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Collaborative Moderation Matters!

Information for Teachers


▶ Choose Two students from your class from whom you will collect work samples.
▶ One student should be satisfactory (C grade) and one above satisfactory (B or A grade). I understand some
sites may struggle to pick a student above standard so you can choose to pick another student at or below
standard. You may also decide to choose more than two students that is up to the teachers.
▶ If you teach a multi-year level class, make sure both students are from the SAME year level. I.e. A year 2/3 class,
you pick both from either year 2 or year 3 not one from each.
▶ Collect relevant work samples from your Two students. These can be in the form of explicit assessment tasks,
photocopies of work from exercise books, photographs of work completed, videos on IPad … or any other artefact.
▶ The samples can be collected from any time during this year: they do not have to only be ones that you have
recently completed.
▶ Try to ensure that your samples are purposeful. ie: They demonstrate a specific aspect of learning against an
achievement standard.
▶ Your samples can include annotations/comments/grades that you have written on them.
 Annotations can be especially useful for explaining why a piece of work has received a particular grade. For
instance: You may have a piece of work that was at ‘D’ level, but looks no different to a ‘C’ level sample.
However, you know that the student was only able to achieve this with support. Therefore, the annotation “with
support” on the work sample provides the necessary justification for the ‘D’ grade. Similarly, you may have a
student who has demonstrated that they are at ‘A’ level through the verbal reasoning they have provided:
annotate their work sample accordingly.

▶ Make sure you collect the same task for each student. You may have modified/differentiated the task for wave 1, 2
or 3 students, but try to have the same ‘base’ task each time.
▶ Complete a Collaborative Moderation Student Work Sample Cover Sheet for each task. This can be done either
electronically or hand-written and printed three times: one for each student’s work sample. (see next page for

▶ You will need 4-6 tasks (work samples) for each student. They can be from a range of topics within a learning area
and be against multiple parts of the achievement standard.

▶ Please do not include any student, teacher or school name on the portfolio.

▶ Classroom teachers focus: MATHEMATICS (other areas can be negotiated with site leaders)

▶ NIT teachers: Health, Science, Language, Technology or Arts. Will be working in their learning areas for both
the moderation and task design sections of the day!

▶ Put your student work samples into Yellow or Manila coloured folders.

▶ Glue a completed Collaborative Moderation Student Portfolio Cover Sheet on the outside of each portfolio. Again,
these can be completed either electronically or by hand. They are self-explanatory to fill out, but
‘student name’ should just be the student’s first name.

▶ NB: Your portfolios do not have to be perfect. This activity is a chance to learn together.

Portfolios will be collected week 6 Monday, please ensure you have a staff member responsible for
collecting portfolios and they are ready in the front office for collection by Meiles.

PFD - School
Collaborative Moderation

Facilitators: Meiles Manser (SLLIP), Carmel Dineen (LID), Sharon Edwards (LID).

We will start off in year level bands; Rec-2, 3-6 and 7-12
R-2 facilitators are Caitlin Lean and Emma Foulis
3-5 facilitators are Scott and Troy Welfare
6-7 facilitators are Meiles Manser and Dani Barnes

*Specialist groups will start off in one of the band groupings*

After the welcome to country, setting of norms and a revision of the moderation process we will
split into single year level groups and begin the moderation process.
Site leaders have been allocated to a year level group to help facilitate the running of these
- Within Year Level groups, teachers will be placed in teams of 4-8.
- All teaching staff will be at PASS and will have different areas for year levels and
specialists teachers to complete both moderation sessions.
- NIT teachers will form teams based on learning areas, they will stay together for the
day to moderate and then do task design once the moderation process has finished

 Each teacher will collect 2 portfolios for moderation

 Teachers will pair up within their year level / learning area teams & will receive two
portfolios from that year level group. For non-classroom teachers including leaders
there will be extra portfolios provided.
 Allowing ~ 30 minutes for moderation of one portfolio, each team should be able to
moderate at least 2 sets of portfolios from within their team during the hour. This will
be repeated again in the next session.
 The table groups will be pre-determined before the day to ensure collaboration across
at least two sites.
 After moderation process each participant will collect their portfolio to view and reflect
on feedback.
 From this the group with then move onto task design.


In a group of four to eight, (If time permits)
teachers will work in pairs. They
will work on a set of portfolios.

One person on each table will act

as ‘facilitator’ to keep everyone to
reasonable timelines.

 In this way, each teacher will receive

feedback from at least two other
pairs of teachers.
Collaborative Moderation Matters
Tuesday June 12th 2018
Venue: Port Augusta Secondary School

8.45-9.00 Registration (Please be on time)

9.00-9.20 Review Collaborative Moderation Process and Group Norms.

Collaborative Moderation

Morning Tea
Collaborative Moderation/ Task design
11.00- 12.15

Lunch – BYO or PASS canteen options


Collaborative Moderation/Task design


Reflections/ Dismissal
This is a guide some groups may move faster than others,
facilitators to use discretion when moving through the

Lunch from PASS Canteen – orders to be placed by 11am, Monday 4/6/18
1. Country burger: choice of angus, chicken or veggie burger, with bacon (not included on veggie burger), cheese,
beetroot, lettuce, onion, tomato & mayo - $6.50
2. Country burger with chips - $10
3. Hot Chips: cup - $4 / tray - $6.50
4. Balfours pies, giant sausage rolls - $4
5. Balfours veggie pasties - $4.50

There will also be a BBQ

 Sausage , onion and bread 1.50 (onion optional)-$1.50

 Plate of salad( tossed/ coleslaw)- $2

Variety of drinks

Water, tea and coffee will be provided all day from stations
****Port Augusta Special School will be running their own moderation day at their site. They will be
continuing on their moderation journey from their day with Port Pirie. They have included Roxby Downs and
PASS special classes in this on the day.

Site leader responsibilities

o Promote the collection of materials for portfolio (minimum 4 tasks per portfolio.)

o Elect a leader who will be responsible for collection of portfolios ready for collection
Monday week 6, please have them in the front office.

o Ensure ancillary staff have signed up for their desired session by end of week 5.

o Ensure that staff are aware of the catering arrangements, morning tea is provided, BYO
lunch some canteen facilities and BBQ available at PASS. Please fill in food order and
send to PASS by Monday week 6 latest.

o On the day please ensure staff understand they need to sign in at the start of the day
and after lunch.

o Communicate to your middle leaders their role on the day. Let leaders know who are
involved in facilitating/leading a group that there is a meeting in week 5 Thursday

o Let your finance officers know that PASS will be invoicing your sites $5 per head for
catering and Carlton will invoice sites for table munchies.

o The cost of the wellbeing coordinator training is $295- an email has been sent. Please
ensure that they have registered and paid for this.

o If your site is hosting a training session please check there is an acknowledgement to

country and catering options.

o Talk to staff to ensure they know about parking, there are limited spaces so parking at
Braddock and walking over may be the best bet. If raining there will be a bus pick up
from Braddock.

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