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Thomas Andrews 1st Was a British businessman and Died

shipbuilder. He was managing director
Designer of the and head of the drafting department of
Titanic the shipbuilding company Harland and
Wolff in Belfast, Ireland.

As the naval architect in charge of the

plans for the ocean liner RMS Titanic,
he was travelling on board the vessel
during her transatlantic maiden voyage
in 1912. He perished along with more
than 1,500 others when the ship sank
after hitting an iceberg. His body was
never recovered.

Age 39. Irish accent.

John Jacob Astor 1st Was an American businessman, real Died

estate developer, investor, inventor,
writer, lieutenant colonel in the
Spanish-American War, and a
prominent member of the Astor family.

Astor died in the sinking of RMS Titanic

during the early hours of April 15, 1912.
Astor was the richest passenger aboard
the Titanic and was thought to be
among the richest people in the world
at that time with a net worth of nearly
$87 million when he died (equivalent to
$2.26 billion in 2018).

Age 47. American accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Madeline Astor 1st Was an American socialite and a Survived
survivor of the RMS Titanic. She was
also the second wife and widow of
businessman John Jacob Astor IV.

Age 19. American accent.

Mme. Aubert 1st Mme. Léontine Pauline Aubart (known Survived

as "Ninette"), 24, was a singer born in
Paris. She boarded the Titanic at
Cherbourg with her maid Emma
Sägesser. Mme. Aubart (often
misspelled Aubert) was the mistress of
millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim who
was also aboard. She and her maid
were rescued, probably in lifeboat 9.

Age 24. French accent.

Frederick Barrett Crew Was born in Liverpool on 10 January Survived
1883. Barrett was a coal miner and local in real
Lead Stoker pit collier from Hanley, near Stoke-on- life, but
Trent, England. Some say Barrett took not
up a life at sea after discovering his wife among
was unfaithful. Before working on RMS survivors
Titanic he had worked on a ship called in the
New York and lived in Southampton. final
scene of
Age 29. Irish accent. the

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Alice Beane 2nd (based on Ethel Beane) Ethel was Survived
married in early 1912 to Edward Beane
(b. 1879), a bricklayer and a former
neighbor who also spent time living in
Northumberland Street. The couple
made plans to settle in New York where
Edward had spent a few years before
his return to England to marry. They
boarded the Titanic at Southampton as
second class passengers.

Ethel gave birth to a stillborn baby on

13 January 1913 so it is likely she was
pregnant on board the Titanic.

Age 22. American accent.

Edgar Beane 2nd (based on Edward Beane) Edward was Survived
married in early 1912 to Ethel Louisa in real
Clarke (b. 1889), a dressmaker and life, but
furrier and a former neighbor who also died in
spent time living in Northumberland the
Street. The couple made plans to settle musical
in New York and they boarded the
Titanic at Southampton as second-class

On the night of the sinking Edward and

his wife managed to escape in lifeboat
9, Mr. Beane being one of a very few
numbers of second class males who
survived. He would later claim that his
wife was placed in the lifeboat which
was lowered, and he leapt off the deck
into the ocean to swim to her lifeboat.

Age 32. American accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Joseph Bell Crew After serving on the Olympic, he Died
transferred to the Titanic, where he was
Chief Engineer given the post of chief engineer. On the
night of April 14, shortly before the
Titanic hit an iceberg, Bell received an
order from the bridge to either stop or
reverse the engines (accounts vary), in
an attempt to slow the ship. Despite the
crew's best efforts, the Titanic could not
avoid the immense block of ice. As the
ship began to sink, Bell and the
engineers remained in the engine room,
urging the stokers and firemen to keep
the boilers active, allowing the pumps
to continue their work and ensuring the
electricity remained on as long as
possible. Bell and most of his staff likely
remained in the engine room until the
last moment and were unable to escape
before the ship broke in two and sank.
His body was never recovered.

Age 51. English accent.

