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Hornsey and Wood Green

and Tottenham

that the UK Government

takes these actions
to do
as much as possible
as soon as possible

(IPCC fifth Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report Summary for Policymakers p12)

This document is a compilation of the Demand sheets distributed to
Hornsey and Wood Green and Tottenham constituents at

The Time is Now mass lobby of the 26th June 2019

To demand that the Government acts on the climate emergency

Delivered to 10 Downing St on 17th July 2019
by Catherine West MP, Anya Ramamurthy, Thomas Bonneville, Martin Wilkinson
(Muswell Hill Quakers) and Sydney Charles (Hornsey and Wood Green Labour
Climate Change and Environment Group)

Where a constituent has provided details, their name and organisation follows their
comments per topic. Otherwise demands from different people are separated by a line

Response to Catherine West MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA



Make it a criminal offence for any public servant to prioritise greenhouse gas emissions or
destruction of habitat over addressing the Emergency. Eg closure of Feed-in-Tariffs, eg expansion of
Heathrow. S Charles HWG Labour Climate Change and Environment group

Deliver School Strikers’ Demands

It is time for serious actions on behalf of governments. MPs have a clear MANDATE to put into action
the recommendations of the PARIS AGREEMENT 2016. Those who do not think they are part of the
challenge are not being responsible leaders ie MR D-TRUMP. But we begin with ourselves. Joe

Political impasse - politicians don’t feel they have a mandate from the people to act in the bold steps
that need to be taken.
They say if the people don’t want it, we can’t deliver it. In the abstract people want a liveable world
where their kids will be safe. In the concrete, they don’t want any measures which curb their
We’re told you’ve got to mobilise the grassroots and demand change, then politicians will follow.
Everyone is too busy trying to earn a living to mobilise others or to be mobilised. People don’t know
the crisis we’re in. We need people where it’s their job to step up to mobilise and educate. Please
don’t rely on volunteers to lead the charge - we don’t have access to all sections of society often and
so represent just a small number. But just because a small number of people are saying its an
emergency, doesn’t mean its any less of an emergency.
Democracy demands politicians be facilitators of the people’s will. This crisis demands that
politicians be leaders.
Councils must educate and lead at every step of the way to take people with them. They can’t rely
on people finding out for themselves through the media, as people see their own media feeds and
channels. The advent of the internet and personal phones means that everyone is in their own
In all interventions in road layout etc should be communicated at street level as to the aims of the
project, so people can see the abstract idea of clean streets, rather than complain of the
inconvenience of the concrete changes.
David Lammy has complained on Andrew Marr show of lack if leadership when it comes to
platforming far right wing and racist views and pundits from both the BBC and political leaders. We
need to see leadership in platforming the climate crisis with all sections of the community, not just
those who know about it already. If our current leaders don’t, then they can expect an ever greater
surge of far right as that is what the climate crisis will lead to, if not dealt with.
Activists can never compete in terms of their reach of voice and what they offer, than the glamorous
advertising and branding from big corporations. We have been fighting a losing battle for the past 30
years against a tide of beautiful advertising which offers the earth. You must lead to help amplify the
voices of those who warn about the climate crisis and demand action.
Education Youth strike demands
All schools, whether under council / government control and funding or private schools should have
planetary health and renewal as a component of their curriculum. Schools should have lessons in
food growing and the natural world.
Design and Technology should teach a circular economy. If they teach about materials and plastics
etc they need to mention what happens to it at the end of its lifecycle. DT should teach kids how to
mend stuff.
Media analysis should not be an optional subject that gets chosen at GCSE; all secondary school
children should be taught this before choosing their specialist subjects as media analysis is so
important in this the reason why we have got into this mess is because of the vested interests of the

Cycle training at several stages in primary and secondary. Adopt the Bike around the Borough event,
where Hackney school children cycle on the roads together. Haringey has this event but in park only,
which is not the same.
Educate all sections of society, not just in normal channels of news and social media. Messaging
should be in places where people frequent. For example when a road layout is changed to prioritise
cycles/ pedestrians, inform the public of its value in addressing the climate crisis.
Tax the use of carbon in all its forms so that it becomes un-affordable to continue ruining the planet.
And so that sustainable energy becomes the obvious choice.
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

There does need to be an increase in and willingness to take people to court for industry (directors
etc) who dishonestly ignore green ambitions eg Southern Water/ VW.

