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Company Towns ral Sey in the Americas Mele 0 Wig, ennai Sate Unieraty LANDSCAPE, POWER, AND sevivony oan WORKING-CLASS COMMUNITIES Shard Chart London Schoo of Economies radon Elem, Univer of Syaey Gian ta, Unies of Calor, Berkley | ene Byrd, Son Far Unierty arty Knopp, University of Waringtoa, Tacoma Heidi Nas, DePaul University Jamie Peck, Univers of British Columbia Edited by OLIVER J. DINIUS acs eC Un Noro ea ancela Vengaaa Laura Pid, University of Southern California Pl Routledge, Unversity of lasgowr "Nel Smith, City University a New York a Bobby Wilton, University af Alabama ‘thers Lon rou byite Uae Garg Pas bs Gor 04 nearest Abvihereree Dagny Waten tee Pre ily isthe United Stes Amara bere Congs Calg Pbtiaion Das Cony ori te Aeris ates, pone aed wig at ‘onesie Olver iin An eg Pea — (Cenpupiea ead wl norm) ‘nce logan adn tome pbrtny 78 ade pe) ‘senso oy thank ppe), looser eg (ok poe) ‘atrocity te (PD ak pge) ‘Grayenymes—Anenee—Hiery dean ewer. 5 Saal egaeng—Aneriry Dia, er (OO Hge Yege. Aaplp eraser des eceout ih ery Cayngin-enon Da ele morn CONTENTS: 1st of strations Foreword, MARSHALL, EAKIN' x Acknowledgments xi “Company Towns inthe Americas An Introduction ‘OUVER | DEUS and ANGELA VenoARA 1 “Social Engineering through Spatial Enginceting: ‘Company Towns and the Geographical Imagination” “From Company Towns to Union Towns: Texte Workers and the Revolutionary Statin Mexico” AURORA GOMEZ-GALVAREIATO 45 ‘the Port andthe City of Santos: A Cenury-Long Duty? FERSANDO THIEEIRA DA SILVA “Whitened and Enlightened The Ford Motor Company nd Racial Engineering inthe Brazilian Amazon” ELIZAMETHC ESCH 91 “The Making of Federal Company Town: Sunflower Vilge, Kansas” cuaistomuen w post ss “Glory Days No More: Catholic Pateraitiso and Labor Relations in Brazil's Steel City" onaven sls 194 “Borders, Gender, and Labor: Canadian and US. Mining ‘Towns during the Cold War Era” tabnte MERCIER 8 mer “El salvador A Modera Company Town inthe Chilean Andes” evgento oancés Fxti0 and ANGELA VERGARA 178 “Labor and Community in Postwar Argentina “The tndustry of Agcltral Machinery in Fema, Santa Fe? envia sINONAss! 98 ‘Selected Bibliography on Company Towns inthe Americas 251 Comrbutors 239 Index 233 ILLUSTRATIONS Inside the company store, Senta Rosas Building ofthe chock, Sana Rosa 59 Sunower Vilas, Kans. and icity 17 Sunflower Vilage as photographed in 43 8 Sunflower Village (now Clearview Cy) housing 19 sin worker? neghborhod in Vola Redonds ns Catholic open-air mas, Vols Redonda 141 Plan gs ElSavador Family homes El Salvador 189 Group of agricultural workers, Santa Fe province, carly bentieth century 202 Group of mealworkers fom Santa Fe Province 19605 213