ir liTlay be in a rmnlle or in a panoramic view, These <1 rc the suhmodali des of vou r vis ualizario [1. He re i s a seleetio n of

, - - -..- . ,j'

S uhmodalities fo r rhe rhree mai It l~ od,(l ~ i ties:

Visuall~ moving or seill, panma:nllic or fnllned, size, brightness, di.WH'H:::e,. intensity of 00 10 i:", color or b1il!.d.HU'ld~\l\I'hiH\ ccntrasr, i1ng~.e, focu~" self in or (m~lj,f pi,cmfe

Modern Mode:lsfor tile New !H eemetics 55

.AlId.ito.ry: vel urne, rhyth m, in Aecdon, rempo, (011 [I ! i ty, 1 ocario n, timbre, consistency

IGue!ltih.eoc: remperatul'e, [enure, vibration,, dumtion, inrensirv weiahr loc e arion

'" - ~ _" - ~ ~ '_. -0' - ~ _" . ~ I ' ,-

These are SOUle of me WJ.}'5 rharwecan experience someth j ng. What's more, if you. are experiencing in a WJY that is um~uisfj, t. ing, you can change the sulrmodaliry or ehat experience and endrely change your understand .i ~]g of it. your natural and simple abUlty to ch:il.nge these submcdnliries gready increases your own effecrivcness when us.lng N~\ .. , Herrnerics technologies. If you are visualizing a blue bl[l.1J ofjupi rerean energy and it seems dim, fur away, or weak, you. can simply turn up these submod a Iitics and experience the energy more PQwel,, Thiswill trausform and em.power your mind in ways thru you c;tn'~ even. ~ magi n e yet:.


'['he abi.~.~.ty to change om stares of consciousness is fundamental to [he New Hermetics, The technologies char you will soon explore are simply many dlff~n:nt: states of consciousness, The New Hermetics is essen ... '(i1i3!]ly b ased 0 n the [nn that all mystic a 1 phe nomen n are states 0 F co n ~ seiousness and that, by moving our minds into these stares, we obtain ~he rewards of mysticism and magick, I n our lives, we usually travel frol'l) one state or consciousuess ecanorbcr without any real control or ev.ell an awa .. eness [ we are changi[1.g,Happines~~, exciremenr.enthu- 5j~snl,m oriva 60 n , inner peace .nnd illumi na do u are all jusr s tates.We; aU have ch aracterisric s rrategies fm getT~ng into these s tares .We <I~SO b~ve strategies for geHing~n~o unrescurceful states such as boredom, depr(;ss.~o u, l'iad ness, and stress.

These scares 1 U eerall y run our l !ves.Wi rho ur lea rn ~ ng (1) ma nage rh em e£['Cct ive] y. ou I li ves are emotional 1'0] ler coas rers that travel between peaks 0. f joy an d valleys of despair; Wi.[h [he N ew Hermetics, you will leaen VO,l(CeSS stares rha t yo u never realized were available W yo u, and youwiU be able ro rid yourself of p;merns of negative snares. Learning to access powerful states and eliminate w;:g~ttiv,t ones is literally the most i m,p orran t th i ng you c;J:11 ever do in you. r Li: fe.

~)6 The New I I errneblcs Prop,fam

•••• _ ••• '.".... ..,"" •• _ ••••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••••• -.0.,11, ..... , ...... _ •••••• _ ••••••••• _ ••••••• _111111 11111"_·········_·_ •••••• _.", ... , 1111111,-·., •• ··_·········_··

Essentially, [here arc fWO ways [Q change youI' state. The :N.l'st is (0 change your physiology; Bychangin.g your posture, rhe way you move, and. the: WfI.y that you breathe, you can rapidly change your srare.Jfyou lV:HU IO become depressecL bresrhe shallowly, droop yom head and shoulders, and move slowly and lethargies a Ii)r. If you want to be in an excited state, ger up, srretch, open your chest, breathe deeply, and wavt:

YOLlf arms around enthusiasrically, It can be (hat easy. To get into a meditative state, 5i~ down, straighten your spine, relax your body •• Uid. dose your eyes focusing inward, You immediately start changing your state.

The second wny to cilang,e your state is rbrough your menral focus.

If you think about a~l the bad things that have happened in your Jifc Or all the H.u·v~ng babies in the 'world, your can enter inro a negative state. [F you think of .'lll the people who love you, all the nice things }'OL~'ve ever done, and how much YOLJ.r life is going. to. change for ~be positive with [he New Hermetics, you can g,e[ into a very resourceful state. These two ways illustrate tile lact that our emocions are literally [be gnl!ewar between mind and matter. By changing our material conditions, we can cha, our minds. 0.1' vice versa.


\1\le understand the world. around us by placing it within it frmne of reference, These Irames provide us with the context for understanding our experience. For the 111 os t part, when so m e rhi n.g challen gi ng 0 r sad happens, people frame that experience as bad or negative. However, it must be u ndersrood that th j s fnune is a clio ice, Pen pie choose to Ff~ me rh i ng~. as bad or good wirh their 'Own minds and choices ... It is also possible [0 frame <lny challenging experience as educational or evolurionary, because we always have [he opportunity m change for the positive wlrh any c;:]{pe-


in NLR, the process of creating more empowering frames for OLDT experience is c3Incd refinming, and Inany of the New Herrnetics rcchno ~ogic$ are based on rdr:uni ng au r expt; riences so that they e In powe r rather [han debilimre us, \"(fl;;; can refrarne om pase experiences so that they giv,e us greater strength for [he future. \Ve can reframe our current experiences S!) rhac [hey pH.wide us with. new opporeuniries. We 'an refn;!l'H~ our fi.H"u:r . experiences so rhar we do not H~p '<l!: nul' mistakes,

Modern Modds for the Ne\ v I-Ierm etics 57

framing giv<::s us the power to shape our lives in [he image that "we want.

Ir is possible to rc.::framc your experiences by changing [heir submoda.l~des, as mentioned before. Ie is also possible to refrarne our expe~ r~e:l1ce-s by changing their context. If you get fired frmn your job, you nn see it as. a tragedy char threatens you r Ute; However, yo 1I (.U1 also '" j r as an 0 ppornm i lY 1:0 have new experiences and perhaps a herrer job. . canalso frame it that yom employers have made a. monumencal

iseake and feel very sony for them. By (;hallging the flame, you change w,~y you fed about a situation. This provides youwirh gre,lrer choice freedom and gives you access W more resourcclu] states ..


are parts of an experience rhar have the ability to bring back full stare associated with that experience. When you hear a song that 'I. gs you back" ro a special time in yom life, this is an anchor. When smell something that triggers J. forgOIren memory, rhis is at'! anchor.

yol.1 are in the presence of yOUI mother hJr five second s and you already annoyed, this is an anchor. \Xfhen sorneonerouches you in special \'\ray rhaeinseanely makes }'OU fed loved, this' is an .a.nch~r. \Y/e

have hundn .. xis and hundreds of anchors that shif[ our consciousness both resuurcefijl and unreso urcefu] stares,

NLP uses che con.c(;;pt of anchors to help people access resourceful auromatically, Basically, if you are in anyextreme State of ernoany un ique stimulus at that time will create all anchor. For instance,

you are Feeling really ecstatic, totally ina stave of bl iss, and I squce:z.e I.· hand and say, "lim,~ bean,' you will then associate rhis handaueezinz and the words "lima bean" wirh this ecstaric SCare. IT] want s nd you back H) rh at: ecstatic state JOlter, I merely sq ueeze yom hand

"li L " • l ·1· did i led ill

say . rma ncan, in r te exact same way r : I rt aerore, all'. YOli Wi

~U~ll;In:ua.l.u·{ ;au· J re-access rhar state,

Advertisers me the concept of anchoring all the time. They artempt associate eheir product with all sons of rbjngs from sex to pleasure rock and roll, In the New Hcrraetics, you learn to anchor and autoIy access a number of positive stares, including meditation; ereivhy. pei;l.c·e of mind, vit'IJity. and communication.

To create <lin all bo~, just follow these simple glliddinl~s:


58 The New I'lermetics Pro_grarn

1 . Make sure the state or experie nee us ~ 11 tense and P ure, 2,. Crean, a unique stimulus.

3. Anchor at rhe peak of [he stare or experience,

4. Use exactly the same stimulus w~1en yOt~ wane W access The sta te 1 n the future.

There are many otheraspects ofNLP that have also been incorporated l n to the Ne\'i,! I:-~ erm cries, such asrech n i q ues 1;0 r establish ing rappar r, paclug and leading, lTIeta~prog[ams~ timelines, rhe NLP presupposido ns, a ltd oth e 1'$. These have been imbedded i n to the SUUCtUl'e of dl e New H.ermetics train ing and ate reall y 0 nly .necessary to understand j n later phases ofyour work.



PS¥CHOLOGICAL META.PHOn.S= JUNG) REICH) AND LEARY The three primary psychological metaphors that lie at the base of d1t' New Hermerics are I\')~md in d:u;: sys~e~m ofCarl lung, WHhdm Reich, and Timothy Leary Each has conrribured in a uniqueway to the theory and p.t<u;: rice of self- realizario n,

Jtmg tmd the Collective l[lm'ousciOMS

Psychologist Carl Jung first promulgated the idea or the "collecrive uncenscious" in [he first halfof die 20th cenHlry; The bask concept is that. at a deep level of Irl~nd,~dlhw:lian~ share the same bask reajity s rructure .. Th is shared 111 i nd is the collective unconscious. It is; from this colle eti ViC mi nd t h att he "a rch ety pes" sp ri ng. In ancient ti rn es, these archetyp es took the form of g:ods and goddesses that dern anded n.::spcct and worship, These archetypal fLgm,e~ S[iI! exist in our deep minds and form the basis of our unconscious drives and desires.

Ea ch 0 f us ex pe r u en ces dH~~e a rchetyp es .i n d.l'ea ms an d .i n vo ices, images, or feeling):> that come into OUf minds, The archetypes populate and darn in ate 0 ur inner wo rlds, Each of us has an archetypal .1 ave r, an archetypal father and mother, etc. Tn rnnny of us, these archerypes are repressed or obsess lLS inunhealthy ways. In the New Heemetics you w U ~ I beco Inc mo re and. me re i ~~ to t~ ell withthe collecrive u neon scio us, and youwill have the 0 ppo I' tun I ty to heal you r relation sh Ips with these ext re mel y powerFul fo I'oes in you r I ife. As yo u beco rue rna re awareof

them, you will understand your own psyche and the psyches of those .ili round yo u. will 1 ncrease yo Llfpower in the in uer an d The on fe, world i .. rnmensely

w~; often project these archetypes onto people in om lives, people as bosses, lovers, pare-ms, and fri'ends, This creates much of the tension and dim(l~l.ty that we experience in life, By undel:st<lnd,ng and. 'World ng with the a rchelYpes of the collective unco nsci ous direcd y. you can learn to experience the outer world without your projections and be able to balance and heal your inner world,

Wilh,(flm Reich Orgone~ aud Cha:nlcteJ" A.,.nu;w WHhe.hnRe ich's rheo ry of d1 e 0 rgo nc and h uman bodyarmor is very lmporrant to rhe New Hermerics. In the 1930s,~le.ich discovered what

he consid itl "I'r ", ., f . H

He consi eren I .te . .ueenergy in an extensrve sertes '0 expenrnems. . .. e

caned It "orgone.' He believed that thb m-gone Ilowsalnuidantly through ~]Je body of a mentally hea I. rhy hu rna n bei ng" However, rOOSt,[) f us he Id tension and stress in areas of 'Out body. Reich caned this "character armor." Th is hab itual tens 10 n ·causes the How of orgone EO be .1 In paired, ~,5uJdng~n numerous health problems, irom neuroses to cancer.

Reich's orgone theory i~ veE}" similar co [he ancient theories of H~~ e:nergy, The ancients calledchis ur-e ,ener.gyprana, de,i, prmmu:, nutch or spiritus .i n d.i.ilc rem culzures. AU 0 f these wo rds rransla te ap proximately C'O "brea th."

ln the New Hermeri C~, you WLU learn several tech niques of breath Ilug a:ll':i.d fiL~ing yourself of energy blocks. This will enh ,l n ce yo LU· memai and ph.ysk-aJ healrh ~!n'~"!e;;1:Sll!:;lihty~ as wellas tree you fmml<a.rmm" and stress, Movement is also important £0 rreleasing habirualrensions, and a number of teclin i ques will d i teet rOll ro move in novel wa vs that will stimulate

. .


TfmQthy Leary,wd the .Eight~d7"Cuit .Mod,el of Consclml:Sll~$;S Ti01.o[]lJY Leary's eighH;il''Cui~ model or consciousness is veryusetul in p~n ~ ng fi~ rt ~'~ er ~ ns iglu into the hillman mind, Leary created [his model of consciousness based on the idea {hm we humans have eighr separatte m] n i-bra ins: or circu i (5 that handle various fun crion s i n 0 ur consciousness. h is merely a model and is nnt meant to imply thnrweacrually



60 The New H ermeblcs prqgmm

1, "1""-·······_·,·······_·········_······_·······_ _ _ .....•.. _ ..••..• 1 "111, "111,.,11111, "1""'·'-'·'"·,,,,··_,·····,·· __ ·······_···· _ _ .

Ana {]if CO,iI!o'ciOIJ~~!)S~,

l1vQlul]j(jj~~ry rOO<O~5

!\_~!j"'3tjilln [n ]-I umen GmW"lJh.

D;h::ing Forc~!i


~:lic_ki'~g. !1Q'U rlshmcnr, cuddling




[[ Em(H:ioll,tl· j~L·d.lDrbl

dOffl iniUKC} seslnnission

e~rly prjmate, I.~ 1l1l,1Jl~ge ~"d !j}n'l~

tu S~irT.~~tiJl,i!C

i n~dl i15~nl>:! ~m'l)idi[}'


IV .sild(l-~~~IlI1a:l

j}DM-'PlI:bI:K"(!IH jJlor~li(y"t'<,;p:r()Ju~d'" 11,

domesrkl [y pai.r-I.} f~gh~fwmng,

I ~

V r1cu~n,l;lgk81 and. ~(lm:J[ic

NCIl:mooll~atic ~Qmdn.I,I~.I"'~:I:I exrl(')r~rs

V] Nmlrud~ctiic

111n!:[".2jrn:lm;r'~m mi!lg conscrousness

fert'<)Gr~ mm~~g ~df. leI:iLth+':;_i~ kill of t"l:i~nry

~(r~'~nc~d conscioosness


I N~~rngp~~~:i~

'lLp~rkw consciouxness ~:Il!liljt:"r£

evol LI.[:ion.l'ry QU'il;

~up~~la[l"r.J.·· ~o .. n. Sd'~U.sL1.e.I~ I cllgmeer.~

uon-lncnl m~r~nl!'~;!"., cosm k ~!ill()il


N ~!J~o3~nmic

<lU:Lllrl.IIU Gj}JlKIO~lmc~s

have nil u I d ple brai n~~, hut rathe r [hat the fu netic ns of 0 ur b rains can be conveniently comparnncntaljzed into eighl~ distinct units,

Each ci rc ui r isbased on a period in rhe evolution 0 f (0 nsci OU5 n ess from the simple state of the amoeba to rhe infinitely complex spiritual minos 0 f human bei ng:!i, Leary fel t that each Q f us go es duough th e whole pmce'iS of evolurion from amoeboid consciousness 1[0 tlaUy human (OnSCiOLI$ne~8 (circuits 1 ~4)a;s we grow fwrrt inf'~mcy to adulrhocd. HUI this evohnion in vol ves onlvthe firS[ four circuits, There are rou r more c i rc ui rs rh ar aU ow for ou r fu rther evo lut i on into ~u lIy s e] f-act ualized cosmic beings. Table 8 (above) shows (he eight circuits, the evolution,] ry process,. [he SEdges in human groJwth" the areas of ccnsciousness .• rind d riving: forces w u eh which erich circu i r is concerned.

Modern MiodeL~ fo!' the New Herrnetacs 61!

Q.~bil.l:l$lic SephutR

New Hermeda lcvd


to- Malkuth

conrrol ofpaln and pJe~S-L!~~

u IEntiodolla],·'[cr~itodaJ


m Sem1!n~k

:fL Hod

IV Sod~-st;J(_md


7, N~Ci'Jlch

V Neurosouratlc

0Dm nuui Lon \vi Lh Cl)~[l'I.k cOjL~ci'I)!L~l'l.tS~


N ~ut.ndJtd:r11.:

AJv~Hoad Adcpr

creativi [)I wtrh lu cosmic ceusciousuess

;" Geburah

VIT NeiJ:tO&"Ci:lJecic


N en,lIo',mle

intcgmtlon withi 11 cosmic consciousness

i.Jl::il !;nc;~tk)~t with cosmic ,'l}nSC:I()mnC5~

MOM of US are only consciously aware of rhefirst four circuits, while the more sd vanced circuits hly dorrnan (forming 0 tit unconscio us m i rids until we are awakened to their use.

These e~gh~ circuits also correspond to the lower eight sephirorh on die QabaH~tic Tree of Life, In the New Hermetics, youwill be hrouglu prog~'essuvdy iIUQ complete aW~.I.'e.rH':SS and conrrol of'lU of your eight cireults, In the fJ.m four levels of the New Hermetics, YDU. wm be taught how m refrarne find reco nd i do n the fu nctions 0 f- rhesef rsr ~ou r ci rcui ts, and in th c ~;1:t,e[ level s, you wi ll learn how to experience and. utilize In e l':Iigj.1e.r circuits, Table 9 {:l.bove} summarizes the relarionships between the lW'O svsre ms,



There has been some confusion about whether the New Hermerics is a pSyd1 ologi cal o.r a s piritual system. It is really rust <1 n issue of model s. In the psychological model, m<lgid(~s viewed. as enti r ely being "in our heads," while in the spiritual model, ir is viewed as a connection w.id1 an adrujttcdlyinvjsible bu~: very reol and rangible spiritual world,

Many modern occultists view rnagicl ... in more or less psychologicl! terms, scci 'lg ir .. 1.5 a sorr of colorful mental philosophy, The New Herrnetics agreeswith this who] ehear I;edly" bUE we do nor wish to di s~ cardrhe spirirual model either, There are man.y phenomena that OCClIl: that def}r our current scientific undersnmding of the universe, You .may perform acts of magick, and you. win get unexpectedly positive results. I can. personaHy gUOUl,lntee rhar you will continually be surprised, Sdll, many of [he good skeptics among you may view these OCCl!rTe nces as COt nciden cc,

Howeve r, .i f yo u pr~ (en d to have rnagica ~ p,ywers, and yo ur curre nt b el ~cf system prefers [he psycholegical model, you will frcqllej~ tl 'f experience inexplicah]e synchroniciricsrhat indicare rhar [here may be something more going on beyond J[ being "all in your head .. " But if' you a P proach these experimcn tS bdi evi ng co rnpleIely in theawesome powel'.\> of m agick, you rnay t1 nd that you fai I 0 ften enough rh at" i ~ is i mposs ib I e to prove:: yOllr pOWi..~tS stariseically

We reconcile this in the New Hermetics bypojnting ourthat [here is really no fUrld.~m.(:nr.<11 difference between the models, As ,J gTC~lt nccultisr once said, "It's ilU In your head, you j US( don"r realize how blg )H:m r head. really is." The spi rirualworld is in om rni nds, but so is the physLeal world, By changing conditions in l'1H: internal, spiritual world, you

eve ntu,d.l)' create chan ge in [he physkal world. -

To demonstrate, s pen d ch e t~ ext ten ~o fifteen m in utes focused on how nice the people who live in your neighborhood are, If you really focus on. th ~si, nten d Yj' you m~y d iscove I' somechi n g rem arkable, If you spetHl some rime really thinking about all of the times when people have been kind to youand ,d~ of [he pleasaur experiences you have had with bo th fl'iendB and sIl1lngel1i, and that you ~1 ave even had ex periences where youdid nut gc;;t along wirh someone initiajly, bUT eveutually YOlg were goodfi'ie nds, )'011 may fed p re tty pos it ive .. And if yo u real Iy focus, so rha 1 you r fee ~ d n gs, i l11l ages, an d memories <In: v ivi d and powerful, yo t!

fv1ode:rn M(.w.:k:llsf-Or the New H erme tics 63

,,.........., ••••••••••• _ •••••••• _ ••••••••• _ ••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••••••• _ ••••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••••• ____' ••••••• ••••••• _ 11 •••••••• 1"' " •• '1 •• ' '" ..

~nmy fed very positive, Then go outside, You may find UIl amazing transfOntladon. You may see friends and po~emial friends everywhere vou l.ookWirh this sin;ple menta] process, YOll can transformyour t;~dlt' neighborhood! Now, we do rhis wirh ourselves and [he negative opposite of this all the time, What yo u fiJCUS On U<l.1l5fo rms yo ur reali ty. JUS! by being aware of this, you carl become all-powerful whenever you are re<ldy.

1 r can be argu ed that you are not really changi n g th ewerld by process) j usr yout own min d, bur d':ds is rea] lyi rrelevan r, The rno ment that you. havea pleasnm experiencewith a stIJnger after you have done dU,~ exercise, you experience what Jung called <1."s}]'." You I,~ave created an i nrentionel, meani ngful coincidence. This hi: the essence ()f magick, And argue <1.$ you nUl,Y nb om came and ef:Iecr, you. have made th.e change happen. By projecting positive thOHght~ into the universe, ya.u cause posjtive experiences in yOlU: life. II u.~ realiy quite simple and

\!!fork!> with <d~ things. .

iVotd>, Color.v. !Utd' Brain Ch.mge

N ew Hermetics offers many more soph istica ted methods of man·.~""~uu~ synchrcnicity (or magick) than rhe above creative visualization.

should be emphasizedthat simple creative visualization is an incredpot:em and surpI'L5~ng.iy 'eHi:criv,e technique, SdU,. withthe New Heemetics .. YOll wHI be introduced to several m~thods ofmore distinctly with particular kinds of archetypal energy (0 manifese ,~pekinds of synchronicitics,

One 0. f the most powerful W:l)"S of specifyi ng ynu.r magical 01' mys~ , in tent is through the use .of words. We humans are verbal creatures.

. inseructiug nur uuconscious minds with specific desires, worded ~I,,,",~UHY, ewe can man ~ fest exactlv wh(l[ we wan ["W·o rdscan be used .. 1 n

~ -- .. _.

ways, They can be used. rhythmically to create chants, incantalions, invocnions, or mantras, They can be used to describe, and thus [he energy of some specific god. Words cal] be combined to c~'C~.r.e gJYP~1S rep resen ring our desi res 1 n ahst ran, picro rial form, You 01.11. C rea te maglcnl words by unders ta n d in g the .8: rchetypal, Qaba.lbtic energies of each letter. .

:Huw'Cv(O[" oue ofdle most siruple and effective uses oFwotds is to litCI aUydesc..i be our ~.perit:n C(! or the cx:pe deuce th at we would like to

hove. If you describe an. experience vividly, you experience it. because in order to reference rhememory, you rnust return ro [he experience. 111 other words if I ask you to descri be an expe r ience of deep relaxatio n in complete derail, down to every nuance of feeling, you have to experience it un order to describe It .. J~ rOll describe each nuance, yOL~an· relaxing more and more, jUS[ eo access gl'emel' detail By creacing simple instructions that guide us to experiences that we desire, we cauliterally tran~~fol'm our lives from within. Vile can even use this specialized language W creaceinvocarions, mantras, or orher spiritually minded word consrrucrions that are auromatically transformational. This is exactly what the New Herrnctics has done wirh the tools you will study in (he rest of '[his book. Constructing experiencewith language is built into the faini,e ofour consciousness, and if vou cousciouslvrake control of

.?- .~

this, there Is no lirnit to what YOU can do.

. J

Tht: power or color is also STrong ineffecring change ~n our brains and in our lives. It has belen proved in studies that, when oHlce walls are painted blue, employees complain that the temperature is too cold. If the walls are then painted yellow or red, employees starr complaining dHU it is too hot, even though [he temperature is exactly the same in both c .. scsl In Fact, In;l,ny colors used in signs, trame signals, and other practical institutions of government and business have been carefully .resc,u:che<! to create maximum eFfect in human response. There is a definure correlation between certain colors and certain emotional states and even physiological functions.

Red: Aggrest>ivene.~s, conquest, force, vigor energy, warmth, love: srimulares, excites, and warms rhc body, increases heart rare, blood pressme, brain activity; and respiration,

Orange; Success, expanding interests and acriviries: srimulares [he apperire and reduces fadgue, lifts energy level,

Yellow: Creari Y l ty, self-co n fide-nee a n d, i nsp i fa rio u; sti rnulates memorv, raises blood pressure and pulse rare, cheers you up. Green.. Vibrant color of JiVe and growth: has universal appeal to our sense of balance and normality, soothing and .rdrudng body/mind, helps rhe mging (Q fed InOI"e vibrant.

.B~lle: Creative force, peace I, ma t uri l"Y, calm ness, depend ~bil. ~lY,

col QI' 0 f pi neallgl and, Dolor of sp u ri It" c3.1111 i ng eoffec:ton body; lowe rs

blood pressure, heart fare, and respiration, has a profound cooling effect.

Violet. Spiriru<ll color; soothes organs" relaxes muscles, and calms the nervous system.

People have used color to create In~gick andto inspire I'dig~ous feelins since [he earliest times" 111 the New Hermetics, you will usc specific colors for creating specific effects based on modern researchas well as Indent Hermetic and Qabalisric correspondences. They correspond 1II1.most exacel y. We all naturally assn cia re color with. 1I.n iversal archetypal nergies, The tendency is built right into our brains, \Ve involunrarily sociarc red with energy, passion, expression, blood. \Ve associate blue with tranquility, the sky. water, peace. We associate greenwilh jealousy aind~, by ~.n<llogy, desire-also growt.h, nature •. and" with f\m(2rka.ns) wen I could go on <lind on, but I'm sure you've picked up what I . The po'\.vel' of color is so pervasive and effective rhar 1(: is someall that is necessary to cause changes in yourself'and your world,

Mind Travel Aet"y1~ or tlie Astral Plane

real. secret of rnagick is that it is much simpler t:han most people ever believe possible. This automatically protects its mysteries the foolish who chase 'lfi.:ct complex "occult theories 01" who disie, calling it "mere imagination."

]0 fact, the whole of m,ig:kk is summed up quire weIl in those two , "mereimagination." Magick is the science of imaginarion. In .·W develop maglcal I)oweI'S, it is only necessary to develop your I • n into a :HJ:1Idy tuned. instrument, and then to direcr your will nrl"lI.1·O'lt'I, yOom irl"lagif)ings.r know, it sounds [00 simple, but really, this what it is, There are some who may argue ,o;.,i[h me onthis, but I can you ~h.u ~hey are most ddlnitely not really practicing rnagick, You see, the aerhyr that I have mentioned a Few zimes is really just ur irll<tg~n::Hion, rhe world that you enter 'when you dose your eyes. is a bit more to it. The p<H'~ ofyour imagination with which you

fi, milia!' is only the beginning of YOU[ true inn!.:!" world, After you with the New Hermerics fol' a rime, you wil~ discover deepe r and d '~per 1~1yers of yom i magin ati on. YOHwili en counte ~ 0 t h er worlds and eh l)'P' J. fi guret;. bd n g:;, of Ii. h I: and of darkness. Sorne 0 f these be; II g~

66 The N~w Herrnetics Progr~lIn


and landscapes will seem to be just figments; but others will have a un iquely compelling quality. These deeper, more compelling visions will be such powerful experiences that youwill be rransio rmed by merely encountering them.