Bellboy Crew Age 15-ish. English accent. Died
Joseph Boxhall Crew When Titanic collided with an iceberg at Survived
11.40 PM on 14 April, Officer Boxhall in real
4th Officer was on duty but was not on the bridge. life, but
At the two inquiries held into the not
sinking in 1912 he stated he was among
standing on the Boat Deck just outside survivors
the officers' quarters. In his 1962 BBC in the
interview he said he was in his cabin, final
having gone there to make tea. Hearing scene of
the lookout bell, he headed the
immediately to the bridge, arriving just musical
after the impact. Capt. Smith, who had
also just arrived on the bridge, ordered
Boxhall to perform an inspection of the
forward part of the ship. He found no
damage, but was later intercepted by
the ship's carpenter, who informed him
that the ship was taking water. A mail
clerk confirmed this to Boxhall and
Captain Smith. Later, it was Boxhall who
calculated the Titanic's position so that
a distress signal could be sent out. It
was also Boxhall who sighted the
masthead lights of a nearby vessel
(possibly the SS Californian) and
attempted in vain to signal by Morse
lamp and distress flares.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Officer Boxhall was placed in charge of
lifeboat No. 2, which was lowered from
the port side at 1.45 AM with 18
persons aboard out of a possible 40. He
rowed away from the ship for fear of
being pulled down by suction. Boxhall
did not actually see the Titanic founder,
as her lights had gone out and his
lifeboat was about three-quarters of a
mile distant. Boxhall spotted the RMS
Carpathia on the horizon at 4.00 AM
and guided her to the lifeboats with a
green flare. After being collected by the
Carpathia, Boxhall and the other
survivors arrived at Pier 54 in New York
on 18 April.

Age 28. English accent.

Roger Marie Bricoux Staff Before joining the Titanic he lived at 5 Died
Place du Lion d'Or, Lille, France. He and
Bandsman and Pianist Theodore Brailey had served
on the Cunard steamer Carpathia
before joining the White Star Line.

All of the musicians lost their lives in

the sinking.

Age 20. French accent.

Harold Bride Crew After the Titanic struck an iceberg at Survived

11:40 pm 14 April 1912, Bride and his
Radio Operator senior colleague Jack Phillips were
responsible for relaying CQD messages
to ships in the vicinity, which led to the
survivors being picked up by the RMS
Carpathia. The men remained at their
posts until the ship's power was almost
completely out. Bride was washed off
the ship as the boat deck flooded, but
managed to scramble onto the
upturned lifeboat Collapsible 'B', and
was rescued by the Carpathia later in
the morning. Despite being injured, he
helped the Carpathia's wireless
operator and personal friend of himself
Harold Cottam transmit survivor lists
and personal messages from the ship.

Age 22. English accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1
Frank Carlson 1st Was supposedly a First-Class passenger Survived N/A
of the Titanic who never boarded the
ship but was on the passenger and (Never
casualty list. His car broke down and he boarded
missed the ship. ship)

Age??? American accent.

Charles Clark 2 Charles and his wife boarded the Titanic Died
at Southampton on 10 April 1912 as
second-class passengers and their last
address was Colaba, Grange Lane,
Netley, the home of his wife's parents.
They were destined for San Francisco,

Age 29. English accent.

Charlotte Drake 1st (based on Charlotte Drake Cardeza) Survived
Cardoza married James Warburton Martinez
Cardeza in 1874 and lived in an
extravagant mansion, Montebello, in
Germantown, PA. She boarded the
Titanic at Cherbourg with her son
Thomas and her maid Anna Ward. They
occupied one of the most expensive
suites on the ship, B-51/53/55.
Mrs Cardeza, her son and their servants
were rescued in lifeboat 3.

Age 58. American accent.

Henry Etches Staff After the collision Etches, who was off Survived
duty, became curious and walked
Senior 1st Class forward along the E deck working
Steward alleyway ("Scotland Road"), and as he
entered the third class accommodation
he met a passenger who dropped a
lump of ice to the floor with the words
'Will you believe it now?'

Later when the danger was more

apparent Etches helped his first-class
passengers into their lifebelts. In B-84
he struggled to persuade mining and
smelting tycoon Benjamin Guggenheim
to wear his lifebelt; he eventually
succeeded and gave Guggenheim a
thick sweater before directing him to
the Boat Deck. Later Guggenheim
would remove both and spend his last
moments alive dressed in his finest
evening wear. At another cabin (C-78)
Etches banged loudly on the door and

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

when the people inside asked what the
trouble was Etches explained but
despite his warnings he was not
allowed in and eventually he moved on.
Etches was rescued in lifeboat 5 and
pulled an oar as Third Officer Pitman
guided them back towards the scene to
pick up swimmers, one woman
implored Etches to persuade Officer
Pitman not to return and eventually
Pitman decided to stand-by despite the
desperate calls of those in the freezing

Age 43. English accent.