Carbon tax! Fossil fuels pay!

- We only have a few years to make the changes we need. We are on course for 3˚C +
temperature rise. This equates to 7m rise in sea levels. There will be no Houses of Parliament to
sit in.
- Ensure that the UK leads the way in climate justice ensuring that those who will be hit first, (are
being hit now), by the impact of climate change, do not lose their land, livelihoods and lives.
- The outcomes of the Citizens Assembly on Climate Change are made mandatory not advisory.
- Take climate change issues out of Politics it is bigger than any other problem we face.
Rebecca Harrison Member of XR

Dear Catherine West and David Lammy

We know what we need to do and we have the social + scientific technologies to do it. I demand that
you and the other power holders in Westminster show the political leadership to lead RAPID +
UNPRECENTED transformative change. This is an emergency, we need to act like our house is on fire.
Carbon tax now, huge social investment. Dr Portia Roelots, Dept International Devt LSE

3. Climate Change education at year 1 plus.

4. Encourage local businesses to operate in low-carbon business
Joanna Young Antwerp Arms association Church St N17.

*Mass-media (inc childrens media) promoting awareness and interest in ecology

Jake Eiseman-Renyard Friends of the Earth

-0% Carbon Emissions by 2030 worldwide with annual milestones and targets

Stop politics – listen to the experts. The fisherman, the farmers how best to manage things.

- Introduce international “crime against the environment”

- Force polluters to pay.

- Green New Deal

Stop allowing Brexit to eat up parliament. The ramifications of climate change are bigger than brexit.

Start a New Green Deal and keep fossil fuel profiteers out of the position of influencing it so
effective home insulation in retrofitting old buildings and enforced Passivhaus standards in new
builds. Join forces with Alexandra Ocasio Cortez in the U.S.

Forget about Brexit, the climate emergency is paramount or we won’t have a live-able planet.
Green New Deal.
Climate justice – UK must pay Compensation to developing Countries that are being worse impacted
by our past and present emissions.
Tax carbon emissions – commercially and personally
Introduce Eco-education as a mandatory subject in schools
Taxes on lifestyle purchases of inessential items (higher VAT)
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers

• the politicians need to give real leadership and determination to ensure that the laws needed to
avert a climate catastrophe are put in place, affecting all areas of society but in particular
industry and the economic powerhouse of the country
Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate

The UK can only do so much + we must do everything we can! However we must become world
educators to help and guide other countries to make changes too.
Educate the human race that we need to stop consuming and reproducing at our current rate.
It’s all about education and knowledge! Not politics, power and money!!
Bloody act now for the sake of future generations!!
Less concentration on “growth”, more on sustainability.
Less money on armaments – Support local authorities to increase spending on essential social care
services. More worker representation on boards. Decrease earning gap.

13. Fund, invest, promote the ITER Solar fusion project.

14. Government to provide detailed objective ratings on energy suppliers.
15. Mandatory carbon burden labeling on our food- including water.
16. Local Government, LGPS pension and State pensions to be transparent on their investment
strategies and aligned to asset holders preferences, as per private pensions. (currently, much state
fund investment is invested "passively" into world stock markets)
Thomas Bonneville for Muswell Hill Quakers