However" evert the Ileeting images of your undeveloped umagination are sources ofincredible power. All of the forces in your mind are transformadw: .. YOl! should consider every internal experience in your mind and body as a successfulact of magick, Then you will begin to understand your immense power and responsibility. If YOll create images, words, and feelings of power, }fOU wB.1 be powerful If you create images, words, and fedings of depression, you will be depressed. Our brains arc so incredibly dtccdve at creating the realities that weirn,lgine for ourselves that most of us don't even reahze OILl.!" responsihil i.ty;, If you karn to direct you, thoughts in new and empowering directions, your life will transform, [ gU<l.ramcc ir,

When you are rhe New Herrnetics' to 0 I.~, even iF yo u oul y seem. to be pretending when you see an image of the goddess Venus, please realizethae this pretend image is still. pOlfye.rful for rransforming ynur life. If you allow yourself [0 experience the most vivid imaginary experience Q,f [he Goddess of Love that yo« can create, you will be experiencing the Godcil:s.'i< of Love.

If you are practicing astral projection, yem may feel that you arc just p reze ~~ ding (0 leave your bo dy, This i s pe.rfect~y 0 k<W+ You mill' still feel yourself s.~[dng in your chair as rOll imagine your astra] body flO<l.tliig upward. Jusr stay with your imagination and you will succeed in your magick, Do not worryabout "silver cords" or any of the other fanciful descriprions of many occult writers, I have experimented with astral projection for over Hfteen rears, and 1 have experienced "complete .~epararion" many times. But I have also had totally successful astral journeys that starred with me "just preteriddug" to leave ruy body. I've discovered that there really isn't ,~ny dHI"e.renGE: once YOIll get Involved ~n a vision, JUSt i tnagining rhat you are ]11 your astral body will soon result in J realizacion that you have' lerr your body far behind,

EmMi(Nud EI'U!rg)'

[\,,{os~ or us are really rather I:OHfI .nred beings. We have ,Co 11 A ied ng irnpuises, morals, val ues, a nd bel iefS ,. We struggle with li ,U:ck u br, sad ness,

....... _ _ , .. "._."""" .11'",,_ .• , _ •....... _ •........ _ """ •• "",,._ _ _ •.......... _ "",. • .. "" " ...• _ _ _ _ ,,,,.

:gel', boredom. and ull sorts of other mental conflicts, Basically, all of these miggles are based on feat. We fern rejection. loneliness. death, physical threats, and a million other things. All of these f:ear~ lodge themselves in our bodies and block OUI' awareness completely fmm the ~ove and bliss .hat arewairing there for us to discover,

Synchrontsri.cally, the p]aces".,.hcf'C we experience our fe'ol:l's in our . cone-spD n d roughl y to rhe seven Eas tern chakras. We fed the Joss a loved one in our hearts, physical threats in our stomachs, intellecal fears in our foreheads, C(C,.

These unpleasant bodily sensations are really narura] helpers that are to assisr us-e-towarn us of impending danger, [0 tell us rhar we

involved i n unhealthy situericns. However; because of the comof our human brains, we apply these same fear signals roentirely rernally created and unreal threats. \We have become so habitually fear'mm we misfire these warning, pains all the time. \1(fc experience fear anxiety when ir is unnecessary and. not useful to us. We have un inU.:"'U..'LH ~ instructed a pan of ourselves to give us a pain signal in some .LU,".U ...... and this partcontinues [Q fire offthis signa.!, this old insrrucin situations where it is totally unnecessary and no longer useful, mony of us have felt frightened at the; thought ofJPproac:hing an r .... 'nl.'.· member of the opposite s,ex? That attractive person is must no [ go in g: to ha rm ~l.S in anyway, but we E re off the samesign n.t might fhe orl"tn the presence ofa wild animal. This is a total misfire

II fear signal that can cripple us from geuing [he most our of life.

8'-, learning to become moreaware of our bodies and our emotions] can dear ourselves of these misfires and unconstrucrive negative \'\[e can reframe our internal representations so that chev are

ewering rather than debilitating. Once we have learned how to , . QUI' emotional states, we can really begin to experience the joys HFe and become more aware of our inner power and cosmic ~cope, can experience the joy of an unconflicted How of bliss rhroughout r being,

ow rha I YOu. have been introduced to some of the key concepts of the New Hermerics, you can begin toexplore rhe levels of training. Each of rhese levels focuses on rhe inner development of the sc;:phlr<"lh ofrhe Tree ofUfe, the paths that [ravel between and the corresponding hie-circuit of Leary's dgh.H:ircuit model. the f\oUowi ng p~ges, you wi llajso be introduced [0 the core fools New Hermerics that comprise aU levels of instruction .. I will refer

I~Q these tools of [en .U u PartIl of [he book 'f.hese tonls are specific fur rnovi ng you r consciousness through the experiences that wlU

1~ u ro rtansee ndenral knowledge and. power" These tools are pfO~ Each intentionally roUows: the lasr, Uyou sirnp~y go through ton~s, that seem to am use you at the moment, you willnor experience fun benefits of ~he progmm. These roolsarea comprehensive plan awakeniug you to your inner gen.ius and illumination, They are ndled. for conscientious use, nor mere Hghr reading, If you would ~o read ahead or USt;; one of the more adva.nced tools before doing plrcJim~na.l:Y work, [hat is Hne.However, yo U I.' results will match

'[' effiln.

1 r ~1,U:!>[ ~]_~S'o be no red dn][ these are si 1.1.1 ply tools '~n'K'Y are fo U11S, like arr,s [{,1m, for.;)1; !l1!t:nmJ karate or 1~J1"H1S fu. In orderto work properly,



, , , ,


The New licnne.ti'c{; Pm,gnm! ]"

, •• "111, ..... ,1""1111 111"""_""""'1111111'."111111 11""'''''1111'', 1111111"""11111111 ""11"'11"1"11',

they mUM be <li1inl<tt:ed by your spiric andcreativiry. Otherwise (hey ;m; just empty. At any time, you may fed free to add anythjng you ~ikl' ro these forms, as long as you understand the core principles. I[ i~ your inner world, and you will quickly discover many signifcant addirions co yo ur own perso nal p ractice. You m.ay <1.1050 d 1 scover rha t yo u are a lrea d~' using many of these tools or something similar, The New .Hcnm~tio provides a fi'ame'work in which ro ge[ the maximum evolutionary benefir from them,

Zealo« Level _9-~Jod

The Sec()ud Bi(J~c.ircuit

level is about uncit;r,scand1ng and managing your emotional states, ~s called the Zealot ~evd because it requires a certainarrrounr .of zeal get through icYou are first introduced to your emotional world by ing YOI.U greatest ft;.;\!': rhe tear ofdeath. 'I hcn.jhroug]r bre,H,h

movement, and refocusing the mind, you are trained \'0 become deeply aware of your emotional body and how to reframe youI' ns into empowering, transformarional tools. Powerful breathing . ri tues are presented char calm and balance your emotions .. The Herrnerics' tool for mJ_nH~sdt1g synchronicjtyis also explained fer


Mt:cr 111<1.5 ted ng the Co re P ract ices '0 f rhe New Her rn erics, you will mow through the levels of instruction toward self-realization. In Pan 11 of [he book, you will find. detailed practices for [he first 5 levels, and '! summary of the practices for the levels beyond,

.A:t,1,C'titim~ er Leoel B-J-1o.d

The Third .Bi:o~cirC'Jl,it

dlis level you begin to acdv,eIy explore archetypes duough the syrnof the tarot. This really assists in undcrsumding die unconscious that comes up in the mind and increases your understanding th.e spiritual construction of the universe, You. begi.!"l co explore the of thought processes, bdiefs"wd mental. symbol structures, You to explore pasr lives and [0 integrate rhe larger patterns of exisinto your life. You. learn ho ..... [0 consciously and unconsciously , your beliefs about yourself and il;:ali~y ~U1d actually begin to rrans-

.• your life inro a powerful force. You. Jearn to project thought forms, ital energies, ami desires outward effectively. You. practice expand}'our consciousness [0 fill the universe and silencing your mind of aU

In itiate u'vel 10-1l1olkuth

The Fitsr Bi(J ~fbJ_'Uit

The focus in this .Ievel IS your development In life, the actions necessary CO d e'l.o,d op you rin ne r powe r, refram i n g the P ai n/ pleasu re prj nc t pi e, a nd the balancing of the four elements in your personality so that you h;lve ehe gl'~J.~e$c power of choice over your actions. You are introduced t the aethyr through visualization, astral projection, anti communication wirh }rOHf inner reacher or inner sage, These tools <I..I.'e for getring the mind used to looking inward., The}' reach you to enter an altered S1'<HC of consciousness and show YOll how to work in that state, These tools. help you. 10 refine your skins for visualixi ng and experiencing YOUI' im·,el'n.l.! work], They do not demand much of you orher [han them. They also help you to oq~,'anize YOLIT inner world into a fnncrlon~l.inner temple for reality, While these tools are basic, even experienced m~ditarorsand metaphysicians find tremendous vahre in s'[rengdlening their abilities in these areas. There is rremendous power ill these elementary cools,

Phitosapl'Jet Lf11ml 7-NetZlich

The Fourth Bio-circuis

A~ this level, you discover how [he driving forces of yOUI' will are the hic'ral'c:hic:; of values dut control youI' moraliry, desires, ethics, and (''''en your crcativiry .. You [earn to h .. irmcniee your values with your ma-I dCl>i res and bc:gin to harmonize your gO:ll~, emotional states:

belief's, ,H1d values Into a fully funcrional and non-ccntliceed self YOII learn to create talismans, physical represeneaeions of magical synchroniciries rhat you project out into the: world. You actively invoke the po'wers of the ancient archetypal god-forms (0 balance and tramform yo ur nbi I i ries and yom life. Yo u begi n eo work practically wi d1 yo til intuition and begin [he practice called Rising on the Planes.

Adept LeiJf!t 6-· TipharetlJ

The Fiftb Bio-circuit

At the Adept level, YOILlIe".un to communicate consciously with cosmic consciousness. inrimately and personally. Y()u discover the infinire geniw, and. bliss that iswithin us all, This has been called enl ightcnmcm, samtldhi..iUuminat~on, Zen" the Knowle!(ige and Conversation of Your Holy Guardian Angel, and m<1iny other names. "Iransforrned by thi . experience, you FearlCssly confront [he remaining def11011S within you, transforming these fearful beasts into servants. Once and for al~, you establish yourself in tile I igln of your OWI.l! genius and. personal inspiration, projeceiug love and harmony our inro the world, You also IC:lrn rhc all-importane [essen ofbalo\w:ing humility and pride in your light.

Beyond Ad(:ptho(}d

Lwels j"ix riJn)llgh Jim

The tools beyond the Adepe Ievel arc not covered in this manual, but we will be happy to make th ern <Ivai lahle EO atl}r adep rs who have go ne through the. entire training program and have proved themselves to be balanced individuals who arc really using the New Hermctics to transform. rheir lives, These tools .• rre nor secret by any means and will be described in derail i n a fucute volume. They are, however, in many cases.quire complex and involve specific technologies for working with different kinds ofmagick, as well as the subtle technologies for trainjng future adepts. There are also a number of tools like BLI .. rning ofF your K.u-rna and Giving: up Every~hjng for· lothing that are advan ~d

. .

mystical rcolsand natural progressions toward M~l$tcry;

The rools in the next few chapters give you an excellent scarri ng place in your practices and hdp rOll to truly awaken rhc hidden powers withi n you. ]r YOIl . u nsci en ti ously and ~ ho rough Iy fa-I hJ\,v these si sn pi e

~,,-''' .. , - - '''' - - - - _ , - -- ~ - - -." _ .

, . ions, yuu will find yourself awakening into a whole new world spiritual power. As you read through these pr,]Cdca.l ex"crd~es,. p!e<Ui.l~ that 1 have provided simple di.agn'lrns~\'herevcr possible to illumi-

rlre rexr,


all of the tools ofthe Nevil Hermctics are practiced in an .. lrered of consciousness. This is it state of deep relaxation combined with tocillse:d conccn tra tio n. This st a re has been called the h yp n agogk srate, •. " n, sel f~bypnosis, the m a gk.l] trance, and many other l1~mes '. It

" natural state that we all enter into quite regularly whenwe Iocus III pleasanr manner on anyrh 1 ng. "VIle often sl~p "inr? tfan~e when. dr~, .... ing, reading. or doing any other actrvity in whichwe [jmit our lmlmIO.l1 .. Regular practice ofthe exercise will help you to be relaxed in Hfe, reduce tension, andgive YOll an abundanceof energy

uanquility Th is P racrice forms the foundadon for man y of the prnc-

you will find. in Part II. .

l., Si[ or Lie down in a quiet place where you will mot be disturbed fer about 20 minutes.

2. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to geE into a

comlo rta Me posi t ion. . . .

3" C10Sie vour eves and. take a few more long, slow deep breaths,

toca!h; settling into the posicion you have taken.

4. Noti~t: rhe sensations in yom body, and adjust your position

as necessary to be completely comfortable. .

5. Starting withyour feet, progressively relax your entire body up ro the crown of your head by feeling and vjsualizing a slow calming wave of energy moving soorhingiy up your body .. You maymentally .say to yourself "My toes are relaxing. rny feet arc relaxing, my ankles are relaxing, etc." .

6. When '1,'01,,1 have reached the crown of your head, you will he I:horrm~bJy relaxed .. Feel the sensations or your body and relax any parts rha r ba ve beco me tense a gai n.

· _"""". TII""" , __ ..•...... _ ......• _ _."" ••• - .. ,""" '.,' •.•• ,__ ......• _ _ _ ", •• ,-. ••••••••••• __ ••••••••. _ ....•... _ _ •...... _ .....•.

T '1vimt'a.lJy say 1:0 YOL!i"sc..:1f thar you are abour to count down fJ:OIn 20 to 1" and rhar, when' you reach 1 vou VI/ill. be in a deep state of retaxation and fo,~us.'

8. Slowly hegin counting backward frOni 20, mentally s.lying "20, arid deeper. and deeper, I am relaxing deeper, and 19, ,.0 III u eh deeper, a nd l 8; and d ee per" and deeper, erc.," un 1.:1! you reach I .. Allow yourself to relax more and more deeply n-, yo u co un t.\X/hen you reach I, yo u wi II be deeply .i n th e

al re red sta teo

9, Youmay now enjoy this state, or go even deeper, or practice one .of the upcoming tools.

1 O,Whl:n youare .ready ro return to norma! awareness, simply couur upward-from 1 to 5, ceiling yourself that }'OU will

awaken refreshed and relaxed. .


There are a Humber ~f other more elegant ways to achieve the altered stare rhar you fnay learn with the New Hermerio, but this is the siniplest and most .. straightforward method and a good Woly ro start out, \When you are in the nlrered stare you m.ay notice a number ot'sensaeions;

• Tingling, warmth, or coolness;

• . .4. sense of lightness 0[ heaviness;

• A lack of desire to move:

• Minor twitches in your fingers or roes; ., .A feeling of slippiug 01' Ho.nin,g;

;I A change in breath i ng pattern.

These arc definitive indicators ofa change in your state. You llflay also experience .orher sensuions, If yo U relax too deep.!y, yo U may experience a short period that you do not recall, but do not WOi'H', vouwill return ro full a ware ness as sa 0 n as you 11 eed to. Yo u do not need to InOVt;; to til 1 s deep a Je'V-e1 at Rll to use lIle !:Ools ofcht;; New Hermetics, The perfect state is o il e j n wh ich yo LI are rotall y involved in your i n ner wo rl d because you are rhoroughly relaxed, but nor so relaxed rhar YOU drift roo far int reverie, Alier you have practiced this exercise a fc~'i' times, you will find it quite easy ro do.

...."" ~"' .. ""'- - - ".~"''''''' - -.""" " , - -., ~ .. """.- - - - .. """.- -


is a very basic mol for New Hermctics self-initiation, Initiation is d1 e passi ng of spiri tual <I waken ing, kncwled ge, and powe r from )"g ..... l"d directly to student, nl(her than something thO'l.!: you do on ),'(lUr , . Unfonunately, that is not possible within the conrcxt of a book. ~1.I'1rWf>Vl··r. you will he able to get wonderful. results from this exercise if p racrice it slow 1 y a few times and j usr icc yourself enj oy it, ....

This simple [001 is based upon the for.rnuha ofinil.iatiol1 from all reliand secret societies. Tile candidate for iuiti .. arion is in darkness . introd uced slowly to the light. Th is is usuail y pe rforrncd l n ;1 ceremanner, bl.l[ in this New Hermetics self-initiation. only the interpattern that your mind goe5 through in the process of initiation will explored, However; initiarion ceremonies can be VCl"}' rransformarive a~5ycho-socia:J level. as. well as on an interior spiritual level, and you find seeki ~lg out a gro up to be a useful pun ui t,

is initiatory rool is a plm:~ representation of the inner, spiritual inith<li[ takes place as a result of any ceremony performed. Ir allows

to dispense wirh any outer ceremony at all for the moment, while' ."".I, ....... ung the rrue inner H.ght of the initiatory patlDem. It also enables

1 to elirnirmre :!lny dogmaric or religious overtones fi'om the inidaexperience, allowing yon to experience iniriaaion in whaeever way most appropriate for your needs. This specific tool is based on the ,of the candidate to experience transcendence, the purification of eand ida. te, and fi nal ad miss m on i n to rhe experie n ce of the ligh r.

1. Emer [he altered state (seeabove).

2. \)i;'h.el1 you are in a relaxed and concentrated sraee, begin to visualize that YOUJre imide J large black egg [hat is one or two feer taller than you. Th~5 egg represents yOUl' spiritual bod ... or "aura." Visualize yourself surrounded by an abyss of pure darkness, Heating ina void. You can, if you 'wish, hear the sound of waves f~u down below }'OU, as if YOli are floJ.£in.g above a black sea,

3. Look up in YOUl inner space, and begin to visualize ,,1 point of brill ian t w hi te ~ i gh t above yo 1.1, shining down 0 n your aorlc egg. This point of light represents th descent of cosmic

···,··-·······,··.....,,·"""'rll"""" """"_.,,, •.. _ _ _ _ _ ,., .• """,_"",.,._ ..••..... __ _ _ _ .. , _,,".""._'

consci ousness, B ut YOU are still .l n [he blackness o f yo UI ow n

- .

consci ousness (see figure R 1, above),

4.. Become aware oFyour desire to experience this cosmic conscio usness, f{~eI inga pleasan r sc n 5<J.t~On arou nd the a rea of you r gen itals and the base 0 f yo ur spi ue.

5., Begi n to move th is feeli ng of desire slowl y up thro ugh yfm r body, feeling (he pleasant sensation moving LIp your back, rhro ugh yew r Sex Ofg~ns> up i III W you r bdJy. At the sam C time, visualize rhat the point of light above YOM is growing larger, into <l globe'. and. moving slowly down toward you (sec (-igun~ 1.2, opposite).

6" Couri n ue leeHn g ytJllr des i re fa I' rh is Hgln. movi ng it !lD p ~ 11[0 you r c h est and neck.

Figure 12. F~cJ desire for "(he; grnwing light-

7. Visual uze the g~ abe 0 f Ugh [ ge [ring ~a~'ger, contin u~ng to move slowly down toward the top of rOtH" head. As it gets closer, vis ualize a beam 01' fay of lighr shin i ng d.own into your black auric egg, down onto the tOP of yo lit head, turn-

t ng yo til auric egg gl'ay Irom this 1ufl HX of light. Feel the .som Iighr around you pl~dfying YOH within and with om (see Hg~ UI:e ] 3,. page 78),

8.. Fed you I' i (C to be wi th rh is globe of Ugh r moving up i n ~'O your f;H::e and yom Iorehead, Fed. your desire all rhrcugh your body H'Ji~ngHng wich [he feeUngs of purity from rhe Hgln, and transforming into euphoric bliss.

9, See and fed [he glohe of~ighlenH~ring yOlll' egg, and reachi ng yu u r h.~~d,.. l'i'I;;'~1 an almostelecrri c ri PI'') [e ar rhe po ~ nt or

····-·········-···········-·,·""""-""""H~"'""_ .. ", .. _ _ _ _ ,_"",,, "" _ _ _ _.""",_"""" """,._" .


r l

co n tact, Visualize and fed brillianrwh ire light filli ng you I.' whole body and your auric egg (see flgur,e U 4, opposite).

10. Peel yourself enveloped In lighr, Yield ro this Light,.lening it:

Row pleOl$t~rably through you, and letting YDUl.':5>fJf How into the .1 ight. Peel yo u rself dissol ving hl iss fu II yin to J ight, I n th i s state, you m<1y begin to receive impressions about your life's purpose or who you really are, or YOLL Inay simply fed relaxed. and euphoric (see flgLl1X 15, opposite).

I I" \Xlhene:."ver you. are ready, return to normal co nsci ousn ess,



Figm-e 14. The globe of iigh[ reaches [he top ofynur head,

Part II


t: '!!!!!!!!!!I.1iiiiIi - -'--

- ....


. .... ...

/... ...

... . ......

"'...... ...

........ ...

'... "!Ii!

~ .......

....... i ...



. ' il I

... _ ~!II!!"'!i 1_ '!!!!!!!!!!I'''!iiiii.1iiiIiiIi _

- I

I i -

~--~~----------\ .......

, . .,.

... , ...

..."",'" ,-,'"

___ J



I • ,,_,-,



.......... ... ......

........ . ........

........ ... ... "


...... I ...












\ '\










" ,


I ,

I ,


I I' I










I I ,





'\ \ \.







\ \. \



" \

























",_ .... _,.he Iniciare level of the New Hcrmetics is a set of tools based upon the. sephirah Malkuth (the physical plane of reality, the world of the dements) and the aerhyr (rom own imagination

subconscious). Most of rhese tools " v m introduce you to the basics

I ...... I"'"U'U· • ng yoni" inner world, "'X"!ith them you w ·ill begin to look within l , and to balance the dements of your personality; By using these you win improve yOUl' ability CO visualize and yout a baity to underand manage yout internal and your external world.


Ai rst necessary step EO succeedi fig ar anything. whether spiri tually or

rut)" orher area of your life, is EO set goals [-()r whac you want to accorn. If you do not know where you are going, you wm never geE there. o.nly Wily to manifest < Is to know specifically WJ1<it ir is like to manifesr. By undersmndingwhat you wanr, you will he more able to take the actions necessary eo accomplish your go,ds, and ~-oul[ be less likely to do dl~ngs in opposition to your goa!.s.

lr is fot l'hies reasen ,that; before you use ,my more of the tools or [he N~'wflermedcs, you ImlJli'f set seene goals fer yourself BcCJiUSC rho New

"Goals" "Actions" "'N ew Hermetics and Centering" "'Ref-ramlng PSIUI and Pleasure" "Balancing and Reframingi the F ou r E Ie rnents"

Hennetics is a pmg;ra:rn 1:0 help you. with all [l.~peCIS OfYOUF life, the go,.d~ you ser willhein all areas of your life, frorn rbe lofty heights ofspi rituaEry to other matters such as yuur finandJi~iife andyour other mareri J.! affai rs, By looki ng a t al l. aspecTs (I f you I' li re a n~ decidi ng WhH r )'(] U W,H'lC righr now" ycmwm be able to inccrporate spiritual rechnologio in to rhe acco mplishrnen [ ofevery[hu ng uri yo ur U Fe. You deserveha I) f J Iness and fl~.~.fJ.nment on all planes ..

A$ you set goah, please think abourwhae you reaHywanL Don'( be afraid to se{ goa~s dla.r seem impossibleor our of reach. Nothing,h.n you can conceive of J8 impossible ifyou reallywaut to make it happen, You are [0 be g.eldng in reuch with die source of all possibilities and g<l~rdng aOCc;SS ro infinit(,; POW{;[. Please li~t the goals tharwijl rGI~~y make you happy an d. fiu~ f ned. Make su re Ell [I[ your go n~s are sn exc i [in g dla~ you wi ll wan I~ !;O do everyth i [1 gin yo ur power to make rh em happ e n, Dan: to dream.

The sole reason fOl' do i ng rh L~ exercise is 1;0 he! p' yo U lead <1. p u rpo~(;driven me, a life that makes you happy, fills you with hope and passion, and. sustains you in ym..llF Ufe's journey. As joseph Campbell. m,ight S.IY. it: is CO help you "follow your bliss.' Pk~,lSC be sure to think aboutwhae goals in life would. really make you happy. As you get ro know yo u rsdf better Ihl'oughOUI the New Hermerjcs, these goals wm natura .. Hy change" Th at is fine. D i,SCOVl.Of where you. are now,

The New Hermetics sepa,n[;es gmds~n(o five categories, corresponding to the fout clements, and the flifth element of ,~pLd[. These five G~~p ego des CJ.11 be separaredro ughl y J8 follows:

Spirit-Spir.itual. gonlsyour lUfe's work,

F.~re-Goats 1'0., your will, persona] POWt;{, d~~iu,;s, creativity, and sexu al i.t:y;

Water-' -EIUO rional g0:.11~, feel ings, ~l nd rels t io nsh i. ps. Air--Int:rcUe(tual. goab) goals about yom ability to comruunicare, Earth.-.Financ.ial goals, physical appearance"

Se r f:"o ur goals i.n each of these areas, srati ng each .u n rh e posi rive furW't: tense tor now, begi~~ n l ng each sra H.::n'1 en t with> "lwill .v ." Fi glH,e 16 givc~ examples of some goah in each CJl:ego.l""Y (see :fi.gure 16, opPQiliun~h






I, I wm exp,~ri;;!t'lCC a rranscendoneal union with tmiv~r.s~1 (.:omcj~).:i.~i·Ie''!;S. I wHl commun ICaII:' wi d, Angdk

I will. ead ~ate love to ~v,~rrfm~' ! tt~~,t:t.

r wL11 b~ an iC[]tl,[)d~l~lk frt~·tiom fighter,

r ~~lII. Ieel amHd em: and levi ng wi.I:h. :111 people. I wlll enj0l' sex more ana I::IK;,rC,

lwill culri vare .~ b ig.h-~n,~rg!· I if~.

1 wiH p;ti D r three 11 ~w pai lit,.

l., TwiH l~,;tr~j L,D mf.lnaS'~ nl.y cmm~on:li SI:;m:s.

2, [will cul rlvarc .~ nan .. H·~J s,mtt: of bl iss and p~~'~c~= .. ~, I wiH I ~~rn ~(} t~l.i.:e lhhiJP J~~s p~ rscnally,

ii, l wil l im prove- Iny ~;ri.cnd5hi ps and. ICI\'~ ~i fe,

L ~ wlll g~[ my rnnsrcr's degree,

1. l wHJ master rnr communication wtth ~'I:i}' sdf and ochers, 3. I win I~arn tn ~p(!',ak s~};I~tlsh,

4, I ""HI SUltly more ahom ~h e Qab;tla,


I • I w H~ earn $2 on ,0000 a }'~.1r j n pt'r~on:j Ii It¢o~m: ..

2. I wi 1,1 bur 11 ew clothes :wd irn~ p rnvc ll~y :lppcararlCC,

3. I w~ll {h i ve ~. Co rvt!ilt~ ..

4. ~ wi]l h~a~in~ :1'[lOi'~ athletic and lose twcmy pound~ nf F;u,

86 U~i 113 the N ew Herrnetlcs

Of course, you can set whatever goels you. like. I{on't be afraid to be as creative and dramatic as YOLLa Uke, But please make sure rhar yOlil' goals are things that you really do \:Ji .. %HH. If ycm SC[ go,als that you don'! care abour, you won't be helping )ioH.rsdfat all. YOtl fj~flY always change yo ur goals whe [1 eve r you wan l, 50 jus r write d.ownwha t '5 import a n t [~. ~ ylJll ~1): {he moment. As you g;roWiJl <In areas OfYOUf life, your goab: wi II change and grow as well. Yo u will review yo ur goals afterl, so yo II will constantly have the oppcreunity to change andimprove them.

