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Personal Statement Revised

The blood pumping through my veins represent multicultural generations of

resiliency, including African-American, European, Asian, and Pacific Islander decent.

From this diversity, a restless spirit has been awakened to attain success, lead in my

school and community, and to help individuals in need. These attributes have shaped the

who I am. And who I shall become. The young man that stands before you today is a

reflection of the world that I come from, a world where I am able to find joy and success

being surrounded by so many different people. A world where I am encouraged to put my

best foot forward in everything that I do. A world where limits are hard to find, and

opportunities are omnipresent.

My family stressed the importance of being a well rounded person all my life,

that’s why I have been encouraged to participate in as many sports and extra curricular

activities as possible. I have learned that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance,

the path to your goal will be easy to follow. And with that, I set my goal to attend UCLA,

double majoring in genetics and musical theatre. I made it my job to make sure that I was

in every class I needed to be enrolled into in order to get to the place I wanted to attend so


My strongest attribute is my involvement in extra-curricular activities. The reason

why I feel a need to become so involves in these activities is possibly because of a desire

to show school spirit and to be surrounded by all types of people. Ever since elementary

school, I have been active in leadership and student council. In high school, I was elected

Freshmen Class Vice-President, Junior Class President, and it is a joy for me to say that I
was also elected Senior Class President. Athletics are also a area that I am involved with.

I’ve played basketball, baseball, football, and track and field throughout my four years at

Center High School. I knew what my role was on the team, and I was willing to do all

that I could for my team to be successful, which was enough for me. I have also

participated in talent shows, theatre productions, and numerous volunteer projects such

as: working the Sacramento County Elections, Dear Santa, Operation Santa, Pennies for

Patients, and Alzheimer’s Walks.

I enjoy the social aspect in everything, and I definitely enjoyed the social part of

school. I have often been called a “Social Butterfly”, a phrase that I can only see as

positive. Its my talent to talk and communicate that allows me to be socially adaptable.

This allows me to make friends with all types of people, which enhances my versatility.

A trait that I’ll definitely need to be successful in college.

If I had to chose one word to describe the world that I come from, it would be

diverse. My choice to be involved with everything and be surrounded by all people, in

addition to my genetics should show how diverse I am. This world, my world, has paved

the path that my live is going to lead me down. I hope you consider my acceptance to the

University of California system, for I offer you my skills, intellectually and socially, my

determination, and my character. Simply Francis, a completely well-rounded student who

has set high goals, and is determined to see the day when he has finally achieved them.