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What are words, rhymes and verses good for?

When we don’t live by them but ephemerally

We get lost in the poetic flow of similes and metaphors

With the message stirring an emotion only temporarily

I came to accept my poetic voice may have finally departed

Only to hear an obstinate scream bleeding to be free

And a fierce claw at my heart ripping out the words

To painfully stir and awaken the sleeping poet in me

How do I find the words after I abandoned them?

Or even begin to recapture them after so long

Evoking all this is a Sage I’ve yet to write about

And, listening to an operatic voice singing a sad song

A song about a ravished soul and a battered heart

One that keeps fighting for her stolen freedom

Stained in crimson, the Sage always spoke for her

Fragranced words of justice, truth and wisdom

I appreciate it’s not time for me to write a poem for You

And I believe the words will stream seamlessly one day

For now, this awakened poet has You to thank my Saving Grace

And the best I can do for You as your daughter is pray

Saturday, 2nd January 2016

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