Edith Corse Evans 1 In the early hours of April 15th after all Died
of the main lifeboats had got away
Gracie rushed up to where Second
Officer Charles Lightoller was
shepherding women and children into
collapsible D, he guided Mrs. Brown and
Miss Evans as far as he could before
being stopped by the cordon Lightoller
had set up to prevent a rush on the
boat. Evans turned to Brown and said,
'You go first, you have children waiting
at home.' Brown stepped into the boat,
but Evans faltered and the boat
eventually left without her. As boat D
hit the water seaman William Lucas
called up to Miss Evans 'There's another
boat going to be put down for you'.
Another account has her placed in the
waterlogged collapsible A but dying in
the night from cold. The truth remains
to be discovered.

Edith Corse Evans was one of only four

first-class women passengers to die.
Her body was never found.

Age 36. American accent.

Jim Farrell 3rd He boarded the Titanic at Queenstown Died in N/A
as a third-class passenger and he was real life,
travelling to an address in New York but
City. Whilst aboard it appears, he was survived
acquainted with several others from Co in the
Longford: Kate Gilnagh, Kate Mullin, the musical
Kiernan brothers, John and Phillip, and
Thomas McCormack. He may also have
known the McCoy siblings, also from Co

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1


On the night of the sinking, James and

his Longford compatriots stayed
together during the evacuation. When
the women in the group were
attempting to cross a barrier to a higher
deck a crewmen prevented them from
doing so. James intervened, shouting
"For God's sake man, let the girls past
to the boats, at least!" The threat of an
altercation from the burly Irishman
made the crewman comply and the
group passed through, James giving his
cap to Kate Gilnagh. Kate never forgot
the actions of James Farrell and later
referred to him as her guardian angel.

Age 26. Irish accent.

Frederick Fleet Crew In 1903 he went to sea as a deck boy, Survived
working his way up to Able Seaman. By
Lookout 1908 he was working aboard Oceanic, a
ship he served aboard for four years,
but had never served as a lookout prior
to Titanic.

At the time of the collision Fleet was on

duty in the crow's nest with Reginald
Lee, having begun his watch at 10pm.
They had relieved lookouts Archie
Jewell and George Symons who advised
them to keep a "sharp lookout for small
ice." Just after seven bells, Fleet saw a
black mass ahead, immediately struck
three bells and telephoned the bridge.
He reported "Iceberg right ahead,"
receiving the reply "Thank you." While
still on the telephone, the ship started
swinging to port. The lookouts saw the
starboard side of the ship scrape
alongside the iceberg and saw ice falling
on the decks. They had thought that it
had been either a close shave or a near
miss. The lookouts remained in the
crow's nest until relieved about 20
minutes later.

Age 24. English accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Benjamin 1st After the collision Steward Henry Died
Guggenheim Samuel Etches helped Mr. Guggenheim
to fit his lifebelt. Ignoring his
protestations; "This will hurt", Etches
finally managed to get the mining and
smelting tycoon into the lifebelt, he
then made him put on a thick sweater
and sent him up to the Boat Deck.
Despite Etches best efforts Guggenheim
soon returned to his room and changed
into his finest evening wear, his valet,
Mr. Giglio did likewise. He was later
heard to remark 'We've dressed up in
our best and are prepared to go down
like gentlemen.'

One of his final acts was to write the

following message: 'If anything should
happen to me, tell my wife I've done my
best in doing my duty.’

Age 46. American accent.

Wallace Hartley Staff Hartley, a violinist, worked on the Died
Cunard Liner Mauretania before leaving
Bandmaster to become bandmaster on the Titanic.
He had a fiancé in Boston Spa, near
Wetherby in Yorkshire and spent time
with her in that village the week before
boarding the Titanic.

After the collision Hartley led the

orchestra in playing ragtime tunes.
According to legend they also played
the hymn Nearer My God To Thee OR
Autumn as the band’s final song.

Age 33. English accent.

