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THE Phrilippin€ St;th-

east Asian Gamei Or-

is not
\T-". Foudation
suzara, SUZARA

IDc.'s chief exeeutiye up for the r€maiDing pl.s
ofiicer, said bolh the billidtr shordal by raising
Philippine Sports spodsorship fund-s whicf,
Commission (PSC) aod continue tb grow as the
tle P_ hilippbe Olynpic Games draw near,
Committ€€ (POC) 4re Suzara stressed that
properly represetrted sugg€stioDq to €ither bave
in vte
tn organizatio,tal the
tbe .organtzauonat pOC or psc
ahe flrcor ISC tak€
take over
committee and tak€ the organizatiotral fasks
part fu all decisiotrs of just four months away
B My. . {rom the conduct of the
He slso made it clear Ganes this November will
that thePs bi[io-n bud- unduty pr€judice Fitipino
gct approved by the athletes and jeopardize
CoDgrss for the SEA the carefully set prepara.
Cames this year, as tiom for thi event.
well as the Pl billion ,.All this tqtk about an.
awmentatiotr futrd ap- other body taking over the
proved Fy thd Presi. organization oftie Gamee
dent, are all lodged at this late period has oot
with lhe PSC. Not a only causod apprthemiotr
singe cenaavo ofgov- among our aiiletes, but
emDetrt funds is barr. amoog our sDodsors and
.{led by tbe PttrSGOC. private sectoi partners as
Suzara not€d. well.'' Suzapa said.
"All goverDment ..We app€al to both tbe
funds are duly ac-pOC and i,SC ro work to.
coutrted for, and are gether from withitr the
beiry disburs€d in ac. pHISGOC, where they
a:ord|nce with govern- are both prominen y rep".
ment_ procurement rss€nted as origiaaiiy ii.
procedur€s performed tended bt the
either by the PSC or pEsidetrt, with his vision
the ProcureDretrt Ser- of a multi-stakeholder ap.
vice olthe Department proad to tte orgaD;tiir
of Budget and Matr. ofthe Games..'-
agemert (DBM), as Suzara said that fmm
proposed by PHIS- ahe starl, the presideot
GOC chairman, Cotr. had trot watrted eitber the
grcssmaD Alan Peter FOC or pSC alone to or_
Crycaatro, to eosure ganize the Games. because
that_every peso etloa- he varted the athletes,
lad lor the SEA Games National Soorts Associe.
are wiseh and pmper- tioDs (NSAa) atrd the gov-
ly sp€D{'Suzara said ertrEetrt properly refrc.
rn a staleoenl sented, which was th€
Ee said that since same approach doDe whetr .
tbe Malayiia hosted the
the ideql budget for
is Grme; ir 2017 and Sio-
SEA Gamcs this year
arwd Pu blloD, lbe ' .gsgorp h Utlsj. ,

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