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Solitaire: In Solitary Athletes, Celebrities

Confinement Personal Moments:
The 60s and 70s
by Gwendolyn A. Alexander
by Walt Brown
A compilation of lessons, quotes,
reflections, and biblical teachings on how This is a story of memories, of time spent
to live a successful single life in Christ observing and interacting with most of the
Jesus, alone. major athletes and many others during the
last half of the twentieth century.

Wh a t D o es n ’t K ill You How to Succeed in

Mak e s Yo u S tro nger: Love: The Enticing Love Story
T-Mac’s Life Story
by Daria Silvano Bruce
by Antonio Allen
It takes a special kind of emotion to be
This story is based on the true to life story in love. This inspirational collection of
of T-MAC who witnessed life as a teenager quoted scriptures will motivate your love
during the times of the 1980’s. life and encourage you to become the star
of your own love.

Shattered: L e f t H a n d Living My Dreams

Justices Series
by Daria Silvano Bruce
by Anne Beck
Dreams do come true! Wow!! Beyond
Tessa left from the nightmare of an abused
Positive Dreamer! The belief in the
life. She was never going to have a man
power to be the most beneficial zodiacal
control her ever again.
dreamers destined to strengthen their
mind, when actually see the lists.

Ephus and the Praying Darkwind Chronicles:

Bushel The First Act
by Robert Berry by Christopher Cifelli

And so begins the travels of the time Nearing the end of days for their world
traveling, first-century Christian storyteller Magnelin Darkwind and Delphine
who appears in print for the first time in Lightwind must embark on a journey of
Ephus and the Praying Bushel. self discovery and repentance.

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A Daily Walk with God Ca ll me M ary: and

d o c a ll
by Marlene Burling
by Evelyn Cole
“Take two.” In the film industry, that
statement is made because the first take Mary Lou Rutland wants to protect her
was not good enough. In the case of this hard-won recognition as an outstanding
book, it’s the opposite. high school teacher.

Morning Walks with Legend of the

God D i n o s a u r Ta i l
by Marlene Burling by Arlene Cotterell

“Morning Walks with God is more than Legend of the Dinosaur Tail is one of a
just another women’s devotional. It is the series of four fictional books, a trilogy with
heartbeat of a woman with an authentic a prequel.
walk with God.

Luke the Loving Dog! Tria ls o f a C hristian

by Sia Y. Chandler Co u p le
by Sherry Dee
Lukan (his family and friends call him
Luke) is a four-year-old rottweiler that
Now married, Darla and Kelley face new
believes in the values of character. Luke
triumphs and challenges. Kelley is in a
has friends and family that help him
terrible auto accident.
introduce the fourteen different characters
that he shows on a daily basis.

The Alexander and Tria ls o f a C hristian

M a c G r e g o r I n c i de n t Te e n a g e r
by A. L. Clark by Sherry Dee
Lillian “Lilly” Alexander, a brilliant
Darla is a Christian teenager who seems
nonconformist software engineer from New
to have life in the palm of her hand. She
York City, has just suffered from the loss of
has the perfect boyfriend, amazing friends,
her father, a top-secret software engineer
and a wonderful Christian family.
for the US government.

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Experiencing Bible Unjustified

S c i e n c e : A Lab Book for
the Young at Heart by Valerie Kossew Dunn

by Louise Barrett Derr This is a story of memories, of time spent

observing and interacting with most of the
Experiencing Bible Science is a lab book major athletes and many others during the
for experiencing the science and culture last half of the twentieth century.
found in Scripture, thus enriching both
Bible and science study.

Experiencing Bible Beginner’s Mind

S c i e n c e : An Activity Book
for Children by Emma Joan

There comes a time in life when one is

by Louise Barrett Derr
under the distinct impression that she
knows everything there is to learn. I am
Experiencing Bible Science is an activity
fortunate that my learning process began
book for elementary-aged students. Most
at a young age, and at this very moment, I
activities are designed for independent
continue to evolve - to learn.
learning or small groups.

Experiencing Bible One Small Word: Surviving

S c i e n c e : A Resource for Childhood Abuse
by Gloria Eveleigh
by Louise Ba rrett Derr
At a time when celebrities such as
Experiencing Bible Science: A Resource
for Preschool is an activity book for Sally Field and other adult survivors of
experiencing the science and culture found childhood abuse are finding the courage
in Scripture, thus enriching both Bible and to tell their stories.
science study.

Wisdom to Share from Walt’s Vanity License

Birth to College Plate
by Nancy Devlin by Walter Fadness
Being just a mother is the highest calling
The book has 100 puzzles. Each puzzle
one can have. The problem is that no
has twenty vanity license plate clues listed
one believes this-not the mother, not the
below the puzzle.
workplace, and not the government.

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The Cellist’s Friend Wh y A Re f u ge

by Robert J. Fanshawe by Michael George

Set during World War One, The Cellist’s After a hospital stayed caused by a bad
Friend is the story of one man’s battle bull ride, Mack Thomas decides to return
to redeem his own cowardice while home. Five years of chasing rodeo was
recovering from a near-fatal war wound. enough.

The Quest for Merlin and No t All Scars A re

His Gray Grimoire: The Wo u n d e d
Legendary Tales of Merlin
by David Ray Gilbert
by Nolan Gene Fondren
Not All Scars are Wounded centers the
good and bad of human connection, not
This is the story of seven Boy Scouts
only with those around us, but just as
from Texas that travel to Great Brittan to
important, within ourselves.
participate in the World Jamboree with two
adult leaders.

Ground Zero Where Is the House My

by Jason Logan Francella
Father Built: A Devotional
for End Time Living
Ground Zero started out as a journey
by Rabbi Felix Halpern
of self discovery just after my mind was
stolen and personal identity vanished
This is a year of putting things in their
while I was incarcerated and tortured for
right place. If nothing else resonates
alleged crime that never was in Daytona
throughout this work, perhaps this is the
Beach Florida on Cinco de Mayo 2008.
most valuable.

D a n c e Ti l l t h e M us ic The Life of a Christmas

Stops Tree
by Joyce Galewick by Richard Ham

To all my readers and everyone who buys As the title refers, this is a story about a
this book, thank you! I know it’s hard to write living Christmas tree named Jasper. In the
a story of your life when every life is a story-
beginning, Jasper himself explains how
-but maybe, because I had the courage and
the drive to write my story, maybe you can he came to be from seed to sprout at his
now write yours. birthplace at Christy Farms.

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Nurturing Giftedness to In Search of the Dragon

Genius: How to Increase Blanco: El Mision
Your Intelligence
by James Carrol
by Harry Giles
At the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, a
This work is a combination of research, gruesome discovery is made by two boys.
applied research, and ultimate success. Tommy Lewis, and friend, Ronnie, find a
When I got into it, I was a university body, but it’s Tommy’s avid conjecture that
lecturer in three different areas. causes him to suffer rejection.

T h e A m i r : The Umayyads The Eyes of

vs the Abbasids and Their
Successors the Sunni-Wahabbis Mephistopheles
by Tyrone L. Bennett
by Harry Giles
Marty liked first. When he
The Umayyads were early Muslim Caliphs saved her from the boys taunting her and
who valued Jewss and Christians, and calling her and calling her a witch, he
who put the cross on their public buildings thought maybe they could be friends.
and their coins.

Lyric Love Poems Little Gangster

by Harry Giles
by Victor Joseph Cino
When I started a school for our children
with my wife, I knew almost nothing about It is 1952, and in the opening pages of
preuniversity education. My education at the Little Gangster, Joey D’Angelo, our young
University level included English, religion, Sicilian protagonist, and his friend, Johnny
psychology, law, science, and mathematics. Marino, are called late at night to First
Street park.

