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Poverty is one of the many problems the world is facing right now, and Biliran Province is not an

exemption to this. In the past four decades, the proportion of households living below the official
poverty line has declined slowly and unevenly and poverty reduction has been much slow. The reasons
why this is an issue here in Biliran is because there is a weak local government capacity for
implementing poverty reduction program. Also, families do not do much family planning that is why
some are living in a very poor environment with a large number of members of the families.

To solve this very issue, the government should take care of this matter very seriously and
should put this latter as one of the top priority. Citizens should be aware of this intuition because this
can lead to many complications. Family should have a family planning in order for them to care their
children in a safe and sound environment.

Because of the global warming and El Nino, we are now facing a crisis in the water supply.
Netizens of Biliran is not an exemption as only a tiny drop of water can be get in their faucet. They need
to fetch water or stay up all night waiting for the water to come back.

As the water supply right now is not a very good issue, we should be caring for our environment.
We should conserve our water, even a drop. We should not be wasting anything because it is only for
our own good.

Many of us wants to go to school but unfortunately, because of our biggest population today,
the government cannot provide all the needs in school. There are schools lacking in classrooms and
chairs. Some also do not have an enough reference books or modules.

The government should put this issue as their top priority. We should make this a country of
entrepreneur and inventors not only as a laborer. Also for the students, they should also help
their self to be part of an educated world and strive hard to gain success.

Not all college graduates doo have a decent proffesions but some just stay at home or do not
have a proper job . We Filipinos should aim at a higher goal. Netizins of Biliran Province should
be aware of this issue in regards to unemployed people or citizens working in a low salary.

The goverment should take action regarding to this. What they need is to lower the taxes, but we can
increase PhilHealth, Pag –Ibig and SSS. The goverment must make use of the money improving
their services and benefits to people. But also the unemployed people should also stand up on
their feet and make sure to strive hard.

Year 2017 when the caraycaray bridge is damaged but until now, 2 years have passed, it is still in
ongoing repair. As this bridge is important as a connection to the town, the goverment should
pay much attention to this matter. This should not be ignored. The government must save a
fund for the reparation so that there in that area will not be a messed. The said authority
should take action for the comfortable travel-/transportation of the citizens.