Robert Hichens Crew On the night of 14 April 1912 Robert Survived
Hichens was at the ship's wheel (having in real
Quartermaster relieved Q.M. Oliver at 10 p.m.) when life, but
the warning came from the lookout that not
an iceberg had been spotted ahead of among
the ship. When the order came to hard survivors
a'starboard he immediately swung the in the
wheel as far as it would go. final
scene of
At about 12.23 he was relieved by QM the
Perkis at around which time one of the musical
officers shouted 'That will do with the
wheel, get the boats out.' Later, Second
Officer Lightoller told Lookout Fred

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Fleet to get into Lifeboat 6 on the port
side and put Robert Hichens in charge
of that boat. The lifeboat (capacity 65)
left the ship at about 12.55 with only 28
persons on board with the order that
they were to make for the lights that
could be seen in the distance.

Age 29. English accent.

Stewardess Staff N/A N/A N/A
Hutchinson (Fictional character? Can’t find info.)
Joseph Bruce Ismay 1st Ismay was determined to formulate a Survived
response to the popularity of his
Dir. of the White Star nearest competitors latest ships.
Line Cunard had introduced the Lusitania in
1907 followed shortly afterwards by the
Mauretania. These ships had been built
with the help of a government subsidy
and had set new standards in luxury at
sea as well as being faster and larger
than any that had gone before.

Ismay decided that high speed, while

desirable, was not the essential
element in capturing the vital
immigrant trade which was their main
source of income at that time. They
would concentrate on creating the
largest ships to maximize steerage
capacity while making them the most
luxurious in first and second class
accommodation in order to woo the
wealthy and the prosperous middle

Ismay accompanied his ships on their

maiden voyages and the Titanic was no
exception. Ismay was rescued from the
Titanic in Collapsible C.

Age 49. English accent.

Andrew Latimer Staff Latimer signed on to the Titanic on 6 Died
April 1912, giving his previous ship as
Steward in 1st Class the Olympic. As chief steward he could
expect monthly wages of £20. Also
serving aboard was his brother-in-law
Ernest Hamilton, an assistant smoke
room steward who was his wife's
younger brother.

Age 55. English accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Charles Lightholler Crew On 14 April, 1912, Second Officer Survived
Lightoller came on duty at 6:00pm. His
2nd Officer watch would last until 10:00 that night.
At 7:35pm, shortly after his dinner, he
noticed how quickly the temperature
was falling now that the sun had set. An
hour later the temperature was almost
freezing yet the weather was clear and
the sea unusually calm. At 8:55pm
Captain Smith arrived on the bridge and
remarked to Lightoller about how cold
it was.

Because of the many stars in the sky,

Lightoller believed that there would be
a great deal of reflected light from any
icebergs that might be nearby. At 9:20
the Captain left Lightoller with these
instructions: "If in the slightest degree
doubtful, let me know." And with that
he left the bridge knowing that
navigationally speaking, this was the
most crucial part of the Titanic's
voyage. Unfortunately, even though the
Captain had received a number of ice
warning messages that afternoon -
most notably from the Baltic, Caronia,
Amerika, and the Californian - only the
Caronia's warning had been posted in
the chartroom (according to later
testimony from the surviving officers).
The officer's, therefore, were unaware
of the other warnings.

Age 38. English accent.

The Major 1 N/A N/A N/A
(Fictional character? Can’t find info.)
Catherine, like several of her siblings, in the
had left Ireland as a younger woman, musical
she around 1888, and settled in the
USA, initially in Cleveland, Ohio. By the
turn of the century she was a resident
of Chicago, Illinois where she ran a
boarding house at North Paulina Street
in that city and where she was listed on
the 1910 census.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Her niece Annie, daughter of her elder
brother John, had expressed an interest
in coming to live in America and
Catherine also wanted to visit family
and friends in Co Mayo; her close friend
Catherine McHugh had returned home
to Ireland in 1910 and was married to
John Bourke.

Catherine, therefore, made the journey

back to Ireland in the latter months of
1911 and by April 1912 was preparing
to leave for the USA again with her
niece and over a dozen other (the
Addergoole Fourteen) who would also
be travelling on Titanic as third class

Age 42 in real life, but early 20s in the

musical. Irish accent.
Kate Mullins 3rd On the night of the sinking Kate and her Survived
roommates had been in their cabin in real
when another acquaintance, Longford life, but
James Farrell who came from the same not
parish as Kate, knocked on their door among
and told them to get dressed as survivors
something was amiss, the engines in the
having stopped. The four girls did as final
they were bid and upon trying to find a scene of
way to the higher decks found their way the
impeded by physical barriers or musical
crewmen redirecting them elsewhere.
When one crewman tried to block their
way James Farrell intervened, shouting
the at the crewman to let the women
through. Intimidated by this strapping
Irishman, the crewman relented, and
the party passed through.