Paris and the Purple The Girl Who Was

Purse: continuing Adventures Always Called a Nerd
of Magic Cookie Bean

by Ruth Ann Abrahamson by Hailey Clyburn

Having found two tickets to Paris in her This is a book about a little girl named, Alex,
purple purse, Magic Cookie Bean and her who was bullied after she broker her leg.
favorite pal Pumpkin embark on a new Get your copies through kim.d.myrick@
adventure to share God’s love and grace.

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A DIFFERENT TIME, A L e a v in g Ho me
DIFFERENT EARTH by Judith Hudson

by Angelo Thomas Crapanzano Todd stood on the bank of the Rio Grande
River. He looked out into the darkness;
A DIFFERENT TIME, A DIFFERENT everything was quiet now. The trees along
EARTH is a novel about the romance of the river bank stood still as if at rest.
a young couple set in a science fiction

Novel Romances T h e Co u n c il
by Angelo Thomas Crapanzano by Jennifer Hulshof-Boone

The Author, Angelo Crapanzano was Ashton Gament was born into slavery but
ninety years old when he wrote this those bonds were broken the night her
novel. In his years he has heard of many sire made her into a vampire. But even
interesting and unusual love stories. This vampires have laws to follow and she
book details five of these love stories. along with all vampires are ruled by a
secretive group known as the Council.

Shortcut and Friends: Guitar

Australian Outback Adventure by Ken Jackson
by Donald Hord
This monograph is for all you guitar
players and for people who would like to
This is a story about Shortcut, a young
play guitar. If you would just like to play
Aboriginal boy, who lives in the Outback of
guitar, it would be best for you to pay a
Australia with his animal friends.
professional teacher.

Billy the Kid Lyrics

by Kathey Darnell by Ken Jackson

This story is about a fainting goat named This monograph is for all you guitar
Billy the Kid who lost his mother at birth. He
players and for people who would like to
also has a clumsy problem that makes him
self-conscious. He finds out later that he is play guitar. If you would just like to play
really part of a special breed of goats, called guitar, it would be best for you to pay a
fainting goats. professional teacher.

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Inner Demons One Wife Too Many

by Inner Demons by Katherine Jones

devolin voltron is up to his old tricks. The Mitchells are seemingly the perfect
getting people to do nasty things for him couple, happy and in love. Harlan is a
and now theres another prophecy to do hospital administrator, and Shayla, his
with devolin and britney. wife, is a successful real estate woman,
heiress, and mother of their two grown

Escape from Koszalin The Pastor’s Poems

by Ulf Jensen by Randy Junker

News of secret Nazi treachery to With the tragic and heroic actions that
exterminate the Jews leaks out from took the life of his son, Pastor Randy was
the Auschwitz death camp and reaches given by God a gift to express his grief, his
Koszalin, a Polish ghetto, by way of a theology, and his walk with God.
clever signal.

Fatal Implant Duffy’s Hundred Days

by Ulf Jensen
by Fred Keihn
New implant stalks specific patients and kills
them. Carla discovers crucial evidence and Duffy is a man of habits. He lives in the
is kidnapped. Hair raising thriller with photo same boarding house, drinks at the same
finish between death and Dr. Lockwood, bar and rides the same bus to work every
when his son’s life is grasped from the jaws day.
of death.

Paris and the Purple P o s i t i v e P s y c h o lo g y

Purse: continuing Adventures Co a c h i n g : Introducing the
of Magic Cookie Bean (C)Aipc Coach Approach to Finding
Solutions and Achieving Goals.
by Ruth Ann Abrahamson
by Susanne Knowles
Having found two tickets to Paris in her
purple purse, Magic Cookie Bean and her
Coaching is an emerging profession
favorite pal Pumpkin embark on a new
across all walks of life.
adventure to share God’s love and grace.

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How Anyone Can Make T h e To a d and the

Money from the Stock Prin c e s s
by Rhonda Madison
by Roland Lachance
The Toad and the Princess is a story
encompassing some of the great truths
In Mt. 25: 14-30 God’s word talks about
a certain princess has learned in her life
money. One person is given five talents
and to another is given two talents and to
another one talent is given.


by Michael L. Larzelere Hacker & Birds help the CIA Win

by Bill Mckelvey
The Year Winter Came Late is a story
about a snowman, Mr. Sneezy Snew, who The book starts with two high school girls
steals winter from Snowtown, a small town who share a dorm-apartment in a very
by a great lake to keep it for himself. private school on Long Island, New York.

INTENTIONS A Healing Gift: Cognitive

Energy Healing
by Weruschka Lourens
by Maggie McLaughlin
“Princess Warrior Inanna finds herself on
an island in the Warm Ocean from where A Healing Gift: Cognitive Energy Healing
she has to learn to rise from her ashes to introduces a new holistic and non-
live and fight or remain forever burnt. invasive energy healing modality that
has successfully improved and frequently
completely corrected a broad number of
unresolved health concerns.

Extraordinary The Christmas Event:

Circumstances What’s it all about?

by John Macdonald by Ivan Moorhouse

This book is a story about my family, mixed Christmas has been celebrated around
with the journey I have taken through this the world for centuries. It is generally
world. Life is never easy, it’s not supposed accepted as a pivotal break in the western
to be, it’s a learning process, a mixture of calendar and usually associated with
joyous memories, combined with some family gatherings, retail profusion and
painful experiences.

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Personal Achievements What is Missing?

by Francisco Javier Morales by John Nieman

Devolin Voltron is up to his old tricks. A treat for the eyes and the gray matter
getting people to do nasty things for him too, What is Missing? very successfully
and now theres another prophecy to do employs its unique visual device and
with devolin and britney. its warm conversational tone to set up
an insightful and eminently worthwhile
discussion on modern life.”

Their Last Dance Art With A Story III

by Rosella Newman by John Nieman

Rosella Newman’s Their Last Dance Art with a Story III is the third volume that
introduces the most engaging families that combines original art with fresh fiction
appear in romance fiction, treating us to and is arguably the most daring. The
the most passionate adventures of Amber themes deal with relationships, breakups,
Stockbridge, the heiress of Stockbridge pleasures, cravings, and pastimes.

A Day with Mom The Days After

by Esthela Nuñez Franco Christmas
by John Nieman
A son’s heart always has a dedicated place
for Mom. Esthela Nunez Franco a native of
Lindsay Brinkley had begun to dread
Mexico, immigrated with her parents to the
Christmas. As she liked to tell her out-of-
United States at the age of ten. The family
town kids, “It’s all months of commercial
made their permanent home in Northeast
preparation, and then poof! It’s over in one

The Team the Titans Da r k J u s t i c e

by Dianne Cooper
by Mark a O’Connell
Dark Justice, by Pamela O’Hara writing
The Titans played a small and scrappy as Dianne Cooper, is a dark, gritty, and
bunch of players from Salem known as heartbreakingly honest account of one
the Wolverines of Andrew Lewis High in woman’s journey through the Federal
the historic Victory Stadium of Roanoke. Penitentiary system.

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Nigeria Under Siege How to Stop the

Human Bully
by Abraham Inosezilo Obode
by Vincent Lucio Parisi
Nigeria Under Siege is a story about a
greedy business mogul, Alhaji Abudu, who A simple way to understand oneself. A
wants more money and more power. book for everyone, for every day problems
with every day simple language.

