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l,LETIIl Thursday, July 1 8,-2019

Act on your promised salary

hike, teachers appeal to Duterte
"We were truly grateful with from 2009 to 2012. For the group,
your promise that you will work for this law "does not rectify the er-
Days be{ore President Duterte the realization of this bill," TDC rors of SSL-1 of 1989, Particularly
delivers his 2019 State of the Nation said. Cayetano was the Principal the supposed improvement on the
Address (SONA), a group of teach- sponsor o[ the bill's Senate version status of teachers under the new
ers reminded him on Wednesday to in 15th, 16th, and 17th Congress. salary scale."
"act on his promise" to increase the TDC also atlached a draft version Thus, TDC appealed to the Presi
salaries ol public school teachers of the said bill which was initiated dent to once and for all "correct the
nationwide. by Cayetano. errors" in teachers' salary scheme
The Teachers' Dignity Coalition Basas noted that since the TDC's and "grant their long overdue de-
(TDC) has formalized its appeal to foimation in year 2006, "we have con- mand" for salary augmentation and
the President to fulfill his promise sistently lobbied for the enactment fulfill a campaign promise. "This
to raise the pay of the country's' of the Salary Upgrading Bill which SSL-3 has perpetuated the Poor
public school teachers. In a letter has become a perennial proposal in status of our teachers and Pegged
received by Malacanang on July 12, both houses of Congress for more our salaries in Salary Grade 11,
TDC Nal.ional Chairperson Benjo than two decades." He added that the lowest among the government
Basas reminded the President of his TDC's proposal is "consistent with professionals," Basas said. "Until
promise more than three years ago the findings and recommendations recently, teachers su{fered low pay
citing the bill filed by Duterte's run- of the 1991 joint report of education because of the extension of this
ning mate, then Senator Alan Peter committees of both housei'. SSL thru EO 201 which gave us a
Cayetano, seeking for an lrdditional TDC noted that copies of their four'tranche increase of a little over
F10,000 compensation for teachers proposal on salary were then sent P500 since year 2016. We believe th3t
in public schools. to all the senators for their con- the scheme under S$L is unj'.rst and
sideration. The group cited the discriminatory," he added.
breakthrough in year 2008 when the TDC also compared [he Presl
Senate agreed to legislate the F9,000 dent's "swift action" on the com-
across-the-board bill - aprecursor to pensation of military and Police
their current proposal. personnel to the plight of teachers
Basas noted that in 2008, the and finally asked the chief execu-
Senate Committees on Education, tive for a meeting - an invitation he
Finance and Government Service himself called earlier this year. "If
'took a decisive step to tackle sev- the governmenl was able to raise
eral versions of said bill filed before the entry-level salaries o{ military
the chamber." He added that the and uniformed. personnel bY 100
majority of senators "approved a percent with regular improvement,
consolidated version" which was the there is no reason to leave our teach-
Senate Bill2408 or An Act Providing ers behind," Basas said. "Finally,
for Additional Support and Compen- may we reiterate oirr desire to meet
sation for Educators in Basic Educa- you to discuss this ProPosal and
tion. "The bill seeks to augment the other concerns of our teachers," he
teachers' salaries by providing for stressed.
a F9,000 additional compensation to Along with other grouPs, mem-
be divided in three tranches, among bers of the TDC again will also
other benefits," he said. join the SONA activities on JulY 22,
But Basas noted that former Monday to dramatize their situation.
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo TDC will also further reiterate its
favored the Standardization Law-3 demands for "improvement in their
(SSL-3) through Joint Resolution No. salarie3 and benefits, better working
4 which provided a salary increase conditions and meaningful reforms
for ;ll the government employees in education sector."

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