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nqws THURSDAY I JULY 18, 2019

'Cha-cha will hurdle Senate this tim:e'

?y_.1,5-1:P,!*-z__..,.,,,.,._,,"""^.i_.-.."..,"...."... leadership of former president and Speaker
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, had apiroved
The Duterte administration,s Charter rts version ot a new constitution, but that
change or Cha-cha will hurdle the Senate in senators sat on it and several othet' pdority
the 18th Congress, which convenes on Mon- measures until the term of the l7th Cbngres;
day, AIbay Rep. Joey Salceda said yesterdav expired.
"We have a super maiority in both tlie
House of Representatives and' the Senate. I
- Prcsident Duterte has ordered his consres-
sional supporters to work on Cha-cha driring
have no doubt that the 20 Dutertistas in Lhe the remaining three years of his administral
Senate will support Cha-cha. Ifs now.possible, tion.
unlike before," he told the Kapihan si Manila "It's basically the same as (Arroyo,s),,, Sal-
Bay forum yesterday. ceda said of the proposed constitution.
ln the last Congress, Salceda said the ad- He referred to the version coniained in
ministration had only 13 allies in the Senate. Resolution of Both Houses Nb. 1! which the
He recalled that'the-House, under the Senate did not act on.

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