The Heirlock My Life Before and

by Beth Adet After Jesus Christ
by J. Christ
Sam Parker is the owner of Warrior’s
Path and a loving devoted husband. he
This is a book about finding Jesus Christ
had just uncovered some news his wife’s
and living for and with him forever.
childhood. However, this discovery is also
tied to his two best friends and business

Z The Final Generation: The Unexpected: Wives

Biblical Prophecy Reveals the Date of Who Have Affairs and the
Christ’s Return Husbands Who Love Them
by Arnold V. Page
by Chris Dawson
What does the future hold for Generation Marriage is very complex, a lot of people get
Z, the current crop of children and young married with so much love and happiness
people? Nothing less than the most yet end up cheating in the course of a
exciting event in history! marriage, Chris Dawson’s book “The
Unexpected” is a classic example of this.

Z Answers for the Final The Strength of the

Generation: Is the Bible True Nation
After All? A New Look at the Evidence
before Christ Returns. by Luisa Mirella Plancher
by Arnold V. Page The Strength of the Nation is an excerpt
from another manuscript, The Angel of
How can the Bible be correct when it tells us
the Lord, which will be published soon.
that the world is only 6,000 years old? Does
Therefore, how do we make our nation
the fossil record really support the theory of
great and strong?

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STEPPING STONES to Father Mark’s Journal

the ARCH De PLEASURE by B.A. Trice
by James Pope
Father Mark Barnett was a talented
priest, doing extraordinary work for the
Imagine floating on a mystic sea of pussy,
Archdiocese of New York. Through his
taste buds savoring the flavor of 100
ministry, he touched the lives of scores of
proof Knob Creek, all reality is lost as the
people, from politicians and financiers to
endless mental parade of past partners
common laborers and the homeless.
waving for me, drifting by.

Tr i f e c t a T h e F ire h o use
by James Pope by B.A. Trice

A wife deceives her husband while Margaret is a Kentucky belle and Rich is
exploring her true sexuality. What a Wyoming cowboy. She has struggled
motivates the wife’s mother to enter into a to find direction in her life, while he is still
relationship with her son-in-law? Will their dealing with the fallout from his fractured
secret be discovered? marriage.

Post Hole Digger In t h e Be g inning

by James Pope by Jaime Reyes

This true story is dedicated to all the It is 65,000 BC, and Neanderthals
children that are called upon to shoulder believe in spirit gods. Og is an ancient,
family responsibilities. The hardships of exceptionally intelligent Neanderthal.
a struggling farm family; Post Hole Digger As he sits in his cave sheltered from the
follows the life of Iowa farm boy James vicious storm that rages outside, he knows
Pope from first memory to age 19. there must be a better way to survive.

The Listening Child: What He a v e n a n d Earth

can go wrong
by Arturo Riojas
by Stephen V. Prescod
From the heavens, they came to our
The struggle to survive in today’s noisy Mother Earth. Through a different
classrooms is real. The child’s poor performance dimension, they move freely to examine
often leads authorities to apply undue pressure the fruits of the seeds they had planted
on him, frequently concluding that he is lazy or several millennia ago.
of low intelligence, which is certainly not the

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You Must Be Covered, The Mystery of the

Under the Blood of Gospel
Jesus by Evangelist Victor A. Sackey

by Gifford Michael Rodney The Mystery of the Gospel: Revealing the

First Century Truths about the Kingdom
You must be covered under the blood of of God, is an attempt to expose the
messages of the coming Kingdom of God
Jesus. The blood was shed for me when I
to earth, which Christ brought down from
could not pay for my own death. the Father unto mankind.

R u n t Wa d e The Rock of Israel / La

by Robert G. Rogers Roca de Israel
by Rosario Ramirez Salces
When a sociopathic killer runs one scam
too many, a female detective with a Hello, I am Rosario Ramirez Salces and I
personal agenda vows to bring him to am a journalist and a Mexican. I dedicate
justice. with all my soul these notes to My Lord who
chose to create me to adorn this earth, to My
Eternal God, The God of my life.

Graywullf: Book One of the Collections of Love:

Dragonspawn Trilogy Loves & Pains of Kesha Laine,
Vol. 1
by Thomas Rottinghaus
by Kesha Laine
The Dark Wizard Lynch had lived several
ages of men being loyal only to himself.
A collection of poems dealing with the
But when he was accidentally rescued from
heartbreak of love, loss, and the never-
certain death by the Warrior Lorn Graywullf,
ending hope of finding love again.
he found himself in the unfamiliar position of
being indebted to another.

Dragonspawn Awakening: Billy T h e Bully

Book Two of the Dragonspawn
Trilogy by Mimi Rousseau

by Thomas Rottinghaus This book is about BULLYING. It has

illustrations and meaningful words and
“Dragonspawn Awakening” is the highly music, to bring those who have been
anticipated second installment in The
bullied, those who are being bullied and
Dragonspawn Trilogy. As the magii’ri
Warriors and Wizards return to Norland they those who will learn how to prevent being
discover Timon’s power has grown despite bullied in the future.
his near defeat on the Isle of Serpents.

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M y G i f t t o Yo u E m b r a c i n g L o v e ’s
by Lyle Smith
H e a l i n g To u c h
by Robert Stirling
Author Lyle Smith is convinced a belief in
God is still relevant and desirable in the Rebecca Abbott is a caregiver at a
current century, for it is belief in God that retirement village who is still haunted by
gives meaning and purpose to our lives. the trauma of her past, one that has left
her unwilling to trust men and hesitant to
engage with the world.

Why We Believe in God Prevent, Delay, Reverse

and Other Discussions Alzheimer’s
by Lyle Smith by Selva Sugunendran

Lyle Smith is a 93-year-old lawyer who has No one ever asks to be diagnosed with
read and seen much history and he notes a Alzheimer’s disease, but when the
growing displeasure with Capitalism. In the diagnosis becomes a reality, we’re forced
past when one civilization gave way to a new to learn everything doctors and patients
one it was usually followed by a new religion. know about it in one fell swoop.

A J o u r n e y o f a Ne w Out of the Jar: My Book of

P e r s o n : Harden Not Your Poems
by Stephen Robert Sutton
by Robert Spruce and Sherri Southers
This book is a collection of my poetry over
God has always intended that men and the years inspired by the life I have led
women be companions. Our existing working in the care setting and traveling
division of the genders served its purpose all over the world.
in a world where physical power determined
dominance and subordination.

El Viaje de Una Nueva The Parable of Doña

Persona: No Endurezca Su Éllèna
by Sharon Torbett
by Robert Spruce and Sherri Southers
Ellen’s husband has recently died by the
El Viaje de Una Nueva Persona, No hand of El Diego. With no reason left to live
Endurezca Su Corazón La intención de except to care for her young daughter, Ellen
Dios fue que el hombre y la mujer sean waits in terror for the day when El Diego
compañeros. comes to take their ranch and their lives.

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T h e S e c o n d Tru t h : How Mountains Were

K o re a n War Formed
by John Viola by Alycia Wright

This is an autobiography by a young man How Mountains Were Formed is a realistic

of eighteen who saw movie news reels fable that challenges one’s imagination.
and feature films of the events in WW2. Cleverly, the fable relates the formation of
mountains to the dinosaur’s extinction.

Hidden Treasures of Angel on the Wing: Flight

Sleep: Your Soul, Your Dream 320 ... Come In!
and Natural-Science by Joan M Zeller
by Dita Wegman In Angel on the Wing, Joan Zeller shares
how she survived a plane crash that took
The Hidden Treasures of Sleep is sixty-five lives in February 1959. She was a
influenced by the power of planets and stewardess on American Airlines Flight 320,
Stars showing us how they above us returning to New York from Chicago.

