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Mr. /Ms. (Name of Officer)

Name of Company
Complete address

Dear Sir/Madame:

We are pleased to endorse our senior student TRAINEE Jamille L. Macaraeg presently pursuing
a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy to undergo practical training at name of company/office,
herein after referred to as COMPANY, to expose her in actual business/ governance practices.

This Internship/Business Apprenticeship consists of 300 hours of on-the-job (OJT) training

provided by the accredited companies in preparation for her professional work after graduation. Students
are asked to look for companies who will be willing to accept them as trainees for about 8 weeks during
summer (starting date), or the equivalence of 300 hours. The nature of work will be assigned to the student
may be related to external audit / the different functional areas of business (external audit, internal audit,
accounting management, marketing finance and treasury, corporate planning etc.) or research related
according to these disciplines to strengthen her classroom theoretical training.

The COMPANY shall commit to take the TRAINEE for the summer/current semester consistent
with the requirements of the Business Apprenticeship Program of Kingfisher. The training agreement shall
not, in any way constitute an employer-employee relationship. The TRAINEE shall conform to all rules
and regulations of the COMPANY while on training. The TRAINEE and also the COMPANY shall not
divulge any information she may have access to, any such information will only be used for academic
purposes. Both the COMPANY and the TRAINEE have the right to pre-terminate the on-the-job training
upon submission of written notice if the TRAINEE does not show the required interest, maturity, or
discipline during the training period, or if there is serious misconduct and the COMPANY does not provide
the kind of responsible training agreed upon. The terminating party will formally inform the program
coordinator or faculty adviser of the grievance before any decision to terminate is made and finalized. The
Program Coordinator will intervene in order to rectify the situation in the interest of all parties concerned.

We look forward to your favorable response.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Academic Dean