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tlEreorr The Triblmal's final and r€-aoDr€ciation of ballots 'comDutations', "ln inDges foom Camarines StlI.
tallv of votes after recormt Irorn *dthree pijot prcvirrces omtdtee's Motion, she praw It also asked the Comelec
and appr€ciation has yet to .hl}m ttv the foimer senator ihar rhe Tribunal immedatelv and the Board of Election
tp coririleted and released." Marcos, ;he gained as much resolve all pending iraidanG IisDectorsof several dusbered
An official copy of the "I r'ri are verv pleased with as 1t000 votes. after tlre revision and r€count DftiinctsftornCamarin€sSur
PFT rpsolution received bv this delelooftiril The PET 'Robr€do should rcsDect of the ballots. Protestee ind lloilo to explain the
Marco6' camp states,".,.tha has fiialli put an end to the rul€s spt bv the PET'and Dr€sented her own abE€nce of ballot images inr
Tribunal has yet to complete R.'l'Hio's'hna.ious daim of r€f rainf rorrengaging inmind- l'omnutation of lhe total theh iuisdictions.
the proceedrngs following victory desDite the fact tllat conrlifion tar{ic.s. The PET natioi'lal votes ior Drobstant Tl-ie resolution also
Ruleb5 of the 2010 PFf Ruhs, the oriire aiocees had not ya has exDlained o Bth sidd ,nd Drotestee affer "after deferred action on Marcos'
which qtail iudicial Ecotmt, conduded. She should stop rhat "ie.overv" in Drot€,st revision, recount, and re- urgent motjon calling for the
revision and appreciation of misleading the public with linso meani thai the appreciaton," claiming that teahnical examination of
the votes cast in the her impetuous proiestant Marcos) is able ho Gi victory as Vice Prcsidert election docwnerits ftom the
orotestanfs oilot Drovinc€s. Dronouncements, we ale ;Iove that his Drobest has has t e€n ionfmed. Li ef{ecl, omvinces of Larao del Sw,
the figures' subilitted by ?Y'nfident Etatii *le €nd. itwil inedts to push thiough based what Drotesiee seeks is the basilan, and Masuindanao
orot€stee are merelv beformers€natorMato6who on the iooreciadoi of the irnmeaiate rcsolution of tlle oendins the condision of the
wilbe proclaimed," said Atty. Trilnmal ttisnnlvtheTnlbunal irlstant orotest, Protestee's 'aooreciltion of balloe. "The
ipeculative. In arriving at tf'6
fi sur€s. Drotestee Dresumes \4c Rcilriguez, spol<espersc,n who will decidri whe*rer the motion' is like ise t'rllunal believes. ard so
tr'%t wi be
ai her claiml ol brmer strlatm lefchanct Drotest witl Droceed and the Dremature." holds, the protestant's
admitted by the Tribrmal. Songbon{ Marcc, F. ;erdict w l be based on the ' The sme recoluti.rn also mrrtions with rcsoect to the
This riremise is Gr]une 11, 2019, Robredo r€sulls of the aopreoation dir€cd tlle Cornmission on conduct of ' technical
fi'nriammr;llv flawed as *rc tfuough her legal counsel stage where rdv'ised ard Election {Comel€c) to submit examinationonhGthirdcaus€
Tribural G stil in t]le orocess Attv. -Romulo }Iacalhtal recounted ballots are a comment to Marcos' of action-are Premature
of aooreciation of *re'nrvised souiht the immediate leviewed," added Atty. consolidated reply because the proceectrngs
balfoi and rulurg on the reso'lution of the election Rodrisuez. ouestionine the non- under Rule 65 of the 2010
respective obiecb-ons and Drotest. She daimed that Th; rpcent PET Gsolution drcnoloeicn sequ€ncine of PET Rules have not vet
dairns made by the parties based on tlrerevisiqr, recount also took notic€ of Robredo s ballotim&esandExcessbinot crdcluded...," it said.

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