The Descent Where Did I Come

by Brant Wehde From?
by Shirley Ann Burbank
Sometimes dreams don’t work out in life.
But sometimes dreams work with us. A life
Shirley Ann Burbank was born in Kansas in
holds little weight without appreciation, 1931. She grew up in a home filled with love
and everyone has different means to reach where she learned to always do her best
theirs. Some paths become perilous, and and make a contribution to those around
some verge right on the edge of doom. her.

Epic Battle for the Seeds of Who Am I?

Jesus: The Serpent’s Desire to
Destroy the Seeds of Jesus by Shirley Ann Burbank

by Dr T Wilson The purpose of this book is to help teach

children that they are responsible for their
The Lord told Dr. Wilson to expose the work actions and that they can choose those
of the enemy of the church. Genesis 3:15 actions. It also points to choosing helpful,
said the seed of the serpent would bruise constructive actions which will lead to peace
the head of the women’s seed, and she will on earth.
bruise his heal.

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How to Stay Married Liberal Quicksand

for 50 Years by Yves Decock
by Joseph J. Dougherty
According to a fairytale, after World War
Two Europe rejected nationalism and
Services, thoughts and experiences about
started the European project, which
being married to the love of my life for 50
brought uninterrupted peace since then.
years are to be unfolded in these pages.
In this book, this version of history is
At the beginning of the book, I stated that
even after 50 years, it isn’t easy.

L i v i n g a n d Wo r kin g Christianity’s Missing

Abroad Piece
by Vanish Ree by Thomas K. Siemer

Living and Working Abroad is a Memoir Christianity’s Missing Piece depicts a

of the Author’s experience in foreign land. tormented man torn between two identities
The Author explicitly shares the cultural in conflict, that of a contracts manager at
diversity, challenges,hopes,dreams and Rockwell international.
practical reality.

H a m r a m m r B e g in s : The Ghosts from the

B o o k Two Jungle
by Katrina Trujillo by Russ Stallings
The world is a dangerous place full of things
Kelly has a problem. He’s been shipped
that go bump in the night. Loki Wulf battles
to Vietnam and put into a unit that works
the odds of being called a monster to create
a little bit out of bounds, but not all his
a Refuge for the supernatural creatures.
friends are friends.

We A l l F a l l D o w n Till the End of Time: A Story

of Persistence, Love Failure and
by K.M. Bourgeois Success in a Woman’s Life.

When a devastating plague leaves the human by Slyvia Anthony

race nearly extinct, seven survivors in North
Dakota find each other and a place to live. Sylvia’s story begins with her life as an
unwanted child, beaten by her father and
ignored by her mother, saved only by the
love of God and her grandparents.

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Reflections Miracles Master the Art

by J Douglas Barry by Nancy Lynne Harris

My reflections on the life and teachings of Miracles Master the Art teaches people
Christ! As well as my personal experience how to heal themselves without medicine
in my love of God. E.G. my reception of by consciously changing their attitudes,
a bleeding Eucharist after much suffering. feelings, and beliefs from negative to
Plus my searching for the face of Christ positive.
much as the Psalmist did.

The Family in the Mirror In v a s io n Revealed:

Healing Alcoholism, Mental
by Drew Bridges Illness & Drug Addiction

As an abused child, Melinda Master was by Nancy Lynne Harris

sent to a psychiatric clinic to help healing
Statistics prove that medical help is not the
her emotional scars. The young director
answer to healing dysfunction. Invasion
of the clinic was John Randt, and despite
Revealed explains the negative elements
his good intentions, nothing was done to
that invade our mental realm from a spiritual
help her.

C o n v e r t e d b y L ov e Heal Yourself of Anything:

by Anthony “Marsman” Brown Example Glaucoma
by Nancy Lynne Harris
The book is about two teens from different
countries who miraculously met while on
Nancy Lynne Harris, spiritual counselor and
the internet. Visit his website for more
healer, tells how her nine-year-old son was
healed of congenital glaucoma when she
reversed her attitude toward a domineering
(pressuring) person in her life.

The Death of Spring Shh! Sidepiece Be

by Silvio J. Caputo Quiet
In 1913, the Southern Colorado coal fields by Victoria Kirby
exploded into a war between the newly
organized United Mine Workers of America Not every woman is always satisfied with
and the Rockefeller-owned Colorado Fuel the man she has so she goes searching for
and Iron. love of some form of lust elsewhere to fulfill
her needs.

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P i n p o i n t : Intelligence Something is Strange

Criminal Police Organization in Wunderfulland
by Dakota Peterson by Robert Walanka

The pINPOINt: Intelligence Criminal Police Something strange is happening in

Organization. They work on gathering Intel Wunderfulland. Doctor Creepy and Madam
on people that could or are very harmful to Ugly have channeled an odorless gas into
the country and the world. this land making things rearrange.

Fire & Stars: In this night The Wunderful Tree

sky of ours
by Robert Walanka
by Suwilanji Kafwatula Sichilongo
Visit two different lands-one filled with hugs
Fire and Stars is the tale of a hopeless and laughter and the other filled with dark
romantic on a collision course with clouds. “Where a smile was forbidden both
heartbreak. The novel is a compilation of the night and day.
poetry dedicated to fatal attraction and
those who can feel its depth.

When Flowers Grow I’m Glad You Know

Again Me!: A Memoir of Love, Fate,
and Forgiveness
by Chamunda Sichilongo

Set in Zambia in the 1990s, When Flowers by Phyllis Barker-Pittman

Grow Again is about Thomas Mutambo,
a vibrant entrepreneur whose father was “I’m Glad You Know Me!”- A memoir of Love,
murdered by a brutal regime twenty years Fate, and Forgiveness shares the life’s story
earlier. of a woman who came close to dying.

The Emigrant Doctor in 8: 15 My Darkest Hour

the Death Boat by Brenda Campbell
by Ali Tobi
Hello. My name is Brenda Campbell,
When Dr. Labib Mansour leaves his wife and born and raised in Gladewater Texas. I
ten-year-old son in Gambia to seek a better life have had lots of trials and tribulations
in Spain, he knows it’s going to be a perilous throughout of my years. The book reveals
journey. The ship captain warns them that many the vulnerabilities of the episodes and how
will perish during the voyage. it knocked me down.

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The Florida Caper As I War Myself

by David Celley by Javier De Alva Garza

A rare and valuable jewelry piece is stolen The temptation for opioids, such as heroin,
from the Palm Beach mansion of a wealthy incarcerate the true potential in a person
industrialist. The piece itself, called the Eye who righteously has the dignity of any
of the Sun, includes fragments of the famous human. This is the story of one of us--a
Hope Diamond, rumored to be cursed. person--trying to escape the furious hands
of addiction.

Amber Alert: The Lord of No More Dancing The Jig

by Michael Haley
by Joseph Daeges
Margaret Matlin is a thirtysomething woman
Amber Alert (Lord of Wrath) is a fairy tail who dares to pursue the ultimate goal of
of a haunted mansion. Paul purchased womanhood: absolute happiness. Spurred
the house of his dreams Not to long after on by a prophetic dream and blessed
the family move into the dream of his life with beauty, a secure intelligence, and an
Paul is confront with the dark history the avaricious drive, she chooses to go after
mansion was plague with. what will satisfy her maximum sensibility.

