Syllabus for HR class

Class meets Tuesdays Room 102 and Thursdays 115

Course Objectives:
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Overall course objectives may include that students be able to: 1. write a detailed and specific job description that can be utilized as a multi-purpose document focusing functions and responsibilities, 2. construct appropriate recruiting strategies, 3. develop effective interviewing questions in the context of an overall selection strategy, 4. analyze the content of any job using a standard job analysis system (i.e. the Hay system), 5. describe the critical factors in performance appraisal and discuss the difference between the effective and ineffective job performance appraisals, 5. compare the contrast a variety of compensation strategies and fringe beneit packages, 7. construct an in-depth self-evaluation of educational and training needs for future development and be able to apply the same methods to evaluations of others, 8. recognize the major legal issues facing employers in the work place.

In person
Our class meetings will be used for working on exercises, discussions, case studies, role plays and a little lecturing, but not too much.

Download and printout 10 copies: Attendance and Participation Form

Day and Date


Week 1

Introductions and Getting started

Review of class and requirements, discussion possible evaluation methods, getting started in HR - what is it and what will we study Using the web for HR research. Starting with

read and bring to class on Tuesday: Job description handout Listen to: Job Analysis and Description: Slideshow on the job analysis and job description To view the slide shows you will need distinction that often perplexes people. It also helps you see more clearly the difference between knowledge and skill and ability . It also has an interesting feature where you can look at KSA's independent of the jobs in terms of their descriptions and applicability to certain kinds of work. Develop job description using format from handout. Click here for sample job description Verbs to use in job descriptions: http://www. Here is the link for a free download: http://www.For next week Doing a job analysis: http://www. Discussion job description paper.realplayerweb. It includes some suggestions for KSA and other considerations for the job.htm Week 3 Recruiting methods .job-analysis. This is a must see and must use resources: http://online.asp? sid=M2AG0002cGS Week Two Job Analysis and Job Descriptions O-net is a super place to expanded your understanding of job description.

html Visit The Monster at How: Horton Hires a Who Week 4 Selection methods Click on http://www. “Interview”. “Biographical Information”. “Cognitive Abilities Test” “Work Sample Tests”. download and print front page and from the upper left category: “Methods” select the following hyperlinks and print out the pages for each: • • • • • “Overview”. Click here for sample recruiting paper Recruiting approach: Where. Click here for sample selection paper Testing as a selection tool .monster.htm.View Slide show 2: Recruiting and Selection Slideshow on the recruiting and selection Jim Collins – the importance of having the right people on the bus in the right seats: Develop a recruiting plan from your job description. Pre-interviewing strategies: the Richards’ System Developing a selection paper.

Will you grant raises or bonus? How will you determine who gets a raise or a bonus? What fringe benefits will you include? Why? Motivation Theories Pointing to Pay Sample compensation paper . How to write performance standards 360 Performance evaluations Connecting the dots Sample performance evaluation paper Week 6 Compensation and motivation issues Slide show 4: Compensation Slideshow on compensation Create a pay system and fringe benefit package for the job above. For example. Explain why you chose this method.Interviewing as a selection tool Create a selection strategy to select the best person for the job above from your recruiting pool. Week 5 Performance evaluation options Slide show 3: Performance Evaluations Slideshow on performance evaluation Create a performance evaluation system that measures the effectiveness of the person’s performance on the job you chose. Describe the methods you will use to examine the applicants from those you recruited to decide on who the best candidate for the job is. Explain how you think the job should be paid. how you will decide the difference in pay for one kind of job versus another kind of job.

120 = 5 points .210 = 8 points 150 .IBS HR GRADES CLICK HERE POSTED 9.150 = 6 points 90 .09 Grading On line slide show evaluation Attendance Participation Presentations Project paper (3 x 17) Total = = 51 = 42 = = 60 62 = 51 266 Grade Scores: 240-266 = 10 points 210 .240 = 9 points 180 .180 = 7 points 120 .30.

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