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Mohan Harihar <moharihar@gmail.


M HARIHAR - Response to July 18, 2019 Voicemail

Mohan Harihar <> Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 1:59 PM
To: elizabeth warren <>
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Dear Senator Warren,

I am respectfully responding to you directly, after receiving a phone call/voicemail yesterday July
18, 2019, from your Regional Director - Nairoby Gabriel, who requested that I call your office to
discuss the reasons for regular updates to you directly involving the ongoing Federal/State litigation -
HARIHAR v US BANK et al, throughout its EIGHT (8) year history. I wish to clarify for the record the

1. I have NEVER asked for you to interfere with the referenced (or ANY) litigation.
2. As a matter of record, you have been directly informed (either by phone, email or social
media) of judicial abuses of power evidenced at every level of the Massachusetts State and
Federal Judiciary, including the Supreme Court of The United States - all related to the
above-referenced litigation.
3. As a matter of record, you are aware that these referenced judicial abuses have shown cause
to bring judicial misconduct complaints against FIFTEEN (15) Federal Judges (First Circuit),
TWO (2) Massachusetts State Judges and all NINE (9) US Supreme Court Justices.
4. As a matter of record, you are aware that evidenced Judicial TREASON claims have been
formally raised under ARTICLE III against Twenty (20) judicial officers - 9 Federal, 2 MA
State and all 9 Supreme Court Justices for continuing to rule after jurisdiction had been
LOST. As required by federal law, I have reported these Treason claims to the Court,
Governor Charlie Baker (R-MA), President Donald J. Trump and previously to
President Barack Obama.
5. As a matter of record, you are aware that these evidenced judicial misconduct claims have
resulted in an unprecedented ELEVEN (11) RECUSALS (9 Federal, 2 State).
6. As a matter of record, you are aware that not one judicial officer has denied a single
misconduct claim, including Treason.
7. As a matter of record, you are aware that I have evidenced a broken process for addressing
judicial misconduct in the First Circuit, including failures by the First Circuit Executive and
the Administrative Office of US Courts.
8. You are respectfully reminded that on April 29, 2019 a letter was delivered to your direct
attention, informing you of these egregious abuses and as evidenced, a failed judicial system
- calling for you to address these issues before Congress under ARTICLES II and III (See
9. Included in the same letter was a reminder of the Intellectual Property known as the
"HARIHAR FCS MODEL" which is also considered a Trade Secret – protected under the
Economic Espionage Act. The referenced IP is designed to assist The United States with
economic growth and repair from damages resulting from the US Foreclosure Crisis – while
also delivering substantial relief to illegally foreclosed homeowners Nationwide. You are
reminded that this IP/Trade Secret was favorably presented to: (1) your Senior Economic
Advisor - Bruno Freitas; (2) Senior advisors to former Massachusetts AG Martha
Coakley; (3) the Office of former US Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (D-MA); (4) Former
Deputy Chief Counsel to the House Financial Services Committee - Gail Laster; and (5)
to the Executive Office of the President (EOP) per the specific request of former VP
Joe Biden (Obama Administration). You are aware that evidenced Economic Espionage
claims have been brought against all Defendants in the referenced federal litigation, including
Defendants - Commonwealth of Massachusetts and former AG Martha Coakley.
10. You are aware that I have evidenced - in full public view failures in all three (3) branches of
government. Besides systemic judicial failures, the DOJ/MA AGO has refused to bring
criminal indictments for evidenced criminal complaints of record - and the 8-year
email/social media trail indicates that legislative leaders here in the Commonwealth have
consciously chosen to exemplify nonfeasance, by turning "a blind eye" to these failures.
11. Collectively, I have shown cause to bring a NEW complaint against The United States in the
US Court of Federal Claims.
12. Recently, some of the named Defendants have expressed an interest having a mutual
agreement discussion. While under no obligation to do so, I have similarly (in Good Faith)
offered the Commonwealth (referencing the June 29, 2019 letter to Gov. Baker) and
separately, the Federal Government (referencing the July 2, 2019 letter to President Trump),
the same opportunity for a mutual agreement discussion. You have received copies of both
13. I have stated from the beginning that my legal intentions have been (and remain) twofold: (1)
To recoup damages suffered from my identified illegal foreclosure; and (2) To ultimately gain
alignment with the State/Federal Government involving my referenced Intellectual
Property/Trade Secret, designed to deliver substantial economic growth to the
Commonwealth and to The United States (including substantial relief to illegally foreclosed
homeowners Nationwide).

As an American-born citizen and resident of this Commonwealth, these systemic failures are
unacceptable. It remains unclear as to why it has taken this long for your office to respond. In her
voicemail, your Regional Director asked what could be done help. I respectfully request a formal
meeting with both you and Governor Baker - to discuss these evidenced failures in all three (3)
branches of State/Federal government, and also to see if there may be a potential path for a mutual
agreement with the referenced litigation. As a US Senator representing this Commonwealth and
Presidential Candidate for the upcoming 2020 election, I think that would be a good start. Thank you,
Senator Warren - I appreciate your time and look forward to your response with great anticipation.



Mohan A. Harihar
7124 Avalon Drive
Acton, MA 01720
617.921.2526 (Mobile)

4-29-19 Letter to Sen Warren RE Systemic Judicial Abuses.pdf