In order to ge[ the most out of.myth]ng in your life, t~: is really neee~~saIy toknow what it is rhar you are~ooHJ1J.g for.I.",lav.i.n.g goab i~ absolurelyessenrinl [0 accamplishinganyching in life. By really knowing what you want. you will be able ro ger so much mort: Out of [lit:

NewHerrnetics [han. ifyou just begin pmc:tkung these exercises without any direcrion.] r you take a few momen IS: to decide what you .re,J]y wa n r, I guaraL']tee that the upcoming exercises will help you. to achieve iI,

Before you begin writing, .. ~. 'd.m".e W shaee with you a few keys that wi i I, help make YOln goals even better [han the ones in F.ig,lI . re 16. 1 F you follow these simple rules, your goa.l.') wH I be .lIS dfcc6ve as possUb~e, "rh e'1 JIe based on some of rhe principles of neuro-lmguistic prcgrarnmi ng.



L St,ne you.l'gp:als in the positive. Wri.te down wbar you want, not what you don't wanr,

1. Make sure yOUl' goals are th.~ng:s that rm~ can do .. Don'r set goals that feq uh-e others [0 do rh ings, "1 want my gi rl fr~c nd [0 swp bu.ggIJlJg me," b a poorly formed go~]l Ir will actually disempower you,. because YOLL won't be able to gu;;uantt;;>C results .. "I win figure om how I can ge~: <llong hem~.' with rny girlfriend," is something rhar you can ddltlitdy~~ccomplish.

3. State sp(.;cifkfdly what you want-s-the amounrs, environmeno=-rigbt down to th e t::X,;:JC t details yOU\N,~n r.

4. State y10ur goals in sensory terms, "rry not ro use vague words such as "enlightenment," State instead that you warn ro

e~'\pe ~j ence ecs m:s:y aU th 1'0 ng,h you r body an d $OiL~ land feci ,Qn overwhelmiug sensation of connectedness wid] everything in the wo r ld. Th is makes you r goals so [l.':8ii,

5, State goals in in,re;:rneIH~ 0., "chunks" [hat YOli can he~ievt: ln, Don'r say. "I want to earna milllon dollars," say "rei m.~cco

work every day on .i rllprQV~Hg my financ ial si tuari on un eil I achieve the state ofabm:u:i<'lnc(.; in my nfc."

6. You. can pm resources into your gnak Creme subgoalstn give you rhe abilities to achieve your gaHl. If you arei nrerested in beco rning a successful businesswoman, you will need. assertiveness, coufidence, focus, perh~ps Include these factors .1 n yo ur goals.

7. Check [he~eco~og.v~ of yo til: g'Oah. Make surethat your goals are really something that yOll want. Is there it part of you that is resistant to the goal? YOH IHUS[ address that resistance or you win not succeed,

8. CJ.a.rify to youeself whar the fulHHrnen r of the goa~ wiU he like, Make SUre you. know specific a !~y how you will know when you've achieved your g03i.l or you may achieve your goaJ and r1Q[ even realize i~l

yuu. havewritten down yo ur goals in each of the categoeies, seta Fmn"l,e for each of them. Do you want to accomplish d1en"lin sb;~ a year, [WO years, 0 r dghr now? Wrife the rime frame next to each Once you have done this, choose yo ur neve most immediace g.oals. tbink ofone thing that you can do right now to begill1 the proccss

. accomp~ishing [hem (see figLln~ 17, page 88).. I[ doesn'r have to be it

thing. If you want to learn Spanish. you. could buy a book or look a. cnntinuing-edncaricn class, If vou wan r IO buv a Corvette, you

- ~ l ,~

. send ,1'W~W for.1 broch ure,

Now:, go QUT and do these five small things, Don't worry about whether of your gO'lls are pre-sen ~Iy~~ n anci~ny 0, e motional ly O!1~ 0 f reach. b(;,'gin the process,. and you will discover the warm accomplish . go~~s as you pmgre.'>s in [he New Hermeries, JUSE make SUI.e, th.i1I you some small th ing to begi n the process.

Tlrro UghOLM the New Hermetics, you. will return to these goals and schan g~s .~ n you fself ,HUj rhe wO rhJ a rou nd you. with the practices ~be New Hermetics thatwillmake it possible to accomplish anything can dream, This simple exercisewill c;:h,mge pnu" life,

You may And It very uSiC:fui to begin keeping a regular journal of your plfl'lctice with [he NewHermeties wok Any SO[[ of'lined notebook will do" Don't bocher pun:ha.dl'llI:J anYThing teoexpensive or fancy, as you

88 tJsill~ the New Hermetics


"1111"'-"""'''''-'''''''''''-'''''''''-''''''''_'11'''_'',.,._.", ... ,_ ... ""' .. _."" ... _."""._."" ..... "","'-""',:.""-"""""'-""'11'-"'0"0"_"""".'",." ...

, 'I

will fed. compelled [0 record only impormnr f'hing.~ in such a book. Record everything that comes to your mind. By keeping a regular record, you will be able to track ynu.r progl"e"ss and rea.lly understand yom expandingabilieics as they stan to blossom. If you donr keep a journal, y~ HI won'[ have: any idea where you've been, and that wm rneke it harder to know where you are booing. Keep a journal of your rhoughrs, your ,Ktiom, and any lise of the New Hermetics tools t:"O[ manifesting magical results. You willlearn what is working to.!' you, what is 110[, and how '[0 change' what doing to bcnd~t YOti. fuuher in the future.Yuu will discover an i ncredib le amou m ahour yo ursel f and the un iverse as yo u proceed. Do not forget to share these things in your journal. You can ;Ih;(] download free workbooks for each of the levels of the New Hermetics ar unou: lu!whernu!tics:. com.

L ('wm I~y master's degi:ee.

T (I b.;;::gi, n rnovi ng toward this g{)~l I wi]] call up the adrni ssions nnio,: ~m~i g~t ;~11 applk:;U:km.

2. [will buy new clorhcs and improve my appearnncc.

I wi IJ H~ n ke a ~ i~~ of doth i ng i ~el[H ] need.

3. 1 wi U i mpW'i'e ml' frielll dships and love li fe.

I'm, gong ro C<lJ~ Guy! I hnven'r ralked 1;0 bim in ;1ge~!

4. [wW :!ll,di:ue love w e~e~'()Ile :1 meee.

I'm. gotng to smile <1l:[ ten people wd;!}"

5. 1 will become more athletic and lose [Went}' pounds of fat, I'll ask Gn}' if he wants to plny tennis,

Figure :t 7'. YiHir l1,ve IIIUS~ imp( rtnnt go",ls"

The ]nirl:;iub~ Level 89


With this simple tool you will begin to improve your abilities ro sense rhi:ng~ on the inner planes. You will practice 'rile an of visualization as as learn too. smelt taste, hear, and feel in your inner world, You win urscover that the easiest way toO visuajize anY'[hing IS to simply fell yom."-

,. to visualize it. because if you S<liy aloud to }'otm:eW in yom mind to , a menral image, your unconscious will automatic.llly respond. ~'~'.")l..ill.'U;)U'IL,.~;) always responds. If you let your uncon scio us hand lc rhe "''''''''''''''>. it will create exactly what you desire.

1. Enter the altered stare as described in chapter 4 (see page 73).

2. Tell yourself verbally in your mind to experience some object. The ob jeerwill appear visually in yo ur rn in d, at least f:m a few moments.

3. As the objecr appears, begin to im~gille what ~[ would he like' to experience the object with some of ymu other senses, You C;)fl start with touch, formularing whh yom mind a set of

i rnagin .• ary han ds a nd ai lowing yourselfto fed the texture 0 r lh e obi ecr, Make til is sensati on as real as you can.

4. Formulate what irwould be like to smell the object.

5. Formulate what it would be like [0 taste the object. ..6. Fo rm ulaee what sort of sou nd the ob jeer could make.

7, You may repcat rhis proc.ess with as many objects as you like. \Vhen yOllaJil,~ ready, return to youI' normal state of awareness ..

maywam to try this technique with the follow1ng objects in order, they basicaUr progress in order of complexity and win hdp you expand YOlU abilities rapidly.

'. A j uicy red apple.

I, A diamond solitaire; I' A beautiful red rose;

II! A flaming blue five-pointed star or pentagram;

• A city street, perhaps one that you've been ro often:' " A rei axing ocean beach;

., 1 ns ide rhe 1:111 ourh of avolcano; '. A dog or ~'U that you know.

\ I

1... _ _ _ .

I ,

• A wild animal such a;.~ a lion, a deer, or a wo]f;

• .11 rna n ~hiU: you know OI a .\j ~Tan.g:er;

• AWOI1lKHll thar you know 01.' a SU'\lnger;

• A child char. YoOU know or it ~tnl.nge[.

'to u can add as many other th i ngs: as yo u f ... ran d ream up, As you exp I n re rhis rechn i quc.:, youw ill d iscove r th.aI one or more of you fin n er sc n.~ (;'~ Of mcdali des is better develo ped than othcrs .. You may wish to I cad \v ith your best-developed inner se~1SC, [ather than preceedingin due order in d":w above exercise. In othe r words, yo III rrw.y wan ~ to stan crea ti ng ill ne t experiences with your sO'ongcst sense, add~ng the others in order ul strength, ending with yourweakest sense. Over rime, all of YOU,I" i nnej senses will improve. Ask yourself the f(~liowin.g questions;

l , \Vhai: sense L~ easiest [Q work wirh, the best-developed inner sense?

2. Which is the next be~~t?

3. \,\!h ich is ehe leasr d evelo pcd i ~11n er sense?

Yo u rna_y also wan r ro [Tyexpe ,i m e rrti ngwith eye-accessing, mov ~ l1,g },(mr eyes up ro {he rigbt" when visualizing, dghr and [0 [he side when hearing, and down IO the lefiwheu feeling (see ngun.; .~ 0, page:: 5,4), Ag.iin. however each of us is wired d i!JeH:',ndy, ;.~10 yD urn.a}' have (0 O].dj usr these di recrions to rn ake the best use ofthis,

Practice wirh r.hi .. mol a rrumber of rimes, and eventually you. will h!: capable of ] objects very vividly; By using the techniques rnentaliyinstructing yourself FlO experience your inner senses and COlm bl.ning multiple senses, you will find your visualiz .. arion abilieies ,ex~):i'md .ing very rapidjy,


"w use many of the tools of the New Hermetics, you. wuU need a t'r.:n:q;l,1 01' workroom on [he inner p~aHes.!c is really Just amarter ofilnagiL1in~~ it inroexisrence, This hmt.giu<lry temple acts as rhe connecdng place between yourCCln s clOUS m i nd and the eudless Cl(p.:na se .of duo' co U ecrive U!'lCO nsci ous. Now that you ha vc gni ned .. l il:w sid i.lls Lib visual ;,Z,lltiO 11" yt I ~ I

t:Jl[I create this area, Ir may seem like a silly exercise inimagination for MOW, hut irwill gruw.more and more powcrfl~1 the more you use your temple. The New Hermerics temple is bnsed on [he formula of the tarot W[heWodd," with yuu in rhc center b(;~C(;fl th.c ro(-J·U.r elemental fo'r·ces and [he glieaIer expanse of {he inner universe above you.

You .may h,IV~! already created ",n inner rernple of your own. in YOll.!"

UQliS Inag,ical work, <lind 1 am in no way to replace Of 5Upr t that inner ~c;mp!e.How,ever,d1e inner temple design that fDllows spedfica.lly for use withthe New Hermerics tools, and. yOl~ will need create rh i s rem pIe in yo ur inner wozld in order to geE the most out of New He:.rmet]c~. "'tou can certainly continuetc use your own inner ~or other purposes, This temple is merely you 1" N ew HCJ"IDt.:tiC!S . net temple. You. can abo f:ed free co "dress up" this remplein <t.ny way

Hke as 10 ng <as it contains the basic elernen ts 0 utl i ned below.

1. Enter the altered sraee as described [11 ,h~~p,-,t:f 4 (see page 73).,

2. Once you. are thoroughly lebxed, visualize that you are in a hallway or cave,

.3. Move (hmugh the hallway, nork.irlg vividly the textures, srn el ls, an d sou nds,

4. At (he end of the hallway. create a dOUf,lf ,Oll do not see if righ~ away; tell yourself [0 experience a dom and it wm appear" This is rhcentrancc to your tern ple,

5. 0 pen the door .Jnd s r,ep ] nside, Visualize you r rem ple as a bart mom with fou, w;:lJb,fl:ldlOl~gh you. mayeve~uuJ.~~y fill it with any objects you want as the need. arises,

6.. Look at the fO\ rwall d i reedy in front of you .. Thus is eas r in you.1" inner temple, Make thi.'ii'N~~~! yellow with you!' imagina- 6ClB •. This wi ll be the location of the elernen t air, You may visualize this wall more as .\ window wi~h billowing ydlow

do ud s be hind ir, Feel a.warm breeze, and hear rhc rustli n g of wind, Any bdngs Oil 6.1r.ces having ro do with [he element of air wm live in and manifest from rhis wall (sec figure 18,

pa~rc 92,.

7, V isual ize you rsdJ turn i ng righ t (clockwise), arou nd [0 [he south "vall. Make this '~v"l~1 red, This will be tile bcar~on of the element fm:. ¥~U Itni1:Y visuniize lr.hi.iiw~]U more ~.S a wjn-

YII10IW Alii'

I -

Flg!L~re 18. I n net' temple, fm·m view.

dow with Hery, red, burning flames behind ir, Feel hor Ilames, 'Hld. hear the cl'<lc.kling of fire. Any be~n1}" or forces having, to do with the dement of fire will live in and rnanifest fj'Qrn chis wall.

8. Visualize yourself turning right (clockwise), around to the west wall. You may see the door YOLI. carne through in this wall ~ bu t i r does not have to be there u nless yota i'lccd l t, Make thiswall blue. fhis will be the locarion of the element wa ret. Yo u ma Y vis ual b,.t this wail mo re as a window w ~ rh flowing. undulating. blue water behind ~t. F~ld the cool moisrure, and henrrhe slo~hing waves, Anybeings 01' force!! having to do with the clement of waterwill live in and manifesr fl'Onl this wall (see figur,el9', opposite).

The I tlitinte Level 93

IIIU·I "'A·-ft'R

-- -- _. -_.' - "- . ,".

F.i,gun: 19. Inner temple, back view ..

9. Visualize yourself tuming right (clockwise); around to the north wal], Makethis wan blade This will be the location of the element earth. You may visualize this wall more as a window with black crystalline stone formations behind. Feel the cool hardness, and beat the creakjng of the earth .. An}' beings or forces having to do with the element of earth will live in and manifesr !rom rhis wait

1 0.. Look up above these walls, Instead of a ceili ng. visual ize a

sta r~'Y' s Icy" Any bei ngs on r forces havi n g to do with ehe stars or the pi an e ts will rna 11 fro m a bove yo u in eh is sta rry eXj)ans~.

I, 1. oak directly ahove ymJ,( head. Visualize the globe of pure white liglu from yeur iuiciatlon directly above you. 1 his is

94 lh;i 113 the New He:rmctics

your connection point with COSFn]e censciousness.Trwill always be rherei n your inn er rem plc,

12. Look around at your temple and begun [0 orienr yourself within it, US'e all of YOUE inner S.e~lS~S to make itas n~,]~. for you as possible, This is the place where you.r magick begins_

1 3 . When Y(l u are ready, turn to [he wes [ern wa ~ ~ and visual j zc a door. S re P til rough l he d OOt bad. i nrn you r us ual bod By awaren ess, Retu rn to normal awareness, know i n g tha t yo u r re mpl ewill be there agar n the next l'i me you need ir.


ln order ro accoruplish anything in Hfe, it is ne.cessOlry to rake acrion, The goal of the New Herrnetics is m h.f,;.~p you awaken. tu your own spiritunl power and wisdom and t"nj0yeveryaspemor.~~fe fulJy. There arc several actions you can rake in your day-Ijor~by Ii fe that will hdp you immeasu rahly o n this path" These actions are based on [hi n gs thar you do:;myway, but by hemming conscious ofthem and them with powe.r, they can: inlrnedja~dy increase your personal power and connection ro ehe un iverse.

This tool is actunllv fo ur di ffercn r rei ared actions that you G1 n use

~ - - - _. . - .,' ;.' "-

eve-I], day; They ate vny ~asyt:o accom plisb, and will 0 nl y t;~ ke yo II a few seconds roperfonn, The purpo~e of these actions is twofold, First, by becoming more conscious of these actions, you win become lilO!:'" conscious of YoOur whole life in genenl.l,. and this 'will ,~~Iow you to see the world more clearly; Seoond,.by placing intention inro these c~,e,yday actions, you 'wm cause subtle shifts [Go place in yum ljfe t.hall wiU beu aexpecred and beneficial, You '.UI me thesetools as ofeen i1Ii you like, and you will accumulate force and. direction in your Hft: (;.olCI1 lime you use them.

COUSl;'iotts: Efltlug

\l7ith this 1:001, you become conscious of what you are caring, incrensing yourswareness of the immense power in you.r food. You C,UlI then il1:IDUe this powerful foodwith specific intention so thar it f6rriftes you in wlmreve r c~'i/ay you can con ccive. ' rh.e foUowingwol .. will {'<"'lHow s ~ !nilar procedures wi.ti1 water and brea.thing,

The ~ nitint.e Level 95

1. As ynu sir down to eac ,l meal, observe (he foo d t:ha~ is in from o f YOM. Bep resent W] &:1 the food and really look ati t.

2. Think I~ yo urself abour ~J!. that has gone in to bein gu ng [his fOoOd to y'O ur tahle-c-thework of~ aU rhe people rharcu I rivared, packaged, transporeed, and provided rhi s fDod for you ... Even more importanr.jhink for a momerl[ about the <t;nergy from the n utrients i n the so]i, [he sunligh c, oxyge n, and warer that worked wgethe.r top mdiUce the food, and also the hands tha t preparedthe food] whether your~ or scmeone else's,

3. As you contemplate this, become aware of all rhe potential POWC[ that yo u will receive when you ear this food. Th is is ,. nemendous gift of pOiwer fran] the un IV(;HC"

4. Now that you are becoming ~~!Ily aware of the potential power that is j n yo ur food, yon mOly consciously decide how you WCH.tId like this power eo be used, With the ~e use of you r m ~ rid, you .nnny charge you r [0·0 d with the [3J,~k of increasing yom vitaHty, energy, abiliry rocommunicate, losiHgWeigh~, overcoming anxiety, grief] or angel, or any adler change or empoW~rmeH[ that you can conceive of and desire for yo ur bodyh.n ind,

5. Hold your dorninnnr hand over your food rnomenrarily, and ace as if YoOLL have the abiliry "0 direct theenergy of your food. You rna y make a picture i n you I' In ind of a. glow or Row of energy; picture :1 desired ou rcome, sense a Ci:eling that the energy .IS moving in the direcaion you haveccneeived, just simply tell it [Q do so verbally in rOUT mind, 0.11 some cornhinaeion, The on~y importnnr criterion is th.n you make it as real for you as possible" Create for yourself what it woo LIM be like if you had rh is -q ual I[}', .lmagi ne what you would see, haw roO U would stan d an d fed, what you we uld be [Q yours.elE

6. As you em your food, feel that rhis [ra.nsfmmadonal erilergy is f10wI ng intn YCHIJ body and begj n n llilg to fHI yo lA.

7. \When you have completed your meal, thank the universe for the powerful energy that yo u have recei ved.

96 Using the New Hermetics

Conscious Drinking

With chis tool, you become conscious of ", .. hat you drink, increasing your awareness ofits immense paw!.:[. You can then imbue these liquid« wirh specific intention so char [hey fortify you in whatever way ;V0ll [;11 L COnCelYC.

1. \Xlhen you are about to drink a glass of warer, become aW~1 re of the narure of water, which is cleansing and pu[u.fjiing. Imagine that this wafer has [he magnetic power 10 remove toxicity and negative energy from both '[he body and duo environment.

2. Imagine d1J.( tJH~ water is going ro pUI'.ify your body borl. physically and spiritually as you drink it. Imagine what it would be like if you were purifiedJrnagine what you would see. how you ... vould srand and fed, what you might be saying to yourself.

3. As}"o u hegi 11 ro d rink the water, fed i [ flowing thro ugh you, drawing toxicity away from you, to remove it from youI'

bod y as i r pas,~es thro ugh.

4. '\'.V'hen you have finisbed ymu glass of water, rhenk [he universe for this cleansing.

Conscimf,s BatJiing Just as water cleanses YOlI.r insides when you drink ir, it draws roxint a wa y fro rn [he outside whe n you 'bathe. You .may wanr to bach e in cool water, because ir is said [hat the purifying efi:en of water is reduced when it is hot.

1" As YOll p r ep~~l'e to barhe, whether sbowedng, t:lking a bath; or simply washing, become conscious of the purifying pt!wer ofwarer,

2. Imagine thewater is going [0 purity you ::15 you bathe.

Im a gine whar it would be like if you were purified .. Imagine what you would see, 11.0w you would stand find fed. whar you would. be saying to ytluf:id.f.

3. As YOLI fi.:el rhewarer ru nning over jour skin, imagine .. II ' j' your physical and spiritual toxins dmining away.

Thfl ~t1[ti~lh~ Levd 97

4. Visualize, feet or describe ro yourself verbally (01' some cornbinariou) rhar roxinsare f1uwiug away from you duoughom youI' cleansing ..

5. As you dry yourself o~ thank the universe for dcan~ii'lg rou so fullv,


Conscious Bre:{ubing

Bread1 b ng ~ S 0 ne of om gn:;ate$c sou rces 0 f ene rgy an d pow,el'" but most of us do nor even breathe effectively, ler alone consciously; By breathing hncndonaUy and deeply, yOllcan ,quickly yourself the gift of vitali~ ,energy, tranquility, and. any other qualities that you desire, In larer tools, you will [earn specific, powerful breathing techniques, but [()II now you will simply learn to bn;.ube w~Ih intention. fHling yom body wirh power by COl (i:")' i ng it on the b reath ..

1, Become aware of YOUI' breathing. Feel it,

2. Breathe slowlyand deeply down into your bd~y, completely filling your lungs. ;.UI,cJW yoor stomach to expandwith your breath.

3. Visualize char the air around you is filled with poreraiality for sorrte desi red quality that you would like to manifese in your life. For instance, imagine that the air is !TIled wah vitaJity, coul'lge, strength, hUr;:Wgence, patience, or whatever }'ou<lre most in need of at [he time. Visualize, fed, or describe U1 yourselfwhat it would be like .if yOll had this quality; Imagine what you. would see, how you would stand and fed, what you would be to }'omsdf.

4. W'ith each breath you breathe in, teel [his ene.rgy CmCr1[1g your lungs and g:otng out into your body ~hmugh rm.ubloodstream.

5. As you breathe ouc, fed that the enerb')r is q'Wing behind, Only rhe breath 1.S going (Jut.

6. Breathe about ten to [went}' breaths, visualizing and feeling rhis desired energy filling ymtr whole body.

7', Thank the universe for the gift of chis eneqzy.

Pore Breathing

This rool expands upon the previous tool, enhancing your breathing through the usc of the altered snne co enable you to experience all YOll r pores as you inhale and exhale. This will. enhance yourability [0 draw in lransforrnative qualiries rhrough your breathing,

I. EUler rhe alrered state (see page 73).

2. Breathe slowly and deeply,

3. Feel the sensations on the surface of you.!" skin, as it covers vour whole body.

4. VrsualiZie the pores of your skin opening; feeling tingles nil over your ski n.

5. As you b rea the in, y isual i ze and fed the ,~i r enteri og into a 1.1. of you r po res, as well as you.I' luegs, and ~of;:"aving yo ur pua:s as yuu b rearhe OUL

6. Visualize [hat the air around your bodv is flU!;;dwid~ some

ri .~'

desired qualiry (V.i«llil)'> healing energy, elemental energy,

etc.] 'You may also fed, hear, or even smell this quality;

7. As you breathe in, fed your whole body filling with this quality through all of your pores.

8. .As. you. breathe OUE, hold onto the quality imide: of you, [ust letting go of ~~1e air,

9. Breathe in about niae more tinH.:;$, filling YO~lr£elf, cho;l.rging up n ke a h a t rery;

lO .. Continue to breathe normally, feeLing rhe build-up of enel'gy inside of y.oll.

11" RctLlfI1I to normal consciousness.

You may increase the number of breaths '[0 iurenslfy rheexperience. rr you wanr to release the encIb.'YI [usr let it go w]111e exhaling with the same number of brearhs as }7(HJ breathed in. Larer, you wi.lj~. [eacn to use rhls en erzv accumulation ] n 0 the r W,j,V$, suchas crea ri d ~g. a r dfi.e ial eI e men tals,

C! ~ ~

cbarging spaces, 01' healing ..

You may use th se roolsas often as you like. The more you use them, the more quickly you will. grow as a human being and a New Hcrmericisr. YUH may \\',H'U to concentrate 0.11 51 ecific qualities and energies that will

1111': I ni l~iate Level 99

help you accomplish the goals you Imve set for yourself: Concentrating 011 the same energ}' rcpe a redly will help you to manifest it very quickly.

Before weleave the ~ubjr!ct of a crion I must mention a very important acrion th.u yo u sho uld always take, particularly when you are wo [king withthe rnagical rools later on. Whenever you visualize or project any desire OLU into the uni verse; you must rake some action that will hel p you w manifest it, in other words, if you create a talisman oran artificial elemerunl to get yourself a job, look in the paper as soon as po ... sihle, If you want to meet a new lover, go out inro [he world to places where th]S might happen, Ifyou don t take some action to provide the universe with a clearpath for manifesting your desires, yOll will significantly delay y;our results. On [he other hand; you should not obsess over YOUl! desire. Try notto rhin k abo ut yo ur des i res at all, or ymn conscious 111 i nd m ,l)' interfere with fears and doubts. The universe works in peculiarways. S.i m ply make yourself availa b t'e and keep your 0 pen.


Th.i.s, tool is based loosely UP0!l the Lesser Banishing Ri rual of the Pentagram of {he Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnY The formula is rhe same, but [he sectarian words of power have been replacedwith modem archetypal equivalents. [twas originally written by one of my I'II., ....... ''''L teachers, but she does not wish EO be ,c·redit:cd. It hss been edited. "''''''I-''L'-''''']. and incorpornred as rhe oHki,ll grounding and centering practice of the New Hermetics, The ritual has been reduced co a simple S,Ct mental maneuvers so that it can he conducted. quickly, entirely in inner temple, You may wanr ro practice it physically as n ritual a few times to get a sense of how [he movements work, but rhis ~sn't entirely necessary, The purpose of this tool is to focus your mind and ro pu~ ail of the pi eces of you I.' consciousness sym bolicall y into rhei r properplaces SCi thm you can work IUGSt effectively on the inner planes,

1. Enter [he altered state (see pag(; 73).,

2. GoO to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. tand in the center II f your inner temple and 1001.:. upward.

100 u Sil\? t~he New ~ ~eil'nletics

4. Visualize the globe of brilliant white li.ght above you. Say me mall y, 'i\s above . . .'

j.. Visualize a beam of whire IighI emanating down from the g]ohe of light to the top ofyour head. fed and see rhus colU ~n n of 1 i ght traveli ng blissfully dow!l eh rough yo ur whole body to you r teec.

6. As [he column of white light descends down through rour feet into the Aoor of yOLI!' inner temple, visualize another globe of white light forming .u. you.r feer. Say mentally, "So below, •. '"

7. Visualize another globe of white liglu fanning by your right shoulder. Say mentally, "[]1 projection .. ,"

8. Fed and see another column of lighr emanating from the globe ar your right shoulder, moving rhrough )rour chest from your right shoulder [0 your lefr, and forming a fourth glob,'

Fig,ne 20. rearing {he crOli!l of white light.

As above. so hdow,iu projection, anJ, I'cH.:tui n, on thing.

of lighr J!'[ your left shoulder. Say mentally, "And reflection . " ." You 'will now have a cross ofwhire light filling your body (see fi.gme 20., opposite).