Show leadership before the COP26 in London Dec 2020. Go to the UN Climate Summit on the 23rd
Sept 2019 pledging to lodge a UK Nationally Determined Contribution with all of the actions in the
Greenpeace climate manifesto. In particular actions that are in line with containing global warming
to 1.5˚C. Actions that do not rely on offsetting or ignoring aviation/shipping emissions or those
embedded in imported goods. Show that the UK will work to help other Countries step up their
pledges and actions.
Stop using UK public money to subsidise fossil fuel businesses, whether in the UK, or as part of UK
Export Finance IMMEDIATELY.
Create a senior Environment cabinet position, with power across all departments to require
greenhouse gas reductions and ecological health as top priority.
Pass an Environment Bill, more ambitious than the current EU and UK legislation – without waiting
for the resolution of the Brexit situation.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Consolation period shouldn’t be an opinion poll about whether people want action to have less
polluted streets, it should say- this is happening and you can take part in the decisions how its
happening. Not whether we’re changing but how.
Car hire schemes must be put in place urgently, using electric vehicles.
Petrol stations should have signs showing nearby bus routes. The pumps should have signage, similar
to cigarette packaging about the damage the fossil fuel is causing. Have an artic sea ice loss
Millicent Guest Parents for Future
- Fund vehicle scrappage
No more roads built
Tax higher on diesel/petrol cars, tax breaks for electric cars – make them more affordable.
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers

• we should get much more freight on to trains and reduce the number of lorries polluting our country
Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate
Extend clean air zones and help people replace polluting cars with bicycles or money for public
Stop road schemes which generate more traffic
Targets for the introduction of electric vehicles
6. National and local government to install widespread and universal network of charging points
for electric cars. All to work to common standard of connection and payment (just like the universal
square-pin ‘mains’ plugs and ‘Link’ cash machines) rather than the multitude of incompatible
systems now operating.
7. Develop a safe and secure way for people with on-street parking to charge their electric car
from their house supply.
10. Reinstate fuel tax escalator, operated and increased by Conservative and Labour governments
1993-2000 but abandoned in 2000. To act as an incentive both to drive less and favour greater fuel
efficiency and electrification.
Thomas Bonneville for Muswell Hill Quakers

Market electric vehicles and privately installed charging points to an unaware public. Eg an EV
Experience centre like the one in Milton Keynes in every town. Bring forward vehicle to grid
capabilities with solar pv linked with EVs for local clean reliable power. Ensure that rapid chargers
are available in every area of the country – not just those with climate aware councils.
Replace Vehicle Excise Duty and Fuel Tax with road usage charging to incentivise low mileage
journeys and avoid outrage as diesel/petrol tax receipts drop.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Public luxury, private frugality. Continue to decommission petrol and bring in electric public
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

A clear national green transport strategy that ensures that green options are affordable for all and
that the benefits of switching are provided in clear messages that everyone understands + supports.
Subsidise trains to reduce fares & reduce air travel.

Improve public transport, throughout the country. Only in London can we rely on the bus, train and

Cancel HS2 – use the work done as new stations or platforms for extra trains on the old lines!

More electric buses/taxis/Uber

*Reinstatement of cross-London tram project

Jake Eiseman-Renyard Friends of the Earth

- Increased investment in public transport-especially railways

Make rail travel an affordable option to car travel! National campaign to reduce car use!

I. Diesel cars banned in all major cities by 2025

II. 300% more road, congestion and parking charges/taxes on any inefficient petrol vehicles
III. Make air travel costs reflect real costs
IV. Make air travel within the UK illegal
V. Make rail travel much more affordable

Decarbonise all London transport & make it competitive to discourage car use.
Tamir Halevi
Invest in public transport. Renationalise railways.
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers

• we should move to an economy in which private cars are rare and public transport is the norm. We
have systematically reduced rural buses to a ludicrous state.
Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate

- Accelerate electrification of diesel trains and buses.

