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Early Years Team: Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, 4 March 2019 Present: Danielle, Steph, Holly, Simone, Kristie
Facilitator: Steph Apologies: -
Minutes: Simone/Danielle Time Keeper Holly
Meeting Minutes
Meeting 1. Complete Draft Action Plan (Inc. focus/ timelines) 
Objectives 2. Analyse PASM Data and determine Next Steps 
3. Share PD learnings and what this will mean for 
classroom practice 
4. Other business- inc. play corner

Item Discussion Action

Check-In Team Members were asked to give one word describing how Break down future steps/ whole
they felt at this point of the Term. There was a mixed result from school agreements into
all members, between overwhelmed by what they still needed to manageable parts.
do and relieved that their planning etc… had been handed up.

Danielle congratulated Steph on organising, preparing and

facilitating her first Team Meeting with great success and
timeliness  

Planning and A quick debrief session where Team discussed: Members of the team elected to
Timetables - their individual planning and their feedback from Line work with Dani as the Literacy
Managers Coach to support them with their
- use of SSOs (and challenges with planning for SSOs/ planning documentation and
following up) planning for learning with SSOs.
- Challenges with current Timetables (including exclusion
of Steph from Wellbeing Classroom). Danielle to investigate Steph
- Positive reflection on Team Learning Environments. joining in with Kristie’s classroom
during Sio’s Kimochi delivery.

Developing Team Reviewed the updated SIP and discussed how this impacts the Danielle to type up and email to
Action Plans work that we do in the Early Years. We further developed our Team to have look and ensure it
Team Action Plan- including agreed actions for Wellbeing, was what was agreed upon.
Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Numeracy (TTC and PV).

Discussed Timelines for specific Team focus and the need for Steph to take to SIT.
increased number of Team Meetings to better streamline the
work we are doing in the Early Years and have the biggest impact
on Students Learning and Teacher Practice/ Actions.

Focus on Literacy for Terms 1 and 2; Numeracy Terms 3 and 4; to

include a wellbeing item at each meeting. Dani to make Guidebooks
available to Team (Literacy and
Professional Readings- DECD Literacy Guidebooks Numeracy).

Visible Learning Team shared new learnings and take-aways from Visible Learning Looking into developing generic
PD. Refreshed our knowledge on Bloom’s and how this has SOLO questions that can be used
merged into SOLO Taxonomy. Team discussed ways we could on specific types of books (as a
used this Taxonomy in classes. Classes will be incorporating this starting point)- specifically
into: narrative to begin with.
1. Reading and Spelling Warm-ups (during comprehension
2. Guided Reading Sessions
3. Shared reading

2019 Early Years Team, Flinders View Primary School

Danielle Barnes (Literacy Coach/ AET), Simone Koejemans (Reception), Holly
Millbank (Reception-Year 1), Kristie Sonntag (Year 1/2), Steph Kneebone (Year 2)
Sharing from PD Literacy Summit Dani to share notes from
Dani shared her learning from Literacy Summit, including presentations.
recommendation that Doug Fisher is an amazing presenter and
correlates well with what we are doing as part of the Visible
Learning work.
Oral Language PD
Staff found that this was mostly directed at the preschool, and
that the Oral Language component (the exact presentation/
presenter Dani saw on Tuesday) was knowledgeable, but like
many Oral Language PD failed to provide teachers with any
applications/ suggestions/ strategies of how this looks in practice
with students- much like the Partnerships Phonics PD.

Dani mentioned to look closely at Big Write (SFD, week 7) and

how they discuss and give examples for incorporating Oral
Language in Writing Experiences, as this was much more
Team are also looking forward to see if there are more practical
strategies in the Big Talk PD (also week 7).

PASM Team looked over individual class PASM results. Overall, good Dani/ Step to take to SIT the
results for baseline collection. Each classroom Teacher went suggestion of changing the school
away with the things they will be focusing on at Wave 1, 2 levels Standard for PA to match the
and how they can ensure the explicit teaching of Phonological DECD Standard 6 principles of PA
Awareness to ensure students meeting Standards. known in Reception; the last 2 (4
sound segment/ sound deletion)
to know by the end of year 1- as
recommended by speech
pathologists/ partnership and

Play Corner Steph shared Play Corner roster. As a team, we discussed Team to look at available
cleaning of equipment and how we will come up with themes to equipment and how this could be
help make the play corner more meaningful/ engaging. used in ‘themes’ (Tuesday 5th
March- after Admin)

Look into whether new

equipment was incorporated into
the EY Budget.

Next Meeting - Professional Reading- literacy focus

- Looking at what each of our ‘Literacy Blocks’ looks like and how we incorporate all
components of reading/ writing and oral language.
- Sharing planning for the explicit and systematic teaching of phonics
- Begin thinking about EY Excursion- where, why, who does what.

2019 Early Years Team, Flinders View Primary School

Danielle Barnes (Literacy Coach/ AET), Simone Koejemans (Reception), Holly
Millbank (Reception-Year 1), Kristie Sonntag (Year 1/2), Steph Kneebone (Year 2)