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rNo coup vs Cayetano at SONA'

electedAlan as our sPeaker," he said, to do with finance and economics. We designate committee chairmeh and
1P:i5"::".""."n: referring to Cayetano. wiil have a deputy speaker for educa- ' Vehim would rume the vice c-hairmen.
Asked about the couP rumors, ' tion, Social services, administrative "After would be
15 months, there
Taquig Rep. Alan Peter CaYetano
Romero, who heads the S4-member matters and other concerns," he said. a switch of positions.
Thatwould not
is suie 6f gdtting elected speaker
convenes on Parw-list Coalition, said: "We have in his series of talks with his sup- be disruptive, since both chairman
I when the 18th Congress
Monday, his congr6ssmen-allies said beeri hearing that, but ai this stage, po*ers last week, Cayetano
and vice chairman would be familiar
vesterdav the Presideit's suggestions will be introduced Mandaluyong
with the work of their committee. In
' "Itwiilbe a smooth election. There followed bv our coalition and bv all Rep. Neptali Gonzales II as
effect, it's a revolving door setuP.
will be no coup, i(s all in the media," maior political oarties." deputy speaker for internal
That misht iust work," he said.
Albav Reo. Ioiv Salceda told the Ka- Salcida said'the House exPects to affairs. " - With Delon Porcalla
pihai sa'Vaniia Bay forum at Caf6 elect its other key officers'on Monday, He was grooming Gonza-
ldriatico in Manila. including its L4'deputy speakers arih les to be his majority leader
"I am with t}e group of Alan (CaY- the chairman of the committee on aP- before Dutelte suggested
etano) I am with Mardn (Romualdez prooriations. Romualdez. '
of Leyte) and I am not hearing anY
' 'tongt".tmatt Sid (Isidro) Ungab Cavetano said Gonzales
-rumor. wouli have luthority over
couo The Prcsident has made of Dava6 Ciw will most likelv head
a sdqgestion" he has suggested an ar- the aopropriitions committe6," Sal- issues and matters that do
ranel-ment and we wil.f lollow them' ceda'slidl Ungab chaired the com- not have to reach him.
He f,asn t chaneed them," Salceda said. mittee in the 16th Congress. In the case of commit-
He was refirring to the speaker- He said Cavetano has adoPted tee assignments, Romero
shio term sharine brokered bv Presi- his suggestion ihat deputy spedkers said based on ioformation
derit Duterte betiveen Cavetino and be authorized to oversee some com- reaching him, Cayetano and
Marinduoue Rep. Lord Alian Velasco. mittees, instead of just being asked Velasco are trying to work out
Dutert'e recommended Romual- to alternately preside over House an arrangement that would
dez, another candidate for sPeaker, sessions. not disru-pt the work of the
to be majority leader. "For instance, we will have a dePu- various House committees.
Earlier, presidential son Davao tv soeaker for finance and economics He said one formula being
Citv ReD. Paolo Duterte said a dis- ri'h6 will supervise committees having explored is for Cayetano to
gnirtleci candidate for speaker might
just stage a coup against PresumPtive ) PAcle-g-/t
soeaker Cavetano
^ Anothertayetano ally, ReP. Mikee
Romero of 1-Picman, said that about
99 percent of all House members
would heed the President's sugges-
"The President endorsed the so-
called Magellan formula- 15 months
for Cavelano and 21 months for
Velasco, with Romualdez as majority
leader. We will follow that. Before
noon on Mqnday, we should have

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