- Electric trolley buses replace diesel – eg Oxford St

Increase public transport connections countrywide more buses – Electric Vehicles

8. Replace all diesel buses with electric, using batteries when necessary but in major routes
drawing power for both movement and battery recharging from overhead lines (like the trolley
buses that were once common in towns). All bus garages etc to be covered with solar panels
charging interchangeable batteries.
12. No HS2
Thomas Bonneville for Muswell Hill Quakers

(1) 'reduce private vehicle use by vastly increasing the provision of public transport (not including HS2)
throughout the country, and reduce fares to zero on local journeys'
(2) create a network of low-traffic neighbourhoods in towns and cities to stop through-traffic from
crossing residential neighbourhoods
Annabel Gregory. MHSG

Have a citizen focussed joined up public transport policy. Ask not whether a private company can
make a profit. Ask whether communities can be less isolated, whether people can give up their cars
and what the cost is of allowing unfettered global warming.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Give/hire cargo bikes or electric cargo bikes to families in poverty, who are in need of transport. Give
training on how to use them and safer routes to get to where they need to go also.
Eg. Some poor people need a vehicle, for example, if they’ve been moved around by the council and
so need to travel further for their kids school. They should be encouraged to use cargo bikes by
giving them a loan of the bikes.
Cycle training mandatory at various stages of schooling.
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

Cycling Ban public vehicles from central London. Make cycling safe and air quality better.

- More, better cycling infrastructure – people shouldn’t have to risk their lives when making
ethical transport decisions

Make it mandatory for all car advertising to carry a “Responsible use” message, suggested wording
example below.

Michael Poteliakhoff

• there should be many more incentives developed to increase both walking and cycling – but
these need to be safe and in an unpolluted atmosphere.
Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate
Encourage/More facilities/Safer facilities


Pay reparations for the damage done to the planet already.

Millicent Guest Parents for Future

Set clear goals to reduce carbon emissions & reduce eg plastics. Industry has to be held to account to
develop sustainable green solutions that are real solutions not just phoney solutions like ‘recyclable’
products that aren’t really. People are becoming better informed and want to make changes in day
to day decisions but they need to be helped by national strategies on issues such as recycling that
support their individual actions.

See the potential for new industries and new jobs/careers/skills in the new Green economy. Invest in
the skills of young people.

Subsidise the decarbonisation of Industry such as Steel rather than fossil fuels.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Fracking must be banned

Cardiff Bay and similar projects must be implemented

No nuclear@ 100% renewables by 2025

More wind power

More solar energy – on all new houses and public buildings

No more oil exploration (leave it in the ground)

- Stop subsidising fossil fuel companies

- Invest in renewable energy production only + Municipal biodigesters for food waste to create
- Continue subsidies for solar and off-shore wind. Rebecca Harrison Member of XR

2. Put solar power panels in new housing developments & council estates & local businesses.
Joanna Young Antwerp Arms association Church St N17.

*Phasing out of fossil fuels

Jake Eiseman-Renyard Friends of the Earth
-Large scale public investment in research, development and production of renewable energy
Fracking ban it!

I. Re-institute FiTs for community groups

II. Move all national and local government pension fund investments out of fossil fuels
III. Phase out/remove by 2025 all fossil fuel subsidies….
IV. Halt all further coal extraction in the UK

- Invest in renewables. Tax fossil fuels.

Allow inshore windfarms. Subsidise green energy. No more fracking. Run down use of fossil fuels.

Bring back solar subsidies & selling it back to the grid.

Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers

• we have to reduce to zero our dependence on fossil fuels (so no fracking).

Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate
4. Stop fracking

1. Lift ban on subsidies to onshore windpower
2. All human and other plant based waste to be composted anaerobically as a source for farmers +
3. Accelerate research – tidal + wave power and put into action
4. NOW: authorise & pay for Swansea barrage power scheme + research other sites.

Stop fracking
Stop open cast mining
Encourage more renewable energy sources including land wind turbines and wave power
Restart help for the installation of solar panels
Research, develop and invest in all forms of environmentally friendly renewable energy,
Special emphasis on exploiting tidal energy
Research, develop and invest in mass energy storage eg mega batteries/hydrogen
Establish a nation-wide ‘vehicle to grid’ system

Local power generation Millicent Guest Parents for Future

A carbon tax levied on the producers of fossil fuel.