9.. At the center of this Cl"OSS of lig:h~, in your hearr, fed and see agnlden globe of Iigh l form. Feel a se nse Df bliss e ma n ... ring fI·o~.n ehis golden globe in your heart, Say mentally, " " .. one thing" (see figure 20, oppo ... ire),

10 . Lookrowa«] the east of yOUI' temple ahead of you, to the yellow wall of air. A~ you see biUowing douds of yeUowjsh air before you, become aware ofrhe power OfYCHI1- mind, the proCCliS of thinking. Visualize a pentagram, and project it ~H the yellow wal], Incand ly sayi ng, "Knowledge." As the pen ra ~ gnlll1 reaches the wall, visualize the wall glowing brightly as ifyutJ.'ye activated ir (see figure 21 ,page ]02). Feel rhe powt::r of air.

] L Look toward the som:h ofyour temple toward your right, to the red wall of Ate. ~\S you see burning red flames before rOLl, become aware of YOUI' will, your passions and desires, Visualize a. pentagram, and project f[ am: [he red wall, mentally

. j",vr-ll " A· h I h It·· ali

saymg, wru, . S [: e pellmgii::II11 reacncs t e wa .• visu rze

the 'IoV<IU glow~ng brightly as if you've activated ir, Peel rhc power of f~ reo

l Z, Look (OW.'Il'd. yOUl" .ri.ght,. eo the west of your temple behind you, ~he blue wall of water. Ai; you see und~lating waves of water before you, become aware of your emotions and feelings. VLSU;1.I.i:;r,e a pentagram, and project ie <It the: blue wall, mentally saying, "Daring." As the penHlgraJll reaches. me wall, visualize the wall glowing brightly asif you've activated it .. Feel the powt:[ ofwater,

I3. "Look toward yOUI' righe, to the north of yOUI' temple, rhe wall of earth . .As you see rocky structures fanning before you, become aware of your plans, your goals, and your physicality Vi ... ualize a pentagram, .. nd project it at the black walt menrelly saying, "Silence." As the pemagmm reaches the wall. visualize the wall glowing brightly <IS if you've a tivated it .. Fe 1 [he power ofearrh.

10.2 Usi1n8 the Ncwt-lcl'n~Ltic$

_Fig~lre 21. Pro jccdng pen tagram~,

14. Look at the ydlo\'''''e'o1;s~efn wall again, mentally ~~aying, "Before me. IntdUgence." VL.-;u;,dizc agianr golden yellow

bei ng fOl'mr ng in rh e billows of cloud in the east, Th isis you .. guardian. of d1C dement of air (see ngun~ 22,.oppcdre).

15, Mermd ~y s;ay, "Behind. me, unders ra.n di ng." Visualize a giant pulsing blue being fanning in rhe Ho\ov of water behind YOLI. in thewest, This is vour of the clement of water,

" w

16. Say, "To mv r.i~iu hand, creation .. "Visunlize a giant Herv red

r ,~,....,... _ ~

bei l."Ig fo rm G ng i.n the flames of the MJ u th. This is you r guardian o f 'd~ e elem em a r fi re,

17, Say. "And to .my left h <'I rid, m O! n i r:eSt,lC~ OIL" Vis ualize a giam earthy black being fOI'lnin g arll10ng rhe structures In the north .. This is yout gu,udi"Ul of rhe element of ean:h ..

18. Look up once again at the globe of bri lliant whJ tc Hghl

j, .'. ·s· . tall ·~A· L 'I

i'lOOVe YOtL ,,~y n1e nIa .. y.. . .. ~ ;\Uove . .. .

The Il1itiio'ltoe; Leve 11 03

""_ •••••••••• _ •••••••••• _ •••••••••• _ ••••• ,._ ••• ",,. ·,11111, .... ,11,." ••••••••••••••• _ •••••••• _ ••••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••••••• _ ••••••••• _ •• , ••••• .." •• ""'_."1111, .... "1111, ......... " ••• ,, ••• _ ••

Fi gure 12. Visual izing guardians,

19. Visual ize a beam ofwh u re Ugh r em anari ng down from [he gJobe of l~ghr 110 the wp of your head, Feel and see rh;' s on~1Jrnn o f I igh I r ravel blissfitlly down rh rough you r w hole body to your feer,

20" As the col um [1 of white Hgh r descends down rh rough yom.- fBer in to the .floor of raul' .in ner rem p]c, visual [lie another g~obe .of white light r'O~rning at your feet. Say mentally; "So below, .. " 2]. Visualize another globe of white light forming by your rigln

1 l JS . I't· ,,~. ." "

S 10 u uet, ,_ ~}r m ema .. y. rn pro, ecnon , . .

22 .. Peel and see another column or Hghl' emanating from the globe at you!' righ c "~ho ulder, moving rhro ugh yo LL r chest: from your tight shoulder to yOllT lefr, and forming a lourrh globe of Hghr at your le.r.: shoulder; Say mentally, "Andreflection . " ." You wuU now have across of white lighr filling your body.

2;3. AI,' (he center of fhis CI'OSS of light", in your heart, feel and sel' a golden globe of light. Fed a sense of bliss emanating from this golden globe in yom heart. Say mentally, ,~ ... one ~h!ng," Fed, :and see yourself in rhe midst ofrhe cross .of light and - the four elemental powers. At this point, the gU<:lrdians can r.-tde fmrn YOUF view, so [hat you can enrer the elemental realms as you need ro, but rhey will still be there to protect

and empower you.. -

24. You may return to normal awareness whenever you are ITad~l,

Once you have learned the sequence, this tool can be exercised. in jmt it fC\.,\i moments, By performing this brief o peration, you establish rhe elerneneal fol'ces of your bc.::ing in their proper places within your tern pie and clear away disc ra u:.:dng thoughts.f:eeiings, and forces that might milerwise cause you distraction and trouble,


.As mentioned previoi .. Mly, the four ancienr elements correspond ver)' well with certain tendencies of human character, In medieval rimes these character traits were called the foUl' humors: the phlegrnaric, the sanguine, the melancholic, and the choleric .. Even though modem psy chology has abandoned this simple model, we all do sr.ill possess tne~ character dements within ourselves, W'i1.:ftl (his tool, you wtll becorn acquain ted with these f:O u [ elernen ts and begin to un dersrand hov .... they shape yom personality: \Xfhen you begin to understand the s e subtle forces as they apply to your own personality, you will hegin to set: imbalances in. yourself These elemental imbnlances cause y-ou to act uncon tro.llab]y, to be compelled unnecessarily by neg<1dve u~lconsdous Fmces. You will later learn a simple method for addressing these imbalances and returning yuurli'clF ro a healthy state of equilibrium and free choice, In order to succeed in the New Hermetics, it is nece.~sa.ry to balance yOUi' personality so that you. are capable ofexpressing all L)f the l,m,itiv' traits of each element and nor obsessed. by any of the negative ones. Return to Figlue _? (page 31) 1:0 sec persenaliry traits applied to the four ele me iUS .. With this rool youwill dhCOVI;;( the elemental imbalances ill yo u r cu rren t person a I i ty"

1h~ Illiitiatc Levell 10.5,

HI""..:.- .. ,i""IIII ••• ,III"'- •••••••• _ •••••••• N.,1111,._ •••••••• _ ••••••••••• _ .• "'11""·"·· ·_ ,._ .• ,11, • •• • •• ·····_···, •••••••• _""""-,,, •• ,.··_· .••••••• _.,.""" "."" ••••. _.


1. Read the list of personality traits for each element (see figure ;») page 31).

2. \'(lri te down ill separate colum ns fo reach element both the positive and negative qualities of each dement thae you. feel describe you. Add up the positives and negatives from each element, and you will begin EO sec where you. elemental imb a Iances lie .. Ylltl. will noticethat you have more qualities fran, am: Ot[WO of the dements than any other,

3.. You will also notice that, for nearly every positive quality, you also have at [east a tendency toward the negative quality associated with it. However, all the potential for an of the positive and nega[ive qualities of a II of the elements. We simply have not learned. how to access the qualities that we are not used to, and we fend to access the same qualities over and DVe 1,',

4. In order to balance your personality equation, write down all of the !'u::g.lJ:Lve qualities of the elements that you are currently experie acing in your lif~ .

5. Wrlte down next toe .. ich of these qualities the positive quality fi'orn rhe oth e r element 0 n the sam e li ue, In o rher words, for negative fire qualirie s , write down the corresponding positive WOlter qualities next to them. For water, write down fire qualities,For air; write down earth qualities. And. for earth, write

down a. .. i r q ualities.

You nO'IN have rhe necess:<lry components for beginning to balance the elements of your personality.

OOI~U'se; the lists in Fi,gnre .3 do not represent every single character trait, . w]li most likely need. to create further lim wi th othe r character traits


. take fidl 'ldvan.tage of eb e benefits of balancing yom person ahty. These

are just me-am to be indicative, and your owncreativity is a.l~ys more valuable than simply following my script.

IJttla;u:iJ~g an.d Rfficam iug tht: .Elnnents

W.idll rhis tool }rou will be able to move away from negative elemental [MilfS and lllanif'est new po .... hive traits. F1rs.I:, choose from the m:g-adve qualities that you :reaMy 'W;J.I1'[ to discard and the positive qualities dil;,u

you'd really like to adopt in your personality, This will help you 10 succeed with this rool, For example. you. Illay have chosen the negative water rrait (IF''.low self-esteem." SO' the positive fire trait [hat you \,,,'i~~ be invoking is "high self-esteem .. " Using this mol, ylOw will move from low to high self-esteem, Of course, yOll. can use this reelwith any negative ,(u,d positive qualiriesfrom Figure .3 or any you've come up wirh on you r own. This toni will allow ;rcm CO change the \i'i'ay you react to any situariori in your life however you may like, it may seem [hat this technique is V(;;[y fast and simple, but this is the w'w your brain changes-quickly and. sirup ~y.

1. Enter (he altered state- (see pa~e 73) ..

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3" Perform [be New Hermerics hrtOu.nding81.m.i centering (see page 99).

Figmi::' 23. Fact: the south and wcstv .... '.II]1i when w duns w1th firt: and warer,

4. At the end of the grm.lHdillgal1d centering exercise, dear away ,til images but the blank walls: of your temple. Visualize the walls of your temple like blank movie screens where yOll Can p to jeer p iCHW::.s that rOll wi U create.

S. Move to the southwest 00 rn er of you.i~emph~' U F you are workitlg wid! fire and water, Or the nottheasr corner Lfyou are working with water and air (see flgures 23 and 24 .• 0PjWsire and below). B}1 moving to these positions, you will be straddling the two elementalareas,

6" Turn [0 rhe wall corresponding to the negative trail' you want to move away fi.'um.

7, Make a P let ure of what yo IJ. would see th rough yo ur eyes when you are about to experience this negative trait. Experience whatever ft.~eH ngs, images, 0[" so un &~ ma.y p recede you expel' ienci ng you r nega rive tra it. Picru rc it as if you were

~ l}

Figure 24. Face the north and east walls when working wirh earth and air,

1 08 Usil~~ the New Hc.tmei:-jcs

h r

Figure 25. Fact:: the: wall. corresponding ro )tour negative trait,

totally immersed in the experience, seeing what you would see through your eyes, he-.;l.ring. feding the feelings, e-ven smelling, and chen let this .image go for a moment (see figure 25,. above), B.!ank this wan of your rernple,

8. Turn and lookar thcwal! corresponding to the positive qual. L [y yo U a re invoking,

9. Make a bright colmfLil picture on this wall or what YOll would look like when you rnanifesr your new quality (see figure 26} opposite). How wm you stand and breathe? ~rha~ kind of expression win be on your ra.ce?\Xlllat sorts of new things will you. be able to do? Make this an image of you ]ooki ng .H yo ursel f iii the d is ranee, Make rh e p icrure very

ap pc .. ali ng an d desi rable,

10. Shrink this image down so that it is very :;111.'11.1 and move ir way back inro [he; W3.U (see fLgurc 27. Ila~e 1 W).

.Figure 26. Face the wall corresponding tothe positive qu:dity.

l 1. Look over at the firsc wall and again visualize, as if through yom eyes, till image ofthe experience that you have just had hero re when ex perieucing the nega dye 1:1':11 [.

12, Q uicld y sh ri nk th is image down eoa vcry small size far a. way. and turn back to [he new positive image 011 the second wall.

- 1 . l d "S· .. hl" . C ,"'r d I .•

~< t re mag~c<l WOf, • WUS ~ If younke, ann Jna.tung

the positive image grow to fill d1C second wall, brlghrlyand appealingly (see figure 28, page 111). Do rhisas fast as you can, and then blank both wails.

13. Look over at the nrsr wall and again visualize, as if through yom eyes, an image: of the experience that you have jUS[ had before when experiencing the negative trait,

14. Quickly shrink this image down to a very small size fill' away. and rurn hadt. to the new posirivc image on the second wall.; saying the h13gic:d word, "Swish!" and rnaking the positive




Fignre 27. Sh f~ nk the posiri ve image down.

image grow [0 flU [he second wall, bfighdy and appealingly. Do t h b as hiM as you can, and then blan k b 0 rhwalls.

15. Repeat [his about 10 times as £l~~[ as YOllcan, with jusr a secon d or two between sw ishes.

16. Vis ualize you IS elf i n [he future in a siruati on where, in d1 e ~Xl..sI, yo uwoul d ha ve reac red wi rh the neg.;\t ~¥'e rra ~ t, a ud yo u wilt discover that the n ewimage instan tly pops l n W yourmind, This will allow _you Ih e freedom to choose t:h is new tra i r

i nstead of dl e ol J one.

17. Perform [be New Hermerics grounding and centering,

18. Return EO norma] awareness whenever you art' ready.

[J you ever fl nd yrm . .rsd f till ppi ngback j rHO rI1C old trai r ~ n rh efuru IIC, simply use rhis tool ag3lillJ, and you will fund yourself c:hal'lg,ung forevel', You. should use (his mol wid, all of your negative traits, Irwonr really

{! l}

Figure 28. Shrink (he negarive image, grow the positive imng'C.

very at all, and youwill dynamically change yourselfinto a and free i ndividual, Say.i ng"swlsh" is 01. [n~d] ti on .i n NLP, is not reall y nec(.':."isa.[Yj u n]es:s you Eke k.

'There is also a much s~lnp]e[ and fa:stermethod of accomplishing : .same purpose-by mov ~ ngwi th (he elemen ts ph ysically, reding and them within you, and. aU owing: yourself to transform in their ~FOl example, le~'s say t:h~r youare currently more of an. earthy Yon te-nd to be practical, stable, thorough, but also a ]jtde and a. bit of a perfectionist, And let's say rhat you would likero more adven tUlOU$. fleK~ble, intel ~ectu,:d, leu ien t,

To balance this om, all [ha[ you .. need [0 do is imagine your body fill- 1n13 with the air element. Simply visualize and fed your whole body becnrn i ng Ugh ter and fiHung !l].p wi th the whi d.i ng energy of 3:.11 ... .As you do rhis, .ilnafl'ine that [he ~ljr carries the character rrait rhaty rou desire. See

,t) ,~

• .f! l' -I •• 'cl--I ' 'd'

I ~~ ~'el(J n, seari t VlVi, - . y ] !lSI! ~ C YOIl.

11.2 Using. the New I-Ienuetic!;

Then move vour body rhe wav ir would move ifvou had this qual-

~ .• - I" ; .

iry, Fed it and experience it inside you. Let it find a home rhere, Let tilt"'

imagined element dissolve into [he' rest of yo lit being. Let yourself experience chis new trait: as a p<i.rt of you" Imagine yourself vividly U..,iOlg this new quality in the near flll[ure. You may wane to repeat this it f(_,\v times, and you will discover that you have expanded your possibilities perrnanenrly in this new direction. The pl'Ocess is I;xacdy the same f{ir all {he el erne nts and q ualities,

If you want to rid yourselfof a negative rrait.Jmagine the' appropriate element carrying it away. or imagine rhe opposite element extinf,'lii.shing it as yot! physicaUy move YOLlT body in imitation of your inner experience. If you are feeling warery sadness, imagine fire entering, drying ~Ip all [he' water, and yuu instead with fiery passion. Then move about vigorously, feeling the bum ing i mens r ry d rivi ng the 11m rio n, "{Olll" imagination is rhe only limir to what you can do with the elements. (Sr;'C ,1.1,$0 Appendix 3.)


There are experiences in !.ife that v .. ,'C find painful or difficult to dea] with, We may retreat from taking action in various pans of our lives became of these pain signals that we receive, These can he totally crippling, However, you can consciously take control. of your internal pain and pleasure s]gnalsw.ith the use of'Lhe fnUowing rool,

Simply choose ~~ situation that you experience in. yom life that currently seems painful, that you would like to become pleasurable, or at I east n eurral. Fo ~ low these 5 teps to change this painfirl experie n ce j n eo pleasure,

1. Enter the altered state (see page 73).

2" Go to your inner temple (see p,;lige 90).

3, Perform rhe New Herrnerics grounding and centering (see page 99).

4., Turn [0 [he lefe or north of your inner temple, and facethe earth wall, See the black color of [he wall. Fed the heaviness, hard ness, and solid iry 0 f rheele me 11 t 'of ea rtn .. hnagi ne th i s

The Initkih:: Level 113

wall opening up inm a rocky landscape, Step out into this Ian dsca pe.

5. fu you do 50, feel yourself becoming one with {he lemenr of earth, Hem m e awa re of the 501 ~d i ty of your body, your

weigh t and structure, Ex perien ce the sensatio n s of stab i I j ty" com pm Lire, and calmness.

6. Become aware of the painful situation, and .identify the paft of YOll that creates the pain, Is ir ,1 Feeling. an image or series of images, or an inner voice telling you somerhiugi' Once you have found the pa.l"( of you chat causes this pain, establish commuoicarion with it, making sure that it is willing to communicate with you.

7. As k th is p~H' r 0 f you \'\,1 har rh c p os i ri ve .i nren tic 11 bell ind this pain is. This pain is tlying to accomplish some u~~eFt~~ ftmc~ don, and, if you. ask. this part of you will communicate this funcrion. It may do this with a feeling. an image or series of images, or an in ner voice (ell in g yo u someth i ng,

8.WI1.en }70U know the positi vc i men do n behind this painful experience, ask this pan of you if ir would be wH~ing to try a different method for achieving the same result. other than giving you this pain. It may say "yes," with a feding, an linage orseries 0. f images, o I' an inn er voice relli ng you some thing.

9. \'(/hen yOl~ receive a "yes" frurn this part of you, show rhis pan thar it is actually harming you rarherthan helping YOIl by vislHlli.zing three to Eve situations in which ir is causing you pain a nd maki ng you miss our 011 pleas LIre.

A O. Connect with your creativity; and tome upwith three or more alternative ways that this pan of 1'01.1. can accomplish the positive intention without causing you pain.

ll . As k rh is pan of you if it will agree to try 0 neor more of these three waysinstead of ca LI." t n g you pain,

12 .. Visualize yourself in the situation that used to cause you pain. and instead allow yourself [0 feel pleasure, Fed warm) joyful sensarions in your body, visualize positive experiences, a nd tell yo Illi"self pas] live thi ng.~.




l.7. Ask the pan of you that fo.rmer~.y caused you pain if it will allow yo u [Q fed pleasu re ] n this way. If nor, go hack to S [Iep 8 and sra rt 'lgain"

~. 4" Make su re that you I' whole bein g is co It! fo rtable wi rh this: change. I f nor, go back all 0 f the steps uuril you. fet: I totally comfortab le,

15. Emerge from rh e earthy landscape to your in uer temple,

I 6. Perfo rm the New Hermerics grounding n.nd centeri rig too I, 17. Return "0 normal consciousness.

You have successfully reprogrammed your consciousness to experience pleasure where you used to experience pain.

As:.ntu. TRAVEl1NG

Strictly s peaki ng, several 0.1- rhe p recedi ng wah have bee rII. "astral P rojections" ora son, bur you niar <II some point wish [0 try exploringthe world around yo u in your astral body. This tool will provide yo u wi th a simple recbuique to do Just that. It may seem ro be merely irnagina· tion at first, but by practicing [hi~ rooi regularly, you m,IY be startled to realize that you.'ve really had <lIl~outzofzbody experience." W~dl [his cool, yo u will go duo ugh the SIeps of leaving your bodyand travel j ng around. outside of if" By ,'epe(uedly performIng thi1> practice, you wm discover that. 1J1 f.!.(,,;t., you are n::;.dly leaving your body and etnedng rhe subtle planes. For most of [he New Hermetics techniques, this too] hi unnecessary; because yo u begin in your inner temple, hu t this [001 m a)' be hclpfiil to you in exploring (he [me poten rial ities o f YOll r consciousness,

l, Enter the altered state (see page 73).

2, R.dax yourself even more deeply, until you feel a sense of lighm.r::s$ or 'Ibis' is unmistakable, and you will be able to get there guile easUy if you've followr;,xJ through the preceding techniques in order.

3. Move yo u r cnnscicusness II pward fro In the base of yo ur spine until it" reaches rhc tOP ofyour head, and feel yourself pushi ng upward and 0 utward,

The I niti:Jltt: Level 11.5

4. VlS~W1i1.e d.·'H~~ rherop of yow.' head LS a trapdoor, and push this doe rope: n,

5. 11,/loVI: OUt' of ih e lOp 0 f your head, and Look at [he IQQ[n that you're Ln. You may wish to imagine a shape resembling yom bod.y Iloari n g above YOll and move you r awareness ~ nrc rh is shape, It is okay if this also seems jrrb<lgi.~l.<lry.

G. Move away from your body, and fed your astral Ieer on the floor. Stare ,e~x"H'niniug the objeces in [he room around you. look, touch, h err .. , smell j taste. Aga in, this ma y seem t i ke a mere d~.yd.l'e>J, rn, but conti [me pretending,

7, look down at your astral body, visualizing hands, ree~ te~~" ere.

8.. Go Out of the rccmcand look around rhe rest of the build-

. ,

mg you. <I[e In,

9, You co. n n ow go a n ywhere you wish, simpl y by willil1Jg yourselfrc move there. Exp](J[l;!. If you go upward, you will expe~ den ce seen es a rid beings ITom the astral plane, Yo u can direct YOUIti:eJf toward specific experiences and places very .. If you en cou mer anything. ua usuakir may he: a goodide.'-l to go to your inner temple and ped\onn d1e grounding and centeriii] g exe r else before returni ng ro you r body.

100. Return to normal consciousness,

may AU seen'! imagina ry a t fLL"SC, bur you wHI. someri rnes discover thing..~ YDU could not otherwise .lkI1.0W. At other rimes, you willexperience thaClue nor actually real in [he physical. world, This is thenarure the aetbyr, It is not re:nlit:y, but the place where all po~"stbjUtie:5 reside.

more often yo upracrice this roo], the more real yom experiences wu ~ and rhe more fe"liy "our-of-vour-bodv" y .. ou will become .

..i ~ ~


pUl'po!1e of [his mol is ro provide you with a powerful ituernal .. rce for giving youadvice on any subject, helping you to under. your i n ternal experiences, and assisting YOll to remove hi ocks and CIl:I.<i con fI i CfS~ nsi de you I' own i n uertetu ple,

Yourinner teacher 1 nows evcryrhiug about you and your universe .. because this teacher is a represenration in the aerhyr ofyour own connecrion to cosmic consciousness, You have always had this inner reacher: it is the inner voice that ~ivcs you sound advice when you arc troubled, Yo ur i nn er teacher is a real co nnec d on wi rh cosm ic conscious ness, an d you will g<Jlin tremendously, spiritually and pracrically; from the usc of" this technique. YOll will have access to your inner teacher any time yWl need assistanc through 'rile (.ISC of rhis tool. lu you proceed. into (11(.' fu (U re, you can G~ II u pan this inner teacher an y(i me, to hel P yo u eli scover and enhance yout' creativity, solve problems, and guide YOll ill your inner- temple experiences, To some, this tool may appear to be merely a. New Age meditation, bur I suggesl these readers make a sUldy of ancient Greek rmgica[ papyri, where similar techniques axe legion,

Com rnun ica do ns Ire m yo ur in ne rteach er may seem to co me fi'o I'n your own mind, or they may Seem to come From an entirely separate consciousness, You wa~ be able ro distinguish [he rness'~g·cs of YOlur inner reacher from the rest ofyour rhouehrs because they will always be loving

~ 0 ~ "-

and uncritical. Your [nner teacher is au. excellent resource for accessing

inrerna] wisdom any time vou are in need. It will he with. ·you at "II

, J

phases of your New Hcrrn(,:tic~; work, and you cnnalways call upon thi~

teacher in ~lny situation.

YOW" inner reacher will. also be an excellent resource ~n solving confliers with orhers. \X"lu.:n you are working v ... irh it to resolve a. conAi"'1 with someone, tell it abour your conflict, and ask what chis person symbolizes all [he inner plane for you .. Your inner reacher will then show you animage or symbolic representation. It may be J being, bur it will not resemble [he person with whom you are in conflicr: rarhcr It is tb archery] al !;;ilcrgy you arc projecting nnw rhern, Then you can ask d~i I1glltt or symbol ifir will communicate with YOll. When it ongrees, il k rhe figure '[I lell you how you can ge( along wirh it most beneficially; :I~ Ie ir ro work with YOLL in the rranslormatiou of your life toward rhe po.~~ rive .. If the IlgL11'C SC;C;1Tl5 reluctant, hosrile, or aggressive, ask It how yo ~ ca n re late more posi [i.vely ro i r, Co n s iJ 1.:[ any advi ce yo u rece ive, however strange it Inay :Jppc:<tr, and thank [he symbolic flgui:l.:. This is un excellenttool f(a dissolving conrlicrs with orher people.

U~(' this tool (0 meet ytll!t in ncr teacher. Once you arc I:hOroUgihl~' familiar wirl: yuu r tea her, yOUl GHl call hi!1il or her ;lllydll1t!·,wh srher

The I rlitia1.;p. Level 1'17'

you are in your inner temple, on rhe bus, or at your job. Your inner teacher will be available to help you whenever you're in need ..

1. Enrer the .J.!i:ered state (sec page 73).

2.. Go to your inner temple (see page 90)..

3. Perform the New Hermerics grounding and centering (see page 99).

4. Look up at the globe of ligln above you. Visualize a flg:ure in the middle of the light. This is your in ner reacher, who has always been there. but you have never noticed before. Allow your reachers wisdom, love, protection, andacceptance to flow inro you. Fed this blissful exchange. Start receiving visual impressions of ymu' teacher. Begin w.~!th [he feet .. Shoes? Bare' Dress? Body far or t h i n~ Short or talL? \}i7!1 at ki nd offeeI.i ngs do }ro u get about yo ur reache rr 15 your teacher active or passive? Gcn de? Extroverted r' Your ill ncr teacher wi,U <1:1 ways have this same appearance from. now on. It wil.l. not be anyone that you know, or any famous figure. historical or fictional, Most likely, the figures appearance will be' vague at first. Do nor worry. If is theconnection that is important,

5. Ask your inner teacher to take both yom hands .. Feel this connection. AUow your teacher to give love to you. Allow yourself to fed an iurimare connection with you!' teacher, You .may ad: you r reacher's name, b lit do not be upset if you cannor hear it today. You will eventually come to know it if it rs necessary,

6. Ask your teacher for guidance on any subject that you need EO know about or for assistance in removing any blocks or proh ~ems j n you r BEe .. Allow images an d insights to be exchanged between you and your teacher .. If you do not understand any messages that 00 mew you, ask fo r them to be clarified, and they will be.

7. \When YOLL have finished communicatiug widl your reacher, thank it and make sure it will be available when you need advice, You wi U be assu red of this ..

B"PerforIH dle New Hermerics groundin.g and centering, 9. Return eo noemal censeieusness,


A. ....

~. ...

, ....