Spirituality in The 21st The Beauty_N_ A Thug

by Quantabia T. Maner
by Frank P. Daversa
THE BEAUTY-N-A THUG is about a
Spirituality in the 21st Century offers insight romance that takes place in Passion City
into the divine, the world, and life. It presents between two people, Zia and Fox. Zia is a
a frank assessment of spirituality as it exists headstrong, driven, beauty who seeks love
today. The concepts put forth in this book
with an unknown type of man.
are so revolutionary they defy common

The Canopus Conundrum: 2394: Mirrors of the Past

Mind Fusion Book 2
by P. Roscoe
by M. Bradley Davis
This first book in the series opens on

A nuclear war could ruin your whole day. A a nearly barren world in the year 2394.
It’s now a century and a half after the
World War is brewing on Canopus V. Six
unchecked greed of the elite populace of
children are missing from the families of
this planet over the preceding two and a
world leaders. Their parents are working
half centuries had lead its planet to the
for world peace.
brink of destruction.

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Never Alone F l y Tr o u b l e
by Lula Mathis by Michelle Steiner

We, parents and teachers, instill in our Poor Old Man Jenkins all he wants is peace
children the alphabet and numbers at an and quiet while he sips his lemonade, but
early age. We believe that they will be the flies havea different idea. As the day
able to succeed in life the more they read. goes along his frustration grows as he
As they enjoy this book, they will become breaks one fly swatter after another. This
encourage, entertained, and educated. silly story has a twist as you read this book
“Fly Trouble”.

Never Alone: part 2 M a ld e n e

by Lula Mathis by Mark Anthony Tierno

Sam, an eagle who witnesses an accident Maldene is a world of magic and science,
of a little boy named Tom. Sam is very wizards and dragons; but home also to an
saddened by what he sees. He is even incredible secret. One jealously guarded
more upset when he sees that Tom’s by History’s most villainous being: Miro.
parents have left to speak to the doctor
leaving Tom alone in the room.

Forty Years at Saquish Farmer’s Son, Military

Beach: Our Impossible Dream Career
by Connie Matuzek by Clarence “ Kip “ Vold

Have you ever built, owned, rented or visited Growing up on the plains of South Dakota,
someone at a cottage on an ocean beach, completing grade school in a one-room
a lake or somewhere off the beaten path? school, surviving blizzards. Success in
Air Force the culmination of a career in
If you have, this story should let you relive
achieving the highest enlisted grade in the
many fond memories. Air Force.

Ppap P Practicable P Through Me to You: A

Professional a Architecture Life Through Poetry, Stories
P Practice
and Songs
by Kalavati Somvanshi
by Eve Wick
Since Kala’s experience has produced a full
range of skills in architecture, interior design, the
construction execution and site supervision, her Through Me to You is a compilation of
methodology-management style has achieved poems, stories and songs that spans
compelling junior architects to reach their full
potential and to strive for a high degree of
over forty years of writing.
consensus through project phases.

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From My Heart A Selection of Poems

by Beverly Tina Childs by Jane Mcintosh Holland

You do not have to be alone. There is God A selection of poems that I wrote so that
in heaven who can bring you words that will they could be read by all ages of people for
encourage and strengthen you. If you’ve them to enjoy. I am an animal lover so I like
ever felt no one could understand the things to write animals stories and adventures as
you’re going through, just realize that God I know a lot of people also love animals.

The Pact The 1300 Year’s War:

by Chris Iwegbu Volume 1
by Robert Maddock
Obinna Kelechi had graduated first-class
from the university twenty years previously,
The book is in two volumes and describes
but was unable to find a job. Financially, he
the evolution of Judeo-Christianity and
was completely down on his luck.
Islam and the 1,300 years of warfare
between them.

The Empress and the Operation Wappen

Archer: The Empress’ Quest by Robert Maddock
by Erich Otto Wildgrube “Equal parts history and firsthand account
of military life, hte book is a unique and
The land of Velicorte has known peace
smooth read.” - Pacific Book Reviews This
for more than a hundred years, but with
is a short story spanning two years from
the death of the Emperor that has been
1956 to 1958.
thrown into chaos.

Poems of Sorts Michael’s Heart: A Poet’s

Love for Poetry
by Bob Rutzel
by Michael Detomasso
The poems inside are a mixed bag. These
poems include thoughts we all have had, Being born in 1949, in Kings County
at times, and you might find yourself Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. Those were the
saying, Hey, you know, I did think of that. days when everyone seemed to know the
people who lived north, south, east and west
of each other, when windows and door were
left open to all the hours of the night.

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‘101’ Views of the Cat’s Stories

Victoria Falls by Angela Herrick
by Robert Zulu
The Cat’s Stories is my first children’s book,
The ‘101 Views’ of the Victoria falls exposes and I wish to nurture in each kid the value
the different geographical area with sights of of friendship, compassion, respect, and love
thew falls. There are certain areas of the falls for others. I have never had cats in my life,
where a full rainbows can be seen very well, but my wild imagination wanted to because
while in another area the best views will be cats are fun animals.
that of the the geographical strata.

The Sacred Bo d y Super Sam’s Backyard

Factories Adventures
by Betsy Adams by Shannon Hyde

Terry Hawkins is a positive force of nature. Your imagination will soar to new heights
Read NOW or TOO LATE! and let Terry’s when you join Sam for some outdoor fun
enthusiasm and optimistic approach to that’s sure to inspire creativity.
life’s challenges rub off on you as you turn
the pages.

The Greatest Gift of All: Estia Rising: The Novel

Immanuel-God with Us-Gift by Julius Rowan Raper
by Dr. Mary Ojone Akuboshaibu ESTIA RISING is the intimate life of Estia
Boyle, an attractive modern Greek woman,
This book is an encouragement for the
her mountain home, and of the three men
Christian walk, showing that our God lives
in her life: her demanding father, the tall
and loves people very much.
American officer she marries, and the
American poet, she grows to love.

New Concepts in Medicine I Want My Darn Skates

by Abdullah M. Nasrat by Samantha Lewis

“New concepts in Diabetes”: All I Want My Darn Skates, tells about the life of
ventursome scientists are aware of the Samantha Lewis from about the age of nine
many chances of going astray as they years old throughout her life. God directs
enter a new field particularly the more her to go back to that point in her life when
complex and difficult field of biology. she began her relationship with Jesus Christ
and was introduced to the Word of God.

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Diary for Boys: Traits and The Movement Game

Lessons of Growing Up by Andrea Lambertson
by Aaron Browning
Andrea Lambertson Sleepy Hollow Lake,
Inc. Creativity has been a forte in the
Boys in a nurturing home, school,
Lambertson family. Each member in their
community and society learn to become
own way has expressed themselves with
Productive, Leaders and Responsible
their gift.

Slip Dream Arkansas History

by Ahmed Alnajem by Arlen Jones

The universe will set a chain of events Arkansas History: A Journey through Time-
or certain people to send you in the right The Growth of the Twenty-Fifth State of
direction , and if your are not going towards the Union from 1833 to 1957 places in the
what the universe has planed for you will hands of students and teachers a curated
face the dark side of the it. compilation of excerpts from original
sources that tell the story of Arkansas.

Angels, Dreams, Visions It Was The Devil All Along

by G Allen Grootboom PHD
Revised Edition
by Avalon Soulette Brown
In this thought provoking book, Dr
Grootboom carefully explores what we In this life, we never think about why we
all experience - dreams and strange are here at the time we are born. I have
encounters. He gives us a deeper found that there are some of us that God
understanding of angels and how they personally picks out at the time of birth to
guard over us. serve him.

Immaculate Emotion The Holy Bible Mysteries

by Alta Newlun by Tom Jones

The book was written with the Author’s THE HOLY BIBLE MYSTERIES This book is
heart and soul, and true feelings. This is a four books in one book. It starts with: “Aliens
reflection of her life’s experiences. Every Fact or Fiction”, “Battle Between Deeds
stanza expresses the Author’s words of and Faith”, Mystery of the Saints and ends
true love. with “Now it is High Time to Awake”, which
reveals 4 clocks in the Bible.