This tax would be passed on to the users of fossil fuel. This has two effects:
1. To make energy efficiency and renewables more attractive financially and speed up change
to low-carbon technologies.
2. To provide a new revenue stream for Government to use to facilitate moves to a zero-
carbon world and alleviate fuel poverty.
The price of gas for domestic and industrial users would rise more than the price of electricity
encouraging a shift to electric heating and cooking, both necessary shifts to reduce carbon use.
The effect on electricity supply companies could be substantial too. For if electricity companies who
use low-carbon source charged less than those who had gas-fired plants in their fleet, that too would
accelerate the shift to low-carbon electricity.
Alan Morton LP CCE Group, en10ergy

17. An immediate halt on fracking.

18. Divert all fossil fuel subsidies to renewables.
Thomas Bonneville for Muswell Hill Quakers
The government must effectively promote decentralised, low cost power generation, along with
energy efficiency and energy-use reduction, in a way that reflects the real environmental impacts of
the generation process. Not-for-profit ownership must be actively expanded, to minimise the price
to consumers of conversion to renewable energy sources; and at a local level on which involvement
of community organisations can promote awareness and engagement, and create active support for
sustainable production.
The tax disadvantages to community and micro-generation concerning production, equipment and
assets, vis-a-vis fossil-fuel producers, must be reversed. An adequate system of remuneration for
micro-generators must be set up, reflecting the real cost and value of the contribution widespread
micro-generation can make to the transition to renewables.
There must be a source of investment funds mandated to support sustainable economic
development, especially energy transition, either as a development bank, or through local
Local authorities should be enabled to take the initiative in promoting local energy sustainability,
especially with non-profit partners, and empowered to institute local energy policies taking account
of local resources and needs.
Alex King en10ergy community energy
Complete the solar PV programme for public buildings IMMEDIATELY. This was shovel ready, but got
cancelled despite the significant carbon intensity contribution and important leadership message it
was poised to deliver.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Install electric hobs and boilers in all new buildings or renovations and have local power generation
for developments.
Grey water plumbing for all new toilets in buildings.
Where possible use ideas such as north facing larders, for food storage, to limit need for large
fridges. Use other past and historical ways of building for inspiration on how to limit energy use.
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

NPPF: redefine ‘sustainability’ urgently

Bldgs Regs: major update of Part L required urgently.

Subsidise energy-saving, especially home heating systems and the insulation. And require landlords
and home owners to install sustainable systems.

- Improved building regulations eg for passive housing

I. All new buildings of all sorts to be net zero carbon (on site)by 2025… planning permission
granted until and unless. Provide enforcement mechanisms.
II. Unlock and force retrofits….carrot and stick….NOW…..

All new buildings to be energy efficient.

All new homes must be built to eco/passivehouse standards & builders retrained (subsidised)
Subsidise national energy efficiency programme for all homes & businesses.
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers

• On Buildings all new build must be carbon neutral and super energy efficient.
Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate

All new buildings must reach Passivhaus standards

- Radically improve building regulations re energy.

- Subsidise compulsory retraining of builders to new standards
- All flat roofs to be painted white or covered with plants reflect or absorb solar radiation without

1. Improve compulsory building standards dramatically; all new houses to conform to Passivhaus
standards (net zero carbon?) urgently. Rigorous inspection of all new builds to that standard –
failures may not be sold till brought up to standard.
2. Subsidise retraining of builders to achieve those standards; introduce licensing system so only
builders achieving those standards may do the jobs.