... ,

'Pranayarna Techniques" ~Dissolvingl Neg'ative Emotions" "Anchor: Iilg Positive Emotions" "Manifestl ng Synchrorlicity;'



he Zealot level of instruction explores your emotional world. TIle purpose of these tools ~s to help you understand and develop your emotional body to t:mpowe.r you with gr.e:ner energy and in all areas of your life, You win learn a number of techniques

changing ymu: emorional states and a number of breathi ugand focwiIl!g techoiqnes that make it possible [0 dear yourselfof negative erneand fi II yo ursel f wi eh energy.

./ I f

I ,

f I I




,I I

._,( I '. ,



\ I I '/' ".

I I \




Zealot level. begins with an exploraticn of death and reawakening into eternal, spiritual life. This is r~ tool fOf rebirth into a higher life, an aW3kening into <I higher level of being. Before you. can cruly experience h i,g~leI' conscio usness i. n a practica I, way, you In ust QverCD.l1I.1e the fea.r of deaeh. This t'OO~ helps yOll overcome this fear and become aware of the eternity in whichwe all dwell, Go through these steps several times to get full benefit from this mol. It is one of the more complicated tools, wilth a number ofseparate pieces.

1, Enter the ulcered stare (see page 73).

2.,. Go to your inner temple (see })age 90).

3. Perform the New Herrnerics grounding and centering (sec page 99) ..

4. TUHl to the back: of yow' remple. This is the wesrernwall, the wall of water, Visualize a hallway opening up before YOlI. maki.llg a path between the waeersu path to yom possible fu ture, to rhe end 0 F you r 1 [fe.

).. As row move along this parh, visualize a door ofF to the lefr.

Open the door, feeling its weight, and step through. There are three basic ways you can imagine your death. You. can use an)' of these; or all three on diHcrent occasions,

• Visualize a personwho looks jU.S[ like you from a crippling disease .. Move reward and become one with rhis person, seeing ehrough their eyes, feeling [heir pains and sCJ]sari o ns, hearing their desperate rho u gh ts, Feel the exhaustion of this pe.rson's disease. Know rhar you only have moments .left. to live. Fed a darkness: growing in your enrire being, rake your final breath, and feel: your body and consciousness in to blackness,

.' Visual.!lea person char looks Just like you; healthy a.nd vibrant, walking down the Street in. the town where you live, Move forward and become one with this penon, seeing: through rheir eyes, feeling their footsteps, hearing tho sounds of [he street. Begin to fed a sense of dread as you realize that this person is abourto have a terrible accident, You may begin to realize what: sort ofaccidem this will be~ a car acci de nt, a rerribl e fan, somerh i rig crush in g this pe fso n, Of a physical arrack, Know that this is on Iy m o men rs away. See the cause of the accident ahead of you , approach ing, and know that there is nothing to be done to preven~: it. It is too hue. ¥OUC.H'mot get away. Feel ehb person's body assaulred cruelly, their blood and fluids spilling om, bone crushing, and see a fed film over yom eye~ as I~fe fiu:l.t~8 :iII.I1,d (his person's body Is limp and twisted, wounds pulsing ~md burning. As your vision fades to black, the pain diminishes, until you're in h~a,km;ss<lnd fed nothi,nl,g.

Th e Zealot; Level 1;'~1

ii, Visualize a very ancient person that looks just tlh-: you wilL hav~ng lived a long and complete [iii_,_pedups eighty or ninety years. old. See rhis person lying in bed, surrounded by people WI.l0 love them. t-Ie:u the people giving this persorl love and sa ying goodbye in ehei r OWJl spcclalway; Become one with this person, seeing through their eyes and feeling their gl"e.;.l;~ tiredness. I-lear the messages of love from the people aU arou nd. Realize ehac rh is person is abo ut to die. See the pw~ ple around you. both sad and happy (0 be spending your last mornen Is with you. Take your fin.aJ breath, and fed lire leave you. Your nreach seems to be gone. Your heartbeat seems to be gone. but you are still in [he body of this person.

6. See yourself nO\,.1 j n an unusual place. It is a temple •. and you are s urroun ded by what seem ['0 he Egyp dan priests. Visualize that one of them curs open your midsection with a long ceremenialknife, though you dont tied any p~l.ysic,d p,m. See several rno re priests joi ning hi m at you, open midsection, removi ng yOUI internal organs, and placing rhem into ceramic jars .

7. Visualize them placing herbs and salts into your empty body cavity, They rub }~OLlr lifeless body head tn foot in :,1 sticky substanceandwrap your body up with long strips of linen. They cover yo urwhol e body and then place you un ro a sa r~ 00 ph aguB, You hear the scraping of a large SI,.,D of Hone as it slides above YOU; sealing you in blackness.

8. Fed the sensation of- breath entering your nostrils, and f~d [hat it is the breath of eterniry, See a light entering your e}res, fiJling them with brighrness, Hear a voice or chorus .. rwakening youI' ears sweetly, red an erernal H~$ pressing love into your lips and a divine energy coursing down from your lips through your body; .fb it reaches yourreproducrivc organs, it courses out of vou, surrouudinz vou with an eoO' of hrilli ..... ,lt

. b~ ~

light. YOLI. discover that this auric egg is becoming one with

the Sun, See and feel the brightness of the Sun within and around you. Let [his last only a few morneurs, then sec darkness all am u nd yu u 'Once agai n.

9. In rhe darkness-visualize a ga~ew,l.y. Pass through [he garew.mYi,md visual i:l'!c ffl.Hiions ,of naked people, writhing with

one another, srill trying to enjoy the pleasures of the body. But they no longer have real bodies, and you can tell that there Is no pleasure fot' them, only the memory of pleasure. Mll'VC paSt them quickly and visualize another garew~lY.

10. AJ.fJ rOll pas~ through this g,ne, see thousands of people pms~nHing themselves in worship, You can see the intensity of their worship, bur YOLL cannot see whar they arc worshippi ng, They don't xcetu to beworshipping anything. Move quickly past these bodies and visualize anothe r g'ol~e.

11, Pass thl'OUg~1 [his g~ue and visualize hundreds of bodies pond cri n g th e ere rnal, Yo II em see rhei r men ral S rI'U ggie$, biJI YOLL can also see that ~:hey find nu answers, 50 1110V~ on and visua[i'l:e another gateway.

12.. Pass i ng rb rough this garewa y" see less rhan Iw(;_~nty bodies, p'el'f~cdr still in pustures of meditation. They seem verY' calm, as if they are frozen in their conremplation. MoY(,.:' Oil, visualizing anorhergateway,

1 3. .A s you p.ass thro ugh, }'O II f nd that the re is no place beyo n d this !;.ueway. See only a pure sotr light and fed yourself gl'Ow~ng ,md dissolving, f(~cling a connectlon with everything in the universe, Say to yourself:

1 •

1\1] bair if the bait' of e't,emifJl. Aty.fila is tht:/at-e o/et€:rl1ity. I\.-(y t:)!t'J(lrr;' the ry-eJ of eterJ1il)~ My ell rs are the em's of etern ity, I'd), nose is the nose ofetemb:J1. 1\'~Y lif'<5 lire the lips of t·terni~J~

My reah tm' th« tedh of t'teTnitJ~ 1\(~}' neck is the necl: oleternity.

N(;' .I'/)mddei'f ,~,;e flu: shouid:as ofm:rm'f:Jt My arms are tbe arms of eternity

lvJ_l' spine is the spine Off-unlity;

1~1J se-x orgmif are the StX ()rgrln.f of eumit), 111:]! sinrtos an: the sineus l{(!urnily. ll1y dust is the ches« of derniry

1\1(.., belly is the bd~y of t·t(!"~l'ifJt

··,··" "".··_·····_·······_··tt _ _ , .. ',._ _ _ •. ", ; _ _ _ _ _, .. ''''' L ..

lvly b.u.t10cks are tnt buttocks af ett!rnity.

k~y kgf are the legs of €:ternit}, .

.My flet are thefte.t o!l'temity.

My bones are the bones ~lt!terniry.

There is no part afme t1uu is not a part olderni!'}.'

Afte.r you fed tilts oneness with eternity for a time, rematerialize, rerurning to you inner rernple, and. thank the U uiverse .fOr whatever experience you have had.

14,. Perform the New Hermerics grounding .U1d centering, 15. Return to normal consciousness,


l'fegativ,e emotions lodge themselves in am bodies and make it difficult lot us to enjoy Ufe fnUy. Theseemotions ace actually rrying to help us ('.""""'''''' negative patterns in our lives, hut we ofren repress these messages. The negati ve ernotinns [hen linger in SOme place of tightness in bodies, Emotions are meant to move through us, like the ebbs and .of the sea .. When we try to avoid Of ignore OI[J[ d.ufficult emotions, mey become stuck and can harm LIS and block. us from our true poten, I, It is i rn po ream to use this tool ~ n COn june don wu th u nderstandi n g the message that [he emotion is giving to. us, and to ]j.s~!,;n to Irs advice, is only then that you can reiili.tly let the emotion flow through and away you Fully,

, .

There are essentially PNO ways of mov~ng past negative emotions, u can e i rhcr sh i fi: r11 e focus of yom awareness, allowi ng the e 11.10 ti on t'm dissipate, or change yom body's physiology I.n some way that allows the emotion eo dissolve,

_ Chrmging Yt)'l;ir Err.lotiims by C"'hanging Pfjysiology

i-here are three. componenfs to changing your emotions with your-

physio logy: .

• Changi ng yo u r pas rure or body posi ti on;

• Changing you r b rea thing pa rrern: ·ha ngi ng you!' fad::!!1 expression.

These components can be used individually N in combination" The New Hermetic ... tool uses all three together.

1. Notice a negative emotion d\,"Qt you arc experiencing=-sadness, fcar~ depression, anger, douhr.Tt will Hkdy be a fetlil1g. but it may also he co nnected wi rh images or I nner voices. A~ [his emotion comes into your awareuess, discover the po~irive inrentlon behind. .L[-W alert you eo danger" a problem .. roi n form yo U rhar you don't li ke somethin g or rh at you rl rc in vol ved in an unhealrh y s iruarion, To doth is, si In pl y be presellJ[ with [he emotion, reeling where it is in your body, and wh~~[ It ~s .'dgnaHng to you. You may experience an imaSl: or inner Yoice,.When YOou. know rhe purpose of rheernotion, yo u no 10 nger need to be held back by l t,

L M(yvc your awareness to [he place where you fet;;J the cmodon is stuck. Th is wi U be a fed.i ng of tens ion so rnewhere. Move yom body into a new position, opening up this area of tension and allowirin it W relax, Move vour bodv as dramati-

tI <i' of

cally as yo u like. the more dramatically you move i r, rhe

faster the negaeive feeling can d.~sso~vc. You m'lyc::v:en. want to shake your bodv or wave VOIH arms,

I ;}

3. Take .)l..:v(:,"[111 deep breaths, allowing rhe emotion to 1.1l0Ve.

4., Change your facial expression by smiling and. opening yom eyes wide.

5. The emotion will now move through you, so youm.ay decidl: with a clear mind what course of anion you. shouldrake ro address [~e 80Ul.'Ce of [he negarive emorio n.

6.Ac[ irumediarely ro address this issue, to solve [he problere Or communicate the situarion rhat caused the negative ernetiou-e-nt lease connnunicating to YUlljTsdf.

Chaugirlg Emotions k)1 CI.lttllging Me.ntal Focus

Th is roo I. is parricula rly useful for nega dye emo do nsthnr seem to have non-physical componenrs-e-negative voices in yOUI head, unpleasarn images 0.. memories rha e hold you back.

The Zt::~.lot l.evel ~.25

1. N cti ce a n egaIEv,eemOtl on that ynu areexperiencing-e-sadness, fear, anger,. d cube, As this emo d on comes i ~HO yo W· awareness, discover the positive intention behind rhisernotion-e-toelert yo u to d,~ n ge!',:!i;. P 1'0 blem, EO i nform you thar you. do n't li k.e something or that you are .~ nvolved iH <1.t1 unhealthy siruaeion. Simply be pl'esenr with theemotion, feeling what it is S Lgnaling (:0 yOoU.

2. Observe how this negadve emotion L~ nun ifesting ,. Is it visual-s-a n.egadve image? ls ie .~w.d.icorY-<l djSCOlijr£lg~Bg or ncga dye vo ice, your own or another'sr Is it ki nesrhetic=-a n(;g'.l.dvc feeling in your boOdy? Are there several componeurs?

3, Now observe the submodalities or specific qualities of your experience, If ~es an image, how big or brughI .IS it? Is it in color or bl a d; and whirei Is it ncar or Edt? If it's auditory, what isthe qU~lHI)' of the sound. or voice] If U['S a feeling. wha t type of fed] ng? Sharp or d UAlH Constanr or rlrrobbi ~lg?

4.. N ow begin to expe rimenr wi rh cha ng some 0 f the s ubmodal i ri (:5 0 r eh is nega t i \f,e ern ot io nat ex perie nee sorhnt it seems ~,e'iS unpleasant. If it is a hug, bfl.ght image, make it smaller an d more dull. If yo u heal' a harsh negJ rive YO ice, try tuming it into a soothing Of comical one.Tfir is a sharp neg~ arive reel ing, ad.j usr U ti nro a pleasurable or erntic sensation,

5. Cl-mnge the co ntcxr of tJLlS emorion by real ~y rh i nk i ng abou t the fact [hat .i r is: trying to hel p 0 r to teach yuu somerhi n g un po I' rant,

6. The emotion wIU now move rhrough you, so you may decide wirh 0iJ. clear mindwhar course .of action you should Lake ro add ress the sou rcc of the neg~It ive ernotio n,

7. ACE immediately [0 address this issue, to solve the problem or communicate the situation, ar lease comrnunicaringto YOliJf,sdf.


An, 11 re 0 ne ·of the ul timateweapons fOL" rh e New Henne ticist, We willi ]~'[end~y create s~!3naI5!ior our cmotion~ bodies ro sh i I~ ~ u tornatical Iy

in a new direction. You can easily adapt the followjng rool to anchor any emotional state, but with this tool, you will at least create anchors fo r the fo ~ ~owing positive ernotio [IS! crea ti v j ty, ttanq uili ty, vitality; exec 1- ~ent communication, instant meditation, instant confidence.

The a nchors wii.! he attached to finger signals thac are based 0 n so me anci ent han d ges ru res' from. borh the Tannic and the Hermetic III agi (_ ;:1 ~ rradirions, and they will be extremely powerfulin helping you to literall y transform yom 11 fe.


1 . En ter the altered stan: (see page 73).

2. Go to your inner temple and perform. rhe New Herrnetics grounding and centering (see pagts 9'0 and 99').

3.. You should now be in a passive and neutral state, "den and relaxed, Recall a speciflc rime when you felr totally creative, whether inrhe arts, business, writing, 01' problem-solving. 1 r you cannot think of any time that you were creative, simply imagine whar it would be; like if you were. or think of someone who you think really IS. You C,l!1 even physically move

yo ur ho d y in ro [he pos i eio n it would be in if you were ina. creaeive scare. Experience the things you would be seeing, hearing, or sayi~~g to yourself and the in your body in eh [$ C restive state. Become totally irn mersed .i n rh ~ s ex perience of creativity. Tum up .a.~1 of the submodalities so that you are rorally involved in this state of creativity. \When this reaches a peak and you feel you are re~.IIj' "there," pr(:ss YOUI: index fingers and thumbs together firmly and say to yourself. "creativity" (sec figure 29; opposite).

4,. Again, vividly create the state of creativity in your bo-dyyou, breathing. images, sounds, feelings-c-and arthe peak. pn::ss; YOUE index fingers and thumbs together fJl"mly and to yo ursel f, .• creati vi t}'. "

5. Rc p ea t th ~ s several ti meso

6. Go back into" neutral sratc and test your anchor. Press your fIngers and thumbs together Hl'mly in rhe same way you. did before, and :say to yourself "creativity," You should automatically expe rience (he s ·ji.~.ui 0 1lS, i ttl ages, lind logy of

creativity snapping back into yom cnnsciousness. If they do not, rcpt,;at steps ;,~5 until they do.

7. Perform [he New Hermerics grounding and centering and rerum to normal. conscious awareness.

You have now created i n~S:UUH access to your creati v rty. Whenever you a rc an need, yOU can return to a creative srare of consciou s ness simply by

. .

using [his anchor,


1. Enter the altered state (see page 73).

2. Go to you r in n e r temp I e and pe;;rfu rm (he New H ermetics grounding and centering (see pages 90 and 99).

,;. You should now be in apassive and neutral state, alert and relaxed. Recall a specific time when you fdt totally tranquil, relaxed in all pans of your being" If you cunner rhink of any rime [hat you were tranquil, simply imagine whar it would be like ifyolJ were, or think of someone who y,ou think really is, Experience the things you would sec, heal', and fed in

128 Usirl9, the New t"ii..rmr-:l:ic:s

yOUI' body in l'his tranquil State, Become totally immersed iu this experience of tranquility, Tum up ,111 of the submodnlities so that you are totally involved inrhis stare of tranquilir :._ \)(lh.eil thi~ reaches it peak and you. fed YOti are really "there. ,. pre~s yOU1!" middle Hngel's and thumbs together firmly and say ro }'nln.)d~ "tranquility" (seefigure 30, below).

4. Again, vividly create [be state of tranquility In your bodyyour breathing, irmlg¢!;, sounds, feelings-and at the pc:;,~k. pr~;~ your middle Fingers and thumbs rogerher flnTI.~.y and say to yourself, "tranquiliry,'

5. Repeat this several rimes.

6. Go back into a neutral srareand rest your anchor. Press you!" middle fingers and thumbs together firmly inthe same way you did before, and SrI_r to youl'sd~: "tranquility" You should automatically experience the sensations, images, and p~1y.~iology nfmmquili,ty snapping back imo your consciousness. If they do nor, l'epe~1[ steps 3-5 until the), do ..

7. Perform the New Herrnetics grounding and centering and return (Q normal conscious awareness,

ftgurc30, Middle hnger.'; and thumbs mgC'lh ',r ~lgmLl tr;I.Ilcluilir}".

You have [lOW cr-eated instant access to YOUl.' rranquiliry, Whenever you are in need, you can return IO a tranquil state of consciousness simply by usi ng this anch or,


1. Eneer the altered state (see page 73),

2- Go to yuur inner temple and perform rhe New Hermerics grounding and centering (see pages 90 and 99),

3. You should now be in a passive and neutral state, alert and

rel axed, Reca] I a spccif c ri me when yo u rd t totally vi tal, vibrant. and energetic-a: time ",'hen you were just Howing, beaming, find really excited about life. If you cannot think of any rime rhat yml were vital, simply imagine what it would be like if you were, or think ofsomeone who you think re11L1Iy is. You m.1Y wanr to physically move your body into the position it would be in iF you were in a viral stare.

Experience [he things you would be set:]l"I,g. hC3I.[Lng, or .saying to yomse.U~ and the fee~;ng~ in }'cmr body ln this vital state. Become rorally emotionally involved in this experience of vitality, ]llHl up aU of the submodalities so that you are

torally involved in this state of vitality \Vhen this reaches a peak a nd you feel you :II.Fe really "there; " press yo ur ling f1 n ~ ger~ and thumbs together firmly and say to jroursdt: "vitality"

(see figure 31, page 130) ..

4. Ag~l]ll, vividly create [he state of vitality in youI' body-s-your breathing, images, sounds; and f'eeUng.s--{1:n.d at the peak, press your ring fingers and thumbs together firmly and . .say to yo urself "viraliry,"

5. Repearrhis several times.

G.. Go back 1 nto a neutra i sta te and test you I' ancho r. Press rOll]" fin gers .~ nd rhum hs rogerher H rrnl yin the sam e V1i'U Y yo u did before, and say to yourscl.f: "vitality," You should aurornarically experience the sensurionsvimages, ~H1d physiology of vitallry snapping back jnto your consciousness. If the), do no'[;r.e'pe~r steps 3-5 until they do.

7'. Pc,rror,1i,1 rhe New Hermeries grounding and centering and rerum to 11 mal c mdous awareness,

'130 Using the New I-lellll1ct:ics

Figure 31. Ring fingers and d~LLmb~ together ~J.gnaI vitality.

You have now created instant access ro your vil'ality_ V:-fhencvcl' you nrc in need, YOLI can return to a viral state of co usciousness simply by using rh is anchor.

Excel/em Cf)rllmutlil~atirm 1, Enter the altered state (see page 73}.

2.. Go to your inner temple and perform rhe New Herrnerics Grmmding and Ccnrering (see pages 90 and 99)-

3. You should now be in a passive and neutral state, alert and relaxed, ReG.:1Il.1. a specific time when you felt: totally cotnmun icative, a ti me when yo uwere able to get yo ur ideas across clearly and connect with ochers, If you cannot think of any time that you were really communicating well; simply imagine what it would be like if you were, 01' think of someone who YOll think really can, You can even ph}'1SicaHy move your body in [0 [he posi don .~ t wo uld be in if yo u wer-e in a tmaHy communicative state .. Experience rh - things you would be

The Zf'.:Rlot Level 131

~.j"",,,,,,-,,.,,,, .. -- .. ,,,,, .. - - - - _ __ _ _ .. ",." .. _.,,,,,,.~''''''''''"'''''''''. """"-""" .•. ~"."' .. - "., - .

Figure 32. Pinky flngt:rs and thumbs wgedlel' signalcormnunicaricn.

seeing •. hearing. or saying [0 yourself and the fcdings in youI' body in this communicarivc stare. Become totally emouonnlly involved In this experience or communication. Turn up aU of the submodalities so that you ate totally involved in this state of communicacion.When this reaches a peak and you !:eel you are really "there," press vour pinky fingers and thumbs together firmly and .say to YOlH·seL~ "commuaicarion" (see figure 32, above).

4. Again, vividly create the stare of communication in yom body-e-your breaehing, images, sounds. and feelings-and at the peak, press your pinky finger ... and thumbs toge[her firmly

d I·e ., . .."

an . say to yo u rsetr, co m m umcauon,

5. Repeat this seve ral ti mes,

t'i Go back mro a neutral state and test your anchor, Press your f ng.ers and thurn bs cogcth cr firm Iy in rh e sa me way you did before, and S,lY ro yourself; "communication.' YO~1 should <JIutomadca!]y experience rhe sensations, ~I.nages,. and physior~

ogy of communication snapping back inro youI' consciousness. If they do nor, repeaI SH~pS .3~5 until they do.

7. Perform rhe New Hermetics grounding and centering and return to norm ,1.1 co nscious awareness,

You have now creaced instant access to your excellent communication. \Xlhenever YOl! are in need, YOll can return toa communicative Hate (jJ consciousness simply by llsing this anchor.

1m,tant Mi:dit4tkm

This tool is particularly iroportant [Q the New r ennetics, You wil~ (1St: this anchor (0 enter the altered stare of consciousness fw.m now on,

1. Enrer [he altered state (see page 73).

2. Go to >,Ollf innertemple and perform the New Herrnetics grounding and centering (see pages 90 and 99).

3. You. should. now be in a passive and neutral state, alert and relaxed. Allow yourself co deepen your relaxation to the deepest [hat you can while continuing to focus. You may do this by progressive relaxation, or simply by allowing yourself to dri f( deep e [ and d t.':Cp e r. \Vhen you reach th l s very deep state of' relaxation, extremely internal, fc'eling very 11glu 01' heavy; asifyou are bnrcfy in your hod)', observe the sensa(ions, .in:'1ages, and sounds you arc hearing. When you leach a peak and you fed you are reaHy "there," press your index Hngers, youI' middle fingers, and your thumbs togel:her firm .. I.y and say to yourself. "altered state" (see figure 33, opposite),

4. Again, vividly create the stat' of deep relaxation and concennation in youI' hody-your breathing, Images, sounds, feel-

. ing.~-and at the peak. pres~; your index Hngem, middle fing.ers,

" - fi I d 11(' '" I j '"

and thumbs together "11'111 y anc ,~ay to yOurSl:~~i '.-. rerec sture,

5. Re pea t this M:':YCra ~ t i m es,

6. Go back into a neutral state and test rOlu- anchor. Press you. fingers and thumbs rogerher firmly in the same way YOLI did belore, and S:1.)' to yourself, "alrcrcd state.'; YOl! should automati cally experience the sensations, im:tges,. and physiology

••••••• _ •••• '"'' ~IIII .. ,_ •••• ' •••• -- ••••••• - ••••••••• •• ... ,IIIII~ •••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••••••• _ •• " .. '.I"'I"IIIIII .. I • ..._.

33" Index, middle finger.s, and thumbs together signal meditation,

of the altered state snapping back I.lUO your consciousness, If th ey do no t, repeat sn::ps 3~ '5 un til t hey do.

7. Perform [he New Herruetics groundIng and centering and return to normal COllSclOUS awareness.

lJJ have now created ins ran t access to YOl.lI· al rered state of co nscio usPlOn'1. now on, yOt~ can return m rhealrered state for New Hermetics 01' any kind of meditation or trance work simply by usin.g this ¥ou will notice that you are using the previous anchors for rran'lhy and creativity together. As you might guess, this stacking of is totally intentional, because nanqttillty and creativity are both ,uislte to meditation .

Instant GutfidC'lu:e

I. Enrer the altered stare using your medieuion anchor C .. ee above),

2. Go to yOUI' inner temple and perform the New Hermetic.'> grounding and centering [see p:ilges ~ nand 99).

3. YouhouJd now be in a passive a.:nd neutral state, alert and relaxed, I:U: all a s'p~ciJi rime when you relit !f3t;llly c nfldenr,


of the mosr eHecfin;ways to cleanse and calm YOtif emotional body through rhe breath. The next few tools offer breathing techniques I, are based on Eastern yoga practices, This is one uf the only pans of New Hermerics that s pecifiGllly Lises Easrern rechnol ogy. The reason this is that the yogis of India have a very scientific understanding of erne rio nal body and specific rech n i ques for cen ted ng and In:iln~gj og emotions, We are borrowing these techniques because of their pnlCvalue. The ancient Hermetic tradition most likely contained some .' i I breath technologies, but they are unfortunately lose to history Please keep in mind the \Vestern brearhing tools YOll were taught at [Ri,ti~U'e level, because YOl! wm be able to use the technology of charging

brullh enel:"g,f 'w'ith intention du,Ling yom prana}"<wna once YOLL are

with fill-'S' t hniques,

••••• _ •••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••• , •• _ .. ""111, ...... "IIIIII.~·" ... "··-··'···!-········-···· •••••• __ ••••••••• _ ••••••••• _ •••••• ~ •••••• '.'_.IIIIIII .. """1"-'"

'whether in the arts, business, writing, or problem-solving. [fyou cannot think of any rime that you were confident. sim'ply imagine whar ir would be like if you were, or rhink of someone who you think really is, You can even physically move YOUr body into the position i~ would be in if YOU\V('!T in a c~nfident stare. Experience [he things you would be secing, hearing, or s,aying to yourself, and the feelings in yuu!" body in this confident- state .. Become totally cn::,ocionally. involved in this experience of confidence. Turn up all or 1"h~ submodalirics so that you are totally iuvolved in ehis S[.Ue of confidence.When this reaches a peak and you feel you are really "there," pre's5 your ring fingers, pinky fingers and thumbs together firmly and say to yourself, "confidence" (~ee' figure 34, opposite).

4. Again, vividly create the state of confidence in your bodyyour breathing, images, sounds, feeHngs-and at the peak, press you.r rLng nngers, pinky fingers. and thumbs rogerher firmly and ~~a}' to yourself; "cenfidence."

5. Repeat rh is several ri mes.

6. Go back into a neutral state and (est yom anchor, Pre~;;s your fingers and thumbs mgether firmly in the same way you did before, and say to yourself, "confidence." You should aUH,)rnarically experience rhe sensations, im~\ges, and physiology of oonl1,dence snapping back into your consciousuess. If [he" do not, repeat steps 3~5 until they do.