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Memories of the Dark Cuauhtémoc: Descent of

Days: The Dark Days Series the Sun Priests

by Ken Okonkwo by D. L. Davies

This story takes place in the early 16th

The vast sub-Saharan landmass with many
Century; a time when the world seemed
heritages was amalgamated by the British
to be expanding at an almost exponential
government to form the nation, Nigeria. In
rate. It occurs in South America in a land
1960, the nation became independent.
known as Maya.

Wreath of the Dark Cuauhtémoc: Descendant

Days: The Dark Days Series of the Jaguar

by Ken Okonkwo by D. L. Davies

The raging fury of the Nigerian Civil War In the first two books of the saga,
dubbed the Biafran war mellowed over Cuauhtemoc is born, raised and meets up
time but dastardly acts resonated across with the Mayan emperor. As Cuauhtemoc:
the war zones as time effluxed. Descendent of the Jaguar opens.

When Worlds Collide Cuauhtémoc: Descending

by Meryl McCurry
by D. L. Davies
In a world where all types of cartoons
live beside humans, 2D (traditional hand- This story takes place in the early 16th
drawn animation) has become scarce Century; a time when the world seemed
while 3D (CGI animation) is the new to be expanding at an almost exponential
popularity. rate. It occurs in South America in a land
known as Maya.

A Long Walk With Jesus: Anal Surgery for General

Commentary on the Gospels Surgeons: A Handbook of
by James Christian Benign Common Ano-Rectal
Following Jesus from the banks of the
by Norman A. Blumberg
Jordan River to the Sea of Galilee, hearing
His words from the villages and simple
The author was driven to write this book for
synagogues of rural Palestine to the grand
several reasons.
Temple of Jerusalem.

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Deism versus Theism Ad v e n t u re s of the

by Juleon Schins
Wa n d e rin g C orn
by Yvette Griffith
The book considers the nine most
important earthquakes in 20th century
In this fantasy of Plant World some corn,
science, and shows that they are all
resenting their routine lives, wanted a
incompatible with Deism.
chance at freedom and adventure. Follow
as they go ‘a-wandering where they did
not belong.

The Snake She Rode a Prize

by Juleon Schins Horse into Town
In the late 1910’s, Henry Ford sr., founder of by Yvette Griffith
Ford Motor Company, laid hands on a book
Jasmine and her father makes a living
called “Protocols of The Meetings of the
caring for racehorses. When he falls into
Learned Elders of Zion”, written by a certain
a coma, she hopes a prize-winning horse
professor Nilus in 1905 (third edition).
can help bring him home.

Feminine Feminist: A Before His Time: The Spirit

Missing Link Eluding Discovery
by Juleon Schins by John David Fenner

This pamphlet is meant for all adults, Bryan MacKay is a man who should have
though primarily for women: it is a political lived before his time. A martial artist,
manifesto for their social status. survivalist, and student of military tactics,
Bryan is out of sync with modern times
where these special skills aren’t necessary
for daily survival.

And Face the Unknown: Believing Is Seeing

The Journey of a Lincoln-Freed
Colored by Charles W. Artis

by Cd Harper My favorite poets are Langston Hughes and

Helen Stiener Rice. I consider my style a
As Levy clings to a tree high above a river unique hybrid of the two. She looked for the
and tries to catch his breath, he doesn’t beauty in nature and life. He searched for
know what to do next. He has been a the truth in people and circumstances.
slave for Mr. Willoughby since he was little
boy, and now things are changing.

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Biblical Inner Healing Code Name: Spirit

by F. Earle Fox by Colonel Don Wilson

Biblical Inner Healing is a Biblical response This book is a sequel to Code Name:
to secular psychology, describing the William Tell, completing the fast-paced
Biblical worldview, its contrast with secular action adventure story of an amazing man
and pagan worldviews, and how one’s working in the shadows of secret service
worldview determines the possiblity for to our country.
radical healing of the self.

Blackwater Betrayal: The CODE NAME: WILLIAM

Ruthless Treatment of Milton and
Pensacola by the Confederacy TELL
by Richard Kyle Smith by Colonel Don Wilson

Code Name: William Tell is an adventure

Blackwater Betrayal tells the story of the ruthless,
ill-conceived scorched earth actions by the
story that starts with an idea by the
Confederacy of Mill Town, or Milton, on the president of the United States, from which
Blackwater River in the Western Florida Panhandle a hero emerges.
and the rest of the Pensacola Bay area.

Born to be Colored Colorless Tragedy

Together: Not Your Ordinary by Nina Dow
Love Story
This book was written to help and inspire
by Manly E. Hogg
others to overcome tragedies with God
on your side, you don’t have to go
Author Manly E. Hogg weaves a tale of
through it alone.
romance, family and redemption in his
new romance novel, “Dawn of Innocence”.

Brainwashed Beyond the Terrestrial:

The Odyssey of Self-
by Doug Priore Resurrection
Brainwashed. Creation & evolution both by Dr. Rimaletta Ray
cannot be true. They are diametrically
opposed. This means that someone (actually The book “Beyond the Terrestrial” is a
lots of someones) has been brainwashed. logical conclusion of the series of five books
How and where did that happen? by Dr. Rimaletta Ray, comprising the Auto-
Suggestive Geology of Self-Ecology and
presenting the five steps of Self-Creation.

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Daughter of Two Faerieme: The Universe

Nations: Book One in the Awakens
Bride of the Desert Trilogy by T. F. Burks
by Katrina Covington Whitmore
Faerieme is the story of a faeries journey
through a life between dimensions. We
Lady Kiah, Princess Royal of the ruling
all have asked the question, “Why am I
family of Kush, is contracted to marry the
here?” is story looks at the possibility of a
heir of the most powerful family in the
simple answer to that question.
eastern Roman Empire.

Donnie’s Field First Friends and Queen

by Lorie Fifer Chinn of Sheba: Bridle Path Farm
Horse Lover’s Series
Donnie’s Field is soothingly good
inspiration. The story opens around the
by Roberta Smith Kroll
time of the Emancipation Proclamation in
Bob and Bernice Smith and Grandpop
1863. The main character, Donnie Jensen,
Schmidt taught Roberta all the lessons a
born into slavery, reaches his eighteenth
young girl wanted to know about animals
birthday and becomes a man, a free man,
and nature.
soon after abolition is mandated.

Eighteen-Wheelers, God Knoweth How to

Horses, and Hope Deliver the Godly Out of
by H. M. R. Hart
by Mark Smith
Sabrina Saunders, the owner and driver
of a semitruck, is on her way home to This book is about the presidential race
share some good news with her mother, between Mr. Donald J Trump and Mrs.
Hillary Clinton in 2016. It will let you know
Monica, and her fiancé, James.
the spiritual reasons why no woman has
been able to make it to the White House.

Factors that Contribute to God’s Little Instrument

the Success of Secondary
by Sandra C. Hall
School Principals
This book is about relationship and the joy
by Dr. Dinah A. Larbi
of loving our Lord because He loves us
Over the past few years the principalship for who we are not for who we think we
has been under much scrutiny because of should be. This book is inviting you to set
the increasing demand on school principals aside your bucket lists.
to raise the academic achievements of
their students.

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Growing up without Beloved son, I am going

a father; a painful to be your Father
experience: Dad you are by Reynaldo Pareja

by Philip Tettey There are many good “diaries” written by

pregnant women for pregnant women, but
Since live in urban community at times a dairy written by an “expecting father” is
isn’t easy you will be required to farm and not common.
hunt to survive on our own.

