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wovt,ctASSv! By Melvin Gascon
SATOAF.AI(/' and Nikka G. Valenzuela
SLBF,V @!9ery-!nqq!!ef THURSDAY / IuLy 19,2019
@ to. the first time, an
SoNA orchestra will perform
2g1g tive for a State of rhe
?W Nation Address (Sona)
I at the House of Repre-
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Sona novelty: Orchestral

maneuversinthe House
this year's event would usher in minisfi ation's pro-China posit
Fnllil Al a "more celebratory atmo- "These past days, it yiel
sphere," not a repeat of the .ltp our sovereign rights in R(
tense and suspenseful drama ,tsank.Tomorrow, it will giv(
Duterte's annual report this that unfolded last year and end- everything, wholesale our
year on where the country' ed in the ouster ofthen Speaker tional patrimony to these sz
stands since he took office in Pantaleon Alvarez. powers and their local mini
2016 and where he plans to take "We want to have fresh per- via the worst ever Cha
it next- spectives. We want itgrand,like change," said Bayan Muna I
The Philippine Philharmon- haYing beautiful music played Carlos Isagani Zarate,
ic Orchestra (PPO), the coun- live. This is just a dream, and it
try's leading musical ensemble can happen if we have the bud- Fashion statement
and one of ttle most renowned get for it and through sponsor- zarate said he would
in the Asia-Pacific region, will ships," Bemal said. wearing a hand-painted bar
perform classic Filipino compo- Her dream came true as the tagalog depictin€ a call on
sitions to serenade officials and PPO will perform for free. government to assert Pbilipt
foreign dignitades before the sovereignty, and defend
a joint ses-
President addresses Blue as prot€st color " ipino fishermen and the er
sion of the Senate and the As music welcomes the ronment.
House at 4 p.m. onMonday. Sona guests, a sea of blue will The barong was painted
"Compared to the previous cover a portion, of Common- artist Ma Sol Taule, lawyer
Sonas, the public will be in for a wealth Avenue in Quezon City SONA SYMPHONY The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, shown here in a 2013 concert, will rights 4dvocacy group Kar
surprise as they will be greeted close to the legislative building, serenade lawmakers and guest dignitaries at the House of Representatives while they await atan-
by the Philharmonic. This is an as demonstrators plan to dra- President Duterte's fourth State of the Nation Address on July 22. It will show a man on a (
added lfeaturel where art is giv- matize their stand against Mr. nese vessel appeadngto cast
en significance, because we Duterte's policy in the west fishing rod tov\rard the Phi
Ineed that, Arsenio Lizaso, Cul- Philippine Sea. House, citing the narrowroad to first time ttiat the Sona protests a Chinese trawler, which aban- pine flag to snatch one of
Itural Center of the Philippines Renato Reyes, secretary gen- it. They will instead hold a pro- would focus on Mr. Duterte's doned 22 Filipino crew mem- three stars.
I president, said on Wednesday. eral of Bagong ,Alyansang Mak- gram in front of St. Peter's policies on the west'Phitippina bers before they were rescued. The message on Bayan I
About 65 PPO members witl abayan, one ofthe rally organiz- Church, also on Common- Sea, waters within the country's He described the incident as a na Rep. Ferdinand Gai
lplay Filipino classics to wel- , ers, said thousands of people wealth. 37o-kilometer exclusive- eco- small maritime accident. barong will be a call for a P
come the President and his en- wearing blue and carrying frsh- Eleazar said police expected nomic zone (EEZ) in the South When h'e disclosed that he national minimum wage and
tourage and other guests, and ing gear would join the protest more than 15,ooo demonstra- ChinaSea. had a "verbal agreement" with end to the end of contract (
the national anthem in the for- against the President's stance in tors but did not give an estimate Critics say Mr. Duterte often . China's President xi Jinping to do) labor scheme.
mal opening of the 18th the country's maritime dispute of the number of pro-Duterte showed aggession toward West- allow the Chinese to fish inside The Sona has become a fa
with China. demonstrators. ern countries, recently tlreaten- the Philippine EEz, critics ion show of sorts where mi
lCongress. - On Wednesday, rally orga- ing to declare war on Canada raised a howl of protest, saying members of Congress walk
Bernal's wishes nizers and Police Maj. Gen. Focus on sea row over Canadian waste shipped to he went against the Constitu- erally on the red carpet, r,\
Lizaso said the performance cuillermo Eleazar, regional di- "In the Sona of the ordinary the Philippin€s, but spoke softly tion, which gives Filipinos ex- some female representati
was in keefing with the wishes rector of National Capital Re- people, we will ltackle] human about Chinese incursions on the clusive rights to resources in arriving in fancy gowns i
of filnmaker Joyce Bernal to gion Police Office, and his offi rights, the West Philippine Sea , west Philippine Sea. that maritime zone. sparkling jewelry.
make this year's Sona different. cers met to ensure that the and defend our soverei8n rights," The President came under Lawrnakers belonging to pro- Some lawmakers use the
Bernal is directing the event for protest would be peaceful. Reyes told reporters as he and fire last month for playing gressive party lists said they casion to give credit to lc
the second time. Reyes said the protesters Eleazar inspected the rally site. down the sinking of a Filipino would display their s]'rnbolic fashion designers or prom
pernal earlier saidFhe hoped would no longer march on the Reyes said it would be the fishing boat near Recto Bank by protest against the Duterte ad- dthnic fabrics. rNe