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Motion: ​THBT the scientific community should abandon research that aims to lengthen life

indefinitely or in a limited capacity

- Scientific community: body of scientists who have their own specific specialized field of
study that has any part towards researching the prolonging of life

- Abandon: stop improving on whatever means we have of prolonging life

- Research that aims to prolong…: scientific work that requires experimentaion and testing

- indefinitly : extending ones life for an unknown period of time by extending the time
which cells replicate, cure or become immune to diseases.

Government side
1. Why abandon the research?
Because Prolonging life crowds community. Increasing need of shelter job home space
etc. The gov and natural resources can only accomodate so many people. This results
into a lack of job opportunities and educational facilities to an always increasing

So what?

The middle class will have a bigger chance of going to a lower class bc the lack of jobs
and resources make it even more difficult to support oneself. The poor/lower class will
have an even more difficult time to rise up from poverty. They will have even less
opportunities and food and spacw and other badic needs because the working class,
middle class, upoer class, are taking it all woth the wealth and money they already have

2. instead of making more solutions to sicknesses, isnt it better to fix the living conditions
of people. Why do people get sick? Bc of their living conditions. Malnutrition and drinking
dirty water, raw or dirty food, dirty and unsanitary household setting with trash around.
This means the poor is more susceptible to sickness than rich and privileged people are.
If the government and private institutions can focus on fixing living conditions of the poor
and of everyone in general, less people would actually get sick. Even the privilegded can
get sick, but by preventing it to even happen to anyone in the first place, it is less likely to
actually get sick.

3. As one grows older, they begin to tire easily, they become weaker. They cant do what
they used to anymore. Incapable to work. And to be a productive member of society.
They cant support and provide for themselves and others.When you are old all the cells
in your body cease to replicate and repair old or replace dead tissue. Over time your
body parts decay and degrade, leaving the body vulnerable to diseases. The bones are
worn out and can cause pain when appiled with pressure. The mind gets lapses in
memories as neurotic cells in the brain die. They will be bound to wheelchairs and beds
with their lives reliant on medications and therapy, cursed to an existence in which you
are limited to the house you are in and simply living has become a burden? Is life truly
worth living when all you experience is pain and misery? So what? Like i said these
people are cursed to a painful and misery-filled existence. They can’t function or work
properly compared to when they were younger, and therefore can’t contribute towards
the economy or society as a whole. They are simply living, waiting for the inevitable to
catch up.

4. Artificially prolonging ones life, makes life itself meaningless. Knowing that you are on a
finite time,and the end can come at any time is what give life meaning. So what then?
The inevitable deadline that clings over your time here on earth, is what pushes to do
more, and be more. To enact change in our surroundings before we eventaully fade to
dust. In a way it is a reason why we have children. Because sooner or later you have
reached your limit, and you reach the inevitability in which you realize you can’t do
everything. You can’t see all the wonders off the world, experience all the things that it
has in it, or correct all the mistakes you may have done to it. In a way its like passing on
the torch. You have a child so that he/she may do the things you weren’t able to and
hope that you have added more people that can help change the world.

Opposition side
1. We are already extending the lifespan of other people in our present day hospitals. We
try to cure diseases just so our lives doesn’t end right there, therefore extending the
lifespans of humans. If we stop research on extending our lifespans, we in turn deter any
progress in the field of medicine. So what then? It will hamper our chance on alleviating
the pain and suffering of people of diseases. The young cancer patients who are
entrapped in a room ,never being able to leave, to only stay and wait till the inevitable
happens. The elderly , who have alzheimers,who have to go not knowing who their loved
ones are, not being to hold on to the memories most dearest to them. Do you want to
deter the chance of removing all of that?

2. Sure death is what gives life meaning but don’t you want to do it on your own terms?
Instead of slowly watching your body failing, mind deteriorating, as you regret the things
that you haven’t done, don’t you want to do it end it at the right time? When all your
goals are said and done and you feel satisfied?

3. Abandoning the research does not stop 2 things: a.) diseases from mutating and
infecting us, and b.)us from trying to lengthen lifespan
a. It does not stop diseases from mutating and becoming more deadly,
severe and more transmittable. Medicine and vaccines and antibiotics
were made and are constantly being renewed to combat the mutations of
the bacteria. By abandoning current research, we will not be able to keep
up with all the mutating bacteria and therefore be more susceptible to
illnesses and diseases. Whatever medicine we are lft with will eventually
become useless as the bacteria eventually mutates.
b. It does not stop us from trying to prolong our life. We will try to prolong our
life in other ways (not scientifically). We have always tried to prolong our
lives, by means of herbs, praying to gods, change in lifestyle etc,
meditation. Though some can work, they are not PROVEN to work by the
scientific method. So what? This means, whatever alternative people
come up with cannot guarantee healthier and better lives and health.
Scientific research and experimentation is built up on evidence and tests.
Those that are successful are then used by the public to live a safer life.

4. Scientific research to prolong life is always improving and getting cheaper. Eventually not
only fortunate and rich people can afford these, but the poor and less fortunate as well. So
what? This gives the poor the Right to Life. they too deserve to live healthy. If we halt and
abandon whatever progress we have now, how will the poor and marginalized be able to afford
the medicine they need