Instant Insanity L o v e T h ro ugh A ll

by Katherine Washburn St rif e : A Tale of War,
Passion, and Adventure
Many of the dreams were about my
husband’s sickness. Sickness affects
by J.P. Hogan
those watching a loved one pull through
Young Luis Alfonsin faces a promising
sickness. I prayed to God for guidance, career in the government of the small
and he gave answers. I wish to share the Central American republic of Chuchacamba
experience with friends and family. and has found love in the figure of the
president’s daughter, Sofia.

Jon and Anna Me and the General

by Anita Venturi by Rosemary Valenti Guarnera

The story of Jon and Anna is a love story ME AND THE GENERAL is a story finally
set in real time—an endless dialogue with being told after many years. It is the
the computer without seeing each other biography of a man named Ralph Liguori,
(Apple computer). They are two real whose life was intertwined with the
people. ­They meet in New York on New “infamous” Charles “Lucky” Luciano and
Year’s Day the next day. a would-be president, Thomas E. Dewey.


by Cyriac Thomas CAVE GIRL: LA CHICA DE
Hasina, daughter of the President of Pakistan,
is a very popular singer and performer. She is by Thomas Turner
stunningly beautiful and is the sweetheart of the
youth of Pakistan. After her gala performance The author has spent most of his life around
in Lahore Stadium Anwar, son of the Pakistan
children. Born in Iowa in 1950, he was
High Commissioner in India, introduces Hasina
privileged to have a close extended family.
to his friend Anand, the son of the Defense
Minister of India.

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Moldeando Vidas Walks Tall the Moon:

(Spanish Edition) Learning Mindfulness

by Priscila Gotay by Robert Bollendorf

Si a usted como padre o encargado de Tall Moon loses his mother at age 11 and struggles
alguna criatura le preocupa el desarrollo with life in his village and school from that time
forward, until the tribe elders decide to send him
de la personalidad de sus niños, le diré
on a vision quest and the discoveries, he makes
que no está solo. change his life and with practice can change the
lives of the readers.

Molding Lives The Beauty of Mystery

by Priscila Gotay by Dorian Grey

If you, as a parent or a care giver, are If the devil is in the details, then God must
concerned about the development of your be in the shadows spiritually and factually.
children’s personality, let me tell you that We all search for the muse, hiding in the
you are not alone. beauty of mystery. We find the question
needed to be asked.


AMAR (Spanish Edition) by Ken Deal
by Priscila Gotay The book captures events of the authors
from childhood to marriage in our early 20’s.
TRES FORMAS DE AMAR es un poemario Then jointly from marriage through child
basado en tres formas de expresar amor rearing and careers in civilian and military
service, this was followed by a career in the
que son: el AGAPE, que es el amor que
business world...
proviene de lo divino, el FRATERNO, que
es el amor entre hermanos.

The Procurator Fiscal: Carolyn’s Circus: From

Bodies in the Barrels Case the Deepest Darkest Congo,
Comes a Gift.
by Viktoria King
by J.S.P Clancy John Imislund; Freese
Some people choose jobs that place them
in the front line when bad things happen About the Book It is an odd little story
to good people; and sometimes the good that describes an otherwise “normal” Irish
people are known to those front-line family and their eventual encounters with
workers, but the job still needs to be done. people and things beyond them.

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Father of the Universe: It only seems like

Creation Theory and End Time Vision
by Philip Reynolds ThB by Odis Stephenson
Father of the Universe: Creation Theory and
End-Time Vision grounds its explorations of These Stories are based on the author’s
God, of his act to create the whole world, personal experience of growing up as
and of the shape that the end of all things a tenant farmer’s son in North Carolina.
will take on the foundations of the scriptural
Their straightforward style reflects the
witness and the dreams that Philip Reynolds,
the author, had in 1954. author’s own memories of his boyhood.

Healing!!! The Children’s Life is a Dream: Life of a

Bread: Dr. YeHoVaH Cancer Survivor

by Enahoro Francis Ovienmhada by William Bulla

This book will reveal to you YeHoVaH the Today, January 11, 2010, shall mark the
Doctor. Bring healing and health to you. date I am embarking on a voyage to share
Make you strong in faith. Change your person experience that will cover some of
confession and give you possession. Make the most extraordinary passages registered
you know and memorize lots of scriptures. in the annals of my life.

HisStory: The Trials & Ca rry On , L et There

Tribulations of Henry A. Gaillard
Be L ig h t
by Henry A. Gaillard by Joan Stone
In 1984, I participated in a marijuana Life throws us curveballs and we have hurdles to
urinalysis test. I later discovered that the get over. It was not easy at times, but it wasn’t life
contracted laboratory did not properly test making it hard, it was me. It may have taken me
the sample. ­The lab simply reported my awhile to get to where I want to be in life, but I am
sample as positive. getting there, closer every day.

Interstitial Beings: The Amazing Moonshine

Doppelganger Connection McPool: and Unordinary
by J.D. James A. Gauthier Friends

Have you seen someone that looks like

by Berwyn G. Butler
someone you know, but it is not them?
“Have you ever wondered if a mouse
Doppelgangers are exact copies of you
could talk or a Moonshine McPool walk on
and me. How about things you believe
moonbeams? What would happen if they
you see and feel that lack an explanation.
lived in a doll‛s house owned by a fairy?

Page 29
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Magic Square One-Room School

by David Mei by Sue Simon

Magic Square is no longer magic, but the era One Room School began as a daily blog
nof magic square puzzle has just begun. This to readers needing encouragement. The
outstanding application at Magic Square will be collection that comprises One Room
played by millions throughout the world, I appeal School is inspired by Luke’s compilation
to educators to adopt magic square puzzles to of eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life and
school’s curriculum. If you are interested, e-mail
me at

Not a Mirage My Book of Bible Verses

by Fatima Yousif & Daily Prayers
by Kathy Alexis
Not a Mirage explains the young life of a
lady who has dreams and plans to achieve.
This book is intended to mould the young
The war of the Arab Spring reflected her
child’s mind, with an understanding of
life. She struggled to be the one she
God and praying, using the short biblical
wanted to be under war circumstances.
verses and little prayers while learning
their alphabet.

Now I Lay Me Down to The Curse of Money,

Sleep Sex, and Life
by Michael D. Gatson by Kathy Alexis

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, is the first book of This book is intended to mould the young
the Dr. Doobie series. It’s a beautifully illustrated child’s mind, with an understanding of
children’s book that touches on Post-Traumatic God and praying, using the short biblical
Stress Disorder symptoms and explains why it
verses and little prayers while learning
can affect military personnel, war veterans, and
their families. their alphabet.

The Magic of Being the Money I Command You!

Claus by Annette Dillon

by Chuck Hubbell This book contains an affirmative

statement that incredibly changes the
This book is about a journey. The journey flow, acquisition, and management of
of how creating magic with children has money. You will never be the same as you
magically transformed my personal and learn to command it, pay your way out of
private life. debt, and become established.

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The Keys To The Kingdom We Who Are Young

by Baron Stepney and Robert M. Paris by Robert Dickerson

Baron and Rob arrived at Butner Federal Some of the poems in this volume may
Correctional Institution on the same day. They
be found mediocre, others, less so. Some
soon discovered that they were both Christians
are more recent; some still less so, if you
with a passionate zeal for the things of God.
favor that sort of thing--stanza poetry
They began spending a lot of time together in
that rhymes and is oblivious of political
the word of God.
currents. I happily publish them all.