Kate was rescued in lifeboat 16 with

Kate Gilnagh and the Murphy sisters.
The last she saw of James Farrell was
him kneeling by his suitcase reciting the
rosary. She later wrote to her father
describing her experiences and related
how her boat was packed with over 50
persons and how the screams of those
left behind had haunted her.

Age 21. Irish accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

William Murdoch Crew Murdoch joined the White Star after Died
serving on sailing vessels. He served
1st Officer aboard the Medic and the Runic on the
Australian run. Later he was transferred
to the Atlantic steamers Arabic,
Adriatic, Oceanic, Olympic, and finally

As sailing day approached, however,

Captain Smith made Henry T. Wilde, of
the Olympic, his Chief Officer. This
caused the original Chief Officer
Murdoch to step down to First Officer.

Murdoch was on the bridge at the time

of the collision. He worked diligently to
load lifeboats and died in the sinking,
his body, if recovered, was never

Age 39. Scottish accent.

Kate Murphy 3 She and her sister made plans to Survived
emigrate to the USA where several of in real
their siblings already lived there. Her life, but
sister Annie lived in Brooklyn and her not
brother Patrick is believed to have lived among
in Philadelphia. It was to the latter city survivors
that Kate and Maggie were headed to in the
and they boarded the Titanic at final
Queenstown on 11 April 1912 as third- scene of
class passengers. Whilst aboard the the
sisters shared a cabin on E-deck with musical
two other Longford girls, Kate Gilnagh
and Kate Mullin, and they were also
acquainted with others from Longford:
the Kiernan brothers, John and Phillip,
who were also from Fostragh, and
Thomas McCormack and James Farrell
who were from neighboring townlands.

On the night of the sinking her sister

later recalled crewmen blocking their
way up to the upper decks and recalled
seeing lifeboats leaving the ship only
partially full. She also reported scuffles
breaking out between some third-class
men and crewmen determined to keep
the steerage in their place whilst she
saw women and children deep in prayer
nearby. Lore has it that it was the
intervention of Longford man James

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Farrell, who threatened to punch a
crewman if he didn't let the women
past to the boats, who became the
women's savior.

Age 18. Irish accent.

Caroline Neville 2 (based on Ada Marie Clarke) Ada and Survived
her husband boarded the Titanic at
Southampton on 10 April 1912 as
second-class passengers and their last
address was Colaba, Grange Lane,
Netley, the home of her parents. They
were destined for San Francisco,
California. She had a sister living at 142
Ox Point, Richmond, California.

Ada survived the sinking, escaping in

lifeboat 14 but her husband was lost in
the sinking.

Age 28. English accent.

Herbert Pitman Crew Pitman's duties aboard the Titanic Survived
included working out the ship's position in real
3rd Officer through celestial observation, finding life, but
the deviation of the ship's compass, not
general supervision around the decks, among
looking after the quartermasters and survivors
relieving the officers on the bridge in the
whenever necessary. final
scene of
Age 34. English accent. the
Stewardess Staff After the Titanic struck the iceberg Survived
Robinson Robinson assisted the seven ladies, a in real
maid and a governess she had attended life, but
as a stewardess. All were saved. not
She was rescued in lifeboat 11 which survivors
she said left the Titanic at 1.40pm. in the
Age 47. English accent. scene of
J. H. Rogers 1st “Yates” was never on board the Titanic Died in N/A
and the note to his sister was a hoax. the
Yates wrote the note in New York and musical,
then had a woman accomplice pose as but was
a survivor and deliver the note to the never
newspaper. Yates did this in order to aboard
make the police think he was dead. the
They didn't fall for the ruse, though, Titanic in

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

and Yates was captured a couple of real life
months after the sinking. (He was
wanted on federal charges connected
with postal thefts.)

Age late 20s/early 30s. American

Edward James Smith Crew Was a British naval officer. He served as Died
master of numerous White Star Line
Captain vessels. He was the captain of the RMS
Titanic and perished when the ship sank
on its maiden voyage.

Raised in a working environment, he

left school early to join the Merchant
Navy and the Royal Naval Reserve. After
earning his master's ticket, he entered
the service of the White Star Line, a
prestigious British company. He quickly
rose through the ranks and graduated
in 1887. His first command was the SS
Celtic. He served as commanding officer
of numerous White Star Line vessels,
including the Majestic (which he
commanded for nine years) and
attracted a strong and loyal following
amongst passengers.

