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BI to arrest aliens and taunting a crying anti-riot

joining SONA rallies polrceman.

Likewise, Canadian student Kim
Chatillon-Miller was also deported
The Bureau of Immioration mrlornrng an anti-SONA demonstra_
He stressed that aliens are hon for theEame year.
said Wednesdav it will arrist anrl prohibited by law to engage in any
deport foreign national joining anti- In 2018, Australian nun patricia
political activity in thecouitr9.
government demon3trations. Fox was denied renewal of her visa
"It is an act of disrespect, tanta_ for participating in partisan political
BI Commissioner Jaime Morente mount to meddling in the internal
issued the warning as president activities.
affairs of a sovereiqn nation for In the same year, Zimbabwean
Duterte is scheduled to deliver his aliens to participate in Dolitical
State of the Nation Address (SONA) Tawanda Chandiwana, American
rallies," he said. Adam Thomas Shaw, itnd Malawian
on l4onday. Morente stressed that foreioners
'We are issuing the warnino to Miracle Osman were ordered to leave
have no political rights and;ivi for involvement in leftist activities.
avoid the repetition of past inci_ leges of a Fitipino.
dents wherein several aliens were "Follow our laws, resDect them
It can be recalled that in 2013. and you will not be arrested an.t
arrested and daported for oartici_ Dutch citizen Thomas van Beer-
pating in rallies durinq tfre SCitUs of deported," Morente advised for-
sum was deported after beino eigners visiting the countrv. (Jun
the President," the BI chief said. photographed joining a protesi Ramirez)