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GameCloud Reaching Cologne, Germany with a Bunch of Modern Video Game

QA Offerings for Gamescom

Officials of the leading video game testing company, GameCloud Technologies are soon to fly to
Germany for Gamescom-2019 in Cologne. The company which offers end to end game testing
services & quality assurance will also be exhibiting the coverage of emerging gaming platforms
during Gamescom.

Cologne, Germany, July 18, 2019 --( All is set for Gamescom 2019 to be held in Cologne,
Germany. The team of GameCloud Technologies Private Limited is attending the event to showcase a
host of rewarding deals and service demos for the game studios.

Discussing the plans on this trade fair for digital games culture, the CEO of GameCloud Technologies
revealed that the company is ready to demonstrate some impressive game testing and QA services, both
on the current and emerging gaming platforms. “We are excited to announce our presence at Gamescom.
We have continued keeping ourselves updated about the changing and emerging trends in the gaming
technology world and attending the esteemed events like Gamescom helps us understand about new
genres and platforms in the industry.”

Mr. Thipse, who has always been a passionate gamer all his life, further highlighted his organization's
readiness to break the norm of covering just the mobile platform by extending its reach to the upcoming
techs, including Gesture Controlled Gaming, Virtual Reality, Voice Controlled Gaming, Wearable
Gaming Gear, and Augmented Reality among others. GameCloud Technologies enjoys a glowing
reputation as a brand known for advanced quality check options on all major gaming platforms. The
brand offers a signature 360-degree video game validation, applicable at each stage of the game
development cycle, alongside the conventional video game quality assurance and quality control.

The GameCloud Technologies' competitively priced Video Game Quality Assurance services are
accessible to video game development studios of all sizes. According to the CEO, this gesture is intended
to help the game studios to deliver the best possible experience to their consumers and players. “We know
there are many fresh studios with amazing games but with little planning for quality checks. Be it damage
control or preventive measures; we help all such studios with our proven methods around essential quality
checks. Not just the Game Studios with matured QA process, we also intend to reinforce the fresh game
developers to handle game quality checks right from the scratch. Game studios from various countries use
our help to validate their games effectively and have a confident global release,” Mr. Thipse explained.

GameCloud boasts of the contributions of a reliable team comprising top professionals across the gaming
industry, who have over time played, tested, and validated more than a thousand video games. This
experience and expertise have been leveraged continuously to deliver on end-to-end game testing services
to every genre and platform in the industry. The company's QA facility is packed with over 200 test
devices to ensure that all its clients worldwide enjoy onestop solution and offer their end-users a seamless
and exciting gameplay experience.

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Gamescom is open to everyone, including the game enthusiasts who are interested in deliberating on the
evolving trends in game QA industry. The meeting event will be held in Koelnmesse, Cologne between
19th to 24th August 2019. Interested parties can book a time-slot on video game QA discussions by
sending a mail to before 12th August 2019.

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