7, Perform the New Herrnetics grounding and centering and rem rn [0 n orrnul co nscious awa reness,

You have now created instant access to your confidence. \X1henevcl' . are in need, you can return to a con tiden t scare of consciousness sim by using this anchor, You. wiU again notice that you arc using ehe prelll'l ous anchors for vilaliry and communication rcgether .. As before, c,hi sracking of anchors is tot-ally intentional, because these qualities are bol prerequisite W confidence,

Yo u ca n use this sa me basic p<luern to create i n s ea nr access to an state you like. Yo uwi U need ro create d i ff-erem triggers fa reach 0 nco bu I

1h: Zealot Level 135

Figure 34. Ring flngt't,~, pinky fingers, and thumbs together signal confidence ..

Can really be from other hand signals eo touching varipalTs of your body or anything rh;;)t seems appropriate to you,

1. Sit down in a place where your spine CUll remain comfortably straight and erect.

2. Enrer the altered state using your meditation anchor (sec page 132).

3. Take a deep brea t.n rh rough yo u r nosrri Is, and as yo u let II

o tit, pull yo ur abdomen in ward and upward, fully ern pryi n g .'VOU I' ~ ungs.

4. Inhale deeply] drawing. the air down inro your belly, allowing your abdomen ro open up.

S.. Continue to brearheair in fluidly, <ll~owing ymu r.ibc3gc to open, and allow the air (0 fill yom lungs all the way up [0 your collarbone, Your entire lung capacity should be COm~ fortably ~uJI.

6. Hold this breath for a brief morneru, [hen release it slowly through your nosrrils, starting at the upper chest, and finally complerely emptying ehe be~iy; g.endy drawing your abdomen inward to let out all of your breath. This is one complete breath.

7,. Repeat this breathing pattern renro twenty times.

The Zealot Level 13/

······_··········_··,···,··-··"","" .. "111, "1'", .. - ......•• - ....•..• - ........•. - ,"I~"III" '.ii' .•.. _ _ _ .......•

Do not USiC these tools within an hom after e'ol.dng, as if may callSe abdominal discornforr, If at ~U1y time you are feding excess:ivdy uncornfortable, please SlOp and resume again later, The purpose ofthese tools is eo p urif)'; viral ize, tI nd calm you I' body, not to make you m.[ f }fO LL are in a state of ill heal rh, use these toolswi rh caucio nand b uild up slowl y.

1, Sit down in a place where your spine Can remain comforr. ably straight and erect.

2. Enter th e altered s rate usi ng yom m edi ra do n anchor (see lXlge 132).

.J,. Take a. deep b rear h rhro ugh you r nostrils and; as vo u I et it om, pull your abdomen inward and upward slowly, flilly emptying your lungs.

,4" Inhale deeply as before, drawing ~he air down into YOHr

bel Iy; aUowing your. abdo men to open up, allowing yo ur ribcage to open. and allowing rhe air to .fill yom' lungs .~IJ the way up to your collnrhone, Your entire lung capacity should be cornformbly full.

5. As your lungs reach their full capacity, vigorously and quickly exhale through your nostrils, pulling in yOLit abdomen [0 empty your lungs completely,

,6. Repeat diis breathing pattern tWe.11ty rimes, then take a complete breath and hold it in as long as possible, Let this breath OUt na rurally Resume normal b rearhi n g.

P)cr.l1UZYil:J1Ui l~C()mplet(! YOgic Bn!tuh

This tool will dramatically increase the oxygC:i1 supply in yOUl' body, It win allow your heart rate to slow down, C[lkning your body and .. allowin g yo ur central nervous system to relax ..

Pra~~aya7lU1. 2-- Kapalabhllli Breath This roo] is somewhat similar [0 rhe lasr, but slighdy more vigorou:

The purpose of [his exercise is to cleanse the respiratory system, W invi!; Mate the body, ro deal' rhe mind, and to improve youI' concentrarion, lt also tones [he s mrnach, hearr, and live r, If you are in poor physical cnn clition; YOU mavwish ro reduce tilt: number of I'ell'letition. to five or ten,

i!" " ,lor'

Prtl,'n.aYiU.1Ul 3-An utoma Vilmna Breath

is altefnate~nQstrH breathing, The purpose 0 f this tool is to al i gn the

• and .Ief~ sides of your body, so thar energy flows evenly through it" · you breathewith this exercise, usea ratio of I :4;2 for inhaling: retainexhaling. In the instructions, we use the count of 4: 16:8,- but you adjust this to your personal needs and level of experience, It is said yo u begi u to develo p :siddhis, Of m agical powers such .• 11> levi ta don; you retain the breath fol' 'l minute or more, but you'll have (00

· - un - . to find oUt for yourself l\OU may notice Some ~ulUsual phys-

· phenomena such as bodily rigiditY, perspiration.und feeling Iighter air as a result of US) ng this tool. ] f you. arc k!ft~ha:.nded> yOLl. H'l<l.y . . rhese instructions as YOll see fir,

:I. Sir down in a place where your spi tit; can remain conlfi:)ft~ ilblY~lraight and erecr,

.2. Enter the altered stare usi,ng your medira,tion anchor (see

pilgC 13.2).,. -

138 U~ia18 the New Hermetics

3. With your eight hand, curl. your index and middle fingers down CO your palm, so your rhumb, ring, and pinky fmgel's remain outstretched .. Bring YOUf right hand up to yuur .1l0~~·.

4. Brcache in through your left nostril, closing youe right nostril with your rhumb as you count from l [0 4.

5. Holdyour breath for a count of ] 6, closing both nostrils with y<Hlt dnlnlb and fingers.

6. Breathe om through the fight nostril. dosing YOUl" left with your dug and pinky fingers, counting to 8.

7, Breathe in. thr~ugh your right nostril, continuing ro dose yuur left nOS rri I W'.! eh yo ur ring, an d pi n ky fingers as yo u cou nt fro m I to 4.,

8. Hold your brearh for •. 1 count of 16, dosing berth nostrils wi th YOlin th u mb and Hngers.

9' Brearhe out rbrough the lefl nosreil, dosing youI' dght with your thumb, counting to B.

I (1. Repeat this seq uence be tween five J rid twcn ty ri mes, t L Return to normal awareness,

Pmndyama 4-Cle.aring Block.r in; the EhtJ1'gy!m (if the Chakm:s With rhis (001; you win explore the seven chakras through brcathin,g into them and working with your inner reacher to remove any blocks Iha!: may be there, Wi.!h rhis tool, )rmI will phy ... ically learn the location of each of your chakras, begin to explore [he feelil1gs associated with each, and start to dear blocks in your energy system ro allow the free Bm:v a,f kundaLi ni th 1"0 ugh yo HI system.

By regularly srimulating your chakrss with this and the next [0011 you will increase your over"H inner energy level, evolve more rap~d~l" and get mote jo)' and bliss out of Ijfe. Your inner teacher can hel P you to understand and to dear an}' blocks that you may find in your chakras,

To "breathe energy into" rour chakras, simply imagine that, J~~ yOUi are breathing, you are pulling breath vibrations. You can use imaginary hands to orlen your chakras >vhiie you are in the altered stare. Imagin you are pull~ng, open two naps of skin or the petals of a flower at rhe site of your chakra, Try to (~c,;ll"hi.~ without tensing your muscles, Figure 35 (opposite) )Uu~a:nl[eS [he pwc;'t::s~.

11w~ Ze~ lot Level 139

,........,..,····,,···_·"1111,· ",········_·······_·······_·"111, " _ _ _"1111, "

······-·······-··········~.-,IIIIIII'_ .. I - _.......... 111111111.- .

1. Stt down in a place where your spine Can remain comforrably matght and erect.

2. Enter the altered state by using your meditation anchor (see page] 32). You may contact your inner teacher at any time if

you need hel p_ -

.3.. Breathe relaxing energy up (com your feet to rout' base

ch akra, yo ur l'nulhadlh1l'~1, . wh ich means "roo r S u ppon. " Th is cenrer is ar the base of your spine .. Feel for a sensation in this area, uncil you discover some inrernsl kinesrheric experience .. VisuaH_ze a set' of imaginary hands, and use them to pull open this area, Feel a sensation as ~f you are opening all orifice. Fed a.ny emotions rhar are in this area, be with them non - i udgmentall y; and let rh em flow. Ask ymu' ilu~ er teacher 1:0 help you understand. and remove any blocks that you IYiOly experience. Pull energy tip from your fc·ct find flU [he chakra,

4. Breathe energy up through from your feet, through the base chak.ra,ilnd on up to the sex chakea, rV.£1disthana, which meana "her special abode." Fhis center is at [he base of youI' genitals. Feel for it sensation in this area, un til you discov(.T


V[S]-II.;D:m-!A ---'. '\hr.mlr" ,..:.~ntl;"(

r,'I.!\NII'U 1M brlly' ccretcr


"mut" il"t.!l_r~r

140 Usir'hJ5 th(; New Hermettcs

•• _ ••••••••••• _ •••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••• _ ••• i ••• _."iili._.".III •• ~."III11, ••• ,111111,. , •• ,1, ... """" """"", ..... "",1111"- ...... "'._."',., •••••• , ••• ,_ ••••••• - _.

some internal kinesrhetic experience. Visualize a see of imaginarv hands, and use them to pull opell rhis area. Feel a SC:I1~ sad~n as. if you ale opening an orifice. Fed any emotions that are in this area, be wirh them non-judgmentally, and kl them flow. Ask your in n er reacher [Q he] p you u ndersrand

.8..n1 d remove nny hi 0 cks that YOlI may experience, Pu 11 energy

up from your feet and fiU the ch.akm.. .

5, Breathe energy up from your feet, through the base and sex chakras and on up IO the solar plexus chakra, the manipura, which means "city of the sb i n in g J ewe!.;; Th is ce n ter is som ewhere in rhe area berween the bottom of your navel and the top of your solar plexus, Feel fC)f .1 sensation .111 this area, until you. discover some internal kinesthetic experience.

Vis ualizc :,1 set of i magi na ry ha rids, and use [hem ro pull open rhis area. he! a sensation as if you are opening an orif1 Q(;; Fed an y ern otio ns UTe in this area, be wi rh them no]]-judgmentaHy, and let them How. Ask your inner teacher to help you understand and. remove any blocks that you. rna)' experience. Pull energy up fro m you r fee r and fii l the chakrn,

6. Breathe energy up from your feet, through the base, St~X, alld solar pkX.U5 chakras and on up to the hearr chakra, your anabata, which means "not struck," This center is in the .. irea of your heart. Feel for a sensation in this area, unril you discove r so me .1 n rem iIi.1 ki nes rhetic experien cc, Visual ize a set 0 f t magin aJY hands, and use [hem ro pull 0 pen this area, Feci il sensation as i.E you arc opening an orifice. Feel any emotions are in 1:11]$ area, be with them nnn-judgmentally, and It!E them flow. Ask your inner reacherto help you understand and remove :my blocks that you may experience. pun energy up frorn your feet and HU thechakr[l.

7. Breathe energy up from your feet; through the base, sex, solar plexus, and heart chakras to the throat chakra, uisbud» dha, which means "pm.rfJcd." This (enter is somewhel'(:~ ar rhe from of your throat. Feel for a. sensation in this area, until YOll discover some internal kinesthetic experience. Visualize a ser of imaginary hands, and use them to pull open this: area, Feci a scnsaeion as if you are opcni:og nil. 'Orifice. Feel any

emotions zhar are in this area, be with them norr-judgmentally; and let them fI ow. Ask you r in ner reach er to hel p yo u understand and remove any blocks that you mayexperience. Pull eJler~j' up from your feet. and fill the chakra,

8. Breathe energy up f['Om your feer, through the base, sex, solar pl exus, heart, a LlI d th mat chak ras [Q the brow chakra, third eye, or rzjna; which meansfcomrnand." This center ,[$ between your two eyes. Feel for a sensation in this area, until you discover some internal kinesthetic experience. Visualize ,1. set of im~gitiary hands, and use them ro pull open this area .. Fed a sensation as if you are opening ~H1 orifice. Fed any ernotions [hat are in chis area, be with. them non-judgmentally, and let them How. Ask your inner teacher to help you understand and remove any blocks that you may experience, PuU energy up front your feet and flll the chakra.

9, Drawenergy lip, as in the previous steps, ro the crown chakra, rhe sshasrar«; which means "thousand-petaled." This center is at the ,\u.';irY top of your head, Fed. for a sensation in this area, until you discover some internal kinesthetic experience. Visualize a set of irn>!ginary hands, and use them to pull open this area. Feel a sensation as if you are opening an orifice. Fteel any emotions [hat are in this area, be with rhern ncn-judgmenrally, and let them flow. Ask your inner reacher ro help you understand and remove any blocks tll.H. you. may experience, Pull' energy up from YOlJr feet and BlI the chekra.

[0. At I:hL~ point. jusr be with the flow of en,ergy through you, the flowing naturally and freelr.

11. Then dose each of the chakras with yom imaginary hands and return to normal consciousness.

Prttunya71la 5~Cbtng£ng (TAa.kras with Seed .Mantr"iJs (md G.rcUltJ..tblg Energy

'. this tool, YOou will b,egin to charge your chakras with rhe resonanr of'spedflc "seed' sounds that the nncienr yogis discovered <IS they JI~~!YU,'.u.~:u. By intoning t.hese sounds, you will be helping YOllr chakras vib.r,lne ,mi~ their most cff'ectiv1f:' narural frequencies (see .figure 36, P~\gc

142 U,~i ng th G Newlienndk::~

_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _- _ .

143). This .may or .may not be literally true, hut it seems to have a salunay effect" ei rher w.ay,

·You will also visual ize a cole r of the rainbow in each of your chakras.

This is amodern New Ag.e addi~.ion to worki ng wi rh [he cbakras, bu r i I. does seem to have a valuable and transformaeive effect on yout inner v is u al izatio n ·of the chakras and rh e flow of kundalin i. ene I'GY. This too ~ .may seem. a litrle complicated at fin;tj but it is tl::<t]Jy quite simple once yo u geL used m U t,

]. Sit down in a place where your spine can remain comfortably srraigh r and erect,

2. Enter (he altered stare using yo ur meditation anchor (see page 132).

3. Move your attention to vnur base, or rmdhadhara, chakra.

o [)en :th is area w ~ til imagi nm.y han ds, Exhale com pletely, then slowly fi U you r ~ u ng~ to a count 0 f' [0 ur, ~ rrwgi n i ng tb ,I ~ the breath I.S fHHng this chakra, and. mentally b'aying, "Lam, Lam, L~m,L~jIJ;~."· (This is rhe seed. mantra for the 'm~lf1t.Jdham chakra, as the following are the seed sounds for the resr.) As you are breadlJing in, and iucouing "Lam/ visualize and feel rh is area. bd ng fd It'd with a brigh.t red energy. Rera ~ n you, brearh for sixteen counts, mentally saying "Lam" with each count, visualizing and feding the energy brightening and vibmdng .. Exhale, verbally saying "Lam" for eight

COIl nrs, Repeat rh is process fat! r ri rnes,

4. Move YOUI artentien to your sex, or wtldiuharJa" chakra, Open this area. with imaginary hands, Exhale oon~plecdy, [hen slowly fill yo ur lungs to a COli n r of four, imagin ing that rh e breath is fUU ng 111 ischakra, an d m entally ~'lyi ng ·;'V;',lJ1l, Vam, Varn, Varn." As YaH breathe ~n and imam: "Varn,' visualize and. ['ed th is area bei ng filled wi Ell a brughr mange energy. Retain YOlU breath fDr sixteen counts, mentally $'Wing "V<'I:!r\" wi rh eacl. COli n r, visualizing and fed lug the enel'g}' b righteni ng and vi bra ri ng. Exha ~C:, verbally sayi ng "Vam" fo r dgh l COUll ts. Repeat this pmcc:~s.~ four times,

5. Move your arrenrion to your belly, or p~~tmiptml. chakra.

Open rh I s area wi th I magin a ty h;l,nds. lExh<'l]e Co I'll pletely,

The Ze~ll:ot Lewd 1 ~1:3

~IIIII'I---·········-·"IIIIII_·······-··'·'···~IIIIIII' ....•.•... _ ,." .. , ." ••.... _ _.""",."., .•.. _ ....."""",_ _ ", """ ••••............ _ .. """" .. _ ..

then s~Qwly flU your ImlJgs I() a mum of fou[,~magining rhar th.e breath is HIHng this ch<ikr:a,and mentally ~'lying "Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram." As you. breathe in and intone "Ram," visualize and fed this area bei ng HUed wi th a brigh r yel ~ Ow energy.Retain you.r breath for sixteen counts, menl'aHy ~:ay~ ing "Ra m" with each coun r, visual izi ng and. feeling the encrg}' brightening and vibn][ing. Exhale, verbally saying "Ram" .ft'")!' eight cou n ts, Repeat this process fo ur times.

6. Move your anenrion [0 yo ur heart, Or tUlizINtta., dm.kra . .0 pen rhis area with Lmagjn<~[y hsnds, Exbale completely, then sJowly fIll you r J urn gs Wit count of four, i magining rhar the breath is t;Uing this chakra, and ment[l.r!y saying "Yam, Yam, Yam., Yam." As YOll breathe in and intone ""'llIn," visual ize and fed thisarea being filledwit.h a bright green nlc.rgy,R.erain youI' breath for sixteen coun rs,lnentaUy saYl ng "Yam' withesch count, yjsualh"~ng and feding [he enc~·gy brighrening and vibrating. Exhale, verb:aI.~y s~ying"Y<tm" for eighl' COUIUS .• Repe~lt this p recess fom: times,




7. Move you, mtemion If} YOUl throat, or lri£/Juddha, chakrn, Open ·[his area with irnagi nary hands. Exhale cornple tel~y, [hen slowly fill your lungs to a count of four, imagining dHU the hrea th is H Ihng th is cbak m,,~.nd mental iy say l ug" Ham. Ham.Ham, Ham." As. you breathein and. intone "Ham," visualize an d feeJ this area. bei t1g filled wi rh a br~ ght bl uc energy; Retain YOUT brearh for sixteen counts, mentally saying "Ham" with eachcount, visualizing and fueling the energy and vibrating, Exhale, verbally saying "Ham' f()r eight counts. Repeat this process fo u r ci rnes,

8.. Move yo ur a rrention to yuur third eye. or a}nd, chakra, Open, rhis area wi rh imaginary hands, Exhalecompletely [hen slowly fm yom.· lungs toa Count: of [mIf, imagining that the breath is f ~ ~ j ng rhis ch akr a , and. mentally sayi ng "Au Ill, Aiun, Aum, Aum," As yOl~ breathe in and intone '~I\um," visuajize and f0d chis area filleel with a brIght indigo energy, Retail] your brearh for sixteencountsvmenrally s~ly.il1g "'Au:m" wirh each counr, visualizing and teeling [he energy brighrening and vibrating, Exhale, vtCrbaHy s.ay~ ng~Al1m" ro., eigh( cou n 1;5. Repeat rhis process foul ri mes,

9, 1vlovc your attention to your crown, Dr sahasrar«, chakrn, Open:rhis areawith imaginary hands" Exhale co mpletely, then slowly HU. your IUI1lg.~ to a cou II[ of four, in1:agi n in g thar (he breath is fimng this clrnkra, and menrally bei fig silent un the space between sounds. As you. breathe in and intone silence, visual izean d feet th i s area bei ng n Hed wi rh a b righ t violet energy. Retain your breath silently For sixteen COlUHS, visualizing and £eeUng the energybrigluening and vibl'adng" Exhal.e fm eight counts. Repeat this prDcess {-OUf rimes,

10. NDw that yom energy channel. is open, on an inhnlnrion, visualize and fed that cosmic t:ucrb'Y is tlowing in fi:om above through yo u crow n chakra and movin g down in ro YOLL I' he-a IT chakra, As you exhale, v isual ize an d ft,;cl that th ~~ cm:rgy is f10wi ng rh I:m.agh you. down deep .i nro [he earth.

11 . As you u nhal e, visual h~e and fed earth energy Howi ng: up

rh rough yo ur base chakra .~ n to you r hea rr chakra, and ;]S YOLI.

The Zmllot. Levd ~45

,i,;,"IIII· ··········_····,··'·"_"III';._ _ ·'-·"111 .••.•........... _ ···"111, _ .........•. "1111 ...............•...... ,.,""" 11"' _ _ ",_ __ , .. ",

exhale, visualize and fed the earrh energy flowing up through yo ur crow n chakra and out into the COsmos.

12. In ha]e, visual i·:.dng an d feeling 005 rn ic and earth energy flow~ng from above and below through ymlf chakras to Y;lH'

h eart ch aha. As yo u exhal e, [ad],"- re rh is energy 0 ut .i n a ~ ~

d ~ recrions, f Ili ng ehe un ~ verse.

I,'), Repear steps I 0 thro Ug!1 ]:2 as m an y ri m es HS you like.

.~ 4 . Return to normal consciousness, .

MA:r...~I.FP-STING SrnCl"lJION[Cn'Y:


following is a. simple too] £or cre:adng any ntanilesrarion in your ~~fi:. '<1.11 use rhis tool fm<'ll1}'lhing ftorn improving YOUl se.~f-confidence attracting new relationships OK creat~ng an jnAux offinancial nbunIn. order f()r this rool to work. it requires that you believe ir wil.~ I recommend char you USiC_ this mol for simple, easily manifesred a r first, and then build. to larger man i fest.:ui.ons as yo 1I begin to ...... in your own powe.r. If you use (hts tool withour believing rhat it I work, this tu:k of belief will completely negate irs ef-TEctiven~:s.s" choose ~ometh~ng thar youwanr [Q occur in your Hfe,:;~!1d pel'the foUowlng.

L Eott:r the altered stare using your medirarirm anchor (SBt page 132).

2. Go to your inner remp]c (see page 90).

3. Perform the NeW' Hcrmeeics gmundtng and centering (see pag~99).

4. Stan to visualize past rimeswhen yml h,tve experienced the desi red man i fes Wt]O n, or some P n rr ofi (,Of t hi n k of so 111COne who has experienced wh,n you wane .FuHy associate with rhis experience, sedng the images, [he fet'li.ngs, and h'earing [he sounds of rhis pas[ experience, Q[ those of the person who has ex pc::.ri.enced it,

51. Ch~d~ In with YOllISei fro make su lie th i s 1 s so me rh i n g t h:lr you l'em&ly Wiilnl:[Q cxperie.n.QC in your ~jJe. Milke o:my neces,~ary adjU&[ltle!HS to YQur dc~lrt'.

"""._ , .. ".- .. , , __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ ,._ .. "."._.,.,,, . 37, Visualize a. movie screen in the middle of your inner temple.

6. Visualize a white screen in the middle ofyour inner temple. li 1.:::(; a movie scree n (see t1gure 37, ahove),

7. Now create J derailed movie of the desire up on this screen, warching yourself from [he curside, experiencing your desire exactly the way that you'd like it to rnanifesr (see figure 38, opposite),

8. Ch.eck in with yourself ,again, making sure that every pan of your being really wants this to OCCI..IT. Satisfy any objections that come up by adjusting the content of your movie.

9. Sre pin to your rnoviecexperienci ng it in rb e Hrst pen;;o n • From the imide, seeing, feeUng, and hearing all of rhecontent that youwouldlike to occur (sec figm~ .39, oppcsire],

1 (J, Seep out of rlie movie, and lock up at the gl.obe of white light above you. Visualize it beam of power descending onto }"nu. See and feel yourself filjingwirh light and power until you arc filk:d with a s, .nse of ulrimare power (see figure; 40, page ].48).

Figure 38. Create ,1 detailed movie of your desire,

Figure 39. "l<I'prit.:l1C:e OUt movie ill rhe nm PCI:SOIl. 40. lmagine a beam of power des-and i rig ontoynu frem the globe of light.

i 1 .. Feeling this a weso me powerwlthi 11 you, took up at [he glob{! a.gau nand tell your cosm ic consci ousn ess that you Wc)u1d U ke this desire thar you have ru rned in toa detailed movie, or something even better, to manifest in your Hfc iu a rotnlly hanna n ious and beneficial way.

12. Project all of the ene rgy that your cosmic conscio us n ess has given you into the movie, feeling and seei n g it flow. Visu ~ •. ~ i'lit.! the movie starringto glow (see Hgure41, opposite],

13. Visualize the movie screen Hoadng upward. and flying inro [he g~.obt: of Ugh~ above you, to be manifesrcd by the forces of consciousness (see figure 42, opposite),

14. Now, move your mind forward into rhe firrure, enteringa rirnewheu you have already experienced the desire. Fully experience this result, vi-many, auditorily, and kinesthetically

15. Return to your inner rernple. Perform the NewHermeties grounding and centering,

16. Rerum to normalnwareness.


..... - ....

/' " 1\

I \


t this level, you will explore your rnenta.llif\:. begin to understand the structures of your inner world, and gainpractical tools for changing your l'hinking process and the world around you,

~"'-1111!'...- ..

~. ...

.. ~

.. "

.\ ..

\ .\

\ ~

.. ..

.. ...

.~ ~

'.. '\ \, I'

... '.... .,/

\. \ "' -I ....

.\... II i

\.... I

\ \, I

\... i

'1" \ ,I 1

.. \ 'I i

\ \. ,I I " ,~.__ ..





; take another look ar the goals ym.l formulated in chapter 5, par~ y the mp frve. Have you -accompfisbed any of your gOJi.15, yet? Are any of your goals that you no longer Want to pursue?'

I. Make a new lisr of aU your goals, and choose '1 new mp five, Ir's perfectly aJJ right, if nothing has changed, just write them a 11 0 ut .~lg<lin"

2. For each of your cop five goals, stare ~pecific,'~ny what you wanr un det~dJ-·rhe amounts, environmenr, Wh~H irwijl (toel like in. sensoi'y terms, what ir will tonk like, what people around youwill sa)'. right down to the Get really erearive and excited, Write:: at le,loSt a paragraph .for each goal.

3. Some of your g.oals may be fiiriy ambitious and complicared, Take a mornenr to break down yom: goals into several increments or steps and write these steps elown, Whar will the

I \

I '\

I ,

\. I'

.... .;


intervening phases between now and the complete accornplishmenr of your goals be Hke? In other words, if your go;ai is to became president ofa large corporation, you might break it down somethlng like this: learn about corpomre:

America, ge~ a [ob at a corporation, get an MBA, move in~~ ~ an executive position, perform amazingly in dHlC position, innovate for [he company. take over, YOIll rnay create as tHan)' ste ps or Hag~s as you li ke for each goal,

4, Once you have done this, think of another small thing that you c~llld do tigbt now to begin the process of accomplishing each of (best' five go,.L~. Again,. it doesn't have to he a big th i ng. j use wri re down so rnethi ng you ca n do (0 begin the

p recess .0 f acco rn pi ishi n g yo ur to p five goak

The Practitioner level 153

Bl: su re to do zhese five small thi ngs. You will set in mod on m<1:SS ive forces in (he universe. Once you have accomplished each of these sma11Ia~I{S, you em do the preceding exercise with the rest 01" your goals, or YOll can wait so VOU don't become psychically (on fused by I:rving to accomolish

.r .t i' .~. ,I" (-

too much. This simple exercise has changed your entire destiny,

Allow yourself to be open as you experience rhese personalicies, and do not try to force them to conform to yOlll' conscious expectations. This will degrade your experience to mere Fantasy,. aJdwugh, as I've said before" even fa nta~y can be: transforma rive, Allow yo ursel f to experience the personality of each card fuUy as it manifests to you .. It may seem qui te 11 n]ikc the j mage depicted. on the card, and this ]5 really a sign that on rhe ri gh t track. The archetypes have a differem mean i ng for each of us, and will manifest idiosyru':J1atic~llly to everyone. Some: of rhe archetypes may seem fearsome or incredibly seductive, Think about 'rhat this means as you are experiencing the encounter and afterw.u·d, These archetypal energies have real messages that are distinctly, person all yfo r you. Irw ill be to youI' gfeac ad van rage co lis zen careful] y. Don't cxp~ct communication lines to be clear. YOu.wil] receive symbols, words, feeli ngs-i n sh 01"t: arch erypalco In rnu n icatio 11.,.

