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Bill that will grewt protection

to vnedia workers pushed
THE head 0fthe PresidentialTask torce 0n
l\4edia serurity (PTFoM5)and a partylist
repres€ntative havejoined handst0 push for
the passage 0fa billthat aims t0 address the
(on(erns of media practitioners.

U nderseffeta ry J0el 5y Egco, PTF0I\45 exe(u-

tive director, and ACI-CI5 partylht Rep. Rowe-

na NiiaTadunn are pushinq forthe pasage of

the "Media Workers Weliare Actl'The proposed
law seeks equal pr0tection and a standardized
remu neration for media pr4ctitioners.

"Weare proposing a Commission 0n Press

and Media 5ecurlty (CPFM5), whid

will handle media concerns, including (laims

thatthey d0 not re(eive salaries and other

benefits 0n time/'Egco said at a news ionfer-
en(e in Quuon (ity.
Reporte15 complained that s0ne media

entities d0 not pay their5alaries 0n time 0rd0

not paythem at all..
"Theproblem isonlythetop'i0areglving
the basic salaries t0 theirworkersi'said Egco,

formerdief0freporters and deskman of lie

F*ffi &€ffi# Taduran, a former reporter herseil vowed
Undersecretary Joel 5y [9(o and Rep. Rowena Nifra t0 eliminate (ontractual practices.
Taduran sign the Memolandum of Agreement to push "l was a broadcastjournalistfor 29 y€a6
a billthat would provide seculityoftenurefol media and a (ontradualone for 29 years," she said.
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