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a High body tenrperature (103'F or higher) Call 911 right away-heat stroke is a
a Hot, red. dry, or damp skin medical emergency
a Fast. strong pulse
a Move the person to a cooler place
a Headache
a Help lower the person's temperature
with coolcloths or a cool bath
a Dizziness
Do not give the person anything to
a Nausea drink
a Cor-rfusion
a Losing consciousness (passing out)

a Heavy sweating . Move to a cool place

a Cold, pale, and clarrrmy skin . Loosen your clothes
a Fast, weak pulse . Put cool, wet cloths on your body or
a Nausea or vomiting take a cool bath
a Muscle cramps
r Stp water
a Tiredness or weakness Get medical help right away if:
t Dizzrness . You are throwing up
I Headache . Your symptoms get worse
) Fainting (passing out) r Your symptoms last longer than t hour

Heavy sr,leating during intense . Stop physical actirrity and move to a

exercise cool place
Muscle pain or spasms r Drink r.nrater or a sports drink
r Wait for cramps to go away before you
do any more physical activity

Get medical help right away if:

. Cramps last longer than t hour
. You're on a lorv-sodium diet
. You have heaft problems

a Painful, red, and warrr skin . Stay out of the sun until your
I Blisters on the skin sunburn heals
o Put cool cloths on sunburned areas
or take a cool bath
r Put moisturizing lotion on sunburned
. Do not break blisters