If you are at all confiised, seek counsel from your inner teacher, Your inner teacher can help you to unfold the mysteries of symbolic cornmuniearion if vou allow it. Your inner reacher will alwavs be with vou

I ~ ,.,.

as you encounter the-se areherypal energies, so do not be afraid to ask

for assisrance jf things seem to get intense.

You can also adapt this mol to be used with other symbols, but the t~mt l'eaHy gives a filidy complete set of archetypal ideas. Table r 0 (see pt;;]gc 154) gives a she rt list 0 me of the archetypal ideas contained in tJ"e 21 taro [ []'LU11 ps ..

It is recommended, for the purpos(..~; (If the New Herrnerics, that you use the Rider-\Vaite, Thoth, 01' BOTATamt deck, The images in these cards r,epresem the archetypal forct:S in a fajrly pure and unadulterated . (with exceptions, of course). There are many other excellent decks, bur for the III osr pa.rt, they i nterpret th e archetypes within a milieu. For instance; without intending to step on any toes, there are decks based on Celric or Arthuri,m legend. Egyptian gods, Norse gods, Voodoo loa, ere. These are particula .. cases of the archetypes, not the kernel or truth ~b~t is at thei r core. These rno re speei fie ifnages III ~~y be very useful. foi:'" divination or other types of rnedin .. arion, but this tool is, meant to put you in touch wirh the universal essence behind rhe various veils of m:y'Eho[ogy. However, you will do as you please in the long run, so just conside.r the above a little unsolieired advice,

.EXPILORING AR.CHY.T'iTBS~TAROT TRUMPS This is J genera] tool that can be adapted co many needs. You. can specific taror cards that yOli ,U:C' interested in exploring, rather [han I ring fate choose fo r yo 1.1. •. Yo 1I. can choose to explore the M aj 0 r A or trLllnpS, in order; from 0·22 Dr from 22~O, You will need to with all ~f these archetypes eventually, but you may approach it whichever direction you prefer initia.lly.

The purpose of this tool is to get in touch with the universal a typal energies depicted inthe trumps of the tarot deck, These m;kt;: up a fuirly complete set of archetypes for youI' use, By beginni~~ to understand the: components of these archetypes and [heir expecsa t[OHS ofyou, you will access to much greater understanding of yam own unconscious needs and desires, Whetl YOLl are asking these ar 1, types what they need frorn you, be sure that you really listen to th answers vou receive and think about what those answers m~·::H1. Th have the<power to transform 1'01.11' me insta.ntly ifyoulisl:cn"

Cud H .:bn.",' "o\St'{'!Q:b";~~l AJdld}'Pl..J !;ming

Letrer S:fmb~1.

'rh~ HiJlh I;.r,i.clit~'ji~

The Empress

Til'l: HierlJplulnt

The Wheel of Fortune

Th~ 1:i;]Jj®i!'J MiiIIii

The Last Judgml!"lll[



rllvnie ~cJlr, jl!:llo:r, jakcr. h3b~ ~Il a'h~ L?J~. dw (; f~~"1 M~". ~p;ri I:. chaos, mad g~Jij!.~" Dk'lly~ll~


!~rt_'~'IiI ... ~d~~"'Jj::;! .:rid~tr.:;r~ wiznrd, iavenror, an:i.i!i~ I Cre;jj~ ive w~l.I, m.~.~i.L poI'l'er, Hennes

p:fi:L'..'riI;t:'~~1 "'1j:!i~1 Wfjlmt;ln, :r.;_llr:l:i~ ~ll(Mi~1 Isis, ~h-=, hidden suncruarv, IJC3JlIt:r"

mother ni'~[Urel ll~cHhrc, ~ .lnill~ Ifr.::lir'cr, love. wif u .. Demeter. qll .. -en. ~dd(-;;s. ~ld"Emic;l1 !i:l11

",1I·[;Hh.~.t, ")£I"I""mr, ffi"h<':r, r~;!tm l:llJd~, husband, 'Rldl~'",i~;LI ~ulphur, ,,"~urior

m:l~[cr, rescher, hi;gb priesr, .sp5r.imal rules 'Clr bw., jm~rjlr~acr of rhe L1:1.y;lIJ;ri"-~

p,.,'ill.l-. lovers,;;]c[iDJl of oppD~ilol!~, po['uil:)" IWI> ha1~'c:! of ['h~ oratl1.

gt;'i:i~ bll".lo'<)r, .'Li"OI)!;~i, .. i tf .. f1.;<.:om:iiim·iol~, tmnsporr, the ,trt m~~trti IJmm;:

lov~r, power, \'irnl.i ry, 111.1,[, dmalnarinn, ~[.rel1g,h L .. f:lm'~. !:;'{)(,CeI"C1iSl. bsdl1~don

IOjj~.t. ;a!,"', pa:lb "fi,,'iti<liio'1, lJ'ill!;rim. imlcCJ ·kn.uwloog,e, secret seed, secret l.i~i~

I!~ck. karma f.,~:~., s~mhler, c}'dc:i. v.,<:;]:hh ;]ii,II'Ld, .• chance, c;;'l'k1!f.1.~:i[ .. i'l" .!ii1).C('~).

h-~l~~.c'C, brlli~'; aCUC'ii. h'l.l~~~" (,I' (,pl'(,~i'l ~'", jq~Ig<;, ;-jd.~Li~~ i~~L:"n~ I O;~l~Li 1:i~,.ri~n[l, lif~l,;di"'~().r" tru til

$:1L:r'f'~IX, illumin~~jon, mN:inxioQ, mnsochisr, vicrirn, martyr, bcneflccuce, dissoluLLDn

.It,., ali~;r:IIA' ,IL:"~~I" tr~,~~rl'HI1~tio'ln, ~".~~.t:', scorpio 11, ~'ilgl~, reincarnnriou, reproduction, cCI.I:npleno 11

~ldl~lJl:il. n~rl{:h.~r, ~l.iIicl{~. an. ~m rtlian angeL GT~~[ WQik. [r.msfrlrlucr, philosopher

I'.n,-" muuer, 1[j"'~~ri~1 r.m:>;;, w'Otld l~tI~c •• ilaphome-I, Jcmiurge, S~"'n, oppressor, redeemer

mtmrc's powe-r, [L}WC1 ofBabel, dark niS 11 .. 1' the .10LII .. pllank cnc'rg_'l, c"~I'-l~lmphc, eye ocShi,"l

!Jl~i~-:iI{iiJJl~ revelaelon, narure s bC.UlllYl i n1il!f.i.l1illrkj.1) i scienrln, h'c(;d,}m, Hnf6!d.i Il& III L:I'<:;II:;III;

iIIIJ!'ii'll~M.:u, d [~~~I~:", n(~h1'" subronsc i(lll;I~, ~LIl{.on5(ao1JJ~1 r~nt~i}" l1J¥s[i,., ~ mnce, ri~H' brain

sdi: 'l~8f.}' day, ~m lrnus, C"};{ln~"I., ~'o'HI.,. eh i~Ll. 'l"",.~L"I", l,crf(m!1~r .1"J[, clf.l,tr PflWt· .. , ~1'I~rR'

rcsurrccuo», C[ctl~;1.II~rL.:1 iIJJII~;.iI~yp~"~ H:I,\d';'I.~,

~"'t'I~~"1 :rl".JI0~~,c

ilnim;1 mundi dnncer, :;clh},r, 'Lllr:l.lliSIhI, r...1U dEmcms. malcri .. d world. unsverse


c; .tIl) U,'4>

Table I O. Archetypa] me:mingli of the tarot [<lImps.

111e IPl'actit~ioner Level '155

] . Obtain a pack of taror cards, Separate out the 22 Major Arcana or trumps. Shuffle rhese ~I't.lmp cards so [hat you can choose o ne <It rando In"

2. Pull one of the cnunp cards om of you r deck, Do n O[ 10 ok at i to In sread, pu t .i t .1 n f['01U of you, face down. Th is is an archetype that h as chosen to work wirh you. and you m US!

~ ~. ~

hrsI prepare yourself.

3. Close your eyes and cake several complete yogic breaths to slow down your heart rate and relax your physiology. Usc your meditation anchor to enter the altered state (see pag:e 1302). It does Hot have to be a deep stare, merely relaxed and .focused,. Open yom'eyes, remaining relaxed,

4" Tum yOUl' taro ( card eve r rind ]ook a tit. This arch el;ypaI teach er has chosen yo u ro cia y.

5 + Been me aware 0 f the fedin g;~ thar rh is tarot ca rd prod uces in you roday \~7hat is the emotional feeling of this card? Does it seem Joyfld? Sad? Angr}'"~Aloof? Mysrerions? DuU? This card has some unique feeling for you. and. only you can

kn ow what It is.

6. Focus y.our vision on the central f'igurc ofrhis Gird, whichever fIgure jumps out at you. Notice any symbols or tools that are present in the image,

7'.FOC~l$ on the background of the card. Notice irs cnvircnmenr and landscape, [magi nc what f [ woul d be like ]1' this were a real. place. Visualize rhe landscape as a three-dimensional space, What sons ofsounds might you hear? Allow the environment to come alive.

8.. PUt the card down. and re-use your meditation anchor to move fu n.h er i nto the ;].1 re red stare,

9. Go ro your inner temple, Perform the New Hennerics grounding and centering (see pages 90 and 99).

10. Look to the center of your temple, and see the tarot card before you, ,enlarging to the size of doorway. Visualize [he card opening up into a doorway, and pas.~ through this doorway inco the landscape of the cnrd,

I 1 .. Look around dti:s landscape until you find the cen tral figure of the ard, ~t will iilIppeRr quicl .... ly. but it may lookq uite

!56 Usi ns the Newlliermclics

different from the drawing on your card, This is your archetype .. this figure to communicate with you. When it, agrees, ask it to tell you how you can get along with it mOSI bene fici<l.lIy. Ask if it has any advice for you. A~k if.i t will help you maccomplish yol!u gO~lls, and work with you in the transformaticn of your life.

11. If the .figul'e seems reluctant, hostile, or aggressive, ask it how you CJn rela te rnore pos i ri vel y WI rh it. Consider any ad vi ce you receive; however strange it may appear, and thank the figure. You. may ask for advice or assistance from your inner reacher at any time in rel ating with the a rcherype.

13.Wh.en you feel that (he conversation is over, say goodbye and re ru rn from the landscape of the card to your j n ner rem pie, Shr~nlk the card hack down ro a normal ~iz~ and pick it up. Imagine thar you have the rest of the cards in yOUI' other

h 3J.I1d, and sl ip the cards back in torh e deck

14.Perfol'nl the New Herrnetics grounding <U1I.d centering arid return ro normal consciousness.

15. Consider d1e intormation that the tarotarchetype gave you. and. take an. y actions that you feel ap propria te as a result, DQ not ignore the advice of rile archetype. You may take the.

<lid vice or not, but make that choice consciously,

ACCESSING YOUR MAGICAL M.EMORY~ .PAST-LIFE REGRESS10N The purpose of rhis tool is to allow you to see rile universal themes than have brought you to where you currently arc in life. \"{!ith repeated. USe of [his tool, you may come to understand huge-scale patterns (bar YOll have been playing out over many lifetimes.

This [001 does not require you to believe in literal past lives. You mtty consider p.tst lives to be metaphorical utterances fDum your unconscious, It is just as helpful if you consider these p:~I.-;t~iif(;: journeys as archetypal stories that will explain symbolically who you. really are, your challenges, yo ur stren gths, and en e lesso ns you ate ~ earn i ng. w.~ rh rh e use of t.hJ~, mol, this is exactly what YOlll will discover.

You may also view these past-life journeys as real lifetimes that you've experienced in the process of your evolution, Either way. YOll will learn a great deal.

1. Enter the a](ered Mate using YOlLlf' meditation anchor (see page 132).

2 Go to your inner tern pie (see page 90).

3, Perform the New Hermetics grounding and. cetlt~ring (see page 99).

4. Begin the pron:ss of moving back in time by visu~Hjdng a movie screen in the center of your inner temp Ie. Recal l some pleasant simple event rhat happened yesterday, and project It on the screen .. Move into the screen and j~LIUy associate with this memory-s-visually, auditorijy; and kinesthetically, Sec what you were wearing, feel your su.l·roulldings, and ernorLO!]S, and hear the people and sounds of yesterday

5. Remaining fillEy associated. move back to a. week or so ago, recalling vividly some pleasant event,

6. Remaining funy associated, move back ro a rnorrrh or so ago, recalling vividly some pleasant event.

7. Regress several months.

8.. Go. bm::k to your early teens, remaining fuHy associared->visually, aL~diwrHy~ and kinesthedca11y.

9. Regress to the age of nine Or ten.

] O. Regress to the age; offive or six. Remain fl .•. lly asscciared, aNowing aU of your senses to move back to this rime,

11. It.egress to age four, then age dlree"thcn age two, then age one.

12. Reeurn to that warm" safe, secure dark place where you fed loved and surrounded by warnuh and form.<i.don ..

13. Try going back even further, visualizing: a blue mist all around you]. and fed the comfort and peace of the blue mist. It shou ld fed very good and relaxi ng. and yo u will like it here, but you will move Oil, deeper intothe past. visualizing alight, .A.~ YOM pas~ into this Lighc~ look down at your feet,

] 4. Noncewhat you see or feel. Look at youI' body. See if you're wearing shoes 01' clothlng 'Of any kind" Look around :\I.1d SCl: wile re yo u are. Lauk for (I rher p eo ple, places, veh icl Col, ere,

Can you hear someone speaking to yon? Do you hear <I ~ na me? lsi [ your name fro m [his d m e? Wh(l:~ is (he name 0 I

the place where you are? .

1 5. Move ro ani ~TlJpO rranr event that rook place: in rhis ~ i fe, sometlring that you need to learnabour. Experience what rh us I He W"L~ about. Move IO other events,

16. Now move [0 the end of this m'C, and peacefully experience the death. process" Beg.[n to assimilate the .rnessage of this

experience. '. '. ." ~ '.~

17, Ask yourselfwhat was the reason or purpose of (.hm hfe.

\'!Fhac were the lessons?Whac did yo u ~eave in corn p lere ~ What were your joys?

lS. ] .... 0 ok i lUO rhe eye$ of yoursel f .i n [11 is li fe, and into the eves of those you loved, and send your love to these beings, sayhlJg goodbye and allowing [hem to f[lde.

. 19. Allow Y(Jourself to be surrounded ag:Olin by light, and travel rh [10 ugh th is light to the blue [111St., Emerge from [he bl ue mist back to preSetH rime, reurrningto your inner temple. 20, Perform the New Hermetics grcunding and centering,

21, Return to n arm ,l~ co nscio USnC5$ and consider deep lywha r you ha ve ~eamed.


We have nor consciously chosen our bcUcfs, and yet they rule our lives, We are completely Hmltecl by the bdiefs that we hold ab?UI ourselves, o U~f li VC5, and the world MOU nd us. An d yet, rhese beliefs an: nor n;ii'I]· ~ ()I; They are structures or U m i ratio ns that we place npo n real ~ ty. "l~hey are [he rules by which we operate", bur they do not reHect re,~~ny; l h~y merely reflect the cunditiuning of our envi l'mlr:ne~ ts, ~e do n?I choose our bdlef.~; they are implanted in lIS by ourfamily, friends, [obs, ere, \'V'hat's more, we often possessconflicring beliefs that swp lI.S from acco m pi ish u ng our des ires, B UE we can conscio usly choose 1:0, alter ()!.)Ilr bdi·d., and thus enrich our lives,

SOn1,e of rhe empoweri ng bel ie[~ of rhe M assets of the N I3tvH ermeries are shown hdow.

The un iverse IS ulri marely one thing.

The un ~ verse is an ,cx:pn:.s5 ion 0 f 1 ntelligeuce.

Polar ity is the e.xp ressio n of 0 ne th ~ ngu e tWO extreme degrees of percepcio n,

Trip] iciry bone th ~ ng exp ressi ng itself in a cycle, SUC~1 as a pcr~ ceiver, a perceived, and the pruces~ of perception.

h: is only possible to imprison yourself. Freedom is the binh.tight of everyrhi ng.

ln life, you are constantly learning, growing, and evolving,

You only need your ownapprova], As lo]~g as yuu are living up to your own expecrarions, you are Iiving ccrreccly,

When given complete informarion ,a.~ I people ancmp r to do the

righ [ rh r ng"

You arc the source of all that yo u need. Everything always turns om right.

The universe is i nfinutely abundant .. The possib iIi de.s arc unlimi ted . In the province of the mind, whar is believed to be true is true,

or becomes true within certain Iimirs, to. he learned by expe,. rience and experiment, In rhe province of the mlnd, there are no li m its.

The u niverse functions accordi ng IO rub, alr h ough.~ at il.ny given time, s'ome of these rules may not be understcod.

You are always con uecred to the source of yo ur own strength, intelligence, creadvi~y,.<lnd joy.

There is a~ subtle realm beyond marrer, from which (he phys ical universe In an i fe~.(s.

Everyth i ng rh at you need to know L~ wid] in }ro u,

It I.S possi ble to make you I' own luck and synchroniciries, and thereby shape yo~.r own destiny

You can often accomplish more by doing less.

~f you rernern be r to 100 k, you d iscover that good rh ings are h~lP~

peni ng to you all the ri me.

Yb u are alovin g bei n g,

Yo H .He a Cause fur the world. as you experience ~ t,

You. can change your emotional state; "ll~d ~l.:;,d goodwhen.eve.r you choose.

People are bMuc;aUy good,

AU r.hing.s are ultimately eternal, having (her .• ' real. existence outside of theworld of perceptions,

You are a necessary P:;'Irt of the universe.

U)Vc is aU yo u need.

W.idl (he next rool, you will specifically use a technology to change yom beliefs; but with this exercise, you are merely asked [0 consider rhcsr ..... -ise heBef_) and whether they are something that YOU may want to incor-

~ ._ ~ i

poratc into your ljfe.

1. Look over each belief individually and ask yourself the following questions, Write the belief and youI' answers down so that YUli. may begin to gain some understanding of the patterns that have created your he.~i.ef.~ and your doubts,

• Whac do I think of~ this belier?

• Isthis something that 1 believe?

• '\'<'0 uld 1 like [0 believe th is ~

·Wha{ doubts do I have about this heliei]

.. Where do these doubts originate? From fd.ends? Family?

Role models?

01\ Are these people thar I really want to have this sort of influence over me ~

01\ Are they people that I really want to emulate?

2., Wrir,e down SOme of vour belief. s, What are the rules bv

r ,

which you live? To find OlU~ some of yourrules, ask. yourself

the following questions.

• What do I think of myself?

• Who am I?

• Wha t do I expect in a rel arionsh ip]

• \Vlta t docs it mean to be a fi'j end? ·Wha[ do I expeCt in <L job?

• \Xlh~tt is my definition of successr ·Wha[ is n~y deRnicion or F<l.ilure? • How do I define God?

• How do I know when someone I"E'Spe.cCS me?

• How do I know when someone cares about me? .. How do I know when somebody dislikes me]

.. Whar is til e world like?

• What are peo ple ~ 1 ke~

By answerjng these questions honestly, youwill begin tv understand some of your beliefs about life. You can ask yourself the Same sorts of quesdons about any aspects Olf your life; and you will. discover all of the beliefs and rules that COI1- srruct your reality In facr, you probably win do this, But for now; simply answer the above questions. As yuu come to desire a deeper knowledge of yourself: you will ask more

q uesrions and get mo rc answers.

Now, you must understand rhar rhese are your beliefs" and do not .represem {nets, They are s i m ply ideas, Many people confuse their beliefs, with reality; They think that everyone operates from the same beliefs or they believe that dwsc who don't share '[heir beliefs are crazy. inferior" or morally ohjecrionable, Thi~ couldn't be furrher from the truth,

These beliefS {hat you are beginning to discover are sirnply cultu ral and ram ilial impla n rs into yaul co nsciousness, Some people think rhar their beiiefs are original. that they've created them themselves. These people are just deluding themselves. Even ifyou disagree with what everyone has told you all yourlije, your beliefs were formed as rebellion others, not created .i n a vacuu m,

Ask. yo urself the questions about the beliefs YOILl have formulated to discover yow- &clings arid [he source of these beliefs, Some of the sources for your beliefs will be obvious, You'll say, "Oh! My mother used to saythat all th.e time." Others will be subtler, and you'll re"liy have to rhink about rhem,

~, What do [ rhink of this belief?

• Is his something rhar I really believe?

• Do I wan t to believe

162 Using the New Hermerres

., Wh~t do ub ts do I have. about rh ~ s bellef?

• Where does this belief originate? From f.ri~nds? F'amily? Roll' models! Rehelling against these?

" fur:, these people that I really want CO have (hi s sort of infiuence over rne?

Ii Are they people that I reallywant ro emulate or rebel against?

3. Write down some negative or limiting beliefs that you currenrly have about yourself With the next tDO~) you wi]! Iearn a technology for changing your Iirniting beUe[~ into empowering ones, as well as implanting positive new beliefs such as those of rhe New Hermetics masters,


This tool can be used to rid yourself of a negative belief or to install a positive new one, such as those of the New Hermetics Mastel's (~ct: above), To use this tool with a negative bdid~ idemifY the negative bd~ef; and [hen think of a positive belief to replace it. In other 'words, if your beHefh currently, "I'm stupid," replace it 'with something like; "I am inrelligenr in many ways, and I'm becoming more and. more intelligent every day:' Be SU,£(;; to make yom new bdjef as posi rive as pOSS ible, R£-aliy make sure rhsr the new beliefis scared in extremely positive terms, without negations such CIS "not" or "won't," "I'm nOE that stupid," I.S not an appropriate replacement belief

If you are us i ng t h is tool to install a new p ositive belief, rath er than j ust replacing a negati ve one, idenri fY yo ur current bel icf abour the subject. This bdieFwii.l be somewhat less positive than the nne you'd like ro install, or you will really just be wasdng your time.

In order ro USe rhis [00 I m os r Icffectivdy, yo 1I must first idenri £Y the submodaliries that drive belief for you. These are particular qml.i iries of seeing, hearing, or fed i n g. To do this, fo llow t!l e sirn ple proced me below.

I. Think about the negative belief chat you currently have. As you rhink about it, are you rnaking pictures, hearing sounds, experiencing fe-dings? \'(There are these experiences i .. n your mind 01' body? Wh~Lt are the qualities of these experiences]

Big?' Bright? Dum Loud? Intense? Make a list, mentally 01' on paper, 0 f (he sped h.c su bmod ali des. These arc your beli ef SU brnodaliries,

2, Think ahoursomerhing that )lou dcubt-e-sornerhing such as, "The world may be flat," or "Dirt could taste good." Make sure it doesn't have any serious emotional content, so you can just experience the statement fur what it is. As you think abo u r this" are you maki ng pictures, head ngs so unds, 01' experiencing feelings? \Vh.ere arc these experiences in your

m i nd 0[ body? What are the q Hall ties of th ese expe riences ~ Big? Brigln:? Dum Loud? Intense? Make a list, mentally or on pap'er~ of the specific sub modalities. These are your doubt su bill odal ities,

3. Now compare and contrast these two lists of submodajities to discover where they differ.

4. Experiment with adjusting these submodaliries to discover which ones change your experience of the belief (he most. Once you have fig~.u"ed OUt the submodality that has the gwateM effect, you are ready to proceed. Simply use this sub modaliryas the changing factor in the tool below, You can change more them one submodaliry if you feel iii: win be helpful.

Belief Chllnge

.once you have identified your belief and doubt submodaliries, follow these si m ple steps to change a belief

l , Enter the altered stare list ng your meditatio 11 anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to YOUt inner temple (see page 90).,

.3. Perform the New Hermerics grounding and centering (see page 99),

4. Move to the fi.'OIH or east of your inner temple. You will be righ~ in front ofthe ydlO'"l,'t, wall. the air quadrant of the temple, .M you visualize th is yell ow W<l.~~, see a dear sky; feel the blowi~lg of a p~e~s.~uH breeze, JUS[ like rhc ever-changing

... _ _ ".",. """"" , .. " _ _ _ , _ .. """-"""" "",,, """,._ _ _ _ _ "., ,""'"

wind, your thoughts shif[ and. change constantly; You can change them effotdt..'s$ly.

5. ldcndj)r your negative belief" Fed the:' weight of this belief on you.r Hfe a nd how it is negative! y i III pacri ng yOUI life righ I now"

6. Step OUI into th e ai r quad ran r, and aHaw you I'self W move fonva;.rd into the future Bve years, See, bear, and feel how your I j fe w iii be .i f yo II ho ld onto this negative hell ef. Imagine al] of the WUIS[ possible rhirlg<'5 chat could happen l:(J yo u, Feel all In e painth ar rhis bel lef wm GUISe you, hold i n g cnro it for fIve more years. WhaT will you miss? Relationships? Expetiences? Opporrunitiesi Re a ~lYfiet the pain.

i. Allow YDurself W move forward into the fL.u:ure flfi:e'c;n yean.

See, hear, and. feel how much worse yourlife will be if YOll ha i.d u nto this n egarivc bel ieE Irnagin e all 0 F rh e wo rsr P05- sible rh ings that could happen ro you .. Feel aU. rhe pain d~;'l' this beliefwill you, holding onto iI for fifreen [110n.: yea rs. Wh arwil I you. Rei ado nsh ips? Expe riencesi' Opp orrun ides:? ReaUy.foef all of that pain.

8. Return to yo u r hm cr temple, .. and 8Jgahl f<l(,:e d1 e ease.

9. As you rh ink abo ut rOllr ne2f\fi ve belief keep ing: th e co n - tent the same, adius: the submcdafities of this belief that yo ~l d iscovcred before, Change t ~1 C I)U bmodal iti es to yo ur doubt submodalities.

10. SVi/.il'ch rhe subrnodalities haclc and rord~ several times from your belief sulnnodaliries ro your doubt submodalides, Stop wirh [he negarive belief in your doubt submodaliries, Now tum down a~i of yourrepresenrations, until rhe neg;ltiv,r; belief is nol anger present.

II. Th ink of the posi rive be] ief rha r yo u are p utting in p lace of the negative one. Put it into your belief submcdalities. Switch the submodnliries back and fonh several times f.'om. your belief subrnodaliries to your doubs suhmcdalitjes. Stop withrhe positive beliefi» yOUI' belief subruodaliries,

] 1. Am pH£}' nll of yo ur repre$c n rations of th is new bel k{, SID that II is [he most intensely positiveexperience you carl have, Make ,~II rc,.Hy compelling and lexdl'ing. Expedence it as alX"l~ily.

13 .. Move om into theair quadrant, and. move forward m romorrow, Exp erience you I.' co nscio usness wirh this new bel i ef Experience the posi dye changes as yOti. move th rough your clil:Y"

]4·. .Mave forward inro the fum re fi ve years, Experience all of the benef (S thar have entered you r Life <IS a result of rhis nevi belief. Experience aJI of the j OJ'S,. experiences, :lud. op portunides that have opened up fur you with this new belief in your li fc fo r fi vc years.

t 5. Move forward fifteen yea rs, Expe rience all of rhe wonderful rhi ngs in your H fe due to thus new belief Really expe rience the joy of [his helief in youl' life,

16 .. Return [0 your inner temple.

i.7,. Perform the New Hermerics ground ~ ng and cenrerin g.

1.8., Return to normal consciousness, and test yourself to make SUI(- that you have reaJly ch anged you I' bel ~ et. If i [ is not

corn pletely changed, re:pe,lt the patt",m, adj usti ng snbmodali~ ies as n eeded,


1"hi5 [00 ~ Is used to charge ,1 roo m, Or house. or a.ny spacewi th a desi red energy. You. f'll<ty use Ihi~ tool. co charge yom housewirli V,i[Ol.1 energy, giving you a boos [ of en e~gy ,every rime yuu enter, You. can charge your bedroo m with relaxing en elgy to help yo u drift 0 ff H) sleep at night. )rilu can even charge you r car wi eh n eg<lx~ ve energy when parking in the cit}f eo keepaway thieves, You can also use [his [001 with elemental energy (fire, warer, air, earth] or planerary cl1crgy.