In 1904, Smith became the commodore

of the White Star Line, and was
responsible for controlling its flagships.
He successfully commanded the Baltic,
Adriatic and the Olympic. In 1912, he
was the captain of the maiden voyage
of the RMS Titanic, which struck an
iceberg and sank on 15 April 1912; over
1,500 perished in the sinking, including
Smith, who went down with the ship.
For his stoicism and fortitude in the
face of adversity, Smith became an icon
of British "stiff upper lip" spirit and

Age 62. English accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Isidor Straus 1st Was a German-born American Jewish Died
businessman, politician, and co-owner
of Macy's department store with his
brother Nathan. He also served for just
over a year as a member of the United
States House of Representatives. He
died with his wife, Ida, in the sinking of
the passenger ship RMS Titanic.

Age 67. German accent.

Ida Straus 1 Was an American homemaker and wife Died
of the co-owner of the Macy's
department store. She and her husband
Isidor died on board the RMS Titanic.

On the night of the sinking, Isidor and

Ida Straus were seen standing near
Lifeboat No. 8 in the company of Mrs.
Straus's maid, Ellen Bird. Although the
officer in charge of the lifeboat was
willing to allow the elderly couple to
board the lifeboat with Miss Bird, Isidor
Straus refused to go while there were
women and children remaining on the
ship. He urged his wife to board, but
she refused, saying, "We have lived
together for many years. Where you go,
I go." Her words were witnessed by
those already in Lifeboat No. 8 as well
as many others who were on the boat
deck at the time. Isidor and Ida were
last seen standing arm in arm on the

Age 63. German accent.

Taylor Staff Percy Cornelius Taylor was a cellist in Died
Titanic's orchestra and travelled on a
Bandsman group ticket as a second-class
passenger with his bandmates. Percy,
alongside all his colleagues in the
orchestra, died in the sinking and his
body, if recovered, was never

Age 40. English accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

Jack Thayer 1st FACTS HERE ARE ABOUT THE REAL Survived
Borland ("Jack") Thayer Jr., 17, was
born 24 December 1894, the son of
Marian and John Borland Thayer. They
lived in Haverford, PA. The family
boarded the Titanic as first-class
passengers Jack occupied cabin C-70.

Age 17 in real life, but around 10 in the

musical. American accent.
John B. Thayer 1st Mr. John Borland Thayer, from Died
Haverford, Pennsylvania was Second
Vice-President of the Pennsylvania
Railroad. He was married to Marian
Longstreth Morris and they had two
daughters: Margaret "Peggy" and
Pauline, and two sons, one of whom,
Jack Thayer, accompanied them on
their trip to Europe in 1912.

Thayer had no intention of boarding a

boat. He stuck with his friends George
and Harry Widener and Charles Duane
Williams. When all the boats were gone
Colonel Gracie saw John Thayer looking
"pale and determined" by the midship
rail aft of lifeboat 7 talking with George
Widener. They may have moved
towards the stern like so many other
passengers and crew because when
Gracie returned a short while later they
had gone.

Age 49. American accent.

Marion Thayer 1 Was the wife of John Borland Thayer II, Survived
a Director and Second Vice President of
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
and the mother of John Borland "Jack"
Thayer III. All three, and their maid
Margaret Fleming, were passengers on
RMS Titanic in 1912. Marian, Jack, and
Margaret survived the tragedy, but
John II perished when the ship sank.

Age 39. American accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1

George Widener 1st From Elkins Park, PA, was the son of Died
P.A.B. Widener, a member of the board
of the Fidelity Trust Company of
Philadelphia, the bank that controlled
IMM, the owners of the White Star
Line. He was heir to probably the
largest fortune in Philadelphia.
However, George Widener was a
wealthy man in his own right running a
successful street-car firm in

Age 50. American accent.

Eleanor Widener 1st Was an American heiress, socialite, Survived

philanthropist, and adventuress best
remembered for her donation to
Harvard University of the Widener
Library—a memorial to her elder son
Harry Elkins Widener, who (along with
her first husband, George Dunton
Widener) perished in the sinking of the
RMS Titanic.

Age 50. American accent.

Stagedoor Manor TITANIC: THE MUSICAL 2019 | Session 1