3. Reinstate an (improved) Warm Homes scheme to subsidise radical improvement of energy
efficiency in all housing.
4. All new roofs and rebuilt or re-tiled roofs to have a compulsory proportion of their area as solar
panels. (If national excess of electricity, it can be diverted in the house to batteries, charging electric
cars, or water heating).
5. Flat roofs not used for solar power must be greened with plants or painted white to reflect back
solar energy into space.
Thomas Bonneville for Muswell Hill Quakers

- Make landlords responsible for paying half the cost of the utilities of their renters, so that they
are motivated to make their properties energy and water efficient
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

Remove VAT on all energy reducing materials and refurbishment work on current housing stock. If
we remain in the EU lobby with new Green MEPs for this to be EU wide.
Require all works eg flats needing scaffolding to do all possible energy efficiency works at the same
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


9. Flying and shipping: fuel for planes and ships to be taxed at same rate as car fuel, with
surcharge or ban for ‘dirty’ fuel emitting pollution of particles or acid gases (CO2, SO2).
11. No third runway at Heathrow.
Thomas Bonneville for Muswell Hill Quakers

Have no private jet / private helicopter landings in the borough - don’t allow a flight path over the
borough for either. Have a hefty fine for any private aircraft that do fly over, that gets put into
environmental projects. Millicent Guest Parents for Future
Cancel Heathrow’s 3rd Runway.
- Stop Heathrow expansion
- Stop subsidising the Aviation industry
- Pursue International law makers to stop the shipping industry dumping rubbish at sea + cleaning
their tanks out at sea. Rebecca Harrison Member of XR

Planes don’t need to fly in a grid pattern now due to modern technology – great news for the
environment, as less planes circling to land. However please ensure this doesn’t mean that the
airlines just put more planes in the air!

Stop proposed building of a third runway.

No 3rd runway at Heathrow

No third runway at Heathrow

I demand that the plans to build a third runway at Heathrow be immediately cancelled. The
Government cannot fulfil its stated intention to achieve zero carbon emissions in the UK unless it
deals seriously and radically with aviation emissions.
Jill Boswell. Hornsey and Wood Green resident
David Lammy Please stop supporting the expansion of Heathrow. It is completely incompatible with
cutting carbon emissions both in the UK and globally.
Call for review of Heathrow expansion! It’s the biggest London Climate issue. And get your fellow MP
D Lammy to stop supporting it!
Challenge the Heathrow expansion decision in light of national Climate emergency,
Tax aviation fuel is a MUST it is sickening, Criminal even that this exists
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers
• worldwide air transport must be radically reduced and discouraged (no third runway at
Heathrow) – maybe some sort of ‘rationing’ – one long haul or two short hauls a year for
holidays. And an increase in video-conferencing for business.
Catherine Budgett-Meakin Transition Highgate
1. Stop 3rd runway at Heathrow
Tax air and ship fuel like car fuel
Targets for the introduction of gas/turbine/electric and all electric commercial aircraft.
New airport capacity only permitted where restricted to use by hybrid/electric aircraft

Sliding scale for tax on flights. Allow one tax free flight, then higher and higher to reduce flying and
any need for Heathrow expansion.
Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


A guarantee that our plastic etc waste does not end up in poor countries.

Limit plastic use by food suppliers and other non-essential uses. Give tax incentives to shops which
sell products without plastic. Millicent Guest Parents for Future

Create a world leading centre to recycle our own plastic here in the UK.

- Ban single use plastic. Rebecca Harrison Member of XR

1. Elimination of single use plastic at source – we want all this unnecessary and difficult to recycle
plastic out of our lives.
2. The immediate implementation of the polluter pays principle – we don’t want to wait till 2023.
3. A mandatory, clear and standardised labelling system for recyclable and compostable material.
4. The end of the ‘market’ culture around recycling – what is recyclable MUST be recycled, no
matter whether someone is going to obtain a profit from it or not.
5. Transparency and clarity around waste – no more half truths and fudge.

5. Reduce plastic usage in businesses

6. Food waste/food reuse policy at source at supermarkets. Ref Felix project.
7. Furniture upcycle/reclaimed usage.
Joanna Young Antwerp Arms association Church St N17.

