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Duquesne University
Department of English
600 Forbes Ave. @dyoung2507
Pittsburgh, PA 15282 216.397.4536

2020 Ph.D., English Literature, Duquesne University
Dissertation: Narrative Forms of Fascism and Violence in 20th Century British Fiction
Committee: Judy Suh (Director), Linda Kinnahan, Tom Eyers
2013 M.A. with honors, English Literature, John Carroll University
2010 Graduate Certificate, Modern and Contemporary Literature, University of Oxford
2010 B.A., summa cum laude, English Literature, Heidelberg University

2017-Present Adjunct Lecturer, John Carroll University

Duquesne University (Instructor of Record)
ENGL 205: Introduction to Film
UCOR 101: Thinking and Writing Across the Curriculum (Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015)
UCOR 102: Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing
• Contemporary Literature (Spring 2014)
• Literature and Philosophy (Spring 2015)
• Modern and Contemporary Irish Literature (Spring 2016)
• Literature of War and Conflict (Fall 2016)

John Carroll University (Instructor of Record)

EN 111: Composition and Rhetoric I (Fall 2012, 2 Sections)
EN 112: Composition and Rhetoric II
• Detective Fiction (Spring 2012)
• Film Adaptation (Spring 2013)
EN 125: Seminar on Academic Writing
• The Culture Industry (Fall 2017)
• Music as Cultural Critique (Fall 2018)
EN 251: Business Communications (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019 [online])
EN 277: Major American Authors (Spring 2018, Spring 2019)
• Linked course with CO 335: American Film

Teaching Assistant and Tutor

ENGL 317: Survey of British Literature I (Dr. Danielle St. Hilaire, Fall 2015)
Writing Center, Duquesne University, 2013-14
Writing Center, John Carroll University, 2011-2012
David Young 2

EN 111: Composition and Rhetoric I (Mrs. Eileen Turoff, Fall 2011)

RESEARCH INTERESTS_______________________________________________________
20th and 21st century literature, Narrative theory, Literature and film of the Holocaust, Violence
in literature and film, Critical theory, Film studies, Philosophy and literature


2019 MLA Career Development Boot Camp Fellow
2018 Part Time Faculty Travel Award, John Carroll University
2017-18 English Department Dissertation Fellowship, Duquesne University
2017 Advanced Certificate of Teaching Excellence, Duquesne University
2016 Emerging Scholars Travel Grant, Modernist Studies Association
2016 Graduate Student Travel Award, Literature/Film Association
2016 Certificate of Teaching Excellence, Duquesne University
2013-17 Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Duquesne University
2011-13 Graduate Teaching Assistantship, John Carroll University
2012 Alpha Sigma Nu Honors Society, John Carroll University
2012 Michael Schoenecke Travel Grant, PCA/ACA
2010 Dr. and Mrs. Burton Miller Prize in English, Heidelberg University
2010 Frederick D. Lemke Award in English, Heidelberg University
2007-10 Phi Theta Kappa Merit Scholarship, Heidelberg University

2018 “Imbricated Representations of Holocaust Violence: The Irreversible and Images in Spite
of All: Four Photographs from Auschwitz. Seminar on Photography and Other Arts.
Modernist Studies Association Conference. Columbus, OH
2018 “Seeds of Destruction: Narrating Nazis and Fascist Sympathizers in Pre-WWII British
Texts and their Relationship to Later Holocaust Texts.” International Society for the
Study of Narrative Conference. Montreal, Qc
2017 “The Breakdown of Realism and the Ethics of Voice in D.M. Thomas’ The White Hotel.”
International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference. Lexington, KY
2016 “The Performance of Fascist Aesthetics and Ceremony in Nancy Mitford’s Wigs on the
Green.” Seminar on Modernism and Fascism. Modernist Studies Association Conference.
Pasadena, CA
2016 “I can work with this”: Media Consumption, Ideology, and the Return of Hitler in
Look Who’s Back.” Literature/Film Association Conference. Glassboro, NJ
2014 “Practice before Theory: Montage, Precisionism, and Strand and Sheeler’s Manhatta”
Seminar on Modernism and Cinema. Modernist Studies Association Conference.
Pittsburgh, PA
2014 “Can There Be Photography after Auschwitz?: Trauma, Aesthetics, and Narrative in The
Irreversible.” Northeast Modern Language Association Conference. Harrisburg, PA
2013 “Love in Times of Chaos: Romance and Affection in the Films of Michael Haneke.”
PCA/ACA National Conference. Washington D.C.
2012 “Framing the Unfilmable: Harold Pinter’s Adaptation of The French Lieutenant’s
Woman.” Mid-Atlantic PCA/ACA Conference. Pittsburgh, PA
David Young 3

2012 “The Fifth Time Will Not Be the Charm, or, How Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby
Will Fail as a Cinematic Adaptation.” Midwest PCA/ACA Conference. Columbus, OH
2012 “Debasing the Shoah: Sex, Violence, and Historicity in Independent Holocaust Film.”
PCA/ACA National Conference, Boston, MA


2015 “Grotesque Frames: Narrative Framing and Structure in Sherwood Anderson’s
Winesburg, Ohio.” English Department Colloquium. Duquesne University.

2012 “More Than Just Brains and Bosco: An Introduction to George A. Romero’s Night of
the Living Dead.” John Carroll University Film Society in conjunction with The Center
for Student Diversity and Inclusion.

Thomas Doherty. Show Trial: Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist. The New
Americanist (forthcoming 2019).

Murray Pomerance, ed. The Last Laugh: Strange Humors of Cinema. The Journal of American
Culture 37.1 (2014): 111-112.

Kerry Larson, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Nineteenth Century American Poetry. The
Journal of American Culture 36.1 (2013): 62-63.

2018 Invited Speaker. Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. “Naming Power,
The Power of Naming: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly,” October 9, 2018


2018-19 Adjunct Faculty Advisory Council, John Carroll University
2016-17 Graduate Representative, First Year Writing Committee, Duquesne University
2015-17 Vice President, English Graduate Organization, Duquesne University
2015-16 Graduate Representative, English Department Visiting Scholar Committee,
Duquesne University
2015 Organizer, Closing Creative Reading, Access: Redefining Disability and Mobility
Studies Conference, Duquesne University, March 21
2014-15 Treasurer, English Graduate Organization, Duquesne University
2014 Teaching Mentor, UCOR 101, Duquesne University
2013 7th Grade Writing Instructor, Project QUE, John Carroll University, June 15-19
2012-13 Writing Across the Curriculum Assessment Reader, John Carroll University
2012 7th Grade Writing Instructor, Project QUE, John Carroll University, June 9-13


MLA Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities, 2019-2022
Conference Volunteer, The Society for Novel Studies Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. 2015
Conference Volunteer, Modernist Studies Association Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. 2014
Submission Reader, Creating Nonfiction
David Young 4

Manuscript Referee, The Journal of American Culture (4 articles)

Manuscript Referee, Trans-National Literature (2 articles)

2013-14 Poetry Editor, :Lexicon
2012 General Editor, The John Carroll Review (Fall)
2012 Poetry Editor, The John Carroll Review (Spring)
2011 Poetry Staff, The John Carroll Review (Fall)

British Association of Holocaust Studies
The International Society for the Study of Narrative
Modern Language Association
Modernist Studies Association
Society for Novel Studies

Related Interests