Threshold Square Hole for a

by Craig Temple Square Peg
Kind Edward Moranvale needed away to by Exona Moll
gain more power in the land of Pixima. He
I was born in Oxford during the Second
turned to the royal Oracle which lead to
World War. We lived in a suburb of Oxford
the Demon Wars. Tobias Threshold, the
where there were all large houses and
last of the lion race, watched his family
mostly elderly folks. We lived in a flat that
murdered in front of him.
was upstairs in my grandmother’s house.

Deduction: Overblood Second Sight

by Jonah Moore-Buckner by Joan Rogers

Acceptance: Surrounded by Murderers, A young woman is going through a

Rapists, Thieves, and even Hackers; marriage crisis and after an argument
a Detective is put through the test of with her husband, recalls how they met.
Revenge and Deception, when the man Anna and Grant are from different cultural
who killed his sister escapes his death backgrounds and although they love each
sentence. other and share similar values, they have
many conflicts.

The Battle: Let the Lord The Night Sky

Fight Your Battle
by Lawrie-Lee Trevena
by Dr. Norris D. Hall
The book is about a family spending time
At the age of thirty, my calling to preach together and not forgetting those loved
came to me in a dream, a strange man ones who have gone before us; remember
said, Let God Be the Judge. Many will try them in the stars in the night sky. That
to deceive you by telling you God did not love and caring never go away.
call you to preach.

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Religion and the Global Paper German

Resurgence of Violence:
by Peter Omoregbe
Connection of the Abrahamics
Paper German is about the everyday life
by Kizito Chike Osudibia
of migrants and their children, the third
and fourth generations living in Germany
The world today is greatly challenged and
assaulted by various kinds of violence. and Central Europe.
The author of this book argues that this
phenomenon is not only depressing, it is
a shame.

Common Sense Online Power Seekers: Book 1

Texas Holdem by Peter Nagle
by Jack D. Mormon
In 1970 Nagle, while living in Papua New
The author began playing online Texas Holdem Guinea, decides to write a fictional book
for entertainment and found that he greatly about fictional people in politics and not
enjoyed the game. Once, however, he entered about politics itself. He penned the title in
the world of real money play he found that he 1972 as Power Seekers, which remains
would win hands occasionally but always end up
the title today.
losing in the long run.

The Noise of Battle Religion in Medicine

by Idong Ukpong
Volume 1
by John B. Dawson
This book is fiction, based on actual biblical
events (that is, faction) centering around the
In respect to the actual page-by-page
life and times of King David. This story aims
construction I must mention my wife and
to highlight David’s war experiences and his
Professor G. Bolton of the University
struggles for survival against evil intents by
of Western Australia who turned my
thoughts into reality.

The Captain’s Choice Religion in Medicine

Part II: Religion in Practical
by H. R. Peters Medicine Part II
Captain Michael Laurence was a man who
by John B. Dawson
carefully guarded his emotions and thought
his destiny could be controlled as well.
The purpose of this treatise is to draw
Charting his path, he expected to reap the
attention to the presence of situations
benefits of a disciplined life but did not count
arising within medical practice in which
on the collision course God had planned.
religious beliefs play an important role.

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Never a Woman Saving Skunk

by Richard Roach by Richard R. Roach, MD

It is 2002 when Kwamboka, a Kisii girl from As the cold wind whistles through a tiny
western Kenya who refused female genital reservation shack, an Ojibwa Indian girl
mutilation as part of her tribe’s puberty
watches as her drunken father staggers
rites, returns home after laboring in the
and throws a box containing her birthday
fields all day. Exhausted, Kwamboka falls
cake on the table. A few minutes later, he
asleep and awakens a few hours later to
drives away, leaving her alone to celebrate
the smell of smoke.
eighteen years of life.

P h y s i c i a n ’s M u se Terrain of Salt
by Richard Roach by Melvin Adams

Tenth grader Barak Shelton hates school. These essays reflect the author’s encounter
He feels his assignments are unfair, his with the numinous dimension found in nature
homework is a waste of time, and even as expressed in religious texts, poetry,
worse yet, he hates having his mother modern and primitive art, and science.
as his teacher. The only thing that is Many of these essays were influenced by
preventing him from dropping out is his his experience growing up on the semi-arid
fascination with the opposite sex. steppe of Oregon.

Releasing Lisa Playing It Safe

by MD Facp Roach by Marcie Parson

Lisa Zuccerelli just wants to be normal. At Playing It Safe is a book about a young
the end of her senior year in high school, woman who grows tired of her boring
she has the distinction for the most Southern life. When she is offered her
detentions in the history of the school, dream job, she realizes that sometimes
thanks to an English teacher’s Southern hospitality is a dish best served
betrayal. cold.

Rings of Annulment The Ins and Outs of

Breathing: How We Learnt
by MD Facp Roach about the Body’s Most Vital
Cotton, Minnesota, is a small town. So
small, in fact, that no one actually lives by Dr. Norman L. Jones
there - at least not yet. Becky Jean
Gottwald shows up at Lloyd’s Café in Breathing, one of our most essential bodily
Cotton as a hitchhiker desperate for a job functions, is central to the proper working
and a place to stay. of the body and to your quality of life.

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Episodes Planet of Peace

by Jerry Belvo by Jerry Belvo

“Episodes” are tales of enlightenment. This story is about a star child, an alien
The author began his search to find out spirit, born to earth parents. Jeff Martin grew
what being human was all about. Why up seeking acceptance; while certain forces
were humans born? Why did they fight wanted to adjust his genetic code to either
wars, get sick, and die? make him appear normal or to destroy him.
Maybe they could use his code to control the
masses or use it for sinister purposes.

Journal of Jethro: A Spirit’s Stories from the Arroyos

Journal of Day to Day Events
by Kathryn Carpenter
by Jerry Belvo
This is a book for children who are
JOURNAL OF JETHRO- for years interested in what it was like to live in a
the author kept a journal of dreams coal mining camp around the 1900’s.
and meditations. It became clear the Each of the 20 short stories includes a life
information came from a spirit he called lesson, insight, and a look into the lives of
Jethro. the children.

Planet of Darkness The Queen’s Portrait

by Jerry Belvo by Ugonna Ubani

PLANET OF DARKNESS is on the cutting Just like an old sayings, that what a man
edge of psychic information in time travel, can do a proud and courageous woman
prophesy, spirit evolution, and human can do it better. This fascinating story
development told in story form. Every tells the whole world about a Queen that
Chapter is filled with new material and fought a war against a dangerous enemy
each time read it is like reading it again for to preserve her Kingdom.
the first time.

Planet of Hope Someone That I Know

by Jerry Belvo by Nathan B. Grant

PLANET OF HOPE is a biographical story The story that you have just read began as
a poem. The poem may also be used as
of a middle aged man who lost his wife to
pleasurable reading. The story creates a
cancer and sought answers in spirit world. way for younger generations to believe in
Learning about the evolution of spirit something or someone of a greater power.
became a big challenge. It moved him into Believing should be taught at a very
areas of knowledge he never knew existed. early age and encouraged to continue
throughout life.

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Athlete For Hire

by Lou Saulino

A professional sports team owner (baseball,

football, and basketball) meets with his
general managers to discuss a highly
acclaimed college athlete featured on the
cover of Sports Illustrated. His proficiency
is in the three sports identified.

Bless Me Father
by Lou Saulino

“A man of God debates his next course of

action when a penitent’s confession reveals
startling information regarding a woman’s
unsolved murder in this quiet mystery. A
solid crime story sharing the spotlight with a
priest’s family and nagging doubts.”

My Life Before: Memoir of

a Lost Royal

by Terrell Frazier

A quick nap turns into a walk down memory

lane as the author finds himself recalling
memories of a life he once lived. But Hung
Foot wasn’t just a prince he was also the
secret male lover of another Pharoah and
his name was King Seti I.

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