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Date: 04/07/2002

Dear ------------------,

This is with reference to your application for employment in our Organization and subsequent interview. The
management is pleased to appoint you as ------------------------- in the company on the terms & conditions mentioned
herewith. Your designation is merely indicative of the responsibilities which you are required to carry out. The
company shall be entitled to require you, at any time to perform any other administrative, managerial, supervisory
or other functions.

A. PAY & PERKS: You shall be entitled to the following: -

1. Salary of Rs. --------------/- (---------------------------- Only) per month inclusive of all allowances, LTA, perks
etc. but excluding TA, Daily Allowance and Mobile if applicable.


1. You shall devote your whole time to the company and shall not undertake any other direct or
indirect vacation such as business, trade, consultancy or advisory work etc, honorary or

2. You shall always safeguard the interests of the Company and in the event of any prejudicial to the
Company coming to your notice, you shall immediately bring the same to the knowledge of
your superiors.

3. You shall not either during or after leaving employment, divulge, disclose, make known or
communicate to any person or firm, Company or concern or yourself make use of any of the
secrets or information which you may acquire receive or obtain in relation to the affairs of the
Company in the course of or by reason of your employment.

4. You shall faithfully and diligently serve and promote the interests of the organization to the best
of your skills and ability and shall exercise authority and carry out functions and duties entrusted
or conferred upon you, from time to time, relating to the business of the Company.

5. You shall regularly sign the attendance sheet or register.

6. You will forthwith inform the company of any change in your residential address.

7. It is agreed that it shall be open to the company from time to time to vary any remuneration,
benefit, and facility or prerequisite that may be extended to you on the company’s decision in the

8. You are not entitled to any leave during your probation period.

9. Your appointment as ----------------------- is subject to the particulars furnished by you and the
undertaking given by you in your Application and /or Bio-data form in support of which you shall
submit copies of relevant certificates, if not already submitted.

10. You shall be under probation for a period of three months (extendable, if required) from the date
of your joining. Unless otherwise stated by the management during the period of probation your
service shall be automatically be considered confirmed. During the period of the probation your
services may be terminated or you may resign from the post, without any notice from either side.

11. After confirmation, your services shall be liable to be terminated by giving one month’s notice or
salary in lieu thereof. Similarly, you may resign by giving one month’s notice in writing or salary in
lieu thereof. In the event of your being relieved before expiry of notice period mentioned in your
resignation letter, salary for the un-expired period of notice shall not be payable unless being
expelled on disciplinary grounds or violation of any of the terms included herewith or announced
from time to time.

12. In the event of any information furnished by you in your Application and / or Bio-data form, being
found to be wrong / misleading or violating by you of the terms of employment, your services
shall be liable to instant termination without any notice or compensation.

13. You shall be governed by rules and regulations of the Company applicable or framed and
amended from time to time and instructions issued by your superiors. You shall not commit any
act subversive of discipline or against the policy or interests or the organization for which you
shall be liable to disciplinary action.

14. You shall be retired from the service on attain the superannuating age of 58 years or earlier
physical or mental disability infirmity or for continued ill health as adjudged by a Medical
Practitioner nominated by the company , whose decision shall be final.

15. In case you are not available or if acceptance is refused by you of any communication or notice
required to be given to you under any law, rules or regulations or conditions of service. the same
shall be deemed to have been sufficiently given, if it is displayed on the Notice Board or is sent to
your Postal Certificate at the address given by you or available in the records of the Company.

16. In the event of you remaining absent from duty for a period of 10 consecutive days, without
obtaining sanction of leave or overstaying beyond the period of leave originally sanctioned or
subsequently extended. You shall be deemed to have resigned from the service of the Company
without notice and in that event, as and when you approach, your dues shall be settled after
deducting the Notice pay.

Please sign and return the duplicate copy of the letter as token of your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of
your Appointment. This letter comes into effect from MM/DD/YYYY i.e. the date of your joining at 9.30 a.m.

For -----------------------------.