"{cm ma y warrr to charge you r studywith air energy to assist yo u .i n lIJiwUettlial matters or fire energy fm creativity Of passion, Yot!. rnay want [:Q cbarge y·mlr hedroom with the cn:eIgy of Venus to create an. amorous a.mrnosphcon:. Eleraen tal. and planecery charging wi ll beco me especially U,!lefLl~tater 0 n when yo LI .. are wo rki n g wi rh sped He god.s or s piri ts,

If you .U"C M sing ~]cnH.;n tal energi es, you maYWJ.Il r ro .£'1ce theapp ro ~ priate quadrant of you.r innertemple. For all other ~t1eIgi.t:8j you may dieecr yoursel f j n a n Y w a :y. It mil}' bet: u.seful fa r yo u to i l'llagune S p ecific colors 1:10 assisc you in d nllWL ng the appro priaee energy" h~ to you r en V]~ ron m,e,n'tr. forg~!'J!c!,';;1:1 [yp~5 of energy such as vital power, creativity,

•...... _ _ •... , , ...•. , .. "",.--.""", '"",r """,_""", ••.. """, , .• ", _ , •... _ •... , .. - _ _ _ _ _ _ .. ",.,_ ,!"',.

peace, joy, bliss" excitement, or relaxation, you may simply imagine :1 white Of blae-whire lighr. Table 11 (opposite) recommends specific elcments or planets and colors for specific Hl<1g.ical energies, You ~nay of' course use any color that you feel. is most appropriate in any case,

You can me rhe informacion in Table 11 as a leaping-off point for getting really creative. You GIn also charge spaces with more gcnendizcd "white-light" energy for(lny ofrhe above purposes, Don]t feel restricted b} the elementaland planetary energies. A lor of people f'l.nd them very ,effect] ve, however, because they have heen used this way for centuries and have a lor of built-in power.

You may also charge spaces ar a disrance, For instance, if you have an important business meeting. you can draw in vital. power 0.1" eart h energy and impress upon it a desire to have a. successful meeting, You can then send this energy to the room where your meeting wiU take place. Your meeting win go amazingly well, Use your j maginarion and really use this rocl to enhance YOllr world. Aswirh all of the magical. tools of '[he New Hermerics .• it is important to believe that this will work. YOl! should. start with small things ar first and build up to greater ones.

\X1hile you are drawing the ,energy rhar you desire, you 111USt make ~ couple of decisions andimpress them upon the en~r6'Y you're;, you must decide what specific purpose rhis energy will Serve. Second; you must decide how long u[ will remain where you are sending it. You may charge a space fOr five minutes, five days, Hve years, perpetually Or any amount of time in between. You must simply decide and proj ec r th at cho icew irh rh e energy.

.Element! Color


success, p,.l,sion., sex, lasr, c7cadllit)" imuiduJ\,' trcngrh, wiH fri~mj~hjJl" luve, tml:1JcluililY heall 115" t'nJotiOI:1J5. rest, umJ~r~t~l]{1 i ng

eJm:mioil, memory, in!'cJI!)cc, l,,;tching, commuaicario», ~.r~1fd, wrici rig, rheori es, orgim iZDlilg

money _ lob., pr'll mot ions, .i nves I In!;!! Is, hl:<1lliJ, bllSi.IK'SS, [jlwsio:.u botly, mnsmlcdi.lJl, phpical ~pp~;Lr"nC<! srnscrurcs, ~im.iari non, rC;'!ptii~sibuliity. seriousness, reiacaruarion, d.e-.,Jd~. inheritances, old iIlge

g.~i)~:m4i ry, ~hLlIl&LIlC~. bt(~CLih ip, vjsinn, ilLi]lI i.r' weal tli, legilll~uc.s, hick, O:.ll~ nsio 11

justice, £rrengrh, force, violence, energy, \!im, <lW~SSiOIl, cour~gt;, itiou, ~tM~[:ic.~; m;~SClilifl:i;ty

h;II·I'11un:,. b"lancc, ",hOli:lltS~, hc,.J..h, r~g.ilin }'Q](h, p(!il(e, illurnjnorinn, nh,;~j!).il1g illmI9', divine pn,",,"l;1

love, desire, a~~thcILt·S, nurture, hea~lt}'. pleasure, nrr, Il1x:I.IIY" ;}phrQ(tisiac, I~TfLLme. fcm i I\illi(.l'

ri!'.l~O~;, commu.tlh.ALtiun, .logic, ImowlooH~' trayd, wri['i.n~, ,~"hQ(lI, science, medicine, m;1[b~fli.l:ics, t!l~ mind

i ma,~Jl~!k'~I, imtinct. SLl.I.KO Il~do:m" ,~rnuti1J 11 ,. rhc aseral wmld, clal rvuyar~c,~, dreams, siC1:J)o, thc sea

red o:r red-{"r:'ll1ge b.JlJC· Of bluc.grl'~n;

;-ellow 01' blue

yeUow or guld

Table 11.E:Jemt:m~, planets, and colors for magical purposes,

5. Begin pore breathing (see page 98); drawing [he apprcpriare energy into your body rhrough a.!1 of your pores, Fill yourself with rhisenergy until you fed you could nearly burnt (see tlglll'e 44, page 169). Experience this energypalpably, visibly; inside YOHr body, both in yOUT inner temple and lU your physical body.

6. Exp ress to rh is ene L,!:o'Y THE s peci fie purpose it wm serve and how long if wiU remain in eflccr,

7. Allow the energy to move out of yOU! solar plexus ro nil the space you haw chosen ro charge .. Visualize rhe ,era:rgy filling (he space you are charging (see figme .4 5, page .1. 70). It is ideal fo.r you 'to acrually be in rhis mom, hut not absolutely necesss ry.

1, Enter the mitered state using your meditation anchor (see page I 32).

2. Go to your inner temple (see 90),

3. Perform the New Hermerics grounding and centering (see page 99)"

4. Visualize ehe de-sired e~t'lcrgy (viral power, ecstasy, jupiter, etc.) ;IS .flJI] ng the en tire uni verse ina dil LI ted, bur all enco 111- p a ssing, form (see figure 43. page 168). In this diluted form. it is, mixed with all other energies. However, become aware of this parricular energy by imagining.m appropriate color, sound, ( r feeling.

Figure 43. Iitlaglm:: the desired energy filling the in dilated form.

8. Repeat this proces.s until you experience rhar rhe spac.=<:: is fully charged. Yo u will kn Ow when yo u have succeeded. by how you feel.

9. Perform the New Hermctics grounding and centering, 10. Return to normal awareness ..


Artificia] elcrnentals are projected thought forms that pmsess acertain sentience andabili ty to act Gn their own to accomplish your desires. Yon GIrl create elernentals IO accomplish all sorrs of tasks, from bringing you business contacts Or lovers to wealth. ''t)~1 can create elernenralsto he] p you accompl ish <l.ny of your goals, If you are an overearer, },Oll can create a n elcmen ral to keep yo II a way from rhe :rcfdgerator, If you need SOme extra cash, you Carl create an elemental to man-

•• _ •••••••• _ •••••••••• _ ••••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••• ,.,._, ....... " ...... "111 .... ; •.• _ •.......•• _ ......• __ ......• _."", ....... '.11"_ ... '"" .... """' .... _ ...... " •• _, ......•• _ .......• _ ...

Figure 44. Begin pore breathing.

ifest money into your life .. Anyrhing is possible .. As with all of these tools] !lltarll with small. things first, until you perfect [he techniqne ..

Whe n creating a n elem en tal yo II 01 LJSI decide fo ur rh i ngs:

• TIl(: specific; purpose that your elemental will serve.

• The name of yom elernen tal. The name can be anything yo u chouse, but i1: may be appropriate to choose a name thar has something to do with its purpos~ .

.. The arnOU1H of time it has toaccomplish its mission.

• The specific date and tjrne when it will disintegrate. You should always create an end-time for your artificial elemenmls, or they will continue to hang around and. perhaps cause

p I'Qblcrllis. For i nstance, if you creaeed ~U1 elernen tal to b ri n g YOIli .: ~ I ·I.ildonsb ip nnd the elern en raj stayed around whar

. __ ,," "'" - _ ,-,.""' .. "., _ _ _.""", ", _ _ _ "",.--"", .. , .. _ _ ,.--,""""- _ -

Figure 45. Imagine:: the desired energy moving

out of your solar plexus and filling the space you have chosen,

would become of it if the relationship ended: It might cause some sort of complex. or obsession.

You can crea re an elemen tal to perfo rm a task over a long period of ri me, bur Y(Jll should a~w'iYs have an end-rime, This can be the day that you die, ifyou choose If you have a long-term elemental. you may wish to recharge it from rime to time. Simply follow the procedure below. hrs[ tailing back your elemental to get recharged, For long-term element' .. ls, youm;1Y want to have a physical object such as a statue, HguriIH':' 0[ picturc <IS irs home base. This will give you a reference point for working wi th i t over time.

As br as colors and specific purpo:5e~~ go, you may follo·w the advice in the projecting energy tool above,

The: Practitioner Level 171

1. Enter the altered State using yom meditation anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see pag'e 99),

4. Visualize the desired energy (vita] power, ecstasy, Jupiter.

erc.] as filling rhe entire universe in a. diluted, but aU encompa.~sing, form. In this diluted form, ir is mixed with ail other en ergi es, However, become aware of this particular energy by imaginiug an appropriate color, sound, teeling.

5. Imagine the energy (visualizing appropriare colors, feelings, etc.) beginning to accumulate as ym.l concentrate on it,

6. Begi.n po re breathi ng (see page 98), d m:win.g the app rnpriate energy into YOUl body through all of your pores. Pill yourself with this energy until you feel you could nearly burst. Experience [his energy palpably, visibly; inside )rour body. both in your inner temple and. in yom physical body.

7. Hold. out yom hands ill from of you. both in your inner tern ple a rid the physical world,

8. Allow the energy to move our of your solar plexus to form a sph e re between ten and twemy in ches berween your tWO

h. a rids {sec figure 46, page ]72). M.'1kc sure that this visualizariou isas vividas possible in appropriate COrOl' and inrensiry (turn up the brightness submodality).

9. Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of energy inro this sphere, tell the elemental. its name, irs purpose, how Long it has to accomplish it, and when it will disintegrate back into [he aed-] yi;

10, Visualize the elemental r ncving up into rhc white globe above yow' inner temple to accomplish its task (see figure 47" p<lgf 173),

11, Perform rhe New Hermerics grounding and centering.

12. Return to normal consciousness and forger entirely about this elemental, leering it do iIS jobwithout your mental. emotional ~ or physical interfere nee, excep r where neces~a.ry:, For instance, if you rl'H' an elemenral to find you a job. i~ would b feollsh not [,okiol", ln the help-wanted section.

You Olav want to write down the conditions vou created for the elc-

, ,

mental's existence and purpose so t.hULYOU C,;,HII check its success or EL~~me at a future date withour having to keep ]t on youI' mind. You should really endeavor nor eo think about your elementals at ill.1 unless givil1!! [hem specific instructions, asthis will tend to hinder their drcct[veness,

ExPANDING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO Flu nIE- UNIV.ERSE This is a tool [hat can be used [0 begin to comprehend the infinity of (he un tVCr5C?; and rha t yo u r conscio us ness is: capable of en co III pas.s L n ~ this infini.ty. You have: alteady experiencedthis infin]ty roa certain extent in your initiation, as well as in your death and rebinh experience. The purpose 0 f thls tool is to get you used toth e idea of an eJ{p anded j d e [I. ti ry sothat you w m be able to operate wieh greate r :an d gre<tt~I powe r .i n your Life and be prepared for the cosmic consciousness experience.

Pigu~' 46. r magi ne the desi red cmcrg)' rnovi n g 011 t of your SOI~H' pk::KU~ :md fo!'m~ng :I gluwing sphere,

... ,IIIIII.......-,I··!'·,- .. "I·!I'!···-······,~········-····,, .. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ - ..

The Pmctrtimu.::r Level 173

Wi t h [h is tool, you. will learu to expand your consciousuess in a more or less intellecrual way to encompass more and more 0 f the universe, in jrour initiation, you basically just visualized expanded. consciousness" In duo Zealot phase, with rhe Death and Rebirth tool, you began to l:eel ~panded consciousness emotionally WUlh this too], yuuwill come to understand expanded consciousness inrellectually, Likewise, ar (he PhHosopher level, you wiU expand your consciousness with YOUT'Will:; usi .·tg d~ e: tool ca~ ~ ed Rising 0 n ehe Planes,

1 . En tel' [he altered stare usi ng your meditation anchor (see PJge 131).

2. Go [0 your inner temple (see page 90)"

3. Perfo rm the New Herm erics groundi n,g and ce n teri ng (see page 99).

Pigure 47. Visualize d1,C elemerrral moving up lnre,uibil or:lllg;ht~ ilboV\e youl' remple,

174 Usir\:5 the New Hermebics

4. Visualize rhe Earth, i magini ng parti cular] y its size as corn ~ pared wi til yo u I' phys ical body. Remember tha r the Earth is apprexirnarejy 24,000 miles in circumference) while you an: less than 0..0001 mile in circumference, Enlarge your consciousness toencom pa~s the Earth ..

5. Expand your vision ro include the moon, remembering that the moon is about I 80,000 miles away from the Earth,

6 .. Add Venus, Mars. Mercury, and the Sun to Y0ul' vision,

7. You may now move your poinr of view to the center of [be Sun.

8. Add the asteroid belr, Jupiter. Sarurn, Uranus, and Pluto ro your vision.

9. Expand your vision to include several solar sysrems,

10.. Expand your vision to the entire Milky Way gahxy. Move

your consciousness to the center of the galaxy. 1 1. Expand. rm.u: vis i on ro several ga laxies,

12. Expand }'Ollr vision 10 whole s.trings of ga.htxies.

] 3. Co n tin ue ex pandi ~1 g H ntil yo u CO nceive of [he entire un l verse

as one rhing.

14 .. Rerum to yo ur inner. temple ..

15. Perform the New Hermeeics grounding and centering.

16. Return to normal consciousness.


This toolis one method, the active method, of silencing thoughr. it 1~ a "marti al" method, requ j ring you to be focused and derermi ned. I tmay' take several :lnempcs to master, The: purpose of this tool is to [each you how the structure of YOUI: chinking process works and [0 provide YOll with a toni for making your mind silent. It .IS only in silence rhar true cosmic conscio II sness man j fesrs,

1. Enter the altered state wi n.g your rnedi ca,don anchor (see pagt: 132).

2. Go to yo uri 11 ner rem ple (see page 90.).

3. Perform the New Hcrrnerics grounding ond centering (see page 99).

4. Observe your thoughts passively, allowing yourself ro calm and slow down.

5. As you do this, you will discover the place in your mind where your thoughts originate .. Thoughts may come to you as images" words, or fe'e1ing,s.

6. You will become active) while remaining relaxed, yo urself with a desire to stop these thoughts at the point where they begin. As each new thought comes into your

mi nd, cause images to explode, d.i s i megnlte, o r fude, Tiun voices down unril rhey're inaudible. JenIson feelings out of your body. You wiH End and finer layers of thought as you go.

7. Once you are able to destroy each thought as it OCCUI'S, destroy your though rs even as they a re begi nni ng to form. Destroy rhe beginnings of thought.

S. Finall y, destroy the ultimate couse of~ho ~~gh l s ,the rhi n ker. Do this by simply shutting down all of your represenrarional syseems. You. w[u be in. pure silence .. This is sometimes called the; opening of rhe eye of Shiva-the destruction of the universe.

9. Afrer a time, return to your inner temple.

10. Perform the New Hennerics grounding and centering ... ] I. Rerum to normal consciousness,

..... -- ....


'" I






"\/aluM" 'Chl;inglng YOur \!-dluesHienilJd'iy"' '~uperChafqilllg In~u~lon aM ES.P· "Invakin~ ~he Ar1.dBI'i1. Godls'

unconscious [.hrough the archetypes of the ancient gods and .bu·rn the pri nc L pI es of p racrical tal isma nic magi ck,


I ,

\ I

" /

.... .#

~ ,-, ...


Magnettsm is the irresistible a rrracrio n of 'One object toward another via an electrical 01' invisible Held. In traditional science, this dOlS;S; of phenomella is usual ~y restricted to maresial objects .. However; this phenomenon is universal when applied to. the realm beyondthe physical. The human mind i:s irresistibly artracted to one idea or another, and ideas or spirits may be attracted inro the mind of any human if you know the proper method. Take •. for instance, (he cheap son 'Of a person. Simply implying rhar somediILng can be gottenfor,firH' isenough toattracr this type of person to any sort of product 01' service, In facr, rhe whole Geld of advertising is based upon the manipulation 'Of a subtle, psychic magnetism.

WQrd~ and pictures have al~ways badan immense spirirual power. It is, afrcf all, because of'eh se fhings rhar We consider ourselves above rhe

level oLHlimal intelligence, OUf ability to separate a thingquite ordinary and inert into an ahsrract idea ofpower and beauty is due source ur al] ofrhe pbilosophy~ art) and science ofmankind, The god.~ are the mos t sublime icons a f our own ~b5mKl til ~ nk i ng,

The most simple and direct method of magnetically attracting an idea into '0 U r ~ ives is by conSU"UCLi rig a precise S umma ry 0 F r he d es i rl' for 0 ur m inds, A. ralisma n is a perfect example of rh is" Thl ismans h J ve the. advantage 0 f convenience over .many other fO'ln~ of n:mgick been LIM:, as physical Db jeers, they rend ro work even in the case ofa rorall y incornpel:ent magician. The only thing left to you., the magician, is to construcr a talisman rhataccurately refleccs your desire and to create an armospherewherein it Can be "charged" by thelrrvisible force you seek. section does not presenr an actual toni per se, but rathera set of tools that will enable you \10 connect with the planetary For the purpose of creating u~ismans. These archetypal energies form rhe basis of IHOH sophisticated forms of rnagick, as well as a system wr undcrsranding your unconscious drives and tepresaions, Table 12 (below} [t.,'Vif1VS the basic correspondences oflihe planetary ene.rgie~.y()u should also review the Projection ofEn.ergy rool in chapter 7 for more informasion about ehese energies.

To get in touchwith these energies ruost efleuiveiy, there are a n U rn ber of congruenrcolors, shapes, and, odors that help your mind connect to rhcspecific pmvers associated with each of them. Tl~H: ideais that, an an unconscious level, OUt minds connect automaticallywith these euergieswhctl they arepl aced In. proximity to mngruem objects, ideas, O~: Rensations. By using these correspondences, you quickly connect wirh the

Satnrn Jupiter Mal.'~ Suu Venus Merc:lrury Moon

Srnlcml:e,1 i t1l i ~nti on I serio usness, respons lbj ~ity Gencm~i ty, abundance, ICil.der~hlp, vision justice, srrengrh, force, violence

Ektmy, h,1I'nlony, bnhwce, wholeness

Love, passio 11, aesehedes, nu nu re

Reaso t:'I, C1) Inmu tl lent i on, log~c. k n {H'\lhlgt'

1 magin;lidon, i us: i ncr, subco nscious, emotion

Table 12. Ptane~/~ncrgy correspondences.

TI1 1;'. P~~ib:>o~)h er Level 179

111._ ••••••••• _ •••••• ". 11111111._ •••••• __ ••• , ••• _ •• "", ........ "1111 •• _ •••••••••• _ ••••••••••• "111111 ••••••••••••••••••••• _ ••• ".".,"'"""""._ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ •• """"., •••••••••• _ •••••••• _

N(l, P1aneitl Co]o:r Shape Odor
:3 Sarurn Black Trillngle Myrrh
4 jupirel' Blne Square Cedar
5 Mar~ Red! Pentag~L'a m PCpp~j'
6 Sun Yellow HCKagr;tIU Fraukiu cense I
7 Ven~i~ Gree.n Scpugr:am Benzoin
<'3 M'ercury Omng,e Octagmm Sall~hJwnrJ{l
9 Moon Violer EnnGlgrnm Camphor
Fire Red Cinuarnon
Wmer Blue Cedar
Air Yellow S~ m:iah'(l'o(')t1
E.1Jnh Black Myrrb Ta.bleB. Correspondences ()f the Hermetic Qabala,

desired forces in your HE;;;. Table 13 (a.b()ydg;[ve.~ SQ!n~: ofthe associations of the Hermetic Qabala, YOl!. (nay" of course, discover that other assoelations are more personally Jueani~~glid for you, blLU this is a place to starr,


Geometr.ic::;d shapes take Oil a special. meaning Ill! rhe New Hermerics because 0 f their ;lssocb,tlon:s: wi th nnmher an d ('0 rm, Below are summaries of theassociations ora number of shapes thar contribute to rhe power 0 f magick,

TITe Trim.'~g,le

The triangle is th~ first solid shape. Itisthe firM possible linear shape, and Isappropriarely associated with the sephirah Binah and. the planet

180 Usir.g the Nc\'v Herrneflcs

Saturn. Medieval sorcerers used triangles to bind spirits, because rhcy believed the limiting force of the triangle would confine the spirit. The triangle may be used in any effort [0 restrict. structure, or limit anything. The number rhreealso indicates cycles and, therefore, time, abo a limiting fa.cwr appropriate to Saturn, Talisrnaos having ro do wirh the energies of Saturn should be triangular in shape,

1be Square

The square is related to Chesed, whose nu mber is fo ur, Any tal is man havi ng to do wi rh the energies 00 (1 u pi ter should be slC1uare in shape, The shape of a squ~ue implies the faun of a castle or walled structure, whk;h somewhat explains its association with society, prestige. rulership, and other jupirerean qualities, "The square also symbolizes a sort of srructure that is beyond simple \'1,' a 115; ~t represems a son of completion or

(". '\Vl It " _] al" JI 1" ,1" d

perrecnouw e ,I. want a square near ann rnree squ.J.[',e mea s a ay.

This shape also implies the fuur elements working in balanced harmony

The Penl:£lgrmn

The pe m:agnHn is rhe Fo tee of Mars and th c scph i ra GebULah. The sha pe of the pentagram irnpl ies the human form. This corresponds 'CO rhe

The Philosopher LevdlSI

strength of rhe human spirit over the four elements" We also have five fingers on each hand, the tools we use [0 manifest OUT wills in the universe, The srrucrure of the pentagram also contains [he geomerry of "phi, " rhe so-called golden mean, which indicates infinite self-replicaricn and the gol.den spiral of ever-increasingexpansion. Martial ealismans should be fjve~s ided,

The Hexagram

The hexagram is made up of two triangles, one pointing toward the nleavens, one toward earth, The number six is the number of'Tiplmrerh, the connecting point between humanity's animal. and divine natures, The number six n::presents balance, a perfect ,equilibrium between forces, Sola.r talismans are six-sided ...

The Sept"(tgJ'ant

The number seven is associared with the days of the week, the seven ancient planets, the seven colors of the rainbow, the Seven seas, and a number of other natural pheeomena.h has always been considered a ben,ef'icia.l or "lucky' number, Seven is a. number that has always had a mystic.II, mythical quality associated wirh it. Talismans associated with 'Ven us should be S!CV'C1'l - i led,

18~ Usin,g the New Hcrrnctics

The Octagrmn

Eight is a number associaced with systems. The octave ofmusical notes, ehc eight Chinese rrigrarns, and Leary's model of CO nsciousness are a few examp les, Th is n umber j m pl ies scicn 01,;;. patterns, J rid knowledge or ,lli sorts. Talismans of Mercury should be eighHided.

The Emu:.agnun

Nine is the number of the Moon and the sephirah Yesod, The number nine has long been associated with the emotions. The nine muses of ancient Greece are perhaps the most obvious example, Lunartalismans should be nine-sided.


The easiest way to construct a talisman is to make a simple sigil or seal to represem youI' desire, \);'ith this tool. you can make a talisman to accomplish anything yOll canimagine,

1" Decide what so rt 0 f energy ycm< in teres ted] n at traccing to YOUt talisman. At this point, rO~l need to decide if you are going to use one of the planetary shapes and colors for your ralisman or make it round or some other shape. You must then obtain the correct materials for YOUT talisman.

2. Take ,I piece of papt;r arid first create a senrence that expresses what you want, It can be ,1 simple sentence, but make sure that you understand what you are wanting specific~!~ly .. Avoid bein g overly vague, because the un i verse may rnisu nders nand and give you something different than what YOll Waul. An example of a decem sentence is ••.

It L~ my witt that my rnothers bursitis he healed in tht' next ttoo ,1:(N::eks"

3- On this same piece of paper, rake this sentence and remove all of the repeating lerrers so that only one of each. letter remains, For the above example i r would look t i ke this, . .


This (hen is your "word of power," It is a "barbarous word," meaningless to the conscious mind, but representative of yoUI' desire ro your subconscious mind and [he collective unconscious.

4. Below this, on the same piece of paper. create {he .s~gn from these letters, Combine the .~,e' into a shape that is pleasing to your ere. You may .,;;implHY things by including simple letters such as I or U within the shapes of orher teeters or representing M and. co nside ring W and V to be represented by this shape (~S well. You .may stylize or disrortlerrers in a.ny WoW that pleases yom- sense of aesthetics, Figure 48 shows

one way to sigili1.e these letters (see page lB4).

5. Once you have settled on a sigil [hat looks right to YOll, draw thatsigjl at the center of your talisman. You should draw it ina co In p lemenrary color to the co ~OI'(}f yn II r ra] is man. In other words ..•

......--I,~·················· 0----

_ .........

W'h i ee with Black Blue wich Orange Red wi th Green Yellow with Purple

S]I1CC thee above S]gi1 is a healing sigil, l might put it into an octagram (se-e HgUl'e 49, opposite],

6. Once YOl! have created your talisman you are ready to move on to the next tool to charge [he talisman,

Chtll'ging Talismans

This is a simple mol for charging talisrnanjc objects with any desire. You may USt;; this tool for talismans created with the previous tool, or any other object that you wish to charge magically, such as a piece of jewelry or a natural object like a stone or it feather, If you are using :m object other than a talisman, [he objece should have some relationship or correspondence with the energy with which you are charging it. 0]11 other words; if you were going to chargeastone with rhe energy of Mars, it L~ best if the scone is red. or has five;; sides, Of something like thar,

Before charging any object, you I1lUSt decide three ehings:

• ' Its pu[pns~:. \Why specifically are you charging ir?

• WhQ it's for. W.iU (he energy work just f'or you, for anyone who ~101d$ the object, or for someone else only?

The Phihsopher Level l8S

Fi gure49. A s igi i placed in a. magical sha pc.

'. How long does the r,,\ have to accomplishirs job? Two weeks? A momh?Wm it last forevel':~

The answers to thesethree questions form {he statement ofpurpose that you will make in srep 7 ofthis cool. Again. as with all of these tools, it is best to stan with simple things: at first and move ro more complex desi [lOS as yo urexperience an d be liefscan h<'l ndle them.

1; Create or obtain an object rot..! wish ro charge for some magical purpose. It is, of course, best if it is in some way associated to the desired force [i.e., if you are making a t,:'ltisman of Venus to bring love, you may want to make it seven-sided or related to seven in some way" and green).

2. Sprinkle a little bir of cool fresh water on the talisman to purUy ir, ,t\!, youare doing this, visualize that any and <1:11 energies are leaving the talisman so thar it is in a totally b 1(1 Ilk: sla ee.

3. You may wish to burn appropriate incense (sec table 1.3; page 179).

4. U$C yom medi ra tion anchor to enter the altered state (set: page 132).

5. Go to your inner temple (see page 90} .

6" Perform the New Hermerics grounding and cenrering (see page 99).