Legislation to make manufacturers only use recyclable plastic packaging and to recycle it effectively

*Britain to introduce cash-dispensing reverse vending machines giving cash for empty cans, bottles,
etc. Jake Eiseman-Renyard Friends of the Earth

Tackle plastic in on-line deliveries not just at shops, with bag taxes etc.
Lobby supermarkets to provide plastic free goods + refill stations – not recyclable plastic.
Cash back schemes so people are financial encouraged to return bottles etc for re-use as the Danish
have in place.
Pay the public to re-cycle instead of charging them. After all its their resource.

- Reduction in the plastics used in packaging to PET, HDPE and PP so that recycling is easier
- Taxes on virgin products
- More robust, effective recycling systems
- COMPOSTING – make it easier
- Carbon tax

Taxes on waste ie packaging waste and household waste

Tamir Halevi

Edmonton incinerator offers a chance to change to cleaner disposal don’t tie us into another.
Ban plastic bags & plastic packaging. They did this in Ireland 10 years ago & worked well.
Legislation to make supermarkets & other shops ditch unnecessary plastic. It should be illegal.
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers
Now that we know the truth about our recycled waste and what happens to it (vis recent BBC TV
programmes), and that it is being refused by many countries (eg China and Malaysia), why do we
hear NOTHING from our local and central govts about what is going to happen to our waste (eg local
recycling/disposal industries, reduction), and CONCRETE targets rather than general waffle. It is
green imperialism to think we can ‘recycle’ our rubbish by sending it to poorer countries, and we
should be ashamed.
Anita Chandler

3. Unify recycling facilities across the London Boroughs

Stop single-use plastics and build more water fountains to deter people from buying water in bottles

Require recycling plants to input details of what they recycle to a public database, so that premise
owners can quickly use an app to know in real time how to minimise unnecessary
Subsidise the recycling of items that get incinerated/landfilled due to insufficient profit motive.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Set up subsidised vegan/flexitarian restaurants powered by renewable energy. People can go there
to get accustomed to the idea of a changed diet. Get really good chefs to do it so that its more than
a soup kitchen.
The idea is to also help people in fuel/food poverty. It could be a community space where citizens
assemblies are held too.
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

1. Plant trees – make it an obligation for housing developers.

Joanna Young Antwerp Arms association Church St N17.
*Land currently producing unwanted crops turned to biofuel production NOT rainforest land
Jake Eiseman-Renyard Friends of the Earth
i) Afforest, not deforest….locally and internationally
ii) Eliminate damaging fishing practices by 2025
iii) Take meat off all school meals NOW…..

Nationwide tree planting scheme on a massive scale – make wildlife corridors. BILLIONS. (Make it an
essential part of any future planning permission applications)
Kim Harrison Muswell Hill Quakers

2. Stop pollution of River Lea and its recreation ground

Retain open spaces to encourage more biodiversity, health

Require landowners to protect CO2 absorption properties of their land. Prosecute practices that
increase greenhouse gas and pollution emissions unnecessarily.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Subsidies to farmers should discourage livestock and encourage forests

Subsidise all stages of the non-meat market chain.

Require public bodies, inc schools to have a meat free day each week.
Mrs Sydney Charles Transition Highgate


Parks and green spaces are not being properly litter picked. If the council don’t have enough money
to properly clean spaces of plastic then there needs to be a greater levy on the main producers and
sellers of the plastic packaging in order to de-pollute. They must pay reparations for the work that
needs to be done now for the years of pollution they’ve caused.
Network rail land doesn’t allow access to people and hence should be a wildlife haven. They’re not
doing enough to litter pick their land. It has plastic and detritus embedded in the soil from years of
neglect. They must be made to clean it up.
Millicent Guest Parents for Future

- Make ‘Ecocide’ against the law + pursue corporations, organisations, companies with vigilance,
to ensure they pay for cleaning their mess up.
- Start to rewild parts of the UK to help take carbon out of the atmosphere, paying particular
attention to coastal areas to mitigate future sea level rises.
Rebecca Harrison Member of XR