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oftle Republic ofthe Philippines bEc-ause

; tle people deserve the bcst. From the bot-
'.tam ofmy heart, thank you very much.
, "We love you all and we will see you
next week and we will be working hard
He engaged his allies who belong to all
political parties and inJluential blocs in
co[versation up to li30 Wednesdaymorn-
Ir relded developments:
' . The Liberal Party said House mem-
POSE FOR POSTERITY. leyte nep. bers sbould elect a genuine Minority
Martin Romualdez, with former presidentand Le'ader at the House of Representatives
House Speaker Gloria MacapagalArroyo and to ehsure the check and balance to the
former First GentlemanMike Arroyo, Pampanga Majority aligried w ith the powerful ad-
Rep, Mikey Arroyo, Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. and ririGtration.
former Pampanga Vice Governorclayton Olalia " g'Tt**]'uld notjusr be anybody, including
(left ) during the Thankgiving Dinner Tuesdayat t!6se who oniy want a position and those
Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.ver Noveno niirsquerading as fiscalizers but are in fact
collaborators." sbessed the party's presi-

Romualdez fetes 131 House allies, dent Senator Francis Pangilinan.

' He said the House and the people de-'
served a real opposition leader, not the
promises to work for'best Congress' Majorityt "Minodty Leader."
"It is not bad to be in hamiony with the
By MaricelV. Cruz and In his speech, Romualdez, who got the Majority in legislating measures for the
backing ofat least 167 lawmakers in the pqb1ic.good," he said.
Macon Ramos-Araneta "Birt toeing the administrationt line
speakership fight, told his copgressiona|
LEYTE Rep. Martin Romualdejzon Tues- allies who applauded him several times without considering ths iuterest of the
in tbe thanksgiving dinner he hosted foi people is what we fear with the Majorityb
- day night feted the 131 congressmen who
them at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel: "I Minority Leacler at the helm," added the
supported his bid for the speakership, in
opposition leader
a gesture of gratitude to his colleagues want to join hands with all ofyou Tri giv-e
He guaranteed rhat the ruling pany in
who stood up for him and believed in his thanks and pray to make surc,that thl{
the previous administrution, together with
competence and leadership skills io lead l8th Congress may be the bgst qongresi
its allies at the House, would continue to
the House of Representatives. nut-poSd
uphold its values and principles in dealing
with this tead€Iship issue. With PNA