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The society of consumer have your most expression in U. S.

This country is
responsible for the most of incentive the consuption, through the publicity.

An example, the American people consume more energy than 2 Japanese or 370
Ethiopians. We need three planets for everyone live the American lifestyle

People buy each more stuffs, and it have implication in environment, producting
more trash, 99% of the tuffs people in U. S buy is trashed in 6 months, it’s happen
because two strategies of sale.

The first is the planned obsolescence: it is a way to make things less resistant
than they can do, because of this the goods breaking easier.

The second is the perceived obsolescence: through of publicity the companies

making people believe than they need of new model or new version of the goods
than they have, because the new model is better than the old are. This is more
ordinary with phones, and cars.

With the access to credit, people buy each more, spending money that was not
there. It make the people working more to can pay for the goods, in a circle,

About consumers societies, Brazil is like U. S. because the way of consumer is

encouraged through the global capitalism. This economic system want’s
consumers in every were. However, we have many differences, in the economic
and security.